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The Hack Removal Log

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Hack Moderation

Hack Name: The Pikachu Crisis Demo One - 176.8 KB - 62 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: $&PiKaChU-FaN%$ - Submitted by: $&PiKaChU-FaN%$
Description: This is my hack i am making and it is only a beta so please enjoy my smw hack =)

Title Screen
Straight off the bat, we have a problem. No, it's not that there's nothing on the title screen, or that the clouds have a strange palette; the demo player DIES in it, meaning that you are permanently stuck playing on the title screen level.
Also, the palette makes the text almost unreadable.

Put a period after "Coins" and capitalize the "if".
Since you didn't put the Side Exit, the player is PERMANENTLY STUCK in this level.

Mudkip Isle
I'd place a path on the overworld that shows the player where to go, since the player doesn't know which direction to head over to.

Challenge One
Unless my color-blind-ness is acting up, that thunderbolt in the reserve is green, which seems strange.
If I get on the platform too early, I'm guaranteed a hit at this part.
Extend the ground further to avoid creating "cut-off".
I'm not really considering this a removal reason, but.. since when does a Yoshi egg look like a Pokemon Trainer?
It seems that you need to sacrifice Yoshi to make this jump; however, I need Yoshi for the other area ahead. Could you make this place more possible and passable?
After beating the level, it sent me back to Korana Fortress.

After beating Challenge One, it seemed to send me on a path through 3 other levels with are all the same as Challenge One.
Only then did I realize why it was left like this: it was a BETA. Please submit your hack ONLY when it's 100% complete either as a demo or a full hack.


Well, that's it. You've got a bunch of problems that are serious.

1: You die in the title screen.
2: You can be stuck in ???.
3: You have three extra level dots of "Challenge One".
4: You sent a BETA. Send the complete demo/full hack when it's FINISHED, not a BETA.

Also, I thought it was a bit strange how it was easy on the first two levels, and then the difficulty jumped on the third level. Anyway, please fix those problems as well as the minor ones, and resubmit your hack if you wish.

The Pikachu Crisis Demo One
Author: $&PiKaChU-FaN%$
Hack ID: 4066

Originally posted by Hack Description
This is my hack i am making and it is only a beta so please enjoy my smw hack =)


It seems you already resubmitted this hack after it has been moderated. But before I even got to try it out, I noticed... your hack is a .RAR file! Just like the past 2 hacks I have removed, this one has to be removed because only .ZIP files are allowed. No, putting a .RAR file *into* a ZIP file, like you did, does not count. Sorry.
Hack Name: The Pikachu Crisis Demo One
Length: Unknown
Author: $&PiKaChU-FaN%$ - Submitted by: $&PiKaChU-FaN%$
Description: This is my hack i am making and it is only a beta so please enjoy my smw hack =)

Originally posted by $&PiKaChU-FaN%$
This is my hack i am making and it is only a beta so please enjoy my smw hack =)

The only problem is, this ISN'T your hack. It's someone else's hack, which you apparently edited without permission to use anything apart from graphics. The Nintendo Presents screen even still has the original author's name on it.

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
2b) Do not steal content.
Any hack containing content that was used or copied without permission (i.e. stolen) will be removed. Additionally, unless you have the explicit permission of a hack's author, you may not upload a hack that was created by another person. The only exception to this rule are any hacks that were lost in the 2008 hack database wipe.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Removal: "Icaradori Islands"
Author: ITR
Description: "My second try on a hack, this time not kaizo-a-like ;->
6 levels with yoshi house palaces and ending"

Not a valid screenshot. In fact, barely any of the supplied screenshots are valid. Why can't you use the built-in screenshot tool in SNES9x or ZSNES? O_o

Name: Super Kyro World
Author: Houndmastaj
Description: Kaizo like hack with no GFX, but there is also no invisible coinblocks, it is all possible to beat and is pretty fun in my opinion

1.) Your patch is broken and crashes upon entering a level. TEST YOUR PATCHES BEFORE UPLOADING.
2.) We don't accept Kaizo hacks. There's a thread on the forums for playing and discussing them, though.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 3
Author: blueyosh
Description: After a year of delay, Super Mario Thousand Islands demo 3 is finally out! SMTI has custom Blocks, Sprites, GFX, and Music. It also has raccoon Mario, power down, subpop, and more!

Removal Reasons :o

So, like, this hack was pretty c00l. However, there were a few things that made me reconsider whether I should pass it or not.

So, like, here we go.

Yeah, I went pretty far in the game before I found any errors. As you can see, you cannot adjoin a slope and a wall. You will have to put a corner piece there.

There seems to be a Podoboo somewhere. However, after this it doesn't seem to reappear.

Just a matter of personal taste, but the foreground blends in a little too much with the BG. No biggie.

The FG setting here is a fsck. Change it via the door with a 1 on it in LM. Also, all of your levels that have water don't have spriye buoyancy turned on, so sprites just fall through the water as if it was air.

The yellow Cheep Cheep can fly in midair. The laws of nature here seem to be absent.

After I had collected the Yoshi coin, and I came back, the water tile that was there got cut off.

Sense = none. Don't give the player access to the other side of a wall.

As you can see, you supplied a little too little of a time limit. In fact, I had to cheat by turning the water flag off and race over here. Maybe it's because I was doing my moddy business, who knows.

When the blocks are hit, lolcutoff is created with the wall. Also, the status bar is using odd colors.

When I brought Yoshi into this boss fight, his body disappeared, and his tongue was glitched. For the first, make sure you are using the correct sprite memory setting. For the second, use ExGFX.

Status bar colors here are also messed up abit.

When I enter the pipe I disappear. Not much of a problem, but these things always bother me D:


Also, Yoshi's last sentence makes no sense :/

NNOOOOOOO I LOST MY BALLOON!!!!11123r</spiderman2reference>

A reset pipe here would be good.

I'm so picky, I notice one little thing in the background didn't fade at level end (light-bluish small square)

As you can see, I can loose Yoshi here, due to the Bumpty hitting me as I do the peace sign. Move the Bumpty away from the finish.

C'est tout. Just brush up on these, and you should be good to go :>

Name: Super Mario World: A Search for Better Graphics
Author: wiiqwertyuiop
Description:Update:Fixed some graphical errors.

This game has a variety of different games so see if you know any.

You forgot to fix this:

How fortunate that it was in your provided screenshot so I didn't have to play this to notice.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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My Hacks:

Super Mario World 3: Bowser's Vortex. [BETA]
Author: SMBStudios
Hack ID: 4101

Originally posted by Hack Description
Here is the beta version on SMW3: Bowser's Vortex. It is easy but enjoyable. :3


Your patch is corrupted. I could not even make it past the intro screen, not that your hack would have been accepted with such a glitched title screen anyway.

Use the SMW Clean ROM verifier to check if the base SMW ROM you use for your patch is "clean". (meaning that the original SMW ROM used was unmodified and un-tampered with)
Sorry, your hack approval is in another castle.
Hack Name: Super Mario X Mix - 189 KB - 38 downloads.
Length: 4 exits
Author: selfhack - Submitted by: selfhack
Description: Story: Peach wurde entführt und Mario muss sie rettten.


-I can send you a German version of the removal log if you are not good at English. Just tell me if you need one through a PM and I'll translate it for you.
First of, this hack doesn't have many reasons to get removed and most should be easy to fix. If you fix and resubmit the hack I'll gladly accept it.
Let's start with the title screen.

This isn't a removal reason, but still a pretty common mistake that you should fix. Water should connect to a solid edge, and not anything you can walk through.

This bush is missing a tile. Just add it. The whole level had quite some other cutoffs, but those were the SMB1 graphics which even had some cutoffness in SMAS and you don't need to fix them.

While the idea is creative, it does look pretty odd. Not a removal reason though.

The level is called Yellow Switch but it looks green on the overworld. You should fix it's colour.

The switch palace itself was pretty pointless. There was just one room with a pipe that lead to the switch. It's just a tip, but you should make the switch palace a level. Maybe put a puzzle in the room before the switch or something to make it more interesting.

This needs to be fixed too; You can re-enter the switch palace, and you are forced to kill yourself if you do go in again. Either make the switch palace un-enterable after beating the level (recommended) or you could place a side-exit in the switch palace so you can get out again without having to kill yourself. Both methods would be okay.

If you have a cape in the fortress level (the entrance part) you can use it to fly to the right until you go to an unedited part of a SMW level. Please remove all that, since it looks glitchy and unedited SMW levels aren't allowed.

Inside the fortress the screen started very low. Play around with the foreground starting position a bit until it starts where Mario is and not below him. The water is also cutoff and just ends on the bottom. Put ground below the water.

After going through the door that appeared after pressing the P-switch there was just a room with boss music and a goal. As a tip, you should change the music to something normal or actually put a boss there. Again not a removal reason.

Having a "end of demo" level is good, but make sure you put a side exit here too.

Thats pretty much it, the hack was rather short but the level design was quite good. Keep working on the hack, and resubmit it when you fixed it.
Hack Name: The Mario Game
Length: 18 levels
Author: Splug - Submitted by: Splug
Description: This is my first hack so don't expect a whole lot. I'm not saying it's bad though! It's a pretty standard vanilla hack. If there are any glitches you can fix them yourself or contact me.


The IPS patch doesn't work. Make sure the ROM you're using is clean, and test your patch before submitting it.
NAME: Legend of Mario
AUTHOR: Fried Yoshi Eggs
A very storyline based hack. Be sure to play it to get in depth with the epicness. Also, first submited hack!


For being a first hack, this is surprisingly good. However, you do have one game-breaking error that prevents me from being able to accept this:

According to Lunar Magic, there was supposed to be one of those rotating platforms here. However, no matter what I did, it just didn't seem to want to appear, meaning that I was unable to continue.

Apart from that, there was also some minor stuff that it'd be nice if you fixed:

It is a good idea to avoid getting more than one powerup at a time turing the title screen demo, given how the reserve one just kind of sitting there at the top of the screen seems kind of odd.

Bushes with layer priority enabled are best placed directly on the ground, instead of on jump-through platforms like this one.

Your events cut off the trees. HINT: Removing each tree one at a time before creating the paths would make this look better.

If I jump on top of the ceiling I can fall down here and die, which doesn't make much sense.

Minor, but you seem to have forgotten to enable sprite buoyancy here, since the Buzzy Beetle shell doesn't interact with the water at all.

The midway point reappears after I get it and die. Place it out of Extended Objects instead of Direct Map16 Access to avoid this.

The block has some odd green discolouring on it.

Why is there an invisible ceiling here?

If you are going to move the item box, you should probably also move the place where items dropped from it are spawned.

This is not a very nice midway point entrance; if you don't react immediately, Mario falls through the water and dies. Could you please have him start out on solid ground instead?

I wouldn't exactly count this as a removal reason, but you might want to note that using the L and R buttons to scroll into the activation range of an autoscrolling command makes the game freeze. I have no idea how you would fix it, and there is really no reason to use the camera scrolling in that level at all, so don't worry too much about it.

...why does Mario start out in midair?

Seems like you forgot to place a midway entrance for this level.

It seems strange that while Mario goes in front of the water, he is still blocked by objects that go behind it.

Since only one of the two holes in the ceiling actually teleports you when you jump up to it, you can go through the other one, fall down to the left of the entrance pipe, and die.

By wedging myself in between your invisible ceiling and the ground, I can sort of glitch through the ground and get myself stuck here.

Hitting the message box (or, in the case of this hack, a piece of parchment) causes the layer 3 background to disappear. (also, how in the world can something that's not alive in the first place undergo mutations?)

For some reason, the shell I brought with me from the last room doesn't interact with the layer 2 objects at all.

This room is just strange. After hitting the midway point and activating the autoscroll, I get the blocks from the first part of the level zooming by several times without me being able to interact with them.

A bit of slowdown here.

Oh no! I killed them all! D:

Replacing the powerups with blocks that look like them will both get rid of the slowdown and have them not go up in puffs of smoke when Wendy bites the dust, so I would recommend doing that.

...why is Mario climbing the path?

I didn't even need the springboard to get up here; a running jump did the trick.

My Yoshi suddenly turned yellow when entering this level. Having your custom Koopa graphics use the second half of the palette would avoid the need for you to change the colours used by the more global sprites.

Was this switch supposed to be red? Because after this level, empty red switch blocks started appearing, while I don't recall ever seeing a single yellow one in the entire hack.

Some layer priority oddities.

Getting back after collecting the Dragon Coin in the little alcove here was ridiculously hard.

A quarter of the Spiny egg is missing due to bad sprite tile memory settings.

While I can't see the pipe until I press the P-Switch, I can still stand on it.

Bringing a Buzzy Beetle up from the underground section fossilizes it into a permanently stunned piece of cutoff rock.

The fadefix patch is your friend.

More sprite tile memory errors.

The fire kills me almost before it is even out of the cannon D:

And finally, some grammar and spelling errors.


*story of






*Grandpa Star

*a while



(Also, that message is kind of pointless, given how it is placed in the fourth level. The player will notice this by himself after beating the first one.)




Also what.


And again, having a message like this after a vine climbing section almost merits an okuufacepalm.jpg.


If that doesn't fit as it is, just get rid of the empty line below the -Mario- text.



Well then. You know what to do; now get to fixing! None of this should be anything hard to fix up, and once you do, I'll gladly accept the hack.
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Adventure Time with Mario and Yoshi!
Author: bowser1625
Hack ID: 4105

Originally posted by Hack Description
A long game with a big map, almost every level edited (except star road and secret ones). This game is my most righteous game ever!


"Adventure Time with Mario and Yoshi!.smc"



You are banned for 72 hours...Roms are NOT allowed! Upload your hack in .IPS format!
Hack Name: Sadow's World - 137.1 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: sadow200 - Submitted by: sadow200
Description: This is my first mario rom hack i hope you like it :)

1) You need a proper screenshot.
Originally posted by Submit A Hack Page
How to make a good screenshot:
Play your hack in Zsnes. When you want a screenshot hit F1. This should bring up a menu. The bottom option should say IMAGE FORMAT:. By selecting that option and pressing enter, you can switch between BMP and PNG. In this case, we want PNG. Now select SAVE SNAPSHOT and press enter. The image will be called <rom name> xxxx.png (where xxxx is a number) and will be saved in your Zsnes folder.

2) Bad patch. You need to get a clean rom. (This is what I mean by Bad Patch: Click.)
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns

Name: SMW Anchor Dimayeleze
Author: Luis David Melendez

Name: SMW Master Flare Edition
Author: Luis David Melendez

Name: SMW Otary Entaireth
Author: Luis David Melendez

Name: SMWV
Author: Luis David Melendez

Name: Super Mario World Koncritef Edition v0.60
Author: Luis Daniel Melendez Albelo - Submitted by Betatendo

Name: Super Mario World Magnum Vabyor
Author: Luis Daniel Melendez Albelo - Submitted by Betatendo

Name: Super Mario World New Gate Avanyft
Author: Luis Daniel Melendez Albelo - Submitted by Betatendo

ALL ROMS. Also at least one was edited off of someone else's hack without permission. Also multiple accounts. Also the hacks looked really crappy from the screenshots. Also I hate you I hate you I hate you.

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NAME: Extreme Mario/New Mario
AUTHOR: Ray321lolz
DESCRIPTION: All glithes fixed!!


Definitely one of the worst hacks I've ever played... All glitches fixed? Don't fool me...

Bad cement block palette in the title screen.

Glitched animation. Strange thingy in the middle of that door, too.

Glitched graphics as well.

Strange room again with strange graphics.

Why does this yellow stuff send me to a room in which I have to exit the level anyways? Also what's the block above me. And what's up with this whole hack???


I've just collected a moon. It was located under this orange/violet doors which are no doors, yellow stuff thingy enclosed by cement blocks. Way too easy.

These blocks kill Mario. Nearly all blocks which look like these but have a different palette kill him. Tell the player at least! Also bad status bar (common problem in your hack).

This is supposed to be a question sphere.

Cutoffness at the pipe + no way to get the 1-ups, I think.


Same room as in the original SMW + bad palettes + death trap = insta-failure

Glitched background

Weird GFX. Also these green blocks kill you as well.



Do you really think we let your garbled mess slip through our submission guidelines?

Annoying death trap as well. Because if I collect all invisible coins here, I'll be screwed.


Screwy Mario palettes. Also why the crap do I get here in this level? Isn't this the store level or something as well???

Vile Mario!!! #w{O.O}

Use proper grammar in your messages...

.. as well as correct graphics.

Strange stuff here again... The upper triangle is also not attached properly.

What's this breakable block here for? Also how does the player know that the green post turns coins into blocks and the brown does the opposite thing? I'd died once here because of that. (At least I was stuck.)

All in all, there are too many moons in your hack. All of them are too easy to be found as well..

I really have no clue what's up here, but the mist causes the status bar to scroll in the foreground...

The bottom row which the player does not see is full of munchers.

Another room full of blocks which use a crappy palette and which I have absolutely no clue what they are for, and do you really think this amount of sprites causes no slowdown?

You used the bottom row again. Also, this "path" simply led me to another moonymoonymoon.

Wha? The skulls suddenly disappeared!!! Also, the Blarggs look cutoff when jumping out of slopy lava, which has a bad palette.

Blind jump.

The bullet instantly hits you when you enter this room. I have also never udnerstood what this animated mess, Mario is in front of, is for.

A blind jump follows.


Fuck you!
I had lost my will to playtest every level from this point on. I went in random levels to see what's going on..

Boring part. What are the green blocks for? Deco?

Fight against Wendy while swimming. All right, but why does Mario get hurt with 60% while trying to hit her from above?

That's about it. What I haven't mentioned is that there's slowdown 90% of the time playing. And if I could give you any advice on how to improve on this. First of all, play through some hacks here, preferably the featured hacks in order to see what makes good level design and how new blocks are introduced to the player. You will learn what good, non-eyesearing palettes are, as well. Ged rid of all your graphical mess and improve on your level design. A plus is, that you are already able to use custom sprites and blocks.
If I can give you more advice, toss your current hack (or don't work on it anymore) and start a new one with an interesting plot, decent level design and clean graphics.
Why you should toss your old one? Because there are soooo many things that need to be worked on, but I don't think it would be worth it. This hack had no potential and was not fun at all and you would need a LOT of time to make something out of it, but then again, why not start on a new one? I guarantee that it will turn out waaay better!

I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 47, Overworld: 93%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Hack Name: BowserLand [DEMO 1]
Author: K3fka
Description: Mario has returned from his vacation to find that Bowser has captured not only his land, but the princess, too. Now he must go and defeat Bowser to restore peace.
This is my first hack, so I'm open to criticism.

In this demo, only the first world is done. The first world is called Iggy City, and I think it's pretty fun.

Note: This hack has been cancelled

--------Removal Reasons :o-------------------

Requested by the author.
NAME: Ultra Puzzle World! (DEMO!)
AUTHOR: Lunarde
There are NO reset doors except 1, but there will be in the redux so HAVE FUN!
Glitches needed...ZERO!


Originally posted by hack description
There are NO reset doors except 1


Yeah... It's quite easy to get stuck and have to wait out the timer and/or commit suicide. Normally I would just shout at you a bit about adding reset doors, but for a hack that's about solving puzzles with very short time limits, I have another idea: Disable the lives counter entirely. Punishing messups with forced death in levels as short as these won't matter very much if they can't give you a Game Over and force you to start the world over, and as long as you just keep adding ways to reset in the longer levels, there shouldn't be any cause for complaint.

Moving on:

I wouldn't exactly qualify it as a removal reason, especially since this is just an early demo version, but an edited title screen and intro would be nice.


And I'm pretty sure that the line break after "free" isn't necessary.

I would suggest choosing different graphics for your custom blocks; the two variations look very similar, as well as not looking that good with their current palette.

Someone ate the note block bounce sprite graphics for this level. And by the way, is the silver P-Switch supposed to have a use, or is it just there to confuse you?


And ironically enough, I think that you have been overthinking this puzzle, since you can just take the shell down the hole to the right and hit the ? block that way.

These badly coloured cement blocks kill me for whatever reason. Again, some better choice of graphics would probably be in order.

This jump, while kind of annoying, is still not the kind of challenge I would reward with a 3-up moon. Especially so since you placed it out of Direct Map16 Access, meaning that I can come back and collect it as many times as I want.

Some layer priority messups. Why not just replace this log with a standard rope?

You should probably make sure that those breakable blocks are solid to sprites as well.


Oh, and one more thing:

Originally posted by readme

Isn't a readme supposed to have some actually useful information? Because this just seems pointless to include.

Apart from the aforementioned issues this wasn't that bad of a puzzle hack, I guess... Then again, having your puzzles being based more on actively figuring things out and less on trial and error (example: all those different palette-swaps of the cement blocks acting different, without any explanation for most of them) could only be a good thing.
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Removal: "cool world"
Author: zock4
Description: "This is my first SMW hack. it contains coustom music, coustom blocks and coustom graphics. Enjoy playing. Yoshis house is also a level."

It does not matter if you have custom music/ASM/blocks/art in your hack. It DOES matter if you use them properly.

Floating stacked munchers are instant delete material. And it's just the title screen. Fun!

Don't edit this level. It messes with the ending.

I don't care what anyone else says, this is an impossible obstacle.

*It will help you rescue Peach!

Okay, extremely unfair. Bullet Bill generators are supposed to be placed on a Bullet Bill launcher tile only!

My shell attack doesn't even harm Bullet Bills. What a ripoff! Regular shells can kill them...

Move the goal post down one tile.

Ugh. More stacked munchers. This is lazy as hell, you know. Just as lazy as this blatant level edit is!

If I didn't bring a blue P-Switch here, I would be boned. Yet another unfair tactic!

Glitched projectiles.

More floating munchers. SIGH.

Don't use the unedited extended Map16 tiles, please. They look glitchy.

And this is why you don't place a coin directly above a block you can hit from below.

Cut-off pipes floating in the air.

The level ending sequence isn't compatible with these blocks that much... Mario was running for a few seconds after the tally finished.

HOW DID I JUST DIE. Also, more cutoff pipe.

A forced hit... at nigh uncontrollable high speeds... by floating stacked munchers.

And here's the intro level again.

Lots of stars.

While the BG does gracefully wrap thanks to the newest Lunar Magic, it doesn't look right.


More lazy design. Why are the spikes stacked like that? Why are there flames in the background if this is all supposed to be underwater?

Note blocks aren't compatible with the castle sprite sets.

Sprite memory error: part of the Thwomp vanished.

Another blatant level edit, but this one managed to elevate my blod pressure!

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines and fix up your hack before you submit it again!

Azure Chaotic [Demo 2]
Author: Azure
Hack ID: 1360

Originally posted by Hack Description
(If you die during the fifth level's cutscene, re-download. Something messed up during the uploading of the IPS, and it should be fixed now.)

My goal was to do something different. Most people start playing a hack with certain expectations: the main character is Mario, The powerup system will be similar to the original, levels will be mainly linear, the graphics will be fairly similar to the original's style... this hack has none of that.

Levels are free-roaming - Cleru must collect four crystals scattered throughout each stage before she can exit. Around the stage, she'll find several powerups as well, which include gliding on a star and the ability to shatter spikes, which are needed to reach some of the crystals (or just to help her navigate the stage without getting hit).

The graphics are all in an 8-bit style to create a new feel, and none of the enemies are from Mario games. The game is also very story-based, with cutscenes before (and sometimes after) each level.

All in all, it's a radical departure from most other SMW hacks (and Mario games in general). If you're just looking for another standard platformer to play, look elsewhere. But if you want something new and different, you'll find it right here.


Well, this isn't a true "moderation" in the strict sense, but this is probably the best place I could announce this.

Azure personally requested that I remove her "Demo 2" of Azure Chaotic, as it is horribly outdated (the thing is nearly 2 years old by now!) and so she feels that it grossly misrepresents her work. The hack has been worked on a lot during the time since demo 2's release, so there is a LOT of new content and tweaks to the physics and all that which, obviously, simply do not exist in demo 2.

Stay tuned for the next version. Azure doesn't have a definite release date for it but from what I understand it's probably relatively soon. (Don't rely on me *too* much, though)
NAME: My cool hack
AUTHOR: eduard blobbl
This is my cool hack that includes
6 levels!


Your patch is eight bytes big and does absolutely nothing when applied to a clean ROM. Let me guess: you selected the same ROM twice when creating it?
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Link Thread Closed