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Item Indexes

(Man, reading over this after writing it makes me realize how confusing I'm sounding. To clarify:
Stage = level # you enter from the overworld, 0-77.
Level = level # as you see in LM, 0-1FF)

Are there any tricks to making item indexes consistently work across a large number of levels?

Some of my stages simply have more than 4 levels. I have to use the same item index for multiple levels, and it's hit-and-miss. Using certain indexes for certain levels sometimes makes coins and whatnot appear/not appear correctly, but I have to determine this by guess-and-check. Not exactly an efficient method.

I guess I just don't exactly understand how these work. The current stage I'm working on has a yoshi coin on the second level. This level has a reset pipe within it for a puzzle. Using item index 3, the yoshi coin when collected reappears using that pipe. However, using item index 2 makes it not appear after being collected, as it should. What?

Anyone know exactly how item indexes work? A simple and/or technical explanation would be great.
Heres a tip: When inserting objects from map16, whenever you collect them or hit a question block etc from below, it will always reset if you enter a pipe or door. But if you insert them as extended objects etc, they will not reapear.
Ah, good to know!

Makes sense I guess. Objects have the routine to check stuff like that; regular blocks do not.
what you mean with item index?
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