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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Hack Name: SMW Improved (Fixed) - 58.7 KB - 754 downloads.
Length: 96 exits
Author: Santa's Elf - Submitted by: Santa's Elf
Description: I fixed the pallettes that melted your eyes and edited more levels and pallettes. Enjoy.

Here's Why

The palette here is kinda iffy.

It wasn't so noticeable at first, but this is a Level 105 edit...

In fact, every level is an edit of an original SMW level! Please delete every single level before you design your own!
Removed: Shooting Star Mario by Icemegaman


In no REAL order:

You should fix a lot of these palettes. Fire Flowers, Mushrooms, and Squashed Goombas have bad palettes on every single level. I don't have any real suggestions to give other than recolor the sprites and all that. Don't just grab tiles from SMAS and expect them to instantly look right in SMW- they don't have the same palettes, so they're going to look bad in SMW. Other than that, we have miscolored goal posts, which is a problem with what palettes you're using for the BG and FG. As for the Chargin' Chucks, just restore their original palette- Yellow Switch Palace doesn't mean everything has to be yellow, y'know.

Also, I only just noticed this, but don't use any of the last 8 colors of palettes 0 and 1 (the first two) for the BG or FG- you overwrite status bar colors.

Um... You didn't change all the tiles used by the Coin, so it looks weird like this...

You can walk through the bottom of this pipe. Make the tile directly under the leftmost tile of the pipe itself act like tile 1EB, and you'll have fixed this.

A lot of slowdown here. My suggestion to you is to remove a lot of the sprites seen in these pictures- you'd be surprised at how little it takes to cause slowdown in some cases.

Easy-to-get 3-up Moon. Perhaps you should just remove this part, there's nothing you could give that would be worthy of it.

This event glitch happens when you don't remove the Title Recording ASM after installing your title moves. LM gives you a warning about this, why not follow it? (Don't worry, you can still fix it. Just remove the ASM!)

Cutoffness. For the first pic, just use tiles that have the grassy background on them, or just move the ledges around so they're not in front of another. For the second, just use the door top. It's that simple, why wouldn't you use it?

Boring, flat area. The minute the autoscroll starts, you're thrown into quite a few screens of flat ground with enemies thrown in semi-randomly. They're also spread far apart. Just...remove this section. Also, right before the autoscroll, you can hold R to scroll into it, crashing the game. :/

You should apply the fadefix patch to fix this.

Until you hit the P-Switch, you have no idea where the ? Blocks are, so you can EASILY die like this. Just don't use a wall like that, and you're fine. Keep at least 3 tiles of nothingness between the blocks and solid ground, and it'll all be fine!

Oddity: Due to using the Switch Palace tileset, all ? Blocks act like the bonus game that appears in a few levels in SMW where you have to hit the ? Blocks in the right order to get a 1-up, but hitting the wrong one turns them all into Used Blocks, and thus, you can get used blocks appearing where they shouldn't, turning other blocks that weren't hit into used blocks when they shouldn't, etc. Just do one of two things here:

1: Don't use the Switch Palace graphics until the Switch room.
2: Place the graphics in through the Super GFX Bypass dialogue (it's not only for ExGFX) but use a tileset other than Switch Palace.

You'll have to use the Direct Map16 access for the tiles, though.

This is an extreme case of sprite memory problems. The vanishing sprites are due to you placing way too many sprites that use a lot of sprite memory around each other. The simplest way to fix this is to remove a lot of those sprites. And I mean a lot. Or, you could patch edit's No Sprite Tile Limits patch, change the sprite memory setting to 10, and it's fixed! (Slowdown not fixed, though.)

Also, in the third pic, that area's actually hard to get through without taking a hit. You can't duck below the Firebar, and the Bony Beetle down there WILL get in your way. If it reforms before you have a chance to get out, either take a hit or keep waiting. Either way, it's not good level design. Not for World 2, at least.

Bad mushroom palette, slightly... Also, please tell me you didn't edit this room from part of the original Iggy's Castle... You can easily make an entirely new level using that smasher without editing from that portion. I know this because I did it before.

This is almost a forced hit. If you don't stick close to the far left or far right side of the screen, you'll get hit with no way to escape, because your ceiling is low.

You should get someone to proofread your messages, as this isn't exactly good English. Here's a suggestion:

"Mario has beaten Iggy Koopa in his Grass Land castle. His next stop is in the ocean. Will he swim like a fish and survive, or be done in by the dangers that lurk in the deep?"

FG init position is too low, raise it up a bit if you can, but don't make it start too high. If this is impossible, raise or lower Mario's starting position.

Once again, get someone to help you with your messages. My suggestion:

"DANGER! The toxic water here will rapidly sap your air! If you don't get out fast, you'll die!"

That said, getting out of the first bit of water is actually much harder that it looks. It needs you to make no mistakes, or you die. Heck, when I get out of it, I have just a few frames of air left. Maybe two pixels on that air meter. That's not good...

Sprite memory issues again, due to the air meter. Perhaps you should just patch No Sprite Tile Limits?

I don't recall seeing a warning that this wall can be jumped through, and it's also required. I suggest you just take out the walkthrough part and use two walls so there's no cutoff.

Sprite memory issues yet again thanks to the air meter. Look behind the score and coins- part of the line-guided platform has vanished!

You're not using the right graphics here for these two things. Copy their graphics from the GFX files they can be found in, and paste them where they should go. If it overwrites any tiles for sprites in your hack, but not in that portion of the level, make a new ExGFX file, paste the new tiles you need, and use this ExGFX file where the tiles are needed. If they overwrite tiles for sprites you ARE using in the entire level, remove either the sprite with the old tiles, or the sprite needing the new ones.

To better explain:

If Sprite A uses tile 86, and sprite B requires that space, make a new ExGFX file where sprite B's GFX is placed in tile 86 IF sprite A isn't being used. If Sprite A IS being used in the portion of level that sprite B is needed, remove either A or B, or both, or try remapping either sprite. I suggest the former.

I basically stopped here. THIS is the real reason I'm removing your hack- it's IMPOSSIBLE to make this jump WITHOUT slowdown. Sorry, we don't really allow hacks here that require TAS stuff to be completed. Not everyone is such an expert at the game that they can do stuff like this at will without slowdown, etc., either.

For "fun", I used slowdown to pass. I found this after:

Slowdown galore! Also, what the heck are these things?
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
I'll try to be nicer in my removal logs now. :(

Removed: Super "Dark" World (Fixed Demo) by Deoxys594

I actually have no screenshots to give, because you basically pointed out all the errors yourself in the supplied screenshots. Sprite memory problems (remove nearby sprites or use the No Sprite Tile Limits patch and sprite memory setting 10), some bad palettes (especially for the status bar- just replace the last eight colors of the first two palettes with the colors that they should be in SMW. If this clashes with your BG, move palettes around until you get a setup where NOTHING clashes. It's time-consuming, but not that hard, and benefits you in the end!), colors not fading out when they should (apply the Fadefix patch to destroy this, simple as that!), blind jumps (you didn't supply pictures of this, but you have a ton of them- you even have a jump where coins point you down, but if you follow it exactly, YOU DIE. Generally, if you can't see ground below you, this is a blind jump, and you should put coins directing the player to the EXACT point they should go, and if you're intending for coins to lie about where you should go, make a message at the start of the level mentioning that you shouldn't trust the coins), boring level design (one single case for me- the very start of the final level is just riding on that platform. I suggest you throw in a few object obstacles, too, to mix things up and make it less of a long, boring ride and more of an action ride where you have to be on your toes and try not to fall behind. Heck, a good example is Way Cool in the original SMW. Granted, it uses sprites, not objects, but it uses them in a way that they're obstacles. Heck, Cheese Bridge Area is fine due to the Chainsaws. The point is, just putting Fuzzies on the same track as your platform isn't good enough- they're small enough that you can stand above them, on the platform, on a horizontal line, and you won't get hurt. At all. Not from them, at least.), and a short demo that can't really be judged well (self-explanatory- basically, we feel that your demos should be at least one world in length- generally, this means a good few minutes of gameplay, but this is VERY tough to define. In your case, though, I'd suggest six levels. You have that many, but you dummied out two...) Also, on that note, the pictures. I don't remove solely for bad screenshots supplied, but your screenshots are a bit outdated and don't do the hack justice. One of the screens shows floating and stacked Munchers. This is considered an EXTREMELY bad thing to do, and yet it never appears in your hack. This is misleading, and say your hack had absolutely no problems that could get it removed at all. What happens when people see that screenshot? They would logically assume that the hack actually has that section in it and get very angry (maybe), wondering who approved it and why you even showed off the fact that you broke a rule. The point here is, the screenshots you supply for the hack's main page are the basis on which people form their first opinions about it. You'll want pictures that grab attention, so the best suggestion I can give you is this:

-Don't show errors in your screenshots if possible
-Screenshots showing action, such as dodging an obstacle, attacking an enemy, etc. are a plus
-Good looks are a plus, too
-Make sure the depicted scenes are actually in your hack.

Follow these very simple guidelines, and I'm sure you can get some quality screenshots out! :)

Also, I'm glad you dealt with the issue of floating/stacked munchers, but I honestly think that dummying out two levels the way you did was a bad idea. It really looks like you have something to hide. A better thing to do would be to restrict all access to the level on the OW, period, or completely redo the level. Most people WILL judge an unfinished level if you allow entry to it, so make sure everything's complete, okay? Also, on that note, the PIPES KARNAGE level. If you enter with Yoshi while Big, you will die. Enemies will still make Yoshi run away as you're beating the level if they touch you, so you then land on top of the Munchers...and walk into the abyss and die. This is a big no, so please, next time you release, please make sure all your accessible levels are finished and playable.

Good luck with your hack, by the way! :)
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money

Hack name: Super Mario World Larry's Invasion DEMO1
Lenght: 6 levels
Author: 8467LarryMatt101
Submitted by: LarryMatt101
This is my first Hack, so CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism is allowed, please don't complain about reused bosses, i don't know how to add new ones. The Hack has a edited Overworld and new music has been added. ENJOY!

Removal Reasons:
In all seriousness, have you ever considered checking out the hack submission guidelines? Because this hack doesn't follow PLENTY of them, to be brutally honest; there are lots of cut-off tiles pretty much everywhere, graphical ugliness in general, blatant level edits, and so on... let me go and list up the oddities/issues that prevented me from accepting this:

Let's start off with the title screen - on top of the intro level itself being blatantly based off of the original, it has lots of cut-off tiles throughout (as seen in the last two screenshots). Also, avoid using letters with non-transparent background to whip up words - use letters that actually have a transparent BG instead (and possibly get around to tweaking the "9" in "2009" as well). It is also important to take into consideration that "LarryMatt101" should use Layer Priority for it to actually show up after the screen fades in.

Now let's go onto the messages displayed by your info boxes. Most of your messages have a pretty weird sequence of words with the first letter being in capital and all-lowercase words. Also, avoid using interrogation marks in the very beginning of a certain sentence (as seen in screenshot #04) and inappropriate language (hint: "WTF?"). I also found the very first sentence displayed in the message shown in the third screen rather weird... might have you meant "You may have got past that!"? It is also VERY important to notice that after the message is displayed in screens #04 and #05, the Layer 3 water is gone... that's why you MUST avoid using message boxes in levels that have any sort of Layer 3 stuff in them.

On a completely different note, I don't get it how Ludwig wasn't really killed by Larry, yet the intro message pretty much says so.

The overworld also has quite a lot of issues in it... lots of cut-off tiles all around, weird triggered paths, etc. The overworld is definitely something that needs to receive some DRASTICAL improvement - may I suggest checking out the several overworld tutorials we have included in the tutorials section/forum?

On a slightly different note, I don't really get the name of the first level... I suggest you change it to something more accurate.

In all seriousness, though, do NOT use neither floating nor stacked munchers in ANY of your levels. It is just senseless to have plants floating in midair. Aside from that, this level's layout is kind of awkward and contains quite a few cut-off tiles throughout.

Already showed off two of the screenshots above before, but I'm showing them off again to point out something ELSE this time. First off, having Torpedo Teds being launched out of the blue is just odd - either put a pipe, one of those torpedo launcher objects, or something else right above the actual sprite or get rid of all the Torpedo Teds you scattered around this level. Screens 2, 3 and 4 pretty much depict some more cutoffness.

This level was pretty much the most frustating of all the levels in this demo, mostly because infested with suicidal sections (such as the areas shown in screenshots 3 and 4). Other oddities/issues in it include intense cutoffness, stacked munchers of doom, weird platform palette, left wall springboard being attached to a turn block platform, Yoshi head glitch (which is strangely caused as soon as the screen where the Baby Green Yoshi is located in is reached), rotating platforms that aren't attached to any kind of block, and two ways to beat the level; either by facing up Larry once again or by being clever and grabbing the goal question sphere.

Stacked munchers, as well as cut-off tiles is equal to no. Also, try spicing up this level a bit, as it is just tedious to swim quite a few screens in order to eventually reach Larry.

Attach a block to that rotating platform please.

All righty. As you can see, this level is infested with cutoffness, and aside from that, the graphics sometimes appear to get garbled due to the sprite memory. Moreover, the last section of this level is nothing but a blatant edit of the last section of Iggy's Castle in the original SMW.

Aside from the bad FG palette you have got there, the game suddenly freezes as soon as I reach the spot where I was when I took the screenshot above.

All in all, this needs quite some work. In fact, I think it would be better if you actually went for designing a brand new hack instead of resubmitting a fixed version of this one.
Hack Name: Yoshi's Adverture The Lost Eight Eggs Sneak Peek note PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD IT OR PLAY IT - 0.5 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: SonicMaster44, - Submitted by: SonicMaster44,
Description: I am very sorry this isn't a hack it's just pictures of my hack to look at and please don't delete it or ban and please don't play it or download it and please don't ban me from this site but the demo will come soon for this hack.


Uh... this isn't a hack. If you want to put images on the internet, I suggest Imageshack.
Hack Name: Super Mario World 2 Bowsers Master Plan (Beta)
Length: Unknown
Author: jj515 - Submitted by: jj515
Description: This hack is a sequel to Super Mario World and also i need some 1 whos a good
-level editor(I have lunar magic not a good level editor)
-sprite editor
-palatte editor
so plz if u wan to help download and leave a comment on my youtube page
plz help me


Along with lots of unnecessary stuff, the ZIP folder included a ROM, which is not allowed.

Looks like you've already been banned for that (72 hours).

Hack Name: Opposite Island (W) Demo - 28.7 KB - 30 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Joshua Harrison/8389 - Submitted by: toadelf55
Description: the (W) is a pirahna plant meaning it's a demo

More information on the hack when the full completed version comes out which will have slight & non-slight changes

sorry about the 2 winrars but i accidently used normal at 1st instead of a ZIPPED winrar file


The rather odd-looking title screen text gets cut off by the file menu. To make matters worse, the wooden border is cutoff as well, and the palette in the level itself is pretty ugly.

Seriously, what made you think these palettes look cool? If you can't create any good-looking palettes, you'd better stick to SMW's original ones.

Literally half of this level consisted of nothing else than this. The other half was a blatant edit of level 105.

...In fact, pretty much every level was an obvious edit of an original SMW level. Use Ctrl+Del for a fresh start.

If I hadn't had a Yoshi/Boshi to jump off from, I'd have been stuck there forever.

I doubt this section is possible without taking a hit. Don't do that.

Slightly cutoff chimney. Also, why so many berries?

1. Glitched event.
2. I couldn't go on here.
3. What's with that pipe on the cliff?

To be honest,I think you'd be better off starting a fresh, new hack instead of continuing this one. Watch this, read this, and try again.

Removal: "Blarggs, Blarggs!"
Author: 06johansenad
Description: "A fun 1 level hack I did. Its okay."

You just spinjump across Blarggs. It's rather bad and lacks material.

Removal: "Super Chomper World"
Author: narutojon1
Description: "My first hack,go to Yoshi's island 1,dont be harsh because its my firs hack EVER"

<object width="445" height="364"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="445" height="364"></embed></object>

Hack Name: A mario adventure - 20.4 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: aghai305 - Submitted by: aghai305
Description: The first 5 levels of a hack that I am working on. This is my first hack ever. Everything after and including the first castle is not mine and is unedited. Critisism is appreciated

This needs a major overhaul. I only played 3 levels and let me tell you it was more than enough. You'll need to redo pretty much every level.


Mostly unedited OW and what you did edit looks bad. Also, title screen/intro was unchanged- I would change that.

This was...interesting. Too much basic running, and the ground was too flat. Also, the bullets have no sound because they didn't come from a generator!

Bad lava graphics, and hidden coin blocks everywhere. That is a big no no and really annoying.

Kaizo trap! Firstly, the ground just cuts off, and secondly, I die without the POW pressed! Also, the bar looks terrible and there are more coin blocks to kill me. Cheap trick. :(

This level was just thwomps and munchers, and looked boring to boot.

Also, yikes! Too many 3-up moons and glitch graphics!

Forced death without warning if you haven't pressed the switch.

These came out of nowhere; that was annoying.

This is where I got fed up.

Glitchy graphics, cheap tricks, and boring level design- this needs a overhaul. Hopefully I wasn't too harsh- I'm glad you're open to criticism, because that is more than a lot of people can say.

Hack Name: lolyhack - 18.7 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: shotloly - Submitted by: shotloly
Description: "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Baby Bowser"
Not even trying, you had no screenshots. And besides it was going to be below the hack submission standards anyway! This wasn't funny. Don't do it again.

Hack Name: Mario Ka-Pow - Episode 1 - 140.2 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: SnowFishMeh - Submitted by: SnowFishMeh
Description: Ok, This is demo of my hack...

Two Castle's and two levels

ExGFX : No
Custom Sprites : No
ASM : No

P.S I'm from Poland
IPS doesn't work- in fact, it makes my ROM 15mb. You SERIOUSLY did something wrong.
Hack Name: The Switch Search (Demo 1) - 49.4 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: 06johansenad - Submitted by: 06johansenad
Description: My favourite design. I've messed around with Lunar Magic to make some custom blocks, because I'm still unsure how to insert real custom blocks.

I also added some custom music, I think it suits the levels.

6 levels so far (if you can find the Desert Bonus Level), but there's gonna be plenty more coming!



I'm sorry to say this, but if you want your hack to be accepted, you'll need to make quite a few drastic changes. I will be quoting the hack submission guidelines in order to show what you must change.

2. Blatant level edits will not be accepted.
Use CTRL+DEL to remove old SMW levels. (104, C5, C7, and 3 are exempt from this.)

Both of these levels contain obvious, minor edits to a level in the original game, but unfortunately with eye-searing palettes. Like the submission guidelines state, please press CTRL+DEL before starting a level to clear it out, and start anew. No one wants to play a hack which contains things that they've already played in the past, it shows laziness and detracts from the overall enjoyability of the hack.

3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

These images show minor levels of cutoff (which I have circled, albeit quite badly), and since they're easily fixable, you really should fix them. The pipe in the third image really doesn't look like something you could enter, and to be honest looks completely ugly.
Another weird thing I wanted to note, though not a removal reason, in the first and third screenshots, I see you were going for some sort of alternate level entrance. This is cool and all, but the execution was quite poor, as you seemed to have put an invisible roof which didn't allow the player to jump, and as a result feels kind of strange.

Now onto some palette issues:

The save selection text and text for the years looks pretty wonky, I suggest you mess with those palettes to make them look more readable. Everything else is perfectly fine though.

I'm using this picture as a general guide for the rest of the palette issues in this hack. I've noticed that you have a penchant for these bright red and yellow palettes, and I must say it looks quite weird and unnatural. If you're going for a deserty feel, I suppose it could work for the levels, but in the overworld, the red paths and outlines really make it look ugly.

Other graphical weirdness:

These yellow support beams look very strange, and the fact that they flash constantly make them seem quite ugly. I suggest you use a different object entirely, or use the map16 editor to create a block similar to them with a different palette, or maybe even just remove them entirely. As it is, they just won't do.

It's really hard to tell that this is a climbable object. Why not just use the vines used in the original game? They work much better.

It's quite hard to tell that the block in the first image would actually be a coin block, if you insist on changing the graphics for a bunch of stuff, make some sort of tutorial level to educate players, since they would not know what is intended by your graphics. Also, the block briefly turns into a coin block when hit, not a major issue, but it'd be better if you found a way to fix that.

Not exactly a removal reason but, what in the world is this? The blocks act invisible and static, and don't seem to make any sort of discernible figure, so why have it?
I have a few gripes with the level itself as well. It looks to be the same as every other level, so why is it slippery? To me, it just seems unnecessary. The level itself is very short and simple, with no enemies and very few threats, add some more enemies/obstacles/etc. to make it somewhat enjoyable.

Other stuff:

Assuming this is level 104, if you are planning to use the original credits sequence, it will be messed up at the end, just a heads up. This is easily fixable by exporting all this to a new level to enter from the overworld.

Your hack definitely needs a lot of work. You could choose to just fix these errors and try to resubmit, but I'm afraid that even then, there may be some issues. I'm sorry to say, but just revamping your entire hack or starting over would be a better choice, but I'll let you make that decision. Oh and, I think you should come up with some better screenshots next time, the title screen alone isn't too captivating.

I feel I should have been more funny in this removal log or something. ¯\(°_o)/¯
Hack Name: Jared World is Super
Length: 31 levels
Author: moltensnow
Description: Jared World Is Super takes you back to the SNES era, when video games were simple, and a lot harder. A time when computers weren't widely used. This hack uses nothing amazingly custom. It just gets back to the basics. Something a lot of people want.


Originally posted by moltensnow
Good. Now someone can moderate my f***ing hack after over a week!

Okay. I don't mind moderating it for such a patient kid.

There were quite a few errors in this hack I'm sorry to say. Overall, I believe that you could use some more work on this. Most of the levels were boring and flat; they could have included much more detail and length. And, due to issues with your Overworld, I couldn't access a majority of your levels, so I have no idea as to what they may be like.

I did not care for your Introduction level. It made me somewhat uneasy at first, and that's not the way you want a player to start out.

When I started on the Overworld, the roads and levels were clearly visible. The paths themselves were actually made available by completing levels, such as the one in Yoshi's House.

At the beginning of the level, I had to act quickly to avoid being hit. That's a definite no-no. And also, you may want to fix up some mistakes in the message block.

There's a significant amount of slowdown here, the lakitu is having sprite issues, and there's grey cutoff lava to the right. Please fix these.

For some reason, the bottom part of your lava is safe to swim through, so I thought I had to go through it. Instead, I had to use a cape to glide over the lava, which someone could potentially have lost already.

I had no idea I had to jump down here for a key. Do not include "secrets" like this. Oh, and the bottom-left corner there has cutoff.

Here and where your hidden level later on do not have level tiles. I'd recommend that you add them so it looks better. And try to fix any cutoff around the map too, such as around north-eastern region.

That first screen's level was pointless, and it led to a level with free powerups.

That message was not really necessary. And in all truthfulness, the use of that type of language is typically unintelligent and pointless.

You kinda went overboard on the bonuses there. Try to mix around the Dragon coins, and remove that 3-UP that is directly in the course of the level itself.

This is clearly a level 105 edit. Delete the original SMW levels before starting new ones. Plus, I can get into your pipe there.

The turn blocks beneath your pipe cutoff into it. Find an alternative bottom to fix this error.

After I returned from the cave section under that pipe (which was also clearly from the original level), I arrived at the level only to die. Fix your FG initial positions.

But anyway, you did mention yourself that you fixed the hack, so we'll see what happens with the rerelease.

Edit: Reuploaded the images for personal ease.
Hack Name: Super Odd World 2 Demo 2 Demo - 60.3 KB - 67 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: Pirate Yoshi a la Frostee - Submitted by: Pirate Yoshi a la Frostee
Description: Mario has journeyed to Super Odd World once more to stop the evil koopalings who have polluted and wrecked the tranquility of the land.

*gasp* A go-green message in a hack? :O

I believe I fixed everything mentioned in the hack removal log... And once again, I hop I got the level number and screenshots correct...

--------Removal Reasons :o-----------

While this hack was good, it was a bit too difficult, especially since it was only the first two worlds, though it's probably just me. Also, minor discreptancies here and there prevent this hack from achieving submitted status. I took some purty pitchers to show some of these glitches/errors

inb4 screenshot spam

The blocks have an odd color. Also, make sure you don't use the SMW ending, as it will glitch since you edited Yoshi's House.

Throughout the hack, sprites seem to get stuck in the dirt, or they act like its a ledge. I dunno why, you might wanna fix it though.

Mario is not Jesus. You should not have walkable water unless your character is Jesus. Period.

I fell through this ledge D:

This water/mud stuff is glitched. Why not use the normal water tiles with a swapped palette?

I can see his butt/leaves

The ledge is walkthroughable, thus I fall. I know there's a secret down there, but still, this defies today's logic standards.

This thing acts solid, so it looks weird.

This part was kinda difficult (for me at least)

I was able to go over this. Not sure if it was intentional; if so, then you should have put coins leading down.

Using the cloud, I was able to go under the ground.


Do not use your hack to advertise vore *shot*

I dunno, but to me, this looked weird (I am coming out of it as if it was a pipe)

Fireballs seem to travel straight in the dirt. This happens elsewhere too.

Invisible ground = aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I know you put coins, but still D:

All these blocks like this doesn't look too good.

While appearing out of the pipe, I was behind the water for a few seconds. Maybe plce the pipe & mario a bit higher.

Those bullet launchers look kinda weird to me like that, but that's just my opinion.

Another part where you abuse switch blocks.

The purple palette does not look good with the Layer 3 background. Also, if I kill the koopa with a fireball, I must get a forced hit to pass.

The underside of his nose acts solid. I'm sure he wants his nasal passage unblocked.

This part was also frustrating, especially since the level was slippery

All in all, it was a fairly good hack, though it was quite difficult at some points and there were minor errors throughout the hack. Fix all these and your hack should be accepted.

(First hack moderated yay! I hope I wasn't too harsh D:)
Hack Name: Mario's Bathroom Adventure - 268.4 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: Frosty Noobsicle - Submitted by: Frosty Noobsicle
Description: One day, Mario was swimming through the river when suddenly he realized he had to go to the bathroom!

As Mario, search high and low through all the land for a toilet! Will you find a port-a-potti and relieve yourself, or will Mario's bladdar burst?
Well, to be honest, I had a lot of fun playing this somewhat silly hack.
The reason I'm removing this one is that there is a lot of cutoff and questionable things throughout the hack.
If you fix all these, I'll gladly accept it. You're almost there.

Please fix the palette on the S in Start. It only requires two simple hex edits.

Screen starts too high coming out of the first pipe in the first level.

This kind of looks like an automatic part, but I end up flying into a koopa and dieing.

Red = Simple GFX Edit. You have to change one pixel to black in YY-CHR. Shouldn't be too hard.
Blue = Perspective Error
Green = Cutoff

The pallette on the water and lava could use some serious work. They're burning my eyes. Not to mention that the cement blocks cutoff the lava, and the lava cuts off the water.

This looks... really ugly and cutoff. I would get some graphics that make the water run sideways instead of arrows.

Actually, the cement blocks' palette could use some work, too. Along with those brown circles. Make their outline black, not bright blue.

I have no clue why you did this, but one exit of this level is activated randomly? When this happened near this ledge, it killed me. I would use some cement blocks to block of that pit.

You should change the name to Yellow Switch Palace, instead of YELLOW SWITCH PALACE, just so it fits with the rest of your level names. Also, I would make the island that the switch is on a bit bigger, because it looks odd right now.

The water get cutoff by the lava, as well as the cement blocks adn the pipe. Once again, the palette of the lava need serious work.

This is a clever idea, but two things:
1) This isn't a big thing, but I'd be nice if you shaded the toilet.
2) You can see Mario on the outside of the toilet when you enter it.

Red = Simple GFX Edit
Blue = Perspective Error
Green = Cutoff

Green = Cutoff
Light Blue = Ugly Palette
Also, this isn't a removal reason, but I'd be nice to see some more decoration on this submap, as well as your overworld.

Why not just use normal ground? It looks a lot better than this.

Error in the event... It should reveal the path in order.

Cement blocks cutoff the lava. Maybe make the cement blocks perfect squares in YY-CHR.

The run blocks just did me in! That's a kind of cruel/blind trap. I had zero time to react.

Change 'Isone' to 'is one'. You should also add a period at the end, but it looks like you ran out of space. Maybe you can change your wording to shorten it down a bit.

Screen starts too low.

Slowdown. Remove a few sprites.

After I killed the Hammer Brother, he got stuck in the lava and kept throwing hammers. Maybe just remove the hammer bro, since having to jump on him is pretty annoying also.
Oh, and the ground cutsoff the lava a tiny bit.

As I went out to get the Dragon Coin, Pirhana Plants came out of both pipes... Quite unfair. Please remove them.

Goal Post is cutoff.

Top of the lava has some palette issues.

Lava palette is ugly.

Just realized that you can skip this level by riding a birdo egg.

The sides of the ledge are cutoff.

In hindsight, there really aren't any BIG problems, just a crapload of small ones. If you could fix these, I'd gladly accept it.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Name: Super Mario World Short (Demo)
Length: 8 levels
Author: RazorRoms
Description: Super Mario World Short

I guess this truly is short. (Your IPS patch is corrupt. Try making the patch again using a clean SMW ROM. And yes, it didn't work for other people either.)

Edit: The image was reuploaded.
Hack Name: Super Mario World, The Alternate World Demo - 219.7 KB - 96 downloads.
Length: 42 exits
Author: Tama Yoshi - Submitted by: Tama Yoshi
Description: Only a gameplay hack, no story or anything. The overworld was meant to look like the old super mario world, but edited. The whole game contains a lot of alternate exits, too, because alternate exits are just awesome. The game is hard, but can probably be completed without savestates, mind you. The later levels are hard. The whole hack contains 3 almost-full worlds (the final level is by definition, the temple of obviousness, and what an evil level that is)

The hack has been given up a lot of time ago, but is definitly worth it, IMO.

I am not fully certain of the amount of exits, but keep in mind every red dots and ghost houses have alternate exits.

The hack is interesting for its original ideas, staggered through some levels. Check it out!

Note: Pictures are outdated...
This hack has nice level design, some creative ideas, and some nice palette's, but there were A LOT of things you need to fix.

The background in the intro screen had a bad palette

Assuming this level 104 don't edit this level as it will mess up the credits. Also the green part of the berry's aren't right.

The grammar here is bad. Speaking of grammar...

teh gramma wuz s0 go0d tat i had 2 d3l3t3 dis hack.
No but seriously, use proper grammar please.

In the 1st screen, don't know why there's a cement block there but I would remove it. Also the land is cut-off near the pipe. For the 2nd screenshot, that bush is cut-off and it is floating.

Should be "Mansion" not "mansian"

The sliding koopa's go through the blocks. Also those purple blocks look like they would hurt you but they don't, try changing it to something else, and since sprites can go through it but Mario can't, try to find something that will kinda match with it.

More cut-off.

Not really a removal reason but there's no point for a midway when the goal is right there.

I can get infinite 1-ups here, remove the bullet bills or the vine.

Bad FG palette, and I can get inside here if I wanted too. I can also get into another one in this level.

Cut-off, use the right corner tile and black the invisible brown block too.

Bad palette.

Glitched background.

Thwimps can get stuck in the wall. (Top left)

Not a removal reason but rip van fishes are like the least threatening thing.

I cannot get to this key, the secret exit in this level is pretty much impossible.

This text block makes no sense.

I can go through this for some reason, also lava underwater doesen't make sense.

This is the SAME EXACT level 1B, nothing was changed at all.

Sprite limitations here, the spring board on the wall didn't appear, there is also cut-off at the top right.

This is the same exact level as above, because of the sprite limitations the goal didn't even appear.
So you have a lot to fix, I found over 100 things that you need to fix like cut-off, palettes, and more.
If you want to see them just PM me.
NAME: Super Mario goes to Gehland
AUTHOR: RetroSpikeTop
DESCRIPTION: I've fixed everything that was needed to be fixed, and decided to throw in 2 more levels.

Notes: The red levels DO have 2 exits. Yoshi's message box has alot of signifigance. Read it.


Having all the paths revealed from the beginning is kind of misleading, as you still need to beat the levels to have them open up.

Gehland Isle 1 features quite a few different ways to get stuck with no way to progress:

Firstly, if you use all of the P-Switches to get the moon (which, by the way, should probably be removed, as it is really easy to get; the Dragon Coin is reward enough) without also clearing this passage, there is no way to reset the puzzle, and thus you have to die.

Secondly, if you fall down here (by for example trying to jump off Yoshi to take a shortcut), you have to reset the game, as there isn't even a time limit you can wait out. (Which, by the way, means that you get a TIME UP screen if you die. You might want to apply the hex edit that fixes it.)

Thirdly, and perhaps least importantly, if you somehow manage to break all of these turn blocks there is no way up. Why not use the ones with coins in them?

Gehland Isle 2 features sprite memory errors due to overuse of Sumo Bros. lightning, which sometimes causes the Bullet Bills to randomly teleport inside the fire...

...and sometimes causes Mario to disappear and glitchy tiles to flicker in the air above him. Also, this part has quite a bit of slowdown.

The first room of the castle also has some issues with the sprite tile memory settings, causing parts of the Thwomps to disappear and/or flicker on the next screen.

Also, if you jump over here to explore above the ceiling, you get permanently stuck. At least this level has a time limit...

When you beat the castle, you get to a switch palace. Sadly, it appears that someone beat Mario to it, as it has already been destroyed.

In Gehland Isle 3, two swing platforms plus four extending turn block bridges equals quite a bit of slowdown.

This jump is completely blind. Add some coins, will you?

The secret exit of Gehland Isle 3 doesn't trigger any event. I assume that it was supposed to open the path to the castle, as nothing else did, but... well, it didn't.

Look at the time remaining in this screenshot. Not shown: The level started with 300 seconds on the clock, and I didn't hit running speed once during it. Conclusion: You might want to extend this level a bit.

Neither Gehland Isle 3 nor Gehland Isle 4 is revealed when you beat the levels before them.

This level is about going to the right a whole lot, finding a springboard, going back to the start, going down a pipe, and using the springboard to get to the Goal Sphere. However, since you absolutely need the cape to access this level, you can just go down the pipe at the start and fly to the goal. Perhaps you could change the level so you have to bring a P-Switch to remove a wall of used blocks instead.

Not a very nice start to a level. If you stand still for even a second, the yellow Koopa will hit you.

One of the secondary exits could use a better initial FG/BG positioning.

...not to mention that it should probably be moved a bit to the left, to avoid graphical issues like this.

...and again, you can just use the cape to fly directly to the goal, completely bypassing the whole puzzle. Not pictured: This room (as well as a cave room in a another part of the level) uses the normal Here We Go theme. Perhaps you should use more fitting music?

In fact, the level doesn't even seem to be finishable apart from breaking it with the cape, as I can't bring the springboard to any of the rooms where I would need it due to all of the exits being doors.

Lastly, you might want to work a bit more on those events.


"Mario" is a name, and as such should be capitalized.

Some extremely minor cutoffness below the goal post. More serious, however, is the fact that many of your levels look like the one in this screenshot: constructed almost entirely out of cement blocks. Why not use normal land tiles?

The Magikoopa in the second room of the castle is almost completely harmless, as he spawns on top of the ceiling for the most part and disappears completely after about two screens.

This Grinder goes behind the door. Either put the door on a raised platform, or remove the Grinder.

This is just odd. The way Mario swims between the two islands would suggest that they are at sea level; however, the cliffs prove that they aren't. Also, you seem to be missing some inner corner tiles on the islands, like just left of Mario.

This hack needs quite a bit of fixing before it is ready to be accepted. You seem to have some clever ideas (like the two levels in the Wuzzuh World), but the execution of them is somewhat lacking, and the levels in the first world were generally pretty short and bland. It is by no means a horrible hack, though; just keep working on it and fix the things I've pointed out, and it could most likely become good enough to be accepted.
NAME: Peach's world[Fixed Demo]
AUTHOR: Pribor
DESCRIPTION: I again submitted my Peach´s world.I added new ExGfx,modify level design,repaired/minimalized some sprite memory glitches and other bugs. This hack contains: custom sprites custom music custom bosses Exgfx first 4 worlds+star road


Language mistakes:

Bowser has kidnapped Mario and will not return him unless the Mushroom Kingdom gives up. Peach can't (better: cannot) do this, so she tries to save him.

You have to activate the yellow switch to pass this level. If you have not done that already, go left and do that first.

Congratulations! You just found the big secret of this level, therefore you may pick up these green mushrooms.

Excellent work! Iggy Koopa is now history, but who is there to come? Is there something more dangerous than Koopas? Come on, let's go to the territory of the Super Koopas.

Apart from the language mistakes which are not a removal reason, but surely decreases the quality of your hack, real reasons for the removal are shown now:

Please don't leave the original SMW Overworld in your hack. It's boring. Create your own instead.

Glitched Switch button. Fix this.

Minor cutoff. I suggest lowering the water by 1 tile to fix that.

Blatant 106 edit. Entirely remove the original levels before you start creating a new one by pressing CTRL + Delete. Always.

Cutoff. Place the bushes 1 tile to the right in order to fix this.

Fix this by applying the Fadefix Patch!

The coins left from Peach cannot be obtained. Ever. Remove them.

Going through this without getting hit is almost impossible. Decrease the height of the below munchers by 1 tile.

Major slowdown here. Either apply the FastROM Patch to be found in our Patches Section or remove some sprites. Also rather boring level design.

That's about it. I did not play past World 1 because these are already reasons for removal. Also, Raibys has made a post in this removal log once for this hack. I think he just forgot to delete Peach's world. Either way, fix all the errors Raibys and I have mentioned. Also, before you submit it again, I recommend that you search for a beta tester in order to prevent cutoffs, language mistakes etc.
Good luck.
Also, yay, this was my first removal!
NAME: SMW - The Deathly Posion - Episode 1 v.0.5
Hint : The Deathly Posion = TDP
Hint 2 : Sometimes is with TDP the TDP - Like meaned...

Bowser found the legend of the Deathly Posion. But on his way he found a other Posion , but it's like the Deathly Posion in the Legend. Mario is on the way.
A new hack , but this time in Parts/Episodes!
The Demo migth be annynoing... xD


This is what happens when I apply your IPS patch to a clean ROM. Lunar IPS gives me this error message, and the resulting ROM is slightly above 8 MB, meaning that ZSNES won't even open it. Please make sure to use a clean ROM when creating your patch.
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Hack Name: Super Mario World: The 5 Orbs Demo 1
Length: 15 levels
Author: Shy-Hi - Submitted by: Shy-Hi
Description: It was a nice day on Paradise Island and Mario was taking a walk. He suddenly came across 2 Koopa troops and he hid himself. While they were passing by, he overheard them talking about a kidnap. That can only mean one thing...
You can use this as a base hack as long as you give credit


Just a little too many issues for this to get accepted.

*(add a space after the dot)

Also, I'm not quite sure if it's really impossible to die here... I wasn't able to, but you might want to move the Koopas a litlte more to the left to make completely sure.


Really minor cutoffness, but still worth fixing. You should add proper walls around the pipes.

Not sure if this was intentional, but if you enter this pipe, the level won't auto-scroll for a bit when you come out.

Going between the pipe and the slope leads to insta-death.

This lava acts kind of strange... As long as you walk right, it won't harm you, but if you turn left, you die. Did you make it act like tile 5?

Layer 3 disappears when a message shows up. Easily avoidable here, since the message is empty...

Chuck spam in this level (and some other ones too). It wouldn't hurt to remove some of them.

Another empty message.
Also, you seem to have to be big to go on here. You did add a reset door, but it leads you all the way back to the start. Just a suggestion you don't have to take, but maybe you should make him start a little closer to this spot.

I couldn't go on after beating this level. The next level appeared, but apparently the path didn't.

That was all I could find. Aside from that, the hack was pretty well-made and fun to play. Just work on these issues, and you're in.

Link Thread Closed