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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: !!!: The Evil Maze Demo - 143.4 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: limepie20 - Submitted by: limepie20
Description: A demo of the evil maze.
It has maze/puzzle levels.
Mostly vanilla except for a couple of graphic edits.
You didn't even bother to change anything I told you in your last removal. You only changed about 2 things. This is your final warning if you don't change anything next time it's a 24 hour ban.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: POU's Puzzle Level - 360.1 KB - 9 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: POU - Submitted by: pou
Description: A one level hack. A simple puzzle.
My Short Review:
This hack isn't good, it really needs improvements and the demo is too short.

If I enter these levels I fall and die. If you don't want the player to enter then take out the levels.

Why is there some solid invisible tile here?

Floating munchers are bad. They shouldn't be able to float.

Glitched note block graphics.

Cut-off all over the place.
Like I said this hack needs a lot of work. Apparently this is your 1st hack so I wouldn't blame ya. Play some Featured Hacks to get ideas for levels, this will help you start out. Also 1 level demos are allowed as they are too short and there's not much to play. Make more levels then submit it.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: !!!: The Evil Maze Demo - 144.5 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: limepie20 - Submitted by: limepie20
Description: A demo of the Evil Maze.
It has maze/puzzle levels.
Once again you barely took my suggestions, you changed only A LITTLE BIT of things and that's about it. Sorry but I'm gonna have to give you a 24 hour ban.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Yoshi's Cave Demo - 321.2 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Spriter - Submitted by: Spriter
Description: Venture Yoshi's Cave as himself along w/ a friend (Another Yoshi)
through the level of all levels,travel through caves, castles,snowy fields,plains,the sky's the limit!
Author submitted an update version making this pointless. :E
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Mario's Mind Boggling Adventure - 26 KB - 25 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Dododo - Submitted by: DODODO
Description: [THIS IS THE FIX OF MARIO'S AMAZING ADVENTURE (Cause' its name was already taken.)]

Well, this is my THIRD resubmission. =P

(person 1):
This time Bows- *slap* Ow! That hurt! This time Bows- *SLAP* Ow! Stop it!

(person 2):
This time Iggy kidnaps Princess Toadstool. And guess what happens next.......

By the way, please review, I want to see how I did on my FIRST HACK.

My Short Review:
The hack was pretty good for a 1st hack, nice level design but there are some errors that need fixing.
Bumpy Plains

The intersecting pipes make cut-off.

Yellow Switch Palace

Major slowdown.

Forest Frenzy

Wrong initial settings. Also that 3-up moon.... easy to get. Make 3-up moons harder and rarer to get.

I can go in this pipe. Block this off by putting skinny pipes so the player can't get in there.

The pipes make the water cut-off.

Major slowdown. Take out some sprites.

Mountain Peaks

How come the vines didn't appear?

Not really a removal reason but why is there a noteblock platform at the end?

Bumpy Plains

If I return to this level with a Yoshi, Yoshi's head is glitched. This is because there's a baby Yoshi right here. Take it out and put the Yoshi in a block, block.

This level leads me to endless bonus game.
The hack wasn't too bad, you really need to fix that water level though as that's the main reason it got removed.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: mario`s pipe adventure Demo - 150.4 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: vaatimaster - Submitted by: vaatimaster
Description: Mario must go into a pipe
My Short Review:
I couldn't even pass the intro!

The black around some of the letters look weird on the title screen. Use some of the other text.

Like I said I couldn't even pass the intro screen. This jump is impossible. Also floating munchers and cut-off are bad.
Play some Featured Hacks so you have a good idea on what makes a good hack. Also 1 level demos aren't allowed because there's not much to it. If your going to upload a demo at least have 5 levels the minimum.
Hack Name: Explore!
Author: hackfan - Submitted by: mariofan1000
Description: You wake up in a strange and seemingly peaceful world. Fitting, as you are a strange and seemingly peaceful girl... but you can't remember exactly who you are. As you explore this world you will discover challenging foes, intricate puzzles, your memories, and a dark truth that will shake you to your core. When you reach your destination, what you find there will depend on how much Love, Laughter, and Sin you collected on your Journey. An Ominous thought lingers in your mind, reminding you that someone's life is slowly dwindling away and you should make haste. Can you save this poor forgotten soul?

Explore is an experiment in non-linearity. There is only one level in the main game, but about 50 rooms, and most of the rooms have 2 exits creating a convoluted maze. I have implemented some nifty ASM that makes it so when you die you are sent to the beginning of the current room.

As another experiment, Explore has a second game mode called the Gauntlet. In this game mode you progress through about 25 of my favorite rooms in linear order in case you are not interested in exploring the maze. However, you wont get any story in this mode, and you must acquire the 5 coins in each room to proceed.

Hack thread, with hall of fame:

-----Removal Reasons :o-----------------

Alright, I have to say right now, this hack was pretty kinda tough. I couldn't find some places, but maybe its because I am horrible at very unlinear levels.
It was a good hack nevertheless, but there's a few stuff that should be fixed to improve overall quality.

It's weird how the skull raft can go throught the cement blocks.

...why am I going over nothingness? Don't put solid/walkable blocks on the lowest row in LM.

I can go in the ground here. Maybe put the whole diamond structure a bit higher.

Although I do get hurt, I am indeed able to walk on the pit :/
(Also I think I should mention the cutoff caused by the steep ledge corners, but that was in the original SMW, so no biggie)

Yeah, the raft keeps on going. I know you use it to get a secret, but you shouldn't let it go through ground, because that looks unprofessional.

Thought I'd mention the little cloud that appears on the title screen. You can try covering it, use ExGFX (it's part of the cloud tile/Lakitu's cloud in GFX 00), or refer to this post by Ersanomnomnom.

Fire Peach has a bad palette :/

This moon is kinda simple to get once you get a mushroom, which you provide a few screen after this.

The dark gray shadow on the left of the pillar doesn't extend all the way down. I think this occured alot in the level.

The graphics on these blue coins change when you hit a P-switch, like usual, but since you have them acting like tile 25, I can pass through them when they look perfectly solid...

Not too big, but the bottom of the cloud I'm on is slightly cutoff.

I honestly had no idea what to do here. It seems like a dead-end, or you maybe didn't finish. Or mabye I needed something? I died shortly after, anyways, due to there being a pit.

Try not to use the uber fast auto-scroll, because then the player can't jump.

...I had no idea what to do here either. (The dotted blue box on the right creates slight cutoff with the rope.)

I'm not sure if this is all of them, as you have a very unlinear hack and I could have missed anything. It was fun, nevertheless :) Just improve on these, and look for other ones I might have missed, maybe have beta-testers that are up-to-date with the present hack moderator's pickiness, and good luck!
(Also, you seemed to have used my Peach graphics. Just make sure you give credit ;) )
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Lunarde World (NOT FINISHED) Demo - 27.5 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 12 exits
Author: Lunarde - Submitted by: Lunarde
Description: Read the readme. And you'll need save-states/rewinds/slowdown/etc.
My Short Review:
By reading the description, I already knew where this was going. It's a kaizo hack, I don't like them.

Random invisible blocks in the title screen

Floating munchers are bad.

Yoshis' House

Lets see...Easy 3-Up moons, a message box making layer 3 disappear, cut-off, and misplaced Yoshi birds. You really need to fix these. Also don't edit Yoshi's house as it will mess up the ending. Also it's "Yoshi's House" not "Yoshis' House"

Cut-off all over the place.

Yoshi's head is messed up because you have baby Yoshi's here. Take them out.

The Death

Hmm...Think fast reflexes, and floating munchers. Not good.

Oh no I'm trapped! Even though you had a screenshot saying to go on the platform, I can get trapped in here which is not good.

Entering this pipe leads to a death room. Death pipes/doors are not cool.

Floating munchers

What's the point in this room? It's completely empty and short.

Wrong initial settings here.

The cement blocks make the pipe cut-off.

Death pipes/doors are not cool.

Floating munchers. >:(

Put a goal post with the goal point.

Yellow button thingy

Wrong initial settings as it makes BG garbage.

Cut-off. Also why does the roof act like brown blocks?

Are You Serious?

If I didn't activate the yellow switch I have to die. This is a no. Also too many 3-up moons, they should be harder and rarer to get.


Wrong initial settings here.

Floating munchers. Again...

It looks weird going in here, and also death pipe. -.-

All these doors lead to death. O.O

When I enter this pipe I come out of cement blocks. Make me exit out of a pipe. Floating munchers on my left. -.-

A wild missingno has appeared in the level name.

Kaizo traps are not cool.

Floating munchers. Also the there's a really short time limit.

If I'm not big I have to die. I stopped playing after this.
This hack needs a lot of work. This is a kaizo hack, kaizo hacks are not allowed here. Please submit them here. Also this hack does not meet the Hack Submission Guildlines. Play some featured hacks for a good idea on good level design. Also, your screenshots weren't proper.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: super mario pipe adventure dx - 151.2 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 9 exits
Author: vaatimaster - Submitted by: vaatimaster
Description: mario must go into a pipe to save the world
read the readme
My Short Review:
I was able to pass the intro screen but not Yoshi's House. There were also other reasons it got removed.

Where the years are, it got cut-off.

Floating and stacked munchers everywhere. They are not acceptable. Also being able to step on purple munchers aren't acceptable either.

Standing on munchers aren't good either.

What in the world is a "WC?" *Please come. Half of Yoshi's paw is gone making the other half cut-off. Also it's "Yoshi" not "Yoshy"

Don't edit Yoshi's house as it messes with the ending. Also the ground is cut-off.

1st of all this ground is cut-off, 2nd this music is out of place, and 3rd I couldn't beat this level.
Once again play some Featured Hacks to get a good idea on what makes good level design.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Waluigi World Demo - 163.3 KB - 43 downloads.
Length: 15 levels
Author: banbadle - Submitted by: banbadle
Description: The Beta of my rom hack Waluigi world.
My Short Review:
The hack was okay, though there were a lot errors and some annoyances that got it removed.

*Wario. (Don't forget the period after Wario.) *Sky Gardern. *Waluigi.

The pathway tiles color (the light blue color) don't match with the clouds. Fix this.

Sky Garden 1

*The. *They.

Not a removal reason but you should change the throw block graphics so they look like cement blocks.

*The. *The. *levels. (Add a period.)

Floating munchers are bad. Just because blocks float doesen't mean plants should be able too. >:(

Sky Garden 2

*The. *You. *Don't. *worry, (add a comma) *die. (add a period.)

Umm...They don't take away my powerup. Also fix the graphics as it is cut-off. Use custom graphics if you have to.

*The. *Shells,

I don't like the fact that if you press a P-switch they get turned into coins. Why not use brown blocks?

Sky Garden 3

*The. *The. (You really need to fix a lot of capitalization in the message blocks)

*If. Also the water is cut-off because of the clouds. Use a solid ledge.

Sky Garden 4

*The. *in front. *But. (Change "but" to "Though") *etc. (Also don't forget to add the period) *burnt.


(Sprites disabled since the bird is in the way.) Though I usually don't care about it, you need to fix the perspective error.

Bowser-Land Gates

*Peach. *Mario. *Luigi. *Wario. *guy? (Add a question mark)

Turtle jumping this early in the game isn't good. At least do it in World 6 the minimum. (Depending how much worlds you have)

Why are there invisible cement blocks here? Also all these springboards aren't nessacary.

Plain, empty, and boring areas. Add some enemies and decorations.

The logs make cut-off in the tree. Take them out and replace them with something square.

I know that the cement block was put here for the P-switch but still you need to put it somewhere else because the bottom row of Lunar Magic won't appear in-game.

Air Swimming

I personally don't like how you can swim in air when you touch that one block. Also floating munchers, and spam abuse of non-swimming blocks and they are cut-off. D:

I think I have to take this path no wait it's the bottom path! This is not good, if your going to do this, at least provide another swim block here.

Plain, boring, and empty areas. Like I said add enemies and decoration.

At least give a warning that these hurt.

The rope is cut-off and has a bad palette. Also...

...if I keep going right, about 3 screens later it takes me to a dead end. Take these out as there is no point to it.

Why does this pipe lead me to a switch palace? Again what's up with the invisible cement blocks?

Puzzle Challenge

These munchers are floating.

Stacked munchers don't look good either.


Dead ends. I couldn't figure out on how to beat this level so I stopped here.
The hack was okay, it definently needs work. Play some featured hacks to get a good idea on good levels.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Yoshi's Cave 1.1 - 321.2 KB - 25 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Spriter - Submitted by: Spriter
Description: This is the fixed verison of Yoshi's Cave,I forgot to fix some things,sorry.
Some of the tiles acted incorrectly and a level lacked a custom name,in this one,the castle staircase works too.
(Don't get the other one)

Hack Name: super mario pipe adventure dx
Length: 9 exits
Author: vaatimaster - Submitted by: vaatimaster
Description: mario must go into a pipe to save the world
read the readme


(This was already removed? Weird, weird. Anyway, I might as well keep this post, since it migt contain some additional info.)

(Übrigens, da du Deutsch zu sprechen scheinst: Wenn ich dir was hieraus übersetzen soll, sag Bescheid.)

That aside, let's have a look at some screenshots.

Minor, but the "0"s in "2010" disappear behind the ground. Either give them priority or put the text somewhere else, where it can't be hidden by objects.

1. Don't make Mario able to die in the intro level.
2. Don't ever use floating and/or stacked munchers (black Piranha Plants).
3. Some plants, as you can see here, don't act like they're supposed to. Actually telling us what they do would be great.

*full paw print

Your overworld has some problems. The cliffs don't have a consistent color, and the edge tiles at the top of the island should have water instead of dirt behind them.

Cutoff ledge. Also, you shouldn't edit Yoshi's House unless you plan on using a custom ending.

I couldn't find a way to get out of here, so I was stuck forever. This also seems to be the only level you can access from the overworld. Are you sure you tested your hack properly?
(On a side note, the yellow ground on the left is cutoff, and it strangely acts solid too.)

I cheated to be able to go on, and encountered more cutoff ground. Also, the blue coins don't act like coins either.

More floating munchers - and guess what, they act unusually too. Also, this whole section is full of Metroids - seems like way too many of them.

This goes on for at least 3 screens. Boring and ugly at the same time.

More cutoff tiles, as well as a glitched goal sphere.

To be honest, this hack looks pretty bad. Try reading the Hack Submission Guidelines and maybe watching this so you know what you can improve on.

..And after finding out that I posted this in the wrong thread, here it is.

Hack Moderation

Hack Name: Super Mario Revolution Version 0.08 - 139.9 KB - 9 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: CloudOfDarkness9999 - Submitted by: CloudOfDarkness9999
Description: This hack is far from finished, I'm posting it here to see the feedback on this one level hack. I would love to have experienced level designers and stuff to help, just send me and email at [email protected] or PM me on SMW Central. By the way that Image is Out Dated, but I can't figure out how to get my snap shots to work so, sorry :( .

Originally posted by Description
By the way that Image is Out Dated, but I can't figure out how to get my snap shots to work so, sorry :( .

1: Open your hack in ZSNES.
2: Find a place that you would like to take a screenshot of.
3: Hit "F1" on your keyboard; it should open up a menu.
4: Take a screenshot.

Now, onto the problems of this hack...

Yoshi's House
The greenery around the berries are discolored from the tree.

Yoshi's Island 2
If you're not going to modify the original overworld, I'm fine with that. However, I'm not fine if you're going to leave the original levels in, too.

Yoshi's Island 1
Pipe I'm on standing on, as well as the bush over there is discolored.
Doesn't it seem a bit... strange that I'm walking on thin air?
..What the hell? Where's the rest of the level? Please DO NOT leave your work unfinished like this.

Your level looks great, but it's seems to be very short. There are some issues here and there that you need to fix, though. Also, if you want feedback on something unfinished, please do not submit your hack to moderation. The "My Files" and the "Forums" sections are there for you.
Hack Name: mario`s pipe adventure DX2
Length: Unknown
Author: vaatimaster - Submitted by: vaatimaster
Description: This hack is compleatly tested and savestates are needy


Okay, first of all, it was a ROM. I'm not going to ban you for now - just make sure to only submit IPS patches in the future.
Also, I've accidentally written a removal log for the last version too, although reghrhre seemed to have beaten me to it. Anyway, I suggest reading mine too, as I think I've discovered a few more issues. It's right above SyStemkraSh's post here.

That being said, let's look at some screenshots...

If you go here, you're stuck forever... especially bad since this is the intro level.

Floating munchers are not allowed either. (And yes, this is still the intro level.)


The overworld still doesn't look great. Look in my last removal log to see what exactly you've done wrong.

The berries' palette is wrong, and the ground is still somewhat cut-off. Also, editing Yoshi's House is not recommended.

What the... This was lava? Even worse, it cuts off the ground too.

There's still no way to get out of here.

I cheated to get the secret exit of Yoshi's House, and that led me to a level with a messed-up time limit, cutoff spikes that are passable and don't hurt you...

...cutoff rock walls and really frustrating jumps...

...air that kills you...

...and invisible ground.

Eh, I think you should read the Hack Submission Guidelines (and maybe watch this video) again.
To be honest, maybe you should just start working on a new hack from scratch. I don't really think fixing all these issues is worth it.

Hack Name: Dan's Adventure
Length: 40 exits
Author: Mawwo7 - Submitted by: Mawwo7
Description: It's better than my old hacks (Kenny's , Joe's and Henry's Adventure )


Newer version submitted. We'd appreciate if you double-checked everything in your hack before actually submitting it, but I guess nobody's perfect, so whatever.

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: super mario s ammazing world tow hack in one!demo1 - 421.4 KB - 28 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: mario seeder - Submitted by: mario seeder
Description: my hack.i am cancaneled my tow others projects for this one.i cannot fix the tiles paths probelemes.enjoy
User submitted a new version which was uploaded recently than the other. Also please submit when you know there's no errors and your ready to submit for sure without fixing anything else so we don't have to worry about people submitting there hacks like 5 times.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: super mario s ammazing world.tow hack in one eddition demo1! Demo - 421.4 KB - 11 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: mario seeder - Submitted by: mario seeder
Description: my hack im cannot fix the tiles probeleme.tip-in the titlle screen start the game before mario active the worc in the demo2 and the part2(the part2 are 3 hack in one!awwesome!)
I can't remember if I moderated this but still by looking at the title screen and at 3 levels, this really needs a lot of work.

So much garbage everywhere and bad FG palette.

You hit a P-switch in the intro screen. DO NOT DO THIS as it messes with things like the music and from loading the intro screen.

Glitched graphics everywhere.

I can die in the intro if I touch the goomba, the player should not be able to die in the intro screen. Also glitched graphics.

Major slowdown!


Cut-off with a buzzy beetle stuck.
This hack has to be a joke hack cause everything is messed up. You really need to check the Hack Submission Guidelines and you should REALLY play some featured hacks to get a good idea on good level design. Also you need to work on your spelling.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Mario's Mind Boggling Adventure - 26 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: DODODO - Submitted by: DODODO
Description: Fourth resubmission.

Well, looks like Bowser's at it again. But wait! Looks like Iggy got rid of Bowser and HE kidnapped Princess Toadstool this time. Mario is in for his greatest adventure yet!
My Short Review:
This hack is getting close to acceptance but there are a few errors that need fixing.

*Bowser. (You forgot to capitalize the "B")

The bullet bill is generating in thin air, move it back a few tiles so it generates in a cannon.

Wrong initial settings. This picture should help you with initial settings.

Same as the 1st level the bullet bill is generating in thin air, move it back a few tiles so it generates in a cannon.

The water at the end is cut-off because of the pipe.

The pipes make a little cut-off at the corners.

Not a removal reason but what's the point in the star when the goal is right there?

I know that he's talking about the items behind this text but the message block doesen't make sense.

The spike is cut-off, you might have the wrong sprite header here. Also...

Move the spike up a few tiles so it isn't floating.

Some cut-off on the left of me. (Near the pipe I'm standing on)

I'm not sure if I was supposed to go here but I flew over the level near the boss door and I went here. Take this area out since it's useless. (Unless there was an actual point here)

This level takes me to the same level as the level before Iggy's castle.
Like I said your almost there, the errors are really easy to fix. So fix these and it's sure to get accepted! (Unless a major bug/error occurs)
Removal: "marios plumber adventure"
Author: vaatimaster
Description: "mario must do his job
if you cannot beat them, try it again. it is testing and nothing are impossible. "

Glitched background. Floating stacked munchers. And this was one of the screenshots you submitted along with your hack.

Don't submit another hack until you've read the Hack Submission Guidelines a bit more.

Removal: "mario's quest for scrambled eggs"
Author: vhayes8886
Description: "this is a short hack showing how mario gets breakfeast"

Hey it's this hack again.

Title screen still looks a bit ugly an annoying.

Doesn't help when the file selector cuts it up.

You need someone to proofread your text.

Some text errors, and the palette is a bit... funky. It seems to be like this in other levels, though.

See above.

This tile acts like a partial slope. Don't use it, please.

Cutoff, and the bottom is a fake bottomless pit.

If a level has more than one exit, it should be marked with a red dot on the map, instead of a yellow one.

You should just scrap this level, it's a really poor remake of a level everyone and their dog has remade.

Also, cutoff like this is not how you make a pit.

Cuts through a hill?

Now unlike a bunch of other moderators on SMW Central, I actually don't mind seeing the falling spike used like this. It seems fitting for an underground level, IMHO. (falling debris; in this case a fossilized skull)
However, the falling spike sprite can't pass through slopes.

This is very annoying.

Invisible Bullet Bill launchers! The launcher should be placed on top of a Bullet Bill cannon tile!

This is still an instant decline error here. Stacked munchers = LAZY.

Easy 3UP Moon.

Cutoff water? You need to add the surface.

More of those wierd slope tiles.

Easy 3UP Moon #2.

I don't understand the point of this message. Also, the music you're using for this stage has some... problems. One of the instruments sounds like a buzzsaw cutting through wood... I doubt it was the intended sound.

Did I mention that this is an edit of level 103?

Easy 3UP Moons #3 and #4. That's 12 easy-to-get extra lives!

Water suddenly stops here.

Blatant edit of the... unused TEST level? It also behaves like it is underwater, which is wierd considering that the BG is above ground.

FLOATING stacked munchers. Also, invisible coin blocks instead of something solid?


As you can see, you still have a LOT of work to do. I cannot stress enough that you need to really read the Hack Submission Guidelines, because they tell you how to improve your hack so that it will be more enjoyable by all.

Link Thread Closed