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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Removal: "Super Fun World"
Author: Snake X
Description: "Well, this is my first hack."

Sorry, we don't accept Kaizo-type (AKA extremely unfair) hacks. This is one of those hacks, as you have to spinjump off coins just right (otherwise you fall through and die), with the first coin unseen until you need to hit it, then spinjump off ball & chains that are attached to fake blocks, then hit a P-Switch and rush to the end of a long path before time runs out, then go through a pipe to an area with:
- endless jumping Cheep-Cheeps
- shrinking/growing pipes
- random, unannounced control reversals
...and that's only the first part of level 1.

You hack belongs in here, instead.

NAME: Legend of Mario
AUTHOR: Fried Yoshi Eggs
This is a hack. It has alot of storyline to it, but it is still only 20% done. I won't tell you the story here, you'll have to play the game to find out.

While your playing, try to look for the two secret exits and the red switch. Because the levels no longer have red or yellow dots, you might have to look a little harder.

The game ends at Star Shine City. Try to beat the game, and have fun!


Ironically, the main reason for removal is exactly the same as last time:

The set of three rotating platforms in the second part of the level refuses to appear no matter what I do; I assume that sprite doesn't agree well with vertical levels. You'd think that would have been noticed during testing...

Anyway, I also have some more nitpicks for you:


I noticed that you still haven't moved the place where the falling item box item spawns; I assume that the reason is that it wasn't in the ROM map? Well, you don't have that excuse anymore: I went ahead and found it for you. Aren't I nice? :D


Not too sure why I didn't point this out in the last removal log, but your grass has odd red dots in it.


May I suggest using one of those custom sprites that spawn a goal sphere after all the enemies are defeated instead? Having Mario do his victory march while the Chucks are running all around him looks a bit odd. Oh, and the "Help!" message staying after the star has been saved is kind of strange as well.

This room is still very odd, with the non-interactive copy of the level scrolling by at ridiculous speeds.

You might want to blank out the tile used for the Koopa eyes, as they don't really fit your custom little kitty thingies.

i r pro *shot*

The coastline gets a bit cutoff for a moment during this particular event.

The important thing in this screenshot isn't the message, but rather the three-quarters of a falling Spiny at the right side.

This is still kind of sfdgfsdg. Why not make it look like normal ground before you press the P-Switch instead?


Also, shouldn't that be "Word from the wise" instead? "The wise" don't sound like they are the ones who would need the advice...

If I fall down here, there doesn't seem to be any possible way to get back up.

These blocks apparently didn't like me, and decided to drop a Torpedo Ted on my head. You might want to use something else for the launcher, as it is kind of a cheap hit as it is.

You seems to be missing some vital tiles here, as I can walk right through the pipe.

Seems like you forgot to enable sprite buoyancy here, as the poor little fishy can't get off the sea floor.

I am fairly certain that "motionary" is not a word. "Carryable" is a better way to state that you can pick it up.

What's with the random star stuck in the blocks below Lemmy? If it's the one I was supposed to save, beating the boss kind of makes it go poof, which seems contrary to my mission.

Again, nothing here that should be hard to fix. I feel fairly certain that you will be able to get the next version accepted.
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NAME: The Mario Game
This is my first hack so don't expect a whole lot. I'm not saying it's bad though! It's a pretty standard vanilla hack. If there are any glitches you can fix them yourself or contact me.


Somehow, I get the feeling that you are not supposed to start the game at Bowser's Castle. I assume that you placed Mario here for testing, and then forgot to move him back to the first level? Please fix this and resubmit.

And seeing how this is your first hack, and the overworld and the small part I saw of Bowser's Castle was kind of less-than-stellar: have you thoroughly read the Hack Submission Guidelines?
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Hack Name: Mario In Iggy Land - 58.7 KB - 24 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: moltensnow - Submitted by: moltensnow
Description: Remember Jared World Is Super? Well, this is different. This is a WHOLE new thing. This vanilla hack contains awesomeness.
Story: Mario was thirsty, so he went to kill Iggy and drink his blood.

Removal reasons.
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Name: one lvl, tricky jumps!
Author: purpleyoshi9000
Description: u will need SERIOUS jumping skills for this!

A one-level Kaizo hack that's a very poor edit of level 105.

We don't accept Kaizo-style hacks, blatant level edits, and everything else wrong with that picture. Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Paper Mario 6 Colored Eggs-DEMO1
Length: 8 levels
Author: SMLink64 - Submitted by: SMLink64
Description: This is demo 1 of my new hack,
Paper Mario 6 Colored Eggs.
I don't have ANY Paper Mario GFX
yet. I changed SOME gfx. ENJOOOY!


- Cutoff ground.
- The "A" in paper Mario is kind of cutoff too - you'd be better off making a new title font from scratch or simply using the small letters.
- The sub-title letters have a pretty bad palette. I see they're probably supposed to look colorful, but that looks just... weird.

Glitched background and strange graphics for Mario's cap.

This is probably the most bland overworld I've ever seen. Also, the color changes after a level has been completed, and most mist clouds are cutoff.

Even worse, the events glitch up. Mae sure to uninstall the title moves ASM after you've made custom title moves.

The cape graphics leave a lot to be desired too.

When you come out of this pipe, you die immediately. Change Mario's entrance position so that he's at the same X position as the last pipe tile.

Barely edited + cutoff.

3UP moons should be hard to find and not be placed on the main path like this one.

The bounce sprites of the turn and questions blocks don't match with their regular graphics.

If you have a cape and fly high enough here, you can see some ground on the ceiling. Make sure your objects aren't larger then they need to be, or they'll overlap the top of the next screen.

Layer 3 + message box = layer 3 disappears. Not something you want to do.

More cutoff.

...And I couldn't go on after that, apparently. Are you sure that you can exit this level properly, and that all your events work?

Looks like you have a looong way to go before you can get your hack accepted here. Start with reading our Hack Submission Guidelines and watching this video, and perhaps start a new hack from scratch too (since honestly, trying to fix this one would be more trouble than it's worth).

Hack Name: Waluigi's Treasure Hunt
Author: deffon1993
Description: This is ahack that I've been working on for quite some time now.

The story is that Waluigi went to steal some gems, that was newly discovered by the Yoshis, only to find out that Bowser beat him to it.
Waluigi must now travel across the land, to claim the gems as his own.

This hack is harder than your average Mario Romhack, so expect to lose a life if your not focused.

Removal Reasons :o

This hack was pretty OK. I liked the many gimmicks (even though some frustrated me like hail)

k, image time

I'm assumming you meant Bounty*

The tile next to the wooden platform looks dispaletted.

In the first forest level, you have coins or something right by the goal point, and the flashing color doesn't fade away. I believe the new Lunar Magic fixes this problem.

I just realized the sprite coins are slightly glitched for one of the frames. You must have flipped the tile the wrong way. Also, I am forced to abandon Yoshi. :<

lol wut. When I hit one of the keys in the ghost house with a fireball, the game goes kaboom. Check your block offsets and make sure they're correct (if you're using BT)

I am agian forced to abandon Yoshi, unless there was another way that I missed.

The screen autoscrolls and stops around here. I have to kill myself to get out, as I missed the pipe that you had a screen back. That's no fun.

This door is missing the top part.

The hole doesn't look like a hole (inb4 pervy comments). Change the BG color or the color of the hole. Of course, this is not exactly a removal reason, just felt like pointing it out.

FG position here is bad. The camera scrolls up to Waluigi. Make it a bit higher.

When I re-enter this room with the P-switch, it disappears, and the moving hole disappears slightly too. It's most likely due to all the stuff on screen (especially the double boo ring)

On/Off switch has glitched bounce graphics. Use ExGFX to fix the problem, as it seems the tile it's using is an unused tile in this sprite header.

Skull raft has a glitched palette.

(ignore the glitched Mode7 tilemap, I just kept on hitting rewind, lulz) The goal sphere thingy that appears releases fireballs at that position for some reason. Just an oddity I spotted, not really a removal reason.

And that's that. Fix this, and look through the hack for possible others I missed, and you should be good to go.

*puts on shades*
*leaves room*

Hack Name: SMW - 4 Lost Islands + HARD VERSION
Length: 23 levels
Author: SAFER_sephiroth - Submitted by: SAFER_sephiroth
Well, this hack is the final version.( I forgot to fix a few bugs, sorry). Also, there's a hard version included. MODERATORS, delete my previous hack.

You've got quite a few problems with this hack before it can be accepted, but it is definitely not the worst thing I've ever played.

Also sorry for the long moderation time. Broken internet/business/lazyness set in on me for a while. :o


Almost all of the text boxes in your hack had bad word wrap like this one. Make sure you break your lines correctly so you can read the messages easier.

While not square-looking, the overworld only takes up the bottom right corner of the screen. Center your land (or make it bigger) so it looks nicer. Also, learn to use events so that the levels reveal as you beat them.

Both of these boxes say the same thing, why have them both there? Also that small door...

...took me into this area that when I beat it, puts me back at 'Yoshi's House'. What's the point?

The smashed Goomba's graphics are glitched. Consult the ROM Map to learn how to fix it.

There is a small cloud tile hidden on the bottom left of the screen here.

This was unfair, because if I keep Yoshi, I get squished by a 1 tile high gap. :(

This dragon coin was on a subscreen boundary. Move it 1 tile up or down.

Not a removal reason, but with Blue Yoshi, I can skip part of this level.

Small cutoff water by the pipes.

First I was put in this room, where I had no clue what these blocks did...

... then in the next level, you explained them to me. Thanks alot! (Just move the message box to the first area)

A very square submap where Mario walks on .. nothing..?

Some cutoff and more cutoff at the switch palace.

Bad corner tile on this mushroom. Also, some of the mushroom stems go behind objects, while the mushroom top goes in front for some reason. 0.o

Getting rid of the blocks here reveals cutoff mushroom stems.

Now we are back in Donut Plains? What?

Cement blocks cutoff a bunch of things including ledges like this. I suggest you fill in the corners of the block to prevent things like this.

Now we are back in Donut Plains? What?

The different rooms in the ghost house had different (more notably unfitting) music. Make sure they are all the ghost house theme.

The goal point has a weird line on it.

Minor, but going over the castle level gave me a nice pit to fall down. Extend the wall to the edge of the screen.

The palette of the land is okay, but the switch palaces have a horrible palette.

If I don't move in this level, Mario falls down the slope and gets shot. Put Mario on a flat piece of land to prevent this.

This is why you can't attach slopes to vertical land. Mario can walk right through it.

When I go in a pipe, I expect to come out of one, not to just be plopped right back in the level like this.

Some slowdown due to the Chucks, and cutoff to the right.

And more cutoff. Just to let you know, with a cape it is possible to not use the P-balloon. I can just jump over the pit of hurt blocks.

If I hit these blocks, more blocks appear due to the Switch Palace tileset.

If I then hit the P-switch, it becomes cutoff.

A stray tile to the left.

1) This jump was very hard, I found myself running back to the left to try again. 2)The silver coins/enemies get in the way of the message; I suggest you put a door here leading to the switch instead.

Slowdown and a cutoff cement block (if you fill in the corners, this should be fine though).

Moar slowdown here.

How can the lava be held up by something that I can walk through? °¯%_o

There is a sprite you can use to disable horizontal scrolling in vertical levels. I don't know where to find it, though.

Cutoff again at the switch palace. Why does this room not have a BG either?

Why the random GFX swap? You should really stay consistant in your graphics.

If I don't bring the key with me, I am screwed. Allow there to be a way to get back to the main level please.

The logs have a small blue background to them. Also, you are missing some of the cliff-to-land transition tiles.

You know the piranha plants can be placed one tile lower, right? They aren't glitched or anything.

Another instance of this.

BG garbage at the top of the screen. Switching to LM 1.71 wouldn't be a bad idea since your hack is vanilla, and it fixes alot of stuff like this.

The blue Koopa here killed itself, so Mario just finds a bunch of shells laying around.

The translucent block has glitched GFX when it is hit. Make sure you use the correct GFX file for it.

Layer 2 has a line missing from it for some reason.

Oh, you'll want to fill in the land too. You can really tell when the lightning flashes.

Layer 3 has a bad and bright palette here. Darken it a bit to make it more suttle in the background.

Apperently the hole sprite makes anything under it empty, even platforms beneath it. I fell through the platform underneath it even when plainly there is no hole in it too.

This hole goes too far to the left.

The castle crumbled before I actually beat it. Make the destruction event use the next event so the castle falls at the right time.

The palette for the shadows could be a little better.

So yeah, just fix all this stuff, submit again, and you'll be accepted.

Have a nice day.

Removal: "Chain Castle"
Author: Kaxe
Description: "My very first ROM hack. Still learning the basics. Hope you enjoy ^_^"

Not a valid screenshot. Please, use the built-in screenshot feature in SNES9X or ZSNES to take screenshots! They always come out correctly and require no user editing.

Hack Name: The Legend of Mario - 433.5 KB - 41 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: 2spiner - Submitted by: 2spiner
Description: My first rom hack that has
Custom Blocks
Custom Sprite
Custom Overworld
No Custom Music Though...


Originally posted by Giga
fucking bullshit.

Be more original, leech. Use the original as a base, not a hack.

Originally posted by Giga
Originally posted by Kristian
I assume that you want the hack removed?
It's really is quite similar to yours.

I do, with a warning to not use others' hacks as bases.

fakedit: how do i manage to get ninja'd in the hack removal log

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Removal: "The Mario Game"
Author: Splug
Description: "This is my first hack so don't expect a whole lot. I'm not saying it's bad though! It's a pretty standard vanilla hack. If there are any glitches you can fix them yourself or contact me."

The underlined section of text really rubs me the wrong way.

The title screen text is an absolute mess. Can't you pick one of the fonts and stick with it?

Lots of wierd tile arrangement on the overworld, some cutoff too.

No need to put two message boxes on top of each other.

Look at all that cutoff. Especially around the note blocks. Also, that Chargin' Chuck is on hidden ground.

Stupidly easy 3-UP moon.

Pipe end doesn't match pipe body.

This is one of the problems with using purple coins.

That background palette isn't too pleasing.

Invisible floors. Please don't do this in level 2. Please.

This would be better as a solid ledge.

Message boxes are incompatible with dark rooms. Or anything that plays with Layer 3.

welp, I'm stuck. I wonder what I should

Fake bottomless pits are not cool.

Torpedo Ted launcher cut in half and lava inside. Below the checkpoint. No.

Another fake bottomless pit! But now I am stuck? What do I do here

It's a pipe, but how the hell was I supposed to know that?

Bullshit forced hit zone. Uuuuugh.

Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines! Following these guidelines makes your hacks higher quality, more fun, and gives us hack mods less headaches!

Removal: "Super Cutoff World"
Author: wobuffet3
Description: "My first hack! :D
It is tested and playable, even the forest levels.
I was sort of just messing around :P
ENJOY! =)"

It is against the rules to submit a ROM file!

72 hour ban. Double check what gets zipped up next time!

Removal: "Insane mario"
Author: THEbrianstararan
Description: "Insanity"

Not a valid screenshot. Please, use the screenshot feature in SNES9X/ZSNES to take a gameplay screenshot instead.

Removal: "Insane mario"
Author: THEbrianstararan
Description: "A easyish kinda fun sort of hard and all around INSANE adventure "

Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines! You really need to fix up this hack. A LOT. Might be easier to just start over.

Hack Name: Paper Mario 6 Colored Eggs
Length: Unknown
Author: SMLink64 - Submitted by: SMLink64
Guess what? I've rereleased Paper
Mario 6 Colored Eggs! It will have
MANY surprises! Like the goomba
death frame to the secret exit!!


Your patch did not work.

Fix your patch, and we'll see next time.
Have a nice day.
Hack Name: Thanskaro - Demo 2
Length: 4 levels
Author: Neutron - Submitted by: Neutron
This is a pretty short hack (6 main levels and 5 or 6 secret levels), short story: Mario was sleeping in his castle, but he woke up lost, in a forest.

The first level still has no secret exit, so don't search it.

The OW is still in progress. Same with the title screen.


Another version was resubmitted due to a MAJOR bug.
Hack Name: Super mario world by Benjamin Pulido - 33.2 KB - 34 downloads.
Length: 26 levels
Author: Benjamin Pulido - Submitted by: BenjaminPulido
Description: A good hack of new levels for mario world, Enjoy¡¡¡¡

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Name: Super Mario Advance 5 World 1 Demo. - 255.2 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: TeamTech - Submitted by: TeamTech

Thanks For Downloading!

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Name: Bowser Jr's Adventure - C3 Demo
Length: 19 exits
Author: BBkaizo - Submitted by: BBkaizo
Bowser Junior's adventure resumes!


Level 1
Doors into holes
and more...




Tiny cutoff on the corner of the pipe end. There was a lot of this throughout your hack I suggest you fix.

Having layer priority bushes causes wierd things when they are put against other objects. Here, since the Goomba is behind half of the bush, it looks cutoff.

This is why the switch was usually on the bottom of the screen.

Random dirt coming out of the ground.

The Sumo Bro's lightning looks odd when on leveled or sloped ground. Try to keep Sumo Bros over flat areas so the flames aren't cutoff on the bottom.

Just wanted to point out this looks very busy with all the edge tiles everywhere.

You cannot attach slope tiles to vertical ground tiles, or you can walk through them and get inside the land.

I though there was going to be a Dragon Coin in the hole. There was, but also lava to! Meanie!

I almost stopping moderating this because it said end of demo. You might want to remove that.

You should set the screen scrolling option to 'Vertical Scroll at will'. I can see when I'm up here unless I get a running start.

What's with this odd purple ground? This was the only place I could find it.

Slowdown here due to all the sprites on screen.

These spikes blend into the BG too well. I couldn't see them.

The Boo Block has a wierd palette when it is following you.

The donut bridges cutoff the logs. They seem to be just for decoration, so remove them.

This level had a very short time limit. I even skipped part of the level because the line guided platform was close enough to the end for me to Koopa jump there.

Slowdown again because of all the enemies.

The columns and pipes cutoff the lava on the sides. You might want to consider using something else to hold the lava.

Sprite memory issues with the Thwimp and Magikoopa.

You've got a few things to fix, which shouldn't be too hard.

Have a nice day.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Luigi's Great Adventure - 240.1 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Pikabu - Submitted by: Pikabu
Description: This is my hack custom graphics. music and 1 player only ^^ (Credits go to people on SMW Central)
Author submitted an update version. Please don't submit until you are actually ready and there's nothing you need to fix


This is not a proper screenshot. To take a proper screenshot (using Zsnes) press F1, then press "Save Snapshot"
Link Thread Closed