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how can i get ExGFX to be on my rom

Well i just made my user and i have lunar magic, but i got a problem. I can insert my ExGFX that i get but when ever i insert them everything is all glitched up, (witch i herad is supposed to happen) but then i save the changes i make and then i go to play and the grapichics are terrible. Everything looks really bad still. I got the ExGFX up with 16X16 Tile Map Editor and Direct Map 16 access. Can someone help me?
you might wanna change your title to something else so people know what you want answered.
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did you press F9 in the 16x16 editor?
i press f9 and it saves but it puts things all over the place
Did you click on the red mushroom (or yellow mushroom) and change the FG3 ExGFX files to ExGFX(Then what you numbered the ExGFX)and press okay?
yeah i did do that stuff
i should make a video so u guys can see the problem
Or you could just list the process of how you inseted your ExGFX concisely, and we'll try to help you. Either would work. Also, was your rom in the same directory as the ExGFX folder?
ya i have a problem with that too but did you load the bg map 16 file/files it gives you when you download it?
Yes, you load those onto your pages. If it is named Map16Page.bin, it is an FG tileset; if it's named Map16PageG.bin, it's a BG tileset. Make sure that only one file is in the directory at a time when loading... Um... make sure the ExGFX for those tiles is named ExGFX80 or higher (in hex, of course). Folder must be named ExGraphics. Be sure that you are loading the correct ExGFX in the Super Bypass (most readmes will tell you which ExGFX goes to what slot). Try those and tell me how it goes. =D
k will try that stuff when i got time. thanks for your help