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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
All hack removals will be placed in here. Any errors noted by the moderator removing your hack should be fixed before resubmitting it.

Thank you.
Alright, let's get this show on the road.

Name: super amy world
Author: tails miles - Submitted by: tails miles
Description: A small hack I did in my spare time. It is not the easyest hack out there but its just amid for fun. I did notic that it might seam like a short hack but dont be foold! Iv added secreat levels to! and a bounes leval cald the big cheatsy. a secret exit in the leval lets you acses the secreat levals! (and mario saves amy ) please injoy. (

note. Its recomended that you read the readme file befor paching it to your game because it contains some notes that i made in amy world's development.It will also answer questions you might have about this hack befor you pm me.

Reasons for Removal

Not too major, but the right side of the border in the title screen cuts off. I'd suggest fixing it.

This hack generally had some poor grammar. Not to sound like an English teacher, but be sure your proper nouns are capitalized, etc. It makes it easier for the player to understand the message boxes.

Please fix the berry palettes, and only make the level one screen long. That way, the fire sprite won't follow Mario.

Bad GFX for the note block. Try changing the sprite tileset and it should work.

Cutoff water and tiles aren't good to have in hacks. Please try to fix them.

A blue switch causes yellow blocks to appear on the overworld. It might be a good idea to give it the proper palette.

Using black 16x16 tiles to make an all-black level like this doesn't work well, since you can see bits of the actual BG through cement blocks and areas like this. I'd suggest just removing the BG entirely and making the back area color black.

Unedited Yellow Switch Palace. Next time, use CTL + DEL and make the level from scratch.

Lots of lag here.

The hill you have cuts off, and there's a lot of floating/stacked munchers.

Also very laggy.

So I go through this pipe, and...

what is this i dont even
It took me back to the beginning of the level. You might want to check the secondary exit settings, as going through all that just to emerge there isn't good.

Gravity-defying munchers must be drinking up all the water!

Some Boos flickered to an odd circle with a star in the center.

You should probably remove that.

This level was a repetitive SMW edit.

Please make sure the goal posts don't have the little bits of bush on the bottom.

The cement blocks on the ceiling hurt Mario without any warning, and the sprite settings cause the Ball 'N Chain to cut off.

More stacked/floating munchers and garbled graphics for the disco ball.

Editing Yoshi's House causes stuff like this to happen. I'd recommend reverting it to its original form if you're using SMW's ending.

While you indeed mentioned some issues in the readme, it's not enough just to acknowledge the problems, especially when they're this frequent. I've already given some advice on how to fix some of them, but don't be afraid to check the FAQ/tutorials and post clear SMW hacking questions if needed. I'm sure they can help you polish this.

You can also check The Spriter's Resource if you're still interested in finding some graphics. The files there can be inserted in YY-CHR via Paint.

Oh hey, nice new digs. How much is the rent?


Name: Fortress Fun
Author: Kaizo Bro
Description: This is my first hack. short yes, but it's all castle levels. each level has boss, and well.... I hope you enjoy it.

Bad checksum, crashes after the Nintendo logo. TEST YOUR PATCHES BEFORE UPLOADING THEM!

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Mario's puzzle project
Author: Z. Raffle tikt
Description: A puzzle Game with the same concept as Super Puzzle World 1 & 2...BUT IS A LOT HARDER! Please dont kill me because you cant beat it, If you need help just ask...Also Chainfire made (or is making) a video of it.

(also mods please remove the old one...i just fixed a few things)


Name: Super Mario's Puzzle Project 2
Author: Z. Raffle tikt
Description: Its my second romhack and is a lot harder than my first one, it uses glitches to beat some puzzles but none like vertical key jumping or walljumping, no floating munchers, no ExGFX or custom stuff or ASM,
I do have ExAnimation, Edited OW GFX (for more tiles), And Edited palettes. It is very hard to beat so please don't complain to me about seizures when you're stuck somewhere. (just kidding you proabably wont) Anyway have fun!

We do not accept hacks that require the usage of glitches to complete them.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: mario the archaeologist 2 short demo Demo - 182.2 KB - 33 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: MATTAN - Submitted by: MATTAN
Description: yes, this is only a two level demo though I've put a lot of work into it. I havent been online here for a while but I decided to submit this demo before I start working on it again to see what people think. The title screen is not done yet, so it wont be like that in the full game. Haven fun I guess..


A pretty cool hack overall, but don't you think it's a little too short to be submitted? A 1 world demo or something would be fine, but you only had two levels that weren't too long (and it seems like the last one isn't even complete). Until you have enough to show, why not upload it to the file bin and advertise in in your sig or your hack thread (assuming you already have one)?

Aside from that, there were three other things I'd like to point out:

It's almost impossible to tell that these broken pipe tops hurt you. Even worse, you can also get hurt from the side! o_O Suggestion: Use a custom block that only hurts you from the top, make more dangerously-looking graphics for them, and have a message box to warn the player of them.

One frame in the "getting a fire flower" animation has odd colors.

There seems to be no way of getting out of the "ending" room. Have a side-exit sprite or some kind of warp-back-to-the-OW block, just don't make the player get stuck there.

Name: Bowser's armada part 1
Author: One Chance Speedrunner
Description: ok it's my final version. there´s custom grapics and stuff. and i have some unchanged grapics but i don't want part 1 featured. Story: Mario was out walking when he heard a loud noise from peach castle. While mario is looking at peach castle 2 chuckers come out of a bush and knock him down. When mario wakes up his on a airship. He looks around and finds that a chucker forgot the key, he stretch for the key and unlook the door.

Cut-off is prevalent in both subtle and obvious varieties.

Psst! You can edit those tiny little sprites at the very top of GFX00.bin! Or AllGFX.bin if you use that.

I thought we bitched about those windows so much earlier.

Your sprites are indeed incomplete. This is okay when it's just, say some SMW backgrounds etc. but when Mario changes back to his original sprites mid animation it just makes me go "Inconsistency, bad! FIRE BAD!"

Might've wanted to push these out of visibility before releasing.

Again with the bad spelling. Get a friend to proofread your hack!

And this isn't a removal reason, but what.

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My Hacks:

Hack name: Defending the Mushroom Kingdom Demo 1.7
Lenght: 6 exits
Author & Submitted By: pokedude987
Instead of taking the princess to try to cause havoc in the mushroom kingdom Bowser sets up 7 army base and his army base around the land. Each day he'd send waves and waves from each base to attack the mushroom kingdom. It's up to Mario to go out and stop these waves from coming
Removal Reasons:

Pretty much all the cut-off tiles/tile placement oddities I was able to find when moderating this hack. Be sure to fix these, as all of them are extremely noticeable, and make your levels much less appealing.

Starting a level like that is quite bad, as there are plenty of chances for the player to instantly die upon such situation. Also, you are missing a final point in the end of the message (not really a reason for removal, but it would be a plus if you could look into this).

Something that isn't quite tolerable by us either is invisible platforms. They just don't make much sense, and thus it would be interesting if you could get rid of them.

...and here is another situation where there is lack of final points. AGAIN, this is quite minor, but I would appreciate if you could consider adding a final point in the end of the message... I would most likely approve your hack if this was the only issue within it, though.

Although that one muncher is located at the top of a sprite that seems to be solid, my fickle still tells me that it is a disguised floating muncher.

The event that is activated after level 01 is beaten is set up incorrectly, as it doesn't trigger in a correct order.

Not quite a removal reason, but don't you think that it is rather weird to see Mario walking on something that looks rather like a hole than actual ground?

I cannot proceed any further if I accidentaly lose a powerup before reaching this part of the haunted cave level.

The colors that are being used by that chain of Boo Buddies sprite are kind of weird... don't you think so?

Try toying with the BG/FG initial positions in order to prevent the screen from scrolling up as soon as this area is accessed.

Once the switch palace is defeated, the CASTLE LEVEL gets destroyed instead of the switch palace itself, and thus...

...the castle gets totally inaccessible.

There are chances for the player to access this part WITHOUT getting the P-switch first, resulting in the player getting trapped in this pit full of Koopa Shells that usually cause slowdown. There is no way to get out of this small trap, unless...

...the player takes advantage of a glitch that is found in the original SMW. Taking advantage of glitches in order to get past a certain area MUST be avoided, though.

I was able to get stuck in this area of the castle level, since the slope located a tad little before this area sometimes can make the player access the INSIDE of this castle wall if he is Cape-Mario.

The slowdown in this section is very intense, and it seems like the sprite memory is set up incorrectly, as the body parts of some enemies often seem to disappear - try setting it to 0E to fix the issue. I believe that the garbled Bob-Omb graphics shown in screenshot 2 is just a ZSNES glitch, though.

That should be it. I actually found the level design of this hack extremely fun and clever, with lots of interesting puzzles and stuff. I especially liked the general structure of the haunted cave level - nice job coming up with such a fun thing. ^_^ You must, however, fix the issues I pointed out above in order to this hack get approved, so g'luck with fixing everything.

Name: Super XtremeKid's World
Author: BetaKid2009
Description: This is my first hack so go easy on me also ricky mario is at the beginning cuz the sprites were ripped from his hack so he gets credit

Between the seemingly stolen graphics, frequent muncher stacking and graphical glitches, I think it's safe to say that this isn't getting accepted. Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines and check out the Featured Hacks to get a bit of a better idea how to do things.

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My Hacks:

Looks like I like making removal logs for other sections than my own.

Hack Name: Lieutenant Pie's SMW Hack - 28.6 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: LieutenantPie - Submitted by: LieutenantPie
Description: Ok, this is my hack...
Just open the Readme!!!
Also, if you wanted to help out,
open the readme.
If you help, I'll put your SMW
Central usernames in that box thing
at the beginning of the game!

Before I start with the screenshots, why did you put in two stupidly named folders, and why is the zip file stupidly named too?

As soon as I enter the first level, I'm greeted by a big bunch of sliding Koopas (one of them fell through the platform), a Banzai Bill that can't hurt me if I don't run into him, a bad BG palette, and a bad Mario palette.

As I venture deeper into unknown lands, I find a big treasure grove!
Remove most of those items. Four powerups and one extra life in the same screen... what is that good for?

Where's cutoffnessman.png when you need it...?

There's some lag here.

This area is unedited.

More lag, more blatant level edits.

Why does those pipes exist? The bushes gets cutoff, and it's a little annoying to get up on those turn blocks (good thing I had a cape from the first level).

Oh poor Piranha Plant, are you stuck in that evil block?
Remove those coins. They don't appear to fill any purpose.

As soon as I hit the Left button, I get warped to a the right side of it. Remove that platform.

Unedited again.

Cutoffnessman again.

What did you do to the poor background?

This is a really dumb maze. You can swim right under it if you don't hit the P-Switches.

Those four coins were turn blocks. All of them contained stars, and I think the rest are star-filled too.

Cutoffness again...

Would you please explain why this long boring area exists?

Even more cutoffness. I don't feel like posting any more examples.

Another boring area. I hit fastforward here.

...THIS is my reward for going through that area? A big bowl of NOTHING? Not amused.

I didn't feel like playing on after this.

In short, this hack was filled with cutoffness, slowdown, and blatant level edits. Use ctrl-delete and try again.
<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation

Name: Super Short Levels
Author: SSL
Description: Fun Switch Palaces Done And Bonus Level At The End And I Count The Switch Palaces As Levels So In My World It's 11 Levels So That's What I Put Hope You Enjoy.


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My Hacks:


Hack Name: The Mario Chronicles: The Forest of Pain demo 1 Demo - 297.5 KB - 61 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: ChaoticDragon22 - Submitted by: ChaoticDragon22
Description: Mario is challenged with a race through the forest of pain by Bowser.

this will be my first hack (when its finished). I know that the levels are pretty short and not really hard, but this is only a demo, and i am still working on that. I have custom blocks, music, and I am still working on custom graphics and sprites as well.

But yeah, nothing really special.

Here's Why

Glitchy tiles galore are present during the title demo. Don't think the fireworks are going to work for you here.

If the player dies during the intro, they are stuck until they reset.


No need to go any farther...not like I can anyway. Fix this issue, and then we'll talk.

Hack Name: Fawful's Castle (Mario Castle series) - 400.5 KB - 72 downloads.
Length: 15 exits
Author: Xreaper - Submitted by: Xreaper
Description: Well, it's simple. IN this series, Fawful is the villain. Simply go through his long castle, defeating the minibosses, and destroy Fawful. He's not easy though. He shoots at ya. Anyway. Defeat him or die. That is all.

Here's Why

First of all, your length states 15 exits...yet this is a one level hack. That's not a huge problem, as any hack moderator can fix that when this is accepted.

But seeing as this is a one level hack...let me offer a few suggestions to make it perfect. That shouldn't be too hard due to it's length:

I suggest you apply the Time Up Fix patch.

You can't see it but...

...there was a P-switch right in front of Mario in the previous screenshot. I advise you fix your Sprite Memory setting.

Either insert the candle light sprite, or remove the torches.

Same issue with the well as there being cutoff in the checkerboard ground.

The odd design above the ceiling looks a bit cutoff...

Shells pop out of thin air.

What. The message had hardly anything to do with the hack.


Fix these issues, and your hack SHOULD be accepted.

Name: Shyler's Story
Author: DarthYoshi492
Description: First demo, 2 worlds long.

Storyline: After he defeated Mario, Shyler the Shyguy saw how much pain Mario was in and started feeling guilty about Bowser, so he rushed home and tried to distance himself from Bowser. However, Bowser found out about the betrayal, and went to his beach home and kidnapped his family and friends. Now Shyler must rescue them all before something happens to them.

Custom character
Custom pallettes
Custom music
Custom sprites

Decent, but has some problems.

Message boxes cancel out tides. That's just the way Layer 3 is. You should probably account for this by removing the tide from the level.

Your sprites appear to be incomplete in that several frames haven't had the background removed from them. You should fix this.

Apart from that, it seems like a decent hack.

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My Hacks:

Aaaaaallrighty kids, it's my birthday and I can be a drunken, lonely, miserable old pile of old if I want to. Which I am, coincidentally. Guess I better take out all that pent up aggression from the past annus horribilus, but where can I find a worthy target? ... Oh, hey there.


Name: Super Koopa World version 1.1
Author: martin9172
Description: This is the 692348726390478698762972386945683rd time I'm trying to upload this hack. What the heck? My screenshots are 7 kb,8 kb,8 kb and 12 kb! Not near 512!


This is my hack under construction. You play as a normal Koopa, and you try to kill Mario. (...)
Probably the first evil version of SMW.

Getting tired.....

Placing bullets manually in LM makes them silent, making them an annoying "THINK QUICK!" obstacle that generally results in cursing and state loading. They're generally considered a "dick move".

Not a removal reason, but I don't think this jump was meant to be possible. I managed it, though!

You might want to set the camera so it actually points at the area the player starts. I had problems with this in the past.

You can edit those last stubborn bits of Mario sprite in GFX00.bin

Okay! That's the intro areas done. Now, let's play an actual level...

...oh come ON. There is so much wrong with this screenshot. So, so much. The sprite memory is set wrong, causing sprites like the player's head to vanish randomly, the Podoboos have glitchy graphics because the wrong tiles are loaded, and the lava has the wrong pallete. The end goal posts aren't in shot, but they're messed up too.

There's some serious graphical cutoff on the pipe there. Might want to fix that, yo.

And finally, starting a level like this is one of those aformentioned dick moves. DON'T. BAD.

In short, your hack's about ten pounds of wrong in a five pound bag. READ THE HACK SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, play the Featured Hacks and learn what makes them featured, and make something cool instead.

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My Hacks:


Hack Name: Notte Luminosa (demo 1) Demo - 275.9 KB - 111 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: Yanama - Submitted by: Yanama
Description: -Made by Artsy2 and Yanama-

More stuff


I don't know what went wrong, but I booted it up, selected my file, and had this happen:

This happened in both emulators I use (ZSNES and SNES9X).

Hack Name: Shyler's Story demo 1 Demo - 214.1 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 18 levels
Author: DarthYoshi492 - Submitted by: DarthYoshi492
Description: First demo, 2 worlds long.

Storyline: stuff


Graphical errors. Not a biggie, but fix them next time please. The ones showing Shyler are from when he's got the mushroom. Speaking of which, can you figure out some way to differentiate between small and big Shyler, or at least fix his hit box size so I don't jump into the munchers you seem to love placing in inconvenient locations?

I killed all of the enemies here and could progress no further.

That's it for images. Another one of the massive beefs I had with this hack is that it is way too god damn hard. This is the first hack I've moderated where I actually needed to use savestates. I died well over 100 times because of poorly placed traps, enemies, and those god forsaken parasitic mushrooms. Tone down the difficulty a BIT, at least. The level designs themselves are fine, it's just the enemy/muncher placement that brings this level from challenging to downright frustrating.

Also, it felt like I was playing your entire hack with the slowdown button that some emulators feature. There was so much slowdown in some places due to too many sprites on screen.
Name: Peach and Daisy in Luigi's Rescue
Author: Marisa
Sorry but I'm very forgetful so if you helped this hack and are not in the readme, PM me about it.

Anyway, this features:
Custom Music
Custom Blocks
Peach and Daisy
One World.


I was actually considering letting this one go through since it's pretty well done. However, there are a couple of things that need to be fixed before we can accept it.

-See what you can do about covering up the random white chunk that appears with layer 3 text or something. If you can't figure out how to fix it, that's fine .. I'll let it slide as long as you fix the next four errors.

-You made a typo. It should read "kidnapped", not "kidnaped".

-This is probably the main reason why I am removing it. If you enter the pipe with a fire flower, and end up losing it to the Koopa, you'll be forced to die since you can't get back out (unless I missed something glaringly obvious).

-Killer slowdown here, especially when the fishes charge at you. I'd suggest removing the amount of sprites at this part.

-The palettes don't fade out all of the way, which leaves the status bar unfaded. See if you can find a fix for this - may I suggest that you make defeating the Lakitu teleport you to another screen with a goal sphere or something? That may help.

So yeah .. it's a decent hack. Just fix these up and it will be approved.

Name: Easy Defeat
Author: netcvb
Description: This is my first hack so if you my hack is crappy


Unable to access any levels other than a slightly edited Yoshi's Island and an unedited Top Secret Area. You should probably fix this before submitting!

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Koopa World version 1.2
Author: martin9172
Description: This includes fixed graphics.
Also I fixed all the reasons for deleting last version. I call the reasons advice, and I like advice.

Game crashes violently a screen or two into the level "Dude..."

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My Hacks:

Name: super amy world dx director's cut
Author: tails miles
Description: This is a better remake of amy world that was rejected.Iv fixed all the erros and corected some stuff to make it better.This hack also comes with a smb 3 music can be used if you want to play amy world with smb 3 music.Injoy!!

note. please read both read me files first and before you aply the patches.they contain notes and other helpfull stuff that you need to know.

Hooboy. Let's go over this one slowly.

So. Much. Cutoffness. Seriously, whole parts of the hack are made up of the stuff.

You should probably turn on sprite buoyancy so all the enemies in this level don't immediately fall off the screen before I can see them!

How can Yoshi be helpful... when this level started with a No Yoshi intro, disabling him?

You should REALLY proofread your text or get someone to proofread it for you.

SMB1 remakes are like beating a dead horse with a stick made of glue.

This spring is pointing the wrong way!

You've got a long way to go.

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My Hacks:

Link Thread Closed