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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Mystical Island DEMO 1.0.1 Demo
Length: 5 levels
Author: nicknick293 - Submitted by: nicknick293
Description: Mario is stuck on a mystical island. Who will save the princess?


Not quite good enough to be accepted due to a couple of minor flaws that add up.

The bright ground around Yoshi's house and the castle uses a slightly different color than the other paths.

Not really a removal reason, but are all-caps messages necessary?

These transparent blocks look quite odd here. Why not use nromal pipe end tiles, like the bottom pipe has?

The auto-scroll doesn't stop here, making it possible to get crushed by the walls. Especially the second one requires very quick reaction.

If lose the P-switch before hitting it, or if it runs out before you got to the end, you're foreced to commit suicide and start again. Granted, it's very unlikely to screw up in this case, but it would be great if you provieded some way to reset the level. A simple pipe or door would work.

*Forgot to take picture, just noticing this now*
You're missing an "s" in the title screen (it says "mytical"). Just pointing that out. ;)

As I said, it wasn't a bad hack at all. Feel free to resubmit your hack once you have fixed most of the issues menationed.
Hack Name: Super Mario The Quest To Save The Mushroom Kingdom - 0.2 KB - 48 downloads.
Length: 96 levels
Author: Robert Coates Videoloverfan2009 - Submitted by: Videoloverfan2009
Description: The Mushroom Kingdom Is Attacked By Bowser And His Armies And Kidnapped Princess Peach It's Up To Mario Luigi And Yoshi To The Rescue! And Plus There's New Levels And Old Levels From Super Mario World And Plus New Worlds Including:Jungle Island And Ice Land!

I didn't go through the official protocol of claiming this. But look at the file size. 0.2KB. Kinda hard to fit 96 edited levels with exgfx in 0.2KB, isn't it?
Hack Name: SMW DSM#2: Sniggerbobble Redemption: The Crystal of Disaster (1 Day Teaser Demo) Demo - 1007.1 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Sniggerbobble


Not really a removal reason, but when I showed this screenshot to people, the first thing they noticed was a racial slur at the top, completely missing the big blue S. Please work on that, if you could. >_>

The palettes here need a lot of work. In fact, all of the backgrounds available so far do.

The biggest stickler is here. Forced damage is not cool, even if it's in a bonus room that just gives your powerups back.
Hack Name: SM-Upon his life!
Length: 50 levels
Author: Luigisopa - Submitted by: Luigisopa
Description: First hacks don't need to be bad!

Look and see:
Super Mario upon his life!

Yoshi's house got ripped off and Yoshi himself is disappeared without a trace. It is up the Mario to solve this problem and find Yoshi to save the day ... or is he? Mario is going through some midlife crisis. Reality at its best :-)...
Does it effect the story?

(Don't take the story to serious^^ but:)
Have fun!


First of all, I'm very sorry for the long wait. I had this hack reserved for almost a month, but I could have done it way faster.

Anyway, on to the removal reasons.

The water on the left looks messed up, as does the file select palette.

Something about your overworld seems strange to me as well. It may be the "blockyness" os the land or the small hills that represent the paths... Not a big deal though.

*Not pictured*
Your music cuts off in some levels (it loops too early). To fix this, use the newest version of Carol's Addmusic or switch to Romi's one.

The slopes are cutoff on the right side.

Being able to walk inside ground and slopes was a common issue in this hack. Don't end slopes with a wall - use a corner tile instead.

More cutoffness (to the left of the ropes).

Wrong corner tiles. Only use the ones with dirt when there's something behind them.

How am I supposed to know there's a Lakitu behind that ledge?

I might be missing something obvious, but don't you mean to say "huge"?

Another wrong corner tile.

2 things wrong here:
- Floating flames look odd.
- Apparently they hurt you regardless of the Y position. That means you can also die when you're below them.

Cutofness on the slope.

See above.

See above.

The cement blocks leave small holes in the water.

Stacked munchers? D:

Looks kinda strange...

*Not pictured*
I can't go on after Cruel Castle... Is that supposed to happen?

Sadly, I wasn't able to get all the secret exits and play all the levels, but since it's going to be removed anyway... Oh well.

Apart from those flaws, it wasn't too bad for a first hack. I'll gladly accept this next time once all of them are fixed. Maybe you should get some beta testers too?
Name: Super Maze World
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker55
Description: 30 random levels all played in 1 long world ending with a secret level!

Reasons for Removal

105 was completely unedited except for the extra note blocks and cutoff goalposts here.

Unedited YSP.

Unedited 106.

Unedited 103.

Some serious cutoff issues on the overworld. Be sure to delete loose layer 2 events, and get rid of any 8x8 tiles you don't want the play to see.

Unfortunately, uploading a series of unedited or barely edited SMW levels does not make for an acceptable hack. Please use CTL + DEL and create new, completely original levels next time. Thanks.
Name: Super Luigi World
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker55
Description: Luigi's time to shine.(Read storyline for more information) This is a full game!And the reason there's no screenshots is because they're all Bitmap filles and I didnt feel like turning 18 pictures into PNG files...

Reasons for Removal

If you don't feel like uploading real screenshots for your hack, people may not feel like playing them. Screenshots allow for people to get a glimpse of your hack and perhaps become interested. Please provide real screenshots in the future.

Major glitch! Getting a star hear completely mutes the game, and selecting a file after that causes it to freeze. For this reason, don't have Mario hit P-Switches or get stars in the intro.

All the levels were barely edited, if at all. The palettes used didn't look good either.

If you want this hack to be accepted, it honestly needs a lot more work. Be sure you provide screenshots, your title screen works correctly, and most importantly, create original levels. Use CTL + DEL to get rid of SMW levels and build your own from scratch.
Name: Another Pointless Super Mario Hack
Author: MrRunescapeGuy - Submitted by: MrRunescapeGuy
Description: Like the title says. I made this out of complete boredom. Check readme for more info.

Reasons for Removal

Completing the first level and coming up here takes me to... VANILLA SECRET 1?

It's pretty empty for the time being. I'm guessing you'll be adding to it later. There is an issue though...

I came up from the left side and went down this way, with no way of getting back. This is something you should seriously look into fixing.

The way the pipe cuts into the dirt like this doesn't look very good.

Due to Map16 issues, you can just walk on the lava like this.

It also causes you to fall through the dirt, like this.

The way you have this level set up, Mario falls through any area with the mushroom ledge stems. One way around this would be to use Map16 and make tiles that look like the mushroom ledges, but act like water.

Thankfully, this hack was able to avoid a lot of issues common in submissions, presenting original levels instead of SMW edits and avoiding crappy palettes. This does feel pretty early in development though: I'd suggest getting a bit more done before you resubmit so a player doesn't have to wade through debug areas and levels that haven't been started yet. Keep working on this.
Name: My Super Rom
Author: Kylo24 - Submitted by: Kylo24
Description: my first hack

Reasons for Removal

If you're going to include profanities, at least have a good reason for them instead of slapping them in like this.

The structure of this house, including the areas you could walk on, was pretty odd.

If a cheap trap was enough to surprise JEREMIAH GOTTWALD, you know there's a problem. Please don't include stuff like this.

Again with the cheap tricks. The invisible coin block thing is really annoying, and I'd suggest you get rid of them here.

Cutoff edges and moving platforms you can't even get to that serve no purpose.

This trick is even worse, forcing you to wait out the timer. Seriously, do you want people to enjoy your hack or get frustrated with it?

Not only does this cut off, but it makes it easy for you to die when trying to complete the level.

Man, I would be absolutely loaded if I had a dollar for every hack I played with an unedited YSP.

Really eye-searing palettes here. There were also screens and screens of jumping piranha plants and note blocks to go through, so the level felt very repetitive.


Due to issues with sprite settings, he is now an Amazing Flyin' Hammer Br0ked.

Because a BG with nothing except flames and stuff you can stand on but can't see totally makes sense.

To be honest, this hack was a lousy effort overall. It felt like the hack's main purpose was to trick and frustrate players, which we don't want to see here. Please work on fixing issues mentioned and creating quality levels people would enjoy playing instead of ones that cause them to throw their computers out the window.
Removal: "VIP Mario 5 (v8.6)"
Author: Vipper (Submitted by UntitledUser)
Description: "A brand new beta-version of VIP Mario 5. Includes new stages, lots of some GFX, custom blocks, sprites, music etc."


Removal: "Bowser's Revenge"
Author: Jeffrey R. (Submitted by IAMSMW)
Description: "Hack by Jeffrey R.

SMB3 music
Custom Blocks
and more

Have Fun :3"


Removal: "Super Carlos World"
Author: Carlos (Submitted by IAMSMW)
Description: "funny hack"

are all removed for the same reason:


I am starting to sound like a broken record here! Come ON, people! You know what, UntitledUser and IAMSMW just earned a 24-hour ban for this. Let this be a warning to everyone!

Hack Name: SMW marios halloween - 144.7 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: GhostlyLuigiPikachu - Submitted by: GhostlyLuigiPikachu
Description: i would submit it for a contest but it looks like theirs no haloween contest this year

STORYLINE (if you dont understand it)

A Halloween spirit posessed bowsers minions
they kicked bowser out of his castle then kidnapped the princess and now are trying to take over the mushroom kingdom
and mario has to stop the halloween spirit guy

NOTE theirs a small glitch in the final boss
but not only can i not fix it its too cool to fix!


One removal reason I couldn't picture was the hack's shortness. Come on, only three levels - of which one is Yoshi's house? Okay, it's not a demo, so I'm not sure if it's a removal reason, but don't you think you could have made at least 5 more levels until halloween?

Bad palette for the background and the file select menu.

Please learn about capital letters and get someone to spell-check your messages.

More bad BG palettes, along with oddly-colored Goombas.

Glitched note block bounce GFX. Either get rid of the note blocks or use a different tileset (blue poison mushroom button).

Don't insert the midway bar via Direct Map16 Access. Not only does it look cutoff, it also reappears every time you re-enter the level.

NOTE theirs a small glitch in the final boss
but not only can i not fix it its too cool to fix!

Nothing's too cool to fix. Fixing stuff is cool. You probably just overwrote a blank tile used to fill empty space. Figure out which one it is and get rid of it.

To be honest, this hack was pretty bad overall. Are you sure you've read our Hack Submission Guidelines?
Try again once you've fixed all the glitches / flaws / spelling errors and perhaps added some more levels.

Hack Name: SMW: The Switch Quest Version 1.1 - 200.7 KB - 167 downloads.
Length: 51 levels
Author: Lugmillord - Submitted by: Lugmillord
Description: This is the new version of my hack.
I've already seen many hacks and I know that a good level design is more important than fancy custom graphics. And that's what I'm aiming for with this hack.

I tried many different ideas and also made several paths you can choose. if a level is too difficult for you then you can skip it by finding the correct secret exit.

The idea behin the hack is that you have to find the 4 big switches to get access to the whole "Big Switch Castle" which is right next to Yoshi's house.

The hack contains some puzzles. It's not just "straight forward".

51 levels to explore. hope you like it. :)

Here's Why

Before I go on to the reasons why this was removed (and believe's quite a bit), I wanted to say that I honestly did enjoy many aspects of this hack. Many puzzles were pretty neat, and required me to take a step back and look at the entire level before making my move.

Unfortunately, there were also puzzles that I absolutely hated, and the lack of reset doors made me incredibly frustrated.

Onto the screenshots:

Putting the block into the ground like this creates cutoff.

Easy to obtain moon.

Fix the FG starting position. It's too low at it's current setting.

Use ExGFX to replace the glitched goal sphere graphic.

Using the corner tiles underwater creates cutoff.

Although I really like this transparent effect, allowing graphics that look like lava act like water is a no in my book. Lava is usually always acting like lava...I shouldn't have to question the credibility of lava :(

Move the Yoshi Coin...placing it on the mid-screen border causes this glitch.

I had no idea what the heck those outlines were...but those things actually act like REAL lava. Go figure.



Missing corner tile.


Using trees as goal posts is a little...misLEAFing.

I'm perma-stuck :(

Cutoff. When I use "fake" walls, I usually copy the wall tiles into a blank map16 page, but use a darker tint for the "fake" wall tiles. You can do that, or use another indication.

Missing corner tile.

Same issue with the mid-screen border.

These throw-blocks are actually turn blocks. Fix the palette.

One of the berries is crossing over to the dark side. Kill the traitor.

Those blocks in the water = ugh.

I know the hack is vanilla...but you can really do without these...structures.

Fix the stems.


Sprite memory issues.

I couldn't find a way past this part without getting hit. Sprite memory issues again.

This entire area is pretty messed up...with odd palettes and cutoff everywhere.

You can walk right through here...

That goal tape must be MIDstaken...those aren't goal posts.

Use ExGFX to fix the goal sphere.

Oh come on. You rely on these switch blocks a bit too much.

When you are making a vanilla hack, remember that you are using graphics and objects that have burned into everyone's soul. When you decide to make a familiar object act a way that no one would's wise to show some sort of indication. These boxes aren't completely solid...they act like coins when you hit a P-switch.


Easy to obtain moon.


This level literally made me want to shoot myself...
Just thought I would say that :(

THIS IS A MAJOR REASON FOR REMOVAL. There should be no way the player can die after hitting the goal tape. a grassland?

Grey lava can also defy gravity.


I WAS SO CLOSE. You may want to be just a little more lenient on this puzzle.

You provided Yoshi in the last level, but you are guaranteed a death if you don't dismount quickly. This is the fast autoscroll level by the way.

Mid-way border issue again.

This isn't a puzzle...this is luck. And I don't have any.

I WAS SO CLOSE. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. It really is...the time shouldn't be this close on an autoscroll level. Also, use goal posts.

Tried again, and this is the time I had left. I didn't mess up at all either.

Incredible slowdown.

I was unable to get the magikoopa to aim low enough to hit that turn block, so I had to grab a shell, hit the block, grab the trampoline, and jump through that gap before the turn block stopped turning. Took me 15 tries.

Fix the goal sphere.

See that upside down cloud? That's a muncher. Yes...I'm not kidding.

Fix the message.

I have no idea where the key is...and I'm stuck.

ANOTHER MAJOR REASON FOR REMOVAL. This is the second instance on where I died after completing the level. I couldn't find a way to stop myself from dying either.


And with that, I had enough. What I didn't show was that there wasn't a single reset pipe/door in the game. Not one. You know what that means? Savestates...and lots of them. That's a big no in my book. If you don't use savestates, you will be treated to that gave over screen far more than needed. As I said before...there were many puzzles I enjoyed. There were also many that were unfair...such as that fast autoscroll level. I don't consider lightning quick reflexes a puzzle gimmick. Running down a hallway only to find a wall isn't puzzling either. I realize you are making this vanilla...but try to make your levels a bit more appealing. There was cutoff just about well as graphical oddities such as many incorrect goal spheres.

As stated in the log...the main reasons for removal was dying after hitting a goal tape. That should not happen under any circumstance. Please remove/fix that immediately. Another thing I want to mention is that you rely on the switch palaces too much. There are many levels that I explore for quite a bit, only to realize that I wasted my time because of a path that requires a certain switch block. I was under the impression that only the final level would require the four switches pressed...but there are far more instances of this.

You have a good foundation...but this is nowhere close to being complete. Fix the issues, fine tune the layout, and you will be golden.

Hack Name: The Plumber Saga [Demo 1] Demo - 385.1 KB - 31 downloads.
Length: 19 levels
Author: The Headless Horse-Man - Submitted by: The Headless Horse-Man
Description: After returning from their picnic at Mushroom Meadows, Peach, Mario
and Luigi return back to Mushroom castle only to find the castle
engulfed in a state of panic. The toads are in a state of distress
and are running away from the castle.

Before running off to his home, one toad tells Princess Peach, and the Mario brothers that Bowser has charged through the castle looking for Princess Peach.

The trio race to the castle, hoping to try and stop The Koopa King. When the trio arrive at the castle they find Bowser standing in the center of the castle, appearing as if he had been waiting for them.

"Did you think I was finished in Dinosaur Land? I wasn't finished!"
Bowser cries.

After swiping at Mario and Luigi (knocking them both out cold),he
grabs Princess Peach and runs off into the distance, far away from
Mario, Luigi, and the toads still remaining in the castle.

After awakening from Bowser's knockout blow, Mario and Luigi realize what Bowser's done. Mario, always eager to defeat the Koopa King, is ready to begin his search to find the kidnaped Princess Peach. Luigi, though shaken, is also ready to search for Peach as well. Mario and Luigi begin a new chapter in (what seems to be) their never ending quest to save Princess Peach.

Peach isn't the only one that Bowser has taken. In the far off
places of Yoshi's Island Bowser has, yet again, taken the Yoshi eggs and entrusted each of his seven children with one of them. What could the fiend be planning?

This is an excellent hack, so it is with great regret that I decided to reject it. As soon as these little issues here are fixed, this will be an excellent addition to the site.

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines

3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

When a P-Switch is hit, your brick blocks don't change into coins, but they're still collectable. Use ExAnimation to correct that.

A similar thing happens with Blue Coins - they turn into solid blocks but are still collectable. It's best to not use them, or to use an alternate version of them.

I found a couple of places where I could get stuck by jumping into the ceiling:

Vine + Bullet Bill Blaster x Infinite Time = 99 Lives

Apply the Fade Fix Patch.

The whole "hot Buzzy Beetle" for wrong graphics Spinies doesn't work for a lot of people. First off, it's basically making an excuse for a glitch. Second, they're still killable by Fireballs, which is unusual for a fire-based enemy. My suggestion would be to either replace them with something else, or use a "custom tweaked sprite" .cfg file of the original Buzzy Beetle, tweaked for palette or graphics page or something.

This Blargg's secret cut-offness is revealed when he jumps.

The following are not real reasons for removal. Just consider them constructive criticisms:

This just seemed like an awful lot of easy-to-find free coins.

The palette on this Dino Rhino is kind of clashy.

The palette here is kind of eye-searing.

The palettes on these ghosts change as they go from the ceiling to swooping - just edit that palette row (E, I think?) in LM.

This ending pose with Luigi was just too awesome not to post.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Name: Oh god, it's bowsa!
Author: RetroYoshi
Description: The WORST hack in the universe. Don't even give this hack ratings. No, really, this hack is only if you feel like killing bowser, and you don't wanna do the WHOLE smw before getting there.

Changing the overworld to link Yoshi's House to the Bowser boss fight, and making Yoshi's Island 1 and 2 instant-death upon entry isn't nearly enough work to get your hack accepted. Please try and make something more interesting and original next time!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack: Super Mario 1
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: Das ist eine kleine Hareausforderung /
Dies ist eine kleine Herausforderung
Removed. Reason is that a updated version was submitted (although it also gets removed, spoiler alert.)

Hack: Super Mario 1
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: Das ist eine kleine Hareausforderung /
Dies ist eine kleine Herausforderung
Here is why:

Okay! First log! Here we g...oh. Hello there. Not a removal reason, but punctuation would be nice. Anyway:

Oh heavens. Cut-off level and the infamous floating munchers! Also, this is what is called "Kaizo," something that is made extremely hard in some kind of masochistic effort to punish the player. This is considered that hard.

I got quite a few screens of this. We don't like level design that is so repetitive.

Oh dear. See the other screen captions.

Thank goodness for the star; otherwise this would of drove me nuts. I can to use slowdown to get through it in time, though. Again, I got a ton of screens like this. See the other captions!

There were so many screens of just this that I decided to fast-forward it. I was fast-forwarding for a looong time. >_>

Then, the level backed out on itself. I saw this and thought, "oh great, a string of mildly annoying jumps." Not the case, although I was right in most aspects:

Please don't do this. Being trapped without a way out other than death is a instant-removal, even if the other ones weren't.

This was the only level available. You have a lot of work to do; clearly you read some of the rules, but not all of them. In future hacks, try to stay away from repetitive design and kaizo!

Edit: Hey look more!

Hack Name: New Super Mario Illusion (Demo) - 145.8 KB - 51 downloads.
Length: 8 exits
Author: K3Boo64 - Submitted by: K3Boo64
Description: Just play the hack...
Just BARELY didn't make it, man. There was one error that really did it, and it's not hard to fix; next moderation round I'm betting you'll have your hack in.

Not a removal reason, but you might want that palette fixed.

Again not a removal reason, but I didn't know to kill all the enemies here. Perhaps use a custom sprite to stop the player from getting out, so it's more like a battle?

Not a removal reason alone, but some of the levels felt like you kept me running for a bit too long or were a bit too empty. It was this average design that tipped the scales for...

This. Not just yoshi's glitchiness, by the way this was a easy-to-remove glitch. Yoshi is easily accessible, and in this level he has a messed up tongue as well as when you beat all the enemies, the level doesn't warp because yoshi is a sprite too. So, add a no-yoshi intro or something.

Generally, I accepted it and didn't want to remove it. I think you have something to learn in level design, but you have potential and know what you're doing. Keep going.
Hack Name: Super Mario World 2
Length: 6 levels
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy--- - Submitted by: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: Short Levels
Short Hack


(Wenn du willst, dass ich dir diesen Post übersetze - vielleicht kannst du nicht so gut Englisch - schreib mich an.)

That being said, let's have a look at some screenshots.

You shouldn't use the letters with black boxes around them.

Unlikely, but it's possible to screw up if you spin-kill that shell.

Why so many power-ups?
Also, wrong corner tile.

Why another growing vine?
Also, more wrong corner tiles.

Too many cement blocks. Even worse, they cut off the ground.

More cutoff.

Turns what into what?
Fix the graphics please.

Bad grammar - Not really a removal reason though.

More cutoff ground.

You have to react really fast to not get killed at the start.

What's that slope doing here?

Cutoff pipe, invisible ground.

Looks barely edited.

Cutoff pipe, cutoff goal tape.

Oh god the slowdown.

Cutoff goal post. Also, that level was incredibly short.

Completely unedited level.

Missing candle flames generator.
What's worse, though, is the fact that there's no side exit sprite, so you're stuck there until the time runs out. D:

To be honest, it looks like you made this hack in six hours or so. A good hack requires way more time, work and devotion. Before you make another hack, you should read the F.A.Q. and our Hack Submission Guidelines. You should also get some beta testers if possible.

Hack Name: SMW German Translation - 128.3 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 96 levels
Author: Waddle Dee - Submitted by: Waddle Dee
Description: This is the German translation of SUPER MARIO WORLD. I was inspired by ICB's Hebrew translation. This is for people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For "Ä", "Ü", "ä", "ö", "ü" and "ß" I changed the sprites of the word "YELLOW" because that's no German word. If you speak another language, let yourself be inspired to make an own translation. If you can help me make this better, just tell me.


The IPS patch doesn't seem to work. Please test it before submitting.

Also, there already is a German translation of SMW in the Hacks section. I wouldn't remove it because of that though - it's always nice to have two interpretations of the same thing. Just sayin'.
Hack Name: New Super Mario Illusion - 163.3 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: K3Boo64 - Submitted by: K3Boo64
Aw man. I really wanted to submit this, but...

No matter how I changed circumstances, I just could not continue. I'm glad you took that removal log to heart- it looks pretty good now- but you forgot to test this part. Fix it and I'll play the hack and the extension you added. (I didn't get to play it because I got stopped at the gauntlet.)
Hack Name: Super Mario World 2Demo 1(Update)
Length: 6 exits
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy--- - Submitted by: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: This is a Update by my Hack Super Mario World 2
I hope you like this Hack


You didn't fix much from the last version... In fact, I don't think there's a single screenshot where everything has been fixed. Take the removal logs seriously - your hack won't get accepted until you've fixed (almost) everything mentioned here!

To make matters worse, I've found even more errors. Not sure if you added them in or if I've just overlooked them...

Cutoff gound. What's worse, though, is the so-called Kaizo trap here - if you walk through this goal point here, you'll fall down and die. Granted, it's pretty obvious where the real goal is once you press the switch, but still - Kaizo traps = Instant removal.

Another level where you have to react quickly at the start. Also, if you lose that shell, you're forced to die / wait until the timer runs out. Put a reset pipe/door/whatever there, as well as in the first level.

Forcing the player to have Yoshi is not a good idea either.

4 things wrong here:
  1. Wrong sprite menory settings, making Yoshi's head and some dolphins disappear. To fix that, set the sprite header (Lakitu button) to 0E or simply get rid of the dolphins.
  2. You have to get off of Yoshi to continue. If you don't want the player to have Yoshi, why not use a No Yoshi" level intro?
  3. The Porcu-Puffer can get out of the water and swim on the floor, which looks rather odd.
  4. The cement blocks cut off the water a little.

Okay, you did make that level longer, but all you did was add some cement blocks and Chucks in. Not only do the blocks (and the arrow sign later in the level) cut off the bridge, the large amount of Chucks also causes horrible slowdown.

You really need to fix the stuff I mentioned - both in this removal log and in the last one. Also, I still think you should spend more time on a hack instead of trying to submit it as fast as you can. I suggest you get more experienced with Lunar Magic and hacking first, and then take the time to make a quality hack.
Name: Mario and the Island of Mystery
Author: MSTR448 - Submitted by: MSTR448
Description: My romhack demo. V1.10

Reasons for Removal

Crashed on startup. Please test your patches to be sure they work before submitting. You may have mixed up the original unmodified with the new modified ROM.
Name: Mario and the Island of Mystery
Author: MSTR448 - Submitted by: MSTR448
Description: THE FIXED VERSION. Patch the IPS to Super Mario World (U) [!].smc. You can get it here: LINK REMOVED

Reasons for Removal

Not only does the IPS patch still not work, but you provided a ROM link in the description. Gonna have to 72 hour ban you.
Link Thread Closed