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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Hack Name: Spike and the lost present - 139.5 KB
Length: 2 levels
Author: luigiPikaClaus - Submitted by: luigiPikaClaus
Description: a christmas hack that has one REAL level but that level extends to other levels to make it longer

heres the storyline:
it is christmas day and spike woke up early to open his presents! he got wii games...but he dosent have a wii and he didnt get one either so he figured that the present must be somewhere else so he goes out to look for it!


First off, the hack doesn't have one primary removal reason, so it's not bad. But there were a few minor issues that when lumped together made me decide to remove it and give a few suggestions.

The stars on the screen have random black pixels on the right sides of them. Edit that out.

*Wii (both cases)

You should apply the fade fix patch.


I know it's not a very important part of the hack in this case but the overworld is very bland. Consider making it a bit nicer. Also, you should change the Mario on the overworld into Spike somehow.

These segments were boring. You should use actual land here instead of random block tiles.

Same thing here, but the level design was better. You should use actual land tiles instead of block tiles to make it look better.


It's not bad overall, just a few minor things. Fix these up and it should be accepted with no trouble.
Hack Name: The Switch Search (Demo 1)
Length: 6 levels
Author: 06johansenad - Submitted by: 06johansenad
Description: The last time I tried to upload this it disappeared. I'm just re-uploading it. At the moment, only the desert world is playable.

My next demo will incluse the Ice World.


06johansenad, you re-submitted "The Switch Search (Demo 1)" without any changes from last time. This is a warning. Don't do it again.

I kind of remembered Buster Beetle's removal about more than halfway through my moderation, so I still decided to go through the whole thing.


The colors are a bit too bright- could you dim them down a little, please?

Yoshi's Desert Hut

The palette here is a bit problematic; the BG palette doesn't make the entire BG match together. The FG palette makes the platforms have a sickly strange color, and the yellow dirt does not match with the pink (I think those are pink, anyway) patches.

Deathly Desert 1

..Gah, the pink (I again think that's pink) on the ground does not go with the yellow. It's a bit of an eyesore- please redo the palette. Also, there's a bad corner tile on the tip that is sticking out, and you're missing a corner tile near the top right of the black rectangle.

1: You're using glitched graphics for the disco ball at the top.
2: The palette is pretty bad here- you have glowing pillars below red and yellow tops.

...Don't you think you're giving a few too many 1-ups? This is the third one.

Bad FG initial camera position.

You have bad corner tiles, and a missing corner.

Use the goal post instead of the midway post. Also, I barely had any time left (I spent most of my time collecting everything).

Deathly Desert 2

Again, bad palette; and again, I think those patches of dirt in the ground are pink.

I have no idea what this is, until I hit it. People are used to seeing a question block instead of a fence.

I'm walking on invisible ground.

Deathly Desert 3

Yoshi's "Warp Tunnel" has a lot of cut-off on the sides, a non-connected bullet pillar, some "cut-off" slope tiles, and the palette for the ground needs to be changed as well.

For some reason, this area is slippery when we're actually in the desert.

This level is really, really short. It only took me 40 seconds to beat.

Deathly Desert B

If Deathly Desert B is in the water, why is this power-up area on land?

Deathly Desert C

This doesn't look familiar at all. Nope. (This is a blatant level edit- the only thing changed so far is the palette, which is horrible.)

Main Overworld

1: You're using the wrong tiles for when the path through the sea meets with the land side.
2: The palette doesn't exactly blend nicely at the top.

Fix these problems, and we'll try again.
Hack Name: Sushi World (Demo) Demo - 292.1 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: abc123christmastree - Submitted by: abc123christmastree
Description: This hack is a demo called Super Sushi World. Its a demo with 9 levels, but some levels are not done. I hope it goes well... The story is not edited yet... This will be finished soon..

P.S. I do know japanese, plus it is a challenge for players.

---------Reasons for Removal :o----------

Your hack has been rejected. Besides having some errors, it has some unfinihed levels, which you shouldn't have available in a hack. Anyways...

I would fix the title screen letters if I were you. You probably made one of the first 4 colors in palette 1 black. Also, floating ledge.

The overworld looks bleh. Attempt to make some land for Mario to walk on, and make color 7 in palette B the same as color 9 in palette 1

The plant-mountain thing has a bad palette

The camera does not seem to follow me when I walljump. I suggest making the camera follow you always. There should be a hex-edit for it.

This area nearly requires you do have a cape. I know you said the hack was difficult, but at least give an alternate path to the P-switch

That thing is a Chuck. I suggest you have the Giant Koopa use the second half of Page 2, or remove the Giant Koopa from this level

The end of the thingy-line (I forgot the name) is glitched. Also, I can fly over the whole area after this with a cape. Just saying how beast I am {B)

If I hit that On/Off block when inside the diamonds, the diamonds will push me through the ground and kill me >:(

This area has a bad palette & a glitched background.

... in fact, this area looks alot like that one bonus-cave sub-level. Ctrl+Del plzkthxbai

This area had alot of lag, probably because of all the ExAnimated tiles. Also, bad-palette-woman attacked that cement block.

If I fall down a pit in this lava-cave level, I don't die. Not sure if this is on purpose...

Umm... nevermind, I forgot.

Why is there an immobile Goomba at the root of the Ball and Chain?

If I go here, the Ball and Chain disappears. I have no Idea why, try changing the sprite header to 0E

I die when I beat the level too. Please don't do this, it hurts both Mario and me ;_X

This level seems unfinished. That glitched muncher actually turns invisible when I get near it, and an invisible enmy kills me D:

Background seems unfinished, but it looks cool {B) Also status bar palette.

This next room seems unfinished, so I had to wait out the timer.

OMG MIS OJOS! This level flashes in terrible colors, causing me to go through a few minutes of uncontrollable seizures like that one episode of Pokemon (not really)

If I press a P-switch, it cancels the effect. Why weren't the Japanese kids given P-switches during that episode of Pokemon?

This level looks alot like Valley of Bowser 1. WE DO NOT LIKE EDITS OF SMW LEVELS, WE PREFER ORIGINAL LEVELS! Thank you <3

holy batman. Besides the obviously bad palette, there are sprites with glitched graphics. (Though I liked the effect you made, flipping the sprite GFX)

Bad starting position. Go to the door with a 1 on it in LM and change the FG Initial Position to either 60 or 00

... I suggest you make your own bonus room in order to avoid having a blatant level edit, but that's just me :/

The right goal pole has a bad palette.

fade fix plz. Or have the BG not use status bar colors.

Beating the level seems to cause glitched events.

Yoshi's house leaves have a slightly bad palette. Also, entering that small door...

... leads to this unfinished level with glitched sprite graphics. I suggest removing that small door entirely.

I thought red buzzy beetles were my friend when stomped on from the top. I guess I was wrong. (Glitched spiny GFX)

Glitched Monty Mole GFX and null tile.

Since the top ledge has priority, it looks weird when enemies go through it. I suggest giving all tiles priority to avoid this. Not really something to obsess over, but I just felt like mentioning it.

Glitched falling spike GFX

Flying red coin spammorz

This area scrolls so fast, I can't jump sometimes. Put a slower auto-scroll or something.

Empty message. Also, the cement blocks have a bad palette. And I die if I don't enter the pipe fats enough, because the auto-scroll continues.

This area + lots of paratroopas = lag. Remove some paratroopas.

fade fix plz.

Overall, the hack was quite challenging, which made it fun. But it had its share of unfairness, glitched graphics, bad palettes, and unfinished levels. After all these are fixed, then you can upload the hack safe and sound :)
Hack Name: Super Mario Castle Chaos DEMO
Length: 5 levels
Author: Darkraider413 - Submitted by: Darkraider413
Description: My first hack. Hope your like it!

Let's Start, shall we?


The "DEMO" part of the title screen is majorly cutoff. Either draw your own graphics for it, or use SMW's 8x8 letters like you did for the "CASTLE CHAOS" part.


Never get an item in the reserve box on the title screen, It just floats up there at the top of the screen. Either redo the recording, or add a reserve box to the title screen.


Yeeahhhh... When the file select appears, it cuts into the "DEMO", leaving it worse than before.


No major errors here, but the comma after 'castle' is on a new line. Just change the second line to: 'I started a party' so that the comma can fit along with 'castle'.


The near edge of this island is rounded, but the edge of the water is flat. Please put rounded corners to the water's edge like you did with the other islands.


While it's not entirely square, the overworld could use some work. Land doesn't naturally come square and trees aren't usually in straight lines like that.


Minor cutoff on the pipe here.

While at this level; inside the house (since you have some powerups) I think it would be a good idea to put 8 footballs instead of 5, that way the player could get a 1-up if he could jump on them all (be sure to space them out!).


A) The palette is screwed.
B) The 'S' is a different palette. Find the hex edit to change that, or keep the original palette.


Ducking under here and spin jumping allows me to fall through the floor. Find another trick to get the Dragon Coin here.


Try using Extended Object #46 on top of the midway point so you get a better perspective on the gate.


This 3up moon is way too easy to get, since you have a big coin arrow pointing up. I 1up is sufficient here.


The used blocks cutoff the ledge here. Just use land tiles. This problem is also on the title demo.


Just to point out to you that you can still get the Dragon Coin here without breaking the blocks. Just replace the clouds on the ends with blocks, and this part is fool-proof.


This level was generally flat, with setups of blocks scattered around. There is not a whole lot of up and down at all. Don't be afraid to add some slopes and walls to spice up the level a bit. Be creative!


The Hammer Brother's platform is glitchy since it is near the ground. Just move it and the Bro up a tile or two.


This level wasn't as bad as the previous, but there still are some flat spots here and there. Add something new and exciting!


These enemy blocks are kinda pointless since they just fall down before you reach them. Either put different enemies there, or put them up higher so they have a chance to fall on Mario.


A couple cutoff tiles here. It was surprisingly difficult to get the key here, since the gap is only 2 blocks tall, but it didn't look like it.


First there was a castle entrance scene and music, then the bonus music played! Disable the 'No Yoshi Entrance' For this level, since there are no actual enemies here to clash with Yoshi. Or, change this area from a castle type to something else.


The 'bumped' GFX is glitched. Use sprite graphics SP4 = 4 (the Pokey tileset).

This area seems obsolete since you already have all the powerups in the first level accessible already. Either remove the powerups from the first level, or remove this level entirely.


Put at least one tile of flat land before the hole when on a slope. If I don't press a button, Mario slips down the hole and dies by himself. :(


The skull platforms fall and glitch through this wall. Move the wall away from the lava, so that the skulls can't reach.


When the screen is too high when you complete the level, the iris out effect screws up a bit. Just make the Giant Gate lower, so the spotlight doesn't glitch like this.


This level was very short, it seems the end is only a couple screens away from the midway point! Add more to the level so that each half of the level is actually half.


Make an 'End of Demo' level or something so that I know the demo is over. For a minute, I thought you didn't set this level properly! Also, learn how to use events! It's not great how each level ends and there is no path that reveals the way I'm supposed to go. The white path are supposed to be where I can go, but I am stopped right here.

Another thing to consider to a demo is length. It was a bit short to be released. At least finish the castle ahead before you submit again. That way people get a better idea of you and your hacking skills.


You seemed to have edited a major palette that screws up everything. Please return it to the way it was; it would make this hack that much better!

Other than some minor flaws (and one major one (my eyes hurt now)), this hack was not totally horrible. Just improve a little more in your level design skills and you can turn this hack into a wonderful piece of art. I will gladly approve of it when these issues are fixed.

May I also suggest to make more screenshots of the hack to put on its page? Just that one seems very lonely and boring.
NAME: Super Better World "Flash Mario"
AUTHOR: Tpcool
The demo of my personally beloved, first "decent" hack (compared to the others at least). Two worlds of fun, quick levels with different music added to fit the levels more properly. Yes, I am planning on adding more Custom things later on.


There are two main errors in this hack, errors so serious that any of them could get an otherwise perfect hack removed. The first should be evident from any screenshot, so I just chose one at random:

Just look at Mario. If you are going to edit Mario's graphics (and no, this isn't just a palette swap), please don't make him look completely and absolutely horrible. Filling in the graphics with an eye-hurtingly bright yellow isn't going to make anyone like this hack any better. And even if the new Mario graphics weren't this bad, it seems like you forgot to edit at least half of them.

The second one is even worse.

No. Just no. If your hack contains a glitch that makes the game crash, fix it. Don't try to pass it off as a "limitation" of the main character.
If I remember correctly, this glitch is caused by using several versions of Addmusic in conjunction with each other. Don't do that; choose one (preferably Romi's or Carol's Japanese one) and then stick to it.

Apart from these two, the hack also contains a variety of other removal reasons:

PROTIP: Always make sure to feed your Munchers properly before releasing your hack. These ones obviously weren't fed enough, and thus had to eat the blocks they were supposed to be growing from, rendering them suspended in mid-air. (Also known as: Don't use floating Munchers. Period.)

Cutoffness. Keep in mind that these screenshots are only examples; the hack contains quite a bit more of it.

An original overworld would be nice, and uninstalling the title screen recording ASM to keep the events from looking like this would be even nicer.

Mario wasn't the only one whose GFX got edited oddly: the powerups and Goombas also were affected. The transparent face of the Goomba look particularly strange.

If you collect this coin, there is no way to beat the level, as it won't reappear even after going through the reset pipe. Why not place it out of Direct Map16 Access instead? That way it will reappear.

Here there's a floor...

...but here there is none. Please don't use the bottom row of the level for things like this.

Level remakes, especially from famous games like Super Mario Bros, are kind of frowned upon. Make your own levels instead. (Also, the castles have issues with sprite tile memory limitations. For the castles sprites, setting 0E usually works.)

And after going through all of this, the hack ends in an inescapable room playing the (perhaps slightly unfitting) SMRPG Culex battle theme. Also, Yoshi doesn't like the sprite tileset setting.

This is another hack that needs a lot of work before it can be accepted. Are you sure that you read the Hack Submission Guidelines before submitting it?

Hack name: Weird World 1 level
Lenght: 1 level
Author & submitted by: BobbyBombmaster
This is only 1 level.I want to know if this level is of good design. It will be my model.

When i will manage to make a good level, i will continue this hack.

The concept of this hack is simple: Puts underground monsters in grasslands level, castle monsters in cave, etc.

Note: The only things I won't touch, are the subscreens boundary and the secondary entrance pipes( This will cause small blatant level edit).

Something I want to have comments on: I hate placing coins... Is a hack without coins ok? And if I had 1-up in each levels?

Removal Reasons:
The reason this hack was removed has mainly to do with this:

4. Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.

Don't take me wrong, but the only level this hack had was nothing but a quick edit of level 105... it wasn't much of a blatant edit (uh, well, only at a few spots maybe, such as in the area near the midway point (as you yourself said), where you didn't edit the diagonal pipe, nor did you edit the midway point position that much, etc), and I'm afraid I really didn't have much entertain upon playing your hack, to be brutally frank. If you wanted this hack to be just a quick show-off of your level design, as you yourself said in the description, then you could simply record a video or something of yourself playing through that level, and then show it off in the screenshots/video thread in the first place. We really don't need a mere 1-level-long hack that serves pretty much the same purpose as a simple video. If you simply don't know how to record a video, I recommend checking the tutorials forum.

As for your questions... a hack without coins wouldn't be THAT bad, but some coins here and there still give your level some fresh Mario-game-y vibe... but eh, I don't really think it would be much of a problem. Go for it, I guess. 1-Up Mushrooms in every SINGLE level sounds like a rather bad idea to me, though, as this would probably make things just too easy. But then again, SMW had 5 Dragon Coins in pretty much every level, and that's pretty much equivalent to a 1-Up Mushroom... eh.

Anywaaay, onto the other (minor) removal reasons:

Note that your internet alias goes behind stuff in the title screen... enable Layer Priority in all of its letters and it should actually show up in front of the intro level.

Not really a removal reason, but may I suggest using bottom edges in the bottom-right-hand-corner/bottom-left-hand-corner of these ground elevations?

As I said, there's little blatant edit right here... granted, you altered the position of the midway point a bit, as well as the position of the yellow switch block (not depicted in the screenshot above), but this area still resembles a LOT the midpoint area in level 105.

Uh... I don't think I am supposed to go into that pipe like THAT...

Lastly, the area that comes after the midpoint is very boring, to be honest... try spicing it up a bit by adding more than straightforward paths and a few Buzzy Beetles here and there... try adding some more elevation, for instance, as well as some puzzles maybe.

Yeah... fix what I just mentioned, DON'T FORGET to make some more levels and you're in, I guess.
Merry Christmas, all! After quite some time, I have constructed a three-part removal log. This is going to be a long post...

Hack Name: Xano's Quest Demo 1
Length: Unknown
Author: Voltega
Description: Xano the Hedgehog gets turned into a plumber and teleported to a stange world. This is only a demo, please tell me what you think.

It did seem that you had an interesting storyline prepared, but other than that, you could use some work on this hack. The few levels of gameplay weren’t particularly good, and it felt like you were just throwing objects and sprites here and there for the most part. Hopefully, you will be able to improve upon this style for the better.

The palettes for your berries are a bit eye-searing. I'd recommend finding the palettes and adjusting them to look correct. Or, you could just use a palette file from a ROM file with the correct palettes. And the group of letters in the Title Screen look obnoxious in my opinion. You could just change that to a small row of text for a nicer effect.

Yoshi's Island looks funky now with the second set of stairs going up the mountain and green bridge. You may want to tidy that up a little, so it isn't cutoff or weird anymore.

Due to the invisible coin blocks above the purple triangles here, it is possible to be pushed against a wall and die. Remove those unneeded blocks.

I just thought this was a bit overload on the bullet bill shooters, but it isn't too much of an issue really.

There's no reason to put munchers there, and they cutoff into the slope. Again, remove these munchers.

Although this does already appear to be a Yellow Switch Palace edit, I am unable to tell do to my unability to make this jump.

If you intend on using lava in a grassland level and the like, change the palette so it is at least red or a realistic color.

Those bullet bills along with many others did not have any sound or shooter to indicate their presence. Do something so that the player may be able to tell that there's an armada of bullets coming their way. You also included some relatively boring stretches of land as well.

Because I hadn't brought any of the items from the previous area, I am unable to retrieve them or proceed without taking damage and fitting throught a tight jump afterwards. If anything, at least allow the player to go back and get an item.

Your slope is cutoff where it meets the bridge and water. Simply put a solid edge here to prevent this.

Once again, fix your lava's palette to something normal such as the lava palette found in castles, and there is some cutoff where the top-left and top-right corners of this large net piece.

There was no indication that I had to spin-jump in this spot. I could have easily died here, and it is easy to have your timing wrong and fall into the lava. That is unfair to the player.

This isn't as much as a problem since this is a closing level; however, I would advise that you use a fresh level for a closing instead. More importantly, do not include message boxes in levels with Layer 3; as, it will stop the Layer 3 from being evident in the level.


Hack Name: Jared World Is Super
Length: 30 levels
Author: moltensnow
Description: This is my second hack. My first hack is called Super J Word, but that was blatant level edits. My hack has a few custom things, along with some funny moments, so enjoy! Also, beat the level "Generosity" first or its pathway won't open. I'm also working on the full version and it will be done in a few weeks.

Although this removal may make out to be harsh, I'm seriously not trying to be cruel or anything. I mean, I've played many worse hacks from around. It's evident that you did put effort in to this hack; however, you could do much more to improve upon it at the same time.

For the most part, gameplay was dull and needed improvement. You could add enemies in the barren flat areas and involve a larger variation of landscape and scenery within your levels. Another thing that was strange was your music selection. Generally, it didn't fit in with a majority of your levels. I'd recommend going back and changing the music selection to fit the selected level. Plus, you had odd time amounts for your levels. To make the time reasonable, you could go back and play through your levels at a comfortable rate, and add around 100 to 150 seconds to the individual level times.

A major issue you had in this hack was a faulty Overworld. Sometimes, strange events happened at times. Other times, I could move to further levels of which I hadn't completed the previous levels. And to add to that, you left the Switch Palaces and Castle undestroyed after completion and the palaces available to entrance after completion. For help, you may wish to take a look at the Overworld Editing Tutorial in the Tutorials section.

Now, time for screenshots...

The birds you included in the Introduction level seem to bounce around the screen, so simply remove them.

On both of your maps, the paths are primarily revealed at the beginning of the game. Set them to activate upon certain events that occur upon beating certain levels.

Whatever effect you were trying to achieve mentioned by this message block did not work, and please do not actually do this. Also, I do like your attempt at making new GFX in general, but they somewhat look odd, especially the small "Koopas" and their kicking frames. And, the Koopas have an oddly colored lower part of their heads. I just wanted to point that out.

As mentioned earlier, try to avoid flat and blank stretches of land. There was much of this in the hack too.

All of your coin tiles are glitched. The graphics for it should be in GFX00.

I'd just like to note here that I personally feel that the extra vine sprites here aren't really necessary. A plant eating itself looks awefully strange to me.

Those are all examples of blantant level edits. When creating a level, be certain to first delete everything in the level with CTRL + Delete, and try not to let any original SMW levels influence the creation of your levels to too high of an extent (i.e. taking parts of any the original levels). These are most of this type of flaw in the hack.

You are still capable of entering into this pipe and aother later in this hack from the left side. Be certain use the object that has the proper tile with it.

Move the mole jumping sprite location down one tile so that it the leftover object is not cutoff.

All of these images are cases of use of objects placed on the bottom row of tiles. Simply move these up one tile so that they appear in game.

That goal sphere is in a slightly abnormal place and has incorrect graphics. You can set the sprite GFX used by the level so that it and other sprites don't glitch, or you can make a pipe leading to a level with the goal sphere correctly used.

You used the incorrect corner tiles here. Instead of those, use tiles 101 and 103.

Here, there is a lot of slowdown due to sprites. Along with that, you included no evidence to the Torpedo Ted generator here, and the cement blocks cutoff into the water. Use ExGFX to fix the cement blocks if you do not wish to remove them, and add the appropriate object to indicate Torpedo Teds' presence.

You used the incorrect GFX settings for the two sprites here. Either remove them or fix them in a similar way to the goal sphere.

This is just a recommendation, but if you could fix it so whenever there's a pipe with something behind it that you could remove the background without instances of cutoff, that'd be wonderful. And, there's a tad bit of cutoff where the pipe meets the water.

The pipe I'm on here is located on a horizontal screen boundary. Just move it to the left or right one tile.

I'm taken back to the beginning of the level from a different pipe in that sub-level. Why not have it take me to a secondary entrance?

When you use those Porcu-Puffers in a level without tide or water enabled, they are able to swim around everywhere as seen in this image. Either remove them or use a tide.

The edge of land is cut by the lava. Add an edge to remove this effect. Plus, the lava glitches during sprite interaction, so remove it or the dolphins.

I'm able to enter this structure from the bottom "escalator" block. Move it down a tile to fix this issue.

Try to place a walk-through object underneath the door so it doesn't appear to be randomly floating.

It is preferred that you do censor inappropriate terms like in this case; however, there is no purpose or sense in using those terms. The generic "Thank You," message was perfectly fine. And, it'd be nice if you could fix the run-on sentence to be two sentences.

The castle tile isn't destroyed upon completion.

For the most part, you still kept the problems that were originally in this area. If you would, redo this small part of the level so it does not include the problems mentioned previously.

This wasn't a true issue, but you may wish to fix the key's outline and make it hidden from the keyhole some degree more.

Grey lava can still be found, and the bottom of the net is cutoff. Add the required tiles to the net, and fix the lava palette to be a realistic shade of red or the original red palette.

That fish is able to jump through the rock platforms here among others.

Throughout this entire level, there is a high rate of slowdown. Remove a large quantity of these sprites to correct this mistake.

It just feels awkward to me when there's no visible level tile for me to reach for.

Both the Yellow and Red Switch Palaces are available to entrance after completion, leading to a blank room in both scenerios.

Both the brick walls and pathway are cutoff here. Replace the walkway with a bridge, and add blocks as ends to the brick walls.

One of the secret doors leads to a room with a pipe leading to this level. Redirect it to the Ghost House again.

I was easily able to collect these 3-UPs. Remove all of them, for they are typically only supposed to be used once per world.

You placed far too many sprites in this level, and it causes massive slowdown. There's also Porcu-Puffers in this "grassland" level.

Remove that 3-UP moon as well due to a similar ease as the group mentioned earlier.

Without any effort, I was able to drop that p-switch through your slope. If applicable, make this slope raise gradually.

Put solid edges on your two structures here to get rid of the cutoff.

Do the same with this structure as you did above.

Technically, I could have flown over the wall here before entering the pipe to quickly skip the ice section.

Due to all of the Koopas you placed here, I suffered from extreme slowdown. Please remove several of these.

Excluding the one question mark block with a key in this level, all of the blocks contain a Yoshi, leading to a high stock of 1-UPs. Change them to regular blocks to avoid this.

Those munchers are floating, cutoff, and totally unnecessary on that bottom path. I'd recommend to a large extent that you remove them.

Out of nowhere, the level became dark because of the presence of the spotlight sprite. This produces an incorrect GFX for the spotlight sprite's image. Delete the generator or move it earlier in the level depending on what you had intended for it.

I just felt uncomfortable with the Red Switch Palace's level tile being offscreen for whatever reason.

The FG initial position settings were set a tad bit high here. Set them to a lower setting to fix this.

Unfortunately, I hadn't brought a p-switch with me; thus, I was forced to die. Do not do this! If you wish to keep this aspect, which is not advised, at least put a door leading back to the beginning of the level.

I just wanted to note that I was able to access the last level before playing the level preceeding it.

Of course, there was a pipe leading to the end of the level at the entrance.

Again, I would suggest reading about how to make a functional Overworld by reading this thread. For useful advice when making levels, I'd recommend watching this video. Feel free to post any questions in those two threads.

Hack Name: Super Yoshi's Adventure: Seven Silver Stars (Christmas Demo)
Length: 8 levels
Author: JVyrn
Description: This is a little something I've been working on for the past month or so, after not working on it for several. It's pretty much one of my attempts to fundamentally change how the game works.

Yoshi actually plays like Yoshi
Various graphic, sound and gameplay tweaks
Custom music in every level

This demo covers most of World 1, though due to time constraints is missing two levels and the boss, though all finished levels are fully playable.

I will admit - I had an entranced feeling when playing this hack. What mainly caught my attention was how you not only used YI graphics and enemies, but you also incorporated the most you could to make Yoshi seem to be more of himself. The graphics for Yoshi himself were somewhat off, though. And, you overused skills like wall-jumping and the like to a tedious amount. To summarize, I loved the custom abilites that tie in with Yoshi in this hack; however, I didn't particularly care for the gameplay at general. You seemed to focus on those abilites rather than the playing of the game itself.

Yoshi dies in your Title Screen, causing the player to play forever in that level. Don't allow Yoshi to reach that end of the screen during the recording.

I merely found it odd that I was Mario in the Introduction level.

A constant nuisance in this hack to me was the fact that you often used blocks that were randomly jutting out or into land. It was unappealing, and I'd suggest that you go through and take most of the random blocks out.

There's some sprite limitations with the platforms here. You could apply the patch that fixes this or set the sprite settings to fit this better.

Within most of the levels, it seemed that those random streams of smoke would run along the screen at times. I believe that this is caused by the Ptooie Plants that shoot objects at you.

During one part of this level, you overused that enemy a bit too much in my strong opinion.

I loved the idea of eating the goal; however, it had two problems. You could end up swallowing the goal, ending in death. Or, you could potentially walk off of a cliff or run into a spike or enemy during the victory walk.

The sprites here cause slowdown for a second or so.

The plants below cause a ton of slowdown, and the Dragon coin here is glitched in the top half. Move it so it is no longer on a screen boundary.

To fix that palette of the coins from showing up, apply the Fade Fix patch.

If you don't have a level prepared yet, you might as well just place a goal sphere in a level or not even include that level entirely. And obviously, do not place a message block in a level with Layer 3 of which you're well aware.

Those three images contain instances of you using tiles on the bottom row in LM. Please move the objects up one tile to prevent this mistake.

Your Overworld glitches up to what appears to be dynamic sprites. If that is the case, apply this recently developed patch.

You used this set-up for the castle a bit too much in my opinion as well. The candle generator sprite is missing in this level along with that.

I thought it was a bit strange having normal Dragon coins here considering your use of different coins.

Is there a specific reason for these stair tiles here?

The FG initial position settings are too high here; set them lower until you get the correct settings.

When I shot out the spike ball, it glitches up. Fix this in the proper GFX/ExGFX file.

I just wanted to note right here that some of your wall-jumping segments are incredibly annoying.

The Koopas cause some slowdown here. Remove a few of them.

I managed to wall-jump up to this area; which, the path leads me back to the teleport blocks.

That jump was completely blind, so at first, I was unaware that the door I need to go in was down there. Please indicate that you must make that jump.

I just found it a bit odd personally that those identical blocks were walk-through. You could make them a different shade or texture.

After making it over the translucent boxes in your "last level," I got hit and separated from Yoshi. I then found out that Mario had some glitchy tiles along the way.

*Takes an long breather* Man, I am picky... >_<
NAME: Super Pimpin World
AUTHOR: dj boss
Good 30 min hack, moderate difficulty


How nice when the author provides ample removal reasons with the submitted screenshots.

This overworld looks, to say the least, pretty horrible. Most of it seems to consist of the same default event tile copied and pasted over and over, the moons (which don't really make any sense at all) have an absolutely awful palette, and there is cutoffness absolutely everywhere. Remember, landmasses should end in proper edge tiles.

Now this just seems like laziness from the creator. How hard is it to simply extend the Bullet Bill cannons down to the bottom screen edge? Also: repeated jumps between one-tile-wide platforms != good level design.

Floating stacked Munchers in your screenshots is one of the preferred ways to get your hack instantly removed.

In conclusion: Read the Hack Submission Guidelines before you submit any more hacks here.
Hack Name: Anthony's Amazing Hack 1 + 2
Length: 4 levels + 4 levels
Author: Anthony P. - Submitted by: Random Romhacks
Description: This was givin to me by "Anthony P." to submit to SMW Central. (Try) to enjoy.

When submitted screenshots are bad...


A) Why is there a '1' at the top left?
B) 2nd 'WORLD' has a slight cutoff to the left.
C) I thought the hack was called "Anthony's Amazing Hack 1"?
D) The text at the bottom has a horrible palette.


File select cuts into the title screen.


Unedited message box.


Why all the items?

Oh. Don't trap the player like that. It's unfair.


This was the rest of the level. Put variety in your levels, don't just have long stretches of land. It's boring.


The goal sprite was placed one tile too high.


The only thing there was this P-switch.

It didn't do anything here. What could this be for?

That explains it. Don't use kaizo traps at the end of levels.

It is unfair to the player, and causes graphical glitches like this.


The path doesn't appear when you beat the level, which is sad because you used the original SMW overworld.


This is a (horrible) blatant edit of the Yellow Switch Palace. There wasn't even a switch to press.


Yeah, I stopped here.

Same as above.


Use actual ground, and not just a mish-mosh of blocks please. If a player picks up a throw block, the hidden muncher underneath kills them.


This was repeated way too much.

This was repeated way too much.


I was forced to blind jump onto a Yoshi that was sitting on some floating munchers. Always have coins lead a player down a blind jump, and munchers should always be planted to ground.


Cutoff water. Does this even make sense?


Oh, not this again. It won't fool me.

Haha, funny. Don't give the player so many powerups at a time in a level. Also, 1ups should be at least somewhat hard to get.


Using Yoshi and the blue koopas in this level, I could fly over the goal and get 3 screens of this. Moons should used sparingly.



I suggest you (or whoever's hack this is) to read the Hack Submission Guidelines before you do any more hacking here.

Hack Name: Happy new Year!
Length: 1 level
Author: Jolly86 - Submitted by: Jolly86
Description: A simple new year hack, wich will shoot out fireworks.

Big credit goes to Deflaktor, for making the patch that will go to the level on boot!

If you let the fireworks play for long enough, you hear the "100 seconds left" sound. I knew it was coming, and 100 seconds later, the special world music played and Mario fell off the screen.
Set the time to 000 seconds so this doesn't happen.

The 'o' in 'oVER' is lowercase, when the rest is uppercase.

This isn't really a hack. It's a cool little trick you can do by putting autoscroll in a level with fireworks. Advertise it in your signature or something.

Yeah, fix these things and this would be a cool little "Look what I can do!" thing.
Hack Removed

Hack Name: Sushi World (Demo) Demo - 96.6 KB - 26 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: abc123 - Submitted by: abc123
Description: Sorry about the demo before. Now it's fixed. It's a preview for this hack.

Your ips is corrupted, please test your ips before uploading.

Hack Removed

Hack Name: mario takes on loldude293's challange the demo Demo - 369.3 KB - 1 download.
Length: 7 levels
Author: loldude293 - Submitted by: loldude293
Description: just play MY HACK
You put a rom in your file. Please put a IPS not a rom as roms are illegal and are not allowed here.
Sorry but for including a rom, that's a 72 hour ban.
Hack Name: Weird World(World 1)
Length: 6 levels
Author: BobbyBombmaster - Submitted by: BobbyBombmaster
Description: Weird world of my new hack!
Please review, I want to know if I have a good start.

Okay, round 2!


When you go through the pipe, this is not how you fix it. Just place the pipe over the ground, not ground over pipe. That little piece of ground attached to the pipe is there for a reason, you know. ;)


You really should put the corner tile here instead of the walls. It would look better.


Ball 'n' Chains should have a block to rotate around.


Congrats, you can right click! This looks really bad with all the repetitiveness. Just fuse together all these land blocks.


Same as #2.


If you slide duck under this block...

...and spin jump, there is a possibility you can die. Move this up or down a block.


The whole first half of this level is Chucks. Add some variety to your levels. There was also a lot of slowdown here.


Due to all the Chucks above, sometimes the pipe ends don't appear, and cause cutoff. If you remove some Chucks, they won't disappear.


Since you used Iggy in a normal level, the music stops playing after beating this level.


I don't know if this was intentional or not, but the screen didn't scroll up with me when I went up to get this Dragon Coin. Click on the Mario head to find the scrolling properties.


The coins cutoff the rope on the bridge.


There was some slowdown here, and sprites were disappearing. At a time, I was carrying a pair of eyeballs!


I can go through this ledge, but the lava stays put. Change the type of ledge to a solid one.


The screen does not stop scrolling at the end of this area. Make sure there is nothing past the screen where the door is, or the scroll will keep going.


If you run out of blocks, there is no way to hurt Big Boo anymore, and you must kill your self. Well, I guess if you are so bad that you run out, you deserve to die anyway. :P


"Mario has repelled..."
" to Yoshi's Island..."


This is a main reason of removal. The demo end level has no way to exit or die at all. You must wait for the time to run out. Place the 'side screen exit' sprite here so you can leave. Also, the blocks cutoff the bush.

Another main reason of removal is level design. These levels seem like they were rushed and slapped together at last minute. Spend time making your levels that way the player is more entertained while playing, and doesn't experience boring repetition.

You have potential, you just need to spend time working like I said before. At least there was no major cutoff or glitchy sprites. I would gladly accept when I see patience in your work.
Hack Name: A Haunted Christmas - 309.9 KB - 34 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Team Haunted - Submitted by: Rayman Man
Description: I know this is late (For us Canadians at least), I spent an hour trying to submit the hack. The internet keeps dropping when I do.

But enough chitter chatter, this is the not-so-long-awaited hack originally led by Hadron, who was replaced with Darky and I due to cancellation.

It's almost Christmas, but Mario can't have peace on the holidays either. The ghosts (boos) are attacking, they want to ruin this beautiful feast. Mario is going trough the cold, icy lands to defeat the Big Boo, who started this attack. After defeating the Big Boo, Mario can hold the feast with his friends.

This is a very good hack, which I would come to expect from Team Haunted. It has one very, very big issue, and with that, I can't accept it. It's easy to fix though.

Reason For Removal:

This is the reason for removal. I'm stuck in Yoshi's House 'till the time runs out. :<

Here are some things I found throughout the game that you might want to look over.

Blind Jump.

Maybe you should make it 'Yoshi's House' instead of all caps, just to stay with the rest of the level names.

Mario's Palette is weird here. Also, it should read:
'It's quite empty around here. Where is everybody? I need to kill King Boo to get all the presents back and save Christmas.'
Oh, and in your opening intro, you needed to caplitilize King Boo.

I fall through here for some reason?

Use the two hex edits to fix this.

Maybe move everything up a tile, so that even after the P-Switch is pressed, I can see where I'm walking.

What the hell is hurting me?!

No, seriously. What the hell is hurting me.


Add some periods.

But yeah, all you need to do is fix the first one, and I'll accept it. The rest are optional, but you really SHOULD fix them.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Removed: "stange world"
Author: clayman
Description: "this is my first hack."

It's also a ROM file. Did you not notice the "DO NOT UPLOAD ROMS" message?! You have been banned for 72 hours.

Hack Name: Super Toad World (STW) V1.0
Length: unknown
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker6



Either draw graphics for 'Toad' or leave it the way it was, so others can change it how they like. Copyright sign has a bad palette.


Change/delete Mario's fingers and toes from GFX00 if you're going to change the player.


What does blue have to do with fire? Change the palette to something like orange.


This is just dumb looking. Make Toad at least look at the screen. Give him some fingers too.


Whenever Toad grabs something, it goes behind and looks odd.


Whenever Toad gets hurt he shakes up and down violently. Make sure to add a frame of 'between' big and small so the transition is smooth.


Magical Toad turns into Mario when he flies! Amazing!

He even switches heads when he dives.


Same as #2.

Please fix these and this will be an okay character swap. Other character swaps can be found in the Patches section, so I advise you to submit this there when you're done.
Hack Name: A Haunted Christmas - 281.1 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Darky - Submitted by: Darky
Description: I know this is late (For us Canadians at least), I spent an hour trying to submit the hack. The internet keeps dropping when I do.

But enough chitter chatter, this is the not-so-long-awaited hack originally led by Hadron, who was replaced with Darky and I due to cancellation.

It's almost Christmas, but Mario can't have peace on the holidays either. The ghosts (boos) are attacking, they want to ruin this beautiful feast. Mario is going trough the cold, icy lands to defeat the Big Boo, who started this attack. After defeating the Big Boo, Mario can hold the feast with his friends.

I don't know if you guys payed any attention to my last removal log but:

I'm still stuck in Yoshi's House. And even worse, there's no time now, so I'm stuck forever.
Please enable side exit so the player isn't stuck here.

Hack Name: Strange Island - 287.6 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: Garis208 - Submitted by: Garis208
Description: My hack.

It has:
Custom Character
Custom Yoshi
Custom Music
Custom Sprites


This hack has quite a few problems in it - mostly horrid palettes - and without further delay, here are the removal reasons:

Bad palette on the file select and the title. (Strange Island)

It should say:
'Welcome! This is Strange Island. There are many interesting and weird things ahead. Are you ready? Have fun!'

Red = Cutoff
Blue = Wrong colour
The colour thing is hard to see, but the cliff has two different shades of brown. Mess around with the palette edtior.


Having a Best Time at the start of every level isn't the greatest idea, and plus the 167 has a bad palette.

What's that glitched thing falling above me? Also, the goomba has an awful palette.

This message seems rather stupid and unnessisary.

The bottom of these are cutoff. Same with the spike at the top. Why not just attach the spike to the pole?
If you lose the Yoshi you are givin at the start of the level, you are stuck here. Use a reset door or pipe.

More awful Palettes

Ugly palettes and cutoff.

Apply the Fade Fix patch.

Again, seems like a pointless, dumb message box.

Yeah, like I said before, the palette on the time is bad.

This level is really short, maybe make it twice as long.

Having these shoot horizontal bullet bills looks really odd.


More cutoff.

Cutoff. Let Toad finish his goal walk, instead of having him walk into the wall.

Bullet Cannon has a bad palette

Mushrooms have a bad palette, and the background should probably be right to the bottom, as it looks cutoff right now.

Sprite Limitations cause the hammer bros' hammers to not appear.

The goal bar is cutoff, and you should probably just use normal goal posts.

Red = Cutoff
Green = Perspective error
Also, when you enter this submap, the path glitches and you enter here twice. It's hard to explain.

It looks like you're missing half the background.

Bad goal post palette.

Basically, this whole level is one huge bad palette palooza.

There wasn't even a blue switch in this level. The switch palace should explode after you beat it, too.

This looks really, really odd. I'm walking on a cliff that goes straight down.

This level needs a background.

Once again, just use goal posts.

Bad palettes.

Where'd Toad go? Also, cutoff.

Basically every tile in here works really oddly. I phased through these blocks.

This part is just stupid. I had to abuse save states to get through, and even then, it took like, 20 minutes.


Again, a pointless message box.

I quit here. This boss is really, really overused, and you didn't give me enough time to even hit him once. And lord knows I'm not going through those hammer bros again.

Overall your hack needs A LOT of work. I would clean off everything and start over, if I were you.

Hack Name: Mario's Super Galactic Illusion Space Time - 160 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Sulcuryalt - Submitted by: Sulcuryalt
Description: At some point after the events of Super Mario World, Mario's Super Galactic Illusion Space Time happens, and Mario finds himself in a completely rearranged world.
In this first world demo Mario must make his way through The Yoshi Keys, a grouping of Islands that form the shape of Yoshi's paw.

First off, I have to say that this hack has some very, VERY awesome level design, and it was extremely fun to play. There is one fatal problem that makes me not able to accept this. I also have a few tips to give you as well.

Reasons For Removal

Reason #1 - You can go inside the door, which leads to an endless bonus game. Get rid of the door or something.

Reason #2 - Uninstalling the title screen recording ASM should fix this up nicely.

Here are just a few things to improve on the great hack you already have.

Make sure that the Mario shown in Lunar Magic is completely enclosed in the pipe he comes out of or else this will happen.

There are a few minor cutoffs throughout the game, as well as patches of slowdown, as seen above.

This was retardedly hard to find. Put some coins there or something.

Cutoff. I don't even know how it happened.

Remove the pipe. It leads to what looks like a test area.

So yeah, just fix up these, and I'll gladly accept this hack.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Removed

Hack Name: Jared World Is Super Demo - 270.1 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 30 levels
Author: moltensnow - Submitted by: moltensnow
Description: I can't even remember how many times this hack has been denied! D: Oh well. Seeing as how I can't remember the description, I'll leave you with this:
Beat the level "Generosity" first, because the pathway won't open if you don't. I don't know why, and I've tried to fix it multiple times, but it didn't work. The last person who moderated my hack actually had the patience to play the whole thing first, and then point out EVERY error. Thank you. You saved me a LOT of time!

The IPS is glitched, when I play the hack about everything is glitched and it crashes after the intro screen. Please test your IPS patches before submitting!
Hack Name: SMW Redrawn-Josh's Palette
Length: Unknown
Author: Joshua Harrison
Description: This is MythBusterBros or "IceLuigi"s SMW Redrawn with my customized palette.The pink berries are pink again instead of purple,the fire mario and fire luigi have their original colours,and red koopa doesn't have yellow skin anymore.All the screenshots are in the WinZip file because there was like 30 of them...If you use this please give credit to me and IceLuigi but if you use the original SMW redrawn V2 give credit to MythBusterBros (new name IceLuigi)

First off, that is not a screenshot. When posting a hack, please include at least four or so screenshots. And if you're just posting palettes, why not post them in the Level Palettes Showoff Thread or your "My Files" with a link in your post footer? There's really no reason to post them in a hack when you can simply note what they're for and post a link on your profile.
Hack Name: SMW - The Deathly Posion - Episode 1
Length: Unknown
Author: DarkAngel98 - Submitted by: DarkAngel98
Description: Updated and fixed. Screenshots from v.0.5 . Now patched with Lips , not with SNEStuff ...

Hint : The Deathly Posion = TDP
Hint 2 : Sometimes is with TDP the DP-Like meaned...

Bowser found the legend of the Deathly Posion. But on his way he found a other Posion , but it's like the Deathly Posion in the Legend. Mario is on the way.
A new hack , but this time in Parts/Episodes!
Can bug on some PC's (On my PC is it BUGFREE , so dont delete it from sprite limitations (sprite lag) )


Oh boy... I didn't know how long this hack was, but the first level alone offered more than enough reasons to remove it. To be honest, you should just give up on this hack and start a new one from scratch. Before you do that, you should also watch this video and read the Hack Submission Guidelines to see what not to do.

Here are some screenshots of what was wrong up to the first level:

Bad palette for the "8". Also, the pipes cut off the ground a little.

Your overworlds are really messed up. Bad palettes, cutoff tiles, broken paths with apparently no way to get to the second level...

Spots like this are boring. Add some ups and downs in the terrain, as well as a few decorations.

No rejected hack is complete without floating munchers, it seems. (Don't stack these plants on top of each other or make them float in the air. It just looks awkward.)

Mario comes out one tile too high here. Not such a big deal though.

You should really work on your palettes. Too bright and colorful blocks together with black 'n' white ground doesn't look too great.

Goombas lose their wings, some sprites disappear entirely... Are you sure these problems didn't occur on your PC? (Suggestion: Remove most of the sprites.)

Block the right side of the pipe so this doesn't happen.

These cement blocks act strangely when hit by a shell. Make them act like tile 130.

You're forced to ditch Yoshi to go on. Not cool. (Also, these question blocks kill me when I touch them, but how am I supposed to know that? they neither look harmful, nor did you warn me of their behavior!)

What's that Goomba doing inside the bolcks?

More pipe weirdness.

What's with this glitchy tile in the ground?

More bad palettes in the BG... If you're not good at making custom palettes, you'd be better off using SMW's original ones.

The blocks cutoff the pipe, the ground, and the lava. Not much, but annoying nonetheless.

Don't use the botom row of tiles in LM for ground, as they're invisible in-game.

More bad BG palettes and glitched football/Bouncing Rex head.

Oh, come on. Don't try to tell me you don't have these problems on your computer... The fireworks make entire sprites, including Mario, disappear, and the sprites that don't vanish experience major cutoffness. How about removing the fireworks and some more unnecessary sprites?

Even more bad BG palettes. Also, why so many midway bars? They don't seem to have a purpose.

As I said, you should click the two links at the top of my post, then practice a bit and start a new, better hack.

Sorry, your hack approval is in another castle.
Hack Name: A Haunted Christmas *Fixed* - 282.2 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Team Haunted - Submitted by: Darky
Description: Kill me.... I'm just that stupid to even forget putting that in it... Sorry Kristian, you may kill me...

Real description:

Team Haunted presents Christmas, but it's haunted.

This is the not-so-long-awaited hack originally led by Hadron, who was replaced with Darky and Rayman Man due to cancellation.

It's almost Christmas, but Mario can't have peace on the holidays either. The ghosts (boos) are attacking, they want to ruin this beautiful feast. Mario is going trough the cold, icy lands to defeat King Boo, who started this attack. After defeating King boo, Mario can hold the feast with his friends.

You are getting closer to getting this accepted.
Let's start with the removal reasons/serious issues.

This was the main reason for removal. Instant Death if you get the midway point and then die in the first level. Fix this.

Garbled graphics for the explosion. Do not want.

Someone appearently forgot to place snow there.

Someome must've cutoff that Ptooies head. :(

I fell through this ledge. :<

It happened here too, and in a lot of other places.

The castle level had quite a few dick moves.
Not nice.

Unfair, just as the above one.

Another bad concept. Most people don't like react-or-die moments.
Now for the minor things. You don't need to fix these, but it would definitly improve the hack.

It looks kind of weird how you stand on this corner.

The lakitu in this pipe looks kinda weird too. Using a normal pipe would make it look better.

Sort of a blind jump. Maybe put coins on the bones to indicate that the player is supposed to jump on them.

Why is this ledge here? The only thing you can do there is commit suicide.

It can't be seen in the screenshot, but this level had some unfitting music. Nothing major though.

Weird bounce sprite for the block.

Quite hard to see, but this Snow Bro (or whatever it is) jumps down into the ground.

For some reason I couldn't unfreeze these coins with fireballs. Intentional?

Why is this springboard floating? Ever heard of gravity?

Quite minor too, but I just want to mention that these graphics clash horribly.

Unnecasarry glitch event. Remove plz.

That's pretty much everything, fix the removal reasons, and if possible also the suggestions. Resubmit it, and I'll accept this hack.

Removed on request of the author:
Hack Name: The Mountain Adventure - 183.1 KB - 66 downloads.
Added: 2009-12-24 10:15:07 PM
Rating: 6.5 (2)
Length: 5 exits
Author: 10204307 - Submitted by: 10204307
Description: BLARRGGG!
Anyway, this is my vannila hack, TMA. My aim is good level design along with some neat stuff. These screenshots are outdated, though. I changed a few of the paletes, and added a little counter telling you how many exits you found. Good luck!

Hack Name: smw cool or cruel - 226.6 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: ???? - Submitted by: mario seeder
Description: just a hell hack im recomend you to play 2 players
Why it was removed:
You have just successfully broken 2 rules of submitting a hack here.
1. No kaizo hacks.
2. DON'T UPLOAD OTHER PEOPLES HACKS. If they want their hack here, let them upload it themselves. If they don't want to, just leave it and don't upload it here.
NAME: What the... Hack? Demo 1.1
AUTHOR: Hellbourne
DESCRIPTION: A demo of my current hack...
There is no story in this demo.


Cutoff at the very left side of the foreground. Also, the right number of the time should also be yellow, not white.

Quicksand cutoffness. Note that this quicksand is not animated! Also, you might want to increase the time limit in this level.

Goal post is also cutoff. To do this correctly here, you need to place the palm a little bit to the left and maybe give it a black outline.

It would be a lot better if you placed events on your Overworld. That way, you can reveal paths and Mario does not have to go over bushes and cliffs. Also, there is cutoffness at the right bridge which you are to fix.

Cutoffness next to Mario. Use the right tiles here.

Please do not use the lowest row in Lunar Magic. The player can't see it, thus it is unfair. Especially if you put ice blocks here, which you did! :-[
Also, fix the pipe colors by putting it one tile to the right or to the left. It looks just weird otherwise.

I could not get the P-switch here until I found out that I could slide under it while ducking. Fix this by making the white ledge tiles above Mario act like for example tile 100, but not 130!

Same as above. Don't use the lowest row.

Please fix the status bar colors. Also, Mario (or the car) is invisible at some frames while jumping. Please fix this.

Cutoffness on the left side of Mario.

Not that easy to see in this picture, but the pipe and the dirt wall right from Mario is cutoff at the bottom.

If I fall down here, there's a screen saying "Time Up". Please fix this by either setting a time limit for this area, or download the Time Up Fix Patch, to be found in our Patches Section. Also, the ladders are cutoff.

Cutoffness Man is not amused.

See above.

Cutoffness. You used the wrong tiles in the top left and top right corner. I think you also used the wrong tile on the bottom right corner, but it does not look too bad.

Bad pipe palettes. You might want to fix that.

All in all, this was a nice hack with great ExGFX and palettes and some nice ideas for levels.
Just fix all the cutoffness, as well as the other small issues I have just pointed out. Then submit it again and this hack will get accepted! You might want to get a beta tester next time, because I am sure one would have pointed out all the cutoffness as well.
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Link Thread Closed