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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
No, this isn't the "uber" removal yet.


Hack Name: The Adventures Of Super Mario World
Length: 8 levels
Author: Shy Guy's Stash

Bowser kidnapped
Princess Peach and
this time he's not
alone a dark
shadow follows

I request that the hack I submitted be removed because someone pointed out some problems

'Nough said.
Hack Name: Munchy's Escape from Muncher Island - 173.4 KB - 124 Downloads
Length: 1 level
Author: Fourpify - Submitted by: Fourpify
Description: Couple days of work and this is my first hack i submitted to SMWCentral.

Custom Music
Custom Blocks
Changed Overworld.

i know about some stuff like the player dissapearing when theres a banzai bill and all but i dont know the setting for that. and i know about some of the palettes of the Chuck's and those guys but i couldn't do anything about it i had to have the palette like that. and for the coin score thing i cant find where to change it so i just left it like that. but anyway heres the hack.

Intro Screen

*they're (there)
*muncher (munchers)
Also, it's really har
d to read when the me
ssages like this. Check word wrap in the message box editor.


This overworld seems to be almost exactly like Ersanio and Bad Luck Man's from the Muncher Run 2..

Muncher's Castle

There seems to be a garbage tile where the points are.

One side of the land is solid, while the other isn't, which is strange. Also, the moon in the background keeps repeating, meaning that there are either several moons, or I'm running in circles.

I'm pretty sure this can be considered as a floating muncher (The top muncher).

I have no idea how to get to the moon. I can't bounce off the flying munchers (Which by the way, are alike to TMR2's), since they spawn too high.

I have no idea that there was a ceiling at the top of the screen.

If I don't have the switch flipped to the correct status and I kill off the chuck, I'm stuck with no way to get back or forward.

Mr. Emo Rex is sad about his bad palette.

Ah, yes. I remember you said you were having problems with Munchy disappearing when Banzai comes. Try using 4 for the sprite heading.

*they're (there)
Grammar problem; change the comma to a period, then capitalize "if".

..Wait, these are the spikes? They look like land, honestly.

You can barely see Munchy's... feet/roots at the bottom.

If I DON'T press up at the credits, I can die. Using a teleport block can remedy this problem.

..Then proceed to get a TIME UP! death, even though that didn't happen.
This hack was pretty fun, although there were a few errors that made me push it into rejection. The problems that are probably the most important would have to be the area I got stuck in, the land-spikes, the "TIME UP!" appearing after you die, and the death at the credits. Also, you had a few grammar and homophone/spelling problems. Other than that, this seems to be a solid hack. Fix the errors, and we'll see if we can accept it next time.

EDIT: I made a spelling mistake... TWICE. God, I'm a fail.

Name: Super New World
Author: Axlprosser18
Description: Here's my second apptempt at making a different smw hack. I did a few changes, including the yellow switch palace, yoshi's house and the first castle. I hope this one is better, and it's kaizo like.

In my brief play of the game, I took 18 screenshots. However, one of them truly describes this hack far better than the other 17 put together.

So, what's wrong with this picture? Well, what isn't? Blatant level edits, Muncher overdose, cutoff aplenty... Also, there was a stupid Kaizo trap at the end of the previous level.

Basically, everything is wrong with this hack.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

NAME: [DEMO] Practice Makes Purrfect v2
AUTHOR: sunwarrior25
DESCRIPTION: I don't know about you, but I think this 9 level hack should be considered a Demo, rather than a fully grown hack.

Contains "vanilla" graphics, 3 switch palaces, and just about 1 of everything else- Except Bowser (sorry, no credit scene).

Updated from the previous version to (try to) comply with standards.


First things first. I'll show things now which you might want to fix. Those are not removal reasons, though:

The blue font looks bad here. I suggest giving it a black outline.

This actually does not make sense. Starting with a story here would make your hack tons better and more interesting.

I suggest removing the jumping fish. It looks bad as it jumps in front of the foreground.

Minor cutoff below Mario. The black lines should be connected with the edge of the hill.

Good that you removed the death trap, but it's still bad that a 3-up moon can be obtained so easily...

There's still no reset pipe or door here. I don't want to kill myself now.

Put a pipe here (actually make the level start by Mario exiting a pipe). It's looks just weird that Mario comes up behind the foreground as if he would come up a pipe.

I still can swim up here and skip a huge part of the level. Either put invisible coin blocks here, or put a wall up there.

This donut bridge still shoots bullets. This isn't exactly where bullets should be shooted from.

There is a major slowdown here. I suggest removing some fish.

See above. I know that you need the red switch first, but the moon is still too easy to get. Also, what's the point of getting a Yoshi here? I can't even enter the door with it, so I have to abandone it right after I got it. Mean :(

What you can't see in this picture is a small hot-head being invisible. That's because there are too many sprites on the screen. Remove a few.

*Too bad

If I go down, what's the point of the pipe under these platforms? The below pipe (which you cannot see in this picture) has the same exit as the pipe seen in this picture. You don't even get an award for finding this secret pipe.

This part of the level is originally dark. If I enter the pipe (what I have done before), the darkness has gone. What confused me here as well was: After I switched on the lights, is it even possible to get into the pipe then? I am not too sure, but I think not. If not, this would be a removal reason as well. Make sure that after you press the P-switch, you both have to be able to turn on the lights and get access to the pipe!

Now for the real removal reasons:

After you had entered this pipe and exited the bonus room through the other pipe, it takes you here again. However, due to the pipe dwelling Lakitu, Mario gets hurt. Remove the Lakitu, or make the pipe lead to another pipe without a Lakitu instead. This is a removal reason: Only imagine Mario were small in this situation.

Death trap. I even could hit the block after a few tries, but I couldn't escape to the right after I was ducking under the block. Instead, the only thing Mario did was glitching to the left, then dying in the wall.

What you also cannot see in this picture is that near Mario (right of him), there is something that hurts Mario. Luckily I was big before, otherwise I were screwed. A removal reason, so fix this.

This hack is close to getting accepted. However you should fix above things to pass our guidelines and make it even better. A developping story would also be of advantage, but this is only a demo anyways. Some level design ideas were nice (level 1, with the blue doors after you have pressed some switches), some were a bit boring (underwater area: too much empty space where you can swim; only minor criticism, though).
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Hack Name: Mario, Luigi, and the World of Darkness
Length: 6 exits
Author: LegendaryMMAT - Submitted by: LegendaryMMAT
Description: This game took me around half a year to make. I'm proud of my final-product!

This game features custom Music!

This is a Kaizo inspired SMW romhack, and can get unfair at most (or all) parts. This game will probably break you, both physically and mentally.



Your patch did not work. Make sure to test your patch with a clean ROM to verify that it works before submitting it.

Kaizo hacks are generally frowned upon here, so submitting it wouldn't be a good idea anyway. However, there is the 'Kaizo Hack Submissions' thread in SMW Hack Discussion that would gladly accept your difficulty. :)
NAME: Super "Dark" World (Fixed Demo v1.0)
AUTHOR: Deoxys594
A fixed demo (it´s right!) of my hack.


It's better than the last version, but you still have some things left to fix.

The title screen palettes need some fixing, and there's a line to the left of the big W that should be removed.

Not really a removal reason, but if you run to the right and jump in the intro, you hit the Koopa just as the message appears. You don't die, but the death music plays nonetheless. Perhaps you should move the Koopa one more space to the right?

If you follow these coins exactly downwards, you die. In fact, even if you hold right, you will most likely not make it into the tunnel unless you are small.

It seems kind of weird that these spikes should be able to hurt me when I hit them from below. Why not have the parts that aren't pointy act like cement blocks instead?

This is the midway entrance. Not very nice, is it?

These donut blocks don't seem to work.

As pointed out in the last removal log, the first levels have some sprite tile memory issues.

This is why the second half of palettes 0 and 1 shouldn't be used for FG and/or BG graphics.

This Bob-Omb should most definitely not be invisible. Check your sprite memory settings.

You might want to raise the FG initial positioning a bit for the entrance to this level.

More sprite tile memory issues made one of the platforms disappear.

Most definitely not a removal reason, but how come this platform isn't brambles like the other ones?

Methinks you forgot to insert the music for this sublevel.

More non-fading due to the background using status bar palettes.

Minor, but it seems kind of odd that this ice isn't slippery. You could use this custom block for the ice surface, as it doesn't turn the rest of the level slippery as well.

Also minor: collecting blocks doesn't make much sense. Why not use ExAnimation to create a tile that looks like a coin all the time?

More incorrect foreground initial positioning. Remember: C0 when you start at the bottom of the level, 60 or 90 for the middle, and 00 for the top.

The surface of the lava acts like water, and the cement blocks create small holes around the corners.

A new message (perhaps telling you that the demo is finished) would be nice.

Apart from these issues, most of which were pretty minor, this was a fun hack. Fix them and resubmit, and I would be surprised if it isn't accepted.

EDIT: fixed broken images
Hack Name: SMW - Another Unnamed Hack
Length: 4 levels
Author: schlauesGemuese - Submitted by: schlauesGemuese


Quite a good hack to be honest, but there are a couple minor issues that lead me to not accept it. Since it's only 3 playable levels, the error/level ratio is pretty high here.

Some blocks here are acting weird. There seems to be an invisible ceiling, and the microwave thing (or whatever it's supposed to be) is actually two question blocks... Especially the second issue should be fixed in some way. Just add regular question blocks there and have the microwave tiles act like normal cement blocks.

You should enable "Vertical Scroll at Will" in all of your levels to make Mario visible at all times.

The bounce sprites that appear when a bock is hit don't match the regular block GFX... Not a removal reason, it just looks odd.

*By the way

Again, not a removal reason.

Not really cutoff, and not a removal reason either, but you might want to add edge tiles here instead of having the pipe cut into the ground.

The camera starts too low here. Click on the second door button and change the FG "Init Pos" to fix this.

Switch glitch. Change the sprite tileset (blue poison mushroom, second menu) to "Switch Palace" to make it appear correctly.

Major flaw: You can re-enter the switch palace, but the switch will have disappeared then, rendering you stuck there until the time runs out and you die. Don't do that. To fix it, press Alt and right-click on the switch palace tile in the OW editor and check the "No entry if level passed" box.
(Also, the switch palace tile on the OW doesn't flatten after you beat it, which looks kind of odd.)

Strange-looking palettes here, for both the status bar and the goal tape.

Does that note block that appears all of a sudden serve any purpose?

I'm holding a shell here, but it disappears when too many sprites are on-screen. Either remove some or chage the sprite memory setting (Lakitu button) until everything works fine.
(Also, the time limit here seems a tad short... You might want to give the player a little more time. Just a suggestion.)

You come out of nowhere here, and start in the air... Also, the camera position's a little too high this time.

Apart from that, it was a really nice-looking and promising hack. If you fix all this stuff, I'll gladly accept it next time. ;)

Name: SMWR: going home
Author: Ultrafiredude the king
Description: Well everyone this hack has custom music, custom sprites, and custom ExGFX.

1# Boswer
2# Giant goomba
3# Shy guys
4# Snifts
5# ...
You get it

Bad patch - game didn't progress past the Nintendo Presents screen. Might want to make a new patch from a clean ROM.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Koopa World version 1.5
Author: martin9172
Description: nothing really changed from 1.4.
Playtester is.....nowhere to be found. He's gonna test it by downloading it here.

-------Removal Reasons :o---------------

I have to say, your hack needs a lot of work. I know you said that you couldn't find your playtester (try PMing them), but still, couldn't you see some of the errors yourself? The hack is abundant in cutoff, glitched graphics, etc. It seems that the later levels suffered alot from this. Don't get lazy towards the end of your hack!

I originally took, like, 70++ images, but I said 'screw it' and just used the first few 26 or so.

Bad FG starting position. Change it using the door with a 1 on it in Lunar Magic.

Glitched Flying GFX. Please fix them, they are in GFX 32.
Let me take the time to tell you that these player GFX are really lazy, and some frames are awful looking; it's as if you made them in 2 minutes. Not sure if you made them or if they are in SMWC, but they should be fixed/prettified.

Don't use the lowest row of blocks in LM, because they won't show up in gameplay.

Use the Fade Fix patch, or avoid using the status bar colors.

For some odd reason, when I beat this level, the screen turns all red and stuff. Not sure why, but I suggest fixing it by deleting the event or something, because it looks trippy o_O

Let me say that the Layer 1 in this level was annoying (it's a bunch of leaves in front of the ground, blocking your view). Also, although you edited the Koopas to look like Toads, they turn into beach koopas when out of their "hats". Pretty crazy

An instance of awful player GFX frames.

I did not know that the X-block right next to me will hurt me. Inform the player beforehand (or don't use it at all, as that was the only one I saw)

Also, your Bullet Bill Shooters had awful palettes. Please fix them, or simply use the original GFX

Your hack had alot of instanced of glitched X-Up sprites. Make sure you aren't overwriting them (they are in GFX 00)

This level has messed-up status bar colors. Make the BG use a different palette. Also, there was a bit of lag here, so delete some sprites or something.

I was able to get here from the upside-down slopes at the bottom. I dunno if its a glitch in SMW or you forgot to put the slope-tile-connector thingies.

This is the same level, afetr I beat the boss. The fis are frozen and stuff, since they are conflicting with the Layer 3 text. It doesn't look that bad, but I still suggest you either fight the boss in another room, or remove the fis

In this castle level, the Toad somehow managed to climb over to the spikes, when he was on the fence. Move the spikes away from the fence, to avoid this happening.

Either something's wrong with the tile properties, or you're being a douché. This platform acts like a blank tile, thus I fell in the lava.

This part of the castle was both laggy and hard. You need to delete some sprites, and not make so many "duck and go through hole" stuff. It's hard to do that when you're Big Mario

Glitched goal sphere. Since you didn't seem to use the Bony Beetle, then use ExGFX to replace the tile with corrected GFX. All your Goal Sphere's in the hack have this problem.

Since you covered this pipe with Turn Blocks, I was able to spin jump and break them, revealing a cutoff pipe. Fix plz

You made a blatant edit of a test level. now I've seen everything Use ctrl+del before making new levels.

holy glitched batman and woman. Please fix the GFX of this subworls, and use some better palettes :(

Don't have any vertical BG scroll on a vertical level, because background garbâge will show up. Also, some status bra colors are screwed up.

The Podoboo has cutoff on it, maybe due to the sprite memory, which can be changed in the Lakitu head in LM. Also, random fire in the air. Delete them plz

SMW doesn't like it when you have a slope with a wall right at the end. End slopes with a ledge to avoid this from happening. (or you can use the patch in the patches section... forgot the name) ALso, the level had some sprite memory issues, refer to the previous image.

It seems you didn't edit some of Mario's tiles in GFX 00 (see the little hand?)

When I hit a P-switch, the yellow coins turn into normal solid brown blocks like normal, but blue coins turn into red solod blocks that still act like coins. This is a glitch in the original SMW, so try not to have a P-switch near any blue coins.

There are slope GFX, but they act like a blank tile, so I fell through! D:

Random triangle/watermelon blocks. Please remove them.
Also, I felt the post was devoid of unfunny funniness, so OMG PONIES!

There is MUCH MUCH more errors than the ones I posted, but I'm sure you got the point and learned your lesson. Maybe hire multiple beta testers? It can surely help, as you don't need to rely on one sole person.

Hope you can improve on the hack! :D
Operation "Hack Armageddon" initiate.

00:08 - Story Hack HQ

Well, well. It appears that we have some legitimate hacks here, boss. They have a few problems on the other hand, so what should we do?...


Hack Name: Sniggerb0bble
Length: 20 levels
Author: Sniggerb0bble

Sniggerbobble's Redemption: The Crystal of Disaster (SR:TCoD) the sequel to Bowser's Ultimate Labyrinth, takes place 10 years after its predecessor. Bowser has kidnapped the Princess once again and as ransom wants the omni-potent Jewel: The Crystal of Disaster. The Mushroom Kingdom have no other choice but to oblige. However, on the night that they decide to hand it over, the temple where the Crystal was layed to rest was completely obliterated by an unknown force. Mario must now work in order to find out what happened to the Crystal, and to stop Bowser. But is there more to this story than what meets they eye...?

Welcome to the Second Demo of SR:TCoD! This demo Contains 20 levels and three days (three worlds) worth of gameplay. Delve in as the story takes more hold in the update to the Second Game of the Dark Sniggerbobblian Mythos!

WARNING: The game has some strong language and may contain spoilers for those who have not yet played BUL. Play at your own risk. It's also a very story orientated game, those who do not like story and will skip the cutscene's may find the levels confusing without it.

(Also includes bonus Soundtrack)

(Re-Upload to fix the previous file problem... I hope)


Hack Name: The Legend of Randorland 3 - Randor's Eternal Empire.
Length: 44 exits
Author: Chikane

This is the final version of The Legend of Randorland 3.
It has 44 Exits.

The story is as following:

A long time ago, an evil beast was destroying the world.
But there was one hero brave enough to fight him.
His name was: Randor.
He managed to win the fight and became a legend.
But the evil creature wasn't going to leave him with the win.
So it put a curse on Randor, which could only be broken by beating him at midnight with a fullmoon.
That curse made him evil.
He went insane.

Several years later Mario went on vacation on Randor Isle, not knowing of the evil Randor.
Randor took all his friends and Mario had to look for them.
After he did Randor got away.

After he used a machine to create his own world, Mario stopped him and destroyed the machine.
But Randor was stuck between the dimensions, and thus the dimensions exploded, with him
still inside.

He transformed into a ghost, he was angry.
He only wanted revenge now, the world domination was just something that would be nice.
Will he succeed? Will he fail?
To find out you'll need to play my hack.

-This is a story based hack so be warned for cutscenes.
-This folder contains 2 versions, the original one with strong language, and a version without the strong language.


These hacks, for the most part, were quite enjoyable to me. It pains me to delete them; however, it's mainly due to small errors that can easily be fixed. In this case, both authors requested that their removal logs not be public, so I shall privately send them reasons for removal at some point tonight or tomorrow for them to be able to fix their hacks and resubmit them soon. Beautiful job, guys.

(check here for more progress on the Operation: Hack Armageddon)
Hack Name: Super Simple World - 157.4 KB - 67 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: 1UPdudes - Submitted by: 1UPdudes
Description: A short hack which stars two brothers, Red and Green looking for stolen pizzas.
This hack may seem easy but then again the title does say "simple"

Now don't worry, because I will definitely be accepting this, but there is one fatal problem that I'm sure you'll want to fix.

Yeah, after beating this level, I don't go anywhere... Where was the 10 levels I was promised?

A few other minor issues.
First off, go back and check ALL your message boxes, because a lot of them have grammar errors.


There's a space between Red's hand and the shell. That looks really odd.

I can access the bonus area right off the bat. Probably not intended.

The Rexs' body cutsoff when I jump on it. <- ignore this.

That's all. All easy to fix. Once that's done, I'll accept it.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
NAME: Super Boss World 1.0
AUTHOR: weegeefan765
A nice short rom hack with all the bosses.

p.s. Just because the title says "1.0" doesn't
mean I'm gonna make an update

cherry cool-aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The patch does absolutely nothing when applied to a clean ROM. Also, this isn't a screenshot:
Epic Yoshi World [DEMO] - 211.2 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 11 exits
Author: Immortality - Submitted by: Immortality
Description: This is a demo of Epic Yoshi World.
It has ExGFX, Custom sprites, and more awesome stuff.
It has no story or title yet,
but definetly worth playing.

This hack needs a lot of improvement before it's accepted onto the site. Not to mention the game has a major bug preventing me from going further about two levels in.

When Yoshi rides Yoshi, he turns into a green Mario. An easy way to fix this would to just change the title screen, which is a plus in itself.

Unchanged message

Red = Cutoff
Blue = Perspective Error
Purple = Bad Palette
Your overworld, in short, needs a lot of work. Also, it'd be nice if you either disabled using the start button to look all around the map, until you have some things to actually put everywhere.

Bad Palette on the ball n' chain and the HUD.

Sprite limits cause the message block to disappear.

...Why do the koops go behind the netting while in the middle of the net?

Bad message palette.

Shouldn't Yoshi be swimming here?


This level is really quite short, and it sends me back to the pipe...

If I go down from the pipe, Yoshi walks this long, weird path and ends up at Foggy Forest.

And when I enter said level, I go to DREADED LEVEL 0.

Like I said, this hack needs a lot of work to be accepted. 18 screenshots for two levels.
Before you resubmit, go through all the levels that I couldn't access for whatever reason, and make sure that they don't have any of the errors mentioned above.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
The longest level I've played in my life!

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Mario Inundation - 194.7 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 32 exits
Author: CaptainDazz - Submitted by: CaptainDazz
Description: This is my first SMW hack so take that into consideration when playing my hack. This is also the second time i have submited this hack due to all the errors i made so lets hope its good enough this time.
My Short Review:
It's okay, but the level got REALLY long, boring and repetitive.

Glitched graphics, use the right graphics for the spiny.

There's some cut-off around the pipe. Also the background palette is kinda bad.

Speaking of palettes....

You get the point, the big reason why this hack got removed was because of the palettes, they were bad or eye-bleeding. Look at Mario's eyes in the last 2, they're bleeding!

The cement blocks make the water cut-off. There's a lot of areas that have water over cement blocks and those are cut-off.

There quite a few blind jumps. Put coins to lead the way.

The end of the vine is cut-off, at least it was just tha....

Oh god! But yeah, the bottom of the vines are cut-off and there was a lot of them.

I can break through some parts of the level by jumping over and going to the top. Put some invisible coin blocks to block it off.

Just like the water the lava is cut-off because of the cement blocks.

This looks familiar. Blantant level edits aren't allowed.

I can get in here, put some invisible coin blocks to block it off.

Stacked bullet bill cannons look bad, it also makes a little cut-off at the bottom.

The orange pipe at the top is cut-off.

Quick! Jump off to avoid bad palette's! Ok I'll stop, you should read this on how to make good custom palette's. It might help.

Look a mushroom! Dibs!

It's gone!!! Anyways, you have the wrong sprite header as some sprites disappear at times.

A lot of parts in the level is really boring, I find myself just constantly running, jumping, dodging, and go through the same ideas over and over. Try to mix things up a bit so people would enjoy it.

Wrong corner tiles. Also for the 2nd screen there's no corner tiles for the lava so I suggest moving the land away from the lava or take out the lava.

Random cement blocks on land makes it cut-off. Use map 16 at times to help you with some of these errors.

Get rid of one of the cement blocks so the player doesen't glitch through.

Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as it will not appear in game.

More stacked bullet bill cannons. Also if I fall down where the cannons are....

I'm stuck there and you have to kill yourself. Either add invisible blocks so you can get back there, or just make it so you can't fall in there in the 1st place.

Looks like you accidentally forgot to add the corner tile and replaced it with some other tile.

The pipe is cut-off because of the cement blocks.

Wrong sprite header here too.

Not much of a removal reason, but when the para bomb lands his foots in the pipe, just move him a bit so his foot isn't stuck in it.

Easy 3-Up moon, make them rare to get.

Move the land up one tile so it won't look cut-off.

I exit out from thin air.

Is this really necessary? I know it's so you can make the background scroll fast but you can just avoid it.

Random torpedo teds came out of nowhere.

I can't see the powerup but I collect it out of nowhere. Also....

Kaizo traps are not cool!

The boos have a bad palette.

These glass boxes act weird, it's like a smashable brick but it won't smash, and when I hit it....

It has some weird frame that makes it disappear a bit.

Bad lava palette, and bad cut-off.

Kaizo rip-off.

Not a removal reason but what's the point of the blue switch blocks. There were no switches in the 1st place.


The skulls ride on the land a bit.

Random cement blocks on land again. Also the ropes are cut-off due to blue switch blocks.

This is definitely a no. If Mario hits the cement blocks while riding this....

A glitch occurs causing Mario to climb in mid-air.
There is a lot of things that you need to fix, they should be pretty simple to fix.

Hack Name: "BETA CARNAGE" Demo - 501.6 KB - 116 downloads.
Length: 34 levels
Author: KillerCarnage - Submitted by: KillerCarnage
Description: This is my first DEMO uploaded.

Read the readme for info.

PM me for concerns and stuff and I'll have v.1.1 sometime in the spring, and v.1.2 around the summer, and hopefully the final version before 2011. Enjoy.

Here's Why

Got a black screen upon patching with the IPS. Check to make sure your patch works before uploading. You may have used a bad ROM as a base.

Name: crazy fun
Author: linkplayer70

Not a proper screen shot.

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My Hacks:

Name: STW test
Author: joshua harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker6 (Isn't this like your third account? Stop losing your password!)
Description: just posting this to see if chester(or whoever tests my hack) will approve of the changes i made to toad (there was 1 bug i couldnt fix with toads face while flying but it might've just been a glitch that happened...)

Not a proper screenshot.

Removal Log
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: mario's quest for scrambled eggs
Author: vhayes8886
Description: a short interesting hack built on no theme what so ever

--------Removal Reasons :o------------

You need to download some hacks off of the site to get an idea on what we like to accept. This hack was full of cutoff, blatant level edits, glitched graphics, and fail. Reading the FAQ also helps. Lots

Onto pics

Nasty title GFX. Some have black boxes around them. Also, the eggs get cutoff by the Layer 3 text. The title level itself needs some fixing too.

I die right after entering this level. It turns out the level is a water level, though. Please put Mario higher up.

Use ExGFX to correct these goal sphere GFX. Also, if I go over that awesome recreation of a house, I get stuck and have to wait out the time.

This level is one of the many blatant level edits. Use ctrl+del before making a level, and remove those berries.

Having the player kill themselves if they haven't gone to a Switch Palace is frowned upon. At least put some blocks here and there so it makes it more challenging if you haven't hit the switch. Also, OMG THE LEVEL USES CHOCOLATE RAIN!!!1111

Ersanio and Monnymoonmoons, sitting on some glitched ground GFX. K. I. S. S. I. N. G. Don't stack your munchers, and don't make your 3-up moons so easily accessible. Also, use the correct GFX header.

The silver pipe is cutoff, and the green pipe leads to the beginning of the level. I see no reason for this to happen.

I am assuming, because you used bounce blocks as ground for this part of the level, the fade-out circling glitches like this. Remove the bounce blocks from this area.

Why did you ruin Nintendo's pretty overworld? :( At least fix the cutoff you made.

What in the world. First of all, the level was another blatant edit. Second, the level was semi-challenging, as you had to jump off Yoshi, land on a Lakitu cloud, while avoiding flying Cheep-Cheep. Third, the text gets covered by the blocks shown in the message, and you have the switches all stacked up like that.

Easy 3-up moon, and huge ugly block of water. You had alot of this in the level, so cover the water with some walls or something (please don't use SMW pipes or cement blocks, use ledges or custom GFX) Also, unnecessary floaring bushes on the top-left.

A pipe in your level leads to this unedited sub-level. Make a new level or don't have the pipe.

Mario missed the pipe. Move the pipe to where Mario comes out, not in the air.

This fence is cutoff, along with the ledge I'm standing on.

You used wrong ground GFX here, they're acting like slopes. Also, their GFX are glitched. And the water has no top.

Background garbage can be seen here. Also, glitched feather bounce block GFX when you hit them. I know it's fixable, since I've fixed it before. Check the ROM map.

If I fall all the way down, I encounter these lonely tiles. Remove them, as they are unnecessary and only create lulzorz

Blatant edit of a test level. Now I've seen everything. Wait... I've said that already :/

Not sure if this was in the original SMW, but when I grab a block as Big Mario, and hold down while I hit the munchers, Mario scrolls through some glitched frames. Not sure how to fix it :/
Also, DONT STACK THE DAMN MUNCHERS. Munchers are plants, and plants have roots, and roots need to be in the ground, not in other munchers' mouths. That's just wrong.

Big mess of cement blocks = nono. Be more creative in your level design, and try not to make these things.

I dunno what these are supposed to act like, but they are acting like solid blocks. Fix please.

Glitched note block bounce GFX. Since you aren't using any castle sprites, you can use ExGFX to fix the problem.

DONT STACK MUNCHERS. Also, you never mentioned that you needed a silver P-switch, thus I got stuck, since I had grabbed the midpoint. I had to get a game aver :(

You did not edit this level at all. Please edit it.

Capitalize the first letter in your sentences, and use punctuation. All your messages suffer from this. Also, how can you make scrambled eggs with only 1 egg? You need at least 2 to make some decent scrambled eggs D:

Making Mario have to wait out the timer to exit a level is cruel and devilish. Make the level not enterable, sinc it's not even playable.

Overall, you need vast improvements. Next time, have someone test your hack, so it won't have to go through a removal log like this.
Originally posted by reghrhre
The longest level I've played in my life!

I swear, by looking at the screenshots, he didn't change anything at all. Next time he posts that hack without fixing things, 24h ban him as well.

Removal: "super Boss World 1.0"
Author: weegeefan765
Description: "This is my first rom hack, so don't expect alot !

Please tell me about any glitches!"'s a single level with doors leading to all the boss fights. :|
Come back with a hack that has actual substance to it, please.

NAME: SMW the new saga BETA 1.2
AUTHOR: mariolpmadness
trhis is my 2nd beta and its much improved from the old!!
its my 1st etempt at a over world and is a pretty easy hack!
i made it to b a nice fun remix of the old SMW but with a better storyling!
(btw duz yoshis island count as a level?)


First off: not to be mean or anything, but your spelling is absolutely atrocious. I assume that English isn't your first language? If so, you should get someone who is fluent in it to proofread your messages.

It has been one whole year since Mario foiled Bowser's plans. Today, Mario is visiting Yoshi at his new home!

Mario, meet me at Mt. Green for a picnic! But first, feel free to explore the area.

This is such a calm part of the world... So beautiful... It almost reminds me of Dinosaur Land before...

I should get back to Yoshi. He's waiting at Mt. Green... But what is that up ahead? A switch palace?

Hmm... I can't find Yoshi anywhere... Where did he run off to? Yoshi! Where are you, buddy?

What was that? It sounded like it came from inland, but I can't see over that cliff...

Now I'm really worried. I haven't seen Yoshi yet! Is he OK? What was that loud bang? Well, I'm almost at the top now...

What's that? I-it... it looks like a giant statue of Bowser is blocking the way inland... Bowser?!

Yoshi probably went inland, but that statue blocked the way... I have to go the long way around... I hope he's okay.

Okay, now across the bridge and down that island, and I... What is that blocking the bridge? A castle? Not again...

So we meet again, Mario! I will not underestimate you again! Come get me if you can!

(Kind of offtopic: I found it kind of ironic how the castle after this message still had the exact same Iggy battle...)

-The author-
Castles are much harder than the other levels, since if you beat them, you move on in the story!

(Which makes the fact that the castle destruction message is unedited all the more funny.)

Whew. Now that we are done with all that, let's move on to the actual game, shall we?

When you are selecting the number of players, the properties of one of the border tiles gets all messed up. The easiest way to fix it would be to simply make that particular board not stick out like that.

How come the Podoboos here jump so low? They have literally zero chance of hitting you...

...oh. You know, you could simply change the sprite tileset instead.

Cutoffness at the corner above Mario.

I can use the P-Switch to get in here without having to get the throw blocks...

...but when I press it to get rid of the munchers up ahead, I get stuck due to there being a wall of brown blocks blocking the exit pipe. Add some way to reset the puzzle, will you?

To be perfectly honest, the background palette here could be better.

Aside from this not making any sense at all, the edge tile Mario is ducking on is also cutoff.

Again, sense made = 0. Jumping into the back of a cliff wall is just odd.

Wrong corner tile.

...why not just extend the platform instead?

Now this just screams copypasta.

I think that Bowser head was assembled slightly incorrectly: the mouth looks odd.

Despite me taking a screenshot when the moon is partially covered by a floating mine for whatever reason, it is still far too easy to find and acquire. Not to mention that it was apparently inserted through Direct Map16 Access, meaning you can go back and get it however many times you want.

If you edit level 0/100, make sure to disable horizontal scroll, or this will happen.

Another moon that's really easy to find. And what's up with the spikes on the sides of the blocks? It's not like they hurt you or anything.

This screen depicts the only Dragon Coin in the castle. Where did the other four go? Just one is kind of useless.

Unless you are lucky enough to be Fire Mario here, this passage is pretty much impossible to pass, mostly due to the fact that the shell only stops after stomping it twice.

Whatever happened to your storyline?

The palettes on these cement blocks are kind of bad.

This picture shows the Here We Go track playing in an underground bonus area, which isn't really all that fitting.

Apart from some minor cutoffness, this area also features quite a bit of slowdown, and another nonsensical cliff wall to the left of Mario.

And another one.

Again, why not just extend the platform? Mario walking into a pipe just looks odd.

...Star Road?

Oh. An unfinished level.

Featuring eleven screens of flat land...

...and no way to exit apart from jumping down this hole at the end.

HINT: Don't allow access to unfinished levels.

This is another hack that needs quite a bit of work before it can get accepted. Start by fixing your messages, and then get to work on the other things I pointed out.
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