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A pleasure to meet another fan of YI. We should have everything you need if you are interested in hacking the game over at the YI forum.

Welcome aboard.
Welcome to SMWCentral, Goatee! I hope you have a good time here. :)
Also if you really like SMW2 you can try to SMW2 hack or make a SMW hack based off of Yoshi's Island / SMW2.
Hey guys I'm back from my vacation! I was on the internet at times but not for long.
Yay Reghrhre is back! Also welcome Goatee, I hope you enjoy SMWC.

Send me a PM! | Click for my hack! March 25 2015 Update is here! | SteamID | Layout made by JackTheSpades
Demoting myself and leaving for a while.

Take care.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Demoting myself and leaving for a while.

Take care.


I knew seeing your family would turn you normal... :(
Hope to see you back soon, at least on the irc

EDIT: Just finished reading through the whole Kate-SNN bitchfight on #smwc. What the hell is up with you two
<-- this is the dope on dope

See you on New Years, SNN. Hopefully.

That was quite unexpected.

Bye S.N.N. :(
Not sure if this was because what happened on the IRC, because of family stuff or because you want a break in general, but whatever. You needed a breather from being an administrator anyway. We'll just try abusing Supertails from here on in.

Come back soon. :<
If I was the cause, you have my utter and absolute apologies. I just hope you saw my apology before you took off :(
- Uhh...I can't find a way to react to this. But, bye, S.N.N. ... :(

- Welcome back, reghrhre.

- Tomorrow, I'll be leaving on a little trip for a few days to get some things done. If things work out, I might be able to have Internet access, but if not, I'll be back sometime this coming week.
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I'm probably retired tbh
Bye S.N.N. See ya. It's just weird seeing his name in normal blue.
Originally posted by Adam
Bye S.N.N. See ya. It's just weird seeing his name in normal blue.

That were exactly my thoughts.
Alright S.N.N, see you sometime next year.
- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
Bye SNN, see you later?
have a good break from smwc. :)
oh crap, Later SNN.
I hope you enjoy your time off and stuff.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Demoting myself and leaving for a while.



Erm. Alright then. See you, I guess.
SNN with a non-admin name colour. The hell?
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Well, this is definitely unexpected. Of all the staff members to be demoted.... Well, S.N.N., good luck. Whatever happened, I hope you can bounce back from it and come back stronger than before. (Hm, that sounded better in my head...) We'll miss you. I guess I better start talking to Supertails more, for moral support, questions, and other stuff. (If I have a relapse of dramaqueenosis, I hope he or whoever will be as cool about it as you were...)

Anyway, bye, S.N.N. Don't stay away for too long.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
I give up, i can't pull off any good level.

If someone want to do a team hack with me, my e-mail is:
[email protected]... Hope to have some message and goodbye!
Desperately needs someone to make sprites GFX for me...
bye SNN :(
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