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Favourite RPG

Eh. I'm rather bored, so I decided I'd start this (even though there's a 90% chance this thread existed in the past and is now dead). Simple as what the topic says. Which RPG is your favourite and why? I'm not big on RPGs myself, but Mother 3 and Chrono Trigger really stick out and both of those are two of the few I've actually gone through completely.

Chrono Trigger was enjoyable with its extra sidequests around the end and the time travel ability (if a game involves time traveling, I usually end up enjoying it). I liked the plot and the way it developed, the ability to beat Lavos at certain points to receive different endings, and the graphics looked awesome. I also really liked the music in the game, and the difficulty curve went up as the game progressed instead of starting out hard, then being easy, then suddenly getting near impossible, etc..

Mother 3 I found to be better than Chrono Trigger (though that doesn't mean I don't enjoy Chrono Trigger at all). I personally found the game to be saddening at points, but overall, it's really wonderful. The plot was really awesome and the ending was very unexpected (at least it was for me). The replay value is very high, the graphics are done really well, and the music is just completely outstanding. The soundtrack is the thing that pulls me into playing it the most - there were an endless number of tracks I loved from it and it's probably one of my most favourite games of all time.

So...uhh...what's yours?
Final Fantasy 9 will always be my personal favorite, mainly because of the storyline and Kuja. The battle system is also very well put together and thought out, and with the amazing soundtrack and graphics, it is always my #1.

Crystal Chronicles... It's the most perfect imperfection ever conceived. Gameplay, the storyline, and the soundtrack all mix together to create an amazing game... But sadly it is also very... stupid. The multiplayer gameplay, while innovative and time saving with split screens on GBAs, was all and all the reason not a lot of people went into this game. The DS versions have gone far, far from the greatness of the original, the music is generic and horrible and the Wii version just looks like Square's cheap way to tie it into the other Final Fantasy's worlds.

Paper Mario is great. That's all I'll say, it's just... Great.
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While I liked Chrono Trigger a lot, in retrospect, it wound up being too short and easy for my tastes. Sure, you could try and get different endings, but going through Lavos again and again seemed repetitive, and I didn't like how they stacked all the sidquests at once instead of introducing them gradually. The atmosphere, characters, and music were especially great though.

My favorite RPG would probably be Terranigma. While I didn't like the Magirock system and Ark could've used more attacks, it was flat-out fun to play. Resurrecting the world, especially in the first part of the game, really gave a feeling of accomplishment, and the entire setting of the game was very unique. It took me quite a while to beat, and there's a lot of things you can do on the side, as well as exploring a huge overworld. What's more, it has some incredible tracks too.

I liked Paper Mario TTYD a lot though as an RPG. As for Mother 3, it was a whole lot of fun, but takes a while to pick up. My only real gripe was all the points of no return in the game, along with no warning about where they will be.
Earthbound. An outstanding adventure which combines great gameplay, humour and lots of weirdness in one game. Definitely my favorite.

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. One of the most overlooked RPGs ever, it has just about everything you'd want. The battle system is similar to the "Tales of" series, with it taking place in real-time, but quite a bit faster-paced than Tales. There's 200 different weapons you can make (not to mention all the upgrades you can get for them, which is 12800000 total combinations!). The writing is the absolute best I've ever seen in a video game, it has some of my favorite characters ever (one of the selectable partner characters is a devil girl... but if she gets too angry, she turns into an angel?). If you ever get a chance to play it, you definitely won't regret it.

Edit: Also, there's a giant mech battle for no real reason. That counts for something, right?


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I was hoping I would post in here before Supertails noted Terranigma, but yes, that one is utterly fantastic. If you're a fan of Zelda-like gameplay with Final Fantasy-like aspects, give it a try. It's awesome, and not too long either.

I've always loved the Tales series, and I recently played ToS2 for the Wii (though the first one I played was Tales of Phantasia). All of them are really well made, and a load of fun, especially the combat systems.

An honorary mention goes out to Grandia II, for being one of the first RPGs I ever fully completed.
My generic answer would be the Paper Mario series, but I'm going to have to go with Terranigma. The whole game was just awesome in general, although I didn't like the underworld that much, except for its theme, I really enjoyed everything else. The fact that you're actually exploring the Earth, not a made up land, is probably what amazed me the most about it. It kind of reminded me of a Zelda crossed with a Chrono Trigger crossed with something from Mother.

Although, since SNN and ST already bet me at posting about Terranigma, I'm going to say my second favourite RPG would be Earthbound or Mother 3. Although they're significantly different in many aspects, they still revolve around the same battle system and such, so I can't say I like one more than the other (although Chapter 6 of Mother 3 was ... strange). I've always loved a little bit of magic in games, which explains my obsession for things like Kingdom Hearts, so the game pretty much "stole my heart".
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, but only because I haven't played Partners in Time or Bowsers Inside Story yet. It's the rare example of a Video Game Comedy, and it even cracks jokes on its own creators, the Japanese. It has a lot of Shout Outs to previous Mario Games, especially Super Mario Brothers, and it breaks the traditional RPG mold with demanding Action Commands & Platforming.
FFT (for the PSX) or FF6.

FFT has the best story of any video game I've ever played. Lots of good plot twists, with quite a bit of depth, and some of the most awesome bad guys ever. Delita, your resident good-but-not "friend" is my favorite video game character. I just love to hate him.
Ironically, the protagonists are either very undeveloped (after they join your party, they never say anything again), or incredibly generic. The main character is so generic that he's unique; he has almost no flaws and is the epitomy of "justice."

Oh, and the battle system. It's absolutely incredible. Best strategy game battle system, period. Unfortunately though, the game gets really easy near the end because you get some super powered allies.

FF6 has some of the best music and characters. The main character (Terra) is kinda flat in terms of personality, but the rest are great (except maybe Relm). Edgar's freaking awesome once you realize he rigged the coin toss. Sabin suplexed a train. I could go on and on.

FFT is a better game, but FF6 has a lot of nostalgic value for me.
Originally posted by Kuribo
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, but only because I haven't played Partners in Time or Bowsers Inside Story yet. It's the rare example of a Video Game Comedy, and it even cracks jokes on its own creators, the Japanese. It has a lot of Shout Outs to previous Mario Games, especially Super Mario Brothers, and it breaks the traditional RPG mold with demanding Action Commands & Platforming.

That sums up what I would say.

I don't play alot of RPG's though, but I have to give a special mention to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Not because of the gameplay, but the music is brilliant.

Edit: Missed this one, but Final Fantasy Tactics is great. I've only played the GBA version, but I love it.
my favirote RPG? must you relly ask? Chrono Trigger hands down:D (wow i love that game to much) and why i love it well its a freaking masterpice!!!! only one problem and thats the charter develpoment they kinda lacked on that:(
My best hmm..?

Well, talk about an obvious answer, I'm saying Chrono Trigger. Maybe it's because I played in my young childhood and that it's extremly nostalgic. That's possible. But the story is probably one of the best in a vaste world of RPG games with supposedly important storyline. No it's not hard, but it's not easy (not too many useless features that makes the game WAY too easy when you're a hardcore gamer, which means you really think over what you're doing and therefore hardly ever fail, an obvious exemple of this problem is seen in FF7). Yes, cool system. Classic, great storyline. Nothing cliché whatsoever. Great soundtrack (and I really was happy when I learned about the "chrono resurection"'s soundtrack. It IS sad that most fan-made sequels of chrono trigger never came to an end. I've herd Square asked a cease and desist for a hack named Chrono trigger; echoes or time, or something like that (full fledged fan-made sequel). Apparently, the game was almost finished when they did that. That's really, really... ASS!)

Now, there's not just Chrono Trigger. For a less old game, I'd say Paper Mario the thousand year door. It had an actually great story-line. Though it was pretty obvious that something was gonna happen near the end, it still blows you away. Probably the best story-line of any Mario game, definitly. The combat system and badge things were cool. Again, if you're not a hardcore gamer that don't find a super amazing strategy (which I don't think is possible until chapter 7), this game is just hard enough! (For exemple, I DID die whilefacing the final boss. All games should have you die at least once against the final boss... Except if the cinematic before the fight is freaking 10 minutes long... Meh...)

Something else, well, what's the so-called-by-IGN-best-game-ever? Yes, Ocarina of time (That's an RPG, or more exactly an A-RPG). Great storyline, once again. It IS cliché, but in the time, it was NOT. Proof that this game's storyline was so great that many were inspired by it (I think that's how it happened, anyway, even if it wasn't, it's epic...). The game is just hard enough, I happen to die sometimes against certain bosses (though the 3 first temples' boss are really easy). Also, proof that older games are much harder than todays', which are mostly all too easy. Besides that, there are also a lot of side-quest things to do, like in the previous two games (more TTYD than CT though).

Is there anything else? Oh, yes. The strange Final Fantasy serie.
Strange? Yes, definitly. How can something so awesome in the beginning (Actually, I've only really played 1,4,6 and 7, and I must admit 4 wasn't that great, while most say it's awesome, I just didn't get addicted to it...).
First, Final fantasy 1, on the nes. The excellence of RPG farming. While that might seem boring, it is very strangely, and simply, addicting. No storyline, that's obvious, but it still feels great (though I never got to finish it).
Second, Final Fantasy 6. Ah, yes. A good storyline. Like a book, that game's storyline only got me interested after the first few hours. Kefka is such an awesome villain, Evil, EVIL, POWERFUL, PSYCHO... Yes... Great. Only thing I disliked in FF6 were probably just the random battles, too many of them. Though, the esper system was pretty addicting for some reasons and it made me farm-battling on purpose at some points. Though, in the second part of the game, there were so many characters all at the same time that for the most part, I didn't bother fighting with them, at all.
Now, even more interesting, FF7... It's story wasn't as appealing as FF6's, but it was still and interesting play. Though Sephiroth is an epic villain, he wasn't as present as Kefka was in FF6, which probably ruined a bit of the whole "epic villain" part. The system really does suffer from an overdose of crap, at some points. I mean, sometimes I was just looking at my materia and thought "oh, what the heck, I don't wanna figure anything out! I'll just equip them randomly". The funny part about that, is that if I DID BOTHER, I would probably have thought the game was too easy, and actually, I've almost got stuck at a certain point because my characters were too weak, but I managed to pass after a bunch of deaths. But I really thought knights of the round, and WEAPON(s) were RIDICULOUS. Defeating the two first forms of the final boss in one hit is probably overpowered...
Now, the storyline. Probably not that great, if you ask me. The first bit, when you're in the big city, it's great, though a little slow. Then you get out and you think "oh, so much sidequests must be available now!" which is probably true. Though, besides when you reach your home town and realise that Sephiroth is turned nuts, which is pretty much epic, the whole rest of the storyline is a little disappointing.

My brother made me notice how the Final fantasy storylines started to look more alike over time. For exemple, in FF6, Kefka opens the door to the esper world, and the esper start wreaking havoc in the world. Now, in FF7, Sephiroth starts "hurting" the "planet" and, somehow, manages to wake up the guardian(s) of the planet, which start wreaking havoc in the world. Of course, the whole idea of the "big villain" is pretty similar between RPGs, but from FF6 to FF7, it's pretty freaking similar. For exemple, the empire, gesthal, and the government in FF7... Sephiroth absorbs the power of the world through a big wound and becomes a god, Kefka absorbs the esper's magicite and becomes a sort-of god. At least, in FF7, the meteor didn't destroy the world (like I thought would happen, that would pretty much have reproduced the "world of ruins" thing.)
I've also noticed how the average opinion over other final fantasy games decreased gradually. (8 was less good, 9 was a little better, 10 was less good, 11 was less good, 12... 13..? 14..? CAUSE THEY DID ANNOUNCE 14 BEFORE RELEASING FREAKING 13! And I'm not talking about the other dozens of paralel sequels and stuff.)

I just had to mention: In the final fantasy tactics games, THAT THERE, IS THE ABSOLUTE OVERDOSE OF COSTUMISATION! SO MANY COSTUMISATION, that AS SOON AS you start costumisating, your characters become overpowered! Stuff like that. People who played tactics, probably know what I mean.
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I haven't played too many RPGs, but I loved Persona 4. I might play Persona 3 someday.

Seiken Densetsu 3 and Earthbound. I don't play RPGs that much, but these ones I guess are the best I've played.

Other than Chrono Trigger? Phantasy star 3. Nah, just kidding, it's 4. Simply for being the best standard RPG on the genesis. I can't think of a huge FLAW in the game. It's not the best ever, but REALLY good. I doubt many people have heard of it though.
3 words,Kingdom hearts 2.

How can I get terranigma, anyway? I don't have a super nes, and even so it wasn't released in the US. Is Emulation the only way?
Tales of Symphonia is my personal favorite. Love the characters and story. I'm actually going to go and play it again lol! it's been a couple years so i'm pretty excited to experience it again and find some new side quests that i didn't do the first time.

I also like Tales of the Abyss, naturally, and Rouge Galaxy.
Mother 3 is no doubt my favorite RPG. Other top ones are Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Blue Dragon.
Paper Mario. Despite it being quite easy, it was probably the best Mario game I've ever played.. I really liked the dialogues, the story, the battle system, the music, the graphics and the variety in areas. Not to mention the badges system allows you to customise the way you play. I've finished this game 3 times yet I'm not sick of it.