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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Super Deathtrap World
Author: lunarguru
Hack ID 3625

Unlike it's name states, this hack contains NO kaizo traps.
The Overworld isn't edited very well
So don't judge it for that.
Also the levels are pretty easy,
I'm considering making this the final version.
This WAS my first hack.

Reasons for Removal:

"Contains no Kaizo", huh? Why, then, are invisible coin blocks frequently used for the sole purpose of stunting a player's jumps to make them fall to pain and/or death?

This pipe... (which also has a minor amount of cutoff, by the way, but that isn't a huge deal)

...leads to a cement block room with a floating goal bar?

Messed up turn block bridge palette

There is a second goal in this level...with a messed up goal post. Move your goal post 1 tile lower, and then use the scroll wheel on your mouse while the item is highlighted to move the glitched part behind the land.

Overworld is barely edited...the only difference from the original is the large cutoffness at the upper right. Also, the level name choices, by the way...seem kind of generally unprofessional. At least this time the original SMW levels are not accessible after you beat the edited levels, though. I know you said in the description you don't want the OW to be "judged" but I'm afraid I can't just simply overlook something that needs improvement. A hack can't, and shouldn't try to, get away with glaring flaws and just say "Oh, just please don't look at that."

Okay, this level is just flat out, it has floating munchers and a glitched goal sphere in it, as well. For shame. To make the goal sphere look right, use ExGFX or change the sprite GFX header something compatible with it.

Also, if you are big Mario here it makes the level way harder than it should be, since you designed it only with small Mario in mind. When making a level, it is a good idea to test your stages as all forms of Mario to ensure things like this do not happen.

I dunno what you did to the text up there, but it blows a hole in the border and you can see part of the map behind it.

More stacked munchers...

...and a purple triangle that does not function because the special tile "1EB" that is required to make it work is not inserted beneath it, rendering this wall unpassable and the stage unbeatable.

Same goal post problem as before.

You still have some work to do...Please keep these reasons for removal in mind and try to improve your level design. At the moment this hack is not nearly acceptable. Try playing the hacks already on the site to get an example of what makes a hack good.

Strange Island - 286.8 KB - 49 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: Garis208 - Submitted by: Garis208
Description: My hack that is now complete.

Custom Foreground
Custom Background
Custom Sprites
Custom Character
Custom Yoshi
Two Worlds

It seems as though your patch is broken.
Always check your patches before submitting!
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Name: Practice Makes Purrfect? - 134.8 KB - 3 Downloads
Length: 9 levels
Author: sunwarrior25 Submitted by: sunwarrior25
Description: A vanilla hack with only 9 levels- 3 of which are switch palaces. There is no particular story at the moment, sorry!

I'm considering this a Demo until I'm sure that making a full hack is a good idea.

Forest of Fudge

The appearance of the tree trunk and log makes it look as though the log is behind the trunk, and that you can walk on it. However, I just fell through. Try to make the part where the log and the trunk meet become solid.

Tricking the player with an easy-to-get 3-up moon, then trapping him is an unfair Kaizo trap. Please leave a space for the player to leave through.

Please add a way to reset the area (door, pipe, etc.) if the player throws the P-Switch into a pit, and can't get it back.(although that's pretty stupid).

There's several screens of running on brown blocks and occasional wigglers appearing out of the air. Please mix it up a little so it wouldn't be so bland.

You forgot to edit this bonus room.

Oh Fudge!

I'm not really sure if this is intentional, but this message block is unchanged. Also, the water you're using looks a bit bad. You may want to switch it with water, then change its palette to a chocolatey color.

Putting a piranha plant behind a bush will make it impossible to see, resulting in the player taking a cheap hit if he hits something he cannot see.

The player cannot see the pipe all the way down here when he jumps from up there, a.k.a. a blind jump. Adding some coins leading to the pipe will remedy the problem.

You also forgot to edit this room.

Remove the dick move, please.

Ninji Tower

Bad FG initial starting position.

..What is that behind Mario, exactly? If it's supposed to be a door, use something else; it looks strange and "cut-off".

Another blind jump; I fell straight into a muncher.

The goal post is barely attached to the rope, which is barely attached to the note block, and all of it creates minor "cut-off".

The Harbor

There's minor "cut-off" on the mushroom stem/wall on the top, in the middle with the blocks, and with the note block.

Minor "cut-off" again at the top of the stem.

...What is that..? A reflecting Rip van Fish? Anyway, glitched graphics aren't exactly permitted. Just take out the fireball/fish.

Please don't use the bottom row of tiles for walking.

1: The bone creates minor "cut-off" on the corner tile.
2: I can swim up here, and pretty much part of your entire level.

..I don't see how a bridge can fire a bullet bill.

I swam over the goal and found this little "cut-off".

#1 Iggy's Castle

Really, really blatant level edit here. Almost everything from the original Iggy's Castle hasn't been changed.

..That's really weird for a water top.

If you lose the block, you are permanently (almost, you can wall jump) stuck here.

If you didn't bring the P-Switch or if you pressed it too early, you can't continue on with the level.

..That's a bad boo palette. Mind fixing it?

This is pretty much a complete copy of the level from the original SMW. Please delete these levels and remake them.

I enjoyed your hack sunwarrior25, but the dick moves and areas where you can get stuck in were the killers in your hack. The "cut-off" and such were the killer's accomplices. If you can get rid of the murderers, then I'm pretty sure that your hack can be accepted next time.
Hack Name: For anyone who wants to make a Luigi hack
Length: Unknown
Author: Yoshidude

Anyone who wants to make Luigi hack get this

There was no content received upon download, so what was I supposed to do?


Hack Name: Get this for Luigi hacks
Length: Unknown
Author: Yoshidude

Anyone who wants to make Luigi hack get this

This time, instead of lacking a hack to play, you included a file that somehow went wrong; thus, it still acted as ROM. Before submitting, make sure that your IPS patches work correctly! Unfortunately, the fine is a 72-hour ban. And next time, make sure to use a proper screenshot using the Screenshots feature included with emulators such as zsnes.
Hack Name: SMW Deutsch
Length: 96 exits
Author: Hellbourne - Submitted by: Hellbourne
Description: German version translated by me.

Mods, please delete this if the hack gets accepted.
I'm not sure if there already is a german version but I didn't find one so I decided to translate it.


Tut mir leid, aber es gibt schon einen deutschen Hack auf SMWC (hier), und der scheint zumindest in einigen Aspekten besser zu sein. Deiner scheint zum Beispiel keine Umlaute zu haben, und manchmal ist der automatische Zeilenumbruch deaktiviert, was nicht gerade toll aussieht. Außerdem reicht eine Übersetzung pro Sprache aus, finde ich.

English: A German translation of SMW already exists, and it seems to be better than yours in some points (yours doesn't seem to have "umlauts" and word wrap is disabled in some messages, which doesn't look too great). Besides, one translation for each language should be enough.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Alternate Mario World [Graphics Hack] Ultimate Fix 1.2 - 119.2 KB - 59 downloads.
Length: 96 exits
Author: ibz10g - Submitted by: Pipoca
Description: Original made by: ibz10g, fixed by Pipoca. (me)

"This is a base hack. I've modified the graphics of Super Mario World in such a manner that I feel captures the game's original feeling, yet at the same time gives you a sense of renewal. You may use this as a base hack, and credit will not be required. Please feel free to pick and choose from these graphics. I've got a little correction for anyone who reads this." -Ibz10g

Now the bushes are fixed and the red switch too.

Note: I found an error at the Rip Van Fish that I can't fix. If you have any ideas how to fix it, please PM me.

The file is protected for the protection of copying. The password is: 81661837

Please don't claim this for your own.

If you have WinRAR, please read the description at the side.

My Short Review:
Well there is really nothing to say about this since this is just a graphics hack other than the graphics are good though there are some errors that need to be fixed.


The water corner tiles don't have the same palette as the water.

Most of the small bushes have a wrong color.

The BG palette is bad, and the text is black so it won't match.

You know I can't remember if SMW did this but the bottom of the pipe color is wrong.

A part of this event makes the wood yellow.

The water corner tiles in this level are all wrong.

The red switch has a bad palette.

All the levels that have a gas bubble have a bad palette.

Ludwig's and Roy's castle have a weird castle palette.

The water tile palette doesen't match.

The bomb in the bubble is yellow, but when it's out of it, it's blue.

Some of the letters are weird.

Like I said nothing much to say since this is a graphics hack. Most of the errors are easy to fix. Also can I ask if you were able to edit this hack, there were no readme or credits in the file.
Hack Name: Super Bario World Demo
Length: 7 levels
Author: dancomics - Submitted by: dancomics
Description: Mario get's captured by bowser so he can make an evil clone of Mario to work for him. Bowser named him Bario. The clone got messed up and Bario and Mario escaped from his Castle. A few weeks later, these people called the flubs came to invade mushroom kingdom and they captured everyone except bario. now he fights to save everyone from the flubs.


Please use the letters without black boxes around them. Also, there's an odd black line to the left of the W.

Some palette issues and cutoff at the top. Also, all levels dots are visible from the start, but actually paths are never revealed... strange.

Cutoff ground and... floating munchers. Always root them to something solid, please. Don't be lazy and actually change their default "2x2" arrangement in LM.

Also, if you go here, you're screwed.

Glitched candle flames in the background and... more floating munchers.

Wrong GFX for the goal sphere. Change the sprite tileset (blue poison mushroom) until it looks right.
(Also, if you use the P-switch too early, there's no way to restart the level without dying.)

Not a removal reason, but boss music really doesn't fit in normal levels.

All 3 pipes in this level lead to completely unedited castle rooms.

Glitchy-looking background. Well, at least there are no floating munchers here... Oh wait, there are.

Cutoff lava, cutoff net.

Glitched goal post. Put the bridge on top of it to fix this.
Also move the goal tape down so it doesn't go too high, as seen here.

More glitched goal sphere GFX.

Layer 3 doesn't like message boxes.

More cutoff and stuff.

Glitched sprite GFX.

There's no excuse for glitched graphics.

You know what I mean.

Yoshi's incompatible with the castle tileset.

Major sprite memory issues. Change the sprite header (Lakitu button) to something like 0E or simply get rid of some sprites.

Cutoff spikes.

Not only are you forced to have Yoshi here (you can't reset without dying here, by the way)...

...You also can't enter the door without being small. Requiring to have Yoshi or a certain powerup state is bad.

(By the way, it's Yoshi, not "yoshie" - unless that's a new character you invented or something.)

Yeah... As you can see, you still have a lot to learn. Watch this, read this, and try again.

Hack Name: Super Mario's Special Adventure
Length: 6 levels
Author: Mriohony (Baby Bowser) - Submitted by: babybowser2010
Description: Story: On the Special Island Mario has founded way of Peach's road.
But on the road Bowser kidnapped peach and princess is missing!
Mario must save the princess and return to Dinosaur Island!



Mario   has  found
the  way   of  his
special adventure,
but  on  the  way,
the  Princess  was
kidnapped!   Mario
must find  her and
bring  her  back!


These cement blocks look ugly. You can you normal ground tiles here to make it look better.


If you wait too long, the block disappears. Place a shell there instead so the player can take their time.

Some more cement block abuse. The ones in the air are okay, but put something else under the pipe to prevent the cutoff there.


If I go up here I die because I get squished. Shrink the platform so I can't die here.


The left side of the rope is cutoff. The right side isn't connected to a solid block. Don't connect it here since this doesn't actually make sense (think about it).

Same here.


This bush is cutoff. Just move it to the left some more.


Rope problem again. The pipe is also barely cutoff on the corner.


This seems slightly familiar. Although it isn't a complete blatent edit, I suggest creating something new here instead.


This moon was easy to get. Replace it with a 1up, and it'll be fine.


Why not just use the arches instead of cement blocks? They would look better too.


Since you have to get the yellow switch to be here anyway, these blocks serve no purpose, and just cutoff the pillars. Replace them with more arches.


These pipe piles look pretty ugly. Replace some of them with ground.


I had to give up Yoshi to go on. :(


This part was repetitive and boring. Add some coins and ? blocks to spruce it up a bit.


Merge these two blocks of land so that it looks better (and rids of the cutoff pipe).


Not a removal reason, but the palette of these Buzzy Beetles is wrong.


The BG here seems bland for some reason...


Major slowdown here for some reason. Maybe because of the skull raft that serves no purpose. Remove it. (That Goomba there freaked me out, because all it does is stare at you :O)


This part was surprisingly hard because of this football that bounces over the lava. Maybe replace it with some flying Koopas?


I had to leave Yoshi again. :(


Mario was hungry and ate part of the Thwimp.

But he didn't like it and spat it back out. Apply the 'No Sprite Tile Limits' patch, and change the sprite memory to 10 to fix this.


Use the midway point object instead so the tape doesn't seem cutoff.


If you look down, the corners of these ground tiles are wrong. Almost all of the ones down there were like that, so make sure to fix all of them.

Overall, this was not a horrible hack. It just had a very strong 'SMW vibe' in it that bugged me. The BGs, palettes, tilesets, and music was in the same order as it was in the original game. If you created some custom palettes, used different BGs, and switched around the music a little, it would make this hack so much better because it would seem more like your work instead of just SMW edited. I'll be happy to moderate this again when the above things are fixed. :D
Hack Name: SMW:Going home
Length: 6 levels
Author: Ultrafiredude the king

Well everyone this hack has custom music, custom sprites, and custom ExGFX.

1# Boswer
2# Giant goomba
3# Shy guys
4# Snifts
5# ...
You get it

It would appear that you submitted the incorrect IPS file or did something wrong. Make sure to submit your actual hack next time.


Hack Name: Imperious Viking
Length: 12 levels
Author: Imperious Viking

Gradualy more and more challangeing levels.
goes all the way to the first ghost house + 3 bonus levels.
The ghost house it self is realy hard, but most of the levels only require avarage, or slightly above avarage skills... the first 2 levels are easy.. 12 levels total + 2 switch places
all in all a good rom hack

There wasn't much to see from this hack due to later explain reasons; however, according to your screenshots, it would appear that you have some aspects that are not permitted in a hack on the site, such as floating/stacked munchers and cutoff. Before submitting a hack to the site, make sure that it follows the rules of the Hack Submission Guidelines. And for your screenshot issues, view the F.A.Q. (link in the Menu) to learn how to make proper screenshots.

There's not too much wrong on the Title Screen, but you could fix the palette or lettering for "Imperious Viking" and remove the random "Yo Mama." Also, Mario's palettes look weird in some cases; I'd recommend you get feedback on it.

*I can die in your Introduction screen. This is quite bad, for it causes a glitch with the Lives bar. Please, remove the bullet bill shooter, and make sure there's nothing past the first screen in LM to prevent the cutoff to the right.

Add a period after "Have fun." And as a rule of thumb: It's typically not wise to submit your first hack. Usually, users don't know much about "good" hacking at the time; thus, more problems arise.

*In my opinion, the pink on your submap here is too much, and your names are random and immature. You may want to adjust these until they appear fine to the player.

*When I hit a P-Switch here, all of these Goombas fell down out of nowhere. This is unfair to the player, and it causes much slowdown. Not only that, but it appears that you edited Yoshi's House by what I can tell. That leads to the ending being messed up, so it isn't advised unless you know what you're doing.

Technically, this isn't true cutoff, yet it still feels abnormal to me with the sides ending like that. You may wish to end them properly.

*That was just mean. Do not give the player the impression that they can safely jump across to the other side when they clearly cannot!

*I have no idea how you expected me to get up there. There was no way to progress, so I had to die. Oh well, it was just a level to the Yellow Switch Palace, right?

*Do not force a player to die because they did not find a specific Switch Palace. That is beyond cheap, and because of this, I was unable to progress.

Name: Jared World Is Super (You again? Dude, get a hobby.)
Author: moltensnow
Description: Pleas beat the level "Generosity" first. Otherwise, its path won't open and you'll have to start a new game. Also, the level "Pollution"'s normal exit doesn't work if you beat "Generosity" first, so I suggest making two files so you can play both pathways.

Okay, first off...

Originally posted by moltensnow
Pleas beat the level "Generosity" first. Otherwise, its path won't open and you'll have to start a new game. Also, the level "Pollution"'s normal exit doesn't work if you beat "Generosity" first, so I suggest making two files so you can play both pathways.
This seems like the sort of thing you'd at least try and fix before releasing? I dunno.

And now, PICK-A-CHURS!

You absolutely need a cape or a Yoshi to finish this level. There's no other way to reach that block or it's resulting vine. Lost either one on the way to it? You're screwed.

One day when it isn't over 100 degrees outside, I'm gonna draw several stock illustrations of a "Captain Cutoff" character and just change the text in the speech bubbles for this kind of thing.

Not pictured: Heavy slowdown, P-Switch song as level music, my will to live disintergrating like a styrofoam cup.

Preeeetty sure I'm not supposed to do this.


Without a P-Switch that's several screens back (that requires either a lucky kick or the carry-things-while-climbing bug to get to this screen) you can not continue. At all.

Slowdown 2: The Slowdownening.

Yeah, this still isn't fixed. Use an actual wall, already!

And I got to this level via a key exit. It lead to an Endless Bonus Room.

Considering the amount of times this hack has been rejected for the exact same things, you should probably consider EXTREME changes to the level design.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

NAME: Maze Game
AUTHOR: Trevix
DESCRIPTION: This is a Demo to an Upcoming hack, The Maze Game. No not the Scary Maze Game just a Maze for Mario.

Although this Demo only has the first Level and it is Ridiculously easy, ill make the Rest of the Hack Harder

Note: The Hack is only on Yoshi's Island


Wrong grammar. *path, Mario! Off to the maze!

Not this old shitty level again -__-

Okay, if I bring a Yoshi here, I'll easily be able to jump over these blocks and end the level. The best thing you can do about this is just make old levels not accessible. You shouldn't have them accessible anyways.

Also if I am big, I die here :(
First reason this gets removed.
At this point, I advice you to use regular goal posts. They look better.

Death trap. NEVER. DO. THIS. Second reason this gets removed.

Never use the lowest row in Lunar Magic. This is unfair. I have no chance to know where the path ends.

If I enter this door here, I'll find myself in an endless bonus room.
Third reason this gets removed.
Also, if I go left now, I just be able to finish the level. Does this hack even have a point in the first place?

First, demos with few levels such as this make few sense. It's hard to give constructive criticism over just a few impressions. Make some more levels, better yet one or two worlds before submitting a demo.
Second, we do not accept Kaizo hacks. If you, in any way, intended to make your levels somewhat Kaizo, don't even consider submitting it. There's a thread in SMW Hacking Discussion where you can show this kind of stuff.
Third, read through our Submission Guidelines in order to see what's not wanted here.
And last, please don't use that much cement blocks. They look bad. :(
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 47, Overworld: 93%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Greetings, miserable proles!
Removal: "Mario, Luigi, and the World of Death"
Author: LegendaryMMAT
Description: "This game took me around half a year to make. I'm proud of my final-product!

This game features custom Music!

This is a Kaizo inspired SMW romhack, and can get unfair at most (or all) parts. This game will probably break you, both physically and mentally.


As per the Hack Submission Guidelines, section 5 states, and I quote:
5. The player should not be able to die in the title screen or intro!
The title screen can screw up if you get a star, P-Switch, enter a door/pipe, or die. Don't do it.

Which is exactly what happens in the intro.

Removal: "Bullet Mario's Shooting Gallery"
Author: lunarguru
Description: "I threw a level together using a powerup patch (the creator gets credit in the title screen) This is one, little Shooting Gallery level made just to play around with the patch. It's not gonna be a full game therefore it's not a demo, it's just a thing I made in my free time. Don't expect great things out of it."

So basically, you took someone else's work and made a single stage around it?
Sorry, I don't think that's the intended use of that ASM hack. You should have made a full scale hack instead, or a demo world of a full scale hack. Not a single level showcasing something another person made. =/

Hack Name: Super Mario World: Bowser's Attack Demo
Author: ToadKart64
Description: This is my rom hack of Super Mario World called "Super Mario World: Bowser's Attack". I'm calling it a demo for now. All of the levels in worlds 1 and 2 are edited, except for Donut Secret House and Donut Secret 2. I hope you enjoy my game!

--------Removal Reasons :o---------
Your hack has been denied. Why? Because the levels were merely blatant edits of SMW's original levels. All you did was abuse sprites, move some stuff here and there, and make cutoff. Plus, the levels were short and boring, like Techokami's recent removal logs.

If you are not a reader, then here are some pitchers:

Some of the letters have black spaces around them

plus, the letters get overwritten by the menu. Please reposition the title letters.

I suggest you rewrite this to:

Dear pesky
The Koopalings and
I have taken over
the Mushroom Kingdom!
*big space* Your buddy,
*big space* Bowser

Ugly OW. If you're going to place tiles all over the place, then you're better off not editing SMW's overworld at all.

... that's just cruel ;_;

Don't have the player die in a level with no time limit. If you're going to, then use this patch by my daddy BMF

Blatant Level 105 edit. Please use ctrl+del before making a level. Unless you're Chuck Norris, in which case just click del. Of course, Chuck Norris would never have a hack removed. </lameChuckNorrisjokes>

Even though the Piranha Plants are behind the ground, I can still interact with them, which makes no sense. Either put them in pipes or remove them.

hmm... I forgot why I took this pic. I should remember shortly.

I'd prefer these Bullet Bills come out of cannons, instead of appearing out of nowhere. Plus, you had alot of them.

The pipe is cutoff. How is Mario supposed to warp anywhere?

Glitched goal tiles. Also, put the goal bar lower. You have it too high.

You did not edit this room at all. Shame on you.

Ahh... now I remember why I took that other pic. You had a bunch of 1-ups that did not appear because of a bunch of Koopas you had. Even so, don't give the player so many 1-ups.

stacked munchers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. PLEASE DO NOT STACK MUNCHERS IT LOOKS NOOBISH! I THOUGHT THE GOAL OF EVERY SMW HACKER WAS TO NOT BE A NOOB! Use a giant wall of cement blocks at least.

Flying over the wall of ershame made the game freeze. I assume you had a podoboo somewhere. You need to enable sprite buoyancy for them to not crash. Go to the Lakitu head and enable Sprite Buoyancy. (even so, podoboos don't belong in grass levels...)

Don't make the player have to react quickly at level start. Put a ledge please. Also, cutoff bushes and vines.

This level also happens to be another blatant edit :<

Don't have the player have to use a P-Swithc to not die at the goal. That's a Kaizo trap, and you all know how much us hack mods hate kaizo traps /wrists

This is techically giving away a free 4-up, worse than giving away a 3-up. Have the player work hard to be rewarded.

The ledge is cutoff. Please add some sort of ledge end.

Another cheep Kaizo trap.

Lag + another blatant level edit = Ladidaquit. I assume all other levels will be the same :(

Overall, you need alot of improving to do before your hack is accepted. Please make original levels, and fix all cutoff. Also, try to make your levels fun, not short and boring. I wish you luck ;)

Name: Hell???
Author: thejohnman109
Description: my first may not be one of the best out there...but it may drive you crazy, also feel free to continue on there are some text changes in some levels..i can't remember which ones though

Your patch converts SMW into SMAS+W. This is very, very bad. Next time you submit your hack, remake your patch for SMAS+W, and note this in your description. Otherwise, I will have to ban you for including full copyrighted games in your patch.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Removal: "Super Mario Inundation"
Author: CaptainDazz
Description: "This is my very first Mario World hack so take that in to consideration when you play this."

I must admit, this is one of the better first-time hacks I've played, but it's still pretty bad.

Red Buzzy Beetles don't cut it, use the right sprite graphics or don't use this enemy at all. Also, that gimmick? It wasn't that good after the first time I had to do it, and there's like... 6 or more instances of this exact same segment in this game.
And your palette has mauled your file select screen text.

The hack itself is basically one giant long neverending level, filled with:

1) Cheap hits
Bullet Bill only comes from a Bullet Bill generator! Otherwise it is silent and blindsides the player.

2) Terrible palettes

3) Cutoff, and lots of it.

4) Glitched graphics

5) Sprite memory errors

And if you fall in here, you are trapped forever. There is no time limit, so you can't even wait forthe clock to run out.

All of this with a really crappy piece of custom music constantly looping in a level that takes over one hour to reach the end.

This hack breaks souls. You should be ashamed. Please READ THIS and WATCH THIS before you do anything else.

Hack Name: Strange Island - 289.1 KB - 24 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: Garis208 - Submitted by: Garis208
Description: My hack that is now complete.

Custom Foreground
Custom Background
Custom Music
Custom Sprites
Custom Character
Custom Yoshi
Two Worlds

Well, you're getting quite close, but some annoying design choices still remain.

The background is too bright here.

Bad palette on the goomba, and just under the mask of the shy guy.

What's that glitchy thing?

You know, even if you warn the player beforehand, having a forced death if you lose Yoshi is bad.

If you missed the star, this part is impossible. Oh, and the time limit is kind of strict, even for a timed challenge.

The bad palettes in the Best Time is off, and I still don't think the whole concept of having a best time to beat is a good idea.

Overall, this mushroom platform looks bad and cutoff.

The Wiggler's flower disappeared from Sprite Limits. Also, you can't see it in this picture, but the background still looks half missing to me...

The palette in here is too bright.

Still no background in this level.

After beating this level, it dawned upon me that this level is extremely empty. Add some enemies or something.

Bad message block palette too.

The 'Toad' in the HUD is a tad screwed up. Oh, and the background could be a little less empty too...

I managed to fall through here. Methinks some of these tiles act weirdly. Also, add a background, please.

Let Toad finish his goal walk.

Edge of platform looks cutoff by the lava. Also, background please. :<

Okay. I want you to go play through your hack again. OH WAIT, before you do that, turn off all your save states and rewinds. You'd know that this part is way to hard if you test properly.
Not only that, but the one hammer bro gets glitched in the wall.

'Nother cutoff platform.

Why even have the podobos there if they only jump that high.

These are your overworlds. They are MUCH better than before, but I'd still like to point out some things.
Blue = Perspective Error
Red = Cutoff

Yep, going to have to remove it. It's a lot better than before, but it still falls short of making it onto the site.
I have two overall tips for you:
1) Make your levels longer. A lot of these levels are really quite short.
2) Try to make multiple paths. If you can do this by using pipes or just having a path split, it'd make your level design a lot better.
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Hack Name: Link's Quest Demo - 131 KB - 1266 downloads.
Added: 2009-05-17 10:13:58 AM
Rating: 8.5 (7)
Reviews: 3 (jump to reviews)
Length: 5 levels
Author: Blaze.128 - Submitted by: Blaze.128
Description: Hyrule, the land of legend, is going through some serious problems. The economy is a mess, which caused the Rupee to drop in value. Having no other option, the King sent Link on a journey to the Mushroom Kingdom, hoping that they would be able to help them out.

This is possibly my first actual hack submitted here to SMWCentral. I hope that you enjoy it.

This hack was previously accepted, but it is being removed per the author's request.

Originally posted by Blaze.128
Good afternoon, sir. Would you be prepared to do me a small favor? I have this hack, you see, and I need to get it removed off of this site. Thank you in advance.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario's Special Adventure Demo - 29.6 KB - 1 download.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Mriohony (Baby Bowser) - Submitted by: BabyBowserNew2
Description: This is my fixed version.

Mario has found
the way of his
special adventure,
but on the way,
the Princess was
kidnapped! Mario
must find her and
bring her back!

Added message box in Training level.
Added powerup on End of first demo.
There's more....


I just played through this whole hack before realizing the submitter was a reregistration of a spammy user. Anyway, I'd upload screenshots, but it's really not worthwhile. I'll make a brief log so that this wasn't a complete waste of half an hour of my life.

Suffice to say this hack was not very good:

- The "Training Level" was easy to get stuck in and was full of Munchers and Chargin' Chucks.
- The overworld was completely unedited.
- The Yellow Switch Palace was barely edited.
- The first "real" level of the game required the Yellow Switch Palace to be activated.
- Level design was boring and repetitive, with overuse of the same enemy over and over and over and over again and "interesting" ledge-building.
- One level started off with enemies just a few steps away from you.
- The castle had a random setup of blocks based on the ones used in the "castle entrance" object. They served no apparent purpose.
- After a while, the castle had some interesting glitches that I can only assume were due to corrupted VRAM. Sadly, this was the most interesting and entertaining part of this hack.

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines

2. Blatant level edits will not be accepted.
Use CTRL+DEL to remove old SMW levels. (104, C5, C7, and 3 are exempt from this.)

3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

7b) The player should be able to identify everything's behavior before touching it. The player should not have to do something illogical, like jump in lava, to complete a puzzle. If something acts "unusual", inform the player ahead of time.

9. Quality level design
Your hack has a much higher chance of being accepted if the level design is fun. Conversely, if the level design is found to be lacking then a little cutoffness may be enough to push the hack into deletion.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Wario World: Wario's Legacy (DEMO) Demo - 340 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Tripp - Submitted by: tooltra
Description: In the monster infested area of New Dino World, Wario has overheard King browser talking of mysterious "Golden Eggs" that bring unbelievable riches to whomever obtains them. Wario, being his greedy self attempts to find them and become rich.


It's strange - your patch is 476 kb in size, and yet when I patch it to a clean, headered ROM, I receive a HEADERLESS (!) 512 kb ROM in return.

Long story short, your patch doesn't work. Please always test your IPS patch on a clean ROM before you submit it.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
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