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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
NAME: Super Mario's Special Adventure Fixed v3 (Demo 1)
AUTHOR: Baby Bowser Submitted by: adnmiad
Mario has found
the way of his
special adventure,
but on the way,
the Princess was
kidnapped! Mario
must find her and
bring her back!


Story time! :D

Once upon a time, a hack moderator was moderating a hack. After playing through the whole thing, taking screenshots of stuff that needed fixing, he opened up the hack in Lunar Magic to check that he hadn't missed anything. Then, he noticed something strange: the whole overworld was finished, and every level tile had a finished level to it. So why was the hack a demo that ended after seven levels?

The moderator looked through some levels at random. Eventually, he got to the final castle, and got a sudden sense of déjà vu. He was certain that he had seen that level earlier...

When he got to the final room of the castle, everything suddenly became clear. There was no forgetting that ending; it was the exact same one as in another hack called Pandemonium Fortress 2! Downloading it and comparing it to the one waiting to be moderated confirmed these suspicions: every single level apart from the first world, as well as the entire overworld, were identical in both ROMs.

Of course, there could still be a perfectly innocent explanation for this, so the moderator contacted the creator of Pandemonium Fortress 2 and asked if he had given permission to have it used as a base hack:

Originally posted by Caracc
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Super Mario's Special Adventure Fixed v3 (Demo 1)

Did you give this guy permission to use your hack Pandemonium Fortress 2 as a base? Because that is what he seems to have done, given that the overworld and all of the levels he hasn't edited are identical to yours.

Hell no, and this is the second time I've seen people take crap from my hack. This is getting annoying.

Anyway, I didn't give him permission.

And thus, the hack waiting to be moderated was removed.

tl;dr - Don't use someone else's hack as a base without their consent.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Green World Demo - 118.9 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: ducklip4 - Submitted by: ducklip4
Description: its just smw with green colors.........if you hate green i suggest seeing a doctor before playing and/or go home :)


My doctor told me to remove this hack since I got a hard attack.

No but really, the palette's are bad and kinda hurt my eyes, not only that but it's the original SMW. I'm pretty sure no one would want to play it since nothing was changed except for the palettes. (Unless it was a graphics hack though people would use it for the graphics obviously)
Hack Name: Mario's Insane Adventure
Length: 4 levels
Author: Cosmicmario123

This is the DEMO version.
The levels are really challenging!
The final version will come soon.

Unfortunately, I was unable to play your hack due to some fault in the IPS creation process. It shows similar characteristics to a ROM, in size and file information; however, I was unable to extract data like I would with a ROM. You got lucky there. Next time, test you patches before submitting them, and make sure you are using a clean ROM during the patching process by using this tool.

Also, it'd appear that the screenshot you submitted shows content that breaks the rules for submitting hacks, specifically with the floating munchers. I'd advise that you read the Hack Submission Guidelines.
NAME: Alternate Mario World [Fix] v1.3
AUTHOR: ibz10g Submitted by: Pipoca
This is an "Alternate Mario World [Graphics Hack]" Fix.
Version 1.3

This was downloaded at
If you downloaded this file from somewhere else,
please let us know.

Submited by: Pipoca
Author: ibz50g


This file is protected by a password.
To get the password, please read the hack
description. The file is protected because
of people that submit it for other sites.

Fix: Bushes, switches palletes, water issues.

- You do not have to give credit. Just do not
claim it for your own -

Have fun.

Notes: There are some unfixable errors such: Castle ending palletes, castle ending text palletes, in Level C2, it is a bug from SMW about the pipe, and the worse is that I can't change the palletes for the ending letters. If someone gets a solution for it, please reply.
Admins/mods, please do not this. The final version, which will be perfect, it won't have bugs. I'm publishing this to people so if they find bugs they might report to me. Thanks.


Deleted on request of the submitter:

Originally posted by Pipoca
I submitted a hack but I forgot to add something REALLY IMPORTANT to the description!!
Please! Delete it. Alternate Mario World is the hack name. :O
Hack Name: smw alttp demo1
Length: Unknown
Author: rom x hacks -Submitted by: mario seeder

a hack(no smw alttp itpw)by rom x hackxs

There appeared to be some problem with your zipped folder. You may have done something incorrectly with your copy during or sometime after its creation; thus, I am unable to extract the data from it. Test your content to make sure it works properly before submitting it to the site!
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Mafia Mario Demo 1 Demo - 99.6 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker6
Description: Demo 1 of my hack Mafia Mario. I've had this idea since about friday decided to make it.I dont see any reasons to remove this excpet for the fact that when my hack is finshed i wont have any switch palaces or castles due to a GFX glitch with the bullet...

Next demos changes:MechaYoshi GFX

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Mafia Demo - 99.6 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: mariomaker6 - Submitted by: mariomaker6

Same reason as above, the IPS is corrupted. Also you seemed to have uploaded the hack twice.
NAME: An Experimental Hack
AUTHOR: MetalUpYourAss
DESCRIPTION: NOTE: in the end, is not an insult.

An experimental hack, with custom music, sprite gfx and ExGFX. And some random shitty things


Apparently, you made a mistake while creating the IPS Patch. In the end, I ended up playing Super "Dark" World by Deoxys594...

Before resubmitting, check if your IPS Patch actually works.
1. Download SMW Clean ROM Verifier by Smallhacker downloadable from our Tools section and check if you even have a clean ROM. If not, you must find one.
2. Open up Lunar IPS, select "Create IPS Patch"
3. Now select a clean ROM.
4. Select your hack.
5. Check if the IPS Patch actually works.

Also, judging from your Screenshots you submitted:

1. There's cutoff in level C5 (Where the Message displays saying "Welcome! This is Dinosaur Land. Bla Bla Bla". The grey pipe cuts into the land (use edges!) and there's cutoff, where the cement blocks meet the green and grey pipe. Build around this to prevent it.

2. Give the grey lava a nicer palette. Grey lava looks ugly. Also those pipes cut into this grey lava. Fix this.
I play different games on Twitch, currently I speedrun Pokemon Gold or play some other shit, can also include SMW hacks. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 45, Overworld: 85%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. For how long I don't know. But it's "only" four more levels to go.

Removal: "Super Annoying World"
Author: "Axlprosser18"
Description: "This is My First Rom Hack. It ends after the first castle. Im Pretty sure i did the first world, Including Yoshi's House.No Screenshots sorry."

Oh god you're not going to

Yeup, you did.

Read this before you submit another hack, please.

Removal: "marios quest for scrambled eggs"
Author: "vhayes8886"
Description: "a short but good hack based on no theme"

This hack is slightly more playable than Super Annoying World, and that's not saying much as to the quality of this hack. You too need to read this before you submit another hack, please.

Hack Name: Kernel World
Length: 13 levels
Author: ducklip4 - Submitted by: ducklip4
Description:a hack for newbies (just like me) there may be a problem after iggy's forest but i think i fixed it if it still no work then well shiet


The world 'Kernel' looks very ugly. Use the actual letters SMW uses to make this look better.
There is a little line next to the world 'World'. Get rid of it using yy-chr.
Mario's Kernel's palette still has a shade of red left from Mario. Change it to orange.

You die in the title screen which is something you don't want to do. Redo you recording demo to fix this.

The file select screen cuts into the title. When you use the normal letters, you should be able to fit 'World' above the files.

You can also die in the intro! Make sure the player cannot die at all in the intro.

overalls = overalls,
princess bagel = Princess Bagel
yea i dont know... = DELETE

Your overworld needs some serious work. Cutoff tiles everywhere, palette problems, and perspective problems are scattered around the map.

This would be more apropriete to put in the intro then in a level.

After the message box was a lot of empty land and some enemies. Spice things up a bit and add variety.

I do too...Just delete this message, it serves no purpose in the level.




then major slowdown due to a billion chucks put here.

This pipe is screwed up. Make it totally blue or green, not both.

Blatent edit of the underground area. Use Ctrl+Del before making new levels.

Since you have something past the screen boundary, the screen keeps scrolling. Set the level length to 2/3 screens.

The Bullet Bill is what was making it scroll. Move it left one block, and give a shooter, please.

Back outside, I realized this was just a blatent edit of level 105 all along. Use Ctrl+Del please!

This moon was way too easy to get. The player should actually have a challenge to try to get a moon.

The more I played, the more similar this level was to SMW.

There is a small bit a land that goes over the gap. Move the platforms left a block.

Due to all the Koopas at the end, I could get crazy amounts of points and lives here. Remove some enemies here.

Move overworld problems. If you don't know how to make a good overworld, stick with SMW's until you learn how.

Blatent edit #945.

Oh wait. Don't let anything kill the player if he just stands still.

Massive slowdown here due to sprite overflow.

This was the WHOLE LEVEL. Use your imagination to create something, not just a single rope going through the whole level.


No, actually, it didn't. It got meaner. See below.

Yeah, but you really shouldn't use this gimmick in your levels.

I had to die to make the midway point carry me to the next area. Don't make the player lose a life to continue the game.

The end of the rope is cutoff.

More running......

Slowdown here because of so many sprites. Remove some, please.

The end of the rope is cutoff.

So is this. Put the proper end tiles for ground.

This event made the level turn into cutoff water. Why??

For a level called 'Jumping', there sure was a lot of running.

Finally. But that's all? Running and jumping? Boring. See what I said above.

Layer 3 water scrolls up with the player, so either remove it or make the level short height-wise.

These blocks shouldn't be used because they use the incorrect GFX. Use ExGFX to fix it, if you want.

These ? blocks act like slopes. These are the only ones, so just remove them.

See what I mean about the water moving upwards?

Since your triangle doesn't work, and sends Kernel through the ground,

I had to sacfrifice Yoshi to get up here.

Then I faced this for the rest of the level. Again, this is very repeatitive and boring!

If you fall, it's even more boring. Swim through the rest of the level (5-7 screens).

Cutoff rope on the left, and cutoff goal post on the right. Also move the goal tape down one tile, so it doesn't go over the goal posts.

Layer 3 shouldn't be used at the end of a level, because it disappears. This is what it looks like beforehand.

This event didn't work here. Make sure you set them up correctly!

Even the castle was flat and boring. It was also a blatent 101 edit. Use Ctrl+Del!

Very similar to SMW, with no net.

See above.

The scrolling room was just ground and some falling spikes.

The falling spikes do not fall through this tile for some reason. Just get rid of this one spike.

Did Kernel have a cell phone or something? How is he talking to him?
ring...ring... = Ring... ring...
bowser-How = Bowser: How
iggy = Iggy
you'll = You'll
morton = Morton

Nothing happened afterwords. I couldn't go on so that's as far as a got.

I suggest you start a new hack after playing some of the featured hacks here and see what makes them so great. You're main problem was boring, flat areas. Find a tutorial about overworld editing if you are having problems, they will really help. I would like to see more work from you after you have read up on some of these tutorials.
Hack Name: Kinco Islands - 174.5 KB - 9 downloads
Length: 4 levels
Author: Weegee100 - Submitted by: Weegee100
Description: This is my first hack enjoy <3

Before I start out this moderation, there's something I want to point out in your readme file.

"Credit goes to all the people who posted blocks and sprites I used in this hack."
No no, you have to name the people who made the blocks and sprites you used.

Title Screen

Not a removal reason, but why did you make the title screen end a second after it started?

Intro Screen

* Island (island)
* there (their)
You've got a run-on sentence, and a few spelling errors here. Try:
Welcome, this is
the Demo Version
of Kinco Island!
Please enjoy-
there are four

First Overworld

There are a few problems with your overworld.
1: I can see you have some decorations, but try to add a bit more.
2: There's a bit of a perspective error with the waterfall; adding the top to the waterfall would make it look better.
3: ..There's a pipe floating in the water. Attach it to some ground, please.

Tip House

Minor "cut-off" on the chimney.

Green Caves

Hm.. first off, the camera has a bad initial starting position. Please move it up to where Mario starts. Second, the foreground palette is bad. Lastly, there's a bit of "cut-off" on the ground to the right.

As the Bob-omb Bros. continue to throw more bombs, the sprite lag builds and causes some slowdown.

The vine om-nomed the rope, and caused "cut-off". There's also a "cut-off" rope to the right.

When you're Small Mario and you bounce on a note block next to a wall, Mario can get stuck and die.

The top of the dirt hole is "cut-off".

Adding Hammer Bros. will majorly increase the difficulty. This is only the first level.

Stacking bullet bill launchers on top of another causes a bit of "cut-off" in between the stack.

...Why is there flying fish?

Construction Bridge

Bad initial FG camera position.

Invisible platforms are unfair; the player doesn't know where they are. Also, bad background palette.

Entering the pipe to the right...

...Forces me to exit into a death pit. Again, unfair to the player since he doesn't know which way to take. Also, the pipes to the right cut into the ground.

The ground doesn't have a bottom. Also, there are SEVERAL problems with this puzzle.
1: If you screw up and waste the P-Switch, you will be trapped, as the shell cannot move on without the switch, and you don't have a reset pipe.
2: Even if you do get the most time out of the P-Switch, the shell doesn't go through the multiple coin blocks fast enough to get to the vine, forcing me to do this manually.
3: Don't place blocks on the bottom of the level; the player cannot see them.
4: AND EVEN if you do it manually, there is still a chance of the vine not spawning.
5: If the vine does spawn, it causes "cut-off" into the ground.
6: The Yoshi that you gave about two screens back cannot be taken up the vine.
PLEASE rethink this puzzle.

Getting to this area is a blind jump. I was lucky to cross it without falling and dying. Now, here's the thing.. once I get here, there is a way to get back which is an elevator, but I had no idea where it was and what it was.

It would've been nice if you told us that these bricks were smashable by shells. Also, if I kill all of the koopas, I can't progress further in the level.

And even if I get past that, I can't find a way to get past these black piranha plants, until I looked into Lunar Magic.

For help, I looked into Lunar Magic to find a solution to progress. I did, and I got the hidden Mushroom. I then came back to the munchers to find...

a cape feather that did not spawn when I was first there.

I did find that to cross this gap, I had to abuse the invincibilty time I get when I fly into something harmful. Please don't abuse... that bug (I guess). Also pictured are floating munchers, which are an instant removal.

..And more floating munchers.

First Overworld (halfway through)

Hm, there are glitched events appearing. Please fix these.

Jungle Park

Please DO NOT stack munchers.

...Lolwut? Mario's head got stuck in the pipe. I am now stuck.

..Again, this is ALSO unfair since the player doesn't know that he can stand on this.

If you lose the throw block, you can get stuck. A reset pipe can solve this.

The cement blocks cut into the ground.

The water rises a bit higher than the ground corner. There is also a bad background palette.

..I somehow got stuck into the ground. Extend the corner to the left by one tile, make it solid, and add the pink triangle's land tile below it.

..This was probably a mistake on my part for delaying, but please make it so the koopa does not fall onto me.

*You (you)
*There (their)
*are (is)
There are some spelling errors and run-on sentences here. Try:
You can use the
Fire Flower you
have to gain more
coins. There are
also more coins if
you don't have
Also, the bones have a bad palette.

More floating plants.

I know you said to collect all of the coins in the level, but if you still do not have enough, you are forced to die. At least add a reset pipe.

Iggy Castle

Bad sprite memory setting; the top half of the coin is missing.

Your rock wall creates "cut-off" on all of the castle floor corners.

More spelling errors and a run-on sentence.
*Island (island)
*. Wait (island wait)

Overall, the hack needs more work before it can be accepted. Fix the messages, get rid of the munchers, fix the palettes, add reset pipes, fix the bugs and glitches, add some reset pipes, and rethink your puzzles and level design before we try again.

Name: My Little Hack
Author: TheRealKylo24

PROTIP: Exporting an MWL of a single level and renaming it to an IPS... does not make it an IPS patch of your hack! Check the FAQ section to learn how to use and create IPS patches.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: SMW: Twentieth Anniversary Edition 0.2
Author: Camerin Neede
Description: Hello, everyone! This is the second demo of my hack, Super Mario World: Twentieth Anniversary Edition. This new version features more levels, one custom block, and a better look and feel in some levels. Enjoy!

(Moderators, if this passes, please remove the first demo of this hack.)

LOTS of cutoff in the start of the hack. Heck, there's cutoff on the damn title! Might be worth going over the title map and first couple of levels with a fine tooth comb.

Sprite memory problems on that Thwomp there.

This pallete isn't very attractive. Especially on the pipe.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

NAME: An Experimental Hack
AUTHOR: MetalUpYourAss
DESCRIPTION: Once again, this is my first hack. With all errors fixed.

Enjoy ;)


As I have already mentioned in my last removal log entry, use edges at the grey pipe to prevent the cutoff. Also, though meant as a connection, the cement blocks nevertheless cut into the green and grey pipe.

I am not sure whether this background garbage is caused by a bad (read: no clean ROM used) IPS patch or you've just screwed something up here.

Your Koopas, when kicked out of their shell, change their graphics frame after frame. Use the same and the right graphics for all frames.

At first, I thought I had to kick a shell against the block in order to get the mushroom. Soon after, I realized you used the lowest row in Lunar Magic, which you may not do.

Cutoff + this looks weird anyways. Either use the standard goal post or build a way around that.

The cement blocks cut into the water and I don't want to see this.

I have already stated in the last removal log that you should give the lava a better palette. Red is fine, grey is not. Also, the pipes create cutoffness ¬_¬

After I got the midway point, I killed myself (purposely) and found myself under weird looking munchers. Give them a nicer palette.
Also, what's the point of having a midway point bar if I find myself at the beginning of the level again anyway?

Your hack includes several SMB graphic styles, each for one level. That is fine, but you should take care about several palettes and cutoffness. Also, to give you a suggestion: How about using ExFGX for Mario, in order to use the SMB Mario in your SMB level, the SMB3 Mario in your SMB3 level, etc.?
I play different games on Twitch, currently I speedrun Pokemon Gold or play some other shit, can also include SMW hacks. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 45, Overworld: 85%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. For how long I don't know. But it's "only" four more levels to go.

exit1337 you sniper.

Removal: "Neworld 1"
Author: VEN keyblader
Description: "this is one of my demos of this hack the others are just avaible at a brazilian site called orkut from the community LMB i'm still fixing overworld bugs hope you enjoy.

Custom musics:yes

Odd palette choices for some ledges (like the one with the waterfall), no visible paths, and Mario instead of Toad on the map. Hmmm.

PROTIP: Don't edit this level, it's usedin the ending and can mess things up.

Yoshi seems to act... wierd in here. He's behind the fire?

FUNFACT: It's possible to make Yoshi drop whatever he is eating by overeating. Yes, because there is a wall of berries here, he tried to eat too many, and dropped one. This sprite is static, won't hurt the player, and can be eaten by Yoshi like an enemy.
Probably a good idea to tone down on the berries.

I entered a pipe, and suddenly three silent bullet bills out of nowhere. Bullet Bill should ONLY come from a Bullet Bill Generator!

Camera settings are bad - I can't see what the hell I'm doing. Also, not a good idea to use Jumping Pirahna Plants like that.

Yet another "THINK QUICK!" level start. (To be honest, Nintendo is guilty of this too - Yoshi's Island 1 will quickly off you with a sliding blue Beach Koopa if you don't move. Doesn't make it any less bad, however.) What should be of more concern, however, is that blue tile block. It's glitched graphics - that's no good. Use a regular cement block instead!

I brought a P-Switch over here and hit it. Those used blocks became coins, which I collected, and BAM, floating munchers. Root them to something you can't destroy, people!

What the hell is this?

It behaves like some sort of wierd slope. Don't use this tile.

Cutoffness. Doesn't look right.

I managed to get to the secret exit without going to a switch palace... wait, that level had a secret exit?! Levels that contain two exits should be marked with a red dot on the overworld map!

A star world that is all kinda of messed up O_o

Bad slope tile, but that's not the actual problem in this screen. Yoshi is NOT COMPATIBLE with castle sprite sets!!!

Blatant edit of an SMW level.

Um... um. You can only go in here with a cloud, while small, and not on Yoshi. However, this path is a red herring anyway.

Mmmm glitchy graphic ending. NOT PICTURED: A castle area with invisible Layer 3 tides and a bunch of unboxed translucent item box items.

He takes all the credit instead of crediting the people that made the custom graphics he used. >_>

See, I told you it would interfere with the ending!

READ ME before you submit your hack again.

For the genuine experience, have this song playing while you read this removal log.

NAME: Super Mario Inundation
AUTHOR: CaptainDazz
This Hack is a single level and is most probably the longest level made. It would be a good idea NOT to try and finish it all in one go.

This is my first smw hack so take that into consideration when playing.


The main reason for the rejection of this hack is the level design. While the first few rooms were fine, many of the ones coming after those didn't amount to much more than "run to the right along this flat piece of ground for x amount of screens while jumping over some enemies". And when there are over 30 of those sublevels, most of those being over twenty screens long, the result is boredom of quite the extreme kind. HINT: When you have to warn the player not to try to do your entire hack in one go, there is probably something wrong with it.

Emulator screenshots can't really capture the blandness, so here are some taken through Lunar Magic: (warning - big pictures)

The Most Exciting Return Trip In The History Of Forever - Or Is It?
Ghosts on Bridges ~ Who Will Disappear?
A Bubble Per Screen Keeps the Challenge Away/Climbing Over Some Falling Bombs
Bowser Statues, Fireballs and Grinders ~ Let's Mix It Up!
And The Platforms Just Keep On Falling
Cloudy With A Chance Of Parakoopas
The Most Exciting Return Trip In The History Of Forever - The Return Of The Revenge!
Just Climbin' Some Vines ~ Where Did All The Enemies Go?
Gotta Love Those Tunnels
Copy-Paste Staircase - Now With Spike Tops!
Skull Rides Sure Are Fun
And Waiting For The Raft To Keep Up Is Even More So
Koopas On Hills For Seven Screens


Apart from the level design, most if the issues from the last removal log are still present and accounted for, including bad BG palettes (the yellow and black one is particularly horrible), cutoffness (mostly related to water or cement blocks), and sprite memory issues. And I also found some brand new ones:

The file selection text has kind of a bad palette.

If you die at any point, the Time Up message appears. There is a hex edit in the ROM map that can disable it.

At several places, I could go over walls and get inside the ground.

And in this particular spot, I could even ride a fireball some screens to the right and get to a strange area containing what seemed to be a huge mess of randomly placed tiles.

Merging a slope with a vertical wall like this allows Mario to go through the ground.

...why does Mario start out some tiles under the pipe?

The skulls go right through the wall here.

This is the exact same message that is shown at the start of the level. I assume that this isn't intentional.

It seems a bit anticlimactic to end a level this long with a simple side exit.

And finally, though I don't have a screenshot of it: Almost the entirety of this level used a single song - Beloved Tomboyish Daughter. While I have nothing against Cirno or her theme song, hearing it for more than an hour made me quite sick and tired of it, to say the least. I would advice you to change the music every now and then; perhaps every fifth sublevel?

To be honest, this was quite a bad and boring hack, and I would advice you to scrap it and start over. The idea itself isn't that bad, but your level design needs touching up quite a bit. As a general rule of thumb, submitting your first hack is almost never a good idea. At least get some other users to test it and give you some feedback before you release it.

And as a minor note, this is by no means the longest SMW level ever; that honour most likely goes to Reading for his Pit of 100 Terrors in SMI2, or to FuSoYa for Big Boo's Tower in Super Demo World.

(Also, why did you submit your hack as having 32 levels when the entire point of it is being a one-level hack? That just doesn't make any sense...)

EDITed much later for broken links D:

Name: The Ninji Saga
Author:,Joshua Harrion - Submitted by: mariomaker6
Description: First of all I didnt make this.I got it off of was given).This is a great hack that i havent beat yet :(.I would say this is a pretty hard hack but its worth playing.Lots of ExGFX and i may put up another version were instead of green on the OW for ninji 2 its blue like its supposed to be.I never spotted any glitches so if you get 1 its probably ur cpu.

Hahahaha oh my god. I, uh, I'm not sure you noticed, but this is actually my hack, and it's been in the Featured Hacks section for years. Also, uploading other people's hacks is a bad thing. So is crediting other people for it.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: Mafia Mario demo 2
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker6
Description: Mechayoshi is now online.Other than what i sayed last time "can not have swith palaces or castles" i dont see any reason to get rid of this.I also remembered you cant have ghost houses...

Next demo:final mario gfx created

Includes a ROM file. I'm too lazy to do the stupid face-kicking spiel today, so I'll just ban you.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Geno X- true version demo 1 - 297.6 KB - 31 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Yoshiro - Submitted by: Yoshiro
Description: *friggin long description*

The hack was pretty good level design wise, but I'd like to see these fixed.

At the end of this level, the background still animates. My eyes shot blood across the room.
Apply the fade fix, or just don't have the background animate in this room.

Blind jump.

Cutoff. The cement blocks on the pipe.

The darker dirt around the level didn't appear. It only half appeared by the lower one too.
(Oh, and side note, the yoshi's house on the cliff looks odd.)

I don't know if these are your graphics, but the Chuck gets some of its skin back in certain frames of its movement.

Bad pipe palette.

Odd word spaces in this message block. Not sure if you can help it, though.
Also, I'd be nice if you could add a background.
Oh, and the HUD where it says 'Boss' has different palettes on some letters.

Cutoff at the top, under the bridge.
The path is all broken again, too.

It'd be nice if you could even just add a small end of demo island instead of a badly paletted original overworld. (Bad palettes on the cliffs.)
Make sure you can't enter the original SMW levels too.

Oh, and another blind jump.

So yeah. Fix these up, and you're good to go.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns

Name: Death World
Author: Yoshi Todies?
Description: This is really not hard exept for a few traps. It's also my first hack ever.

Title screen text has some weird palletes.

Unmarked pipes will send you to an unavoidable death without any warning. One of them is in Yoshi's House and is the only way out of that level. DO NOT DO THIS!

"THINK QUICK OR YOU'RE DEAD!" level starts ceased to be funny or clever several years ago.

Oh boy! Several screens of nothingness! My favorite!

Layer 3 tides don't scroll with the vertical scrolling. Disable vertical scrolling or the tide.

Big hit of slowdown on this screen.

You could make this transition from floor to wall look quite a bit nicer.

So, you've got quite a long way to go. Read the Hack Submission Guidelines, and look at the Featured Hacks to see what's good.

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Name: Death World
Author: Yoshi Todies?
Description: This is the first hack I have ever made.

If you plan on using the original SMW ending in your hack, editing level 104 isn't advised.

Don't make 3UP Moons easy to get. Make them rare and difficult to obtain.

These levels were both unedited from the original SMW, which isn't necessarily something we like.

This water level is very poorly made. It's very easy to swim through the "roof" of the area and be forced to swim under the bottom row of tiles to get back into the level. In addition, the half-way point requires you to swim "out" of the level, and through several screens of nothingness.

In addition, this Goal Sphere is using the wrong sprite. Either fix the graphic and remove Rip Van Fish from the level, or add a pipe to a seperate exit area. Although, to be honest, you should probably redo this level.

Why is there a pocket of grey lava that acts like water, that you can't really escape from once you enter?

This level has Sprite Memory issues with things dissapearing.

Overall, some improvements, but still quite a ways to go.

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