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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Mario and the Time Toad
Length: 11 levels
Author: shc1993 - Submitted by: shc1993
Description: A Demo of a hack im working on

ExGFX (BG and FG)
Custom Blocks
Custom Sprites
Custom music

Long before Mushroom Kingdom existed toads ruled the land, then Koopas inslaved them. there leader bowser the first demanded to see the time toad but was not able to use it because of his impure heart. full of rage bowser takes his anger out on the toads but one toad would not allow that his name, Toadario. in a epic battle of good vs evil toadario was victorious and he used the time toad to inprision bowser in the temple of time but he swore he would break out.

This is only a demo


Where to start, where to start... Well, first of all, there are a few spelling and grammar issues in the cutscenes. They're not too much of a removal reason, but it would be great if you fixed them. Here's what I could spot:




*barrier (?)



With that out of the way, now for the more important removal reasons:

Although Mario doesn't die when the time runs out (for whatever reason), you might want to set the time limit to 0 just to make sure nothing's wrong. (I also suggest giving the player a bit more time in some other levels, especially those with auto-scroll areas - it seemed a little short to me.)

A couple of wrong tiles/colors on the overworld. For example, the water around the edges is a bit darker than the rest, and you're missing a few corner tiles (in the corner to the top right of the cave, for example).

Not a big deal, but having the bricks turn into turn blocks when they're hit looks pretty weird.

Some sprite tiles are replaced with mucnhers... I assume that was done deliberately, but in this case you should replace the graphics for all frames. Yoshi's Fireballs and the Chuck's head switch back to the original GFX for a few frames.

The goal bar goes a tad too high here. Put it right on the ground.
(Also, it has a slightly bad palette.)

You should apply the "Fade Fix" patch.

- Glitched disco ball, or whatever that's supposed to be
- Some "BOSS" tiles use a different palette
- His hitpoint counter glitches too. You should completely disable showing the "BOSS:" text in the status bar to avoid that.

Ugly palettes for the egg and the status bar.

For the goal point too.

Cutoff. It might not look too bad on the wooden platforms, but at least the bramble corner should be fixed.

Honestly, I couldn't get past this custom sprite wihout using cheats... >_> It might just be me, but makig these parts a little easier would really help.

Glitched event tiles. This can either be caused by not uninstalling the title screen recording ASM or not having applied the newest version of the dynamic sprite patch (dsx.asm).

Bad palettes on the pipe, the Tweeter, the Bob-Omb and the Bullet Bill shooters.

Cutoff background.

How was I supposed to know these blocks weren't passable? You could at least explain what they do in a message box or something. (It could just be me still using cheats here, though. Heh.) Also, that part seemed rather impossible to me too... I couldn't get the right timing to spin-jump on the Thwomps to go on. That's what I'm supposed to do, right?

You can't see where you're supposed to land, and if you try collect all these coins, you'll most likely end up falling into a pit.

The cement blocks here have weird palettes...

When I exit the "End of Demo" level, the paths tiles are glitched. o_O

Not too bad overall, but you still need to improve on quite a few things. Feel free to resubmit this hack once you've fixed them all.

Hack Name: Super Yoshi's Land 1 - An adventure to rescue Mario - Demo 2
Author: Fierce Deity Manuz OW Hacker
Description: NOTE:
Sorry, mods, but I lost my password from the other account - Manuz, the OW Hacker.

Anyways, here comes the second demo of my hack - Super Yoshi's Land, where Yoshi is in a mission to rescue his old pal, Mario, kidnapped by Boo.

Features are the same, with the addition of ice powerups in world 5.
I fixed every bug I could find, but, players, PM me if you find more.

Enjoy playing!!!

------Removal Reasons :o---------

I have to say, this hack was pretty fun. Though there were minor errors/mistakes I would like to point out.

/me transforms into Pickydida

(Sorry, but the pics are not in level order. I accidentally so they're out of order)

I did not know that was lava, since it's the same color as lava. I assume the Toad was supposed to say it's lava, but his message was blank.

This Toad also gave a blank message. Don't be shy!

Not a removal reason, but an awesomeness reason. Random fish out of nowhere.

This is mainly the main reason for removing the hack. After I beat the big level on the bottom left, that dot path showed up. After I beat the level I'm on, I couldn't go further. I assume you messed up, since the hack length is 40 levels.

This Giant Shy Guy took forever to beat. Give him less lives.

Dunno if it's just me, but the message is kinda illegible. Also, it should be more centered, as it's too close to the left of the screen. Same with the other boss's message.

You can barely see the piranha plant's stem when it goes down the skinny pipe. Make the pipe thicker or the piranha plant's stem skinnier.

I got shot out of a pipe, and I hit this guy. Don't make the player have to react so quickly. Also, Yoshi's hurt frame looks glitched.

Although all your water levels had a water meter, this segment didn't. Try to be consistent... wait, nvm. I just realized you'll die if there was a water meter because there's no exit besides the key.

This could have used a better, less eye-searing palette :|

(back to this level) Since Layer 1 has priority and stuff, climbing a vine looks weird. It's like Yoshi's climbing with his shell/saddle (I never knew whether it was a shell or a saddle)

This place also needs a less eye-searing palette. I think the Yellow Switch palace has the same issue.

The Boo goes under the tree. Remove the tree or move the Boo, cuz it looks funky.

When I enter the level, the camera scrolls abit. Move the level slightly to the left or something.

You can see the pixel-cutoff created by the block and the darkness. Add black dots to the corners of the block to fix it.

I carried a Buzzy Beetle from underground and went into a pipe to exit, and I arrived outside, with the Buzzy Beetle having glitchorz GFX. You can either use ExGFX or not have Buzzy Beetels underground near the pipe.

Not really a removal reason, but it would be nice to make thaat hex edit that causes the camera to always follow Mario, so it would follow you when you walljump in this level. Just a suggestion.

I dunno, the palette for the Bowsers (wait, there's more than one? AAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAA) looks kidna weird with the black outline.

And that's it. Just fix these and you'll be good to go!

The Sign Painter
Author: VEN keyblader
Hack ID 3735

this is the fixed version of TSP Demo all the things presented on the other version are fixed Enjoy ;)

Issues Found:

Before I say any of the issues with the game itself, I would like to ask that you do not include Lunar IPS with your hack in the Zip file. It is already available for download in the tools section, so there is no point in including it with your hack - all it does is waste extra filespace.

Well, for starters, the overworld strikes me as a bit could spice it up by making more rounded edges, but you don't have to - this isn't a big reason for removal or anything like that.

This small part was pretty annoying and seems a bit devious for the 2nd or 3rd screen of level 1.

Not sure if this was intentional or not but there are a few instances like this that function much like the traps in Kaizo Mario World, in which cruelly-placed invisible coin block leads to cheap deaths. Please fix this.

I encountered some pretty bad slowdown here. Try removing some sprites from this screen.

Allow me to explain what I demonstrated here. With the blue shell, it was possible to fly to the top of the level, run above the goal, trigger it, and watch Mario walk off the edge into a pit while performing the "Victory Walk" sequence.

I would fix that if I were you.

Chunk missing from the left thwomp due to memory issues. Try messing with the sprite memory header to fix this.

Original message left over from SMW after you beat the castle...

...followed by a dead end on the map with a Yoshi House, which also has the original SMW message

If I backtrack on the map from the castle...

...the pipe takes me here...

...which in turn takes me here; an endless bonus game.

There are quite a few problems here, as you can see...please fix all of these before resubmitting your hack. It isn't a particularly *bad* just has a lot of room for improvement.
Hack Removed

Hack Name: Super 1 - 192.9 KB - 36 downloads.
Length: 41 exits
Author: lacaras4 - Submitted by: lacaras4
Description: My first serious attempt at making a ROM hack, any feedback is welcome, and let me know if you find any glitches.
My Short Review:
The hack wasn't bad, it was fun but some parts got annoying and repetitive.

In the intro the goomba can get stuck on the pipe.

All the colors on the hill thing looks weird, try just sticking with one color.

All the wings that the enemies use have a weird palette.

The cement blocks makes the ropes cut-off.

This part was kinda annoying, you have to collect few coins on the way, hit the P-switch and make a mad rush back for the spring board, and if you don't make it then it's like oh well. Might wanna make the springboard closer.

If I lose my shell here, and the turn block stops, I'm permanently stuck here.

Then after I bring the springboard to where I need it to be, I have to bullet bill jump then shell jump which was kinda of a pain.

The water is cut-off because of the cement blocks. Note: Cement blocks can make a lot of things cut-off.

Also wrong corner tiles.

After I hit the P-switch and I collect the coin, it makes cut-off. You can try using upside-down water after the coin so it isn't cut-off.

I can go inside this pipe, put the small vertical pipes under it so I can't get in.

Blind jumps here, put coins to lead the way.

About all the vines in this hack are cut-off, put some blocks above and below it.

It was kinda hard to find this shell, since you had to press a P-switch to make the shell not fall, and because of that blind jump mentioned above, it was kinda hard to find this part.

Abandoning Yoshi makes my cry. ;_; You shouldn't have to jump out of Yoshi to get to a certain place.

Like this place:

More shell jumping. -.-

There are a bunch of places where I have to shell jump, here a few:

It really got annoying doing this in like every level in the 1st two worlds.

A bunch of the levels were repetitive, there are a lot of times where I had to use the P-switch to get to a certain place, and I had to do something like this in about 95% of the hack. It got rather annoying.

You have the wrong sprite header here because there were no sprites on the screen but the hammer bro disappeared.

You have to rush back pretty far here and if you don't make it then you have to die.

In this part I can avoid bullet bill jumping here by running at full speed and jump off the bullet bill cannon.

There were a few places where you had to bullet bill jump like.....

....and there were others but I didn't take screenshots of them, either way bullet bill jumping isn't allowed.


Wrong sprite header.

Maybe you should give a message saying that you need both P-switches to get to the door here cause if you press one and that runs out, your pretty much screwed.

There's a lot of errors in the world. 1st the grass palette doesen't really look good, at the top of that hill, there is wrong corner tiles and the hill thing looks bad, and the green switch is kinda bad.

In the green switch palace, it's like impossible to wait for the silver P-switch to run out while you still have your star power so I had to do a glitch were you can enter the pipe at a certain angle.

In this world after beating some of the levels events from some of the other worlds get activated for some reason, might wanna look into that.

This level was pretty annoying since you had to get P-switches and the springboard over, and if you don't have them you can't go back to get them.

Wrong initial position here.

Stacked bullet bill cannons look bad and they produce a tiny cut-off at the bottom of the cannon.

Blind jump, cut-off vine, and the jump is using the bottom row. Note: Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as it will not appear in game.

Bad palette for the horizontal log.

I can get a mushroom here and some of the big Chass frames don't seem to be complete like:

If you look at Chass hand, on the left there is part of Mario's hand frame.

Wrong sprite header here too, it caused Chass to cut himself in half because of this.

The door's made cut-off here.

Glitched goal sphere graphics.

The palette is bad.

If I don't get the P-switch and I go up here 1st, I'm stuck forever, make it so you can exit if you don't have the P-switch.

Like I said, don't use the bottom row of LM as it won't appear in game.

Wrong sprite header here too.

Same thing about the bottom row, as it was pretty hard to find this key since the coins weren't shown and I had I had no idea on where to press the P-switch exactly.

If I don't have the red switch, I can't exit the level from the side, look like you forgot to add the side exit sprite.

Blind jumps. -.- Also for the 2nd screen, if I fall down and keep going forward....

I get poked. :€

Wrong tiles for the top of the ledges.

If I kill all the koopa's here I'm stuck here.

Some of the turn block bridges won't appear because of all the sprites.

Having to spin jump on the boo to get to my destination is a no.

All the corner's underwater in this hack have the wrong tiles. Use Map16 to put the right one.

Not exactly a removal reason but why put a rope there when you can just put the bridge to replace it?

Not a removal reason but why put chucks and only chucks up there?

The rope is cut-off and the bottom row is used. -.-

The bottom of the goal post is cut-off.

The palette looks kinda bad. (there's no cut-off there I just hit the message box)

Not a removal reason but after beating this level a castle destruction event occurs.

Having to go under isn't a good idea.

Not a removal reason but the lines in this level are impossible to see here because of the background, try making the lines lighter.

Wrong tiles for the top ledges for the 1st screenshot, also around the bridge is blue.

Kinda weird but okay, also the chuck is on the bottom row.

Glitched lava graphics.

If you don't have the yellow switch you can't pass, put a message at the beginning of the level telling the player you need the switch activated.

Blatant level 14 edit, the only thing that was changed was that the P-switch and cement blocks were tooken out.

Not a removal reason but it doesen't show the outline and solid switch block text.
The hack was pretty fun, kinda annoying at times but it had decent level design. You have a lot to fix though.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Fantastic World Demo - 19.7 KB - 23 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: Good - Submitted by: Good
Description: This is only a beta.
My Short Review:
This hack was just horrible, bad levels, glitched graphics, floating munchers, and more.

The cement blocks made the bush cut-off.

What's happening here? Cut-off, random nonsense firework generator, Yoshi coin on sub-boundary line. Yea fix this.

This level was EXTREMELY boring, annoying, and repeitive. All I did in this level was jump off munchers, that's it.

Mid-way point is cut-off.

Floating munchers.

Make the ground cover the bushes on the goal post.

No. Make 3-Up moons rare to get and don't do this.

Is the language really necessary?

Floating munchers, floating bushes, glitched graphics, cut-off. These need to be fixed.

Having to spin jump on something to get somewhere for a period of time is not a good idea.

Wrong sprite header.

After that it was just the end of level 106.

Then after that it was just the original SMW.
This hack really needs a bunch of work. Don't submit until you actually upload a quality hack.

Name: attack of the blarggs
Author: swamp cecil
Description: blargs have taken over the world. can mario stop them?

Previous, Declined Submission: 830a7f0501e97dee43ad54633b26ef40
Your New, Updated Submission: 830a7f0501e97dee43ad54633b26ef40

Oh dear, oh dear. Looks like you didn't even touch this hack after we declined it. That isn't good. That isn't good at all.

If you resubmit this without improving it, you will be banned.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: Super Red World
Author: KillerJon95
Description: The name says it all...

I made this hack exactly THE SAME as the original, but with EVERYTHING, absolutly EVERYTHING turned to red...This will make some things look very ugly (for example Mario's face), but you'll get used to it.

I will make other ROM hacks similar to this one, but instead of red, I'll use other colors.

Please notify me if there are any glitches or a lack of red (except for when it's black, which is normal).

What is this. Why would you do this.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: Super Rtyuio World: Part 1
Author: rtyuio54321
Description: I know this hack will not be accepted. I need a trusted method to find every and any error i have in my hack. My main problem is in the 4th castle. when i defeat it, the castle glitches on the overworld, and i don't know why. if someone moderates the game, can you tell me why?

We are NOT your sodding beta testers! Go here to find testers ready and willing to help you find bugs. As far as your pathing glitch goes, have you disabled the demo recording ASM patch in LM? Or if you're using dynamic sprites, there's a newer version of that patch. If those don't help, ask in our forums! They won't bite. Honest.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Mario World XTREME
Length: 8 levels
Author: cant_think_of_a_name - Submitted by: cant_think_of_a_name
Description: Bowser has kidnapped princess peach again and mario has to rescue her again.


- Cutoff ledge. be sure to use proper edge tiles.
- Why does the X have a black box around it?
- The file select menu overlaps the "by"
- "Namq"?

Inconsistent water and cliff colors, as well as cutoff hills.

Quite a few bland and boring spots. Use a larger variety of terrain and enemies and add some decorations.

You left lots of rooms unedited or just barely modified them so that the original level is still noticeable. Please press Ctrl + Del before starting to make a level so you can always start fresh.

Don't place Yoshi/Dragon Coins near goal points - they will still shine when the level fades out.

More cutoff OW tiles.

This... doesn't look too good either. Just remove the tiles between the pipe and the ceiling and put regular ground tiles below the pipe.

More cutoff ledges. As I said, make sure to use the proper edge tiles for them. (Also, remove that floating arrow sign).

Moons shouldn't be this easy to get. You should hide them very cleverly, and only give the player about one per WORLD.

Don't try making up an excuse for that - I mean, why would the Big Boo glitch himself too?
The real reason for this is wrong sprite memory settings. Change them to 04 or 09, one of them should work (click on the Lakitu button to change them).

Slightly cutoff vines (at the bottom).

If I collect the coin next to the pipe before pressing the P-switch, I'm screwed. Please provide some way to reset (like a pipe that leads back to itself) in case one messes up like I did, or simply waits too long.
(On an unrelated note, the pipe is rather hard to reach when you're not small.)

Cutoff ground and water. Lots of 'em. You could use ceiling tiles to end the ground properly (in the third screenshot), and wave tiles at the top of the water.
Another suggestion: Get rid of the water section, or make it way shorter or less boring.

Wrng note block hitting GFX. Change the sprite setting (blue poison mushroom button) to "Normal 1" or something - or simply remove that note block.

- *boomerang
- glitchy GFX for the boomerang powerup
- a not-too-brilliant BG palette. Use the normal green one or something.

Cutoff ledges, and


Missing slope corner tiles.

If you go too far to the right, you'll make the skull platform disappear. You could spin-jump on the Blarggs to go on, but I doubt that's intended.

I guess that's it with the hack... In any case, please don't make the original SMW levels accessible.

Looks like you still have a lot to learn. I highly recommend reading the Hack Submission Guidelines and watching this video before attempting another hack.

Hack Name: NintendoIsAWESOME's ROM Hack (V3)
Length: 14 levels
Author: NintendoisAWESOME15 - Submitted by: NintendoisAWESOME15
Description: This is V.3 of My 1ST EVER ROM HACK! I've only uploaded V2.5 and V.3 (DEMO) and this verion.
There's only 1 screanshot and that's all you'll see of this hack unles you play it.
If you need help, I'll be happy to help you out. My E-Mail is on my Profile. THIS HACK IS NOT COPLEATED YET!!!


First of all, the more screenshots you provide, the more people you will get to play your hack - posting only one screenshot won't make them become too anxious.

Aaaanyway, now for the real rermoval reasons. It's usually a bad idea to submit your first hack to SMWC, since almost everyone's first hack is... bad, to say the least. I'll show you could improve on:

The title screen is a little cluttered, and some tiles have black boxes around them, which doesn't look great. Also, the file select menu cuts off some of the text.

You should work on your grammar or get someone to proof-read your texts. (*until, *Please, *glitches)

Inconsistent cliff and water colors.

Cutoff water and wrong berry palette. You should probably just remove the water and add some berries manually.

Yellow Switch Palace? But it's green!

I doubt you can reach the P-switch on the right... Why not place it on actual ground?
Also, when you hit the P-switch too early, you won't even realize it creates blocks that you need to step on. Please provide some way to reset the level if the player messes up here - a side-exit would work already.

Once you come out of here, you instantly get hurt. Not too polite, don't you think?

Cutoff ceiling and ground - you should extend them to the end of the screen and place the switch on the ground instead of in the pit.

The switch palace isn't destroyed after you beat it, and you can re-enter it. However, the switch will have disappeared then, making you have to commit cuicide. Bad thing.

Literally the whole level consisted of this. Jumps from block to block, with no enemies or fun factor whatsoever.

You can't see where you're supposed to land here - Place coins here that lead the way down. Or, better yet, make an all new level.

Moons shouldn't be this easy to collect.

Another overly long and boring section, but with fast auto-scroll this time.

I could barely make it into the pipe, and since I couldn't jump, I couldn't go on to the right either. Fast Auto-Scroll is nothing you should use.

Barely edited room. Well, you edited some flowers and a key in(and a long, bland platform section), but it's still very noticeable that this is the cave room in Yoshi's Island 1. Tip: Press Ctrl + Del for a fresh start.

So many glitched things... The background, the note block bounce sprites, and the goal sphere. You can change the tilesets by clicking on the blue poison mushroom button.
(Also, this was another "jump from block to block" level. I suggest you think of something more... fun.)

This seems to be an exact copy of level 103, except it's just two screens long.

I couldn't go on after this level either, so I had to stop playing here. I hope you've realized what you could improve on, though.

Don't worry - As I said, everyone's first hack looks like this. Take your time and get a bit more experienced with Lunar Magic, read this, perhaps watch this, and try again.

Hack Name: Lieutenant Pie's SMW Hack Demo
Length: 8 levels
Author: LieutenantPie - Submitted by: LieutenantPie
Alright, so one of the levels isn't finished. I did put that level finish sphere thingy there and a message box, so that should do it. There's a few things I need help with, but just PM me about that if you wanted to help. It's a hard hack, but not too hard. The Yellow Switch Palace is a work in progress, so it does not count. So is Green Forest 2. You can skip those. Anyways, enjoy!

UPDATE: It is not finished. NOT FINISHED. If there are any bugs or major glitches, I will most likely know about it, and simply lack the ability at this time to fix said glitch. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, please use constructive criticism if it is rejected. I don't want it to end up like last time. That was pretty harsh...

First thing to mention. If your hack/demo isn't complete yet, you shouldn't release it! Be patient and finish before submitting. A lot of what is listed here is because unfinished levels were accessible.

Minor, but the top of Yoshi's paw print is not in the correct spot. Add some more spaces to move it to the right.

I see you edited Yoshi's House. This is fine unless you are planning to use SMW's credits. If you are, make sure you revert this level back to normal.

Because of the massive amount of berries, I could easily make them float in midair. Please tone down on the berries so this doesn't happen as often.

Turn on Sprite Buoyancy so that enemies will splash and act correctly under water.

I got hurt and cannot move on. Also, this reminds me alot of SMW. Use Ctrl+Del before making a level.

This area was very empty. There were no enemies around whatsoever.

Cutoff and obvious copy pasta here.

This makes no sense. It looks like I should be able to go through this wall.

I was running low on time on this level. You should add another 100 seconds or so.

Bad FG/BG initial positions.

Cutoff. You should not let your incomplete levels be accessible!

I flew over here and these pipes lead me to an endless bonus room, I believe.

I love your platforms, but there's no enemies around at all! You should add some so that your level is more fun. Also, these corner tiles are incorrect.

This level had small bits of SMW hidden in it; these pictures show some examples. Minor cutoff vines were of abundance in this level as well.

This vine ate my Dragon Coin before I could get it! D:

The bush gets cutoff by the pipes.

And Mario goes behind it when he goes down, so removing the bush would be hitting two birds with one stone, right?

This moon was very easy to get. Only use moons when the puzzle is freakishly hard, or something.

This is another example of incompleteness. Your message stated to take the 'goal sphere' (which is really a Wiggler head; fix it), but since I'm curious, I disobeyed you. :O

Yeah, make sure you can't access these areas. Finish them before submitting.

Looks more like a pool of water than a castle.

You forgot to enable the No Yoshi Entrance. This means Yoshi will glitch up badly.

Pipes and lava are cutoff by the ground here.

This might just be me, but I really hate puzzles that require the P-Switch to be hit constantly. I also had to lose Yoshi, but that shouldn't be a problem when you enable the No Yoshi Intro.

This whole room was very similar to SMW. Ctrl+Del.

This gate doesn't work. It may be because of sprite limitations.

Iggy's Castle.

This gate had cutoff hidden behind it.

First, you really shouldn't use the very top for walking because Mario gets in the way of the status bar, and it is hard to play. Second, the top layer of stone is cutoff in some places.

Using layer 3 castle along with layer 2 castle doesn't really look right, especially when you scroll the screen around.

There was some minor slowdown here, you may want to get rid of some sprites.

I beat this with 9 seconds left. Add maybe 100-150 seconds please!

This place was a big difficulty step upwards from world 1; I kept getting hit and die around here.

Again, this looks weird.

SMW again.

I entered a pipe that lead me to what looked like another unfinished level.


I had to stay to the very right of the screen while here, which prevented me from seeing the Buzzy Beetle about to attack me.

From there, I could get to the original SMW levels. Make an 'End of Demo' level so that you can't reach them.

From what you made from scratch, I really liked it. But the parts of SMW still stuck in it made this kinda boring to play. Make sure that you complete all your levels you want in the demo before releasing it, that way players don't have to stare at unfinished work. Just some other little fixes, and this has a chance of being accepted next time.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Josh's Hacking Tutorial - 18.7 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker6
Description: Custom pallete,edited OW,normal SMW GFX

A few tips on how you can make some special effects(most of which can kill you).

A few of them are volcanic eruptions,thunder storms,and earthquakes.

The intro video is Mario trapped in a box.If you put him high up he wont be on screen.


You dont have to beat the levels to acsess them all because i made it so you can walk around on the paths.

There's 7 effects taught altogether

This hack is not yours, I downloaded it and there was no readme, credits, etc. that said you can upload it. DON'T UPLOAD OR REDISTRIBUTE SOMEONE ELSE'S HACK WITHOUT PERMISSION!
Hacks Removed:

Hack Name: Mario Adventures BETA - 428.6 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Baby Bowser - Submitted by: adnimad123321
Description: Features:



P.S. Working on events in the overworld, but i must fix this.

Same reason as above you uploaded someones hack without permission and there was no readme. DON'T UPLOAD OR REDISTRIBUTE SOMEONE ELSE'S HACK WITHOUT PERMISSION!
Hack Removed

Hack Name: Mario's adventure 2 - 170.8 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: Baby Bowser - Submitted by: adnimad123321
Description: This hack features ASM.

Same reason as above.

Pretty sure they're their own hacks, dude - they've used those names before. It's just that ones not especially intelligent and the other's a banned user nobody's noticed the dupe of.

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Name: attack of the stickmen demo
Author: swamp cecil
Description: evil stickmen that dwell beneath the earth are trying to take over the world, and like always, mario (and luigi) must stop them.

Zip file is empty. Might want to actually send us something if you want us to look at it.

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Hack Name: Mario and the Time Toad Demo (1.0) fixed - 548.7 KB - 22 downloads

First Overworld

Nothing major, but there is a mismatched corner water tile at the top, a missing corner tile in the middle, and near the bottom left, the land doesn't connect.

Toad's House

*there (their)

Upon entering this house...

I enter the TEST level of doom. Please do not do this, as the player is forced to die.

Forest Underground

...Jeez, don't you think a little more time would be nicer?

Bonus Game

The bonus room is not supposed to scroll horizontally like this.

Because of the layer two, if I try to run on the triangle I die, or fall through then die.

Speaking of which, you aren't supposed to die in Bonus Games.

Show No Mercy

*you're (your)
Also, the message cuts off a word at the end.

1: Yoshi has a strange palette..
2: The cement blocks have a strange palette too.


The cape feather's palette is horrid; please rethink your palette choices.

1:I guess I'm alright with the koopas having Piranha heads, but I'm not okay with the graphics of your disco ball.
2: What kind of boss has "G" health?

If you're going to use this bonus, at least disable the horizontal scrolling.

Temple of Time

My status bar Mushroom has a mustache; please fix the palette.

*It's (Its)

*barrier (barrior x2)

*barrier (barrior)
*I'm (Im x2)
*prison! or prison. (prison)

...Find Bowser and stop what, exactly?

*You're (Your)
*Mario! or Mario. (Mario,)
*Koopas (Koopa's)
*their (there)

The ON/OFF bars are a bit "cut-off" from the cement blocks.

I had no idea that that koopa was supposed to fall from the top. Showing where they spawn from would be nice.

*okay? (ok.)

Second Overworld

You seem to have an event from the previous SMW over here, and there is a glitched event on the path.

Flower Hills

First off, the pink text is really hard to read. Second, Fawful says stop, but stop what, exactly? Also, the status bar is funky.

Try this: Wait, the time toad! If Bowser was sealed away then we can do it again!

*there's (theres)

The status bar palette is a bit of a disaster and Yoshi's got a bit of a bad palette too.

..Birdo's egg also has a bad palette; change the white on the outside into a black outline.

The goal post and the goal tape has a bad palette as well.

Thorn Bush 1

The munchers have a bit of a bad stem palette. To add to that, the brambles and the platforms seem to be at different heights, making it appear like "cut-off".

Now, the brambles and the platforms above are "cut-off".

1: Yoshi has a bad palette once more.
2: The midway point also seems to have a bad palette.
3: Where is the midway point itself?

Again, you will never know where the enemies appear from the top, so it's a bit unfair.

The goal point has a bit of a bad palette too.

Crazy Cliffs

..Yoshi some how spat out fire munchers.

Poor rotating spike ball isn't attached to a cement block.

I had really enjoyed playing through this; the level design was creative, except that there were usually small problems around. The story was interesting, but I had a hard time trying to read the text. The main problems were Toad's House leading to a test level, dying in the Bonus Game, and a few problems in proof-reading sentences.
Hack Name: Super Shy Guy World - 397 KB - 55 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: yoshikoshi - Submitted by: Yoshikoshi
Description: Super Shy Guy World is my first hack wich i create. SSGW (demo) features 7 levels with Yoshi's Island totally recreated. SSGW (demo)has 3 normal levels, one Shy Guy fortress (renamed SG's fortress for short and notice that the SG's will only appear in their respective "natural" areas (SG fortress 1 will be in YI, for example))Each world will have the "mock" levels too. Mock levels are short and easy levels with funny things to make the player laugh and there will be the maze levels are short levels with big mazes. And finnaly, the castle levels wich have increased difficulty (the first castle on YI is the point where this demo ends). Wait, i did'n told ya the story, right? The story is... some guy called "King Shy Guy" has rapted peach and Yoshi (for Yoshi, he trapped him on the first SG fortress) and has taken over dinossaur land with his minions and has renamed the land Shy Guy land! And also, this little hack has ExGFX (Bg and sprites) made by great artists here on SMWC! I don't have time to ut you names here now, but your names are already on the credits, i promise! Hope everyone at SMWC likes this hack and watch for updates! Bye-bye!

P.s: zip contains the patch and the readme.
Upon booting up the game, I see the Nintendo intro and hear the title screen of the music...

..But where is the title screen itself?

Since the title screen didn't appear, I was left to listen to SMW's title screen music. Before submitting your IPS patches, please make sure that the patch is tested and it works.

Name: Super Mario REMIX
Author: bpkyle777
Description: This is my first upload onto SMW central. This hack is a work in progress so if you find any bugs, PM me please.

Super Mario REMIX is a jumbled up version of the original SMW. A few custom blocks were used and I have yet to figure out how to insert custom music.

The game crashes after the file select. Please test your patches with a clean SMW rom to ensure that it works correctly!

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Hack Name: Super Mario World: Forum Wars
Length: 5 levels
Author: Elite Goomba Hacker - Submitted by: Elite Goomba Hacker
Description: I'm still a beginner at hacking this game, and this is my first one too. I was making this hack to advertise some specific forums, but I think it's okay to submit it here.

This hack features my character, named birby, out on an adventure to rescue the forums, since Bowser locked the entire forum.

This demo shows the first world, Goomba Village. Enjoy!


One of the better "first hacks", but it still had some beginner mistakes. Here's what you could improve on:

The file select menu still says "Mario". Not a must-fix, and not a removal reason either, it just looks odd.

You might want to capitalize your hero's name (unless he's deliberately called "birby" with a lowercase b).

Your overworld could use some work. For example, there's an unnecessary water and cliff tile in the lower left corner, the top cliff edge tiles are wrong, and the cliff's color doesn't match with the edge tiles above and below it (more noticeable when the ladder appears - the cliff aound the ladder has a different color).

The pipes cut off the ground. Use proper edge tiles here.

For some reason, the hammer only appears if I leave the screen and come back later... You might want to check your sprite memory settings (click on the Lakitu button to change them - something like 0E usually works).
Also, the "with" should be capitalized too.

Kind of weird how the hammer and the cape appear too far above Birby when he's big. I also can't go on in the third screen because Birby's big, although it looks like I can. There are some hex edits found in the ROM Map that can change the player's hitbox to 16x16 regardless of the powerup - I highly recommend using those.

Parts of the pipes are cut off by the ledge edges / question blocks. Not as big a deal as the other pipe cutoff, but fixing it would still be nice.

All goal points in your hack have garbled bush tiles on the bottom. To fix this, move them down one tile and then place ground over it.
(Also, the goal bar is placed one tile too high as well. Make sure to put it on the ground, not above it.)

Glitched explosion tiles. Change the sprite tileset (blue poison mushroom button) until it looks right.

Rather minor, but the question block cuts of the mushroom stem a little.

Same as above, but way more noticeable this time. Please use actual ground and wall tiles instead of used blocks.

Many objects here cut off the water.

Quite a bit of slowdown here. I don't think more than one Porcu-Puffer is necessary, and perhaps the number of dolphins could be reduced too.

Parts of the Ball 'n' Chain disappear. Again, changing the sprite memory to 0E might work.

Might want to change the red not blocks' palette, as it looks rather ugly as it is now.

King Goomba's palette could also use some work - the red line on his belly, to be exact. I don't know if palette 8 permits editing this color, so maybe you should make him use another palette (change that in the CFG editor). It's not too much of an issue though, so if you can't manage to change this palette, that's okay I guess.

Am I supposed to not be able to go on here? If so, alright. If no, you might want to check your paths.

So yeah... Feel free to resubmit the hack once this stuff's fixed.

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