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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
NAME: L'aventure de Toad
AUTHOR: Toad-Demoniaque
DESCRIPTION: Voici le 1er monde de mon hack. Le second monde sera prêt dans 1 mois.
A la fin du monde 1, vous avez acces à un niveau exclusif sur le monde 5. Le hack est en français.

This is the first world of my hack. The second world is ready in 1 month.
At the end of the world 1, you have acces in a level of the world 5.The hack is on french.


After patching the IPS file with a clean ROM, the edited Nintendo presents screen appeared before I got the black screen of death. I tried a different emulator but the same thing happened.
Before submitting anything to this site, you are to check if it actually works.

And just for the heck of it and because I am curious if I still have some French knowledge, I try to translate this now into French:

Après avoir utilisé Lunar IPS pour avoir le .smc-fichier, ZSNES et SNES9x obteniont un écran noir après le Nintendo presents logo est apparu. Tu faux contrôler tout devant le soumettre. (J'espère que tu comprends ça.)
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Removal: "How Not To Make A Hack"
Author: Ashanmaril
Description: "This is a hack that's not to be taken seriously. It is meant to show you what NOT to do instead of what TO do."

Oh, god. Another one of these.

Listen, kid. The SMW Central Hacks section is intended for real hacks of a near-professional quality. That's why we have regulations for quality in hacks, and staff members who have the job of playing through submitted hacks to see if they do indeed meet our standards. But for things like joke hacks, PSA hacks, first time hacks, experimental hacks, and impossible ("Kaizo-style") hacks, please post them in the SMW Hack Discussion forum instead.

Now, because you submitted this to the Hacks section, rather than post it in the SMW Hack Discussion forum, it must be treated as a serious effort to modify Super Mario World.


What. Don't make levels that instantly kill the player!

Terrible grasp of the English language.

You do not seem to understand what a "blatant level edit" is.

Cutoff. Stacked munchers.

Bad tile under pipe.


The hell?



Boxed in with invisible coin blocks. That's dirty and mean.
Also, this level has a lot of bad corner tiles.

Floating stacked munchers. Ersan is probably flipping out as we speak.

Don't make a floor on the lowest row of blocks! This floor looks like a bottomless pit.

Poorly-placed goal posts.

Also, holy crap this is not cool in the slightest.

Really, this looks terrible.

Ugh. Also, yeah that wasn't a good music choice for this stage (Bowser Battle, second phase)

I have no clue what you are saying here.

Mario climbs to victory if he is on a climbable tile and touches a goal sprite? Interesting behavior! I haven't seen it before.

Don't you dare.

I hate you.


Hack Name: Super Mario World Redux! -Demo 1-
Author: 1337H4mm3rBr0z
Description: Hello and this is my first ROM hack! It has ExGFX, the SMAS music patch, a custom overworld, and minor graphics edits

Intro-Tornado's SMB1 NES Graphics
Castle-Black Sabbath's SMB3 Castle set
Second Level-Counterfeit's Indulgence GFX
Third Level-Techokami's OMFG Base Tileset
Fourth Level-Ghettoyouth and daytonthegreat fot the SMBR grass set
Switch Palace-Danoodle's Switch Palace Expansion V2
Font-WhiteYoshiEgg's font(
Blocks-WhiteYoshiEgg's Power Seller.
So thats it and enjoy!

-----Removal Reasons :o-----------------

Well, this was pretty good considering it's your first hack. It's nice to have people experiment and know what there is to know before creating their hacks. However, there are some things in your hack that I would like to point out so you can correct them and improve the overall appearance.

First of all, sprites are going in front of the letters "REDUX!" and "-DEMO-" You probably did not set the priority for these.

Also, the "-DEMO-" and a few stars from the star box at the bottom get erased by a bad-palette file selection. I recommend removing the wooden border so you can have more space and won't have to put stuff in the file selection area. And fix the palette for the letters, it should be colors 0-3 in palette 1

Oh no! Bowser has kidnapped several Yoshis! Oh, and the princess too, but who cares about that pretty hot babe stupid old worn-out hag anymore.*

If that won't fit, then remove the whole Peach-insult at the end <_<

The green surrounding the Berries have a different color from the tree. The red berries use color B in palette 2 for their green box.
Also, the message boxes both say the same thing :/

Your first level had these two enemy-less boring parts. Add some bushes and an enemy or two to spice it up.


I had no idea what to do here. I was forced to wait out the timer since there was no way out. Also, there's a misplaced tile below the bottom of the slope.

When I first enter this level, the camera starts off too high. Set the FG initial position lower using the door with a 1 on it in LM.

I personally do not like the ground transitions occuring here. Make them more subtle. Also, the blocks make tiny pixel cutoff with the water.

Lots of things wrong here. First, that discolored cutom block of yours should have a prettier palette. Also, the little pipes you have are slightly glitched where they portrude from the veritcal segment. Finally, Mario's head is visible as he travels through the pipe.

The FG position when I exit the pipe is bad, having this occur, making it look like Mario is walking in midair. Also, the coins have weird pixels at the bottom.

This occured for a couple of screens

Bad transition between the grounds. The left ground also has a bad palette.

The clouds don't fade at the end, due to them probably using the second half of the palette. Apply the Fade Fix patch in the patches section, or, if you have, don't make them use the status bar colors.

Bad status bar colors. Don't have backgrounds overwrite the status bar colors. Also, the small foreground hills have cutoff where they meet the ground.

The green FG hills cutoff where they touch the ledge.

Blind jump. Move the ledge closer and/or add coins to guide the player. Even so, I needed a running start to make this.

Make the background use a different palette from 0 and 1, then apply Fade Fix.

Revisiting the other level, this time with a Mushroom. I am able to spin-jump on the bocks, creating cutoff.

When I entered the pipe as Big Mario, I came out, but then got pulled back in and pushed into the blocks, dying. Maybe use normal pipes, then there'll be no need for your custom block you have next to the message box.

The castle level has a bad status bar palette. Also, this Grinder got stuck on the goround here. Not sure if it was intentional...

I see no use for the Lil' Sparky you put, as it just traveled into the lava killing itself.

The Podoboos are glitching here. Perchance it's the sprite memory setting... try setting it to another value.

Another bad-paletted custom block. Also, forced powerdown = :( At least reserve the Mushroom like with the other custom block.

The C's and the S's have a tiny blank pixel at their bottoms... fill it in with black.

... I am able to enter the original SMW levels. This qualifies as a blatant edit. Make sure the level you named "END OF DEMO" is unenterable

Snatching a cape from Donut Plains 1, I re-re-entered the turn block level. When I hit them with a cape, they turned into animated brick blocks that I can pass through...

And when the animation ended, they turned into this flashing block.

Demonstrating more cape madness

Showing more clearly the weird pixels the coins have.

And that's that. Nest time, make sure you try and get some beta-testers to beta-test your hack. You can also go through your own hack yourself.
Good luck with this :)
Hack Name: The Ice Floe - 140.1 KB - 32 downloads.
Length: 9 exits
Author: Everandever - Submitted by: Everandever
Description: Hello Guys.

This is the Ice Floe once again.
Featuring an incredibly tense-building storyline, custom color palettes, some altered sprites, a yet only a little bit altered overworld and custom levels of course.

The story isn't all too much tense-building, the color palettes are not all too custom, the sprites aren't that heavily altered and the rest isn't all that horribly amazing too.

Still, this is one of those hacks that was made by someone who cares for what he creates. So when you play this hack, you'll be playing a hack that's been cared for.

It's still a Demo, it's got up to 9 exits though and the levels featured are completely done to the last bit.

I was a little disappointed after playing this. I thought it'd be better than it was... and it was decent, but sloppy in places. Especially the overworld.

This path breaks off after I beat this level and leads me to level 0. Something definitely needs to be done about this.

These kind of things are quite annoying. Not to mention there is no reset door.

Little bit of cutoff at the edge of the bush.

This whole section is unfair. Loads of blind jumps onto the flying platform.

This one frame is a tad off.

Wrong corner tile.

This is a lot of power-ups. Plus they're all hard to get for no reason.

It... reset me?

If I kill the koopas I can't get to this ledge.

This part is stupid and unfair.


Once you find this star (Which needs to have SOME indication to where it is.) if you're big, you're screwed.

If I kill these pirhana plants I'm screwed.

And... there's nothing past here.

Yeah, you need to rethink a lot of your levels here. Get some beta testers and play your own levels without save states.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Mario World 3 - 490.9 KB - 39 downloads.
Length: 95 exits
Author: Kimimaru - Submitted by: Kimimaru
Description: A hack designed in a similar manner to Nintendo's Super Mario World. This is a hack I have been working on very slowly for roughly four years. 90-95% of the levels came straight out of my head, since I originally made this hack to test my skills at making levels without planning them. Although the hack has no ExGFX or ASM, it still has ample challenges to offer to players and is not recommended for beginners.

I have altered many things a moderator has told me to change since my last submission, but not everything has been changed for reasons I have specified in a PM to the moderator.

Please note that this hack contains a completely optional Special World that is filled with levels that cannot be beaten without tools; I made them to test my skills at making difficult levels. Fortunately, you don't need to complete them to achieve 100% (all 95 exits) in this hack.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the hack!
Author submitted a fixed version of the hack. Also please do not submit your hack until it is REALLY READY to be moderated.

Name: Super Glitch World Demo
Author: xxUltima34xx
Description: This is my first smw hack. There are only changed the levels Yoshiys Iland 1 and Yoshis Iland 2. In the first level you dont have many time. In the second level are much munchies. I hope you enjoy this demo.


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Moderation

Hack Name: Noob Mario World - 138.9 KB - 32 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: flippronbeats - Submitted by: flippronbeats
Description: My 1st submitted hack.
I'm sorry if the hack's a little familiar, lame,...
It may be a little 'Noobish' that's why I called it Noob Mario World.

Screenshot made on LM.

Title Screen

Hmm.. your palettes could use some work.

It's a bit hard to see, but your layer 2 steep slopes are "cut-off".

...And so is that.

...And so is that corner.

...And so are the bones lodged in the ground.

.sedis eht no skcolb tnemec eht era os dnA...

Also, glitched graphics are an instant removal reason.

So yeah, your title screen could use a lot of work. But that isn't all in this removal log.

Star Road

..Yeah, this has all of the problems listed above. Also, DO NOT modify Yoshi's House UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES unless you can get the ending to look right, if Yoshi's House isn't being used, and/or if the original ending is not being used. It will screw up the ending.

Yoshi Island's 1

..Oh boy. Right off the bat, there are four problems.
1: Why is the Bowser Battle Phase music playing in a grassland like this?
2: Your timer is on "FFF". The timer IS NOT supposed to go that high.
3: Please make your "grassland" out of something other than cement blocks.
4: Rope is "cut-off".

...Where are the enemies?

..Even more problems in this screen.
1: Since you gave me a Mushroom, it seems to be a dick move since you can't advance with Super Mario without slowdown.
2: Stacked munchers are an INSTANT removal.
3: The moving rope has a bad palette.

...And EVEN MORE problems in this screen.
1: Bad sprite memory on the carrot top platform.
2: Not only did you have stacked munchers previously, you also got the FLOATING munchers as well. And yes, they are an instant removal reason still.

Several screens of repetitiveness and there are no enemies to be found.

1: As Super Mario, I was forced to take a hit between the flunchers.
2: You aren't supposed to use the bottom row in Lunar Magic for ground, as the player cannot see it with ZSNES.

...Once I leave the second carrot top, it reappears onto the next screen.

Yellow Switch Palace

If you're not fast enough, the blue P-switch will run out and trap you in here.

1: Resorting to a glitch into bringing the Silver P-switch to make it act like a blue one is not cool.
2: If you don't bring the P-switch, you're screwed.

Even after I hit the Yellow Switch, the palace doesn't collapse. If that happens, then the player can return and get trapped.

Yoshi's Island 2

Levels starting off where you have to act fast are discouraged.

Also, more flunchers.

Can you guess what's wrong with this picture? I'll give you a hint: it has something to do with the darkness in the level.

MASSIVE slowdown here.

Don't place the Blarggs on the corner, or it looks something like this.

...Why is the Swooper hanging on nothing?

Glitched Spiny graphics? Fuck off.

Vertical scrolling would be nice.

And even more glitched graphics.

Star Road
Why would you place the same level twice, and even in the same overworld? Has the same problems as last time..

Yoshi's Island Overworld

Oh look, I can continue on the overworld even though the path isn't revealed.

Yoshi's Island 4

Oh look, a blatant level edit!
I couldn't continue on any further.
I'm going to be honest, this level was ONE BIG-ASS CLUSTERFUCK OF UGLINESS, AND IS AN ABOMINATION. I think I overreacted a bit, but really, did you even read the rules? Please start over a new hack.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Yoshi's Deserted Island - 3.3 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: poisonshroomer - Submitted by: poisonshroomer
The IPS patch doesen't seem to do anything. PLEASE TEST YOUR IPS PATCHES BEFORE SUBMITTING. Also:

This isn't a proper screenshot.

Name: super ice world: time race hack:
Author: sammy333
Description: yoshis house is 3 secs... LoL!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT SUBMIT ROM FILES! Read the FAQ to learn how to make IPS patches. Also, you're banned.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Mario World Super Worlds! DEMO1
Length: 7 levels
Author: SMLink64 - Submitted by: SMLink64
Description: YESS! Super Mario World Super Worlds is HERE! This will be an awesome game when it's finished!!
For now, this is a demo. And at least ONE SMW level in each world!
This will be awesome,right,guys?
No custom stuff yet, but im working on that!! Will have different GFX when finished. Get this! Its a sure bet!!


An annoying black line to the laft of the W. Also, the wooden bar in the top right corner is cutoff.

Also, what's with these black X's on the left?

Very, very, VERY obvious level edits. I highly recommend pressing Ctrl+Del before making a level so you can start fresh.


This is what the entire level looks like. Flat ground, no decorations, absolutely nothing interesting, apart from a few enemies...

...a glitched sprite...

...and a cutoff goal tape. It's also placed too high, so you can't beat the level if you don't jump, which is a little weird.

"At least one SMW level in each world", you say? That's not a good idea. It's just lazy and probably warrants an instant removal too. As I said, Ctrl+Del is your friend.

Although the water is hidden behind the layer 3 tides, it's still cutoff at the bottom.

Cutoff platform.

Another completely unedited level...

The second unedited level in a row... I suppose that's it, then. Please don't make the original SMW levels accessible - have an "End of Demo" level instead (that you can leave without having to die).

Not the worst hack ever, but it still needs a lot of work. Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines next time.

NAME: Mario's Amazing Adventure
AUTHOR: superwiidude
Mario sets off on an amazing adventure.


Removed on request by author, since there's a newer version available.
My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Hack Name: Super Glitch World (new fixed Version)
Author: xxUltima34xx
Description: This is the new fixed version of my first smw hack. There are only changed the levels Yoshiys Iland 1 and Yoshis Iland 2. In the first level you dont have many time. In the second level are much munchies. I hope you enjoy this demo.

---------Removal Reasons :o-----------

You did not take a proper screenshot of your hack. To do so, use ZSnes, and press F1 when you have a good shot. Make sure, in the box that appears, that the bottom thing that says "Image Format" says PNG instead of BMP. Now just press enter on "Save Snapshot" and you will be good to go.

Also, judging by the screenshot, you might need to improve on level design. :/

Hack Name: Super Yoshi's Land 1 - An adventure to rescue Mario - Demo 2 Fixed
Author: Fierce Deity Manuz OW Hacker
Description: Fixed as many bugs I could find and those which Ladida told.

Unfortunately, I cannot change 2nd boss HP. It takes some time because of ThrowHurt label.

As precaution, don't play my hack in Zsnes 1.51. Play it in Snes9x or Zsnes 1.42.

Also, I changed the player's GFX!

Enjoy playing!

-------Removal Reason :o-----------------

The author does not seem to have done anything after I sent him PMs. So, for now, I will be removing it. The author will resubmit the hack once it is ready
Hack Name: SMW - Super Goomba Beta
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker6
Description: Super Goomba is a GFX and Gameplay koopa replacement.

Read more about it in the readme file!

-------Removal Reasons :o---------------

First of all, the patch was bad. Make sure you used a clean SMW ROM when creating a patch.

Second of all, and most importantly, this is totally pointless. You can just submit the graphics to the graphics section, instead of submitting SMW with the replaced koopa GFX.

tl;dr: I do not want to see this hack in the waiting section, the graphics belong in the ExGFX section.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Super Worlds! Demo1 IMPROVED
Length: 7 levels
Author: SMLink64 - Submitted by: SMLink64
Description: The other version was rejected:(
So I began(MADLY) working on this
I removed the cutoffs and edited
Lv.104&106& 104 more. The 3rd LV
was kept for nostolagic poupouses.
.Title screen cutoff
.cutoff in LV 104
.the dots were for to show Yoshi's
This might be IMPROVED!
Hope this is GO-OD!


First of all, you might want to provide some more (and up-to-date) screenshots. Doesn't really matter though.

The previous title screen issues are fixed, but now the file select menu cuts off the title text.

*Paradise (instead of "Paridise")
Also, the overworld looks worse than before. You'd be better off just restoring the original overworld (copy it from another ROM) and not adding any "Y"s made out of black spots this time.

This is why level 104 should never be more than one screen long: The birds, the flame and the smoke scroll with you, which looks really weird.

Cutoff ground.

Still very noticeable that you just moved stuff around in the original SMW levels. Remember: Before making a level, press Ctrl+Del in Lunar Magic.

Cutoff wall.

You seem to have added some enemies, but the level is still very bland and boring to play.

Random invisible blocks? What?

The goal tape is still missing a goal point, and it's still placed too high.

"Kept for nostalgic purposes"? Meh. :/
To be brutally honest, I doubt this hack will ever have a chance to be accepted without completely self-made levels that aren't based on the original SMW ones. Ctrl+Del is your friend, really.

The water isn't cutoff at the bottom anymore, but the sides still are. I suggest simply removing the water - you still have the layer 3 water to swim in.

Bad things happen when you have a Baby Yoshi together with an adult Yoshi in the same level. Either get rid of the baby or add a "No Yoshi" intro.

You did fix some things, but it's still not enough to be accepted. I highly recommend you read the Hack Submission Guidelines again (This video might also be worth watching).

Hack Name: Search for Stolen Eggs - Demo 1
Length: 8 levels
Author: Miguel20 - Submitted by: Miguel20
Description: Oh no! Bowser has stolen Mario's eggs who he is eating. Mario's mission is to rescue his eggs.

This is a demo 1.


Fr3akGamer informed me that you've apparently based your hack off of his without permission. This is most obvious on the title screen:

Other examples can be found here (a .zip file that contains 5 LM screenshots).

If you're going to use someone else's hack as a base for your own, please ask the author for permission first (and tell us you have it), or - even better - make your own hack from scratch.

Hack Name: Super Mario journeys(Beta)
Length: 2 levels
Author: SitemasterKingX
Description: The beta for my hack, Super mario journeys. Just want to see how people like it.


Overall, this wasn't too bad of a start on a hack. It was a bit odd with the first level being strictly vanilla and the second level being "chocolate," but the gameplay itself wasn't bad or anything. However, I'd advise that before submitting a demo/beta, you should first of all consider adding more levels into the demo (unless it's strictly a one level hack).

Simply capitalize the "t" in "tower" and the "h" in "help."

The initial position for the screen was too low, and the vine is not connected to any surface.

Just change the "s" in "South" to lowercase and the "v" in "vengance" to uppercase.

It seemed as though you wished for this 3-UP moon to be obtained only with the access of the Yellow Switch Blocks; however, I can easily reach it with the springboard. Also, you may wish to change it to something such as a 1-UP, for it would be easily obtainable anyhow.

There's slight cutoff to where the path meets the water, the path ahead is already visible, and, although it can't be seen in this image, there is a random puff of cloud sprite to the left. These should be fixed.

And last but definitely not least, I appear to be unable to complete this level. Unless there is something I am missing, there is no way to reach a goal tape, and I cannot reach those keys. This is the primary reason for this hack's removal.

Make sure you fix these problems, and we'll see what happens next time.
Hack Moderation

Hack Name: Extreme Mario Demo - 359.4 KB - 58 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: Ray321lolz - Submitted by: Ray321lolz
Description: A fun hack demo that I have been working on for a while. some crazy stuff and bounce to it are nit my leels, they are ligachiga1's, he asked That I put them in.

Title Screen
What are those tiles in the background? Also, it's a bit hard to read the years at the bottom. May I suggest a different palette?
Intro Level
Please make it so Mario does not die in the intro. If he dies a certain number of times, the lives counter gets glitched.

First Overworld
...If we're playing as Mario, why does it display Yoshi graphics on the overworld? Also, I can skip the first levels and keep going to play the other ones.

Hitting the transparent blocks will cause these glitched graphics to show.
..What is that? There's a weird flashing block at the top, with some weird vines cutting through the tree's bottom.
Oh my god; as soon as I start, several flying homing bullet bills charge after me. Please don't make the player have to react quickly to the level.
Running back and forth avoiding the same obstacles doing the same thing doesn't really scream FUN level design at me. Also, it's near impossible to do this level if you don't have Yoshi with you.
Glowing blocks look fine here, but Yoshi going behind those blocks don't.
Going into those glowing blocks land me here. And if I continue on...
The game crashes for some reason.
...May I ask what the blocks to the left and above me do? There's no indication as to what they do.
Hitting the block to the right gives me Blargged graphics at the top, which give me a koopa.
Going in the portal to the right leads to some weird Airship level that plays the Mario death music.
Going in the portal next to the first one leads to about 4-5 screens of repetitiveness and weird background palettes.
Going to portal #3 leads me to this airship of slowdown and weird corner palettes. Also, the "Mario" text above has a bad palette.
...What do those blocks in the middle do?
Incorrect tile behavior.
...And the block eating snake glitches out, leaving some "cut-off".
Somehow, hammer bro teleported from the platform below me to the next one. This is why you don't put too many hammer bros. next to each other.
The rightmost block causes "cut-off" corners.
There's no indication that those blocks above kill me.
This jump is probably impossible, even if you're Small Mario.
..This looks pretty bad. Apply the fade fix patch, please.
Portal #4 leads me to some weird bouncy turn block maze. When you hit the turn blocks, the sprites appear glitched. Also, there's really no indication that the blocks I'm on are elevator blocks.
.....What the hell is this? Also, massive lag.
I have no idea what the blocks to the right are. Also, you can't tell that the blocks I'm in front of aren't solid. BTW, going any further down leads you into a death pit.
Going to the portal in the above screenshot leads me to this area that has a bad rope palette, bad sprite memory, you can't see Mario, and you can't tell that the "S" blocks are throw blocks.
Beating the Big Boo Boss leads you to this area with an eye-burning background palette. Yellow doesn't go great with a dark color. Once you're there, you're forced to kill yourself.
1: It doesn't really make sense that I can go through here.
2: Touching the block at the top gives me 50 seconds.. to live. And it also causes "cut-off" to the slope.
...Mario is swimming in front of a moon. Also, easy to get up-side-down 3-up moon.

And that's it for the House. I'm surprised I found so many problems in one level.

Upon entering the store, we greet a glitched graphical enemy by jumping on its head.
The red block is the only thing that gives me a power-up.
To the right is some "cut-off" platforms that meet the wall.
I can walk in this corner for some reason.
Hitting the transparent blocks cause a glitched graphical error to appear.

..What the hell.
1: The background palette is pretty bad.
2: There's no clue that I can stand on this glowing water beam.

Pirate Ship
Not only does the "Mario" text at the top look bad, but there is no indication that these blocks kill me. There is also no sign that I need a running jump to pass this large gap.
1: The bullet bill launcher doesn't fire.
2: The bullet bill launcher has a bad palette.
Even though it looks solid, the tile behavior isn't, making this a bit unfair to the player.
Major slowdown for some strange reason. Probably the steel ballz on the platform.
The palette of the glass block below looks strange.
If I get the goal ball or not, the game...
will crash. Seriously, why does this game keep crashing?

Green Valley
Whoa, no indication that the pipe I'm on makes Mario go faster.
1: For some reason, you made the transparent block non-solid. Come on, a few levels ago they were solid.
2: What happened to the pipe to the right? Also, what is that fireball doing there?
Why would you put a block above the water that doesn't allow Mario to go back up, thus forcing the player to kill himself?
There's a better way than miscolored ground to show that this ground is passable.
How is the player supposed to know that the blue sphere makes the level turn into water, and the bright spheres bring the player down?
Once you get in here to collect the coins, you're trapped.
This is looking to be a pattern of problems. How was the player supposed to know that the piss beam is supposed to speed Mario into a death block? In the CHOCOLATE CASTLE, it wasn't like this.
Weird spheres look weird.
The slowdown in this hack is a mess.
Ugh. You figure out what two things are wrong in this photo.
"Cut-off" where the corner meets the land.
Looks like someone with bad palette taste came and redecorated the level.
Being launched from a pipe into a pit isn't cool.
Once again, blah blah player cannot tell this is quicksand.
The content shown in this message perfectly describes what I think so far about this hack.
Okay, this was kind of cool how you made the koopa kick the shells.
..I'm not really sure what to feel about this.
1: The black blocks to the right are actually coins. They don't look like coins.
2: I'm not supposed to be standing where I'm standing, since the player cannot see this row of tiles.
Once I'm over here, I cannot get back since the speed blocks trap me.

..And right off the bat, we get a "react fast" moment with a combination of bad palettes, bad sprite memory/invisible Mario, and near impossible time limit. What a great recipe for disaster.
Once I get here, I'm dead. I have no where to go and I fall into a pit and die.
And as an added bonus, touching one of the cement blocks in the beginning causes a BSOD, assuming black is the new blue.
..Yeah, I'm going to stop here. In the current state that your hack is in, there is an absolute 0% chance that your hack is getting in. There are several things wrong with your hack, but the top 3 reasons are:
1: Black Screen of Death; there's probably AT LEAST one in every level.
2: Unexplained Custom Blocks; NONE of the block functions in this hack are revealed unless you try it for yourself, some times resulting in death.
3: Bad Level Design Choices; the best examples of this would be "CHOCOLATE CASTLE" and "House".
Other problems are how the overworld levels are automatically unlocked, abundant amounts of slowdown throughout the hack, glitched graphics, and more I can't remember at the moment. Honestly, I think it'd be best if you just start over and maybe next time you should read the rules.

Name: Evil Mario World
Author: ITR
Description: It is one level left 4 the second pipe. To play it, use lunar magic.
IF you WIN it, the game won't work (the same about the last castle)

Not a proper screenshot.

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Hack Name: Super Mario´s Fruit Quest
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