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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Super Mario World Collaboration
Length: 6 exits
Author: Nintendo, Glitch.Mr, LeChuck,, Error 52,, Game Freak, FuSoYa, Wikipedia - Submitted by: Glitch.Mr
Cool hack with very tricky. I beaten that without savestates. Can you make this same? Very hard!


When you press start, the file select covers of most of the names. You will have to make room to fit them closer to the top of the screen.

This was the first level. Sense = 0

So now I can't even enter this level. D: That sure was fun.

I could not find any way out of the place. I even looked in Lunar Magic. Either I'm totally missing something, or there really is no way out. Also, crappy looking cutoff face.

Even without the switch pressed, there is no way out D:

Well for starters, I couldn't make it passed the first 'level'. Even if I did, while looking in Lunar Magic, this does not look very good at all. A bunch of cutoff and bland looking levels that are only a screen or two long. You also edited the overworld a bit but didn't edit the events at all, so that wouldn't have worked either.

Removal: "the strange world of mario land demo 3"
Author: clayclay
Description: "hopefully this one is better I fixed some things up and now it should be good hopefully"

If you're reading this... sadly it is not. Again.

The intro is now Mario sealed in a box made out of stone. Why did you have to change the intro anyway? Unlike some people, I don't mind seeing unaltered title screens and overworlds in hacks. This just seems, I dunno, bizzare.

Still incomprehensible. Try reading it aloud to yourself.

Previously, this was a super-glitched Big Boo boss fight. Now, it is a "think fast" stage with a strange message.

However, everything past that is unaltered from your previous submission.
I didn't list all the problems in your hack, because I stopped at the most glaring problem that even you should have noticed. Yet, you only fixed what I posted, rather than reasses your work as a whole to find flaws. I can't find every single error or issue, I'm not your beta tester.

If I were you, I'd scrap this hack completely and start over from square one. You should also try drawing your levels on paper first (preferably graphing paper) and use it as a reference when creating new levels. Also, don't be afraid to use some more advanced tiles and decorations, like edges. And finally, think about how someone else is going to play the game. You knew that the level began with a wall of Bullet Bill cannons, so you could predict and react appropriately. But someone else, who has never played it before, wouldn't have this information, and they would lose a life over it.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines again, and examine your hack more closely for errors.

Hack Name: Primal Mario World (Demo 2)
Author: PineappleProducer
Description: Demo 2 of my hack, Primal Mario World. This demo has modified levels from the first demo, and also has brand new levels (Worlds 3-4).

It includes:
Custom Sprites
Custom Music
Custom Blocks (But not many)

Please rate and review this demo, so I can correct some mistales (if there are any). Enjoy!!!

------Removal Reasons :o----------------

It seems that you have a bad patch here, as I patched it to a clean SMW ROM and nothing loaded. Make sure when making your patch that you use a clean SMW ROM.

Name: Evil Mario World
Author: ITR
Description: Someone got a better name 4 this?

Still not a proper screenshot. But you included others, so I'll humor you and actually download this for once.

Right... lessee...

You die on the titlescreen! Sure, the game doesn't show the game over screen, but the music still changes, so it still sucks.

Ugly graphical cutoff.

Glitchy graphics.

You shouldn't edit level 104 if you plan on using the original SMW ending.

You die at the start of this level if you aren't holding up as soon as the level loads.

A pipe full of an excessive number of lives, that kills you when you leave it. Great.


Tiles on the bottommost layer are more or less invisible in game play.

Bullets being shot out of nowhere?


Basically, I get the feeling this hack was made not to be good, but to impress your buddies on YouTube or something. We don't accept bad hacks, and we don't accept Kaizo-style hacks, and unfortunately this hack is both.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines, check out the featured hacks to see the quality of level layout you should aim towards, and practice!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: super mario universe: iggys moonbase
Length: Unknown
Author: sammy3333 - Submitted by: sammy3333
Description: a 5 level hack (yellow switch palace to) that has some hard levels. its time for a new world(universe).


First of all, this was a ROM... Please submit IPS Patches in the future, as ROMs are illegal. Thanks. As for the issues with the hack... I don't know where to start. Listing each error here would take me way too long, so I'm just going to show some screenshots that I think represent the quality of this hack quite well.

Please do us all a favor and look at both the Hack Submission Guidelines and this video before submitting anything else.

Hack Name: Mario & Luigi PC Remake
Length: 7 levels
Author: Superjustinbros - Submitted by: Superjustinbros
This is a re-creation of a Super Mario clone originally released in the early 90s for home computers by Mike Wiering. Not all the levels are perfect replicas of the ones in the original game, as some of the levels had to be adjusted in order to access some of the secret areas scattered throughout the game, plus to enable some other minor features.

Instead of returning to the beginning of the game with faster movement and higher jump hight upon completion of all six levels, you are treated to a Bowser fight at the end.

First off, I want to say I liked this remake, and I had fun playing it. However there are a few things that are blocking its way to acception.


The 'and' would look better using the letters without black behind them. 'Luigi' looks a little strange because the palette changes halfway through a letter, but it's not horrible.

The background of this message doesn't match with the black windowing element behind it. Make it black all around. Also (small), the mailbox has a weird palette.

In the actual DOS game, were Goomba's carriable? Would Koopas come out of their shells? If not, find the necessary hex edits to disable such things and make it closer to the original. Remember, when remaking something, you can't be lazy and leave SMW-like elements in the remake -- it seems rushed and not worked on hard enough (this goes to any remake).

In most of the levels, the bumped sprite of these bricks were wrongly colored. A slight palette tweak should fix this. Going back to the remake idea, were the bricks breakable, or turn blocks? You should really match the actual game on this too.

All the yellow pipes in this hack flashed. Since you aren't using Yoshi Coins, you can find the hex edit to disable the flashing color (note this will affect the flashing yellow on the OW too).

The palette of the lava is not the smoothest in the world.

The bumped note block GFX were that of SMW's. Edit the note block GFX in the SP3 GFX file to change that.

Something was wacky about your Podoboos in this level. Sometimes they would go really really high off the screen. I think it may have to do with the type of lava you are using, but I'm not sure.

The cement blocks cutoff the bush at the bottom, just use normal ground here.

Apply the fade fix patch to fix this problem (unless you replace it with ground like I mentioned, then you wouldn't need to).

The palette in this castle isn't the greatest either. The main problem is the gradients not being very smooth. Use Alt+Right Click in the palette editor to create perfectly smooth gradients.

Main reason for rejection is this. Try a different Castle tileset to fix the sprites' lava splashes.

You need fade fix here too, or replace with normal ground. Also, the flames stick out, so choose a BG without candles and remove the flames.

Sprites go behind Layer 2 here for some reason which looks odd. I really don't know how to fix this, but a search around the forums shouldn't be too hard.

For the credits, original SMW GFX are seen and a bunch of enemies that you didn't even use are there too. I suggest creating your own 'credits level', and make it so the Bowser fight does not trigger the credits (I think you can do that...).

Overall, I thought this was a fun little hack, and I will gladly accept this once most (read: all) of these problems are fixed.

Removal: "super mario universe iggys moon base easy."
Author: sammy3333
Description: none given

No ROMs allowed, please submit an IPS patch only.

72 hour ban. And you can kiss your other account goodbye.

NAME: Super Unknown World Demo 1.0
AUTHOR: UltimateLegend
Just a demo. Yoshi's House explains everything.


[insert generic "read hack submission guidelines" message here]
My YouTube channel
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NAME: Extreme Mario
AUTHOR: Ray321lolz
A fun hack demo that I have been working on for a while. some crazy stuff and bounce to it are nit my leels, they are ligachiga1's, he asked That I put them in.


You didn't even bother to read the last removal log for this, let alone fix any of the problems it pointed out, did you? Keep submitting this hack in its current state and you have a tempban coming for you.
My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Hack Name: Super Omelette world
Author: Whoamme
Description: Mario finds himself hungry one day, and decides to have a snack. He wants to eat an omelette, so he sets out to find some eggs.

-----Removal Reasons :o-----------------

All I have to say is, this hack has potential. I enjoyed it alot; however, it suffered from bland areas (no enemies, flat terrain, etc) and very minor graphical errors, as well as a few spots of lolwtf unfair.

All these areas have flat terrain with few, if any, enemies. There were others, but I feel these were the most noticeable. It would be nice if you could spice it up, but not completely necessary.

On to other screenies

If I walk to the right on the intro message, I can see the ground cutoff. Make sure the intro message is 1 screen long, or extend the ground.

You supplied a blue koopa shell here. If someone accidentally destroys it, they would have to re-enter the pipe I'm above. It would be dandy, but the time limit is kinda short.

Mario starts one block too high.

This looks like the munchers are floating :/

Holy carp bullets everywhere and small spaces too. This ain't Touhou D:

Super-eensy-teensy-tiny 1 pixel cutoff where the ropes meet the pipe.

The goal post is floating by 1 pixel. Also, the cement blocks create bigger cutoff. I don't see why you need them, so I suggest you remove them.

Your top secret area has the blue coins that still act like coins even though they look solid when a P-switch is pressed. I recommend not using them.

When I hit the fence door, those tiles appear when I am going behind. I dunno what you did wrong here.

There's a floating fence tile about a screen away from the last screenshot I took. It probably has to do with the fence door as well.

The overworld pipe is a bit too high, as Mario and Yoshi get covered by the border, though this isn't really a problem. Also, some of your paths are jagged.

Again with the blue coins.

This is technically the same as this screenie I took a few pictures up, except if I destroy the koopa shell I have to either kill myself or abandon Yoshi. If I abandon Yoshi...

...I meet this pit of doom.

Kinda odd how the railing goes in front of me yet behind the door. Also, cutoff railing to the right, next to the wood wall. There were other places where this happened too, but I do not feel like pointing them out and will instead leave it to your hunting skills.

Too many things on screen cause some of the boos to disappear.

If I accidentally collect that coin to the right, then I have to kill myself to start the puzzle over. Place a reset pipe por favor.

Likewise, if I never brought the silver P-switch I would be lolstuck.

This is kinda hard to do without getting hit, don'tcha think?

Yoshi spits out lolgarbage when I swallow a rainbow shell in this level. Don't put anything that uses SP3 or SP4 in this room.

The screen shifts quickly to the left when I enter the boss room.

If that is supposed to be snow, then I am curious as to what snow looks like where you live. (Serious post: The palette looks kinda weird)

FG Initial position is set too high. Lower it a bit.

I lol'd

lol'd here too

It's kind of annoying having to repeat what is seen here for a few more screens (pressing P-switches and watnot)

I am, like, stuck here. I pressed a P-switch a while back, so now I have to either abandon Yoshi or wait out the time. For Yoshi's sake, I will wait.


I can go inside this pipe... Make the smal vertical pipe 1 tile bigger and move it to the right 1 tile.

Cover the area behind Mario or someone could drop the switch.


That Blue Koopa (which you can only see the feet of, at the top) sometimes dies by his own shell, meaning I can;t get the P-switch that you need to proceed.

Foolish people might not make it past the blocks in time and be forced to wait the time.

For some reason these gates won't flip when I hit them... is this on purpose?

Finally, it's spelled "FuSoYa", not "FoSoYa" <_<

That's it. Just improve on making the levels more lively and remove as many errors as you can and you will be good to go :)
This edutainment hack removal log is brought to you by the gravitational constant:
G = 6.67428 × 10-11m3kg-1s-2 = 6.67428 × 10-11N(m/kg)2

Removal: "super cell world"
Author: blinkdor
Description: "tis my first hack. this hack is a school project for science. you had to create a board game about cells. most people were doing card stock boards and marker, i use lunar magic :). it is a 2 or 4 player game. kinda like a board game"

More like a Kaizo board game, as we shall soon see.

Just to get things out of the way, it seems this game works by making you go through a regular level, then you get quizzed on cellular biology. Sounds fine, but what does it look like?

That doesn't look very good. Maybe you should just use the smaller letters?

This was labeled as a hint area, but it's just Top Secret Area.

Move the pipes so they are not on a screen boundary.

Might want to fix some issues with your text (like capitalizing the first letter in a sentence... that's what your English teacher tells you to do, right?)
Anyway, the answer is A. But what if we picked the wrong answer, like B?

You get sent to a blank level and you die. Not fair. Moving on!

Cutoff created from mismatched tiles. The last one could be fixed with a proper screen boundary setting.

Blatant edit of level 106.

More cutoff... gray lava? Fish falling from the sky... what the hell.

Slopes don't work like that.

Pipe on screen boundary.


Bad corner on the rope ledge... hey wait, was this tileset ever actually used in Super Mario World? O_o
Also, that 3-UP moon was easy to get with a cape.

Stacked munchers. Ersan is probably upset now.

Bad corner tile.

Soundless Bullet Bills. This is because Bullet Bills are supposed to be created with a launcher or a generator! Also, more easy lives.

Think fast! Oops too late you died. Bad level design!

Lazy. Also, the player can't see the bottom row of tiles, so I coild be standing on nothing at all.

Floating munchers. Ersan is probably drinking now.

Levels with a red dot are supposed to be levels with more than one exit.

That Spike Top is struggling to walk on nothing at all.

FLOATING STACKED MUNCHERS. Ersan is probably having a nervous breakdown now. Also, it means you are extremely lazy with level creation.

Also, why does Mario always go to the same-looking area? Shouldn't you use cave tiles for cave levels?

The cement blocks don't look right in the fence like that.

Again with the rope tileset.

Bad corner tile again. Also, that should be a solid ledge.

The camera doesn't scroll with Mario! I got hit by a falling spike I couldn't see several times.

Sprite memory error. Above "TIME", there should be a Dry Bones.

More cutoff. Jeez, you're sloppy.

Oh screw you. I had to take shots in the dark until I found out the right pipe.

Which led to Bowser! I beat up Bowser in style (which I seemed to have developed from working for this site), and got myself ready for the end credits...

What? That never happened!
Then on the map, no even occurs, but I trigger the save dialog by moving.

Good idea of mixing edutainment with Mario, but your levels are full of flaws. Read the hack submission guidelines and fix your hack before you resubmit.
Though that probably didn't affect your grade in class. Heck I just edited one of the tutorial games that came with The Games Factory into a Biology quiz game, and I got an A+.

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: !!SMW the New Saga (beta 1.5) - 181.9 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: mariolpmadness - Submitted by: mariolpmadness
Description: i mostly vanilla hack that was based on fun level design with a few challanges.
My Short Review:
I enjoyed the hack it was fun to play though I couldn't decide if I should remove this or not I did because there was rather a few things that need fixing.

The fish right here in the beginning falls down because sprite buoyancy isn't turned on. Turn it on so he swims.

Yoshi is a person so the "Y" should be capitalized.

On my left there is a bad corner tile, there's no correct corner tile for that so you have to fix it by moving the corner edge over.

Cut-off vines.

On the top-right there is cut-off.

If I enter the "Bonus room" area and if I go past the end there are floating munchers. I know it was on purpose since it spells out "floating munchers." They are bad take them out. Also I can't beat this area because there's no goal post, I have avoid taking the pipe to advance on. Not good.

*All. (Capitalization need here.)

This 3-up moon is rather easy to get since I accidentally fell. Make 3-up moons harder and rarer to get. Also that ledge has a wrong corner tile.

*Mario. (He's a person too.)

Forgot to mention if I try to go back by entering the pipe it won't lead me back and I exit out of the sky, make the player exit out of a pipe.


*Play. *They. (You need to space "play" and "they" and capitalize "They" Also why would you have to make the player go in Lunar Magic to play the other levels? I checked the levels out and they are unfinished and there is some glitchyness. That's pretty much part of the demo you know?)
Like I said I had fun with the demo, fix those errors and it should be accepted!
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Motormaster's challange - 374.7 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: Motorm - Submitted by: Motorm
Description: It's a small hack i made to test my skills at making hacks if i need improvements on my work plz tell me A.S.A.P. Well Enjoy...
My Short Review:
I would assume this is a 1st hack but if so it was pretty decent but there errors that need fixing.

*only. *I. (The "O" in "Only" needs to have a small "o" and the "I" needs to be capitalized) Also internet memes in hacks are rather dumb, don't use useless messages for message blocks.

Use proper English.

Useless and nonsense message boxes.

The cement blocks create cut-off on the pipe.

The poor rex's are stuck in a cement block causing them to make them dance horribly. Move them up one tile so they're walking and not dancing.

I can't even see what's going on up here. Enable vertical scrolling.

I already went over this.

Cut-off and it's pretty hard to get up there unless you have a cape.

The arrow sign is floating.

Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as things won't appear ingame.
You should really play some Featured Hacks so you know what makes good level design.
Removal: "Super Mario World a Search for Better Graphics"
Author: wiiqwertyuiop
Description: "Added:
New Music
New items
New levels
New moves
and more!"


Removal: "Super Santa World!?!?!?"
Author: santaworld2000
Description: "yayz it is my first hack! not the best but its okay...
not that easy but it is possible.
NOTE: if you hate note blocks, then DONT PLAY THIS HACK!!!!"

Lazy use of ? blocks, stacked munchers.

This just doesn't look right. Floating cutoff chunks of land, and a rectangle of what I assume is water floating in a Switch Palace.

More floating stacked munchers.

Lazy use of note blocks.

Loads of cutoff.

And these were just the screens you provided with your hack submission.
Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "Super Mario"
Author: Yoshiro
Description: "Diffulty: Some levels can range from Medium to Hard to very hard. THIS HACK IS NOT FOR NOOBS.

Type of hack: It's a situation hack. What do I mean by that:
What if you were in a water level dealing with 3 big berthas?
In other words, it's a hack that can have a few twists to some levels. You'll hear the mini-boss music.

Fawful teamed up with Bowser to seek revenge on Mario. This is one of the very few hacks I created and released :p

Don't expect anything special. It's a hack with one completed world, (the Ow sucks) but the levels make up for it. And its half-vanilla. Very few custom sprites(like one or two) and but it has all custom music.
Bowser is in the castles, kooplings are in the fortess. Fawful battles appear randomly, but this demo doesn't have any."

This isn't that clear. The name of the game is Super Mario Eh? Also, it should be "The object of the game is to defeat..." instead of "Object defeat..."

Rotten palette, cutoff where the pipe meets the water.

The entire level is made out of yellow pipes. It looked rather... lazy.

Another terrible palette.

Jesus that's friggin' bright, ow.

And it was intentional to make it harder to see an enemy that teleports around randomly.

You have some good ideas, but you need to work on palettes.

Removal: "Super Omelette world"
Author: Whoamme
Description: "Mario finds himself hungry one day, and decides to have a snack. He wants to eat an omelette, so he sets out to find some eggs."

This was actually a really good hack! But, there's still a few errors left to fix. It shouldn't take you more than an hour to fix all of these!

This doesn't look right, a Bullet Bill cannon resting on a rope like this. I would have done something like this:

Now if it was like this, the rope would be held up by the cannon! Wouldn't that look nicer?

Goal tape is too high.

Random dirt tile in the air.

I was hit by an Eerie I couldn't see due to a sprite memory error that caused it to disappear.

Time limit is too extreme, and causes the time bonus to turn whacked.

More sprite memory issues.

Random fence chunk.

Not a removal reason, but your credits weren't very long, so there was a few minutes of just this. Maybe you should have condensed in the original SMW credits?

Anyway, there's not many errors left to fix. If you fix these up, it'll be accepted.

Hack Name: Motormaster's challange - 386.8 KB - 9 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: Motorm - Submitted by: Motorm
Description: I updated it and added a second level Aka Yoshi's house oh and some how i think i changed the over world music in Yoshi's island area...

Here's your complementary 72 hour ban. Ersanio go!
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Pou's Puzzle Level - 372.9 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: pou - Submitted by: pou
Description: A puzzle level.
This is a demo for a hack I am making.
My Short Review:
It's good you fixed a lot of things but there are errors that need fixing. Also, like I said before One Level Demo's aren't allowed.

There are a few errors here. 1st, that BG is glitched, 2nd, the black around "Demo" shouldn't go with the title screen like that, change it. Lastly I die in the intro screen, this is not good, the player shouldn't be able to die in the intro.

Take out those level tiles that spell "POU" Also there's a cloud near Mario and it's cut-off.

Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as it will not appear ingame.

The ground above the pipe is cut-off because of the pipe.

There's cut-off right next to the turn block.

What's up with the invisible blocks around this area?

Floating and stacked munchers are bad. >:(

If I fall here I am stuck unless I have a cape or a item. Not good.

I can get stuck here too.

If I was small, I have to take the hit here and die. Also the muncher above the P-switch is floating.

I couldn't figure how to get pass here so I had to shell jump. This is bad.

I couldn't get passed here either, I had to P-switch jump here which is bad mostly because it's a glitch.

The pipe is cut-off because of the cement blocks.
This needs some work. The errors are easy to fix, and don't resubmit until you got at least 5 levels done.
Hack Name: the void: the matrix (demo1level)
Length: Unknown
Author: sammy3333 - Submitted by: sammy3333
Description: its a demo so its just 1 level edited! full version will have 5 levels!


  1. Your hack is too short. It should have at least 5 levels when you submit it, unless it's a one-level hack.
  2. You included ZSNES and a (useless) shortcut to Lunar IPS in the zip. Don't do that - it needlessly increases the file size, and everyone alrady has these programs.
  3. The patch didn't work properly - all I got was a black screen. Please make sure to use a clean ROM, and test your patch before submitting it!
  4. The most important reason: To be brutally honest, your hack screenshots looked horrible. Please look at both the Hack Submission Guidelines and this video before you submit anything else.

Frankly, I think it would be best for you to just start a new hack from scratch.

Link Thread Closed