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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
NAME: Super Luigi World 100%
AUTHOR: NekoChild
I am not a super skilled rom hacker when it comes to asm or such but I have done my best to make this a good hack. I hope you enjoy it, metorid is killed by jumping around 5 times. metorid is made by the people here. credit to them!


There's a line to the left of the W that should be removed, and the black background around the small symbols at the upper right doesn't look too good either.

And I'm pretty sure that "Luigi's adventure" can fit on one line.

The small island to the left is cutoff at the bottom right, and the colours of the path tiles are inconsistent (including the pink square behind the left-hand pipe). And why am I Mario on the overworld?


[insert okuufacepalm.jpg here]

Seriously, what's the point? It's not like there is anything on the other side of the pit...

This should be self-explanatory. There is a simple hex edit to switch the Mario/Luigi Start messages around; you should probably use it.

And while you're at it, disabling two-player games would probably be a good idea.

*Welcome, Luigi,
*land. Please

Yeah... The default SMW water graphics don't really look very good as waterfalls. Might I recommend these ones instead?

*park. Please

This event creates quite a bit of cutoffness. Oh, and Mario walking off the side of a cliff that high (HINT: Look at the height of the middle island) straight into the water looks kind of odd.

Err... Is this intentional? You seem to have both a set of pipes and a set of transition paths leading between the exact same places...

Also random corner tiles in the middle of the sea.

There's a cutoff corner tile right next to Luigi. And not a removal reason, but what was the point of that springboard? It didn't seem to have any use whatsoever.

If I bring Yoshi back into the first level, he seems to get pieces of a Chain Chomp for a tongue.


Terrible lava palette, and logic fail with it being held up by a walkthrough ledge on the left side.


These Metroids act kind of odd. If they touch you from the top, they drain your coins as intended, but if they touch you from the side you get hurt, and from below they simply disappear.

As a matter of fact, the whole Mario-on-Yoshi/enemy interaction is kind of unusual; instead of Yoshi running away when you get hit on him, you get hurt. Unless the enemy that hit you was an extended sprite, like a fireball, in which case he runs away as usual.

Having more than one gray flying platform on the screen at the same time as a Hammer Bro results in said Hammer Bro teleporting between the platforms.

This level tile just didn't appear.

If I don't have Yoshi, I have to commit suicide. You could at least have enabled side exits.

Mazes like this aren't any fun as big Luigi.

...and especially passages like this. It took forever to get through here...

Your messages need proofreading. Badly.

What's the point in giving me a Yoshi if I have to abandon him right away?

If I didn't get the P-Switch from the maze earlier, I can neither proceed nor go back and get it.

...what's the point of these invisible blocks? Apart from making Luigi vibrate rapidly up and down when standing underneath the brown used block, that is.

A Kaizo trap and floating munchers in the same screen? Congratulations! You seem to have figured out one of the best ways to get your hacks instantly rejected from this site!

Then again, the Kaizo trap doesn't even work.

From here on, the event tiles start glitching out all over the place. Did you remember to uninstall the title screen moves recording ASM?

Levels that start with situations like this, where you have to react fast or get hit, aren't very nice.

...what in the world is that supposed to be? Glitched graphics = NO

*block. It
*screen, but

Also, why does the POW block look like a disembodied Koopa head?

Your fireflower GET! animation is... well, interesting, but the fireballs spawned make Yoshi run away, which is hardly fair.

Random floating Bullet Bill launcher in the middle of nowhere.

There's a quite noticeable hole at the bottom left of Luigi.

And if I take Yoshi here, I get quite a bit of slowdown.

If I bring the disembodied Koopa head with me, the flying platform won't appear most of the time.

Oh god. What did Birdo do to deserve a palette this terrible? D:

Also, stacked munchers are just as bad as floating ones, and cutoff floating goal tapes aren't much better.

By the way, what did you mean with that warning about not using the POW block against Birdo? The goal tape doesn't go away, so you can still beat the level.


And what happened to the left Thwomp? His facial expression is completely frozen. Also, why is there no background?

More logic fail. If Luigi can go through the wall, why doesn't the lava do so as well?

Sprite tile memory issues. Setting 0E ought to fix them.

Note blocks aren't compatible with the castle sprite set.

Your... generous time limit makes the time bonus kind of bug out at the end, making the drum roll continue playing through the first part of the castle destruction cutscene.

Speaking of which:


And finally, the hack ends with a pipe that's not working.

Apart from the issues mentioned above, there were quite a few music-related oddities: the pause sound effect doesn't play, the switch palace plays boss music, the castle destruction cutscene changes music some seconds in, and the P-Switch music just doesn't sound like it's supposed to be that way.

For a first hack this isn't that bad, but you still have quite a long way to go before you'll be able to get a hack accepted here. I would recommend recruiting some beta testers experienced with this site's standards in this thread, and reading the Hack Submission Guidlines.
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SMW 4 Demo (Fixed)
Author: MigMario
Hack ID: 3945


(That's right, no description at all)


Uh...well, this is called the "fixed" version, but...there is an awful lot wrong here...

The title text isn't very good. Worse yet, this is the only hack I have ever played so far that had slowdown...on the title screen

The first screen of the first level, and...what the heck?! I'm already running out of time? Also, that BG palette is a bit off.

Ugh, Sloooooowdown.

A bit of cutoff here.

This is a thinly veiled level 105 edit. Also, why can I not jump on Banzai Bills? It isn't really a removal reason, but it's a rather annoying change in my opinion.


It took me forever to find this block, which was required to get the P-Switch, which was in turn required to move on later on. The time limit for this level was relatively low, too, so I had to restart once or twice when I wasted too much time looking for the way to move on.

So you changed the palette of an original SMW level and thought you could pass it off as your own work? The entire first half of this stage is almost completely unedited, not counting a changed palette.

The time limit is also way too low in this level.

Oh, cool. If you pressed the P-Switch before you got to this screen you're screwed. There's no reset pipe or anything, so you have to DIE to restart.

...turns out that after that was the end of the level. How lame! Especially considering that all there was was a P-Switch, a loooooooong stretch of emptiness, and then the aforementioned unfair door setup. Be more creative with your levels.

I killed these 2 koopas...

...and I won the stage. Once again, please be more creative. Make your levels longer and more varied! Even if this was supposed to be a boss battle of some was way too short and easy. Also, that 2 colored pipe is not good either.

2 colored pipe + muncher cutoff.

Slowdown. Please note that while I have only taken a few select screenshots of particularly bad reality there is slowdown everywhere in this hack. I would go as far as saying it's found somewhere in almost every single stage. This has got to get fixed.

More slowdown + overly short time limit.

...then again, time is not very relevant when your castle is only like, 1 screen long. Why isn't your castle longer and more challenging? The message box is once again unedited, too.

Your stage name felt pretty uncreative. Anyway, the main problem here, though, is that your overworld is rather sloppy. Particularly, there's cutoff in more places than I can count.

Okay, why place 2 Dragon coins on the same screen, and in easy places to access, no less? There was also another one just a couple screens before this. Take more care in placing them so that they feel more special.

Beat this stage, but it did not let me move on any further.

Yeah...sorry, but I am afraid you really have a long way to go.
Hack Name: Cokelord's Rom Hack - 25.7 KB - 25 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: cokelord - Submitted by: cokelord
Description: This is the new and improved Rom of my beta.
It is now out of beta and ready for the public.

Have Fun

Removal Reasons:
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.

Name: Super Mario World The Lost Levels For Super PlayersDEMO1
Author: SMLink64
Description: This is it!! Super Mario World comes back witha HARD twist. Enjoy the hard lv.1 and review it!! This hack will be a sure BET!

1.) Just one level? Way too short. Come back when you have a single world.
2.) I can't reach that single level, because I can't move off of Yoshi's House on the overworld.
3.) From your provided screenshots:

Seriously? That's a pretty massive tileset screw up. Seems like you're trying to use the default SMW objects with peter_ac's SMAS base hack, which just won't do.

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Name: Yoshi Isles - Baby Bowser's Revenge
Author: J_dude320
Description: After the events of yoshi's story baby bowser plots revenge and kidnaps mama yoshi. play as baby yoshi to get to the end!


Lucky, I'm running a special offer this week, you get one ban for the price of two. :)

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Name: Super Mario World The Lost Levels For Super Players DEMO2
Author: SMLink64
Description: This is DEMO 2. I can't include the BONUS level for the final, because I said IF The hack had no REJECTS, I'll upload it. It has 4 Levels( OR 5:/). It STILL has the SMB3 GFX by Pac. Credit to Pac for SMB3 gfx. BEWARE: Yoshi's Island 2 is HARD at the end!! IF YOU GOT PAST YI2, let me know!!

I'm guessing you didn't test this in any way whatsoever. It would explain a lot.

Overworld is... interesting. Everything's off in it's position.

Hey, remember when I pointed this out last time? And how you didn't fix it? That was fun.

This level has some tricky jumps at the end, rendered pointless by a single block of Layer 2 you can merrily ride across on. I think you meant to remove this before submitting. Think.'re not serious are you? Please tell me you aren't.

And here's some cases of cutoff.

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Hacks Removed:

Hack Name: SMW - The 4 lost islands - 212.3 KB - 37 downloads.
Length: 23 levels
Author: SAFER_sephiroth - Submitted by: SAFER_sephiroth
Description: This is a vanilla hack without particular storyline. Also,this is my first hack,please give me some good advice to improve my hacking then.

Hack Name: SMW - The 4 Lost Islands(fixed) - 213.2 KB - 9 downloads.
Length: 23 levels
Author: SAFER_sephiroth - Submitted by: SAFER_sephiroth
Description: This is a fixed version of my hack.

Hack Name: Super Mario World Expansion version 2.0 Deluxe - 964.5 KB - 42 downloads.
Length: 81 levels
Author: nnn - Submitted by: nnn
Description: You know the story of SMW EXP: this is my very first hack and...

This version is another full update some changes are:
· New Ow GFX ( thanks to ibz10g)
· Edited thwomp boss
· Some new bosses in world 8
· Bugfix done
· Extended levels and edited levels ( like Yoshi's island 1 and Sandy desert 1)
· A new level Classic plateau ( a short smb1 level style that acts like an information center y you find the bonus room)
· New main OW music

Please mods if you find any bud or mistake report it to me ( i really hate it). I tested it several times, but the probabilty that a hack have a mistake is ever.
Authors submitted the updates. Please do not submit your hack until it is REALLY READY to be moderated.

Hack Name: Survivor
Author: Error 52
Description: The goal is to not die.

Thanks JeRRY, for the ASM.

------Les Raisons pour ce Retrait :o-----------


I was originally gonna do a Let's Moderate! for this hack but I didn't have the time :|

Anyways, this hack was kinda tough, requiring slowdown/savestates and/or quick fingers. Because of this I am removing it. Pitcher time.

(note that, in this hack, when the timer reaches 1 the level is completed)

Hi there! You must
go through all the
trials that Bowser
set up to escape.

You derp.*

That would be a nicer way to say what you said. In other words, no caps, correct spelling, and be nice(r) to the player plz.

Example of a level. This is actually not that hard, but it is still difficult. Also, don't spam note blocks like that, it looks noobish. One layer of note blocks on the walls and ceiling is more than enough.

Another example of a level. This one is alot more unfair, because if you kill the koopa, you'll have to kill yourself (well, you have no choice). Plus, the left rock platform never reappears due to going offscreen. I'm assuming this is not meant to happen, thus explaining the difficulty.

Although you beat the level before you die, this is still pretty meh and lazy.

This was the most impossible part of the hack. You have to spinjump from one Big Boo to the other. However, the distance is so great that you need to do something crazy (believe me, I tried my best). I had to end up using cheats (FF into $7D) to get across. No frustrating difficulty please.

First of all, the munchers are (technically) stacked and floating. Turn them sideways if possible. Second, the time limit is insanely long and makes the level boring and repetitive.

This is surely impossible. The only way I was able to complete this was with slowdown, which I shouldn't be doing.

Forgot to mention that, in Yoshi's House, when I get the mushroom from the block, the smoke clouds from the house glitch up. I guess you'll have to remove the smoke and/or the block (smoke preferred :) )

I hope this isn't what I think it is...

...and it is. Do not give access to the original SMW levels, the exceptions being boss levels and watnot.

And that's that I loved the concept, the only things bothering me were the things pointed above as well as the difficulty. Good luck.
Extreme Mario (demo)
Author: Ray321lolz
Hack ID: 4049

(insert extreme description here)


Well, if this says anything, it took me almost 40 screenshots to show what was wrong with this hack...

Poor palette choices on those blocks. Also, this is the 2nd hack in a row I have played now that has had slowdown in the title screen. That is definitely not a good sign when starting a hack.

Why do I look like a red yoshi on the map even though I am just Mario, and why is there a random bird above me for no reason? Also, I can access all the levels without beating them. That kind of defeats the purpose of level progression, you know... :/

Extreme Mario has Extreme Slowdown. Also, the status bar palette is glitchy.

Your "?" Sphere GFX are glitched here

More slowdown

...Okay, look here. When I go on this screen...

...I hit the P-Switch and run across the bad-paletted lava...

...and I am trapped at a blocked pipe and have to kill myself. This alone is enough reason to remove the hack. But because I could play the later levels, I decided to go through them too, just so I could fully review your hack.

...I'm not gonna sugarcoat this at all. This level is a glitchy hellhole with way too little time. I have about 80 seconds or something, there are green "hurt blocks" everywhere in small spaces, there are no powerups, it's easy to fall into the pit, and I ran out of time with no forseeable end to the pain.

This trick sucks. Proton Jon would cry.

Water cutoff.

There is no time limit here. But then if you hit this block it gives me +50 seconds to the timer...which then start to tick down. Thus the the player gets screwed over, as the level can't be finished within that time from this point.

Once you fall in here...YOU CAN NEVER GET OUT *insert sinister music here*

But no, seriously, please fix that.

Slowdown again...

Glitched BG. Also, this level really gets old after awhile, since you go through the same 2 screens back and forth about 4 times, just with different palette changes every time...I understand the "changing seasons" concept you were going for, but the sections all just feel too similar every time for the most part. Also, the segments where you jump on those floating...puffball things over pits are REALLY annoying, since all the edges act like steep slopes, making Mario fall off at the slightest misstep.

Glitched "?" sphere again

Lakitu swoops onto the screen to attack menacingly...after I already beat the level.

Level starts. Message says it is not finished. Mario dies seconds later by an unknown cause (probably related to the fast auto scroll).

Here is my question for you. If the level is not finished, why did you allow it to be accessed on the map? comment

First screen of this level contains another glitched "?" sphere?

This is probably one of the glitchiest levels of all.

Aww...I have to lose my powerup to move on?

...died here soon afterward with no foreseeable end to the munchers after I got hurt.


Okay, I've had enough now.

A good start to making your hack actually enjoyable would be to take all the hints listed above. I'll leave it at that.

Name: Super nazo world
Author: poptopix
Description: its my first hack i know its not good has some graphical errors almost all the message blocks are traps and umm i playtested it its frustraiting at times alot of cut off and some parts don't scroll

The download is just 1kb, so I can only assume you made the patch wrongly. Read the instructions for Lunar IPS carefully, and ask the forums if you still need help.

And, uh, thanks for listing all the reasons we would have declined your hack had it worked, I suppose. Saying they exist doesn't excuse them. :(

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Hack Name: koopa troopa adv
Length: 3 levels
Author: luigi400000 - Submitted by: luigi400000
Description: DEMO!!!! but is a perrty good demo. :D


Should be self-explanatory - many things still say "Mario", and there's still a Mario OW sprite.
(By the way, some of the Koopa's frames look really weird. The palette isn't the best either.)

Less punctuation and more capitalization would be nice.
(Also, you forgot the "Candle Flames in Background" generator.)

Less punctuation and less capitalization would be nice.
Also, it's You're, not your.
(Also, the flames have an ugly palette.)

- Bad lava palette.
- Making the glitchy blocks arounf the P-switch colorful doesn't make them less glitchy. Also, they act like munchers, which is a little weird - How was I supposed to know I had to bring the silver switch from all the way at the end of the level to here to get the blue switch? It wasn't obvious to me, at least.

The whole level looks like this - bland, boring, dull, whatever adjective you'd like. No variety or interesting things whatsoever.
(Also, the Goombas at the top cause major slowdown.)

When you hit the silver switch, you can get waaay too many lives from the Goombas. (On that note, if you somehow lose one of the switches, you're stuck. Some way to reset the level without dying would be nice.)

Glitched goal sphere. Use the proper GFX header (blue poison muchroom button) so it doesn't look like crap.

Cutoff bridge tiles.

The blocks (and the awfully-colored pipe) here cut off the water (which you can't even swim in >_<). Also, the level seems kind of dull without a background.

That block below me is a note block... They turn into proper-looking ones after you've touched them anyway, so why not use those in the first place?

Some extra tiles of Mario are still visible (like his hand here, to the left of the Koopa).

Awful palettes, wrong tiles and cutoff pretty much everywhere.

You don't know where you're supposed to land here, so you'll likely end up falling on the spikes.

What the hell.

Looks like you still have a long way to go. Start by reading the Hack Submission Guidelines and maybe watching this video to get an impression of what you should not do in a hack. I also highly recommend making a new hack from scratch - trying to get this one accepted would be more trouble than it's worth.

Hack Name: RE: Super Mario World
Author: Yashum
Description: Read the enclosed txt. for details.

------Removal reasons :o--------------

This was probably the best hack I've moderated in weeks (no offense to anyone). Everything was just so beautifully done ;v;

However, there were a few things that bothered me, so I will point them out here.

The menu text uses weird colors. Remember to avoid using colors 0-3 in palette 1 for backgrounds in the title screen, as those are used by the meu text. If you can, find an unused palette and put the colors there.

The pipe cuts off when it touches the house. Try and squeeze in some pipe -> roof transition into your graphics file. (maybe rounding out the bottom of the pipe would work)

Breaking this turn block means that it will be impossible for me to get up to the ledge. It's only the first level, don't be so unfair :(

I have, like, one second to move before the bats hit me when I exit out of the pipe. Give the player time to react to his/her surroundings.

If I don't make it into the pipe time, I have to kill myself. Make sure to include reset pipes when making mandatory P-switch runs like this (actually, I can glitch into the wall above the pipe and go over the level, but still <_<)

Due to the way you set up the level, I was able to get up here (you had note blocks spanning the whole top of the level, except for one area). Also, be sure to include a reset pipe for the P-switch run. Lastly, notice my time. Not sure if it's just me, but I think you put too short a time limit.

ZOMG GLOW-IN-THE-DARK SHROOMS!!11 The mushrooms did not fade at level end. Be sure to use the Fade Fix patch, located in the patches section.

Trippy effect {B). Anyways, Mario appears behind the rocks when exiting the pipe. Remove the rocks so this won't happen.

Although the chances of this happening is ♪ one in a million ♪, someone may get hurt by the Beetles and already have hitten the block là, so they won't be able to break the turn blocks. Remove at least one turn block, or use an alternative custom block.

I just find it weird how the Swoopers are "floating inside the rock" Not a removal reason, just an oddity that I wanted to point out. You don't have to change it.

When I hit this block, the fire flower goes behind the water as it rises from the depths of the block. Maybe relocate the block to an area with no water.

Yet Another P-switch Run. As I said, put a reset pipe. Also showing how I can get infinite lives, lulz

Your c00lsauce light effect doesn't fade out at level end, along with the fence. Use Fade-Fix.

(At the tippy-top of the screen) The note block bounce graphics are all glitched. Use ExGFX to fix this. They should be in SP3.

The point tiles are semi-glitched. This is because you overwrote tile 83 in GFX 01. There is a patch somewhere around here that lets you remap this empty tile to tile 69, so you are free to use tile 83. You can also just do the hex edits yourself.

The appearing-disappearing blocks you had act like tile 25 for all sprites, no matter whether it was appearing or disappearing.

And that's all. As I said, it was a great hack. I especially loved all these new graphics, they are well-designed. Same goes for the levels, except for some of the cases I mentioned above. Most of these, if not all, are minor and should be easily fixable.

Also, you mentioned that you can't use BTSD, thus you are stuck with BT, which explains the numerous events of slowdown. If possible, try and see if someone else can insert the BTSD stuff for you. If not, then it's OK. :)

Name: Super Lazy world
Author: mastermudkip
Description: just 3 quick levels on my hack. Only 1/3 of world 1. You can check out the O.W. and see some of the work i did.

ROM FILE! Don't submit these. Submit IPS patches instead. Read the FAQ to learn how to make IPS patches. Also, gonna have to ban you for a few days.

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Time to get this thread on top again, isn't it?

NAME: L'aventure de Toad
AUTHOR: Toad-Demoniaque
DESCRIPTION: It's the second version of my hack with the 2 first worlds. News music, new styles of drawing and asm are includes. The Overworld is still rough draft and incomplete, but will be ended in 2 versions. Good game! Game in French.

History : Bowser captures Peach while Mario goes on holiday in Sarasaland (kingdom of Daisy). Only Toad will be able to save it


Sorry if I can't translate this into French. I have studied it 4 years, but it's still so difficult for me (and I am out of practice).

Not removal-worthy but this palette doesn't look good. You might want to fix it in all of your levels.

As Toad is invincible in this level, you get a zillion of 1-ups. Not sure how you're supposed to build around that if you want to keep the invincibility ASM, but there's another thing that bugs me: The Yoshi's Island Blarggs (sorry guys, I forgot its name) gets glitched when killed by a star.

Quite nice level design here! There's a lot of slowdown in this level though, you might want to use the Fast ROM Patch. Also, the ropes are cutoff, so ExGFX would be cool.

Meh.. An automatic level is a bit tricky in a hack and I understand that avoiding graphic issues is hard as hell, but you should try. It's okay for me though, but not for others therefore I suggest making this level optional. Furthermore, this level gets automatic when you press down, but the player can't know that. Place a display message sprite here or something.
Another thing: This is a red level on the Overworld and the keyhole can't be overlooked, but where is the key?
Look here:

There's also a wrong tile on the bottom left corner, but the following is more severe

If I pass the level "Non invincible" before I get the secret of the above level (the automatic one), then enter the star (teleport with it), I get stuck as can be seen above. It leads to an endless bonus game, too.

It's not much of a problem if you use coins, but the bottom row of Lunar Magic still cannot be seen in-game.

This moon is waaaay too easy to find. (Acutally, there's no way to avoid it.) You should rather place them in a very, very well hidden bonus room.

The palette of the lava is so-so, but why have you placed a midway point here, if Mario enters the level from the beginning after hitting the bar?

Very minor, but the pink color of the egg is awkward.

Oh yeah. This level... You MUST NOT let Yoshi enter it!

Getting the coins after hitting the blue POW creates cutoff vines.

This is also cutoffness. (Both the below ledge and above the Dragon Coin.)

When I got here with Yoshi, I was screwed because I could not make the cutscene go away (i.e. enter the door with Yoshi). So yeah, best way to fix it: Do not let ... yeah, you know what I mean.

This level needs a bit of work. First of all, increase the time limit! I suggest 200 extra seconds or even more!
Moreover, use the correct tileset (or use ExGFX) in order to fix the Pokey glitch while hitting the ON/OFF!

I am stuck here. Toad must die.

Stuck again -> Toad must die once more.

This is a bit unfair, because the player needs fast reactions in order to avoid a hit. Place the bullets further away.

Fix the glitched Note Block's animation!

Give the player more time in this level as well.
Also, though hard to be seen on the picture, this jump is a bit difficult if you follow the coins (which have already been collected).

This part was difficult as well, because if I go too far to the right I can't get back, resulting in a forced hit. On the other hand, if I stay where I am or be too far left, there's a high chance that those two stacked bullets come again!

I don't like the invisible coin block here. Not at all. I consider this a Kaizo trap which is not allowed here.

The player requires fast reactions again. Put the Goomba further to the right.

Glitched graphics which the Fireballs leave behind while jumping out of the lava.

First, do not put lava here because it would be unfair. Toad would have a high chance of falling down and restart the level due to the wrong path blocks. Good thing this doens't act like lava, but either enable or disable layer priority on both tiles of it! It looks just weird the way it is!
Another thing: This level is very hard and if you take the wrong path, you have to do the level again from the point where I am on the above screenshot (where you need fast reactions because of the Goomba). As you have lots of wrong paths in this room, the player has such a low chance of actually beating it and has to restart over and over again. This is simply annoying! Furthermore, the time would never be enough!

This part was hard as hell, because I had to hurry up soooo much! I couldn't even do this part without taking a hit in order to be invincible so that I could jump through the ghosts (not on the picture)!

These are Spinies with glitched graphics, so do not use them or use ExGFX!

If Toad is small here, he will have to die! He would so love to have an exit pipe or door next to him...

Oh noes! Toad must die... again!

And once again, you guessed right, Toad must die! How did I do that? You gave me a feather before, which I had not lost until here, so I could take Yoshi and go over the left wall instead of abandoning him here as I was supposed to. You'd fix it easiest by not giving the player a feather in this level.

Minor, but the pipe cuts into the wall.

Last thing I point out is that after beating Iceberg, the castle as can be seen on the picture gets destroyed. Use the correct event for the destruction.

This hack was quite nice! It has some nice ASM gimmicks, cool graphics for the most part and nice level design!
You have to watch out for gameplay mistakes and you must test your levels to the fullest, that means with feather, with Yoshi, small and so on.
Good luck on fixing the errors! I'd love to see this fixed and resubmitted!

(Also, I hope you can understand all I've mentionend!)
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Removal: "SMW - The 4 Lost Islands(FINAL)"
Author: SAFER_sephiroth
Description: "This is the final version of my hack. Please, moderators,delete my two previous hacks."

Author has submitted a newer revision.

Removal: "Motormaster's challange"
Author: Motorm
Description: "It's a small hack about three levels so don't let the fact that the level has a name fool you. Also I am sorry for the last time i submit the ips i used the wrong file and sent the backup file i made."

Author has submitted a newer revision.

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Mario and The Time Toad Demo (1.5) - 648.8 KB - 113 downloads.
Length: 21 levels
Author: Shc2010 - Submitted by: Shc2010
Description: Im shc1993 and this is the demo 1.5 of mario and the time toad. It is 21 levels now.
A long time ago before mushroom kingdom existed toads ruled the land. But one day koopa's enslaved the toads. Their leader, bowser the first demanded to see the time toad, but because bowser had an impure heart he could not use the time toad. Full of rage bowser took his rage out on the toads. but one toad wasn't going to let him do that his name was ...... toadario. in an epic battle of good vs evil toadario was victorious and used the time toad to banish bowser to the temple of time.Just before he was sealed away he promised he would break free and seek his revenge. now 4 hundred years later the barrier that keeps bowser locked up is slowly breaking. Can Mario and toad stop bowser from breaking out or will he succeed in his quest for revenge.

This hack uses
Xkas patches
Ips patches
Custom music
Custom Sprites
Custom Blocks
custom ExGFX
Custom GFX
Custom Palette
Custom Overworld
My Short Review:
I enjoyed this hack, it was fun! Though there were enough errors that made me remove this.

I'm not sure if the FG is supposed to be like this but it looks weird.

The BG palette could use some improving.

If I take the pipe above me it leads me to a TEST level with a glitched background.

There's some cut-off at the ends of the diagonal slopes.

The 3-up moon was real easy to get. Make 3-up moons more harder and rarer to get.

Message blocks mess with the disco sprite. Take the message block out.

The bottom of the bullet bill cannon looks cut-off.

The bullet bill is generating one tile higher than the cannon, make it generate on the cannon.

This boss looks very weird.

Like I mentioned messages mess with the disco sprite.

Why are sprites going through the bullet bill cannon?

Bad status bar palette. Also the text is pretty hard to read. Use a different color.

Birdo's egg palette needs fixing.

Goal sphere post and status bar palette is bad.

I'm not sure if the tileset was like this were there's no corner or edge tile that prevents cut-off. but still there's some cut-off because of wrong corner and edge tile.

Near the end I can fly over the goal post and there is cut-off at the end. Fix this.

Too many sumo brothers on the screen create cut-off to some sprites. I have a question about the song you used here did you port the song, take the song, or asked for permission? Because the song sounds exactly the same to some Japanese video I saw with the music.

Bad goal post palette.

I don't like the palette of the bullet bill cannon.

The tweeter jumps into the spike and gets stuck in the ground a bit. Also he has a somewhat bad palette. -.-

Bad goal sphere palette.

How come the muncher below the block doesen't hurt me?

Kind of considered a Kaizo trap here because I try to jump to the top but I hit an invisible coin block making me hit munchers. Take the block out.

*Mario. *Well. *I'm. *Yoshi's.

*be careful. (Forgot to space those 2)

If you look closely, the sideways munchers are floating a bit.

After beating the level below me, some random event activates on my right.

Bad vine and FG palette. >:(

Why do the locked doors in this hack push the player downwards? Also..


Bad throw block thing palette.

Also, since the boss has a large amount of hitpoints. If I waste a lot of the turn blocks I can't reach them.

Part of the growing pipe is green instead of grey.

If I kill the Lakitu with a cape or flower I could still go on the cloud because it's the regular Lakitu instead of a custom spite.

Why is there invisible ground here?

Not a removal reason but it seems weird to have a tank level in the sky. Also right next to the moon there's part of a star that's cut-off.

The wheel palette looks kinda bad. Also bad status bar palette.

The text is kinda hard to read. Also it's "two" not "to"

Not really a removal reason but after beating the level, I nearly die since the screen flashes a bit. Don't do this.

Why do the bottom of some cement blocks hurt me?

The volcano lotus is sitting on a cement block that's using the bottom row of LM. Don't use the bottom row of LM as it will not appear in-game.

I'm not sure if there's too many sprites or if you have the wrong sprite header, but the hammer bro's flying block isn't showing.

Not a removal reason but why don't you use custom graphics instead of clouds for the fan block?

If I collect the coin after hitting the invisible block I'm stuck here, and I can't fly in this level so...yea.

After hitting the silver P-switch how come the munchers don't look like coins?

I can go inside the ledges right next to me by jumping on the crate. Make it so the player can't go over the level like this. Also I couldn't even beat this level so I stopped here.
Like I said I enjoyed this hack but there are a lot of errors you need to fix. Fix those (and the other levels I haven't played yet if any) errors and this will be accepted!
Removal: "super mario world 3"
Author: pacman2278111
Description: " its a smal BAETA hack
custom sprite hacker wanted!


72 hour ban!

Hack Removed:
Hack Name: Super Mario World 3 (FIXED) - 258.7 KB - 112 downloads.
Length: 95 exits
Author: Kimimaru - Submitted by: Kimimaru
Description: A hack designed in a similar manner to Nintendo's Super Mario World. This is a hack I have been working on very slowly for roughly four years. 90-95% of the levels came straight out of my head, since I originally made this hack to test my skills at making levels without planning them. Although the hack has no ExGFX or ASM, it still has ample challenges to offer to players and is not recommended for beginners.

I have altered many things a moderator has told me to change since my last submission, but not everything has been changed for reasons I have specified in a PM to the moderator.

Please note that this hack contains a completely optional Special World that is filled with levels that cannot be beaten without tools; I made them to test my skills at making difficult levels. Fortunately, you don't need to complete them to achieve 100% (all 95 exits) in this hack.

Please delete the other version; I have just realized that I haven't used a clean ROM when making the patch.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the hack!
My Short Review:
I liked the hack, it was fun but the later levels were really hard and unfair.

Blind jump here. Put coins to lead the way.

I can go inside the diagonal pipe. Block it off so the player can't go in it.

Another blind jump.

If I'm not big I can't advance through, there were no powerups or side exits so I had to kill myself. Avoid doing this.

Like I mentioned in the other removal log those moles are meant to be placed right on top of the ground on in it.

The pipe creates cut-off in the lava.

There were no barely any sprites here so it means you have the wrong sprite header here.

Block the bottom of the diagonal pipe.

Place the moles on the top.

Above the top pipe the ground is cut-off because of the pipe.

Too many sprites on screen.

Like I said last time fix the palette of the vertical log.


All the corners in the water have the wrong corner tile. Use Map16 to fix this.

If I run out of balloon time and I don't make it up there I'm stuck.

Part of the diagonal rope is cut-off because of the cement block.

No. Do not make the player shell bounce to advance as it is bad.

If I miss the turn block I am stuck. Add a reset door.

Wrong sprite header.

Just like one of the comments I said a while ago. If I'm not big I can't adavance, there were no powerups and side exits so there's nothing I can do.

Exactly the same as above except I need a feather.

Somewhat the same as above. There were no invisible blocks or anything to get up there and it's hard to make it here with a cape as the level was evil.

This pipe is a death trap. Death pipes/doors are not cool. Take them out.

No. The fact that the coins point down but it's a death trap is not cool.

Bad mushroom platform palette.

Floating munchers are bad! Just because blocks and coins float doesen't mean munchers should since they're plants. Piranha plant's don't float, neither do Venus piranha plants.

The pipe and cement blocks create cut-off to the water.

luck shouldn't be capitalized. This is were the unfairness comes in...

I have to koopa jump off them and it was rather hard even with a cape.

A long jump here and I have to koopa jump again.

The rope has a bad palette.

More koopa jumping except with a new edition, invisible blocks. Kaizo traps are not cool!

Blindjump. Also if I fall straight down I die. There was no indication that says I have to move right to make it to the ledge below.

If I'm small I'm pretty much screwed.

The end of the rope above me is cut-off.

Like I said it was fun at 1st but it really became unfair later on. I assume the rest of the levels in the star world are like this so you better fix them to. Hopefully you can fix all the errors so this will be accepted next time.
Removal: "Super Mario World The Lost Levels For Super Players DEMO3"
Author: "SMLink64"
Description: "This is DEMO3. Its actually a fixed version of DEMO2. It probaly is good, because the bad ground is NO LONGER SEEEEEEEEN!"

Uh-huh. Yeah.

Overworld is all sorts of messed up. You don't have to change the overworld if you don't want to.

Bad ground? Believe so. Why not use the correct ledge tiles?

Random chunk of ledge moving with the screen.

At this point I can just ride on the tile.

The hell? At least it can't get worse... just got worse. Use the correct sprite graphic setting for the goal sphere!

This was the level both Kieran and I facepalmed simultaneously at. Good lord, man! The background is all glitchy! What's worse, the rope ground is messed up in spots. That corner is glowing. It is a magic rope.


After a long long expanse of nothingness, I reach this, a lone glitched up buggy Pirahna Plant with a fish for a stem. And there's no exit.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "Super broke world"
Author: circlekmomofthree
Description: "In this game you go around a fix stuff that is broken like bridges and walls aand other stuff like that."

The entire game is pretty much like this.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

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