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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: SMW - Brazilian Portuguese Version
Length: 96 exits
Author: BabyPurpleYoshi - Submitted by: BabyPurpleYoshi
Description: I translated the SMW to the Brazilian Portuguese! Enjoy!

Since this is just a message edit, I went hard on you to make sure everything looked right. I didn't catch any grammar errors cause I don't know Portuguese, but I did find other errors that should be fixed for a translation hack.


See how the 5th and 7th lines are almost empty? Space out the words better so the text is more smooth to read.


The text overlaps the sprites of the blocks themselves. Try to space out the text to let them fall into the correct place.


The LL tile near the bottom looks bad. Just use two L tiles because you have an extra space for another tile anyway.


Both of these suffer from the same as #1 and from not finishing the text written in them (I think). It seems more text was supposed to be there, but there was not enough room. Probably because there are lines with only 1 word in them (If there is no more words, just add a period to the end please).

There was nothing wrong with the level names or boss text from what I saw. Just these minor mistakes and this will be very good, and I will accept it! Keep working on it! :D
NAME: SMW Improved World 2
AUTHOR: AntoineG96 / Santa's Elf
DESCRIPTION: Howdy. I'm back with the sequel of the beloved hack called "SMW Improved" and if you need details
about this hack, check out The
Enclosed Instruction Book.(^3^)


Seriously a really nice new level... not. I have played this shit for the thousandth time :(

*yawns* An obvious level 106 edit. Boooring.

Obvious 103 edit. Really boring.

Blatant 102 edit...


Remember one thing: I have always been hating this level. Even with the age of 4.

Unfortunately, the Overworld and the levels stayed the same in this hack (I have played some levels from Star Road, too). Removing coins or putting two more sprites in the level does not count. Press CTRL + Delete to start over from scratch.
Sorry, but SMWCentral does not approve remakes. However, I am really fond of some of your palettes, for example in Iggy's Castle! Maybe you are interested in creating a new Overworld and new levels to make a nice hack which we will approve.
Good luck!

Hack name: Super Mario World: The 7 Golden Mushrooms
Lenght: 65 levels
Author & submitted by: mario90
My first hack which I took plenty of time on. I still think it could be better but I'm sure everyone thinks that way when they finish making a game.

V1.1 Fixed some issues with World 5's overworld paths.

2.Fixed some glitching Yoshi Coins.

3.Fixed some ground cutoffs.

4. Added midpoints to a few more levels.

Removal Reasons:
First of all, my apologies for delaying that much to finish moderating this... to be brutally honest, I was just loafing around most of the time, and I only remembered that I had to finish playing through this hack when I heard some folks talking about it on the IRC. ._. Again, I'm terribly sorry for taking so long to finish moderating this.

Secondly, in spite of delaying too much to get this fully moderated, I really enjoyed this hack! Your levels, despite being short, were pretty fun to play through, and most of them gave me some good memories from SMB3... for some reason, I reckon your level design resembles SMB3 A LOT. This is no bad thing, since SMB3 is one of my favorite games of all time. I honestly tried to disregard every problem I came across while playing this, but there came a point where I just couldn't keep doing this..., let's jump into the actual removal log.

  • Major oddities/issues/whatever:

You should apply the "Time Up Fix" patch into your hack to get rid of the message above when you die in levels that have their time limit defined to zero.

One of the things that REALLY prevented me from accepting this hack is nothing but cut-off tiles. Some of them being not so noticeable, but since I'm at it, I thought throwing in some unnoticeable ones would be nice. Some of your levels have a bunch of them (for instance, your word eight ice cave, etc), so I recommend looking into fixing them. I might have overlooked some, so I suggest you look over some of your levels to see if you can find some more, and fix them eventually.

I don't think I am supposed to enter here... am I?

Yet another problem that prevent me from accepting this hack... yeah, you guessed it right - a Yoshi Coin placed on a subscreen boundary. On another note, I really couldn't find the exit of this ghost house level...

May I suggest applying the Fade Fix patch into your game so that the entire screen fades out once a level is beaten? On a completely different note, it would be nice if you could get around to fixing the status bar palette in most of your levels... it isn't really necessary, but would be a plus, definitely.

Your background palette here could use some work.

Yup, those sprite GFX are garbled.

Small problem with the upper cliff border. I guess you would be interested in using the proper tiles there. On top of that, this submap has a few more issues... I recommend tweaking the whole thing a bit.

Placing that "moveable pit" sprite near those ghost house pillars is not a very good idea. In regards to the second screenshot, I would suggest getting rid of such sprite, as it looks kind of awkward being placed in a ghost house section that actually looks clear.

What's with all this garbage in the midpoint section of this level?

It seems like the BG/FG starting positions are set inappropriately here... hence the background garbage located downwards.

This one is fatal, and it is, like, one of the MAIN reasons I ended up denying this hack... basically, those munchers are stacked. Completely stacked. Hacks that contain stacked and/or floating munchers in it are generally frowned upon, and I could not make an exception for this hack. Sorry.

Although the pipe located in the end of the last word sends me to world 1, I cannot return to world 8 by entering it.

Here's yet another thing that prevented me from approving your hack... basically, glitched overworld tiles. They are probably caused because you haven't uninstalled the title screen recording thing.

...and that's why it is recommended that you do NOT edit level 104... Yoshi's house's decorations are literally floating out of the blue in Peach's Castle. Perhaps sticking them to a ceiling or something might make this look better?

  • Minor oddities/issues/whatever:

Also known as issues that you don't necessarily need to fix, but it would be nice if you did.

May I recommend sticking with one style only for the brown blocks?

I still don't get what those Pokey-segment thingies that Birdo shoot are supposed to be... also, notice that some parts of Birdo's body are black-colored, yet they are not intended to... my suggestion is that you possibly go for tweaking the Birdo graphics a bit, in order to eliminate the awkward, black-colored stuff.

Having a message box that changes into a regular question block when hit is a bit weird... this is QUITE minor, though... in fact, it is rather a nitpick than an actual reason for removal. :P


Notice that the mushroom in my item box is going into the YI sewer tiles... this happens because of Layer Priority. I suggest you clear the Layer Priority in the tiles located upwards, so that such an odd thing doesn't happen. I have stumbled upon this small oddity in several levels, most of them being levels that use the YI cave tileset.

The Piranha Plant's stem palette looks odd... editing it a bit should make it look miles better. Yeah.

The "pressed" donut lift palette here also looks a tad awkward. Again, the best way to go is editing it a bit.

Font crash in the level name bar... well, sort of.

Placing these bricks a few spots away from the lineway should prevent the line-guide platform itself from getting stuck into them.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that you should not use Layer 3 in levels where the goal point is located in... these include levels such as world 5-1, world 5-5, world 6-1, etc.

I also noticed that the midway point of level 5-5 does not activate the midway entrance at all when touched. Be sure to fix that as well.

All in all, this hack was nicely done. Be sure to fix what I just pointed out (especially when it comes to the major issues), and this shall be accepted eventually.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Finnish Translation
Length: unknown
Author: Ownerinen - Submitted by: Ownerinen
Description: Just normal SMW with a finnish translations. BTW i dont know how to get ä or ö to work :(

You even stated in the discription that ä or ö don't work, so why don't you make them work?

I see what you need here. Extract the graphics of the ROM, open them up in YY-CHR, set the mode to 2BPP GB and find all of the letters. Edit two unused tiles (good ones to use would be the ILLUSIYELLOW part, since you don't use these) to make ä and ö tiles. Save, then change all the a and o in your message boxes and such to ä and ö as needed.

Once you get this working, then I'll gladly accept. Don't be afraid to do some work to a translation hack! :P
Hack Name: Big Boo Attack
Length: 8 levels
Author: BobbyBombmaster - Submitted by: BobbyBombmaster
Description: Just some Big Boo Boss ideas.

If you want me to do more ideas, PM me.

Perssonaly, i saw no glitch.

Challenge: In the final battle, change the bullet bills by eeries, maybe i am noob, but with the eeries it was too hard for me.


Well well. First of all, I don't think an "idea" hack that only consists of a few boss battles is a good idea to submit. I don't know... I just can't imagine something like this being worth having in the Hacks section. :/ Why not upload it to your file bin and advertise it in your signature or something? Just a random idea.

Aside from that, there were a couple of problems with this hack that I'd like to inform you about:

Sprite memory issues, resulting in sprites (partially) disappearing. Change the setting to something else (Lakitu button) until it works right, or use the "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch and set it to 10.

For some strange reason, this appeared when I beat the Mecha-Koopa level.

Ugly Big Boo palette, and - even worse - glitched goal sphere graphics. Excuses like "The little Boo is the goal" are frowned upon too. You should probably just use a normal goal point.

There was no way I could see the spikes beforehand, and you didn't tell me I needed to throw the shells down there, so logically, I fel down there and died.

As I said, this would probably be better off in your file bin or something...

Sorry, your hack approval is in another castle.
Hack Name: Mario Ka-Pow - Episode 1 (IPS Patch Fix) - 140.2 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: SnowFishMeh - Submitted by: SnowFishMeh
Two Castle's and two levels

ExGFX : No
Custom Sprites : No
ASM : No

P.S I'm from Poland

Well then, let's get this started. This hack really wasn't that bad, but definitly lacking polishing.

2 things are wrong with the title screen. 1. It's a blatant edit of SMW's title screen level, and to make it even worse 2. you can die in the intro. Never make this happen, make your own intro (where Mario can't die) instead.

Looking around the overworld with Start I found these unused tiles. Remove them please if they aren't used in the demo anyway.

No. Don't make Mario run on the lowest row of tiles. They might be visible in Lunar Magic, but they aren't in game, and the player just can't predict what it is going to be.
Also, I got myself stuck in this hole. Give the player a possibiliy to get out of it.

I was lucky to catch that fish in a screenshot, since it just fell down. To make the fish swim, enable sprite buoyancy. (Lakitu Head button.)

Nothing major, but why is this solid? Make the ledge act like tile 100, and the dirt act like tile 25.

Sense made: -1
It's nice to see that you explained what the green water is, and that it kills you, but the rest is really hard to understand. If you are not good at English get someone to spellcheck your hack for you.

Ok, what you did good in the last screenshot is missing here. You didn't explain what these blocks do, but appearently they hurt me. It wouldn't be that bad if you told the player that green turn blocks hurt Mario.
There is no real point in putting a moon here either since you can't get it. Sigh.

I might add here that your graphics are...really bland. It's nice to see that you tried to make some new graphics for your hack. but these are just boring. SMW is not an Atari 2600 game, so go ahead and use SMW's full graphics potential instead of making solid brown and green blocks.

By jumping from the springboard and then of Yoshi I got up here. Extend the tiles to the top of the screen so it doesnt look cutoff.

Your overworld could use some work too, since it's quite bland. And you seem to have forgotten to add events.

This wall of castle blocks was acting like throw blocks. Why not make them use their normal graphics? This way you just confuse the player.

Again you used the bottom row of tiles. Avoid it.

Why hello there Kamek. How are you doing?
(Not a removal reason, just wanted to show it.)

Yoshi isn't compatible with some sprite tilesets. Avoid using these with Yoshi, and make a No-Yoshi entrance for this level.

This was quite odd. Make the ledge act like tile 100.

Make 1-Ups rare to get, or a reward for something. Just don't put them in plain sight where you can easily get them.

This poor thwimp commit suicide because the ledge was too small. :(

Lolwut are these flames doing there? Remove the candle flames generator in this level.

Nice that you have a "End of Demo" level, but please put a side exit in the level so the player can exit it.

All in all this hack wasn't that bad. The level design was quite good, but this demo was really short and could've used some improvement. Keep working on it, make more levels and fix the things mentioned and you might have a really good hack in the works, that I can approve.
The Ladidinator, reporting in...

Hack Name: YI Base Hack Demo - 323.6 KB - 68 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: New Year Koops - Submitted by: New Year Koops
Description: This is YI Base Hack. It has YI Graphics, Sprites and some Blocks.

-----Removal Reasons :o---------

This hack is being rejected. Why? For the sole reason that it is a base hack. The levels were 2 screeners, and you had levels leading to TEST levels as well. If you make a base hack, at least take the time to make beautiful levels along with the custom graphics and custom sprites and watnot, to give the player an idea of what is in the base hack, instead of having to use the included files to find out whats inside.

It would be nice to edit the overworld, though this isn't really a removal reason.

...I honestly forgot why I took this pic :(

The status bar palette is borked up. Make the background use a different palette. Also, boring level design. Even a small hill would make my day.

It may just be me, but I don't really like how the goal posts just blends into the ground like that.

Download the fade fix patch to fix this. All your levels have this.

This yellow swithc palace...

...leads to this test level. I have to die to get out, that's just sad ;_;

Another level where the status bar palette is borked.

This level...

... has a No-Yoshi Entrance. There really is no reason for this, so it's best to remove it.

Another level wehre the goal cuts into the ground all ugly.

This level's background doesn't seem to scroll at all. It might be a mistake, or on purpose, i dunno

This level...

...also leads to a test level.

All in all, this hack needs some fixing. The levels were bland and short, you should have put in enemies for demonstation at least. Once you can make some demonstration levels, and fix the minor errors, we can accept this hack.
Hack Name: super mario world - the new saga (beta) - 140.9 KB - 544 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: mariolpmadness - Submitted by: mariolpmadness
Description: it has bin a year since mario has foiled bowsers plans in dino land and mario is going to visit yoshi in his new hom!

[ this is a pretty simple hack thats just a new make on my fav. game! and the new 6th level is sooo the best ^.^]
We have some major problems, here, mariolpmadness. Mostly smw level edits, and absolutely horrible grammar.

Every sinlge one of these is an instance of atrocious grammar. Please get someone else to check your grammar or copy/paste your message boxes into Microsoft Word and spellcheck or something. Please, fix these. Oh, and the last one is an unchanged message.

One of the things you should never do in a title screen intro is get an item in your reserve. It will appear at the top, floating.

I just chose one part of your overworld to show. There's plenty of other errors elsewhere, too, though.
Red = Cutoff
Blue = Looks weird.

You don't even capitilize your level names. D:

A whole bunch of this level looks a lot like an barely edited 105. It's more cleverly disguised, but none the less, a 105 edit. Please use ctrl+delete before making your levels.

The purple background in this area is really off. Also, it's an edited original Yellow Switch Palace. Please use ctrl+delete before making your levels.

The brown block cutsoff the walls.

I just hit the Yellow Switch, but red blocks fired out. Also, the Switch Palace wasn't destroyed after I beat it, even though I can't enter it twice, you should still make it blow up.

Loads of cutoff here. Extend the black lines right to the ground.
EDIT: Been informed by other mods that this isn't cutoff. This isn't the main reason for removal, though.

I can stand inside this slope tile? Uh... what.


Let Mario finish his goal walk. Extend the ground and remove the cement block.

The path here is all split up and looks bad.

The spike below me does nothing. Why even put it there?

Obvious Iggy's Castle edit. CTRL+DELETE.

Bad cement block palettes.

Outside music in here? Change it to the cave tune.

EDIT: Been informed by other mods that this isn't cutoff. This isn't the main reason for removal, though.

Let Mario finish his goal walk.

The End of Demo level leads to level 0. Please make a real End of Demo level.

When I get the secret exit of this level, something explodes, a star appears, and the path extends, but I can't go on.
All in all, this hack needs a lot of work. I suggest you read the Hack Submission Guidelines.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns

The Search For The Princess(fixed)
Author:Frosty Millieman



Well, for starters, the giant koopas in here are incredibly glitchy. Jumping on them sometimes hurts you and other times will kill them...and leave no shell or anything behind. Also, sometimes they are fireproof and sometimes they are not. Finally, notice the cutoffness that is evident in the green wall behind Mario. This sort of thing plagues the entire hack across many levels.

Those blocks I am standing on have a very...odd palette choice. You might want to reconsider it. This section is very repetitive, too - screen after screen of floating blocks in rows over a pit with giant koopas thrown in every screen. If you ask me, that seems a tad bit lazy in designing...

This is sort of a mean jump. Also, I might add that this is one looong level, and has no midway points. Not only that, but this is still the FIRST level.

Whew, the first level is finally finished...not without glitched point tiles and lack of the fade fix patch though.

A new level begins...atop a glitched-palette pipe. Please fix this. You can make a copy of the pipe tiles and change their palette in the map16 editor.

Floating Munchers have met their masters! :o

If you mistakenly activate this P-Switch here where you get it (which is what the instinctual reaction of 90% of players is) you will have to redo the entire level all over again. Give some sort of guidance in-stage of where you need to take the switch!

Why is this goomba randomly fireproof?

These bullet bills appear right in your face without a sound effect. If the player was running forward (which is what they will usually be doing, since no one wants to slowly *walk* as Mario) there is no time to jump or turn around in time, and thus you will cheesily be forced to take a hit.

Umm...the GFX used here kind of...clash horribly, I'm sorry to say. Please try to stick to one GFX style, or the setting may look a bit silly. Also, your status bar palette is messed up, and every single right-facing wall in the level is glitched, and the blind jump pictured in the second shot is not very fair at all.

No hint is given that you can (and must to move on, I might add) run across this water. I figured it out myself after about 10 minutes, and only by accident. Also, more bullets up there that appear right in your face for cheesy pain. I think it would be best to just flat out remove them.

Reused SMW stage name? Are you sure this is what you wanted? (not a removal reason, but I thought would point it out because I'm not sure if it was a mistake or intentional)

Why do all the spikes in this stage automatically kill you for no reason? This is still only world 1, even! Also, this stage was where I could not progress forward. I spend 30 minutes on it and could not figure out what to do to move on. Use Hint boxes more, so the player knows what they are expected to do.

Please listen to this advice and try your best to fix your hack up for next time you submit it. And remember; as a hack moderator my job isn't to cut you down, but rather, point out the flaws in your hack to try and help you improve it. Best of luck on your further hacking exploits.

NAME: New Super Mario World Beta 1
AUTHOR: IGanon7688
I just found this old hack I was about to make sometime ago in my computer, so I started editing it. It says "IGANON 2008" because, like I said, it's an OLD hack I was ABOUT to make in 2008, but then I forgot about it for a long time, until I found it again.
This is a Beta of my hack.

There is not any new ExGFX or custom music.
For now, only Yoshi's Island is edited.


In general, the faults of this hack can be divided into two categories:

- Blatant level edits

Yoshi's Island 1:

Yellow Switch Palace (completely identical to the original):

Yoshi's Island 2:

(That is the midway entrance, by the way. Please don't make the player die if they don't act immediately when they enter the level.)

And the end-of-demo battle seems kind of familiar as well:

- Bland and boring level design

The entire Yoshi's Island 2 equivalent, made even more boring by the presence of a slow auto-scroll, consists mostly of this:

The same thing goes for much of the level after it:

And the water level isn't much better. At least it's short.

And finally, the end-of-world ghost house.

(Also, in case you didn't notice, the first screenshot uses the wrong shooter tile. Just use the Map16 editor to create a y-flipped version.)

Miscellaneous other issues:


I hope this isn't level 104, or you're going to get quite a messed-up ending sequence...



Random falling fish for no discernible reason.

More cutoffness.

Several metric tons of background garbage in this room due to many screens of falling with the wrong BG scroll rate. And those bullet bill shooters are kind of pointless, as they don't fire until long after Mario has already fallen past them.

Leaving access to the original SMW after your demo is finished is kind of frowned upon. Why not just replace Donut Place 1 with some end-of-demo level?

I'm going to be honest. This hack was pretty bad, and need a lot of work if it's going to have a chance at getting accepted here. Mainly it's the level design that needs improving; just running forward for x screens jumping over the same enemies repeated over and over is not what most people here would call fun.
Sorry, your hack approval is in another castle.
Hack Name: Jared World Is Super - 165.3 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 30 levels
Author: moltensnow - Submitted by: moltensnow
Description: Jared World Is Super takes you back to the SNES era, when video games were simple, and a lot harder. A time when computers weren't widely used. This hack uses nothing amazingly custom. It just gets back to the basics. Something a lot of people want.
Also, beat the level "Generosity" first, because if you don't, its pathway doesn't open up. Read EVERY message box! submitted the new version shortly after your hack was removed. And all the problems mentioned here are still in your hack. Don't resubit your hack without fixing the things mentioned in the removal log. Instant removal.
Hack Name: Adventure World Demo
Length: 24 levels
Author: Mugenman88 - Submitted by: Mugenman88
Description: Adventure worlds 1-3 done

Hack Name: The Legend of Randorland 3 Randor's Eternal Empire Demo 2
Length: 27 levels
Author: Chikasnow (Chikane)
Description: The story is as following:

A long time ago, an evil beast was destroying the world.
But there was one hero brave enough to fight him.
His name was: Randor.
He managed to win the fight and became a legend.
But the evil creature wasn't going to leave him with the win.
So it put a curse on Randor, which could only be broken by beating him at midnight with a fullmoon.
That curse made him evil.
He went insane.

Several years later Mario went on vacation on Randor Isle, not knowing of the evil Randor.
Randor took all his friends and Mario had to look for them.
After he did Randor got away.

After he used a machine to create his own world, Mario stopped him and destroyed the machine.
But Randor was stuck between the dimensions, and thus the dimensions exploded, with him
still inside.

He transformed into a ghost, he was angry.
He only wanted revenge now, the world domination was just something that would be nice.
Will he succeed? Will he fail?
To find out you'll need to play my hack.

Note: I know that there are some spelling errors, but I couldn't fix them because my ROM kept crashing, but here you go, demo 2 goes up to world 4.
Hope you'll like it :D

I enjoyed this hack quite a bit. The levels were varied and entertaining, and I was always kept on my toes. Even though the bosses were similar, they changed a bit when you changed the way in which the field was set up. And, the plot was fascinating, despite the fact that I hadn't played the previous two hacks yet. Unfortunately, I must remove this hack for several small reasons.

Before I get started, I just wanted to briefly recommend that you have someone who's okay with grammar to quickly go over your text. There were a few mistakes; however, they mostly dealt with commas and other punctuation.

Those screenshots all had examples of incorrect FG starting positions.

When I was shot through your pipe, I fell down this hole. I'd recommend moving the hole to the left or something because a player should be able to land safely from pipes and other entrances.

I landed in this area during the process of running on your ceiling, and I'm unable to get out. Please place some obvious invisible blocks so that this just merely hinders progress.

This was just strange to me, but the castle cutscene was shown before entering the Bonus Game #1. Considering you started outside, this felt misplaced to me.

Scorpion's "Koopas" flash between their new and old frames after being knocked out of their shells. This is one of the main reasons I'm removing this hack.

As an opinion, I just couldn't imagine bushes in a desert. They just stuck out like a sore thumb if you ask me.

Another big reason I had trouble with accepting this hack is the possible death after bosses. If you bounce off of most of the bosses in a certain way, you can freeze and then fall into a hole. Try to fix this if you can.

I am just pointing out here that you are able to kill Scorpion with a fireball. Obviously, I doubt that you wanted that to happen.

Wherever you use this tileset, the colors of the Bonus Star and "Mario" mess up.

And this was the primary reason the hack was removed. You left a level 108 tile on the forest submap available for entry, which led to an uncontrollable death.

For whatever reason, I'm able to swim on the outer edges of your lava. I've noticed that this problem is actually pretty universal, yet try to fix it if you can.

Why not use ground tiles instead of the blocks touching the lava there? That just looks ugly to me.

It took me ages overall to find that invisible block sequence leading to the springboard. I'd recommend putting some kind of an indication to that being there.

There's nothing to horrible about your Overworld; although, I would suggest putting edge tiles for the land by the rivers.

In most of your boss fights, the palettes for the status bar and fireball are usually messed up. Also, there's usually some slowdown with all of the sprites on screen. And in this particular fight, some of the times I was unable to complete the fight after destroying all of the sprites on screen, causing me to die and restart.

In any of the turn block platforming areas, you could essentially be doomed to a miserable death if you spin jumped. Perhaps you could disable spin jumping in those particular places.

Those were the particular problems that stood out to me. Again, just try to fix the major issues, and I'd be delighted to accept this hack.
Hack Name: Mario's Bathroom Adventure - 268.9 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: Frosty Noobsicle - Submitted by: Frosty Noobsicle
Description: One day, Mario was swimming down the river, when he suddenly realized he had to go to the bathroom!

Play as Mario as you battle baddies, overthrow dictators, and hop around with your legs crossed trying to find a toilet.

What will happen to Mario? Will you find a port-a-potti, or will Mario's bladder burst, leaving a horrible mess for someone to clean up? All this, and more, will be revealed in Mario's Bathroom Adventure.

In my last removal log, I said you were really close to approval. And you're even closer this time. Like, inches away! Some of the things I asked you to fix were ethier fixed poorly or caused other problems, though.
On a postive note, most of the things I reported were fixed, and I was actually thinking of accepting this, but there are some things that NEED fixing.

I said to make the cement blocks square, not add a line around the outside. Well this gets rid of the cutoff, it looks really, really ugly. You need to make it look like the old cement block, but square. Oh, and the palette is still bad, also.

Horrible palette on the lava. My eyes are bleeding.

This is one of the main reasons for removal. The background glitches up hard, here. Tinker with the FG and BG settings.

This is super minor, but if there's any way to get rid of the brown there, it'd be great.

Don't know why you changed the palette here at all, since it was fine before. Again, blood just shot out of my eyes and stained my carpet.

Again, a really minor one, but the yellow palette here should either be a bit more green, or vise versa. It's to drastic a transition right now.

The palette of the lava is still rather gross. In fact, I would just get rid of the lava. It'll still kill you if you fall.

You're SO close. I know it's probably a bit frusterating, but you just need to fix a FEW things, and you're good to go.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Let's see if I still remember how to do these.


Hack Name: The Mountain Adventure Demo - 183.4 KB
Length: 5 exits
Author: Jingle's Calculator - Submitted by: Jingle's Calculator
Description: The epic quest, now fixed for you!


Collecting the Yoshi Coins in this underwater segment results in the collection of the coin and the formation of solid tiles where the coin was. Also, what was up with the rainbow ? blocks and coins here? They aren't a removal reason, I'm just curious as to their purpose.

This jump is impossible unless you take a hit or podoboo jump across it. Such a difficulty spike in Castle 1 is probably not a good idea and Podoboo jumping is rather iffy in itself.

These are not removal reasons.


*all you see is hills.

*conquer (no e at the end)

I can see you're trying to make a dark cloud palette, but the outline colors make it look a bit weird. Make the two outline colors both darker than the main cloud color. Like, if the main color is 128,128,128, make the next color something like 160,160,160 and the next one 192,192,192. Gradients are important when choosing palettes.

A couple non-screenshot suggestions too:

-Your levels could really benefit from midway points.
-You have an excess of multiple coin blocks in your levels. Those who are patient enough to hit them and still make it to the end of the level in time can easily rack up lives early on doing this. Make them less prevalent and more as rewards.
-Personal opinion, but I think your levels could also benefit from using slopes. As they are now, the levels feel very square since all the changes in height are done with wall tiles and no slopes. Just an idea.


Other than those two reasons, which were both minor and should be easily fixable, the hack seems fine so far. Just fix those issues and maybe take a few of my suggestions and it'll be accepted for sure.
Man, we're truckin' now!

Hack Name: Mario In A Far Away Place From The Mushroom Kingdom BETA TEST and don't use this as a base please.
Length: 2 levels
Author: SonicMaster44,
Sorry i used the wrong ID so please delete the other one I posted up every one please read the last one before you delete it.

For what appears to be a beginner hack, this seems decent. However, you only submitted two actual levels with this, which is a bit too short in all honesty. If you choose to release another demo, please include enough levels to form a full world, around five or more.

There are a few jumping noises during the Title Screen when Mario isn't seen. I think it'd just be nicer if you didn't jump at all for a smoother effect. This is obviously just an opinion though.

Personally, it'd look much more better and have no more cutoff if you used visible platforms for underneath Mario. It just looks peculiar seeing Mario float there.

To start off, I'd advise that you attempt to fix your language in your message here. Your problem there appears to be with run-on sentences. Also, there happens to be slight cutoff where the pipes in your levels meet the ground, but that's minor. And most importantly, your status bar palette is messed up here due to the Background.

The arrow signs and goal posts in your two levels are also a tad bit cutoff by the ground.

Apply the Fade Fix to make your colors fade at the end of your levels.

You forgot to delete the events from the original SMW. Delete these to prevent this from happening. Also, the red level tile does not appear where I'm standing until after you beat the level itself, which doesn't have two exits anyway.

Lastly, this message is also poorly phrased, so see if you can have someone fix it. You could change it to something such as "Hammer Bros are the most dangerous enemies (or things if you prefer) out there, so be careful how you jump on them, Mario!"
Hack Name: Demo The Search For The Princess(fixed) - 478.6 KB - 64 Downloads
Length: 19 levels
Author: Frosty Millieman - Submitted by: Frosty Millieman
Description: My First and Last hack(maybe) the story is just to look for the princess...but while being kidnapped she left coins of herself just for clues...sadly this is just a demo, well enjoy my hack and comment below about what you think....its really appreciated ;)

Intro Message
I was a bit confused on your message; try this.

The princess is
missing, so look
anywhere where she
can be. She also
left coins of
herself as clues
on where she is!
Start looking.

Starting World
The overworld looks a bit.. cramped. Also, there are several missing corner tiles, and the perspective is off in some areas.

Mario's House
The message has a few grammar issues. How about:

This is Mario's
House- Big, isn't
it? His house
rarely appears in
any hack. Anyway,
you should
probably go look
for the princess.

The palette of the area are strange. Try to make the castle a bit brighter, turn the white shading on the tress to black, and change the blue (I think it's blue. Sorry, I can't exactly tell) of the ground to black or a darker green- your choice.

Koopa Heights
The edges of the ground create a bit of "cut-off" on the wall (the white line next to the edges). Also, you don't have any corner tiles that connect the grass tops correctly.

Alright, this is a bit strange; the edge I'm standing on is solid, but the top isn't. Make the edge passable.

This is also strange. I'm standing on a passable ledge, yet the walls are solid. Either make the grass block passable, or make it solid.

Another case of "cut-off". Also, why did the music repeat?

I jumped on the bullet bill and got on the ceiling, making the player able to skip a portion of the level.

One frame of the coin is yellow, yet this frame is red. May want to fix that.

Corner "cut-offs".

A koopa got stuck in the floor, but managed to dance its way out. Fix the weird Map16 shenanigans.

You can also jump over this wall to skip a portion of the level.

Change the outline palette on these blocks from white to black. Also, from here to the rest of the level, there are no enemies around. Please add some.

It's a bit of a blind jump, but you still may want an indication to go down so the player isn't confused.

Cloudy Hills
Bad pipe palette- change from white to black. It also cuts the ground, and the ground is missing a corner tile. Additionally, I can walk on ground I can't see- that's a bit unfair, because I don't know where I can and can't walk.

I was being a bit lenient on the bullet-bills-from-nowhere thing, but here's the problem. The player can't hear the bullet bills coming, and since you kind of put these together, it mixes for a flavor of unfairness.

Pipe isn't exactly connected to the edge of the ground.

More corner tiles are missing. Also, the edge on the bottom does not connect with the top and bottom land tiles.

...Yeah, this is what I was talking about.

There's a bit of slowdown in this area- remove a chuck or two.

There's a bunch of tiles here that are "cut-off".

The dirt in the ground is a bit strange... there's also a few parts that have "cut-off" in it.

Two issues- one, the rope is connected to something non-solid, meaning that Mario falls off the edge. However, if the rope is connected to someting non-solid, that also means the rope will fall off. Two, the sign and the bottom rope is "cut-off".

I'm hitting my head on a solid bridge that doesn't have tiles below it.

...This was also what I was talking about when it came to ninja bullet bills. Also, you may want to increase the time a bit more.

Green Hill Zone
Problem #1: The palette of the status bar is screwed; I can't exactly see what it says.
Problem #2: What happened to the edge?

I decided to walk through the edge. The problem here is that the edge is passable, yet the ledge isn't- make both the edge and ledge (hey, that rhymes) solid.

Missing corner tiles.

Gah, blind jump- I missed the block and now I'm about to die.

The wall on the left is solid. The wall on the right is not. There is no distinction between both walls, so you can't tell which one is passable and which one isn't.

This tile is solid; it shouldn't be.

Blind jump #2- there is no way to tell ahead of time where to fall.

No distinction between this block and the others again.

Oh, and another blind jump.

The ceiling is passable- why isn't it solid?

You can't reach this area from jumping out of the water. If you kill all the bullet bills, you can be permanantly stuck here and be forced to kill yourself. Oh, and again, you may want to increase the time.

Forest Secret
If you wait long enough, the Doppelshroom can get stuck in the wall.

There seems to be no possible way to get through this shroom without taking a hit, and without glitching. Fix please.

One jump is all it takes to skip a part of the level.

Another blind jump. Also, once you fall down here, you're stuck there and are forced to kill yourself.

You have to go through 4 screens of the same thing; it's a bit boring and flat.

These coins are actually P-Switch brown blocks. They have no animation for when you hit the switch, and they remain with their coin graphics.

This is where a player can get stuck- you can't reach the top area, because you can't jump high enough out of the water. For me to continue, I had to lure a Doppelshroom down, then spin-jump on it while taking a hit.

There is "cut-off" in the dirt.

When you're big and you slip through this crack, you get stuck in this corridor with odd-colored cement blocks. Cover the gap.

The sentence is really weird. Try:

If you went the
fast way, you can
fall down the pit.
If you have the
switch, the flower
and the cape, you
can pass through a
safe way.

You can walk on invisible ground.

A lot of slowdown here, and this area continues on for 2-3 screens.

I see what you were trying to do with the spikes, but you can swim in them before dying.

A hint that you can destroy these blocks with a flower would be nice.

Mass "cut-off" with the chains everywhere.

Another blind jump, and this time, it's into a bunch of Doppelshrooms. Ouch. Also, a little indication that the wall to the bottom right is a bunch of P-coins would be nice. Also, add more time please.

Trip to Memory Lane
Jeez, the background looks very misleading with the foreground. Use a different set of graphics to avoid confusion.

For a little bit, you can see that the 8-bit springboard changes into a 16-bit springboard. Edit all of the graphics.

Part of the grass block is solid, and part of the grass block is passable. Either make the grass block solid or passable.

If you lose the springboard, you lose the opportunity of continuing the level, and you gain the opportunity of having to kill yourself.

Problem #1: Piranha plants are behind the ladders.
Problem #2: The ladders are "cut-off".

Iggy's Garden
Ninja bullet bills are not cool.

The branch and the land have a bit of "cut-off".

Blind jump again.

The pipe creates "cut-off".

This is one great unedited message.

..Whoa, what happened to the lava?

The sentence is a bit wacky. Vigalance is supposed to be vigilance.

This is a level 0 bonus game. Automatic rejection.

City Dump
Skinny pipe makes "cut-off" in the water.

You can jump over this pipe and skip a part of the level.

The flammable blocks make "cut-off" in the water.

You can skip the piranha plant part to the left (not pictured) by just jumping through the gaps in the block.

I can walk on invisible ground- please remove it.

You may want to apply the fade-fix patch. Also, I beat the level with 56 seconds- add more time, please.

Koopa Stream
You're missing a corner tile to the bottom left, and there's some "cut-off" on the edges.

You're missing the edge tiles that connect the ledge to the dirt.

You placed a Peach coin on a subscreen boundary, and since there's land for me to stand on, I can get infinite lives by just touching the coin. Please place the Peach coin in another area.

I found the secret exit, but the level with the secret has a yellow level tile (Yellow levels have only one exit). Please change it to red.

Sea Side Plains
Since you connected a slope to an edge, you can walk through the slope and walk on the edge. Connecting the slope to some land will fix this.

Pipe creates "cut-off" in the hills.

Although they are invisible, don't put 3-ups in easy-to-access places, especially 3 3-ups.

City Invasion #2
This isn't the right type of edge for this, making it look "cut-off". There are also "cut-offs" on the corners.

There's "cut-off" on top of Mario, on the corners, and the land to the right isn't rounded off correctly.

Going in this gap as Super Mario or any other form besides Small Mario will cause Mario to be crushed in the wall.

The rope isn't completely connected to the cement block.

Abandoned Labratory
You probably can't fit it in the overworld name, but "Labratory" is actually spelled "Laboratory".

The message kind of has bad grammar and incomplete sentences. Try:

This laboratory is
closed for
misuses, and
failed experiments
espcaping from
their cells.
-Do Not Enter-

Missing corner tile.

I'm carrying a P-Switch, yet you can't see it. Try switching sprite memory.

I got the secret exit from the Abandoned Labratory, but it activates the event from the castle after the level instead.

Those blocks on the bottom are wall-jump blocks, but you show no indication that tells the player what they are.

Once I fall in the water, I can't get back out for some reason.

Something tells me that these footballs aren't supposed to be bouncy venus heads. Glitched graphics are an instant removal as well.

Missing corner tile.

Bad initial FG camera starting position. Move it a bit up so you can see Mario.

You also have glitchy graphics in the background.

Somehow, I can walk behind these stairs.

Mortons Ambercastle
The candle chains blend in with the background, making it almost impossible to see.

Attach Mr. Firebar to a block, please.

You almost have the effect of Mario being behind castle walls, but you also need to change the layer priority for the ground as well.

If you do something stupid like wait for this P-Switch to end, you can get stuck and will have to be forced to kill yourself.

These signs have a bad palette.

Floating rainbow goomba heads do not make good roto-disks. Also, trying to do this battle with Small Mario is insanity- dodging three hammers and disco goomba heads while jumping in time to avoid Yellow Koopa's quake is unfair. Even it out a bit.

Your grammar can use a bit of improvement.

I think this is where the hack stops, since I can't seem to continue on any longer.

Anyway, I enjoyed your hack for the most part, but it had two fatal errors- the never-ending bonus game on the overworld, and the glitched graphics. Your hack is also riddled with a plethora of other problems, such as blind jumps, "cut-offs", silent bullet assassins, death-traps, stuck areas, and messages with some bad grammar and incomplete sentences. Fix all of these, and we may accept it next time.
Phew....Made it!

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown 2 - V 1.12 - 1 MB - 339 downloads.
Length: 89 exits
Author: cypherclaus - Submitted by: cypherclaus
Description: Returning to the present time, Mario discovers that he has not stopped doomsday. The apocalypse is still imminent and peace has not yet been restored. Now he must travel through time again! With different areas in time and the impact you have there, you could alter the future! (Or the past)... Many lives count on what you do, but no pressure though.

MKM2 is an intended continuation of the first game. In order to follow the story I advise you to play the first of the series. If you don't care then by all means, play this.

V 1.1: Some annoyances fixed & a brand spankin' new first boss!
V 1.12: Some midway entrance fixes.
My short review:
I love this hack it is really awesome, it has nice level design, cool story, and creative ideas but there is some stuff you need to fix before I can approve it.

*arival should be *arrival.

Above the pipe there is cut-off.

There were blind jumps in these areas add some coins.

I went to the bonus room and when I left that area and came back the background was messed up, change the initial position.

Not a removal reason but you should make it so when you press the P-switch coins lead the way toward here because it was pretty hard to get out of here.

Also not a removal reason but you should give a warning saying that you can't step on the cactus since in SMB2 you could and some people might think they can step on it since in SMB2 you could.

The top of the vases are missing.

More cut-off.

The sludge is cut-off because of the pipe.

I have no idea if this should be considered cut-off but when I throw a bomb at the fool (don't know what to call them) it kills them and they are cut-off.

Sprite limitations here you might want to consider removing the moving platform or some enemies.

I can get inside here.

Not really a removal reason but a F.Y.I, layer 3 disappears when you hit a message blocks.

The yoshi coin is on the sub-boundary, move the coin up or down. To see where the sub-boundary is, press F2 in Lunar Magic and the horizontal line is the sub-boundary line.

In the tougher areas Mario's face has a weird palette.

Boss Bass palette is kinda bad.

The clouds face has the wrong graphics.

Don't make it so the player has to think fast as soon as you start a level.

If you look at Mario's left, the level tile or event didn't appear.

Not really a removal reason but the bullet generated on top of the cannon.

After beating the boss, I walk over here and I am standing on mid-air.

The palette of the wheel is kinda bad.
The hack was really fun and you did a great job on it. Most of the errors are rather easy to fix. Fix those and I'll be happy to accept this!
Hack Name: SMW DSM#2: Sniggerbobble's Redemption: The Crystal of Disaster (Three Day Demo) - 1.1 MB - 3 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: Santab0bble - Submitted by: Santab0bble
Description: *insert long description here*

Reasons For Removal
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Removal: "Blarggs, Blarggs!"
Author: 06johansenad
Description: "I tried to upload this once already but it disappeared so I'm just re-uploading it.

I've already had a comment about it from a YouTube friend.

Fun 1 level game."

Read the first sentence.
Your hack was previously deleted for being shallow, stupidly difficult, and a bit sloppy. It was recorded in this thread, and a private message was sent to your account with a link to the post.

You ignored it and reuploaded the hack without changing anything. That's grounds for a 24h ban, kiddo. Please make a hack that's more than just spinjumping across lava enemies.

Link Thread Closed