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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Removal: "SMW Cartoon(ier) Graphics"
Author: mariomaker6
Description: "More cartoonified graphics(not perfect but no glitches)"

This is not an acceptable screenshot. Don't just stuff them all in the hack's archive, you can add multiple screens for one hack.

The archive contained, uh... a battery backup file, and these screens:

Ow, my eyes.

I suggest you read the Hack Submission Guidelines before you do anything else!

On the twelveth day of Heavy Metal Christmas, the hack queue sent to me,
Twelve murdered soundchips,
Eleven swarming Phantos,
Ten goddamn ROM posts,
Nine missing screenshots,
Eight corrupted paths,
Seven empty scrollers,
Six unchanged levels,
Five stacked Munchers,
Four trapped Koopas,
Three Kaizo ripoffs,
Two annoying dick moves,
and a bad patch, blatant and glaring!

And boy, am I glad that gimmick's over with.

Name: SMW the new saga (beta)
Author: mariolpmadness
Description: its bin a year since the SMW dino land thing...
and now bowser is back to destry mario at all costs----
ist a pretty easy hack (untill the castles) and its my 1st shot at a custom over world so give me a break

See that little yellow message at the bottom of the screen? Well, that's because you hit a P-Switch in the intro. On some emulators, it just turns the music off for a little bit. In the case of the emulator I use (SNES9X), it crashes the SNES sound system so hard I have to go manually edit a INI file just to get it to work again. NEVER, EVER, EVER USE A P-SWITCH, STARMAN OR KEYHOLE IN YOUR TITLE SCREEN!!!!

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My Hacks:

Name: Super "Dark" World (demo1)
Author: Deoxys594
Description: A demo of my hack.

A hack called Super Dark World? That I am deleting? This has never happened before!

Letting the player die on the intro level is a bad, bad thing, and can cause glitches. Never let this happen!

For some reason, this was the only level available to me. I assume this is unintentional.

The collision detection on these stairs was terrible! Might wanna sort this out, yo.

Lots of sprite memory issues in this area.

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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Removal: "Mario's Excellent Adventure"
Length: 9 levels
Author: SlayerXD44
Description: "A redone version of a previous faliure of a hack. There are now more non-vanilla backgounds and a little sprite redrawing. I could use some help with music and maybe custom bosses since there are none in this demo."

Forgot to restore the level length of the intro, I see. Also I would like to take this time to say that I do not like the grays you used for Mario, especially when you made the darkest color light on the overalls.

Sprite memory issues.

At first I was having extreme difficulty trying to make the jump to that far block, but then I found out that there was a block below the view of the player to stand on! I thought it was all bottomless pit. DO NOT PLACE A PLATFORM ON THE LOWEST ROW OF THE LEVEL.

Missing a chunk of fence border I see.

?! But I didn't kill Roy, I killed Iggy

And I am trapped in here.

That was the entire hack. Did you accidentally upload an older version? Come back with a demo that's a whole world long.

Removal: "My Super Mario World Hack"
Author: asherjosiah
Description: "It is My Super Mario World Hack!
Bugs: at the Switch Palace it only releases yellow switch blocks!"

Two major things:

DO NOT LET THE PLAYER DIE IN THE INTRO! But wait, HOW did I die? That's left for you to discover, since you should be beta testing your own work.
(hint: change the numbers in the image name to see what I did)

Yoshi isn't compatible with castle level sprites.

Hack Name: SMW the new saga (beta) Demo - 135.6 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: mariolpmadness - Submitted by: mariolpmadness
Description: it has bin a year since mario ruined bowsers evil plans...
has bowser come back to clame his revenge? or is something darker happening...
---this is a pretty easy hack (aside from the castles) with a story line that is pretty easy to follow...---


Uh... Frankly, your spelling/grammar isn't the best. You should get someone to proofread your message boxes. Each and every message box, that is, not just this one.

Some broken paths. Also, what's with those cliff ending tiles at the top of the river and next to the castle?

It's quite obvious that you just edited SMW's original levels. To start from scratch, press Ctrl + Del.

You shouldn't be able to walk in a pipe like that. Block its right side.

Minor issue - after I beat the switch palace, the OW switch isn't flattened.

Eugh... Bad palette. Either change it to a cavey one or use grass ground GFX, which this palette is made for.

That muncher looks kinda floating, don't you think? (Also, wrong cliff tiel next to the question block.)

Wrong corner tile next to the muncher (also on the left corner of the ledge with the goal point). Those should only be used when there's something behind the tile.

Invisble message box, probably due to wrong sprite memory settings. Change it to 0E (Lakitu button) and it should show up fine.

Message boxes make layer 3 disappear. Not something you want.

Seems like you have to hit the yellow switch to go on here... Not something you want either. At öeast warn the player beforehand, and give them a way to exit without dying if they haven't hit it yet.

Those spikes don't actually hurt you - why not remove them?

What happened to that Bullet Bill shooter on the left? Looks like it's missing a tile.

The pillar cuts into the ground.

As you can see, there's lots of room for improvement here. Fix all the stuff mentioned here, maybe play a few featured hacks to get an idea of what a good hack can look like, and try again later.

Hack Name: YI Base Hack Demo - 323.1 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: New Year Koops - Submitted by: New Year Koops
Description: This is a YI Base Hack. It has YI Graphics, Music, and some Custom Blocks.


...Yeah. Something must be wrong with your patch. Please test it before submiting.

On an unrelated note: Since it's a base hack, it would be great of you changed the original overworld to make all levels accessible from the start. Also, to make it a good base hack, you should use all resources provided here - all ExGFX, all sprites, all blocks, all music etc. I don't really know how much stuff is currently in it, I just wanted to remind you of that.

Hack Name: Super "Dark" World (demo-fixed) - 203.6 KB - 1 download.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Deoxys594 - Submitted by: Deoxys594
Description: A fixed version of my demo.The old version only enter one level.

Bleh Palette. Also, edit the OW please!

Actually, there is cutoff on the base of that shooter.

A ton of screens of this, pretty boring.

Sprite Issues here, sprites disappear.

Ton of screens of this.

After that last screen, it was kaizo, and basically all the levels had boring level design. You've got a lot of work to do.

Name: Super Fun World 4.7
Author: Lunarde
Description: Fun Hack!

Not a screenshot.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Broken World
Author: hifive15
Description: See i call it this because i (for some reason) made it and have so many glitches. this also has 1 special level u find in the pipe back to the world 1 in world 2.
also the ovewworld screen looks weird. one more thing at the end that looks like yoshis house called bonus zone, go to the left to find a stage used to pratice your flying

If you can't figure out how this breaks the Hack Submission guidelines in every way, then I'm not quite sure what to say.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

"get drunk". Gladly.

Hack: The Vanillo [DEMO 1]
Author: TheRobju
Description: Here is now the better version of The Vanilla.I have no story yet,sorry.

As much as I know people are to disagree with me, I like your beach palettes. Despite the fact that they may just be the original tilesets with a yellow shade, they still look fine. Anyway, this hack was decent, but there are a few issues you need to fix before it can be accepted:

BUG: The secret exit to Goomba Beach 1 causes the NORMAL exit of Goomba Beach 2 to be revealed. This screws things up after the next level. If the secret exit isn't available in the demo, please remove the key/keyhole altogether until it is.

ANNOYANCE: If you fall down here with Yoshi + a cape, you'll have to sacrifice Yoshi. That seems rather unfair to me, and it can easily be fixed by shifting the invisible coin blocks down one tile.

ANNOYANCE: If you fall down here, you're forced to die. Just remove the water in this pit and the pit to the left of it rather than giving the player false hope that they can survive.

ANNOYANCE: Please increase the time limit in this level by 50-100. I barely finished, and that was with Yoshi to make the level easier as well.

BUG: The rope to the right of the one Mario is on sometimes vanishes. Try removing the red Koopa to reduce the numbers of sprites in that area.

BUG: Assuming there are chainsaws on the two lower lines, they also vanish.

Fix those up, and you're good to go.
Hack: Super Fail World
Description: who cares

My momma told me to remove this superb hack. The site can't handle how awesome it is.
Hack Name: Mario's Physics Trial
Length: 3 levels
Author: Frostyopko - Submitted by: Frostyopko
Description: One peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, darkness struck. Bowser, in an attempt to steal the fair Princess Toadstool, messed up the physics of everything! Help Mario through the first 2 levels of an amazing journey! Switch Palace included.


Some bad palettes (Berries, background, pipe).

This weren't the only boring spots in the hack. Avoid having screens of blandness, repeating structures or no structure at all.

Lots of cutoff ledges and corners.

I get shot out of... nothing?

The triangle doesn't function properly. Place tile 1EB below it or insert is through the Extended Objects Dialog.

Bullet Bills should always come out of shooters using the "Bullet Bill shooter" sprite. That way they will play a sound and appear less surprisingly.

Bad sprite memory settings, as well as slowdown.

Why not place those Goombas on the ground instead? And while you're at it, why not remove half of them?

While your other levels weren't exactly original either, every level after the second one was completely unedited.

Well, you have a long way to go. Read the Hack Submission Guidelines, and work on your level design especially.

Name: Super Fail World (Demo)
Description: My first ROM hack. It goes through world 1, including the Yellow Switch Palace and Yoshi's House. Check out the rest for yourself!

oh hey look it's exactly the same as it was the last time it was declined it's like you didn't bother to fix anything or something now isn't that a thing

Don't resubmit this.

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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: Mario
Author: SilentMyst

Not a proper screenshot, it's just of the unedited SMW title.

3UP Moon is really really easy to get.

Obvious Yellow Switch Palace edit, can get trapped here forever.

No, no, no! We don't do this! Also, there's no way to escape without dying.

This needs a lot of work.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Removal: "Super Mario World Short (Demo)"
Author: RazorRoms
Description: "Game Made By Me"

It's a blank IPS patch. That means the only contents of the patch file is a very short string of ASCII text: "PATCHEOF"

This is probably because you selected the same ROM file for both the original, unmodified ROM and the copy of the ROM you hacked.

Try it again!

Removal: "Super Mario KIA"
Author: Doseianasan
Description: "Iggy is causing trouble in the Koriko Islands! Mario must stop him and bring peace back to the Koriko Islands!"

I shall be honest: I really, really liked this hack. It has a lot of potential, but it's not perfect. Sadly it's these imperfections that are the reason I have to decline it, because they are so easy to fix.

The number one flaw in this hack is all the graphical cutoff. It looks so... sloppy. Yet, it can be resolved by improved level creation and editing the graphics!

Fake bottomless pits are bad. The player is unable to see that bottom row. Do not mislead the player like this!

Your palettes sometimes have terrible issues, like this. How could you overlook something this glaring?!

Aside from the fact that Jello is not harmful to you in real life, that's just a really ugly palette swap of lava.

This makes no sense... a Muncher with a bad palette heals you? Why not take some unused animated tiles and make them into the spinning heart from Super Mario 64? I mean, you added in Mario's moves from SM64, so it would only be fitting...

The palette of this area is heavily screwed.

Cutoff around the pipes, and only one of the corner tiles is pointing in the right direction.

Bullet Bill should only appear through the use of a generator. These come out of nowhere and blindside you. Unfair!

Bad corner tiles.

Aside from these graphical anomalies, the hack itself is quite good! I really want to see you fix this hack up :)

Hack Name: Super Lunar World (name pending)
Length: 8 levels
Author: thewizard - Submitted by: thewizard
Description: I made this for fun, mainly for my friends and I to play but I found this site in the process and decided to submit what I've made so far to see what my net peers think. All the graphics and music are straight from the game until I figure out how to change that. The storyline is basically: the Church of Koopa is taking over the land and Bowser is the High Priest and has captured Peach and Yoshi's friends. It's pretty much told through the info boxes and it's still pending. I may or may not continue work on this depending on whether I get any feedback. I think it's fun, I hope you do too.


Mainly gameplay issues.

This was the hck's main problem... Lots and lots of blind jumps and spots where you have to get off of Yoshi to go on. This becomes especially noticeable in the 3rd screenshot - in this section, you get about 4 Yoshis that you'll immediately have to ditch and land on a one-tile-wide platform where you get another Yoshi. Even worse, when Yoshi lands on the ground when you jump off of him, you'll get a 1-up instead of a new Yoshi to work with.
Please work on all of these spots. Blind jumps, Yoshi spam and having to ditch Yoshi are not cool.

Nice to see your levels aren't lacking decorations, but some sections are still pretty flat (terrain-wise). If you could work on that by adding some hills or something, that would be great.

1. Background garbage. Click on the second door button to change the BG initial position until it looks right.
2. Cutoff ground on the right side. Add some soil there.

This Yoshi Coin seems to be misleading... I couldn't find a way to get it without dying.

You shouldn't make the player be able to walk into the left side of a diagonal pipe, or things like this might happen.

The moon up there seems to be rather easy to get. You'd better replace it with a 1-up.

Yellow switch palace? Are you sure?
(Use the palette editor to change its color.)

Sprite memory issues here (disappearing parachute for example). To fix this, set the sprite memory setting to 0E (Lakitu button) or apply the "No more Sprite Tile Limits" patch and set it to 10.

"up up"? Unless it's some idiom I don't know about, one "up" there is superfluous.

Cutoff ledges. Also, there's a lot of fire flowers hidden behind them... Not only are they invisible, there's way too many of them too.

Another cutoff ledge.

Why do these blocks all have a 1-up in them? Seems too easy of a reward to me.

There's virtually no way of getting out here if you fall down.

Layer 3 disappears when you beat a level.

Unedited room.

Well... As mentioned above, fix all those blind jumps and being-forced-to-ditch-Yoshi spots, as well as all other errors I showed you, and you can have a chance to have this accepted next time. ;)

Removal: "Super Mario World Short (Demo)"
Author: RazorRoms
Description: "A hack with short levels"

A bad patch. I think you got the ROMs reversed this time, because the patch didn't do anything to a clean SMW ROM.


Hack Name: Super Mario: The Epic Journey Demo - 1.1 MB - 96 downloads.
Length: 14 levels
Author: dahnamics - Submitted by: dahnamics
Description: Welcome to the first demo of Super Mario: The Epic Journey. This demo consists of 15 levels, 17 exits of Mario attempting to rescue Peach from an unknown mysterious villain. Fight the likes of Mouser, Birdo, Goomboss and many others to finally save Peach.

[Here's Why

The palette of the words can use some fixing.

This is a first for me. A remake of Level 105. Claiming that it is some sort of remake or bonus level doesn't justify that it is a blatant level edit.

I cannot stress this enough. When you use one tile as a backdrop, then place other tiles over it, you create cutoff. I noticed this quite a bit in the hack, and some places

The glowing tile you used for the midway point is quite odd...

Unedited level.

Buzy beetles can usually be stomped on. This red one cannot. Either warn the player, or fix the graphics.

There seems to be something wrong with your cave graphic choice. The 8x8 tiles used for corners all have brown around them. This creates pretty noticeable cutoff, as the side tiles are transparent.

You reuse these little end level segments quite a big. I wouldn't point them out...but they are unedited from Super Mario World, and half the time, they don't match the level.

Bad status bar palette.

Birdo has a rather stomach wrenching palette.

The hedgehog has a bad palette.

The edges of the tree trunk has a bad palette.


Did you apply the fade fix patch?

FG init position set too low.


Same issue here with the end level thing.

Mouse has a bad palette.

Odd tile behavior.

The way the sand texture is made looks odd when flipped here.

Bad palette for the midway.

Why does the Overworld flash when the level was cleared?

Same issue with the level ending area.

Bad status bar palette.

Missing corner tile.

Incorrect corner tile.

Bad status bar palette.

You're a bit too generous here, even for a bonus room.

Disable horizontal scrolling, or else this happens.

Bad status bar palette.

I happened to do this randomly...jumping on goombas normally causes normal behavior, but landing on them while flying squishes them. I've never seen that happen before...

It's quite easy to lose a shell here, requiring you to die. (Ignore the fact that I have capes.)

Cutoff where the angled slop meets the corner.

Cutoff where the pipe and water tiles meet.


The bullet bill launchers have a bad palette.

Er...I beat the secret exit here, and a path appeared above the castle...yet no new pathway was open for me to walk.

Bad midway post palette.

Cutoff. Another thing about this's incredibly long and boring. There is no difficulty I'm pretty much just climbing this tall section, stopping to let the screen scroll, then climb some more.

Bad status bar palette.


And that's that. Your hack isn't bad, but it is plagued with numerous issues that can be easily fixed. Unfortunately, these issues are pretty noticeable too, so fix those, and you should be set.
Link Thread Closed