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The Hack Removal Log
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Removal: "the strange world of mario land demo two"
Author: clayclay
Description: "the second demo where I fixed some things I notised that were wrong"

You must not be a very observant person. There's a LOT of things wrong with this hack.

Lots of cutoff and sloppy design, and that's just the title screen.

You should get someone to proofread your text.

Wait what? Where's Mario? Also, you really need someone to proofread your text.


Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines!!!

NAME: A Mario Hack
AUTHOR: weegygreen2
DESCRIPTION: This is a DEMO of my first hack. it has some custom graphics. It has no custom music, because I don't know how to insert it.


Let's see..

This subworld has a little perspective error, which is not a removal reason but still worth mentioning. (Use the same height for the whole land in order to fix it. That means, you have to use diagonal edges, where the ground meets the water.) Also, a white path which connects Yoshi's House with the first two levels would be nice as well.

* Mario, Luigi, Help! Also remove the comma before "and". Most of your messages were fine, I guess. Some had little language msitakes which you might want to fix. Get a beta tester who's fluent in English.

This is not acceptable. Those black blocks which use a bad palette act like munchers...

I actually have no clue what this level is for! Despite the fact that you shouldn't edit Yoshi's House because of the screwy ending which it produces, you only get a 1 up. I was stucked once, too! So either make a sensible level or, even better, let Yoshi's House stay as it was.

Piranha Plants with a red stem is not appealing for many players. You might want to make them green. Furthermore, even more important, you should apply the Piranha Plant Fix Patch in order to prevent VRAM glitches. Thanks goes out to Ultimaximus who gave me the information.

There is cutoff when the horizontal pipes meet the vertical ones. Also, the red pipe has a bad palette.

I was stuck in the Red Switch Palace, because I had no fire flower. I suggest putting one in there, but the hack can't be accepted this way.

There was a message saying that I can't fall down and die. I would have even accepted using the lowest row of Lunar Magic, which the player can't see ingame. However, there were pits in which Mario could fall down and die, so this is a removal reason as well. Also, I think I was stuck here, even though the coin arrow is right above me :<
Also, when I die, the Time Up Screen appears. To prevent that, you should use time in the level, not have the time at 0.


Just mentioning that you should use proper edges with the right palette (where the water meets the land). It's hard to see on the picture.

This bullet machine has a bad palette. I understand that it uses another palette as usual because Mario can break it, but not this ugly one.

This is an obvious level 101 edit. Always press CTRL + Del before making levels.

No clue where Mario is, but this part has a serious error which must be fixed. Mario gets hurt when he jumps somewhere against the grey blocks, however, how should the player know? Use some other graphics which denote that Mario gets hurt, or remove that hurting thing.

Names are written with a capital letter. Yoshi and Princess Peach are no exception.

This level works as a little bonus for Mario. However, I could simply get the shrooms by abandoning Yoshi, although I am supposed to get the Yellow Switch first.

This part was waaay too hard and hardly beatable without savestates. Also, I think it's not even possible without abandoning Yoshi within this long part of jumping from one jump block to the other and from one Koopa to the other.

And once again no clue what you had in mind here. First of all, the cement blocks cut into the pipe. Secondly, the pipe leads back to the part before the jumping? No good level design, but simply annoying.

Also, I could get the secret exit, although I haven't pushe dall the Switches, yet. I easily jumped from cement block to cement block off-screen (above the actual level).

There's no level tile or anything after the ghost house. The path abruptly ending does not look good.

Blatant Donut Plains 1 edit.

This cloud can be broken by Mario. You should use the normal cloud behaviour instead, or using a coin block would be another option.

I have no clue how I got there. I think I ran and jumped over the white pipe left from Mario. However, I could not find out how the player is supposed to get the secret otherwise. Either way, you're supposed to build a level from scratch anyways.

Cutoff vines.

I killed myself on purpose aaaaaand... with success! Your midway goal has no purpose. After you get it and die, you must start the level from the beginning. Fix it.

These red cement blocks, which at least should use a black outline instead of a red, are actually munchers...
Another error...

is that this red level has no secret, or I have absolutely no clue how you are supposed to get it. (Yes I looked in Lunar Magic), but I think it isn't possible or simply not clear in any way to the player.

Yes, I was here, but this area seems to not make any sense at all. Did you forget to make this a water level or something?...

... What is here? What is this whole area's purpose?

If I fall down here, I am screwed. Remove the water here.

Last but not least, I died at the end of this level 10 times due to the fast auto scroll which squeezes Mario to death. I couldn't beat the level, which is a removal reason.

I conclude that you should get some beta testers who playtest your hack, correct language mistakes and test levels on gameplay and graphics.
Furthermore, you might want to rebuild the blatant level edits.
Otherwise this hack was not too bad and is not too far from being accepted.

I play different games on Twitch, currently I speedrun Pokemon Gold or play some other shit, can also include SMW hacks. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 45, Overworld: 85%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is pretty much dead. So am I on SMWCentral.

Hack Name: Kris' Adventure - Demo 1 - 250.2 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: martin9172 - Submitted by: martin9172
Description: This demo of Kris' Adventure features the first world.

-Story (still developing)-
Kris is on a trip on his boat around the world. But when he passes to the south of the kingdom Ekalados, he manages to crash into som rocks, to the south of an island.

Oh, hey, look. A hack based around me. Wait... nevermind, the main character just has the same name.
Anyways, I thought your levels were pretty solid, though it would be nice if you used custom palettes.
For the actual reasons of removal, well, there are a couple major glitches there, as well as a few minor things.

Message boxes turn layer 3 off.

Slowdown. Maybe remove a few koopas.

All your goal posts are a bit high. Not really a removal reason, but I thought I'd mention it anyways.

Pipe cutsoff water.


Leads to level 0. Now I'm forced to die. :|


The Sumo Brother is really broken up about this.

If it's possible, it'd be nice to have this fade properly.

I actually don't know what the hell happened after I beat this level, but the overworld flashed random colours.

So yeah, fix these and I can't see what's stopping me from accepting this.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Name: super mario dude
Length: 4 levels
Author: XXbadge25 - Submitted by: XXbadge25
Description: I was bored one day and made this hack even though its short its my first one. Have fun!


I don't recommend submitting your first hack to SMWC. Here's why:

- The "B" in the ugly-colored "Biohazard" disappears behind the FG.
- The letters in "DUDE" have a bad-looking black box around them.

- LOL. Yeah, that's funny.
- The paths are cutoff. Put some land edges and cliffs around them to actually make it look like an island or something.

- Pointless black line in the ground.
- Wrong corner tile:

- Floating munchers (black Piranha Plants) are not okay.
- Cutoff slope. Use proper edges please.
- You know you can just put sprites (like the silver P-switch) in front of objects without having to cut them off?

- Glictehd goal post. Move it down one tile and then put ground in front of it.
- The goal bar goes too high. Put it right above the ground.

You should use solid edges here - it seems a bit weird having water held by non-solid stuff.

- Floating vine.
- A very easy-to-get moon that also cuts off the ground behnd it.
- You shouldn't use the bottom row of tiles for ground, as it can't be seen in-game.

This triangle doesn't work. Put tile 1Eb (or something that acts like it) below it, or insert it via the "Extended Objects" menu.

More floating munchers.

The "End of Demo" level leads me to an endless bonus game.

Yeah, you've got a lot of work to do before you can get this accepted here. Start by reading the Hack Submission Guidelines (and maybe watching this video too) to see what's not allowed in a hack.
Also, don't just fixed the errors in the screenhots I showed - there are many more of there throughout the whole hack.

Hack Name: Super Mario World: a Search for Better Graphics
Length: 5 levels
Author: wiiqwertyuiop - Submitted by: wiiqwertyuiop
Description: This is just a demo I plan to make major changes to this.Also when you start off you probably won't notice a lot of changes, once you get past the 2nd castel you'll definetly see changes.


The patch doesn't seem to work. Make sure your ROM is clean, and test the patch before submitting it.

NAME: Super Luigi world (Demo)
AUTHOR: MariomasterDT
My second attempt of submitting my hack, I fix almost everything in the removal log ( Most importantly the major glitch!)


That's some pretty bad text palettes you have going on there. And it's kind of hard to see in the picture, but there's an odd green colour on that pillar in the background that probably shouldn't be there.

Being able to die in the intro level is bad, mostly because it messes up the life counter if you do it more than five times.

Minor, but that comma should probably be a colon, and the contents of the note within quotation marks.

So this is Luigi's house. It seems to be very lacking in the house department, though...

Also, "i" should be capitalized, and there should be some sort of punctuation marks after "Hello" and "moment". Oh, and since when do people sign their answering machine messages?

This palette of both the message and the status bar looks fairly terrible. Use the Map16 editor to make the background use another palette, and restore the original status bar colours. And speaking of the background, it doesn't seem to be assembled correctly.

I know that Luigi canonically is able to jump higher than Mario, but this is just ridiculous.

This tile should probably act like a slope instead of a solid block.

I am fairly certain those things aren't supposed to be black like that.

Not really a removal reason, but what's up with this random wall made up of walljump blocks? They don't appear anywhere else in the hack, and they seem fairly pointless here.

Notice anything wrong with that picture? (not counting the status bar palettes, those were already pointed out) No?

How about now?

This really doesn't have anything to do with anything, but apparently enemies stop interacting with Mario if Yoshi grows up while they are getting eaten.


Three screens of perfectly flat ground and a bunch of digging Chucks is not what most people here would call "exciting level design". In fact, most of your levels suffer from repetitiveness of this kind. I mean, you even have three other instances of it earlier in this level: first, two screens of flat ground and those porcupine things, and then two times three screens of flat ground and Beanies. I am sorry, but this level, as well as many of your other ones, need some major overhauls.

Minor, but aren't Shine Sprites supposed to be yellow? Since you don't seem to be using any normal ? spheres in this hack, you could easily change what palette the sprite uses with Tweaker.

Another reason why you shouldn't have your backgrounds use the second halves of palettes 0 and 1. The foreground, however, can easily be fixed by applying the FadeFix patch.

Ground made entirely out of cement blocks doesn't look very good, and I'm fairly certain that moon is supposed to use a custom palette.

Oh, and something I noticed that isn't really a removal reason: when looking at that level in Lunar Magic, it had a ton of custom generator sprites along the top of the screen. What's up with that? You do know that once a generator is activated, it will last until it is turned off, right?

You should probably apply the Piranha Fix patch, since the original unfixed sprite has a slight chance of causing a VRAM error and messing up another sprite on screen.

Also, what's up with the background in this level? It looks very empty, and the clouds look like they are using the wrong palette.

And doesn't this tileset have some actual... y'know, ground? Those wooden blocks don't look much like a beach to me.

That ? block could have a prettier palette.

The ? block gives me Why? The whole level is filled with Koopa Troopas...

Again, FadeFix is your friend.

More palette shenanigans.

Given my comments earlier, I shouldn't have to tell you what's wrong with this picture or how to fix it.

Aren't these usually walk-through?

Yoshi doesn't really agree with level mode 0C (he becomes slightly transparent), and glowing pipes is not what I would call good-looking either.

Why in the world is this level using the overworld layer 1 graphics in the SP3 slot? It makes Yoshi's tongue look like this.

This exact same setup is repeated four times in a row. Remember, copypasta is not your friend.

Blind jump.

What happened to the Beanie? He has the correct palette in every level but this one...

Just wanted to point out that with Luigi's god-tier jump height, he can get up to this ledge without having to use the springboard.

Take four screens of the first screenshot, six of the second, two more of the first, three of the second, and finally three of the first, and you have a pretty good idea of what the second room of this level looks like. Is this seriously what you consider decent level design?

The palette of the goal tape is slightly off.


More of Yoshi being incompatible with the Castle spriteset. Seriously, why even use that when there aren't any castle sprites in the level?


Also, I am fairly certain that "mountains" can fit on the first row as well.

Sense made = 0

Apart from a short cave area, this entire level is flat ground with either Beanies or, as in the picture, Goonies. Not to be mean or anything, but levels like these are probably best deleted and restarted from scratch.

i c u

Again, Luigi's jump breaks puzzles. I think you are better off without that patch.

Some slight cutoffness on the grass. And what is up with this room anyway? Apart from Yoshi's house and a pipe to the switch, it's completely empty...

Why Nintendo didn't made this tile solid, and instead resorted to using a sprite, I will never understand...

Shouldn't the Yellow Switch Palace activate yellow switch blocks, and not pink ones?

I think you forgot to delete an event somewhere.

Sprite tile memory issues. Setting 0E should fix them.

Speaking of the castle, that is another level that is far too bland and should be redone. Just look at it.

That 8 needs a better palette.

*Be careful of
*creations. If

When you reset the room, the block counter stays the same, meaning that you don't actually need to collect them all to go to the next room.

This doesn't seem like it should be solid, especially since the underwater part of it isn't.

Cutoffness. Though to be fair, this seems to be the only case of it in the hack; it seems like you have aesthetics down pretty well (apart from those palette issues), even though your level design is a bit lacking.

Water against a non-solid edge = logic fail.

If I get this Shine Sprite from the right...

...I fall off the edge and die, creating pretty effects like this one.

...really? Three enemy-less screens of jumping over lava pits, and I'm already at the boss?

And then, the boss so happens to be a graphics-swap of Mouser, which I just fought two levels ago. Again, you want to go for variety, not repetitiveness.

...and then the hack ends with an end-of-demo level that I can't exit without committing suicide.

And finally, the overworld. I took the liberty of taking a screenshot of it in Lunar Magic, for the sake of convenience:

Yellow means wrong tiles, purple means missing corner tiles, and red means one of the worst perspective errors I have ever had the misfortune to see. It would seem like your overworld has a bad case of Flat Bottom Syndrome.

Oh, and to be honest, your entire overworld looks a bit lazy. I mean, you could at least have the levels that isn't underwater (which, now that I think about it, seems to be all of them) on land, add in some layer 2 events, and use more than one type of decorative island.

And by the way, did you forget to insert the N-SPC patch or something? Because pretty much none of your music tracks loop correctly. Definitely something you need to look into.

What this removal log mostly comes down to is the fact that you really need to improve on your level design. There are some other errors that require fixing, such as the music and palette issues, but having two thirds of your hack consist of flat land with the same enemy repeated over and over just isn't good enough.

My YouTube channel
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NAME: The Evil Maze Demo
AUTHOR: limepie20
My evil maze hack.
It has maze/puzzle levels.


I'll have you know that I really enjoyed this hack. There are still a few issues you need to fix, though:

Firstly, some of the doors in the first level (to be specific, the ones on screens 0B and 0C) are placed right next to a screen boundary. This makes them use different exits depending on Mario's x position when he enters them, which makes solving the puzzle very frustrating.

And the second main removal reason is this:

If you don't do the directional coins puzzle correctly the first time, they won't reappear and you have to die. There is a simple hex edit to fix this:

Originally posted by ROM Map
10B5F | 1 byte | Change from F0 to 80 to allow Directional Coins to reappear if you activate the block, then leave the area and come back

Then there's a few minor oddities that aren't really removal reasons on their own, but should still be fixed:

The line break after the second "maze" isn't necessary, and makes the message look kind of odd.

These random hill tiles were kind of almost hidden behind one of the castles (I disabled layer 1 so they could be seen clearly), but should be removed nonetheless.

Also, even though this is only a demo, some sort of level progression would be nice, instead of just having every level unlocked from the beginning.


Oh, and you might want to cut down a bit on your cement block usage, as building entire levels out of them doesn't look too nice.

For whatever reason, it seems like you have overwritten the "light circle" around the background flames with ropes, something that doesn't look too good. And you'll need to place the flame generator at every entrance, as it doesn't carry over between level exits. Lastly, the design of this room is... well, kind of lacking in creativity.

Since the first level gives you a cape, you can use it to break parts of the later levels. Might I interest you in the Counter Break P patch?

This secondary entrance gives me a bit of background garbage. Changing the BG initial settings ought to fix it.

This doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense.

In most of the variations of this room, I get permanently stuck (not counting death) if I jump up here.

This lava acts kind of odd. I can walk into it without any bad effects, but if I jump, I die. You are probably best off removing it entirely, as it doesn't really serve any purpose.

It's a clever idea, but Wendy and her clones can still hurt you even when they are hidden behind the walk-through pipes, and you only have to defeat one of the two bosses to actually end the level.


As I already said, this was a very enjoyable little puzzle hack. Fix the things I mentioned, and I'll gladly accept it.

My YouTube channel
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Hack Name: hack
Length: 1 level
Author: Ant 68 - Submitted by: Ant 68
Description: awasdadasfas


The only level you can get to is Iggy's Castle, which is completely unedited and reveals an inaccessible level when beaten.

I might as well point you to the Hack Submission Guidelines, but since this doesn't seem to be a serious submission (judging by the gibberish in the description and the readme), I'll just let you know that you'll get banned if you keep on submitting stuff like this.

Hack Name: FOX HACK
Length: 2 levels
Author: FOX20099 - Submitted by: FOX20099
Description: MY FIRST HAK I MAKE ONLY 2 levels


Some general things first: Please don't write in all-caps, as it makes you look stupid, and you'd better not submit your first hack, as it's most likely crap. (No offense - mine was too.)

So... What you submitted here is not actually an IPS file, but a ROM with a changed file extension. That does not make it an IPS patch instantly! Please learn to create IPS patches properly (this might help).

Although the above warrants a removal, I decided to take a quick look into the first level anyway. It was... pretty bad, to say the least. I highly recommend reading the Hack Submission Guidelines and perhaps also watching this to see what you should improve on.

NAME: Munchy's Escape from Muncher Island V1.2
AUTHOR: Fourpify
V1.2 - Fixed up some palette's, grammer error's, made Boss a little harder, changed some graphics, Changed the OW


Since this hack is just one not too long level, it would have to as close to completely error-free as possible to be accepted. Therefore, I am going to have to be picky. Sorry :\

Given the title you submitted the hack under, that should probably be "escape" instead of "escapes".

*to, but
*him. His

And as stated in the message, shouldn't the name in the status bar be "Munchy" and not just "Munch"?

That's some pretty bad perspective you have going on there.

Self-explanatory. Either change it, or if you think that's more trouble than it's worth (which it probably is, given the format that message is stored in), just use the hex edit to disable it.

I think you assembled the tops of these slopes incorrectly, as Munchy falls right through them.

Slight cutoffness where the spikes meet the lava.

The hit detection on this ledge is really odd: as you can see, the last half-tile or so of it is pass-through. Also, logic fail in that you can jump into the back of a solid ledge.

I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but Munchy changes colours when he is hit by an enemy. If it is intentional, don't worry about it.

Cutoffness on the formation inside the ground.

The other muncher enemies kind of made sense, but this one just... doesn't. It would probably look better if you actually had the munchers sitting on the platform instead of being attached to each other like that. it necessary to have two signs that say the exact same thing?

If you want to have a two-tile-wide door, have it act like the boss door. As it is, you can't enter it if you stand in the middle, which is very unintuitive.

Originally posted by hack description
made Boss a little harder

Really? Because it's still completely trivial. I don't even need to get near it; I can just sit up here and throw shells at it. You ought to make it quite a bit harder, as it is very anticlimactic as is.

The credits warp you before they are completely finished.

All of these errors are very minor, but as I said, a one-level hack is short enough that it shouldn't have any at all. They are all very easy to fix, though, and I feel fairly certain that this will be accepted once you have done so.

My YouTube channel
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Hack Name: Extreme Mario
Length: 16 levels
Author: Ray321lolz - Submitted by: Ray321lolz
This is a demo of my hack, two of the levels "some crazy stuff" and "bounce to it" where not made by me, but was asked to put them in my hack, ligachiga1 made these two levels, ONLY those two.


The ZIP you uploaded included not only your IPS patch, but xkas, blocktool, and a ROM as well. I won't ban you because it was just an accident, but make sure you MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT UPLOAD A ROM OR ANY FILES UNNECESSARY TO PLAY YOUR HACK!! Just upload a ZIP with the IPS patch and a readme only.

Also, to take proper screenshots, press F1 in ZSNES and make sure to save the images in PNG format. This is not an acceptable screenshot.

I will get to your hack once you upload again.
Hack Name: Castle of Time
Author: Yoshiro
Description: Its an old hack, made in 2006. Basically someone disturbed the castle of time and now chaos is about, yadda yadda.
Custom music, sprites, etc.
Type of hack: short hack.

-----Removal Reasons :o-----------------

Pretty interesting hack you have here. I liked it; it had average difficulty, and the levels were somewhat fun. But you should have done some thinking here. Since you said it is an old hack, then you should have realized it would probably not meet up to the current standards, and will probably have errors due to you being less of a pro at modding back then. Anyways...

The Intro Message makes the Layer 3 mist disappear, and does this weird thingy when it's appearing. Remove the mist por favor.

I think you either threw in the 'the' or the 'a' by accident at the end of the message.

You need to look for the hex edit in the ROM map that will let you remap Squished Goomba's tiles. Right now they are using the Koopa's Wings, which looks glitchy.

Dropping the P-switch into the Turn Block Bridge makes it impossible for me to grab it again. Try adding a reset pipe in case clumsy people like me accidentally the P-switch.

Cutoff where the ledges go into the big bush.

The [?] blocks create small cutoff in the big bush. Fill in their corners and/or move them.

The berries palettes don't fade out at level end. Use the Fade Fix patch to fix this.

When I clear the level, that light blue stuff on the bottom left island flicker, then disappear. Maybe it's a faulty event, not sure. Not that big of a deal.
Also, the unrevealed paths have a slightly bad palette.

For some reason the Podoboo is missing a tile here. You probably have the wrong Sprite Memory setting.

You don't seem to mention that this laval is swimmable... it would be nice if you did so.

The Goal Bar's tile is missing here. It is probably due to the Candle Flames in the background, and a wrong Sprite Memory setting.

The Candle flames don't disappear at level end due to being sprites. This is why Nintendo never had goal bars in castles. Use a Goal Sphere or something instead.

The Lava above me does not kill me, but instead acts like a solid block. Strange indeed. Your best bet is to remove all the upside down lava, as I see no uce for it if it doesn't kill you, besides for decoration.

This sideways lava acts like water...

...but if I go too far in, I die. In comparison, the lava on the right wall acts solid.

Also when I shoot fireballs at the lava, the fireballs go straight through, not bouncing.

This message box is using incorrect graphics. Fix it, I do not want to be hitting the underside of a near-naked Koopa.

According to you hack, the 'time' in 'Castle of time' should be capitalized. Also,
and use punctuation at the end.

In this whole level, the sprite coins (the ones that come out of enemies when you hit them with fireballs, the one that come out of blocks, etc.) are invisible. Maybe you accidentally deleted their graphics in the GFX file. They should be at the bottom of GFX01, or whatever ExGFX file you're using.

More swimmable lava that you never warned about <_<
At least one message at the beginning of the game stating some lava is swimmable would be alright.

Instead of providing 3 P-switches, you could just provide 1 and a reset pipe. Also, the background is set too high, resulting in...

...background garbage appearing when I hit a P-switch. Set the background position correctly on the door with a 1 in Lunar Magic (or 2 for secondary exits)

The message box and the surrounding area are using different colors. They should be using the same color or similar colors.

Going back to the castle level, this room I enter has a wrong FG starting position, having it set too high.

When they turn, the Koopa's are yellow-skinned with a red shell (and odd black markings... you probably forgot to set a color/custom palette)

However, they turn to this after turning. Keep it together, use one palette or the other.

When the Chuck jumps, he falls into the lava, but then slides out, slowly sinking in the rock, and then disappears. Don't put it near lava to avoid this.

The Mushroom is there for a second...

...but when I get closer, it vanishes as fast as *insert stereotypical hillbilly-voiced comparison here*

There we go. As I said, it's a good hack, but these bugs just begged to be announced. Just tidy them up and you should be good to go.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: test - 1.1 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: geel31 - Submitted by: geel31
Description: not lvl
Uh what? All that was in the file was some url link that lead to some file extracting thing and there was just a mwl. file in there. Don't submit unless it's a hack, and make sure it's an IPS file and not a rom.


This is not a proper screenshot.
Hack Name: Mario and the Time Toad Demo (1.4) FIXED
Length: 16 levels
Author: Shc1993 - Submitted by: Shc2010
Description: Im shc1993 my other account was acting wierd so I made a new one.
Heres a demo of my hack. Deleted a level. I changed "Show No Mercy" and Added a new world with 3 new levels (One containing a very Diffucult boss)

Origonal desciptionThe difficulty is probably easy to hard and it can be done without savestates. I did not test it out on snes9x because i can't get it working but I have tested it on zsnes.

This hack uses
Xkas patches
Ips patches
Custom music
Custom Sprites
Custom Blocks
custom ExGFX
Custom GFX

A long time ago before mushroom kingdom existed toads ruled the land. But one day koopa's enslaved the toads. Their leader, bowser the first demanded to see the time toad, but because bowser had an impure heart he could not use the time toad. Full of rage bowser took his rage out on the toads. but one toad wasn't going to let him do that his name was ...... toadario. in an epic battle of good vs evil toadario was victorious and used the time toad to banish bowser to the temple of time.Just before he was sealed away he promised he would break free and seek his revenge. now 4 hundred years later the barrier that keeps bowser locked up is slowly breaking. Can Mario and toad stop bowser from breaking out or will he succeed in his quest for revenge.

Note To Mods: Delete The Old one please.


Since you already uploaded Demo 1.5, I suppose this one isn't needed anymore, so I'll go ahead and remove it.

If you didn't want it removed for some reason, feel free to upload it again.

(My fifth removal log in a row with no screenshots. This has to be a new record.)

Hack Name: Super Toad's World Demo 2downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: IceMan - Submitted by: Pikerchu13
Description: A hack by IceMan, I could not find it anywhere on SMWCentral, as I downloaded this before the day SMWCentral was hacked, and lost all files. I found it while looking for hacks to LP and well, now it's here...


Don't upload hacks made by others. I don't think Ice Man gave you permission, did he?

The Evil Maze
Author: limepie20
Hack ID: 3989

A maze/puzzle hack I made. It's really fun and I hope you enjoy it!


Personally, I think puzzle hacks, if done right, are really interesting and fun. This hack seems pretty well made, and at first it seemed well thought out and not frustrating. However...something eventually became evident after several timedeaths in a 999-second level. (the very first one)

There's no actual way out.

Even when I opened it up in Lunar Magic and examined it there, the route the player is supposed to take simply does not seem to actually work. Also, what the key it took me forever to get is supposed to do doesn't seem very evident at all. I had one idea of what I could use it for, maybe (it still didn't seem likely) but the only way to even try the method involved a door, so I could not attempt it anyway.)

Perhaps one of your pipes leads to the wrong place or something by accident? I know there are other levels in this hack, as evidenced by the other removal logs, but I can't for the life of me figure out what you do to get to the cape and beat this level.

Oh, and if it does turn out that this level really is possible to beat in some way, the fact that I spent an entire morning trying to figure it out and never found it is probably evidence that the complexity of the puzzle needs to be toned down just a little.
Hack Moderation

Hack Name: Mario Brothers Adventures V0.2 Demo - 409.8 KB - 75 downloads.
Length: 50 levels
Author: nintendofreck - Submitted by: nintendofreck
Description: Demo 2 of Mario Brothers Adventures

Mario and Luigi are about to embark on an adventure to find their special powers.
Title Screen
Your title screen looks very nice, and I'm kind of being nitpicky here, but the color of the 1990-2010 and the 2009-2010 text hurt my eyes a bit. Could you choose different colors, please?

Intro Screen
"This hack rated E for everyone... like your sister... LOL" ..Yeah, nice intro. [/sarcasm]

Peach's Castle
...Is this level supposed to have a background?

Around the middle of the message, remove the first period and un-capitalize the N in "No". Also, upon entering the doors shown in the photo...

I am sent into an endless bonus game, which is an instant removal reason.

Mario and Luigi's (strange level name, IMO)
Another nitpick, but could you change the palette of the doors, please?

Mushroom Plains 1
*until (untill)

Mario Secret Stash (again, strange level name, IMO)
I know that I'm being nitpicky again (and you can call me a grammar/spelling nazi for all I care), but you forgot two periods at the the end of "Mushrooms" and "'shrooms".

Illusions Desert 1
The palette of the arches are a bit ugly. Please change them.

I'm not really sure if this was intended or not, but you can walk through that edge even though the graphics don't look like it. And at the end of that path, the edge on that end is solid.

Desert House
Does it seem strange to you that although this level is called "Desert House", within the level it is called "Luigi's Mansion"?

Illusions Desert 3
The palette of the arches are a bit ugly. Please change them.

Illusions Desert 5
The palette of the arches are a bit ugly. Please change them.

Illusions Desert 7
I really couldn't find a way over to a secret goal, so I stopped here for this log.

Your hack was somewhat close to being accepted, but I couldn't find a way to continue further into the hack and the endless bonus game warrants an instant removal. Please try again after fixing any problems found.
Pacho's Challenge Version 1.0
Author: mariomaker6
Hack ID: 3989

Pacho (replacment yoshi) challenges Mario to go through all the obsticals on Marel Island and Bowser has a surprise for him waiting in the village.

If you have any suggestions let me know and ill think about them

i also want someone to make a redrawn version of this hack but if you do you have to make sure i get credit for the levels and ideas and text.


Your patch corrupted my ROM. Sorry! @[email protected]

Feel free to submit it again once you have everything all worked out.



Name: Super Mario World DX - Super Mario Advance 2
Author: nipcen
Description: Super Mario World DX - Super Mario Advance 2
by: Nipcen


- Introduction
- History


Super Mario World DX - Super Mario Advance 2 was based on Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 on (GBA) and performed director Hiroyuki Kimura and supervisor by Takashi Tezuka and Toshihiko Nakago on Nintendo and his creative hacks by nipcen. Sentences and most similar level of backgroud or foreground and its SMW Central from a member list from another ASM. However, These version's history in my hack. Meanwhile, it's 20 years ago from best-selling gameplay. And now, this gameplay be courtesy of SMW Hack's presents. Another solds from GameBoy Advance on Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 on 2002.


- First time from Super Mario World DX - Super Mario Advance 2
- Changes from Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 palette to hack palette
- Changes text from Super Mario World to Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 for the normally text
- Changes graphics layer 3 from Super Mario World to Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 and added from special symbols another controller
- Added from xkas on SMW Fix and Mode 7 Game Over Screen
- Changes graphics from Super Mario World to Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 for all graphics, and changes midway point animation fix graphics
- Edited from Title Screen and Credits, or edited from SMW-TYMI by Smallhacker
- New 28 Snapshots

Enjoy the hack yourself, and play this! :)

It's, uh, it's a nice certainly, but that doesn't stop it from basically just being SMW with a brighter level pallete and different text boxes. The levels are exactly the same, and several features from the GBA game (like playable Luigi, sprite-based Dragon Coins...) are still missing.

So, since this hack alone will only ever have SMW levels or edited SMW levels due to the base concept, I reckon you could probably extend the idea to a GBA-style hack, with SMA2 features in a SNES hack. Worth looking into, anyway!


Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Name: Mario's first adventure
Author: lindians
Description: Well, my first hack ;)
It has no custom sprites or something, and it only took me 1 day to make, but it looks fun to me :P
There are some bugs or glitches, most of them are in the readme, but there is a bug with some dragon coins...(you'll get infinite lives)
Savestates recommended
Readme File: Thanks for downloading my hack! :D

First, this is my first hack, whatever, made in WAY less than 1 day work(I don't count the
time I was on school, asleep or eating).

Second, its more of a mess-around thing, and its a 2 world demo.

There are some bugs(or glitches) in it, including:

A not-appearing springboard, just walk away and back and it'll be there.
A blue koopa that changes layers or something? :O
No sounds when a bullet bill is coming, just watch out, and you're advised to savestate.
ALOT of slowdown, don't worry, it was supposed to be, dodging tons of chucks is easier now though.

Did I forgot any bugs or glitches? message me ;)


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Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

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