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Thread Title Editing

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No, it's not removed or anything. This is simply a note to you all.

Lately we've been seeing some instances where people edit their thread title to add a request thread closure (ex 1. "My SMW Hack. [Close Please!]). This is fine and allowed, but it's when a person deletes the original title of the thread to request closure (ex 2. "My SMW Hack. [Close Please!], where the struck out parts are deleted entirely) this is when we have a problem with it.

Therefore, we'd like to ask you users, please, if you're going to request closure on a thread of yours for any reason, do not remove the original thread title. Just add a little addendum to it. Thanks.
I liked it, it is strange to see a topic just "Close, please!" frankly I think the removal of the original title the thread is strange and senseless.
Try not to forget that the staff here do not bite (much). We are more than willing to close a thread for you if you send a PM to the appropriate moderator. It's probably better that you do send a PM than edit the thread title anyway.
Quick Question: So, making ammendments to thread titles every 3 days or so is a-okay?

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If you want to just update the title, that's perfectly fine.


"Super Mario Earth: Demo available"

could easily be changed to

"Super Mario Earth: UPDATED demo available"


"Super Mario Earth: New Screenshots"

Just don't change it to


or something.
hm, I admit I am guilty of changing my thread titles to simply: "No longer has a purpose". I shall keep this in mind.

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Yeah, it IS odd to see a thread title "Close, please." Etc.

And as long as changing the title to 'The Cloud Palace, UPDATED' or whatever is alright, then I have no problems.


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I should like to add that replacing the content of the post with something like "please close." and so on shouldn't be done either. You can edit it in if you like, but please don't delete your original post.
Originally posted by S.N.N.

When/if I ever make a thread for my hack, can I title it that? :D
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
Originally posted by S.N.N.

When/if I ever make a thread for my hack, can I title it that? :D

You can but it'll probably get closed and you'll get a kick on your arse.
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Just out of curiousity, WHY are we discouraged from replacing posts and titles?
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The possibility of someone having the same problem as the thread creator, reduces the number of topics created for the same exact issue if they know to look there.
That's exactly the reason. Imagine someone was searching for a certain thread in the forums, but everything he'd find was "SOLVED! CLOSE PLEASE!". It would be a pain in the ass to open each of those threads only to see what's in them.
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Ah, that makes sense.
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I still don't know why I am feeling so guilty for doing this, though I only did this at least 2 times.
Yay, finally, no more "Close this thread" or stuff like that anymore. The mods did put the ability to edit the title for a reason... now users get to use that reason. Heheheheeee.

Please don't bump threads.
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