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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Removal: "SMB1 Redrawn [DEMO 1 - World 1]"
Author: Axiss
Description: "Well, it's basically smb1, in world!

yeah, also you may notice the firebars have no Graphics, I'm working on it and I'll get them Graphics by the 2nd Demo. Secret exit works but leads you back to the same world 1 because there is no world 2, 3 and 4 yet."

Look kid, no offense, but we don't need this hack to be made. We only need one SMB1 remake hack, and such a hack is already on the site. Focus your efforts on a more original project!

Hack Name: ultimate mario world bean world crisis Demo - 360.3 KB - 52 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: sean - Submitted by: mario seeder
Description: ultimate mario world bean world crisis. a hack just im play to modify the overvworld(if you view in scrennshots!)sorry!

You seem to have a history of submitting other peoples' hacks without their permission. A ban has been issued.
NAME: Super Kokunai World (demo)
AUTHOR: Kokunai


I rather enjoyed this hack. However, there were three major errors that ultimately made me have to remove this:

Firstly, this. Stuck-forever traps are not good level design in any way, and including a muncher so that you can commit suicide doesn't make it any better. Why would you want to punish the player for exploring your level anyway?

Secondly, it would appear that you forgot to enable the upwards direction for this star tile, as I can't reach the switch palace.

And thirdly, this is what the Morton battle looks like: no boss, a glitchy background, and Mario can't move. In other words: unbeatable.

Apart from these, there were also some smaller issues to be found. Most of them aren't removal reasons on their own, but it would still be nice if you fixed them.

Most of the player selection text has an odd palette. How you managed to pull that off, I am not sure...

This sentence appears to be missing a verb of some sort.

Parts of the first level were very similar to the original 105. I am not sure if was for some sort of nostalgia effect, given how it also seemed to have pieces of 106 in it, but obvious edits of original levels are kind of frowned upon nonetheless.

If you place Blarggs too close to a lava edge, this happens.

Use silent events when activating paths on other submaps to avoid stuff like this.

For reasons that I'm not too sure of (given how he appears entirely once you exit the pipe), Yoshi's head is missing here. Changing the sprite memory settings might fix it.

Placing a falling spike offscreen below a line of coins isn't very nice of you.

When you place a level entrance on the right side of the last screen in a level, you get this effect where the screen position jumps to hide the parts outside the level when Mario first moves. I would advise shifting the secondary entrance over a few tiles to the right.

This level tile just doesn't appear. Also, there's some cutoffness on both sides of that waterfall.

This block creates some minor cutoffness when placed against the bush like that.

Most people (including me) would believe that since there's a key placed like that, the coin would mark that it's safe to stand beside it. However, if you try to stand where the coin is, you fall to your death. I would hardly call that fair.

If I bring the key with me, either it or part of one of the platforms sometimes disappears.

It seems like you forgot that throw blocks make splashes when they hit the lava.

...why does this yellow level have two exits?

I am not sure if the glitchy-looking contents of the message block are intentional or not; however, the fact remains that the mist disappears when I hit it.

This pipe (which by the way should probably not be called "Mistery star"; speaking of which, it's spelled "Mystery")...

...leads here. If you haven't implemented wherever the pipe is supposed to lead to yet, I would suggest simply removing it from the overworld, perhaps replacing it with one of those "EMPTY" levels.

There are many different palettes that look good with this background. This isn't one of them.

Again, bush-related cutoffness.

Without the invisible solid block sprite Nintendo originally used for that sole purpose, this block isn't solid.

Minor, but these brick blocks turn into turn blocks when I hit them.

Also minor, but cutoffness is still cutoffness.

This event cuts off the rocks with the way it replaces them with grass.

A bit of slowdown here. And that status bar palette isn't too pretty.

...what is the point of this lava? All it does is look strange with its greyness and get cut off by the land tiles around it. Really, a normal bottomless pit would be much better here.

The Monty Moles where never meant to live inside of these white blocks. They should be in the ground instead.

If I get the secret exit first, Mario walks straight over these boulders.

It's not that easy to notice, but there is a hole in the middle right of that bush.

Without any paths, seeing Mario walking in a circle like this is kind of strange. (However, I do have to give you kudos for being, as far as I know, the first hacker ever to implement the hardcoded paths into a custom overworld.)

Well then. As I said, this was quite a fun hack to play, but those three big errors keeps me from being able to accept it. Oh, and don't get put off by all the small ones I pointed out; they should all be very easy to fix.

(And by the way, what was up with that Extra.spc file you included with your submission?)
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NAME: Luigi's island demo 1 (demo)
AUTHOR: yoshiguy978
Story:Bowser have stolen all of Luigi's islands and Peach, Luigi set's off with his airship to regain control.
This hack features:
custom sprites
custom music
custom GFX.


The palette for the file selection text is kind of hard to read. And you can't see it in the picture, but the music goes completely silent after the title screen resets. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the ROM gives me a bad checksum after applying your IPS patch?

*islands. Now

Also, layer 3 mist and the display level message sprite don't go together very well.

Originally posted by ROM Map
013DB - 1 byte - Change it to D0 to switch the "Mario/Luigi Start"

Why is this bonus room completely silent? Also cutoffness. the first bonus room leads to a second bonus room? Which looks suspiciously like the Yoshi's Island 1 underground part with most objects removed, might I add.

More cutoffness.

When climbing, Luigi seems to have a stray black pixel next to one of this hands.

So the second level doesn't have a name? I fear the worst...

Just as I thought. I'm afraid there's only one thing we can do:


Playtest your hacks before submitting them. Please.
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NAME: super broke world
AUTHOR: circlekmomofthree
Description is gone


oh hey this looks familiar

There is a reason this was already removed less than 24 hours ago: In case you missed them, this site has some guidelines for hack submissions, and your hack doesn't quite meet them.[/understatement]

Submit this in its current state one more time, and the likelihood of you getting a tempban is quite high.

EDIT: Wrong hack information D:
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Removal: "super broke world demo 2"
Author: circlekmomofthree
Description: "this is an updated version i hope it meets requirements now.
in this game you go and fix stuff like bridges and ladders."

Submitting a ROM file is against the rules!

72 hour ban.

Name: Golden Mario- Rise of Azmodius X
Author: AzmodiusX
Description: MAI FERST HACK! YAYZ!
Seriously though, it's awesome.

Please submit a proper, non-cropped/resized screenshot, thanks!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Yoshis Adventure 1 German Version
Length: 18 levels
Author: SelfHack - Submitted by: selfhack
Description: Yoshi verläuft sich im Wald, auf einmal taucht ein böser Boo auf und versperrt den Weg zu seinem Dorfd,jetzt muss Yoshi den langen gefährlichen Weg durch die 8 Welten gehen. Ein Grosses Abenteuer für Yoshi, dabei muss er seine kleinen Freunde retten.


(Wenn du willst, übersetze ich dir das hier auf deutsch. Schreib mich einfach an.)

</generic translation offer> Anyway, let's see...

As you can see, all levels are accessible from the start. Unless that is intentional, you should try and learn how to properly make events.

Just wanted to point out that the Turn blocks look kind of weird when they're glowing.

Although the player is supposed to be Yoshi, there are still quite a few leftovers of Mario. I suggest you get rid of them.

The Lakitu here is invisble because of bad sprite memory settings. To fix it, click on the Laiktu button in LM and change the setting in the first menu - 0E usually works.

Now, this is not a removal reason, but I guess you've done that because you didn't know how to remove the glitched bottom of the goal post. To do that properly, just move the goal down one tile and then put ground over it. (Just thought I should let you know - this is not a must-fix.)

The event tiles are revealed in an incorrect order. Remember: They will show up in the same order you place them in the editor.

This pipe exit is set too low, so Yoshi kind of glitches out of it. Either make the pipe shorter or move the exit point up one tile.

The foreground palette here is just ugly to be honest. Use the same palette an original ghost house uses.

Might want to put some text in there.

Getting the silver switch when you're big is rather tedious. Why not raise the ceiling?
(By the way, if you somehow lose an item or powerup, you're pretty much stuck in the level until the time runs out. I highly recommend putting a door somewhere that leads back to itself, so that the level will be reset when you enter it.)

Just my opinion (not a removal reason), but having Yoshi ride a Yoshi is just... weird, to say the least.

The corner tile on the right side of the bridge is wrong. Here's a picture to explain why:

All of your Piranha Plants look like this - the only thing you ever see is the head. I know you've done that because the stem is glitched, but this is not too good of a solution either. You should either get rid of the plants or learn how to fix their graphics.

This pipe cuts off the ground a little.

Yoshi glitches up in Castle levels. Make sure to put a "No Yoshi" intro at the beginning.

("This level shows you the first level of Super Mario Bros., just a little harder.")
Eh... Remakes like this are frowned upon, even when the level's changed a bit. I suggest you make a new, original level for that.

When the Turn Block spins, the muncher on top of it looks like it's floating. :/

You forgot the "Candle Flames in Background" generator here. Not only here, but in almost all of your castle levels. Make sure to put in in every level that has this background.

The blocks ad the pipe cut off the water. (Also, Mario's swimming frames are still visible, but that was already covered.)

Same here - the clouds cut off the Bullet Bill shooters a bit.

More cutoff - below the spring board and above Yoshi (the ledge in the ground). Try making some edge tiles for these.

Having translucent blocks connect pipes doesn't look too good.

You can literally enter these pipes - make sure to block the right side of the pipes to prevent this from happening.

Empty message. No one can ever tell what you wanted to share with us here.

This P-switch only became visible after I grabbed it - again a sprite memory issue.

Again, the candle flames generator is missing. Also, the ground has an odd palette.


Sometimes, Wendy refuses to show up fully and only her bow is visible. Don't know what's causing this - maybe you've changed the position of the pipes?

There are some corner tiles missing here (a few on the main overworld too).

Sprite memory issues again. Also, the stems' palette in the first screenshot could be better.

The ground here looks kind og glitched - you should at least change its palette.

When you jump when running at full speed, you can look over the treetops. To prevent this from happening, set the vertical scroll settings to "no vertical scroll".

This Buzzy Beetle's palette looks completely wrong.

When you go too far ahead here, the skull raft will disappear, leaving you stuck in this place. Again, a reset door or something would be helpful.

the ground is cutoff at the bottom.

No matter if they're Y-flipped or not, floating and/or stacked munchers (black Piranha Plants) are bad and pretty much an instant removal reason.

Looks like you forgot to change these level names.

I know, the original SMW had the same palette here, but if you could make it look better, that would be great.
(Also, again no candle flames.)

The last level makes you die when you enter it - this is not how an "End of Demo" level should look like. Put some ground there and enable side exits, just like in Yoshi's house, so the player can exit the level by walking left or right.

...Phew, that was a long post.

Overall, and considering its length, this was a pretty decent hack. Once you've fixed all the errors I pointed out, we can accept this here. Good luck. :)

Also, just in case you haven't read them yet, you should take a look at our Hack Submission Guidelines.

NAME: The Ice Floe
AUTHOR: Everandever
Please delete the other Version of this hack. This Version is much more recent. Thanks Mod.

This is The Ice Floe.

It's a hack on which I've worked quite a while now.

There are custom enemys to be fought.
Custom Levels to be explored. Custom palettes to be looked at.
A custom story to be confused by. There's also a custom Boss to fight.

So come on in, and search for the Ice Floe!


Like quite a few hacks submitted to this site, this one suffers from a blatant lack of playtesting. In order of appearance:

Sprite tile memory issues made half this P-Switch disappear. And speaking of which, it seems like you forgot to edit its "pressed" graphics.

More sprite memory issues turning sprites completely invisible.

The Big Boo is obviously not compatible with the Boo ceiling, given how he keeps teleporting around the level. How in the world did you manage to not notice this?

The coins here won't come back even if you go through the reset door; place them out of Direct Map16 Access instead so that they do.

If you are going to edit the graphics for something, make sure that you actually edit all its frames.

Why is this tile acting like a slope?

If I have to tell you what's wrong with this picture, you shouldn't be submitting your hacks here in the first place.

It's kind of hard to capture in a picture, but going into this pipe with a Yoshi and then jumping off him allowed me to get a second, invisible one (which can't use its tongue, but you can still jump off it). Use the ? block with a Yoshi egg instead to void this.

The ladder below Mario has a bad palette. (And yes, you can get the secret exit even without the blue switch blocks activated [if those were supposed to be green so that you actually could activate them, you might be interested in knowing that they weren't], since you were nice enough to provide both a Yoshi and a blue shell in the level.

Bad FG initial positioning.

Waterfalls made out of original SMW water tiles just look bad and cutoff.

There is no technical difference between Yoshi's message and a normal level message, meaning that it destroys the layer 3 background in just the same way. Again, stuff like this is really easy to notice if you actually bother to test your levels.

This passage is pretty much a forced hit, and trying to stand up in it results in Mario glitching through the ground most of the time.

Made Yoshi grow up before that tiny passage? Too bad; now you're pretty much dead. Though in fact you most likely would be anyway, since that jump is fairly hard even with spamming rewinds like there was no tomorrow.

? blocks don't really work as they should with the Switch Palace tileset.

Just like in the original Super Mario World, this corner tile isn't solid. The difference is that Nintendo put an invisible solid block sprite over the tile, something you didn't.

Destroying the Green Switch Palace makes another one show up some distance above? what in the world

This just doesn't make any sense. that supposed to be a Yoshi egg? Because it sure doesn't look like one.

Let me quote the last removal log of this hack here:

Originally posted by Kristian

Why do you expect the player to know that the passages with two, three, or five coins mean that they will get a Koopa to the head, while the ones with one or four coins are safe? As far as I know, prime numbers have never been used as a symbol for danger.

Why does this remind me of Vanilla Secret 1?

...perhaps because the upper half of the level is pretty much identical to it? Yes, I suppose that could be it.

I mean, even the sublevel is not very changed from its original state.

Apart from the fact that you replaced the secret exit with a pipe that leads back to the start of the level, that is.

The palette of the small Goombas are horrible, and the feet of the big one seems to be using the wrong colour as well.

As for the secret exit, allow me to quote the previous removal log again:

Originally posted by Kristian

This part is stupid and unfair.


Once you find this star (Which needs to have SOME indication to where it is.) if you're big, you're screwed.

You haven't changed this at all since the last version. When the hack moderators point out that something is bad, wouldn't it be a good idea to, y'know, change it?

The secret exit reveals a level down there, which there isn't any way for me to get to.

When I enter Yoshi's House from the "NOT DONE YET" level, the birds fall through the ground and then reappear at the top. And if I bring the P-Switch through the pipe, that falls as well.

And speaking of which, let me tell you why using level 0 for your end-of-demo level isn't a very good idea:

You didn't really think this through, did you?

And no, going through the pipe and exiting through Yoshi's House doesn't work either:

And finally, the titular Ice Floe level.

The amount of sense this doesn't make is astounding.

There are quite a few ways that you can get stuck with no ways to progress: entering the level before pressing the green switch, entering it without having Yoshi, killing the Koopa, and, most notably, pressing the P-Switch before having noticed the invisible passage that the coin arrow points to. The problem? Those coins are of the type that won't show up until you press the P-Switch. I am sorry, but there is only one proper response to that:

Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Playtest your hacks before submitting them. Please.

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NAME: A Generic SMW Hack
AUTHOR: Error 52
Demo, probably not going to finish.


SelinSo come on in, and search for the Ice Floe!


This has to be some sort of joke.

The first level is a copy of that one level in the Special World of Kaizo Mario 2 immortalized by ProtonJon, except with all of the pits blocked off and most (but not all) of the munchers acting like cement blocks.

The second level has quite a few invisible coin block traps that make you fall into more blocked-off pits...

...and ends with a section of not quite pixel-perfect jumping.

The next level starts off with a section of completely invisible ground, then proceeds to almost trap you with invisible coin blocks, and then ends with a Kaizo trap that doesn't kill you.

The fourth level features twelve screens of turn blocks spelling out "TEST BUT ITS NOT ROYS ONE", a ghost house room with spikes that don't kill you and a vine that doesn't spawn if you bring Yoshi, and a Big Boo Boss where the ground (surprise!) is completely invisible.

And the final level ("cleverly" titled "#1 NOT ROY'S CASTLE") starts off with more non-traps...

...and then leads you into a black room with no music (presumably to make you think the game has crashed; the jumping sound effects kind of give it away).

Next stop is the not-so-endless bonus game...

...and then you are unceremoniously dumped in front of the goal post.

And speaking of which:

This is what happens if you enter a room with the bonus game sprite and then proceed to get to the bonus game at the end of the level: a true endless bonus game.

SMWC doesn't accept joke hacks anymore, especially ones like this. While blocking off pits with invisible blocks and making munchers act like cement blocks might be kind of funny once or twice, repeating the same gimmick over and over in such painfully obvious ways completely ruins it.
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Hack Name: I Can't Believe It's One Level! - 44.7 KB - 62 downloads.
Length: 5 exits
Author: Ant 68 - Submitted by: Ant 68
Description: A Rom Hack That Goes Through Different Elements of Mario. (ex. Ice, Cave, Ghost House etc.) There is more than 1 level but they are all bonus levels. Good Luck.

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Name: Extreme Mario (demo)
Author: Ray321lolz
Description: (insert extreme description here)

-----Removal Reasons :o-----------------

(this is probably my longest removal log ever)

This hack makes me:

This hack was definately one of the worst I've moderated. I didn't even play through the second world, knowing it will probably be the same quality as the first. You have cutoff and bad palettes, cheap tricks, etc. 'round the hack. I had ~80 screenshots for the first world alone, though I shortened it (as some were duplicates of others... silly fingers of mine)

First of all, the border goes behind the scenery. Give it priority so it doesn't look weird. Second, don't put piranha plants behind dirt, because you can still interact with them.

The cement blocks are discolored. Move their colors to a seperate palette or something.

The border looks messed up at the corners. No biggie.

You can die in the intro level, meaning my lives can mess up. :<

First of all: why are the levels already unlocked? Second: I'm not much of an overworld nazi, but that cliff you have where the doors are at has a slight perspective error. Third: Why is Yoshi on the overworld when I'm clearly playing as Mario o_O

You have an easy-access 3up moon. Also, the coin sparkles and stuff are glitched. You probably replaced some tiles in GFX 00 and/or 01 that you shouldn't have.

Don't put ledges and stuff on the lowest layer in Lunar Magic, because it won't show up ingame.

Another easy-access 3up moon. These are supposed to be hard to find >:(

This fire powerup uses some odd palette. Also, I'm not too fond of the cement block color.

It also gives Mario an odd palette.

The bush tiles in the doorway look out-of-place. Second, the bounce tiles for the glass block are glitched. Use ExGFX to correct this.

The bounce tiles for these blocks are messed up too. Since you don't seem to use any of the sprites from the set, you don't need ExGFX.

Why can I collect these seemingly-solid blocks? Make them change GFX when one hits the switch.

I have no idea what these tiles are but they look glitchy.

When I hit the switch, and fly over here, these coins act solid. They also have a bad palette.

You said green turn blocks kill you, but these are brown! The status bar also has a messed-up palette.

Flat boring terrain. Spice it up, even a few enemies should do the trick.

(I'm at the top-left, if you can't find me) This tile acts like tile 25. Make sure you didn't mess anything up in the Map16.

ZOMG I CNA SEES A YELLOW KOOPAH The screen doesn't stop scrolling at the pipe :(

I exit out of the pipe too low. You can either move Mario's position higher or make the pipe longer. Also, the goal spheres are using glitchy graphics. Fix them pl0x.

There's some piece of a pipe at the bottom of the screen, below where I'm standing.

... this is kinda pointless. Also, the slope's interaction is glitched, like, I can go through it when I'm on it.

As mentioned, don't put stuff on the lowest level in LM.

Tiny cutoff where the slope meet the cement block.

WHy does Chuck have an odd-colored fayce?

Bad FG and BG palette. Also, this place looks alot like that one bonus room in SMW.

When the music ends, I am stuck here. You should probably remove the glass blocks and make the pipe an exit <_<

You can go inside the pipe. This is the reason Nintendo never let you go underneath the slanted pipes, they always covered it somehow.

When the switch is not pressed these act like coins. I recommend you don't have the player require a P-switch at the level end, because it is a slight Kaizo trap, and if the player messes up the fading at the end messes up too. Also, you are able to go through the rest of the level as if you are underwater.

My cape in the item box turned into Rip Van Fish! You probably accidentally all of SP1 <_<

It looks like you did. Also, the background has some glitched tiles.

(lol69) This time-giving block uses glitched bounce graphics, probably due to you replacing SP1.

There's a cutoff corner directly below me. Also, the thing I'm facing has an odd palette, fix it up.

... no (also, all those blocks have a bad palette)

When I hit the switch, these all still act solid. Make them not use the "Used block" GFX.

Piranha plants are visible behind the blocks. Place them elsewhere.

The top of the BG has glitched GFX. Very unpleasant.

The midway pole's palette is sdgfsdf.

... why the unecessary invisible blocks?

These blocks also seem to serve for nothing other than annoyance.

(damn status bar blocking) this 5up block sends out a glitched 5up sign.

...why are there invisible blocks here? At least use some sort of guidance as to tell where they are.

SHINY Another glitched 5up

Also, in this level alone, my cape seems to disappear (can be seen in the previous pic as well). It's probably because of all the damn Ludwig Fireballs you put ;A;

(revisiting that other level) The midway pole can be seen up here. Make it shorter so it doesn't do this.

... this level must be glitched or something, because all the graphics are messed up.

This part was kinda annoying, and abit hard to do.

Even the goal is messed up. Check that you didn't insert the wrong GFX file.

Make the FG starting position higher so the camera doesn't scroll up to Mario.

There is a visible glitched tile in the background. Also, these wierd Blumieres weird tiles have a bad palette.

Fish just passes through the blocks like a ghost. So gangsta

If I take one of these throw blocks, it creates cutoff. Also, the logs create tiny cutoff at the ends.

When I touched that middle bad-palette cloud thingy, it threw me down and killed me. Not sure why that happened... (also, jumping from cloud-thingy to cloud-thingy was kinda annoying)

I cannot go under here! MOMMY!

I float over the water o_O. It still seems to act like normal water for enemies. Also, the level seemed to loop forever. I don't know why, maybe you forgot to put an exit, or you just felt like annoying me D:

If the level is incomplete then why include it? ¯\(°_o)/¯

... trippiest level I've seen. There's invisible tiles everywhere.

There's also cutoff everywhere. The level seemed unbeatable. I'm assuming it's incomplete, so I'll move on.

The hole only looks like a hole when the background's color is black. Else it looks weird.

The block boo has a bad palette (under my lives)

the 5-eerie group became a 2-eerie pair. You probably have too many sprites on-screen, or the sprite memory setting is wrong.

Fix the capitalization. You capitalize like every other word, lulz. Also, unecessary Layer 3 water tiles in message.

the boss fight was a fsck. This happened to me (I am unable to kill the koopa); plus, the time limit is way too short.

And that's it. As I said, I didn't play through the whole thing, and I hope you apply what I told you here to the rest of your levels. Make sure you acquire BETA TESTERS, play through some FEATURED HACKS, and, overall, PLAY THROUGH YOUR OWN HACK. You should also read the FAQ. I hope my excessive screaming got through your head, and I hope to see this hack corrected :)
Hack Name: Super Pika Land Ultra v1.5
Length: 16 levels
Author: Doownayr89 - Submitted by: Doownayr89
This hack is vanilla with the exception of a few graphical and hex edits. There are now two more worlds available this time. Enjoy!

I really liked this hack; it's level design, graphics, and palettes really made the levels fun and enjoyable. However, there were only a couple things that prevented it from getting accepted that you could fix easily.


These steep slopes are used in the wrong tileset. Just a simple click and switch should fix this.

The game crashed after entering this pipe. O_o I have no clue why.

That's about it, just fix these and you are guaranteed an accepted hack! You also get bonus points for including Raichu in your hack! :3

Removal: "Super Mario in Lila Land"
Author: selfhack
Description: "Peach wurde von Bowser entführt."

Bitte lesen Sie die Richtlinien für die Einreichung Hack vor unterbreiten Ihnen Ihr wieder zu hacken.
Auch ich spreche kein Deutsch.

Hack Moderation

Hack Name: Motormaster's challange graphics updated Demo - 317.5 KB - 23 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: Motorm - Submitted by: Motorm
Description: Its still three levels long and has A silly story... So enjoy... I actually got the graphics to work.

Title Screen

1: Do not use letters with a black background; use the transparent ones instead.
2: "Challange" is misspelled; it should be spelled as "Challenge".

First Overworld

This overworld isn't the prettiest out there.. the ocean and the land has a hideous palette, the hill to the top-left has a strange graphics change, and the orange circles show "cut-off".

Motorm's House

To start off the issues in this level, we have a strange glowing chimney and a stack of cement blocks covering the left of the entrance.

Next, a small spelling homophone error.
*you're (your)

..And for our main course, we have glitched Super Koopa graphics (which are an instant-removal reason), followed by floating birds, with a dash of "The Muncher Run" to create a not-so-tasty dish.

About halfway through the run, we have a repeating message box.

My secret stash

..So the secret stash is an unchanged level?

The Master Sword

1: The message has an error.
*Luigi (luig)
Also, the pawprint is slightly "cut-off", but I wouldn't worry too much about that.
2: Your level is seemingly made completely out of cement blocks. Add some landscape.

The cement blocks seem to make an alright transition to the slope, so I'm fine with that. However, I'm not fine about the dirt connecting to nothingness.

This level is unchanged from the original.

Mario is shot out from nothing. Please make it so that he is shot out from something.

...What giant sword are you referring to? Also, this message seems entirely funky. Try:
Hmm, a giant
sword. Well, that
was crazy. Well, I
will just forget
about it for now.

..Oh, so I'm at the bottom of the giant "sword". Anyway, I know the 3-up moons are impossible to reach, but it just seems strange to put them there.

Repeating message block. You can only have two messages per level.

..What exactly is Mario supposed to do here? He just walks into a wall of blocks.

Also, it may not look like it, but this level is actually an edit of the original 105. Please "Ctrl+Delete" your levels to start from scratch.

Main Overworld

Even more bad palettes to go around. In fact, it actually creates some "cut-off" from the corners to the water.

Yellow Switch Palace

Yep, this is indeed the Yellow Switch Palace. Please do NOT use SMW's levels. You're submitting a hack, not the original game.

There are several problems in this message.
"and ." And what? Connect the second half of the message with the first, but don't cover it with the Switch blocks.
"released" Around that part, you covered your message with the yellow switch blocks.

Design Testing...

The rope is cut from the clouds, which are cut from the arch ledge poles.

..So you sent a hack with an unfinished level just to get some opinions? You have "My Files" for that.

The rest of the level is just the same thing of this.

Yoshi's Island 3

*copy-pastes the first problem from the Yellow Switch Palace*

Oh, and once you beat the level, you can't go on. I'm assuming that is the end of this path though.

Bowser's Overworld

Oh, I forgot to mention that the palettes for the water and the palettes for the higher ground aren't the best.

This hack is a great sea of problems. You've got bad palettes, level edits, SMW's original levels, message problems, glitched graphics, "cut-off" everywhere in the hack, boring level design, and possibly more. I'm not really sure if you plan on re-submitting this hack, but if you do, you've got a lot to work on.

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Mario World 3 - 259.5 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 95 exits
Author: Kimimaru - Submitted by: Kimimaru
Description: A hack designed in a similar manner to Nintendo's Super Mario World. This is a hack I have been working on very slowly for roughly four years. 90-95% of the levels came straight out of my head, since I originally made this hack to test my skills at making levels without planning them. Although the hack has no ExGFX or ASM, it still has ample challenges to offer to players and is not recommended for beginners.

Please note that this hack contains a completely optional Special World that is filled with levels that cannot be beaten without tools; I made them to test my skills at making difficult levels. Fortunately, you don't need to complete them to achieve 100% (all 95 exits) in this hack.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the hack!
Author PM'ed me saying that some guy PM'ed him telling him a way to improve the title screen so the creator asked me to delete it. :P
Luigi and the power scepters
Author: Luigi, Look !
Hack ID: 1307

Originally posted by Hack Description

OK now everything is fixed. No more glitches or bugs are found.

Enjoy and feel free to use anything from this hack. Just remember to give me credit.

I will finish it.


This hack has since been found to be a .RAR format file. Hack submissions should be in the .ZIP format. Unfortunately, just like I had to do to various ExGFX files minutes ago, there are a couple of hacks that also have to be removed for this reason.
Mario and the prison pipe World 1
Author: kokojo
Hack ID: 1172

Originally posted by Hack Description

Mario and the prison pipe world 1.

Leave comments and suchs, and please visit my hack tread to force me to continue.

Special thanks to ran and kunio.


This is the only other hack, luckily, that had to be removed for being a .RAR format file. Remember, make your hack submissions .ZIP files!
NAME: SM_ Escape From YI (Updated)
AUTHOR: Koopinator113
Hi! My updated demo is here! Mods please delete my previous version-thanks! Anyway, I inserted more rooms, sprites and much more! If you want to take something from this hack (eg. a sprite or GFX replacment) please ask for my permission first- Thanks again, and enjoy!


You are off to a rather decent start, but there is still quite a bit of polishing needed.

You can hear Mario jump around above the screen - use the hex edit to disable his movement completely.

Some sort of level markers would be nice, as would an actual level progression instead of every level being available from the start.

The white outline of the springboard ball looks kind of weird, and one of the frames when you jump on it is completely blank.

How am I supposed to be able to get those coins? D:

Looks like Cutoffnessman ate one of the wooden platforms.

Something is blocking me from the right here (no, it isn't the arrow ball), and I have no idea what. Perhaps you assembled this slope wrongly?

I was going to point out that there is a custom Marching Milde sprite, but it doesn't seem to be released here, so never mind.

Not shown: The time limit for this level was 400 seconds. Some basic arithmetic gives that this level thus took 63 Mario seconds to complete, which if I am not mistaken translates to 43 real-life seconds. tl;dr - this level is kind of very short, and should probably be extended.

Your donut blocks donut seem to work. *shot*

I assume that the bouncy ball was to allow me to get up to the ledge on the right, since there doesn't seem to be anywhere else for me to use it. In any case it is completely pointless, since I can just jump up there normally.

The pipe exit from this bonus room...

...led me back to the start of the sublevel, which seems kind of redundant. It's only three screens, but a secondary entrance so that the pipe goes back to the place you first entered it would be nicer.

Don't have two-tile doors like this one act like normal door tiles, or you won't be able to enter them from the middle, which is very unintuitive. Have it act like the boss door instead.

As for the boss itself, you might want to spread those light sparkles out a bit more; as it is, if I start with the top one, I can collect all three with the boss barely having time to move in between, finishing the battle in less than ten Mario seconds. And speaking of which, if you don't enter the "bonus" room, the entire level itself is easily cleared in less than 50, making this another case of a level that should be extended.

Would you please move the rolling flower thing away from Mario a bit, so that you get some time to react?

It's kind of hard to see with the dark background, but there's a bit of cutoffness where the ceiling meets the dirt.

Can't find Mario? He fell down a random one-tile-deep hole behind that crystal. I get the feeling that thing is supposed to sit on top of the ground, not in it.

Those spikes hurt Mario even on the sides that aren't pointy, which doesn't make a very large amount of sense. Either use a custom block that only hurts Mario from above, or place the spikes a bit further down so you can't touch them from the sides.

You can't see it in the screenshot, but someone apparently froze that lava. Those bubbles are completely static.

Due to the way you set these things up, Mario can fall through the slope here.

The Podoboos are leaving trails of yellow Tap-Tap's feet, which seems kind of odd.

Make up your mind already, Koopa! Are you green or red?

Or, for that matter, SMW- or YI-styled?

What's the point of the spinny arrow thingy when I can just climb the ledges?

The pseudo-background tiles are kind of cutoff here.

Again, the boss is kind of anti-climactic; just stand in the corner and jump when it charges, and it's done for. I think that a bigger platform (just set the sprite to process offscreen so it won't disappear) and some other obstacles would improve this battle quite a bit.

...someone remind me why I took this screenshot.

The bonus room kind of stands out with its non-YI graphics and music. And speaking of music, the title screen uses the default SMW track is well. This is definitely not a removal reason, but something you should consider if you are trying to make this look as professional as possible.

Lastly, something that can't be shown in screenshots: I think you used some bad version of Addmusic (Romi's one or Carol's Japanese one are what you should be using, or addmusic_m if you can get that to work), since just about every track in the game loops badly.

As I said, this is decent enough, but you still have quite some way to go.

EDIT: fixed broken images
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NAME: Luigi's islands demo 1
AUTHOR: yoshiguy978
Story:Bowser have stolen all of Luigi's islands and Peach, Luigi sets off with his airship to regain control.
This hack features:
custom sprites
custom music
custom GFX.


Better than last time, but still quite some way from getting accepted.

The music still goes completely silent after the title screen has gone through the first iteration. If you can't fix it, you should probably just disable the title screen looping altogether.

All of those commas should be periods.

What's with the dot to the left of the L?

Always remember to remove testing pipes like this one before submitting your hack.

Oh, and when you decide to use that quicksand in a real level you probably shouldn't used glitched stagnant water tiles for it.

These are just as cutoff as they were in the last removal log.

I still don't quite get the point of having two different bonus rooms in a row, but that might just be me.

Why did you break this secondary entrance? It worked fine in the last version...

Luigi's overworld graphics still look kind of off, with odd-coloured and misplaced pixels here and there.

I think you forgot to edit Luigi's fire palette.

A bit of slowdown here. Not quite enough to warrant the title of Major, though... Private Slowdown, perhaps? [/bad_pun]

Someone perforated Yoshi's tongue D:

This Shy Guy seems to have suicidal tendencies. You should probably put him a bit further away from the ledge if you want him to actually be a threat and not throw himself off it.

Sliding into a Tap-Tap the Tap-Tap the Tap-Tap-Tap shocks him so much that he freezes in mid-air and forgets all about hurting you. Please place him somewhere else to save him from having to undergo the lengthy rehabilitation process.

The midway point is kind of discoloured.

Are these two arrows supposed to mean something, or are they just contradicting each other for the fun of it?

The pipe cuts off where it meets the ground.

As the screenshot plainly shows, the music stopped playing when I entered this area for whatever reason.

Not exactly a removal reason, but the ending kind of clashes a bit with the rest of the level.

The bridge tiles closest to Luigi shouldn't have water behind them.

Why does Luigi start in mid-air in this level?

Many parts of this level seemed very empty, and even the ones that didn't were kind of uninspired: just a whole lot of YI air gust thingies and ghost guys on bridges. You should probably consider remaking it entirely.

The goal post is both floating and cutoff.

Kind of minor, but it seems odd not to be able to walk on these bridge tiles when they look identical to the ones in the rest of the level that you can interact with.

More of an oddity than an actual removal reason; why does the first part of the switch palace use custom music, while the second half uses the default SMW track? Oh, and that pink-and-yellow background doesn't look too nice.

The Acts Like setting for these blocks should be 130 (cement block), not 12C (translucent glass block).

I jumped over the wall next to the switch searching for secrets, and ended up trapped down here D:

This is why the switches were placed on the bottom of the screen in Super Mario World.

The right side of the waterfall is missing an edge tile.

The Thwimp hits the ceiling and falls in the hole before he can possibly be a threat.

Bad foreground initial positioning for the midway entrance.


Half of the bricks to Luigi's right seem to be missing.

*Grassy Hills

Remember, names of places should always be capitalized.

A blank level called "#2 MORTON'S CASTLE" with an empty message? I assume this is some sort of code for "End of Demo".

While it's nice to see that you fixed the biggest issue from the last version (so no Ersanuke this time), there is still quite a bit left to do. Just keep working, and eventually you might get this accepted.
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Link Thread Closed