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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Removed

Hack Name: EVW - 688.9 KB - 70 downloads.
Length: 15 levels
Author: Snifit - Submitted by: Snifit
Description: A hack with a variety of level ideas. Not meant to be ordinary, but instead weird, interesting, and unique. There is no common theme, each level is a whole new style.
Packed inside is a solutions file. Please read it if you get stuck on any of the games puzzles.
My short review
The hack was really fun, lots of creative ideas and good level design but there are a few problems that need to be fixed.

There are a lot of parts in the game where the 3-up moon is easy to get, make them harder to find and make them rarer to get.

When you enter the 1st room, when you touch this block, it leads you to an endless level 0 bonus game. You need to fix that.

Also if I go where the pipe is and try to run back, it's impossible to get out and your stuck.

Not a removal reason but in the 2nd room there's some random air things over there.

Part of the trees are cut-off.

If the platform leaves without me, I cannot advance causing me to be stuck.

I already guessed what was going to be in this level...

If I fall in here I'm stuck.

The block won't break at all.
1st of all it's Kaizo, Kaizo's won't get accepted here so you'll need to restart the level. Also I could not beat it at all it was too hard.

Not really a removal reason but you should tell the player that you can step on things that can hurt/kill you but you can't step on regular ground.

It was hard to find the pipe.

The bottom of the chain is cut-off.

Not really a removal reason but coins leading into a pit but kills you when you go in it isn't really a good idea.

Easy 3-Up moon again.
The hack was fun like I said, most errors are easy to fix, the biggest one you need to fix is the Kaizo level.
Take 2! Isn't it fun when your browser closes down just when you are about to post something?

NAME: Strange Island
AUTHOR: Garis208
My hack that is now complete. (I fixed the errors)

Custom Foreground
Custom Background
Custom Music
Custom Sprites
Custom Character
Custom Yoshi
Two Worlds


Fixed the errors, you say? There seem to be quite a few left. In order of appearance:

The bright yellow in the ground doesn't look too good, and the flag has an odd palette as well.

Your coastline was a bit odd, so I took the liberty of drawing a red line where it ought to go. The green circle denotes a missing edge tile. And overall, your overworld could use a bit less blandness and a bit more decoration.

The Yoshi egg palette is kind of off, and as mentioned in earlier removal logs, the Goomba looks absolutely horrible. Seriously, how could you not notice that it is completely black?

Since you followed the advice of Kristian and made the level possible to beat without Yoshi, this message doesn't make a whole lot of sense. As for grammar, "a while" is two words and not one, and "Be careful" should probably be its own sentence. (Damn you, SMW, and your lack of semicolons!)

Minor, but not being able to eat the YI Goomba seems unintuitive. Tweaker could easily change this.

This is why you shouldn't use the second half of palettes 0 and 1 for graphics that aren't on layer 3.

Again, "Be careful" should be a sentence of its own. And the music loops extremely oddly, which leads me to believe that you either forgot to insert the N-SPC patch or used a bad version of Addmusic. (Seriously, why are all those outdated versions still hosted on the site?)

Actually, the concept of that level as a whole is flawed (warning: big image). Placing Bullet Bills directly makes them not play the sound effect when they are spawned. Combine this with the fact that this level requires you to be running most of the time in order to not run out of time, and you get a lot of cheap hits. And that star run at the end gives way too many lives.

The next level uses the fast auto-scroll sprite. Yes, that's "fast" as in "presses you to the back of the screen". While it doesn't get to the point where you can't even jump anymore, your time to react to obstacles before you are squashed by them is still very close to zero. And needless to say, this section of bouncing on Bullet Bills while not being able to adjust your horizontal movement at all is simply not possible without abusing emulator tools. PROTIP: Don't use this autoscroll setting. Ever. (Unless, of course, you find some way to slow it down a bit.)

Forgot to place some edge tiles, did we?

8-bit pipes and 16-bit pipe tops don't fit together all too well.

Even with the warning message, using the same tiles for background and foreground looks quite strange. Hint: If you wish to be true to the original SMB, get rid of the background entirely and replace it by bushes and clouds on layer 1.

The ground is cutoff, and the background just seems to end abruptly halfway down the screen. I don't think this graphics set was made to accommodate bottomless pits... And again, the music loops way before it is supposed to.

More cutoff ledges. Also, this level could use being a bit longer (warning: big image).

The wooden blocks looks fairly horrible, the background (as pointed out twice already) is non-existing, and Toad is glowing red for whatever reason.

Also, this level seems strangely empty (warning: big image). Did you forget to finish placing the enemies or something?

Minor oddity: why are the Shine Sprites green in this hack? Aren't those supposed to be yellow? Again, Tweaker is your friend.

Poor Yoshi got decapitated... Fix your layer priority settings.

(No points for guessing what type of enemy Yoshi is exploding in this screenshot.)

I get it. You like this Goomba-to-YI-duck graphics swap. However, it doesn't excuse having a level with only that single type of sprite. In game design, variation is key; just repeating the same thing over and over will do nothing but make the player bored.

*insert above comment with "Goomba-to-YI-duck graphics swap" replaced by "Tick custom sprite" here*

Minor, but why does that Fire Flower have a gray stem?

Again, more coastline oddities. As a general tip: when you have two landmasses connected by a horizontal bridge, those two landmasses should probably be the same height.

If you need a caption that explains what is wrong with this image, you should not be submitting your hacks to this site.

Again, constant repetition of the exact same obstacle is not going to do you any favours.

Alright, Toad. Time to defeat King Thwomp, the final boss!
*insert non-cutoff Yoshi pawprint here*

And after the boss, the hack just returns you to the overworld with a save prompt. This might just be me thinking, but isn't it customary for a game to have some kind of ending sequence and credits?

This is the fourth time your hack is getting removed. Perhaps you should consider actually fixing all the things pointed out (including the other removal logs) before you submit it the next time? Remember, if there's something you don't know how to fix, you can always ask in the forums.
NAME: Mario World Remix
AUTHOR: bpkyle777
It's basically the standard game but with my own personal levels and overworld. No new tricks, no freaky sprites, and no glitches. I'm working on music though.

This is just a beta and my first upload. I Enjoyed making this. So please let me know of any bugs you find.

WARNING: About 14 invisible coin/note blocks have been used.


No. Just no. Please read this and try again.

NAME: Yoshi's Emergency
AUTHOR: Brad172
Yoshi has called Mario to come see him immeditly, Mario must overcome the new traps that bowser has layed down, can Mario finish his quest to get to Yoshi in time?


- Custom Music
- 16x16 Custom Blocks
- YY-CHR Blocks


Broken patch. Is it that hard to check that your base ROM is clean before creating your patch?

NAME: Bowser's Return [Demo 1] Update


This hack, while pretty decent, had one fatal error at the end that ultimately got it removed. But first, some minor issues:

This Koopa slides halfway through the wall before stopping.

Quite a bit of slowdown here.

Again, the Koopa slides into the wall.

Close off the top of this big square of dirt, will you?

Lava should be red, not grey.

This would look so much better if you removed the trees before making the path appear.

The palette on the ladder is slightly off.

Two random ghosts and a door in the middle of the ocean?

I'm pretty sure this isn't the message you meant to have here.

Walking across vertical cliffs looks kind of strange.

Despite being behind layer 1, the middle spike can still hurt you here.

...what in the world is that supposed to be? It looks like a Goomba with a rather horrible palette, but it hurts me when I stomp it...

Either you did something wrong when inserting the Metroid health patch, or the Iggy battle isn't compatible with it. When I get hit during the battle, Mario flickers to a random position on the screen and back. Sometimes, he ends up inside the platform like this...

...and sometimes he ends up in the lava, instantly killing him. This is rather unfair, and is something you absolutely have to look into.

That wasn't the fatal error I was talking about earlier, though...

After I beat the castle, something goes horribly wrong with the VRAM, causing a row of glitched sprite tiles to show up wherever I go. It doesn't even go away when you reload the save file, either. Again, this is probably due to some mistake during the patch insertion process. And needless to say, this is the main reason for removal.

NAME: Super Mario's Special Adventure Demo 1 fixed
AUTHOR: Baby Bowser Submitted by: bb
Mario has found
the way of his
special adventure,
but on the way,
the Princess was
kidnapped! Mario
must find her and
bring her back!

This hack features Custom Music.


Getting rid of every level that isn't your own still doesn't justify using someone else's work as a base, especially when he specifically said that you couldn't.

Name: attack of the blarggs
Author: swamp cecil
Description: blarggs have taken over yoshis island and mario must stop him!'s an edit of the original levels to replace all the enemies with Blarrgs. You'll have to be a little more original than that, sorry.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

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My Hacks:

Hack name: Kris' Adventure (World 1 demo)
Lenght: 6 levels
Author & submitted by: martin9172
This is demo 1 of my new hack, Kris' Adventure. Enjoy!

This hack isn't really bad... it is actually way better than plenty of hacks I've picked to moderate during my modship. However, I still managed to spot some small problems here and there, and therefore I was forced to remove it.

Some of the said problems include the overworld events, in which the majority was kind of messed up - my suggestion is to take a look at the several overworld related tutorials we have around here, for you to learn more about OW events and how exactly they work. I also noticed that some sprites disappear at times in certain levels - Cococay Island 1 and Iggy's Beach specifically come into my mind right now - and I assume this has to do with sprite memory... likewise, taking a look at the sprite memory values in these levels and adjusting them would be cool.

Aside from that, I also managed to stumble upon the following problems/oddities/whatever...

There's some intense slowdown in pretty much every corner of this level, though the slowdown seems to be more intense in this area right here. Removing a few sprites and whatnot should pulverize a good amount of the slowdown, I believe.

Not really a removal reason, but don't you think being launched off out of nowhere is a bit too... awkward?

It appears that you pretty much forgot to edit the player GFX 8x8 tiles in GFX00.bin. Be sure to edit them to get rid of the weirdness caused in the animation frames depicted above. This small diagram by Ladida should help you editing them.

On a slightly different note, the level depicted in the second screenshot doesn't seem to have a midway entrance, since I start it at its very beginning even after cutting the midway tape.

There's no way to return onto those mushroom platforms if I accidentally fall from there.

Some of your levels are way too straightforward at certain spots, and this kind of ruins the fun factor. I recommend tweaking the areas shown above to make them more fun, by throwing in some more elevation and whatnot.

...that's why only using the surface lava tile for a lava pit is definitely not worth it.

I recommend getting rid of these slopes, since they make Kris end the level really... weirdly.

Be sure to adjust the FG/BG initial positions here... setting them both to 00 should it, I suppose.

Shouldn't this message be displayed in the first level of the game instead? Displaying it at one of the latter levels of the demo kind of does not cut it.

This blue coin is clearly placed at a subscreen boundary... place it one tile higher/lower from that instead.

Here's some priority madness - adjust the layer priority in that tile and you should be all good.

That should be it. As I said, this hack isn't bad at all, but you need to fix quite some stuff before it gets accepted. G'luck!
Hack Name: Bowser's Return [Demo 2]
Length: 7 levels
Author: MSTR448 - Submitted by: MSTR448
Description: This is the second demo of Bowser's Return. There are uses of ExGFX, a readme in the zip, Lunar IPS in the zip.


A decent hack overall, but some things need to be fixed before it can accepted.

A couple of wrong tiles on the overworld. For example, some edge tiles have land behind them when there's actually nothing behind the tile. I hope you get what I mean, as I apparently suck at explaining right now. :/

Some spots are pretty bland and boring to play - There's only flat ground with no (or a lot of) enemies added. Overall your level design's fine, but try adding some variety in these places. Some decorations would help already.

This is one messy event... First the trees disappear (with noticeable cutoffness during the event), then a dark green path appears (again, the tiles are out of order) and finally turns white. Might I suggest using 48x48 event tiles to do this all at once?

Another event issue - the ladder's palette differs from the cliff behind it, which doesn't look that great.

Although layer 2 goes behind the ground here, it can still hurt you. You can ether enable layer priority for the spike tiles, remove the ledge in question, or not care about it, since it's a pretty minor issue.

A rather ugly palette for the Goomba here. The healing block's palette is also questionable, but doesn't need to be fixed as badly.

Poor little Goomba gets stuck in the spike. There's nothing you can do about it really, I just wanted to show that to you - Maybe you can find a workaround.

Slight cutoff where the hills meet the ground.

Having red Buzzy Beetles hurt you just confuses the player and technically counts as glicthed GFX. Granted, you did warn the player beforehand, but something still seems wrong about it... You'd be better off simply removing the red beetle here.

The rocks cut off the water a little. You might want to use ExGFX to fix that.

The background palette could use some work here - Try creating a good-looking dark --> bright gradient.

Two really minor issues here: Mario starts in the air, and there is invisible ground because you used the bottom row of tiles in Lunar Magic, which can't be seen in-game. However, since it's the title screen, that's not so much of a big deal... I still recommend fixing these though, just for aesthetical purposes.

Try fixing all the errors mentioned here, and you'll have a good chance of getting your hack accepted next time.
Hack Name: SMW: Twentieth Anniversary Edition 0.2
Author: Camerin Neede
Description: Hello, everyone! This is the second demo of my hack. There are many more levels to play, and some of the aesthetic glitches that existed in the first demo have been fixed. Also, this hack now features one custom block.

(Moderators, I have taken care of all instances of cutoff I could find. If this passes moderation, please have the first demo of this hack removed from the site.)

Removal Reasons

Your hack has been denied. I have to admit, it was kinda fun, though some parts felt bland. It had its instances of cutoff and watnot, plus not-so pleasant palettes. Let's a go.

All these are instances of not-so-smart palette choices. The 5th pic (the golden one) could use a better transition from lighter ground to darker ground. For the 7th pic (greenish), try putting a darker outline on the ground, it will make it look better. For the title screen, the palette for the menu text is the first 4 colors on palette 1.

All these pics show instances of slight cutoff or major cutoff. For the first pic, I was able to go under the ground and end up there. For the third pic, try using a different Sprite Memory setting, or use the No More Sprite Limits Patch, to prevent a piece of the Thwomp from missing. For most of the rest, you simply used the wrong edge tile. For the last pic, besides the pipe being cutoff, the level seemed to have a weird effect, as if I was underwater, as sprites moved slowly and any shells I threw up didn't go high. Tyr fixing this.

For some reason, Mario isn't swimming in this water tile. Just a small detail, not really something you should do.

You did not warn the player ahead of time that a P-Switch would be needed to proceed, and you had no reset pipe. What if the player dropped the switch in the lava? "Too bad for them"?

Correction: Mario has defeated Iggy Koopa and has saved the baby Yoshi egg. But why was the egg in Iggy's Castle? With this question burning in his mind, Mario ventures deeper into Dinosaur Land.

You mention that these blocks are not solid. Why, then, do you even have them there? ¯\(°_o)/¯

*insert pic of MAYOR SLOWDOWN here* (For some reason, this part had slowdown. Remove some sprites)

You only provide a few Koopa shells for the Boo Boss fight. Put more incase the player messes up. Also, the boss was a bit too bright. Make the background darker.

I was able to go over the ground here. Add a ceiling to prevent this from happening.

I was shot out of a cannon. Right after I landed, I got hit by that Paratroopa. Don't have the player have to react so quickly, give them some running space.

Worst of all, you gave the player access to Star World. Which you hadn't finished editing, which means you left in original SMW levels. Please restrict access to them, instead of making them easily available, or edit them.

I hope you can fix these nuances and upload the hack safe and sound :>
Hack Removed

Hack Name: Infiltrating Bowsers Castle - 193.5 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker6
Description: I know the picture i used said there's no screen shots but there is...i just dont like upload lots of sceenshots so i put them in the folder.

A 1 level hack with custom GFX and customized pallete.The level is really long though.

The story is Bowser trapped Mario in a fish tank and Mario wants to kill him...

I would say this is a hard hack.I did make it easier though...
There are 2 reasons why this got removed. 1st of all, the IPS is corrupted. PLEASE TEST YOUR IPS PATCHES BEFORE SUBMITTING. Also you submitted someone else's hack without permission, (or at least there was nothing in the zip file that said you can upload this) you're not allowed to upload someone else's hack without permission. Consider this a warning next time it's a ban.

Also this is not a proper screenshot. Finally, you don't need to post screenshots from a website hosting screenshots, when posting screenshots just upload them from your desktop.
Hack Name: Epic Yoshi World [DEMO]v1.1 - 228.2 KB - 36 downloads.
Length: 11 exits
Author: Immortality - Submitted by: Immortality
Description: Fixed some errors
Hope you enjoy, not much to say...
also new graphics!

You neglected fixing this from last time.

Needs one more space of room.

The '6' in the time has a different colour.

Yoshi's hand gets cutoff when he starts running... Not a huge deal, but I'm just doin' my job.


Why do I come out of a pipe at the start of this level, when there isn't even a pipe there.

One of the sledge bros kills himself without me even doing anything.

You neglected fixing the overworld... You even made this one perspective error worse. :|

This badly needs a background.

The On/Off blocks don't look the greatest. And it'd be nice if they actually change colour when either solid or not.

And... Only two levels were available again. A different two than last time, but never the less, two. The castle's exit didn't lead anywhere.
Please, please, please fix ALL these before resubmitting. Hire some beta testers or something.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Removed

Hack Name: Forever Gone - 140.2 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: mariofan1000 - Submitted by: mariofan1000
Description: A short hack about Mario coming back as a zombie and searching for a way to live.
My Short Review
The hack was rather boring and flat and I couldn't get pass the 2nd level which was the big reason this got removed.

Not exactly a removal reason but Yoshi's house was edited and there's nothing over on the next screen, it's just empty. You should find out where the object/sprite is.

Like I said the levels were boring, for the 1st level I just saw myself constantly running and jumping, there were no enemies or decoration.

There are long jumps in this game that are in some areas...

...but then I realize there are invisible blocks right here which is kinda considered a kaizo trap...

At least make it like this where the coin is under the invisible block.

Turtle jumping in level 2 isn't really a good idea.
Like I said I couldn't get past the 2nd level there was no way, I had to use Lunar Magic to check how to beat it too but there was no way. Either way, this hack needs a lot of work.

Name: super nog bros.
Author: Dr_nog
Description: my hack is not good [nog]

Well, that's a fair rating of it, I suppose.

You should really read the Hack Submission Guidelines before continuing.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Murphy Mario (Murphy World Demo v1.0)
Length: 5 levels
Author: TheEvilFlashAnimator - Submitted by: TheEvilFlashAnimator
Description: The first demo of my hack-in-making
"Super Murphy World"
The mayor of Petalburg, Kroop, has a strange illness. Grodus, knowing this information, makes a false antidote, only to guide Mario to his fortress for revenge.
Mario dies in the intro, but that does not send you to the title screen level, it just repeats the whole intro over and over again, you can still press the button to make the save files appear. The only thing that changes is the music.


Quite a few of them. Let's get started...

No matter if it breaks the game or not, dying in the title screen is very frowned upon.

Even worse, you can die in the intro too, which can glitch up your lives counter eventually. Just remove the Koopas here.

You can also enter the door to your left and end up here, being forced to commit suicide to reset. Not cool.

Those houses look really ugly, to be honest. Either use Yoshi houses or make custom GFX for them. Also, the ground is kind of cutoff on the sides. Perhaps you could make custom GFX for that too?
...By the way, you didn't edit level 104, did you? It's used during the ending and will glitch up then, or at least look ugly. Use another level for that and restore the original level 104.

Also, you can hit the windows from belowto create more graphical glitches.


No one can tell where you're supposed to land. Have coins lead the way down to safe ground.

Wrong tiles in the top corner of every ground piece in this level. There's brown dirt behind them when there should be nothing.

Make sure the player can't enter the pipe like this by blocking its right side off completely.

What's with the fire flower having a black box around it?

Using single Bullet Bills is also frowned upon, since they just appear out of nowhere and don't even make a sound to warn you. Always use the "Bullet Bill Shooter" generator to spawn them, and make sure to place it over a Bullet machine.

Two things wrong here. First, you can't see the ground you're standing on, so move it up one tile. Also, you can't tell where you're supposed to press the switch, and when you screw up, there's no way to reset the level without dying. Please put a pipe or door there that leads back to itself, so you can enter it to reset the level.

Never ever use floating or stacked munchers (black Piranha Plants). Just because Lunar Magic stacke dthem in groups of four by default, that doesn't mean you're not cool enough to un-stack them and place them on ground.

Te vertical pipe cuts of the horizontal ones a little, and the vines are cutoff too.

More invisible ground, and slight cutoff on the right side of the water.

Again, the blocks cut off the water a little.

For some reason, this note block had a coin inside, thus it created a solid block above it when I hit it.

When you put mushroom stems in water like this, the player will fall through them instead of swimming in front of them. You could, for example, use custom Map16 tiles that look like stems and act like water.

Way too many Koopas here. They cause quite a lot of slowdown.

Why so awfully many 1-Ups? Why? This place wasn't even hard to find at all. In fact, getting the normal exit was even slightly harder.

The secret exit didn't activate the proper event, so I can't go on to the next level.

Wrong sprite memore settings, so parts of the Ball 'n' Chain disappear. Click on the Lakitu button to change it - 0E or something should work.

Another P-Switch problem. I don't know where I'm supposed to press it, and if I do it too early, I'm stuck.

Even if you know where to hit it, you can get crushed by the walls if you're not fast enough. Make sure to end the Auto-Scroll here by making the screen with the door the last one (by not adding anything in the screens after that).

I highly recommend reading our Hack Submission Guidelines and watching this video to get an idea of what not to do. Also, I suggest not releasing all your work, but playing around with Lunar Magic and stuff until you feel you're more experienced with it.

Name: Super Mario World Bowser's Revenge
Author: Cosmicmario123
Description: A cool demo of Bowser's revenge. Moderate hardness.

PROTIP: Renaming a ROM to look like an IPS does not in fact make it an IPS patch. Now you are temp-banned and I am sad. Read this FAQ page for useful information!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Duper Mario World - 965.7 KB - 97 downloads
Length: 3 levels
Author: SomeGuy - Submitted by: SomeGuy
Description: The Koopalings Blasted All of Mushroom Kingdom's residents into another Kingdom. What Awaits?
Title Screen

Do NOT let Mario die in the title screen, or the player will be stuck playing through the title.

Intro Screen

The background has a bad BG palette.

*mischievous (Mischevious)

Tal Cliffs

Small instance of "cut-off" here.

Mario can't jump through this edge, although it looks like he can. Also, another small instance of "cut-off" is above.

Not really a removal reason, but although I collected the coins, they still return.

Mario can walk through the slope here.

Bad initial FG camera position.

Mario (while in super form) decided to get greedy and take the coin. He went into the hole, and started dancing to the left, until he fell into his untimely demise. The End.

Mario can also walk through this pit.

Forest of Mirrors

The branch is looks like it's connected to this trunk, but Mario seems to prove otherwise.

Another instance of "cut-off".

If the tree trunk is in front of the water, then there should be water where Mario is swimming.

Right off the bat, the question block cuts through the background.

Not really a removal reason, but to the left, the pillar is completely burning on the sides. Why isn't it burning for this pillar?

The level continues like this for about 3 repetitive screens; please mix up your level design a bit.

The status bar has a bit of a bad palette, and the blocks below cut each other up.

...What exactly are all of these glitched tiles doing here?

1: Glitched graphics are not cool.
2: This is a very anti-climatic ending to a castle..
3: I barely had any time left.

Extra Oddities
Since you gave out Yoshi and made the castle not get rid of Yoshi, crazy things happen.

First off, Yoshi's behind the door and Mario seems to be floating on nothing.

This is why SMW did not allow Yoshi to go into castles; Yoshi is imcompatible and his face and tongue are glitched up.

This hack was decent; fix up the errors and you should be good to go.
Hack Name: The Project
Length: 6 levels
Author: hjmar256 - Submitted by: hjmar256
Description: Tested, not done and its kinda buggy with red coins and all levers are beatable accept for maybe the castle level.
Probaly not gonna finnish


Something's wrong with the patch. Make sure the ROM you're using is clean (check it here), and test your patch before submitting it.
Hack Name: Super Mario World: The Crazy Quest [Demo]
Length: 6 levels
Author: ManuMaster654 - Submitted by: ManuMaster654
Description: The first demo of my hack. It contains:

-Custom 16x16 blocks.

More features in next versions. Enjoy it!


Not a removal reason, and a really minor issue, but you might want to give the "Crazy Quest" text a black outline and a white inside.

Not a removal reason either - This many berries just looks odd.

This, however, is a removal reason: You have to react rather quickly at the start of this level, and if you don't jump off the Banzai Bill, you can't jump over the muncher and go on. there's no way to reset the level either, so you have to wait until the time runs out. Bad.
(Also, although you can't see it here, the corner tile of the ledge the Banzai Bill's covering is wrong.)

Another wrong corner tile. Here's a diagram to explain what I mean:

Apparently you have to get a blue shell to go on here... That's fine, but it would be great to somehow reset the level if you killed the Koopa by accident.

I don't really understand what you're saying here... If English isn't your first language, you might want to get someone else to correct your grammar.

Slightly cutoff vine.

You can re-enter the switch palace after you've beaten it, but the switch disappears after the first time, leaving you stuck there until the time runs out. Bad x2. To fix this, right-click on the level tile while pressing Alt and check the "No entry if level passed" box.

The cement block cuts off the ground a little. Why not just use a normal corner tile here?

These upside-down slope tiles act strangely... Some are solid, some are passable, but none of them actually behave like slopes. Again, you could simply use normal corners here.

Another wrong corner tile.

The water gets cut off by the blocks.

Poor little Koopa got stuck in the ground... Not a removal reason, but you might want to fix that anyway.

Background garbage. Change the BG Init position (2nd door button).

It's kid of weird how you're only able to climb on this thin net when you're approaching it from the right. Jumping on it like on a normal net doesn't work here. (Not really a reason for removal either, but if you could fix that somehow, that would be nice.)

Oh, thanks for the info.

Invisible ground doesn't look too great, and you can't tell what's ground and what's not. Move everything up one tile to make the ground visible.

You forgot the "Candle flames in background" generator.

Apart from these issues, this was a nice hack to be honest. I'll gladly accept it once you've fixed the stuff I mentioned.

NAME: The Sign Painter
AUTHOR: VEN keyblader
DESCRIPTION: This hack is a demo of my new hack
it has a whole new story enjoy.

(playable until the first castle)


* Dear Mario, someone has been messing with our kingdom by putting some signs there. It was probably Bowser. Catch him!

While hitting this On/Off Block, it gets glitched up during the animation. Fix this. Also, something is messed up in this coin-arrow.

1. The piranha plant's position is awkward. It doesn't look good when it jumps up from the ice blocks.
2. I could easily jump over the green pipe, so I could skip the obstacle here.
3. I guess you would need a reset pipe/door here in order not to be stuck when you lose your fire flowers. That is, after you have fixed point 2.

The fish swimming in front of the foreground does not look good. From what I could see, you can lower his position by 1 and put it a bit to the right to have this fixed.

* See that door over there? It's a reset door - if you got into trouble, you can use it to reset the level!

There is a minor cutoff tile where the foregound edge tile (where the right coin is) meets the cement blocks. Use the correct tile here. (Also, the berries are all right, they look bad here due to the fade-out.)

What is the point of this crap? Either build actual levels, or don't hack at all.

The event, which has been activated after I cleared the absolutely awesome level from before, was unnecessarily long. Remove the infeasible event tiles. Also, there should be a revealed circle where the pipe is on the Overworld (like you have on the levels).

This was a blind jump. They are unfair, so put coins there or do anything to prevent this. Also, the candles' lights in the background are missing. Insert sprite E6.

Sprite memory problems alert! There are graphics from sprites which are not present. Furthermore, thwomp graphics don't always show up. Use sprite memory 0E.

You know what? There's a P-Switch in front of Mario. He must be confused as fuck at this point. (Hint: Sprite memory)

What is the Yellow Switch Palace on the right side for? I can't go there anyways. Also, why is the Yellow Switch Palace I stand on, in fact a Blue Switch Palace???

This hack had some mistakes which should be fixed. I don't know why, maybe you were just lazy, but levels in which the goal post is 3 pixels away get your hack deleted and have no point whatsoever.
Fix the problems I mentioned, get a beta tester who is fluent in English to prevent language mistakes and read our Submission Guidelines. Then try again!
I play different games on Twitch, currently I speedrun Pokemon Gold or play some other shit, can also include SMW hacks. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 45, Overworld: 85%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. For how long I don't know. But it's "only" four more levels to go.

Name: Super Mario World 2
Author: Tonoso
Description: This is my first hack and this is a demo. Enjoy

Don't submit ROMs to this site under any circumstances. Check the FAQ on the side menu to learn how to make IPS patches.

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My Hacks:

Removal: "What Not To Do In a ROM Hack, V1.0"
Description: "This is a hack designed to tell hackers what they should not do if they don't want their hack removed. It is for educational purposes only. It is a vanilla hack."

It's good to see that you want to help people improve the quality of their hacks. However, you did it in a very poor and misinformed manner.

When discussing this matter, you should do it in a manner of tact and professionalism.

Like I said, this isn't the best way to convey your message. Also, don't edit level 104 as it will mess with the ending cinematic!

No need to scream. Also, the real reason floating stacked munchers are frowned upon is that they show absolutely no effort on the part of the hack author, not that it means Kaizo ripoff. If you're going to have floating obstacle tiles, then replace the graphics.

*you are

Oh by the way, care to explain why you are using glitched graphics for the goal sphere?

...I want to punch you in the face with a brick, good sir.

Ow, my eyes.

This is the only playable level in the entire game, amazingly.

Wrong. Blatant level edits (which, by the way, is usually more than just replacing the ground with a slightly different ground) are another sign of the hack author showing no effort in the creation of their game.

At first I didn't know what you meant by this.

It was... a long boring stretch of nothing? With invisible coin blocks?
Then I found that there was a second layer... a few minutes of cursing later...

In relation to the example you have given, it's actually long and boring. In general, invisible coin blocks placed in obtrusive locations is more of a dick move than anything else.

Undesirable ways to make Mario die. I dunno why floating stacked munchers are in there.

Here's another one: levels with a red dot on the map are supposed to have TWO exits, yet that level only had one. Hypocrite!

Actually this falls again under "lazy and uninspired level design". 3UP moons are supposed to be rare.

Be careful when placing any of the jumping pirahna plant enemies. They rest when they reach something solid when moving downwards.

...that was slowdown? It ran at full speed for me.


In conclusion, don't bother making these PSA hacks anymore. It's just extra work for us because we moderate all submitted hacks the same.

Removal: "Retro Mario World (SMB Remake)"
Author: GameGuy10
Description: "Super Mario Bros with Custom Graphics.

Note: I applied the No Sprite Tile Limits patch twice, but for some strange reason, it refused to work so I had to use correct sprite memory instead.

Please enjoy."

First off, you should *always* use the correct sprite memory settings to begin with.


Hey, HEY! That Cheep-Cheep, Fire Flower, and Mario palette are from SMIHA! You dirty thief! >:/

Link Thread Closed