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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Mega Mario World
Length: 8 levels
Author: ZukunftsNerd - Submitted by: ZukunftsNerd
Description: #####################

Mega Mario World is a german hack,so if you search an english hack,you're wrong here.If this fact doesn't matter you,good luck playing this hack!You'll need it!
If many people like this hack,I'll make an English Version.

Mega Mario World ist mein erster Hack,den ich je gemacht habe.Er ist sehr schwer (wie Kaizo),sodass ihr beim durchspielen sehr wahrscheinlich Slowdowns brauchen werdet.
Er hat bisher nur wenig Custom Music,aber es ist ja auch nur eine Demo.
Nun viel Spass beim durchspielen!


The main reason for removal is the patch being corrupted. Please check if it works right before submitting, and make sure the ROM you're using is clean.
Secondly, Kaizo hacks are not allowed in the Hacks section. You can, however, upload it to your file bin and post a link to it in this thread.
If you intend to make a non-kaizo hack in the future, make sure it complies with the Hack Submission Guidelines. You can also watch this video to get an idea of what not to do.

Erstmal ist der Patch kaputt. Bitte benutze eine saubere, unbearbeitete ROM (überprüfe das hier), und teste den Patch, before du ihn hochlädst.
Allerdings sind Kaizo-Hacks hier sowieso nicht erlaubt. Du kannst ihn aber gerne in deine "file bin" hochladen und eine Link in diesem Thread posten.
Wenn du vorhast, irgendwann einen "normalen" Hack zu machen, lies dir vorher bitte die "Hack Submission Guidelines" durch. Von diesem Video lernt man auch eine Menge - es dient sozusagen als schlechtes Vorbild.

Hack Name: Super Frenzy World [Beta/Demo Release] Demo - 270.6 KB - 1070 downloads.
Added: 2009-03-09 09:40:27 AM
Rating: 8.4 (5)
Reviews: 4 (jump to reviews)
Length: 18 levels
Author: RedToonLink - Submitted by: RedToonLink
Description: Here we go, once again.
Here is my hack, most details are in the readme.
Following advice of the mods, I removed the Air Ships that were useless to the level, and changed the graphics.

Originally posted by RedToonLink
This hack is outdated, and I fail to see why it should be kept in the hacks list if there is a newer demo available.
Therefore I would like to request that you may remove this hack.
Thank you very much. <:

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super mario world Redrawn
Length: Unknown
Author: thegodofs - Submitted by: thegodofs
Description: ya... I couldn't exactly make a direct link to it from here D:
I had to make it in a media fire file (link in the download readme)

To moderators:
sorry if I break a rule but I <3 these graphics and it's unfair that no one can get them
if this link is destroied I will be sad and I'm sure alot of other ppl will too, because there really cool.

the patch and readme to patch the game to a rom is in the media fire link in the downloaded readme.


Uh, no.

  1. Don't submit anybody else's work without permission. You could at least change the author field to "icegoom" instead of leaving your own name there. You didn't make it, did you?
  2. All the .zip folder contained was a text file with a mediafire link. That's not how it works. Either submit an IPS patch or nothing at all.
  3. We already have this hack here.

Hack Removed

Hack Name: A Misterious Island. - 193.4 KB - 54 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: weegeefan765 - Submitted by: weegeefan765
Description: Ok, this time, its gonna be good.

THIS hack includes:

custom sprites
custom blocks
custom music
and a custom foreground.

I hope you enjoy!

My Short Review:
This hack was okay, though there are a lot of errors you need to fix. Also I only found 6 levels instead of 9, and the title should be A "Mysterious" Land. Not a A Misterious Island.


Where the star, flower, and mushroom is it looks weird to have black around it.

Welcome Screen

For "calwanica Island" the "C" should be capitalized.

Submap 1:

There's a lot of errors in this submap. Like one the palette is horrible, part of the hill ledge has the wrong palette, and part of the ledge on the left is missing some of the lines.


I would assume you edited Yoshi's house since the message is the same as Yoshi's house. Don't edit Yoshi's house as it will screw up the ending. (Unless you make a custom ending)

Cut-off around the pipe.

Easy 3-Up moon. 3-Up moons shouldn't be easy to get.

Wrong initial settings here. Also there is cut-off around the pipe.

These palette around the 3 clouds don't match with the outer area.

Unchanged message block, change the message blocks.

Blind Jump. Add coins to lead the way.

Lakitu's have glitched graphics. Also use ice blocks and pipes for levels that are actually winter related.

What's up with all those invisible mushrooms? Though it didn't cause slowdown it seems pointless.

I can somehow walk in this pipe.

More glitched graphics. Also a blatant level 105 edit.

Blatant 1CB level edit.


Chucks slowdown mountain. Get rid of some of the chucks.


After I beat this level I walk off screen to the blue switch palace. Fix this.

Blatant 121 level edit. Also there's a lot of slowdown since there's so many spiny's, AND...

...I can get a lot of 3-Ups.

Also the next level tile seems to be revealed.

Why is it when I go to the secret exit there's Mouser? He has a bad palette and the bomb has glitched graphics.

After getting the secret exit the destroyed sound activates and smoke occurs here.


Not a removal reason but it would make sense if the bushes were blue too.

*Mario. *Cool!

Same old message blocks, change the messages instead of using the old ones.

Glitched football graphics + cut-off + blindjump.

Mole makes cut-off.


The Yoshi coin is in the sub-boundary line. Don't put Yoshi coins in the sub-boundary as it will give Mario a lot of lifes.


Blantant level 103 edit.

This area was so repitive, all I did was run and hit the P-switch. Then after that you give out two 3-Up moons which are easy to get.

Then there's cut-off at the end.

I can't even reach that message block there.

Why am I swimming here?


Blatant level edit again...

Cut-off water.

Also when I take this pipe it leads me to a old SMW level. It also doesen't make sense that I was at a winter theme level but now it's grassy here.

After exiting the pipe the poor fish sinks to the ground.

Blindjumps ahoy!

This message block displays the same message as the 1st one. Also blatant edit.

*Haha! *You. *can't. *That.

This doesen't make sense. Also why is there so much candles in the background?

There are some traps in the lava, don't do this.

Random flames appear out of nowhere. Also the land over there is cut-off.

*What??????? *How. *you. *Iggy.

More cut-off.

1st of all this area is empty, 2nd it's a blatant level edit, 3rd NEVER use fast scroll.

This hack really needs a lot of work. Play some Featured Hacks to get ideas about levels.
Hack Name: Season Of Glass
Author: hebesphenomegacorona/791
Description: Garfunkle is the #1 video game hero in Canada. She also stole a hundred thousand dollars from the Icepicks.

Obviously she's in a bit of trouble.

------Removal Reasons :o-------------------

Well, the hack was 'garfunkly fresh', but the difficulty level was 'off the funk'. Also, some strange palettes and other minor errors put this hack into this removal log.

Now, onto the images.

Why does it say Demonsul? If Demonsul did collab with you, then you did not mention him in the Author section, nor anywhere else in the hack.

Why can't you just have a normal Layer 1 and 2 cutscene for this intro? It took annoyingly forever to read X_X

I'm not a big fan of the palettes on the Jelectros, it seems a bit too bright. You don't have to change it.

The blue thingy on the right has a bad outline.

You can faintly tell the blue cannonballls have some green pixels in the inside. Maybe make them use a different palette.

The orange guys have a bad outline as well. Also, they kill me when I jump on them, but they don't look harmful :|

These guys kill me too. Inform the player that these harmless-looking ball-creatures kill you if you jump on them.

Garfunkle comes out of the pipe a bit too high. Lower his position.

Also, this glitched Garfunkle frame shows up, which I assume is an unedited Victory Pose.

Gonna take the time now to say that the map is very very bland. In fact, all you have are level tiles and roads. Throw in some volcanoes or something, to illuminate the place.

I have about less than a second to avoid these Bullet Bill replacements (I could've sworn I saw them in Ping's hack). So yeah, give the player a bit more reaction time. Some of us have hypothermia you know.

These blue blocks (and all the other blocks that aren't ice-blue) kill me. Warn the player ahead of time that peaceful blocks like these are death.

This area scrolls a bit too fast. Make it a bit slower, and be nicer to the player if they don't press B, instead of having them die at the ceiling :(

This area was lolwtfhard. Remove one or two reflecting fireballs :\

I stayed right where I was and got hit by the fishing boo's fire. Not c00lsauce man. Also, this part was lolwtfhard too, as I needed to savestate alot. And use capitalization in the message.

You only provide 3 throw blocks, and if I don't kill the Big Boo, I die a horrible death. Put a reset pipe, simplify the area, or add mroe throw blocks. Or all of the above. Or none of the above. Or some of the above. Or all of the below.

You can faintly see the Jumping Piranha plant on the slope. Move him to horizontal ground.

I hit solidness here. It's because that's how the sideways ledges are. Try not to have the player come into contact with the back, top, or bottom of a sideways ledge, cuz it looks 'garfunkly funky'.

Bad palette for the ground. Also, there are Swimming/Jumping Cheep Cheep out of water, and they just swim in mid-air, which defies basic logic olol I'm so witty. hehe

/wipes tear

Provide the player with a reset pipe in the event that they drop/use the P-switch too early. I had to kill myself.

Use the fade-fix patch and/or don't make anything use the second half of palettes 0 and 1. (You might also want to disable the fish from spawning)

Garfunkle is always small <_< Also, the red pipe I'm standing on...

... leads to this insta-death blue lava room. Why even have it available?

The red pipe on the left leads to level 0. Don't make your exits go to level 0, cuz it's a never-ending bonus game of doom.


seriously, this message box was pointless and lolwut.

More floating fish.

These red guys look perfectly safe to jump on, but NOOOO. I died as soon as I jumped on it. Also, unedited Chuck frames. They should be in GFX 09

Although there is no lava, there are lava splash tiles. Also, the leve had no exit. I know you say so in the leve name, but still, I had to kill myslef to exit out.

Last time I checked, you were able to jump on Ninjis. Why do I die then :/ You do this too much in this hack.

... How am I supposed to get that? That starman-edit is the only way I can proceed.

And this is where I stopped. First of all, you need to use fadefix and/or make the background not use palettes 0 or 1. Second, this level had only 3 seconds. I am aware the player has infinite lives, but that doesn't mean you can just kill the player whenever you want.

As I said, this hack had a fairly high difficulty. I could not play through some rooms/levels because I would need to savestate/rewind. Just because the player has infinite lives, doesn't mean you can just make the difficulty level over 9000. If you're nice to the player, then the player will be nice to you ;) You also need to fix the capitalization/grammar in your message boxes.

Good luck and stay 'garfunkly fresh', home-skillet-biscuits.
Removal: "joshis rom hack"
Author: joshi222
Description: "my 1st one"

Not a valid screenshot.

Uhm, what?

What the bloody hell? If you're in any powered-up state, jumping will kill you. Otherwise, you get trapped in a little box as Bullet Bills appear out of nowhere and hit you. What the hell were you thinking?

Floating munchers.

READ THIS before you submit anything else.

NAME: Mario and the 3 Mysterious Doors
Bowser invades yoshi's house and chops down all his trees. He puts 3 strange doors wich can only be opened when the propper switch colors is pushed. This is only demo 1 so dont think this is a short hack.


Minor, but part of the title screen text gets overwritten by the file selection menu (which has a pretty bad palette, by the way). And the star tile seems to have some odd black line at the right side; use YY-CHR to remove it. It's in GFX29.

The island with the fortress has a discoloured cliff, and the top of the island below it uses the wrong edge tiles. And actually having the levels reveal as you unlock them instead of having them all visible at the start would be kind of nice, as well as some layer 2 events when you beat them.


Also, Yoshi's House seems to be lacking a house. You might want to consider changing the level name.

Cutoffness; should be easy to fix. And Mario being able to walk into the back of a solid cliff like in this second screenshot makes approximately zero amount of sense.

A P-Switch? Let's press it...



In most cases, I would suggest putting a reset door for these sort of things, but since this section doesn't really serve any purpose at all, simply removing it would probably be the best course of action.

Please extend the platform so Mario doesn't have to make a fool of himself walking into the wall.

These fish really only work as intended in levels with layer 3 water.

Minor oddity: these platforms don't seem to be compatible with water. As long as you stand on them, you will fall as if you weren't submerged in water at all. Perhaps you meant to use the ones that float on the surface instead?

Is there any point at all to this area? (HINT: No.)

Mario disappears behind the water when he enters the pipe, and the cement blocks cause cutoffness.

See comment a few images above.

Don't do it, Mario! You still have a lot to live for! D:

(In other words: Mario being able to walk between this really high cliff and the water makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

You kind of spammed these earthquake Thwomps a bit in this castle. And by a bit, I mean a lot. In some places, it even got to the point where I had only a fraction of a second to move before I was stunned again. Remember, repetition is never fun. Mix things up a bit.

As you may or may not have noticed, note blocks are incompatible with the Castle sprite tileset. Also, the candle flame generator for the background is missing.

Bad sprite tile memory settings make Mario disappear when he goes behind the net, and part of the net door as well. Then again, going behind it is utterly pointless, as there isn't any enemies on either side of it.

Minor, but using the level ender that plays the "boss defeated" music and makes Mario stop in place would fit better here.

And after the fortress, the path forward doesn't unlock. I assume the level on the island below was supposed to be the fifth and final one? Which brings me to another point: this demo is far too short to be accepted here. I could literally finish it in five minutes.

In all honesty, this feels very much like a first-time hack. The level design was pretty bland and boring, and it contained a lot of beginner's errors. Before you submit anything else, please read the hack submission guidelines, play some featured hacks to get some ideas of what to do in a hack, and generally get a bit more experience with SMW hacking.
My YouTube channel
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NAME: Lake 2
AUTHOR: Biestrik[R]
hello people this is my first hack, no, actually my 2nd but there is another, much more difficult to hack


Oh god. If the title screen looks like this, what will the actual hack be like?

Well, there are people who make near-impossible levels for their title screens to show off, right? Right? Perhaps this might be one of those... Let's start this.

So this is the intro level... Please read this; in particular paragraph 7a. If you want to submit a Kaizo hack, do it in this thread.
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NAME: joshis rom hack V2
AUTHOR: joshi222

errors that are gone:

auto kill.

selly pic.

the intro messge.
Floating munchers.

item zone is not a level.


Broken patch. Applying it to a clean SMW ROM does absolutely nothing. Is it really that hard to test your patches before submitting them?
My YouTube channel
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Lunar Magic presents? Are you FuSoYa under a pseudonym or something?


So Yoshi's House is replaced by a pipe?

And it takes me to Bowser's Valley?

/me is confused

Some new level messages that actually fit the situations they're in would be nice.

This 3-up moon is far too easy to get. Those things should be well hidden, not placed in plain sight.

This pipe...

...leads me here, where I die.

Kind of hard to capture in a picture, but why is the submap transfer tile so low? And for that matter, what is with the random unreachable pipe at the bottom left part of the submap?

Any particular reason why the Yellow Switch Palace is replaced by an unedited Star Road 3?

And getting the secret exit of said Star Road 3 makes you end up here...

...which leads to an endless bonus game.


Cutoffness galore.

Again, this pipe...

...leads me to the completely wrong place. At least this one doesn't kill me.

The grassland palette and forest background really doesn't fit the cave foreground, and the falling spikes aren't compatible with the Underground sprite tileset.

That water tile doesn't look right...

Using normal SMW water for waterfalls just doesn't work.

...what in the world is a SHRNCH, anyway?

These tiles aren't solid from the side, so don't make them accessible like this.

Now you see the Koopa...

...and now you don't! Please fix your sprite memory settings.

The Fishbone was only ever really intended for water levels. This is why.

The palette of this Boo stream could use some improvement.

If you are going to use the classic piranha plants, please apply the fix patch. This just looks awkward.

This jump is almost impossible to pull off without taking damage.

Again, proofreaders are your friends, and typing in all caps isn't.

If I jump up here...

...I can fall here and get stuck. Please make sure this can't happen.

All instances of cutoffness, mostly due to cement blocks. Please note that these are only examples; the hack contains many more.

A Pokey head is not an acceptable football replacement. Would you think that jumping on one of those would be safe?

The normal exit of this level leads nowhere. What happened to the ghost house?

This looks familiar...

Those tiles both look and act glitchy. Please replace them.

If I fail to get through one of the throw block spam sections in time, I'm irreversibly stuck. Please add some way to reset the puzzle.

Layer 3 tides and vertical scrolling really don't fit together.

What is this supposed to be? A monument to Cutoffnessman's honour?

A red buzzy Beetle is not acceptable graphics for a Spiny.

More messed-up events.

And finally, the hack ends with an unedited Donut Secret House...

...the events of which (surprise!) doesn't work.

It kind of pains me to have to remove this. The level design was for the most part excellent, but the whole thing simply screams "untested". Recruit some beta testers next time, will you?
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The Sign Painter demo 00.5
Author: VEN keyblader
Hack ID 3833

The mostly new version of the hack no slowdowns,block or sprite glitches.Includes a brand new title animations!

custom blocks:yes
Custom musics:to be added

Issues Found:

Well, I reviewed a previous version of this hack before, and I must say, you really have made some efforts to improve,'s still just not quite up to par yet, unfortunately. Here's why:

There are glitched overworld paths here.

Look at the upper left corner. There's a small explosion there that happens when I beat this level. Weird.

Blue Reactor? Really? Looks, to me. *Rubs eyes*

Lower righthand corner has some odd tiles inside the land.

Glitched message, and glitched "smashed" animation for the Blue switch. Also, if a person were to press the P switches at the wrong time in this level, they would be screwed, and left to wait for time to run out and die. That isn't a very good idea design-wise.

After the castle, there is a level informing me it's the end of the demo. That- oh gosh, "Green Wiggler?" Don't tell me that's what I think it is.

...Yep! It's a glitched goal sphere. Please don't use glitched graphics for any reason. It gives a feeling of sloppiness and inexperience.

Also, after touching the....uh, goal sphere, the wiggler were able to knock me off Yoshi while doing the victory march for some reason. That's pretty should probably just remove the wigglers or move the goal sphere to higher ground than them. (after you fix the goal sphere GFX itself of course.)

Your hack is getting better, but it isn't quite there yet. Keep trying! You'll have it soon.

Hack Name: SMB3 GFX + screen scrolling pipes - 321.1 KB - 42 downloads.
Length: 96 exits
Author: Pac, FuSoYa - Submitted by: Disadareth
Description: Pac's SMB3 GFX hack with FuSoYa's screen scrolling pipes. includes LVL 105.mwl if you want the normal level 105, instead of FuSoYa's test level

You are not allowed to submit content to this site that was not created by you unless you have permission from the original creators. In the past, Pac has requested that this hack not be submitted or linked to on this site. What his current opinion is, I don't know, but I see no purpose in allowing this to be accepted. Pending word from Pac, submitting this again will result in disciplinary action.

Along with this, we don't typically accept hacks anymore that merely have various patches applied to them.

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
2b) Do not steal content.
Any hack containing content that was used or copied without permission (i.e. stolen) will be removed. Additionally, unless you have the explicit permission of a hack's author, you may not upload a hack that was created by another person. The only exception to this rule are any hacks that were lost in the 2008 hack database wipe.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
The Sign Painter demo 00.5
Author: BurnleyFan
Hack ID: 3839

Very early demo to gauge approval of level design.

Intended to become a game featuring Alf saving England from Terrorists.

Includes 1 original level (found in Yoshi's Island 1).The music on the finished game is intended to be changed.


Well, first of all, the hack is only one level long. In most cases, you'll usually want to wait until you have more completed before bothering to submit your hack to the site.

Also, please change the music. I'm sorry, but the choice of making the entire thing play the "get star" song was a bad idea - it's just way, way too repetitive.

Your intro stuff as well as your overworld, are pretty much completely unedited from the original SMW's.

Your level messages aren't edited either. Also, what is the point of those spinning turn blocks in the first shot?

This goomba glitched when I stomped him.

The slowdown here was pretty noteworthy.

The fish drowns in water. All you gotta do to fix this is go to "Change Properties in Sprite Header" and turn "Sprite Buoyancy" on. This is required for many sprites that interact with leva or water, and will allow the fish to swim.

Umm, yeah, I pretty much have to die in order to hit these ? blocks...

This 3up moon is way too easily accessible. I'd consider moving or removing it if I were you.

Please work on this hack more, and consider all these removal reasons/tips, before resubmitting your hack.
Removals: "un named hack ( fer now)" and "Super mario 3"
Author: DanielRus

Both of these are just other people's hacks repacked in ZIPs.
Enjoy your 72h ban for stealing.

Removal: "first game"
Author: diante
Description: "i read the rules never sayd cant summit work in progress will someone help with this i cant figure out luner magic even with turorials and cant find anything"

...oh god. First off, if you can't figure out Lunar Magic, even with the help of the various written and video tutorials available on the internet, I don't think you should be ROM hacking just yet.

Secondly, you read the hack submission rules? Excellent! Then you should already know why I am declining your submission from these screens:

And thirdly, yes it is fine to submit WIP hacks, as long as they have some substance to them. This hack, on the other hand, only has one level edited. Try submitting again when you have at least one world done.

Hack Name: Kouhai 2
Length: 23 levels
Author: Biestrik[R] - Submitted by: Biestrik[R]
Description: This is my new hack, about kouhai 2, i hope this hack ist better as lake 2.


This is not your hack, is it? Do not submit hacks made by others, especially if you're trying to tell people it was made by you. If you only used this hack as a base, you would have needed to get permission as well. I guess doing the same as Techokami and giving you a 72-hour ban would be in order.

Please don't upload hacks made by others without permission in the future.

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: ZOMG! It's Another Mario Hack - 158.5 KB - 45 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: Bugsy - Submitted by: Bugsy
Description: This hack is a demo, a 1 and a 3/4 world demo. This hack is an obscure one, it has no real story expect for you having to beat Bowser's evil test (ElectricalBeast reference FTW!).

This hack focuses more on gameplay then story. Levels included have a feel of normal SMW difficulty. So don't think you'll be playing a hard hack here. Some stages have been left without custom music because none has been decided for it yet, just as a notice. So, I hope you enjoy.
My Short Review:
This hack was pretty fun, not bad though there's things you need to fix.

The "ZOMG" tile looks weird, I would use some regular text.


Not a removal reason but there's no Yoshi's House tile.

Yoshi's House

You need to fix this part.

Sapphire Coast 1

The cement blocks makes the ground cut-off.

If I kill this goomba I'm stuck here.

Unchanged level.

Not-So-Red Palace

Floating munchers. ;(

Also, why won't the P-switch music stop?

If I don't bring the other blue P-switch I'm stuck.

Make the switch palace get destroyed.

Sapphire Coast 2

Blind jump here. Put coins to lead the way.

Wrong corner tile. Also another blindjump.

When I get the midway point and die, I spawn here which instantly kills me. Not good, fix the midway location.

The water is cut-off because of the cement blocks. Remember, cement blocks make just about everything cut-off. Also enable "Sprite Buoyance" because some sprites will act weird as the fish is showing.

More cut-off and another blindjump below.

Easy 3-Up moon. 3-Up moons should be rare and hard to get.

Glitched graphics and cut-off.

If I keep going to the right there's cut-off, also part of the hill palette doesen't match the other hill.

Like I said cement blocks can make about everything cut-off. There were a lot of places that looked like this, fix this.

Why am I swimming in this level tile?

Sapphire Coast 4

Unchanged text box

Wrong corner tile.

Wrong tile, also enable vertical scroll here.

Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as it won't appear in game. Don't use ice blocks and pipes in levels unless it's winter related. Also cut-off vine.

Same reason as above, don't use the bottom row of LM.

Iggy's Castle

How come when I enter Iggy's castle it just takes me right to Iggy?

Not funny.

If I try to go back to the 1st submap, it doesen't work because you put the wrong settings. Fix this.

It's sorta hard to see but in the bottom circle, the big hill is cut-off. In the top circle, there's some extra tile. This is due because it's supposed to go with a certain tile.

I couldn't even find the exit to this level, and the fact this level was one screen makes it pointless of a level so I stopped here.
Like I said this hack was pretty fun, though there errors that you need to fix which shouldn't be hard.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Mario and the 5 Orbs - 388.2 KB - 48 downloads.
Length: 13 levels
Author: Shy-Hi - Submitted by: Shy-Hi
Description: After the events in Dinosaur Land, Mario and the Princess decided to take a vacation on Paradise Island, not knowing that Bowser still hasn't gave up. While Mario was taking a walk he received a message from Toad. Looks like Peach got kidnapped again. It's time for a new adventure, with a few drops of mushrooms.
My Short Review
I really liked this hack it was fun! Though there is one big error that made me remove this hack and a few others though they aren't big.

The bush is cut-off because of the pipe.

Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as it will not appear in game.

This tends to happen a lot. After beating certain levels, the top left of a piranha plant will appear during the event. (As shown in the top left)

That pipe above me is cut-off because of the clouds.

Part of the bush is cut-off because of the pipe.

Wrong initial settings here.

Right below me the slope going up left is cut-off at the end.

This 3-up was rather easy to get.


Here's the big reason this got removed. In this area there are glitched tiles around and there's an empty message box.

When I enter this pipe...

I enter this area again. The only way to pass this level is to get the midway point and kill myself to advance. Definitely not good.
So like I said I really liked this hack, it's a shame I had to remove though. The errors are easy to fix, resubmit and this will surely get accepted!
Hack Removed

Hack Name: 1 level hack - 0.5 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: [email protected] - Submitted by: [email protected]
Description: my very first hack and will be continued
The IPS patch doesen't even do anything. PLEASE TEST YOUR IPS PATCHES BEFORE SUBMITTING.

Also even if it did work it would've got removed because 1, judging by the screenshot you provided there's cut-off, and 2 one level hacks aren't accepted here. You need to have more levels before you upload.
Hack Name: Mario's Amazing Adventure
Author: DODODO
Description: Hi, guys, this is my first SMW hack, so please don't yell at me for mistakes. If you see one, just PM me, and tell me how to fix it. There is GFX (one level)
and some comedy (no profanity garanteed).

Plot: You know, Peach gets kidnapped and Mario has to save her.... BUT! This time, Iggy takes over Bowser's part and kidnapped the princess.

------Removal Reasons :o-----------------

First of all, there's already a hack named Mario's Amazing Adventure. I would rename it to what you named the .ips file, Mario's Incredible Adventure. Though this isn't why I am removing the hack.

The hack was overall decent, but a bit bland, with repeating terrain and areas of just running, along with short levels, with a few enemies, as well as minor errors.

Now for the piccies.

The brown box letters can be replaced with normal black-outlined letters that are at the top-left of the tile selector in the title screen editor. Also, you can do the same with your name, as the black box around it doesn't look all that nice.

Capitalize your nouns.

Dinosaur Land*

Just don't put it in. You're wasting precious sprite and message space. Also, it's useless (yes, I mean it figuratively and literally).
Also, the ground at the right is weird, as Mario should walk behind the dirt that the slope goes into, but instead he goes in front of it. Prett illogic if you ask me.

Don't have Mario touch the ledge corners or side ledges from the inside, as they act solid and are unpassable. Also, try not to have blocks grouped up like with the note blocks, it looks unproffesional.

There's a reason SMW had small vertical pipes in front of diagonal pipes: so you won't be able to go inside them like this. Also, you should use tile 1EB under the part where the pipe starts (next to the used block, on the ground), so you can remove the used block and Mario can walk up the pipe without him falling into thr ground.

Here, I encountered lotsa spaghetti lag. Remove the falling platform, as it seems pointless.

Put tile 1EB under this triangle block so you can run up it.

I can take the throw block off the top of the vine, resulting in cutoff. Also, kinda-easy-to-get-3up-moon-if-you-have-cape.

Yes, you provide a bit too many lives. Unless you plan to make the rest of the hack lolhard, then this is kinda lolpointless.

The bullet bill spawns one tile too far from the bullet bill shooter. Move it to the right 1 tile.

Cutoff at the edge. Move the goal post to the left and use a normal edge tile. Also, remember you can't see the lowest row of tiles ingame, so don't put note blocks down there, as it looks like its a death trap.

I'm not too picky about this kind of stuff, but the water here creates a 1-pixel cutoff with the pipe. Fix it or not, I don't really mind, its not like anyone's life is on the line (unless Kieran has innocent children locked up in his room, ready to be slaughtered and cooked into Smallhacker's morning breakfast if this isn't fixed)

This is major. The throw blocks, when picked up, create zomgcutoff. Fix this somehow, like simply covering this whole area where the key is in water.

Let me take a minute to tell you something. First of all, it's nice to have an edited overworld, but not required, Second, beating the water level creates no event path. You might want to fix it. If you weren't gonna edit the overworld, then why edit the events? ¯\(°_o)/¯

Basically it was a few more screens of this. Don't have flat boring terrain with just enemies, as it is unprofessional and boring and everything Blumiere desires. (no hard feeling Blumiere <3)

Why do you have all this stuff right here? Kinda pointless, plus easy to get if you have cape. Reserve stuff like this for the last boss and/or level (or a shop of sorts).

Even though you mentioned it, I still find this kinda weird. Your choice of you want to keep it or not.

Random non-enterable blue pipe. It appears to be part of the blue pipe you have at the bottom, I think. Same with a yellow pipe further back. Not really a bug persay, just an oddish.

Fix the HACKER to make it use normal letters without the black box. Also, use something else for the dash tiles next to DODODO.

And that was the end of your hack. Short, kinda boring levels. Try spicing your levels up with snazzy terrain, or, if you like, use some ExGFX. You might also want to make the difficulty a bit more challenging, since this is just a 1 world hack. Make longer levels, etc.

Good luck with it!
Hack Name: The Red Plumber's Quest
Length: 8 levels
Author: Samuka97 - Submitted by: Samuka97
Description: My first hack that's actually play-able without savestates. What? It really is!


Some of the blue title border tiles should be X-/Y-flipped in order to match with the corners.


Unless you plan on using a custom ending, Yoshi's house should not be edited.

The pipe above me cuts off the ceiling.

These moons weren't a giveaway, but they were still fairly easy to get, and three at once seems too easy of a reward. You should put a 1-up (or at least one single moon) there instead.

The green behind the berries is slightly different from the main bush color. Make sure they're both exactly the same.

That lava palette doesn't look too good. Try using more colors and making them a bit more similar to each other.

The pipes get cut off by the cement blocks.

Forcing the player to get hurt at the start of a level (or to be small throughout the entire level) is just unfair. Try to find a workaround.

Random cutoff pillar.

Having to shell-jump to get up here is not a good idea either, especially when the shell doesn't always come back on resetting.

Same here.

If you don't hit the P-switch right before you beat the level, the question blocks will disappear too fast, and you'll fall down. Cheap tricks like this are not allowed either.

The note block bounce sprite doesn't look the same as the regular block. A minor issue though.

To win this battle, you have to guide the Podoboos down the pit by picking up the throw blocks there, which might not be that easy for inexperienced players. I suggest you look for a better way to do that.
Also, if the Magikoopa creates a Thwimp, the battle is basically impossible to win.

A decent hack overall, but the various unfair spots really ruined it. Fix these, along with the other problems I mentioned, and feel free to resubmit it after that.

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