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So, I'm going four hours up the coast to Port Macquarie until Monday. See you all when I get back.

PS: Sorry Werewolf, you'll have to find another hitchhiker to celebrate with since I don't have internet up there. {B(

EDIT: I've also discovered that there is going to be absolutely dreadful weather there as well. How depressing. And what's worse is this pain up my left side...

I'm going to be away till sunday afternoon, eastern time. I'm heading towards toronto. Maybe I'll see S.N.N., maybe...

But probably not.
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Originally posted by Jack the Ripper
I'm going to be away till sunday afternoon, eastern time. I'm heading towards toronto. Maybe I'll see S.N.N., maybe...

But probably not.

Take care, have a safe trip.

Also, this is late but better tha never, eh?

Originally posted by xman
I am back from the coast, weather was horrible, blah blah blah.

Rained all day, everyday.

Welcome back.

@Honchkrow: See you later on Monday.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I got the 'nets back yesterday. So I'm back. Yay.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Welcome back Pikaguy900!

And goodbye Jack The Ripper.Free counters!
Well... I suppose I should introduce myself... I actually stumbled across this website a year and a half ago or so, but I hadn't figured out what a ROM or an Emulator was... I had only been looking for pictures of Mario at the time, so I got confused quickly and left... I rediscovered it some time later and made an account, and I had worked on a hack of my own before my hard drive became corrupt due to my sister's idiocy... I have never posted in any forum here but I figured if I'm going to be working a hack through to the finish, I should start socializing... Even if my shy nature screams at me not to in the back of my head... Anyways... I've started tinkering with Lunar Magic once more and have figured out much on my own... Right now, the creation of most custom things is beyond my grasp, but I have made a few levels with what Lunar Magic and the original SMW ROM came with... If you feel like giving them a try, just let me know... And please, if you are going to test my levels, don't go easy on the criticism just because I'm still somewhat new to this... If you do... I may not reach my full potential as a hacker... Anyways... I look forward to learning a lot, and hope to one day have a hack that is complete, and that people are actually interested in... As for now, it's quarter past three in the morning and I have to go to Texas in three hours to say goodbye to a dying aunt so I may not be able to get on much this weekend... I'll return for sure on Monday...
After a year and a half or so of dealing with a Laptop with a crack in the screen, a battery failure issue, and a resetting issue, I now have a new laptop, however due to memory loss issues, I am having to start my hack from scratch... Again...

Actively looking for new ideas for my hack, got one? PM me!

Actively looking for testers for what I have made so far, interested? PM me!

Welcome new SMWC User. Have fun.

BluEdit: Even hinting about *you know what* breaks the rules.
I can't acces my computer after a few minutes 0.o
So might as well do it now!
So my dad and I had a fight and now i can't go on my computer for like 2 weeks
Actually one week but the week after that i'm on a vacation...
See you in 2 weeks.
If i have luck i can acces my computer early, but i don't think so
I hate my dad... But not always

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

Your local idiotic moderator (me) is off camping this weekend. I'll be back sometime Sunday afternoon. I hope you'll all be able to survive without me for a couple days.
Originally posted by Dead Master
Your favorite moderator (me)

/me spits out his coffee

Well, anyway, enjoy your camping trip. Also, goodbye hauntedboo, a shame you can't access your computer because of parents. I've had that issue but I always come back. ;)
I agree with your leaving post FP.

Have a nice trip. Don't get eaten alive.
Have a good time Dead Master/FirePheonix :)Free counters!
Oh no! Dead Master won't be here for a whole weekend! I'll never survive!

Have a good camping trip Dead Master/FirePheonix!
So, I'm back from my holiday. Did you miss me?
Originally posted by Honchkrow
So, I'm back from my holiday. Did you miss me?

Originally posted by Honchkrow
So, I'm back from my holiday. Did you miss me?

Welcome back CaptainPissweak/Honchkrow! :)Free counters!
Back from camping. It was fun.

Welcome back Fir- no wait- Dead Master!

I am back from my "unannounced" hacking break - to try and get ideas for my hack...

And which I forgot to say that my hack was frozen, but now it isn't...
Originally posted by Dead Master
Back from camping. It was fun.

Welcome back FirePheonix/Dead Master. Nice to hear it was fun :)Free counters!
I'm back from Canada, and I didn't see S.N.N., but I had a great time at my family's reunion. It was for the 50th wedding anniversary of my great-aunt, whose husband apparently owned TD bank for 25 years. I didn't know that till a few weeks ago, but it's pretty cool.

tl;dr: I'm back.
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