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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: SMW Revenge of The Koopa King (DEMO) Demo - 375 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: ggamer77 - Submitted by: ggamer77
Description: Demo for my first hack.

You'll have to forgive me - I didn't take any screenshots for this removal log. I didn't take any because apart from a few minor things, this hack was fine until the very end.

I became stuck in the end castle, at the point where the Ball N' Chains each have a spiky axis. I don't see how anyone can reasonably spin jump through this, or leap from chain to chain. Until this point, the difficulty was pretty fair.

The third level had a lot of slowdown about halfway through - removing a few enemies, or spacing them out more, could do wonders.

Apart from that, there were a few minor graphical issues, but nothing removal-worthy.

Fix those things up and you've got an acceptable hack. Nice work for your first try!

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

8. Test your hack on all major emulators!
This will ensure that all players, no matter which emulator they are using, can play it without experiencing slowdown or crashes.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
The Kins has been speedcapped by his draconian Aussie ISP, so I will be deleting your hack today.
Removal: "chainedsouls SMW beta"
Author: mariolpmadness
Description: "my hack cleaned up to the 13th level with 1 optional level (cuz its kinda full of SUCK!!) and i cleanded it after reading the submit forms and the hack tips on the site"

oooh... kaaay.
There is a readme file, but I'm not quoting it in this post as it is huge and very

First, the palette for some letters in "chainedsouls" is screwy, with white borders. Try to keep it consistent.
Second, bad corner tiles.
Third, lava in a grass world.
And finally, gray lava.

I died in the intro. YOU SHOULD NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! It can glitch up the game badly.

This message makes little sense. It's also filled with terrible spelling and grammar. Please run a spellcheck on all your messages.

See above.

...hey, why do you have two message boxes on top of each other?

You should also spellcheck your level names.

I am very, very thankful that you replaced the muncher plants with spikeballs. Now it looks more "video game physics" than "sloppy design" to me!

However, I am not thankful for the extreme level of difficulty in this level. This is supposed to be the first level of the game! The early levels start easy, then scale up to becomeharder as the game progresses. To make it stupidly difficult from the start is bad design.

You should not require knoledge of glitches in SMW to complete levels.

...I deem this section impossible, no matter what you or anyone else on the internet says.

Name: kaizo mario world 2
Author: ?kaizo? - Submitted by: mariolpmadness
Description: as if kaizo was not enough?!?!
kaizo 2 has all the pain you have come to kno from kaizo... and more!
this hack is not for the normal player, but for the most extreme SMW players
I think this one is much harder that #1


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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My Hacks:

Removal: "Mario's Place"
Author: přibýlek (1823)
Submitter: jermboy27 (8132)
Description: "This Hack Has Custom Sprites!"

A few things.
1) I believe you are dyslexic. The user ID you entered while submitting is similar to your user ID... instead, if you were the one who indeed made this hack, you don't have to touch the user ID part of the submission form, as it is autmoatically filled in with your user ID.

2) Your patch is bad.

Did you use the clean ROM verifier on your original, unmodified SMW ROM?

Hack name: Super Mario World 2 : Return Of The Koopas (UNFINISHED)
Lenght: 5 levels
Author & submitted by: KingYoshi89
An Unfinished hack i made....



Somebody told me to submit here, and NEVER STOP TO SUBMIT IT HERE !


Removal Reasons:
All right, handsome, since you don't really care if this hack gets removed, I feel like going ahead and deleting it... seriously, though, do not even EXPECT people to moderate your hack with such an attitude... I actually ended up giving this hack a go, but I seriously thought of simply rejecting your hack just by reading that awful description. Eh.

Anyway, aside from your attitude, here's what prevented me from accepting this hack:

There's a small cut-off on the left side of the "W". Also, it would be neat if you could get around to fixing the colors of the font in the playable slots.

Originally posted by KingYoshi89

This overworld event is set up weirdly, and it sort of creates some cutoffness here and there. Either fix it up, or go for something different.

What's with the yellow-colored cement blocks that shine? Also, note that the Jumping Piranha Plant managed to burry itself into the ceiling...

Although this is the end of the demo, I would advise fixing the BG/FG starting positions here.

So... this hack isn't bad at all, but in my honest opinion, it would be great if you included some more levels in it... otherwise it still has chances of getting removed if you ever plan on re-submitting it to the database. Also, next time, please don't go nuts upon writing your description.

Hack Name: Lugis's World: X Demo - 492 KB - 40 downloads.
Length: 13 levels
Author: Eaglejedi117 / 4242 - Submitted by: Eaglejedi117
Story: It is a dark time
in the Mushroom
Kingdom. Bowser is
opening gates to
his dimension.
Destroy his
portals to his dimension
before he takes over ours.

This includes Worlds 1-2.

View the Hack thread for more info and Screenshots!

Here's Why

Bowser's palette needs some work.

Palette for the lettering could use some fine tuning to make it easier to read.

Okay, why is Luigi dressed like Mario?

Major perspective issues here. (Cliffside extending in different lengths is illogical for a flat piece of land.) Also, there are some unneccesary tiles. The castle top, pipe, and Yoshi house should all be removed.

The "prison" creates cutoff in the house.

Why are Rexes replaced with two Koopas?

The ground cutoffs where it meets the yellow pipe. Use a proper corner tile.

The BG palette needs to be fixed. Fix the FG init position too.

I suggest that you remove the dirt backdrop, since it causes cutoff both at the corner, and the pipe.

The stone blocks at the top should be removed.

Icy blue pipes should be used in ice sections...

Odd Albatross palette.

Glitched explosion graphics.

These poor ShyGuys got stuck at the top D:

Probably the biggest bug I found. When beating the forest level, Luigi kind of goes off path. This can result in...

...landing on a nonexistant level tile. In other words, endless bonus game. You may want to double check your events and paths.

The purple lava and purple wall section is very ugly. Try using custom palettes to give them a neater touch.

Why use stacked ground here?

...Iggy somehow managed to flood his room and still retain lava. Seriously, why is the room underwater?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that I'm playing as Luigi. I know he is wearing Mario's clothes but...Luigi's name is in the title for crying out loud.

Blinking sky and neon yellow ground? A very odd combination for a desert level. Fix it.

More palette oddities.

Apply the fadefix patch.

More palette oddities.

Bad cutoff where the angled land meets the lava.

The Hammer Bro.'s hammers are glitched.

Couldn't really capture a screenshot of this, but it goes with the room pictured above. I entered a pipe from the desert, and arrived to the far right of the hammer bro. I figured that I had to make my way left, but it was impossible without a cape. Even so, it required a lot of savestates. When I finally reached the pipe...I couldn't enter it. I realized then that you more than likely screwed up with your level entrances. The entrance should be on the FAR LEFT, not the FAR RIGHT. Entering the pipe on the far right brought me back to the desert, confirming my thought.

Entering the pipe from the castle looking room pictured above shoots me out of the ground right below the goal post.

Unedited level name. (Trust me, the level is nothing like Vanilla Dome.) While here, let me suggest that you remove the cutoff mist above the ghost house.

Message block kills layer 3.

Okay. Time for another major error (bug?) When I entered this area, I died after a split second. I repeated the effort, and died each time. I then mashed the jump button and...

...O_o. Please, tell me why Luigi starts off at the LOWEST ROW, and the level is UNDERWATER. I qualify this as a major issue, and you should fix it. Seriously...I just don't get it.

The pipe just cuts through the ground, creating cutoff. Either root it into the ground, or use corner tiles to make the ground "trace" the pipe's edge.

Another unedited level name.

The player should not have to react this quickly to evade danger upon entering a new area.

Okay, this confused the crap out of me. Upon re-entering the castle to explore another route, I was presented with this:

The top few rows of the screen becomes a garbage layer. I am totally confused on what caused this...perhaps a faulty ROM or IPS. That's my best guess.

Same issue with Luigi starting way too low, and UNDERWATER.

O_o. What's with the floating fireball? Notice that the garbage layer is still never goes away.


Yeah, you got a lot of things to fix...see what you can do regarding these issues, and try again.
Hack Name: Luigi's Time to Shine
Length: 4 levels
Author: AntoineG96 - Submitted by: AntoineG96
Description: Hi. This is not the hack I was talking about in the forums.
If you like Desert Traveling,
then, you'll like this.
If you need instructions on how
to know this hack better, check out the Enclosed Instruction book.


First of all, your hack was pretty short. There was only one real level, the others concisted of pretty much nothing. Make sure your hack is long and interesting enough before submitting it.

Some texts still say "Mario". You might want to change that.

Those houses look ugly and act weirdly. I highly recommend making new, custom graphics for it.

Your levels are very enemy-less and boring in general.

3 things wrong here:
- You forgot the "Candle Flames in Background" gnerator.
- The Koopa's palettes are kind of odd. They're not really ugly though, and you don't absolutely need to change them.
- A very boring section again. In fact, this was the only room in the entire hack that had enemies. >_> Also, you can get a lot of 1-ups by kicking a shell at all the Koopas.

This was the only thing behind the boss door... So the Koopa room was supposed to be the boss battle? o_O

As I said, make the hack longer, less boring, and fix the isues mentioned here, and we'll talk again.

On the first day of Heavy Metal Christmas, the dark lord sent to me,
a bad patch, blatant and glaring!

Name: Mario Placer's
Author: jermboy27
Description: Mario Is Back On The Adventure!

Bad patch - all the graphics are corrupt. Test your patch before submitting!

On the second day of Heavy Metal Christmas, the dark lord sent to me,
Two annoying dick moves,
and a bad patch, blatant and glaring!

Name: Hardness Island
Author: masterchief3683
Description: This is my new Hack
-Custom Music
-Edited Overworld

Your title screen has lots of cutoff, weird palletes, and sprite memory errors, and the file select overwrites a good chunk of it. You might want to rethink a good deal of this.

The bottom row of tiles is invisible, don't use it.

Your goal post is too high up. Lower it down a notch.

These munchers are actually coins. Still ugly as hell, though. Well, maybe that's the only dick move in this hack...

...We don't do this here.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Mushroom of Death
Length: 1 level
Author: Guiga - Submitted by: Guiga
Description: A word before anything else: try again! (Attention: it nescessário use savestates, so prepare your keyboard keys F2 and F4, [depending on your emulator].


Hacks that require savestates to beat are not welcome in the Hacks section. Even if it didn't require savastates, it would be way too short to get accepted. My suggestion: Upload it to the File Bin, and post it in the "Kaizo Hack submissions" thread. Granted, it wasn't nearly as hard as some other Kaizo hacks, but still, this thread would be the best place for it.

Hack Name: Mario in the parallel world - A LINK TO THE PAST - 448.9 KB - 93 downloads.
Length: 27 levels
Author: vashvaati - Submitted by: vashvaati
Description: Bowser kidnapping the princess again, Mario will have to save on a dangerous journey.

Could Mario save the princess before to Bowser makes its sinister plan?

Here's Why

This hack has some potential. You got some neat tricks, and the nostalgia factor that ties with the Donkey Kong Country series is pretty neat. That being said, this hack is far away from a release, and I'll show you why.

First off, the ground has a really bad palette. I also take it that English isn't your native language? That's fine..I won't judge the hack off broken English...but I still suggest that you ask someone to help proofread your work, as many messages are hard to understand.

The pipe has a horrible palette.

One of the biggest problems that I will be highlighting is the difficulty. For a first level, this level was insanely hard. With wickedly fast auto scroll, it's trial and error trying to get past these blocks.

Extend the ground to let Mario walk out his ending animation.

Possibly the worst usage of Dirgefall ever. Let me list what is wrong in this screen:

1) The bullet bills firing gives the player little time in moving. The player should not be able to get hurt this quickly upon starting the level.
2) This is one of the broken messages that I was referring to. At first, I thought you were just telling me how to drop the item in the reserve. But...that leads to problem 3.
3) YOU CAN'T MOVE ON WITH A RESERVE ITEM. For a level like this where you have to be spot on with movements, it's incredibly unfair to make any hit an instant death.

Move the goal post one tile to the right to eliminate cutoff.

Every castle has this glitchy entrance. I must ask...did you even test your hack?

Upon dealing a certain amount of damage to Mouser, he jumps down and falls into a hole. That's an odd way to end the battle...and I expect that he wasn't supposed to do that.

Floating munchers should not be used. Never.


Oh come on.

Damn you.

PLEASE REMOVE THOSE BLOCKS. That trick is old, and not funny. It only angers the player.

Bad rope palette, and yet another floating muncher.

Stacked munchers aren't any better. Stacked AND floating munchers blow my mind.

This entire level looks exactly like this screen. No joke. It's not fun to run on a single piece of land for an entire level. Add some variety.

Apply the fade fix patch.

This boss was incredibly hard. You really need to review your hack's difficulty.

Munchers hiding in the dark doesn't help their case.

Bullet bill cannons shouldn't be stacked like that.

This elevator area was ridiculous. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR HACK'S DIFFICULTY.

BG and pipe palette needs fixing.

Pipe needs fixing.

Chomps create cutoff in the pipe.

Use goal posts for the goal tape.

Cutoff...and yet another unfair part. With the screen autoscrolling, you have one shot to bounce off a bullet.

Floating bullet bill cannons = no.


I suggest you replace the stone blocks with a more lethal looking block. (They are instant kill blocks btw.)

Muncher palette needs some work.

Underwater floating munchers. Now I've seen it all.

...apparently I haven't.

Bridge palette needs some work.

That is one bright pipe.

You know how you need to strap in before getting on roller coasters? Well, this is why. Never jump out of your seat and grab a goal tape. The coaster will move on without you.

In other words, it is very easy to grab the goal tape, and then fall to your death. Mario should have no way to die after hitting the tape.

I'm sick of these munchers.

And this is where I stopped. As I said before, you have some neat little ideas. But you have so many errors, and you REALLY need to learn how to use a difficulty curve. Some areas were borderline Kaizo...and that is why I eventually just quit.


1) Fix the difficulty.
2) Remove all floating, stacked, or combination of the two Munchers.
3) Ask someone who can speak your native language and English to proofread your work.
4) Fix the glitched castle entrance.
5) Fix palette oddities.
Hack Name: Mario World Place - 1.8 MB - 3 downloads.
Length: 45 exits
Author: Notot - Submitted by: jermboy27
Description: It's A Super Mario World Hack!

It Still Doesn't Work!

*sigh* Make sure to TEST your patch before submitting it. It freezes after the title, and the GFX are corrupt.

This doesn't seem to be your first time submitting this either. Is it that hard to test your patch? I'm wondering if I should 24h-ban you for this or... Screw it, I'll do it.

Hack Name: Mario: The Blackhole "Part 1" C3 Demo 1.1 Demo - 1.2 MB - 47 downloads.
Length: 29 levels
Author: Marachinid - Submitted by: Marachinid
Description: Okay, first off; know that this is the final hack my villian: "SCORPION," will be seen in. So, expect him to pull out all the stops against Mario.

SCORPION is dead; however, our dastardly 3: Singgerbobble, Randor and Retnuh are planning to revive him, but don't know how. At that moment, almost on cue, a new guy appears, he says to call him Hiyoko. Hiyoko tells them that he knows how to revive SCORPION, but they need Mario's help. So, after 3 years of planning SCORPION's revival... they send a fake letter to Mario. Mario falls for it, and he heads for SCORPION's Temple. Mario unknowingly releases SCORPION. Now, SCORPION spreads his plague across the world... and it is all Mario's fault.

--What is contained--

1. Levels from World 3 that are available
2. 5 Epic Levels that tell the tale of the death machine known as SCORPION!
3. Over 25 levels of fun and excitement leaving you thirsty for more!!!
4. More secrets than you've seen in any of the better SMW Hacks!!!

4 Worlds and specially included World 3 Levels... ready to play.

Here's Why

"quite" should be "quiet".

Sprite memory issues.

The text here is hard to read...can you fix the palette?

Talking to one of the NPCs that follows you in the temple results in the intro message.

The NPC frequently shoots up into the air when crossing the turn blocks.

This garbage layer comes up near the end of the cutscene.

It's easy to bypass part of the puzzle in this room by jumping up here.

Retnuh flys off to the left, and never comes back. I tried whatever I could to resume the battle, but it's broken.

I couldn't get past the Retnuh fight, so I had to delete the hack. Fix whatever may be causing the odd behavior, and we can give this another shot.

On the third day of Heavy Metal Christmas, the hack queue sent to me,
Three Kaizo ripoffs,
Two annoying dick moves,
and a bad patch, blatant and glaring!

Name: Easy kaizo
Author: retyopko
Description: A short very hard hack I made. Currently a demo, the final edition will contain the first 2 worlds. It will hopefully be done soon.

We don't do Kaizo hacks here. You might want to post this hack in the thread in SMW Hack Discussion instead.

"Think quick" level starts that force the player to react instantly are awful and stupid.

Stacked munchers are ugly and lazy.

Cutoff, and don't use the bottom row of tiles, as they're barely visible.

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My Hacks:

On the fourth day of Heavy Metal Christmas, the hack queue sent to me,
Four trapped Koopas,
Three Kaizo ripoffs,
Two annoying dick moves,
and a bad patch, blatant and glaring!

Name: Super Mario Denied World
Author: Manuz the Overworld Hacker
Description: It's a Vanilla hack, so no ExGFX, no blocks, no sprites, but palette, level and OW edits.
Mario went to a strange world because Bowser kidnapped Peach again. But this world become a dangerous path to Mario. Can this plumber rescue Peach in the unknown Denied World?
This demo contains only world 1 - Berry country. Sorry.

The levels feel similar to their SMW equivelants, but not to the point of blatant editing. Except for the first level, which is still fairly visibly Yoshi's Island 1. Maybe mix it up a little more!

Also, this sliding Koopa flew through the pipes and got stuck in the center pipe. Might want to adjust this so it doesn't happen!

This Dry Bones seems to be stuck in one spot, endlessly marching in place. Given the placement, it might be deliberate for comedy effect, but it looks a little odd.

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My Hacks:

Name: SMW Mario's Place
Author: Notot - Submitted by: jermboy27
Description: Unlike The SMW for SNES.But Jofo is kidnapped

The exact same as it was the last time you submitted it. Which means it still doesn't patch properly. MAKE YOUR PATCHES FROM A CLEAN, UNEDITED SMW ROM! TEST YOUR PATCHES ON A CLEAN, UNEDITED SMW ROM!

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My Hacks:

Name: Sonic Mario Crossover
Author: Thowersome
Description: Sonic is in a snes game format!This is a great fun hack with custom .... well , everything.

Patch did nothing visible except change the ROM header to advertise a shitty ROM site with a hard-on for poorly watermarking all their downloads. Please make and test your patches with a clean SMW ROM!

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Mario Denied World Fixed
Author: Manuz the OW Hacker
Description: My demo of the hack, fixed

It's still a vanilla hack.
6 levels, one world - Berry Country.

Oh man, so close! There's just one issue I'd like for you to fix before I accept this. It's a tiny one, so it shouldn't be too hard.

When you hit a coin from underneath with a block, the blank space is solid. Just move the coins up a space and that'll be great!

Sorry about this. The new Berry Island 1 is a great improvement!

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

On the fifth day of Heavy Metal Christmas, the hack queue sent to me,
Five stacked Munchers,
Four trapped Koopas,
Three Kaizo ripoffs,
Two annoying dick moves,
and a bad patch, blatant and glaring!

Name: Woah There Charlie! Demo ONE!
Description: This is my first hack I still have yet to be a good sprite drawer so most sprite swaps are crappy but I think its pretty good I thought about ALL SMW Central's rules. so review mah hack!

The demo ends basically instantly. Maybe actually add something so it doesn't just fade in and out instantly?

The Yoshi's House edit (remember: not a good idea if you're using the original SMW ending!) is loaded with stacked munchers. And yes, changing their sprite to Pirahna Plant heads doesn't change the core problem with that.

Many of the sprite edits are really weird choices. See this P-Switch Goomba for instance. It causes a lot of confusion as you try and figure out what the hell everything is.

Very easy 3-UP moon.

Stupid "think quick!" level start.

And because I'm lazy, here's some of your included screenshots:

NO NO NO! Do NOT attempt to justify blatant graphical glitches! BAD!

Not a removal reason, but I'm pretty sure this kind of thing is why Proton Jon's in the Witness Protection Program.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

On the sixth day of Heavy Metal Christmas, the hack queue sent to me,
Six unchanged levels,
Five stacked Munchers,
Four trapped Koopas,
Three Kaizo ripoffs,
Two annoying dick moves,
and a bad patch, blatant and glaring!

Name: Modernized SMW
Author: Poke Starter
Description: Just a revamp.

The only changes I noticed were YI-style Yoshi sprites and a modified Mario pallete. No level edits, largely the same GFX. You might want to put a little more into this.

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My Hacks:

Name: SUPER MARIO WORLD 63 (demo 1)
Author: Cortex25

Patch does nothing. Test your patch before submitting!

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My Hacks:

Link Thread Closed