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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Super hardio world - 18.7 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: ScienceGuy1234 - Submitted by: ScienceGuy1234
Description: This 1 level hack will make you puke.

I can only say one thing about this hack - it lived up to its description.

For future reference, ScienceGuy, please read the submission guidelines next time.

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines

4. Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

7b) The player should be able to identify everything's behavior before touching it. The player should not have to do something illogical, like jump in lava, to complete a puzzle. If something acts "unusual", inform the player ahead of time.

9. Quality level design
Your hack has a much higher chance of being accepted if the level design is fun. Conversely, if the level design is found to be lacking then a little cutoffness may be enough to push the hack into deletion.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Removed

Hack Name: The Evil Maze - 135.9 KB - 36 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: limepie20 - Submitted by: limepie20
Description: A fun maze I made.
This is just one level and is a demo. If people like this maze i'll add more levels.
My Short Review:
Not bad, pretty easy to be honest though there were a few problems. Though if there were no problems this hack would've got removed anyway because it's a One Level DEMO usually demos that are short usually get removed since it's too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal. (As stated below me)

Not really a removal reason but it Nintendo Presents screen looks weird since it's missing letters.

Part of the title screen will get cut-off because of the player slot. Move the text a bit.

There are a few places where small Mario can fit but not big, try to make it so Super Mario can fit too.

Usually after coming out of the pipe, garbage BG appears. This is due to using the wrong initial settings.

The bottom row of Lunar Magic was used here. Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as it will not appear in-game.

I can jump and go to the top here, but if I fall in the hole (which is a blind jump) and...

...go down here. I get stuck and I die here. Not a good idea.

Even though this leads nowhere it's a blind jump. Add coins to lead the way.

*got. Also I couldn't get the cape, I couldn't find out how to.

I can go through this.

Also when I hit the block, the vine makes the pipe cut-off.

I can go through here too. Why not use Layer Priority? It'll make it look better.
The hack wasn't bad, though the fact it was a One Level Demo was the biggest reason it got removed. The errors are easy to fix. Resubmit when you got more levels.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: "BETA CARNAGE" - 45.6 KB - 93 downloads.
Length: 34 levels
Author: KillerCarnage - Submitted by: KillerCarnage
Description: PM me for concerns and stuff and I'll have v.1.1 sometime in the spring, and v.1.2 around the summer, and hopefully the final version before 2011. Enjoy.
I can't believe this hack hasn't been moderated yet!

^^And that is why I can't believe it hasn't been moderated yet, shouldn't take that long. :P
I apologize to the author of this hack for taking forever to moderate it. The last few weeks have been kind of busy for me...

NAME: Yoshi's Emergency
AUTHOR: Brad172
Yoshi has called Mario to come see him immeditly, Mario must overcome the new traps that bowser has layed down, can Mario finish his quest to get to Yoshi in time?


- Custom Music
- YY-CHR Editing
- 16x16 Custom Blocks


This hack was mostly fine, apart from some minor errors. However, there was one main issue that made me have to remove it: The music. In several levels, the custom music you inserted has very odd screechy tones that get really annoying to listen to. If it weren't for ZSNES's capabilities to mute certain sound channels, I don't think I would have gotten through the entire hack. I know for a fact that this isn't a problem with the music tracks themselves, so you must have screwed up the insertion process somehow.

That being said, you might still want to fix those minor issues mentioned earlier:


*Mario, come quickly!

Some minor cutoffness where the rope meets the corner tile. Easily fixable by moving the rope down one tile.


More rope-related cutoffness, and the goal tape goes too high.

Enabling sprite buoyancy will make the falling Koopa interact with the water instead of falling straight through it.

Why are there six dragon coins in this level?

You shouldn't be able to run into the back of a solid ground edge like this. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Same goes for this.

Minor, but Mario walking between land of different heights like this doesn't make very much sense either.

Placing Munchers on pipes like this makes them float slightly.

Cement blocks don't make for very good pipe corners, as they create slight cutoffness.

More perspective oddness with Mario walking off a high cliff straight into the water.

This level is very easy to get stuck in. And since the first part doesn't have a reset door, failure means that you have to commit suicide.

If I fly up here, I get permanently stuck and have to wait out the timer.

*But have you forgotten your main objective?

*Hehe. Mario, you are so gullible. Who would have thought you would have followed my fake quest to the very end?

...speaking of which, the ending doesn't make much sense. Why did Yoshi trick Mario to go on a useless quest in the first place?

Apart from these issues, I liked this hack a lot. Especially the puzzle levels were very enjoyable. Fix the things pointed out, and this will likely get accepted.
NAME: SMW 2: Mario's Return (1 World)
AUTHOR: coolhack
Only 1 World long. This is just a test, I played it on my computer and it ran just fine with no errors, I want to know how other computers will work with it. This is just Beta, better changes will be made!


This hack leaves a lot of things unchanged from the original SMW, including every single level message...

...the sublevels, bonus rooms, and Yellow Switch Palace...

...and a lot of the level design. Left is this hack, right is the original SMW for comparison. (Warning: big screenshots)

105: 1 - 2
106: 1 - 2
103: 1 - 2
102: 1 - 2
004: 1 - 2

And the parts that are (moderately) changed have their share of problems as well.

Part of the title screen text is overwritten by the file select menu. Also, a new title screen movie would be nice.

And speaking of title, you do know that there is an official SMW2, right? You know, Yoshi's Island?

The coins cut off the bush.

The massive amount of sprites oncreen cause some major slowdown in this section.


Also, all your big hills are cutoff due to missing their bottom tiles.

This isn't supposed to happen. If the wood pillar goes in front of the platform, Mario should go behind it as well instead of just falling.

Due to you forgetting to set up a Layer 1 event to create a tile for Mario to walk on in front of the castle, I can't get to it.

tl;dr - Ctrl+Del is your friend. Use it. And changing some spritesets and palettes wouldn't hurt, either. Everyone here has played the original SMW, so if we download a hack, we want to play something new.
Removal: "Super Weird Mario Bros. World"
Author: chriskat911
Description: "This is my FINAL version of Super Weird Mario Bros. World. I haven't uploaded this one to YouTube yet. But you'll like it. ALL the glitches were fixed. I did EVERYTHING SMWCentral said to. So please, enjoy it!"

Bad patch.

Hack Name: Super Mario DROW demo
Length: 6 levels
Author: 9289 Mariocoaster - Submitted by: Mariocoaster
This is a small demo: my first game

c'est une petite démo de mon premier jeu

When applied to a clean SMW ROM, your patch did nothing. It was just SMW. Make sure to choose the ORIGINAL UNMODIFIED ROM first, then your hack ROM. Then the IPS should work.

Also, you only need to put your user ID in the box, hence the white username.
Hack Name: Dr.Mario World GFX
Length: unknown
Author: mariomaker6 - Submitted by: mariomaker6
Sorry last time I forgot to insert the ips patch... :(

B.B.Link's Dr.Mario World GFX. Mario needs ExAnimation for his big Mario ducking.

I corrected some palletes (like yoshi's foot) and I tried to turn the bricks back to turn blocks but apparently GFX pages 0 and 33 aren't the only ones with turn block GFX :(

I don't think the OW GFX are glitched because I used the Redrawn GFX and B.B.Link made the OW a peice of paper in the Redrawn version.:)

A) You shouldn't submit other people's work! You plainly said it was B.B.Links, but yet you said you made it. :/

B) The other was deleted because there was no IPS file. (duh)

Also, you only need to put your user ID in the box, hence the white username.
Hack Name: The 5 Dragon Gems [W1 DEMO] v1.4
Length: 9 levels
Author: TheRobju - Submitted by: TheRobju
This is the first Demo of my hack:
The 5 Dragon Gems.This is only the Demo of World 1.

Lets have another go at this, shall we?


I think your ROM was corrupt or something because when I went to Yoshi's House, there was a pipe I could go down to go to a Reznor fight. When I returned to the OW, it was severely glitched.

Please try again because I really want this to get accepted!
Hack Name: Untitled Hack
Length: Unknown
Author: XTruzkoHX - Submitted by: XTruzkoHX
an untitled hack...

I'm trying a new way of logging, let see how it goes!


This wasn't the worst hack I've played, but it isn't that great. I suggest you read our Hack Submission Guidelines so you get a better idea of how we moderate hacks around here.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Bowser's Return [Demo 3] - 232.9 KB - 49 downloads.
Length: 10 exits
Author: MSTR448 - Submitted by: MSTR448
Description: Demo 2 got rejected, so here is Demo 3.
Mario was wandering around the Mushroom Kindom when he saw Bowser fly toward the Castle. Mario raced over there to see that the Princess was taken and all of the Yoshi Eggs. Mario must save them before Bowser's evil plans take effect!
Bowser's Return (C) MSTR448 a.k.a. MasterRPGr
Super Mario World (C) by Nintendo.
My Short Review:
The hack was pretty fun, nice level design and all though there were a few things that need to be fixed.

Wrong edge tile.

Some slowdown when some koopa's are out of their shell.

When the koopa slides down he'll go through the ledge and slide there a bit. Either move the land back or take out the koopa.

The 3-up moon was rather easy to get because of the health bar. I just had to get hit once and that's it. Try making it a bit harder to get.

The switch palace was kinda blatant. All that was different was the added koopa's, taken out cement blocks, and different location of the P-switch.

Some of the goomba's will get caught on the pillar and will be taken to the top of the ledge. Try putting cement blocks between the goomba so it won't get caught in the pillar.

There is some cut-off here, it is mostly because of the ground.

When I buy some items here, my coins don't seem to decrease.

Cut-off. Just move the pipe over to the right once.

The pipe above is cut-off because of the cement blocks. Make the cement blocks square so it won't make cut-off since cement blocks can make things cut-off a lot.

Wrong corner tile.
So yeah the errors are easy to fix, resubmit and this hack will surely be accepted!
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Valentines Day Hack - 1.2 MB - 0 downloads.
Length: 39 levels
Author: DarkHacker 3.1, Small Hacker, & Carol - Submitted by: DarkHacker 3.1
Description: A great hack me and Small hacker came up with. Along with the Japanese hacking community :-D

this hack is great for your special little sweety-pie at home :-p
Ahh you shouldn't have. Bear Man 3.exe in the zip file?!!? This is the best valentines day ever!!!! *faints*
Hack Moderation

Super mario world ALPHA

World 1-1

The red line on the bottom of the pipe does not really go with a blue pipe.

An indication that these were screen-scrolling pipes would be nice.

Why are the tops of the goal points cut?

World 1-2

Pretty much this entire level is flat. Add some varied land and decorations to spice up your level design.

Again, this goal point is cut.

World 1-3

I don't mind the rope corner, but I do mind the moving rope; it really doesn't make sense to me if two ropes are moving towards each other or pulling away.

Cement blocks cause "cut-off" to pretty much anything- including water.

..And now, not only is the goal point cut at the top, it's floating at the bottom.

World 1-4

There's so much land, yet there's not enough enemies.

Mario could not see below, and he fell to his death. Maybe you could aid him next time by leading him with a path of coins or something.

..Really, how many times are you going to copypasta this one piece over and over again? There are no enemies around, either.

World 1-Castle

...Really, why are there barely any enemies around? Add some enemies to make it more... actiony.

If I hit the switch too early or destroy the shell, I can be stuck here without a way of getting out; add a reset pipe or door.

World 2-1

If you do not react fast enough, Mario can die in the water.

Minor "cut-off" between the yellow and green pipes.

..Again, adding some enemies would be nice and make the levels more challenging.

The munchers ate part of the pipe with their stems, causing "cut-off".

...Oh you're a dick for adding a Kaizo trap like this.

To be honest, this part was a major pain to do without dying.

The bottom of the goal post has been "cut-off" by the slope.

World 2-2

I managed to fall through the very steep slope and die. Please, please, please fix this.

The lava had melted the bone and caused "cut-off".

The ground leading into the lava had melted and caused "cut-off".

...How is the vine floating without being attached to anything?

World 2-3

The stairs aren't exactly connected to anything to support it.

..But this staircase is just floating.

The top of this goal post is "cut-off".

World 2-4

These slopes are "cut-off". Also, why is the castle music playing?

The note blocks have glitched graphics.

Honestly, if you make an ENTIRE level out of note blocks and with no enemies, this is definitely boring.

You shouldn't use the bottom tiles in Lunar Magic since the players do not know what's down there.

The goal point is cut... again.

World 2-5

Floating munchers are considered a removal reason.

Cement blocks cut through the ground above.

What kind of a level is only 3 seconds long? The answer is uninteresting and uninspiring level design.

World 2-6

The red pipes and green pipes cause "cut-off" to each other.

Oh god, this is going to be a nightmare for Super Mario. Not only that, this area is completely devoid of enemies and sprites- only pipes for Small Mario.

Seriously, replace the note blocks with actual land.

Mario can jump over the wall and be forced to die.

World 2-7

...There's so much slowdown because of the sprites here.

Yellow Switch Palace

Stacking bullet bill launchers create minor "cut-off" between the shooters.

World 3-1

You can jump over the wall here.

The top of the goal post is cut.

World 3-2

The top of the goal post is cut.

World 3-3

..Again, where are your enemies?

The note block graphics are glitched.

World 3-4

The top of the goal post is cut.

World 3-Castle

Due to the amount of sprites on the screen, it causes some slowdown.

World 3-5

The top of the goal post is cut.

You don't have to enable layer priority for this, because this happens.

World 3-6

Something minor, but the pipes "cut-off" the dirt.

If you decide to press the switch and wait doing nothing, you'll be stuck here until the time runs out.

I can jump over the wall here.

..Seriously, why do you have to make the passage too small for Super Mario?

I can also jump over this wall.

Lastly for this level, the BG has garbled graphics.

World 4-1

Cement blocks and the land are both "cut-off".

World 4-2

I tried to go up, but I think you forgot to enable vertical scrolling.

..Jesus, the amount of fireballs you put adds a bit of slowdown.

The top of the goal post is cut.

World 4-Fortress

If I hit the any of the P-switches too early, then I can be stuck here. Adding a reset pipe/door would be nice.

World 4-3

And again, the top of the goal post is cut.

World 4-4

And again again, the top of the goal post is cut.


If I was swimming in the overworld, shouldn't I be swimming right now?

Floating vine is floating.

This is just a long section with one-tile long cement blocks and occasional switch palace blocks. Please vary your level design to make it more interesting.

Please do not make blind jumps; I fell from the top, and now I'm (almost) dead.

Not only does Mario look weird when he does his goal walk into a wall, but if you place a goal too high, the screen just seems to turn almost completely black.

World 3-7

..What, did the enemies decide to screw their jobs and let Mario pass? Where are your enemies?

Oh, and the goal point is again "cut-off".

Velcano Cave
Something tells me that you meant to spell "Volcano". Speaking of which, this doesn't really seem like a volcano.

Oh god, the fireballs are causing massive slowdown.

1: The vines are floating.
2: Why would there be vines in a hot, molten VOLCANO?

The pipe cuts into the ground, and is floating.

The palette of the... shattering cement block is a bit strange.

Filling up 5-6 screens with shattering cement blocks is very boring level design. Mix it up, please.

Gah, SO close. Could you at the very least extend the ground? I really don't want to go through the same, long level.

Bowser Overworld

...I take it that after I beat "Velcano Cave", I'm supposed to head down. Instead though, it sent me back up and I can't access the next level.

World 5-Gate

Bad corner tile.

1. I sense copypasta level design. I've been running through pretty much the same landscape for a good 3-4 screens now.
2. What's the point of having candles in the background if you don't have the generator for the candle?
3. If I press the P-Switch and wait it out, then I could get stuck. Adding a reset pipe/door would be nice.

It would be nice to see what's up here if vertical scroll was

Why does activating the first exit do nothing?

World 5-1

If I get rid of the P-Switch or if I hit it too early, I can be stuck here until the time runs out. Adding a reset pipe/door would be nice.

Jeez, how many coins are you giving out? I already went through a room filled with hundreds of coins.

Oh, and the top of the goal post is cut.

World 5-2

If I don't swim fast enough, I can have a quick death. Also, there's
minor "cut-off" at the top of the pipe.

The Torpedo Ted boxes cut through the land.

..This was a dick move. I swam into this tiny space, and now that I hit this block, I'm stuck until the timer runs out.

There is a lot of slowdown because of the amount of sprites you have.

The pipe and the water had a baby named "cut-off".

The water then cheated on the pipe, and went off to marry land corners. They named their baby "cut-off" as well.

The two baby cut-offs then decided to get together to make their baby goal point: "cut-off".

World 5 Overworld

I got a feeling that you're missing a level tile where Mario is standing.

World 5-3

If I hit the P-Switches at the wrong time or destroy the shell, I can be stuck here until the time runs out. Please add a reset door/pipe. If I did not hit the Red Switch Palace or if I destroyed the shell, I could've gotten stuck as well. Also, if I lose the key, I would've been stuck again.

World 5-4

The top of the goal point is cut.

Bule Switch Palace
The name should be "Blue", not "Bule".

Making a hallway for a good 3-4 screens is not good level design, nor is it interesting or fun.

Floating staircases do not make sense.

World 5-Castle

Building an invisible-coin block bridge is a cool gimmick the first
time, but when you keep doing it in the level, it loses its charm and it feels more like a boring chore.

This probably won't happen, but if I use up all of my throw blocks, then I can get stuck here and wait for the timer to run out.

If I use up my P-Switch at the wrong place, then I can get stuck again and wait for the timer to run out.

I can stand doing the same thing for 5-6 screens, but when there are no enemies, that's where it gets boring. Also, why is the boss music playing if there is NO boss?

World 6-1

Red surface lava doesn't go with gray lava.

Climbing nets and having 100 fireballs bounce off and on the lava for about 3-4 screens is repetitive and boring.

Oh, and the goal point is cut at the top.

World 6-2

If I use the P-Switch at the wrong place and time, I can get stuck, as usual.

Are... are those floating munchers? Why yes, they are.

World 6-3

You should already know what this screenshot is by now.

I stopped here. I lost my motivation to continue playing this hack, because the level design is really uninteresting. I believe I already have enough reason to reject this hack from the content I've played. The main reasons this hack is being rejected is because of floating munchers, and the level design. When you're Super Mario, you can expect to try and duck jump through tight spaces. You can also count on repetitive level design and problems with the designs itself. So without further ado, this hack has been rejected.

Hack Name: Mario and the 4 Palaces Demo 1 Demo - 155.4 KB - 28 downloads.
Length: 5 exits
Author: YoshiNextGen - Submitted by: YoshiNextGen
Description: Includes:
Custom Music
Custom Graphics
Custom OW and Title

Mario has traveled to Palafonia. But something dosen't seem right here. Mabe the locals can help him find out what's going

I guess it looks fine as is, but making some title screen ExGFX for "Palaces" wouldn't hurt.

Locals' House

The tile priority looks strange; Mario is behind part of the foreground, yet he's in front on the sides and on the bottom.

*Maybe (Mabye)

Secluded Pond

*weird (wierd)
*Maybe (Mabye)

Local Island 1

If I fall right in the middle through the coins...

I'd land one tile away from land. There's a 1/3 chance that I'd land on the pipe, but it would be nice if you could extend the ground/pipes just a little.

Again, the tile priority looks strange here.

If I hit the P-Switch, the floating land looks strange here.

Since I read the message boxes, it screwed over layer 3's background.

I should be able to walk through the ground, but it looks strange that I can't.

Little Island Pair

Please do not put ground on the bottom row in Lunar Magic; the player cannot see what is below.

Incorrect corner tile.

If you put slopes on an edge tile such as this, Mario can walk through.

The player shouldn't have to swim UNDER the level (therefore breaking part of it), especially for secrets.
The main reasons why this is hack is being rejected is because the hack is very short (took me 6-8 minutes) and there are problems within the small amount of levels there are. Before you re-submit this hack, please add more and fix the problems.
Hack Name: Super Mario World: Forum Wars Demo V2 Demo - 171.3 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Elite Goomba Hacker - Submitted by: Elite Goomba Hacker
Description: This version mostly fixes bugs. An end of demo level has been added too.

The story is still the same. Bowser locked the forums and now a Goomba named Birby is off to rescue it. Join him as he journeys through the lands of the forum to take down Bowser!

1: Mario in "Super Mario World" should be changed to Birby if Birby is the main character.
2: Nintendo didn't make this in 2010-2011.

First Overworld

Some capitalization would be nice.

birby's house

If this really was Birby's house, why does the sign read "Yoshi"?

Goomba Road

Remakes are generally discouraged; no exceptions for this one. Also, the bush to the right is a bit off the corner.

Birby doesn't look like he's holding his trusty hammer.

..And not only is the hammer not being held, but the cape is floating somehow.

Lake Goomba

Due to having several sprites on screen, the slowdown here is immense.

Goomba King's Moat

Having so many sprites on the screen at once induces a lot of slowdown.

Goomba King's Fort

The question block slightly cuts through the fence.

This looks very weird; the lava can escape through the corners of the blocks, but it seems to defy physics.

...I could've sworn that I was just in a castle.

...I don't understand. I'm supposed to jump on him to hurt him, but sometimes, he hurts me.
This hack was verry close to being accepted, but the various mistakes from the graphics, story, and level design throughout the hack prevented it from being accepted. Try again once you fix these problems.
Hack Name: Super mario DROW
Length: 8 levels
Author: Mariocoaster - Submitted by: Mariocoaster
This is a demo: my first game.
C'est la démo de mon premier jeu

Let me just say that your level design is very unique, like nothing I've played here.


The main problems here were no backgrounds, sprite limitations, your overworld events, and the endless bonus room. All the other things were minor, but you should fix them. Little things like cutoff can build up and make a hack look sloppy.
Hack Name: Mario Got Bored
Length: 8 levels
Author: Zarasuto - Submitted by: Zarasuto
Mario, bored of his life of Parties and go kart races, has decided to take an adventure.
What sights await him?
What obstacles might he encounter?
Find out what can happen. When Mario got Bored.

Version 1.1
Fixed a few graphical glitches
Fixed OW glitch with Curious island. Level now passable.

Any ideas, questions, or batches of cookies. PM me.

There were very few errors with this hack, so I'll give you a chance to polish it up before you submit again.


I do like how you used layer 2 to make a different colored ground, but you could also add some decorations like bushes to spruce it up a bit and make up for the loss of a BG. Your levels were fun to play, so make sure you fix these so that this can be accepted.
Hack Removed

Hack Name: The Mario Chronicles (Demo) - 424.4 KB - 34 downloads.
Length: 28 levels
Author: Thermosphere13 - Submitted by: Thermosphere13
Description: SPANISH:
Este es mi primer hack, se aplica variedad y aun me falta por terminarlo. Espero les guste.

Son 28 niveles, y 38 salidas segun el rom.
y es un demo.

This is my first hack, apply variety and even I need to finish it. I hope you like it.

There are 28 levels, and 38 outputs according to the rom.

PD: the rom is in Spanish.
My Short Review
The hack was okay, but there were a lot of things that need to be fixed.

This is a big reason why this hack got removed there is a lot of bad palette's in this game. (More to come)


That part of the hill doesen't match with the other hill.


Blind jump. Put coins to lead the way.

Wrong corner tile.

The 3-UP moon is easy to get.

Having to turtle jump early in the game is not good.


The switch palace is kinda blatant, all that was different was the added cement blocks, pipe location, and P-switches.


The BG palette is kinda bad and raise the blocks one tile high so big Mario can fit too.

Empty Yoshi saved message

Where the 2 moles spawned it created cut-off.

Part of the bush is cut-off.

If I eat the piranha plant it'll show the stem which is a fish. Use ExGFX so it'll look right.

Bad BG and FG palette.

The bush is cut-off a bit because part of it is on the corner ledge.

Blatant level 106 edit here.

If the P-Switch runs out Mario can die. Don't make it so Mario can die after touching the goal.


Blatant level 103 edit. -.-

That bush on the left has 2 different colors, make it so it has one.

That bush is cut-off.

About halfway in the level I figure out that the Yellow switch needs to be pressed to pass on. Warn the player in the beginning of the level that you need the yellow switch pressed.

The block above me acts weird.

Blatant level edit.


Blatant level edit. again...

The water is cut-off because of the cement blocks. Remember that cement blocks can make a lot of things cut-off. In the last screen, the end of the water is cut-off.


Blind jumps.

Edge of the water is cut-off too.

Slowdown here.


As soon as I enter the level I can fall and get hurt if I don't think fast, add a cement block below him so he doesen't get hurt.

The 1st two are kinda hard to see but part of the net is missing.

Easy 3-Up Moon.

Above the lava, part of the ledge is cut-off. Also wrong corner tiles.

Don't use Yoshi's in castle levels as it's graphics are glitched.

The scrolling was pretty fast here, make it slower.

The spikes and the ledges holding the spikes are cut-off.


The BG, FG, and lava palette is bad.

Not really a removal reason but the bat looks weird hanging like that.

The spike top walks on the lava here. Make it so he doesen't.

The pipe is on the sub boundary, move left or right one tile.

If I fall down and don't make it to the P-switch, I die.


Just because the spinys don't look bad it's still considered glitched graphics.

Part of that ledge looks bad, also the BG could do a little touching up.

If I don't have a shell I'm stuck here.

Like the 2nd level if the P-switch runs out I'm dead.


Bad palette's everywhere!

Blind jump.


Bad palette.

Glitched graphics.

Blind jump.

The pipe and the bushes are cut-off.


Glitched graphics up top.

Don't make it so you have to go under the level to get things.

Dis-colored bushes.


Glitched graphics.

There are some fake exits that will kill you if you take the wrong one, don't do this. Also the ground is cut-off.

There's a door that leads to the keyhole, but you can't bring the key causing you to kill yourself. Also I couldn't figure how to get the secret exit.

Easy 3-Up moon.

You see that death pit in the left? If you take that path and fall in it, you have to die. That's not good.



If you don't have the green switch activated, you can't advance and there's no side exits.

I could not in my life get pass here so I stopped here.
The hack was okay though there is a lot of things you need to fix.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Mario World ALPHA 2 (demo) - 350.7 KB - 61 downloads.
Length: 41 levels
Author: tunest - Submitted by: tunest
Description: It is hack which it is producing now.A play is possible at present to a castle of W5.
My Short Review
The hack was fun to play, pretty creative and good level design.
World 1-1.

Not a removal reason, but it's kinda weird to see Mario's name green iinstead of red.

Though I can make it, having to turtle jump to get to advance early in the game is not good.

Also I can go inside these type of ledges.

World 1-2

This jump was far, and there was no coins leading the way which made harder and it was a blindjump.

World 1-3

Like I said, turtle jumping this early in the game is not good.

World 1 Secret

If I fall here I'm stuck. Put a note block or something so I can get back up.

World 1 Castle

Kinda like turtle jumping, having to spin jump off stuff to get to places isn't good this early.

It seems weird that the bridge is green in world 1 though when I go to world 2 it's brown. Might wanna fix that.

World 2-1

Don't put blocks on dirt tiles as they will produce cut-off. Unless the blocks are square and will always be square.

Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as it will not appear in-game.

Since this ledge was using the bottom row of LM, there was some open ledges which I couldn't see which made me fall without knowing where it is.

World 2 Ghost House

The bricks are cut-off.

World 2-2

Slowdown here.

World 2-3

Cut-off vines. Also they don't act like vines, I can walk through them. (I'm pretty sure this was intentional)

World 2-4

Pipe is cut-off.

Not a removal reason but there are some places (like here) where I can just sit back and do nothing at times, try putting some obstacles in some of those areas so the player doesen't just sit there.

The palette looks kinda bad, also it's out of place.

World 3-2

Blind jump. Put coins to lead the way.

Out of place palette.

I can get up here and when I do I can fall down here. Not a good idea, put invisible coin blocks to block it off.

World 3-3

I can just sit here and do nothing for the 1st half of the level by just sliding. Like I said, try adding some obstacles so the player doesen't just sit there.

World 3 Ghost House

Above the door is cut-off.

World 3-5

Wrong corner tile.

World 3 Castle

Thwimp gets inside the blocks a little bit.

World 4-5

Put some lines for this.

World 4 Castle

Not a removal reason but there's a random chainsaw that just falls to the ground.

Thwimp gets on the ledge a bit.

World 5 Ghost House


Not a removal reason but both of these levels seem to be World 5-4

World 5-6
Blind jump.

The water here is weird because if you go around the middle and try to swim up, you'll sink down slowly but if you go to the ends, you'll swim up. I'm not sure if you did this on purpose but you should fix this.

World 5 Castle

The ball n chain is connected to a block, it's floating there. Put a block so it doesen't look like it's floating.
This hack was fun, a lot of the errors are easy to fix. Fix those and I'll be happy to accept it!
Sorry, your hack approval is in another castle.
Hack Name: SMW shooting Gallery Quest demo - 133.9 KB - 68 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: GoronLink - Submitted by: GoronLink
Description: This is the demo of a hack that I plan to make into a 3 world hack, the final level is called "muncher torture" this is my first real hack that I actually worked pretty hard on. Yoshi's House is not editted

Let's get started...

... I really doubt you made this hack in 1990. Also, unedited title screen.

The cement blocks in the ground is quite pointless, because the goomba (that was in it before I killed it) is pointless since it can't hit you anyway. Just remove the goomba and the cement blocks, since they create cutoffness.

Make the tiles to the left of the water solid, so the player doesn't fall through.

And again, fix the cutoffness. Just remove these weird goombas in the cement blocks. (And as an example for the previous mentioned removal reason, you actually did it right here and made the edge on the right solid. Just do that on the other left side too.)

Same problem, again. And an advice, you should make 1-Ups rare, or make them as a reward for something. Don't put them in plain sight, where the player can just get them.

Oh look, munchers. And a P-Switch.


I'd suggest you to remove these munchers from there.
Even though the munchers aren't really floating at the beginning, you should just remove them.

These weird glitched tiles are the bullet bills Mario shoots. Fix their graphics.

This is just an advice, not a removal reason.
This level was...quite boring, it was just many munchers and some timed jumps.
You should add some variety to your levels, and possibly make them longer.

When you still have the bullet powerup you can easily murder all chucks in sight, which makes the level really easy.

After the level "Muncher Toture" (which should be "Muncher Torture") you can still go to the unedited Iggy's Castle.
Make the original SMW levels unaccesible, and add an end of demo level after the last level.

And for this screenshot, again the bullet bill graphics are glitched, and when you fire too many bullets at once the game breaks.
For some reason this is only happened in Iggy's Castle, but it is a fatal glitch.

All in all, this hack was short, and could use a lot of polishing.
A lot of things in your hack were unedited, like the title screen and the overworld. You should change them, since an edited overworld makes a hack look far more interesting. There were only 5 levels, which would be okay if the levels were longer. While the idea was interesting, the levels were quite repetitive and uniteresting to play. And the Bullet patch appearently results in a lot of glitches, mostly graphical. And the game breaking glitch in Iggy's Castle.

I'd highly advise you to start a new hack, since it would propably take a lot of work to fix everything.
If you fix everything though, I might accept it. Good luck.
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