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Introduce yourself here, new members!

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Originally posted by pieguy1372
As expected, my computer crashed and burned. Now I'm on an older computer, and while it doesn't run as well as the computer I was using, it still works just fine.

So yeah, I'm back... again.

Welcome back, Pieguy. I hope your older computer doesn't decide to go out as well. I wish you a new computer soon.
Good bye, Mission_316.

After an extremely long absense I have finally returned. :o

Originally posted by MarioHaxor
After an extremely long absense I have finally returned. :o

Welcome back MarioHaxor. :D
Originally posted by Jack Levin
Originally posted by MarioHaxor
After an extremely long absense I have finally returned. :o

Welcome back MarioHaxor. :D

Thank you Jack :D

Welcome back to SMW Central MarioHaxor.

And goodbye Mission_316.Free counters!
I might as well introduce myself...
I'm just made a account, but have been hacking for 3-4 months now.
I know alot(exgfx, music, custom blocks and sprites) and I am learning ASM.
Background image by Tzadkiel & Anomalin
Hello x-treme! I hope you make awesome custom sprites! And blocks. And music! I do hope you become a well known member on the site!
Welcome to SMW Central x-treme! ^_^Free counters!
Originally posted by Jeorge535
Welcome back to SMW Central MarioHaxor.

And goodbye Mission_316.

Thank you Jeorge535 it's great to be back :D

I`m going to leave. To be honest, smwcentral has lost a huge load of my respect and I really have no point to logging on besides showcasing my visual novel progress to Supertails and Megafonzie.

I'm in no way saying I'm better than others. In fact, I've made incredibly retarded mistakes sometimes towards the community. And I admit: They were my fault; I'm an asshole.
However, It's just the situations of trouble I get into on SMWCentral IRC where the one at fault isn't me, but the staff who think they're doing their job but take it too far. I often get bans that only end up getting removed anyways due to irresponsibility of staff. I'll admit I'm really frustrated by this since it happened yet AGAIN, and while I was AFK too.

I'm not bothering with a community that attacks me no matter what, and quite frankly, there's not too many reasons to be coming here anymore.

Your layout has been removed.
well, conflict with a select few on the IRC shouldn't warrant leaving, but it's your choice. Just remember that staff are not the main portion of SMWC, so just because some may be not-respect-worthy doesn't mean that most of SMWC is as well.

I know this is an obvious point, but IRC attendance is not mandatory, you can always stay here, or avoid certain channels.

Again, I'm not here to convince you. It's your choice, and people should be free to make such choices.

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I'm going to be going away for most of the weekend, so don't expect me to be on. Not that anyone will care...
I've been contemplating leaving for quite a while. Seeing all the drama and stupid honestly makes me sick to my stomach, and most of my "friends" on this site have turned their back on me for stupid reasons. Why should I stay when I have no interest at all in SMW hacking, and the community has progressively gotten worse? I'll still be on IRC occasionally (probably in #pollyanna, since I don't really like hanging around #smwc anymore), but I've completely given up on any hope of this situation changing. As for SMWCmaku, I'll finish it for the 10-15 people who actually care about it, but I've moved on to much bigger projects.

EDIT: The IRL problems that forced me to leave in addition to the drama have dissipated somewhat. I'm back, assuming that nothing else goes wrong.
Scientific genius!Oh Lucas how could you I thought we had a bond something special and we were married and now you're leaving me oh my god this is so terrible Lucas I swear if I have no way of contacting you after this I will support abortion and get you killed because quite obviously you are a fetus.

Anyways, I might start being really fickle about being on smwc, because I'm actually starting to develop a life. This doesn't mean I'll be leaving you guys. It just means that I won't be here all that often.

Edit: Troopa, I never knew you were making a visual novel. I can has peek? If not, then uh, I guess goodbye. I'll miss you.
I am the Eggman! My current Egglayout is to support Sonic Robo Blast 2. I'll change it sometime in the future.
Listen to the SRB2 Soundtrack! It's awesome! AWESOME I SAY! Also, PM me if you ever wanna do SRB2 with me.
I know Troopa's reason for leaving is a rather stupid one instilled by one specific staff member here whom I will not name, but to each their own. As for Lucas .. I believe you mentioned leaving before. Take care.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
I know Troopa's reason for leaving is a rather stupid one instilled by one specific staff member here whom I will not name, but to each their own. .

There's more to it. Besides that stupid reason for leaving (Which I often overreact to), since I'm not in the smw hacking scene at all, I may as well move on.

Either way, I only drop by every now and then to see what people have to say on the site.
Your layout has been removed.
Goodbye Lucas and Troopa! :(
...okay, I admit it, the pull of this site is too strong. I'm back.
Welcome back Apollyon, and goodbye Lucus, and Troopa :(

Edit: Level up!Free counters!
I'm back from my weekend away.
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