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What's your real name?

The old thread died a while ago, so I made a new one.

Anyway, what's your real name? I'm Jorge (pronounced George) What's yours?Free counters!
My full first name's William, I go by Will.
Good fucking bye.
Remove the -io from my username, and shazam!
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
My name is Andrew, in case you haven't been paying attention to the domain I use to host files.
Now with extra girl and extra hacker
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Originally posted by Ersanio
Remove the -io from my username, and shazam!

Remove the Super- from my username, and shazam!*shot*

But WAIT, there's more. My Full name is Derek Weiter.

Everyone usually mispronouces my last name...almost every time.

Well, mine is pretty obvious, unless you didn't read who I was. My full name is Adam Tonti. My last name sucks. :(
I find it funny how no one knows my real name even though I sign it on all my pictures in my art thread. Is my signature just that...disguising to what it means?

Most people only recognize that it starts with the letter A.
Mine is André. It's pretty much the portuguese for Andrew. Although, I wish it actually sounded as decent as Andrew...
You have the same exact name as me!
Wait, that's actually your name Ersanio? o_O

My real name is Alexander. I go by Alex.
Originally posted by PowerStrike
You have the same exact name as me!

Hey, that's what I call groovy. I never really expected someone else from this site to have the exact same name as me. :P
My name is Samuel. As you may have guessed, it's not Samantha.
When you use binary as a level, nobody knows what level you are! *laughs manically*

i am ashley ;)

Me would be Nathan.
Benjamin is my full name, but everyone pretty much calls me Ben. I'm pretty satisfied with my name, though my parents originally wanted to name me Jesse. Glad they didn't.
Ben(jamin.) Huh, same name Supertails...
Originally posted by Supertails
though my parents originally wanted to name me Jesse. Glad they didn't.

Lucky. D:
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
My name is Bert.
My real name is Demetria....</yeahright>

My real name is Ricardo, but my family calls me Ricky, once in a while I'll hear Rick from one of my cousins.

I'm sure that at least one other person on the site has my name. I will hunt you down >:|
My name is Tomas, but since I come from a non-English background, my family (consisting of thousands of relatives) call me Toh-mee.

Also, it seems Mue shares a first name with Supertails and Jirachi. Heh.