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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
NAME: Mario in the Lemmy Sea
AUTHOR: moltensnow
The sequel to the sequel! This hack contains awesomeness, a boring overworld, ExGFX, Music, Patches installed, hex edits, edited GFX, and awesomely hard levels.


Again, no major errors here apart from being incredibly short.

The first level, while being only seven screens long, gets unnecessarily drawn-out due to having to wait around for the tides. And speaking of which, those tides don't really go with vertical scrolling.

I am reluctant to even call this a level. A six-screens-long underwater tunnel with autoscroll and a few Koopas, and then the goal? Really?

And then the goal doesn't even activate any event, so I can't continue on this path. Speaking of which, you have all the paths revealed from the start again, which is still misleading. And the overworld just goes on to show that this hack was completely rushed.

Not exactly a removal reason, but what is the point of these dolphins? They just keep jumping up until they get off-screen...

Bit of slowdown here due to all the fish.

Again, this is not what I would call an interesting level. Why not give your bosses proper castles?

This is why Lemmy usually has a ceiling to his room.

None of the stuff in the screenshots are really enough to remove this hack; the main culprit is (you guessed it!) the length, or rather lack of it. Four levels with an average of eight screens each + somewhat mediocre level design = time to invoke rule 4 again.
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NAME: The Legend of Randorland 1 - The Rise of Randor Resurrected Demo 2
AUTHOR: Chikane
DESCRIPTION: The story is as following:

A long time ago, an evil beast was destroying the world.
But there was one hero brave enough to fight him.
His name was: Randor.
He managed to win the fight and became a legend.
But the evil creature wasn't going to leave him with the win.
So it put a curse on Randor, which could only be broken by beating him at midnight with a fullmoon.
That curse made him evil.
He went insane.

Mario somehow got on the once called Enteria Island and that's where our story begins.

Keep in mind: This was the first hack to begin the series, but I never released it, I didn't use blocks, ASM, Sprites or ExGFX back then, so this is a vanilla hack for the most part (most). So don't rate it down because it has no ASM and that stuff. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the second demo, and I hope to get some feedback.



I didn't think I'd have to deny this one, but yes I have to. I can't progress to the next level after beating this one. Also, the OW glitches :< (I know that they cannot be fixed).
TechoEDIT: Actually, they can be fixed. He has to uninstall the title recording ASM from the OW editor in Lunar Magic.
The hack was otherwise fine though.
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 47, Overworld: 93%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

NAME: I Hate Walls V1.1
AUTHOR: TheMojopo
i hate walls, now with a good IPS!
(tested by Mojopo Laboratories)


Some garbage on the title screen due to overworld sprites. This post should help you get rid of it.




Also, that waterfall doesn't make very much sense. Where is the water falling from?


Why is there seaweed growing on the background hills?

So mirrored cement blocks aren't solid? That makes a lot of sense.

Bad FG initial positioning.

Originally posted by me

More non-solid cement blocks. Also stacked munchers are fsdsadfsadf

...don't you think this is a bit excessive for a bonus?

Seriously, these types of mazes are just annoying. At least this one was easy to solve, but that just makes it even more pointless.

So while I can walk on the blue outlines, I fall straight through the yellow ones? How was I supposed to know that?

And then the green ones turn into note blocks when I touch them. Arbitrariness much?


After beating the level, it seems like the Yoshi's Island 1 event triggers.

The secret submap (reached by using a Super Mario World .srm file to start out on the location of Yoshi's House, as alluded to in the message above) leaves a lot to be desired.

And so does the level itself: you can't even exit it once you enter it, and even if you could, there is no way to return to the main game, rendering the moon somewhat pointless. Why not have an overworld pipe or star bring you back to the actual levels?

This seems very much like a first-time hack. You should probably get a bit more hacking experience, and read the Hack Submission Guidelines (in particular rules 4 and 7b), before actually submitting a hack to this site.
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NAME: ''Marios Search for the Orb of the Kings''
AUTHOR: Fr3akGamer
This is my first hack I release on SMWC. Its called ''Marios Search for the Orb of the Kings''

This is hack is very hard, but beatable without savestates. It includes lots of Sprites, Musics, Graphics and so on.

Mario is poor and wants to find the Orb of the Kings to sell it.

Whatever, just play it. :P

Thanks to all the nice people from SMWCentral. ;)


The hack didn't have any big issue that was a direct reason for removal, but it did, however, have a lot of small things that added up. Nothing you should have any trouble fixing, though.

Trying to jump up after getting the big coin, I got nailed by an invisible coin block and fell into the hole. D:

Some cutoffness where the pipe meets the wall and midway point.

I realized too late that jumping up here to get the coin wasn't the greatest of ideas, and now I'm stuck to wait out the timer.

Might I interest you in the fade fix patch?

This hardly seems fair.

More than one Sumo Brother's lightning on the screen at the same time results in all sorts of sprite memory issues.

It's kind of hard to see in the screenshot due to the background, but the lava splash is glitched.

You never told me that black used blocks hurt me. D:

That rock could use a better palette.


And this isn't a removal reason, but may I suggest changing the music for this part? Using the same track as for the rest of the level doesn't really inspire any particular urgency, and neither does the generous time limit.

Some cutoffness where the rope meets the ground.


Some bad corner tiles here.

The bottom row apparently hurts me for some reason. Please place the munchers or whatever you have there one tile higher, so that you can see them and don't get hit unfairly.

You should probably make those walls visible, as getting crushed because you can't see what's blocking you is hardly fair.

Why is Lakitu suddenly everything-proof? I was very surprised when suddenly I got hurt while trying to jump on him, as opposed to in just about every other Mario game ever.

If I get hit and lose both my capes in this section (which is quite easy, due to how difficult it is), I have no way to move on and get crushed by the autoscroll.

And then we have some blatantly unfair stuff like insta-death by autoscroll if you choose the wrong path.

The easiness of this boss seems kind of out-of-place, considering how difficult the level was... Oh well, I'm not complaining.

More random munchers on the bottom row. Why not just use one of those blocks that Mario go through, but are solid to sprites?

But I have more than 30 coins! (hint: you should probably reset the coins in this room instead of the next)

These things don't seem like they should hurt me if I touch them from the side, but apparently they do.

Blind jump. Or, to more precise, blind fall, but whatever.

This event seems to be revealing tiles in the wrong order.

The solid or non-solid state of the pillars in this level is very, very inconsistent. All of them look like you should be able to pass in front of or behind them, but half the time this isn't the case. The problem is that there is absolutely no way to tell which of the pillars are solid.

And speaking of which, aren't those bridges supposed to be jump-through?

For whatever reason, stomped fish fall very slowly in this room.

Oh, and by the way, having to use the fish generator to get up to the teleport blocks was not a very nice gimmick. At all.

Quite a bit of slowdown here, due to all the bouncing spiky fish.

Somehow, both of the bosses got stuck in the left corner, and I had to use fireballs to get rid of them.

A new variation of a blind jump: If I don't jump on the Dry Bones when it's over on the right side of the platform, I can't reach the next ledge and fall to my death.

You might want to replace those Koopas with some fireproof enemies.

The difficult of this boss was very inconsistent. Most of the time, I could just stand in the corner and let the hammers sail over my head, but every now and then I got an unavoidable barrage of hammers to the face. I was just lucky that didn't happen more than twice.

Also, the B in "BOSS" is discoloured.

The line guide end is glitched in this tileset.

I assume there was supposed to be a blue or yellow Koopa up there, but it just kept refusing to spawn.

Weren't these platforms jump-through in Yoshi's Island?

I didn't encounter the glitch myself, so I don't know what it is, but it does sound like something that should be fixed before release. Try asking around in the forums - someone will most likely be able to help you.

It would probably be a good idea to give some sort of warning that the gimmick of this level is that you can jump indefinitely in mid-air, since the level name doesn't really give it away. (And speaking of which, what exactly does the level name have to do with the level, apart from the music? I never played a Megaman game myself, but I am fairly certain that he can't fly...)

Not pictured: The parts with pitching Chucks in two-tile-high gaps between pipes were a complete pain, and should probably be toned down. Especially when you added the autoscroll towards the end; that part was really difficult even with savestate abuse.

Even if you enter the balloon level as Big or Fire Mario, you still have the graphics of small Mario, making your hitbox kind of unintuitive. This only seems to happen in the first part of the level, though.

This thing just doesn't seem like it should be solid.

If I accidentally destroy the Koopa shell (like, for instance, getting hit by one of the homing bullets that are fired all over this level), I have no way of progression and no way to reset.

Same as above, except this time it happens when you don't bring a springboard down here.

This is not a very nice way to hide the only way onwards. After spending five minutes flying around all over this room and not finding anything, I had to resort to looking it up in Lunar Magic.

Randomly turning Mario invisible for one room without warning has to be one of the most unfair gimmicks I have ever seen.

That is not a good palette for Bowser, to say the least.

The RAM address used for the Muncher boss hitpoints counter is also used by the fireballs extended sprite, screwing it up whenever you shoot a fireball. It's easy to fix: just make the counter use an address that's actually unused.

And finally, Mario dies in the credits level after getting the goal, due to the auto-walk sprite not disappearing when you hit a goal sphere.

I noticed that your credits are lacking a Beta Testers section. Perhaps this could be why there's so many small errors left unnoticed before release? In any case, fix them and resubmit.
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Removal: "Mario world por benjamin pulido"
Author: BenjaminPulido
Description: "Este es mi primer hack para super mario world, tiene todos los niveles editados, nueva presentacion. disfrute¡¡¡"

Lots of cutoff, around the bush with the coin and the right side of the stage. You have to edit the size of the stage manually if you edit it.

Glitchy sprite (that should be a P-Balloon)

Cutoff. Why is it so hard to use some of the other objects provided in the Object Select window? There's plenty of ledge designs that look much more clean and professional than cutoff like this.

A mountain of turnblocks...

...filled with Fire Flowers. Rather excessive.

Again, there are much cleaner ways to make ledges and gaps. Also, the goal post is too high up, and the goal tape is actually a bit too high as well (it does go over the tops of the post)

Uninstall the title screen recording ASM.

Very cutoff bush (it's barely there) and for some reason I'm in a castle now that has ? blocks on its candles??

More cutoff ground.

Just like here.

And here. Also, why did you build something like this out of 2x2 squares of throw blocks?

Cutoff rope end, but more importantly, sprite memory error. The triple rotating platform sprite isn't compatible with your current sprite memory settings.

A more extreme case from a little later in the same level. Yoshi's head vanished!

This is SUPPOSED to be water, but it's a glitchy mess instead.

That's not how the automatic fence snap-on works.

Extreme cases of cutoff.

I'm guessing you wanted a solid wall here? There's a solid edge tile that you should have used instead (it also would solve the cutoffness)

More of the same.

I think you extended your "wall" past the length of the level you edited, so the camera will keep scrolling past the door you need to go in.

This appears to be the last level you edited, and it has the Bonus Stage background for some reason.

Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

NAME: Luigi's Great Adventure
AUTHOR: Pikabu
This is the newest version im sorry ima new so i dont know how to delete my old one T_T


...yeah. Stacked and floating munchers, graphical glitches, and Kaizo-esque gameplay is not exactly what we are looking for in a hack on this site. Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines and try again.
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NAME: iSuper Mario Central - Even Death Doesn't Stop Mario - DEMO 1
AUTHOR: iRhyiku
This is the Demo of my hack; iSuper Mario Central - Even Death Doesn't Stop Mario.
There Are 9 Levels, But only 8 are actual levels (the last being an end of demo level) Good Luck finding them all ^^

Hope you enjoy :)


Mostly a very well-made hack, but there was one quite big issue that keeps me from being able to accept it:

After the third level, your overworld starts glitching out quite badly. Since the hack didn't seem to contain any dynamic sprites, fixing this should be as simple as uninstalling the title screen movements recording ASM and then reinserting the overworld.

Apart from this, there was also a few other things I'd like to point out:

Why does Mario randomly start out that high up in the air?

(Also, I find it kind of ironic how a hack with such a ridiculously foreshadowing name doesn't have a story...)

I can access the first secret level and level 2 before even beating the first one.

It's easy to miss, but the very left part of the pipe top is glowing.

The parachuting Goomba turned pink when I stomped him for whatever reason.

I don't think I'm supposed to be able to get behind here. Just create a floor tile that acts like the slope assist tile and place it under the sand slope.

These things don't seem like they should be solid, as their interaction field with Mario is very odd compared to their graphics.

Might want to make those Blarggs not killable by sliding. Tweaker is your friend for stuff like this.

Lastly, this might just be me, but it would be nice if you varied your sprite usage a bit. Entire levels filled with just Blarggs, Monty Moles, and the occasional Goomba get a bit boring after a while.

blah blah blah errors are easy to fix do so and resubmit
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NAME: Toad adventure(demo)
AUTHOR: smwfan213
This my best SMW rom hack and first in SMW Central.

ExGFX: yes
Custom music: yes
Custom sprites: yes
Custom boss: yes


The palette for the file selection menu is kind of off. Also, instead of having Toad jump around offscreen, why not use the hex edit to disable the title screen movement altogether and get rid of the jumping sound?

*The princess
*on vacation
*the princess

Some of the not-yet-unlocked levels are already revealed, while others aren't. Try to have some consistency.

- Status bar palette is terrible
- Background is missing
- I can get inside the rock due to the slope lacking an assist tile below it

Seems like you forgot to get rid of some small pieces of Mario from GFX00.

The palettes for the shelless Koopas don't look too good either.

Since your Koopas are using the entire 16x16 tile for their heads, your jumping Piranha Plants get slightly messed up. Apply the Tile 83 Fix patch to fix it.

...I could understand the status bar being discoloured, but the goal tape?


That thing flashes between shelless Koopa and robot head thing when I stomp it. There should be a hex edit that fixes it.

Also, the 8-bit graphics in this level look incredibly out of place when compared to the Yoshi's Island graphics in your other levels, but that's not too big of a deal.

Any particular reason why my fireballs are replaced by bouncing snowballs in this level?

All those Koopa replacements create quite a bit of slowdown here.

Bad sprite memory settings make parts of the platforms disappear.

...or, in some cases, Toad himself.

Red-stemmed piranha plants are bad because they store the properties byte of the stem tile to the wrong address, potentially messing up the graphics of another sprite. Apply the fix patch.

Since you didn't place the proper tiles below these triangles, I have to jump at them at the exact right angle to get them to work.

The diagonal frames of Toad's wallrunning animation seem to be missing entirely.

*the next version
*the demo

This isn't too horrible a hack, but it still has quite a ways to go before it can get accepted. Most importantly, it is far too short: come back after finishing at least an entire world's worth of levels. Apart from that, I would also advice you to get some beta testers, and perhaps some proofreaders to fix your broken English.
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Removal: "Super Unfair World"
Author: Shadowhisper
Description: "No custom blocks, it's short, and evil. Don't say I didn't warn you..."

My spidey sense is tingling.

I was right.

Your hack is full of Kaizo-like difficulty (e.g. insanely difficult and unfair for the player), which is in fact against our guidelines. Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Or maybe you should post your hack in this thread instead?

Hack Name: A Evil Power Awakens Demo 1
Author: DODODO
Description: This is my second hack! So lets get going!

Story: A evil spirit has turned everything dark and evil! A sudden increase in the Boo population has also happened. Also, Yoshi has disappeared without a trace! Could this have anything to do with the evil spirit? Play and find out!

Removal Reasons :o

This was actually a pretty n0ice hack. Simple yet entertaining. There were a few graphical stuff that I disliked, however, so I'll point them out here.

Part of the title screen text goes behind the FG. Just give the tiles layer priority through LM's titlescreen editor.

I'm not a big fan of the vines you have here, as they look, and are, cutoff. Add a sort of top to them or so'm

Random green piranha plant out of nowhere. It doesn't seem to do anything...

This seems like a blatant edit of the Yellow Switch Palace. Use ctrl + del next time.

The submap itself is purple, but from the overworld it's green. Not a removal reason, but still...
/me is confuzzled

Even though this is the end of demo level, I'd recommend you not put the 3up Moon, or the 1up Mushrooms, as they are easy prey lives.

Eso es todo. It's not much. I could have sent you a PM instead, but I felt lazy -_-
Also, you could have made the demo a level or two longer. 4 levels is kinda short.
Good luck on the hack anyways :>
Hack Name: Super Marios Mini Levels
Author: bigfoot97
Description: A Mario Hack with very low levels

Removal Reasons :o


Only pics can explain the wats

Alright, it starts off with minor things like this. The middle text gets cutoff by the file select. Move the middle text up, or remove it.

I don't think the water in the ocean has no waves. Replace the top layer of water with tile 00.

You don't give the ledge a proper edge, so it creates cutoff.

Kaizo traps like this stopped being funny since the dawn of the dinosaurs.

Mario appears behind the water tiles when he gets out of the pipe.

Also, the note blocks have glitched bounce GFX. Use ExGFX to fix this.

Yellow Switch cuts off the water, which in turn creates small pockets of cutoff with the note blocks.

Mario and the flattened switch appear in front of the message.

The internet should have a big sign everywhere saying:


First of all, had I not gotten the yellow switch, I would have been stuck, and have to force myself to die. Don't do this
Second, the ledge has no edge.

I decided to stop here.

I DEMAND you read the FAQ, as well as the hack submission rules, and play through some hacks, preferrably the featured hacks, in order to get an idea of what we would like to have on the site. Good day, sir.
Removal: "Super Mario World 3"
Author: Kimimaru
Description: "A hack designed in a similar manner to Nintendo's Super Mario World. This is a hack I have been working on very slowly for roughly four years. 90-95% of the levels came straight out of my head, since I originally made this hack to test my skills at making levels without planning them. Although the hack has no ExGFX or ASM, it still has ample challenges to offer to players and is not recommended for beginners.

Please note that this hack contains a completely optional Special World that is filled with levels that cannot be beaten without tools; I made them to test my skills at making difficult levels. Fortunately, you don't need to complete them to achieve 100% (all 95 exits) in this hack.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the hack!"

Let me just say this right now: I love this hack. It is a lot of fun, the difficulty curve doesn't feel jarring, and the levels were designed intelligently. However... one of the things we recommend people do is to test all levels with every form of Mario. This does, in fact, also include riding on Yoshi.

Sprite memory errors, most likely because Yoshi is also in the level.

There's also this. Some weird graphical glitches pop up on the title screen for a few moments, then disappear. Very odd.

This is an amazing hack, but you're going to need to go back and do some more testing. Maybe you need to install that "No Sprite Limits" ASM hack?

NAME: A Plumber's Tale Demo 3
AUTHOR: Jeuda Cruxifis
More updates galore in this nifty little copy of the hack. Included now is a notepad file introducing a vague storyline of the demo (that won't be fully revealed until the final release) and a bunch of heartfelt credits to users who, without their creation and ripping of various graphics, music and creation of sprites and patches, this hack would not be where it is right now.

I do hope that this brings all of you much enjoyment as I have had during the creation of this demo. This might be the last demo released for a while, considering I have other things on my plate in terms of SMW ROM hacking.

Anyway, please enjoy the hack!


Going directly to the most important thing for you to fix:


It would seem like you set up the exit from the cutscene in the first castle wrongly: after it, you start out inside the wall and die instantly. Thus, I am unable to continue onwards in the hack.

And now for my usual big wall of less serious issues:

Due to bad overworld sprite placement, a glitched tile shows up while the circle is expanding. This post should be able to help you fix it.

The file selection menu is kind of unreadable with those palettes. And you might want to tone down the background and foreground ones while you're at it as well; they are just a bit too bright.

It would be nice if you had the level tiles hidden by default and then revealed them on the appropriate events.

This pipe palette is kind of messed up. It's supposed to be more of a smooth gradient.

This is less of a removal reason than something that has always bothered me about the SMB3 health patch: since flowers and capes don't heal you, it is impossible to get up to full health once you get hit. I would suggest placing a few mushrooms or blocks acting like the yellow switch block here and there in the levels.

You kept being very inconsistent with your entrances and exits. A pipe exit should lead to a pipe entrance, and not a door one.

Needs moar fading and less usage of status bar palettes.

I think something ate your layer 2 tilemap. Not too sure how to fix it, so just change the layer 2 vertical scrolling rate or something so you can't see it.

Bit of cutoffness here.

That pipe is just one tile too high for me to be able to jump high enough to get back up on it. I blame gravity.

Where did the bonus star numbers go?

You should probably make that Blargg not killable with star power. Or just get rid of it; it's not like it's any threat at all.

The palettes for everything in this screen (apart from the sprites and coins) are quite D:. The background in particular looks fairly horrible. Remember, most SMW foreground and background graphics are made to be used with gradient palettes.

The Buzzy Beetles don't look all too nice either.

Many Super Mario World sprites die every year due to missing body parts. However, YOU can make a difference! Use the correct sprite tile memory settings and save lives!

Stupid gravity, always dropping me into lava before I can react D:

This COURSE CLEAR screen seems... pretty odd, to say the least.


Let's play a guessing game!

Question 1: What happened to that Goomba?

A) Mario got hungry and ate it
B) It spontaneously combusted
C) It disappeared due to bad sprite tile memory settings

If you guessed C, you win an imaginary cookie.

...okay, this doesn't even begin to make sense.

And I can swim back through the water barrier, and then skip the rest of the level by swimming over it.

Is this level not done yet? I mean, the building team are apparently still working on repainting those pipes...

And the Piranha Plants seem to have been unhappy about their current state of accommodation, since they all jumped offscreen and escaped.

Camouflage Cannons, the newest in airship defense! Get yours now for only $99,999!

(in all seriousness, you should probably have those cannons use a different palette, as their lack of outlines kind of clash with the rest of the foreground)

Nine out of ten representatives of the former Hell of Blazing Fires do not approve of this lava palette.

This foreground looks so odd and out of place that I can't even come up with a bad pun for it.

The colours! D:

Blind jump, and if you didn't bring the P-Switch, Mario has to spend the rest of his current life contemplating that leaving obvious puzzle items behind is stupid.

In a groundbreaking new experiment, Mario discovers that oil is only dangerous when applied to your feet. (aka you might want to use a custom kill block instead of a flipped lava tile) know, even we hack moderators aren't stupid enough to need a reset pipe for carrying a P-Switch over a five-tile-wide hole. Especially when said P-Switch respawns even if you do manage to drop it.

I think those palettes would look quite a bit better if you had the main part of the land darker than the shadowing. Oh, and stuff like the tower that has transparency around it aren't meant to be placed on layer 2, since the colour behind said transparency depends on the background colour in the last level you played.

Oh wow. That is some messed-up perspective you have going on there... Here, let Yoshicookiezeus Terraforming™ help you with showing how this should look:

Remember, the cliff outlines should have the same shape at the top and bottom, and unless you add some slopes, the entire island or plateau should be the same height.

Someone seems to have been trusting their realtor a little bit too much... This doesn't really look like a manor at all. And it doesn't look all too nice either, what with all those cement blocks.

Bad FG initial positioning. It's hard to come up with anything interesting to say about these...

Either Mario just found the Pegasus Boots, or someone messed up their Map16. My bet's on the latter.

Just because they are dead doesn't mean that they deserve bad palettes D:

So I entered one of the level's many unmarked doors, and ended up in a room with no option but to exit to the side and start the level over. That isn't very nice, don't you think?

No, this isn't a case of bad sprite memory settings; look closely, and you'll notice the very faint form of a Boo beam. It's still not very fair, though.

Is this supposed to symbolize Iggy having a very bad PA system or something? Because the text is nearly unreadable with those palettes.

And lastly:

I would put that picture of Major Slowdown here, but I can't find it D:

In any case, your hack did have quite a bit of slowdown issues, and not just in the places depicted in the above four screenshots. You might want to consider applying the FastROM patch, or if that doesn't work due to incompatibilities with other stuff, just remove a few sprites from the affected areas.

Wall of bad jokes aside, this was a rather fun hack. The level design was pretty good, and I really enjoyed your writing in the cutscenes. Please fix the errors pointed out, and I'll gladly moderate the next version for you.
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Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Mario World Expansion Deluxe version 2.3 (C3 version) - 977.1 KB - 97 downloads.
Length: 81 levels
Author: nnn - Submitted by: nnn
Description: SMW Expansion version 2.3 is here finally, i don't know if i will release a new update but this version is fully playable. Enjoy it!
The author submitted an update version which is already accepted. Also the author PM'ed me to delete this version.
NAME: Super Mario World TFC (Demo)
DESCRIPTION: I have been working on the demo for over 3 months now and now I have finally finished it. It has 3 worlds, (full version will have 9) 23 levels and 24 exits. If there any problems you see in the demo please send me a pm and I'll fix it in the full version. Have fun playing!

World 1: Yoshi's Island
World 2: Rocky Plateau
World 3: Coastal Shores


Wrong palettes are no removal reasons, but the font here could use a nicer one. It's hard to be read.

No clue how to get those Dragon coin except bouncing off the falling rex. Which is a bit unfair and hard for a Dragon coin, isn't it?

Minor cutoff left of the bush.

The message box tells you that you need to have the red switch pressed in order to advance. What if I have not? Use side exits. Never let the player be stuck. Ever. Anywhere.

This is one of the main reasons and most common problems in your hack, K3nny. You either use the wrong Sprite Memory (like in this case) or have just too much sprites on one screen. This causes sprites to (partly) disappear. Use the correct Sprite Memory for each sprite tilesets.

Removal reason which is common in this hack, as well: If I get the midway point and die, I start somewhere where I fall down and die again. Make Mario start on a safe place after getting the midway point.

Wrong Sprite Memory.

Removal reason: Press CTRL + Del before making levels. This is an obvious level 102 edit.

You can't use the translucent block with the castle tileset except you use ExGFX. If I jump below this block, the animation gets screwed and looks like what you see on the pic.
Edit: Also, the background lacks candle lights. How unromantic :<

Another graphic glitch. This time it was caused by the star killing some enemy...

... but you have severe sprite disappearance issues as well. The blue P does not show up because you used the wrong Sprite Memory.

Dragon Coins which are on a subscreen boundary can get me infinite lives but also get cutoff after collecting it. Don't put it there.

Mario stands in mid-air. THE MAGICIAN APPEARED!
Not really. Part of the sprite simply disappeared (sprite memory).

Watch your language!

How do I get up here? I found a invisible coin block right at the wall but it doesn't work with one.

Just as Mario exits the pipe, you can see this garbage. Shortly after, everything is okay as the camera "jumps" to the left. Fix this.

Probably minor, but the clouds in the foreground are cutoff (the background can be seen through it).

Major cutoffness.

In this level, Mario dies after getting the midway point and restarting the level.

I'd like to mention as well that moons are really easy to get in this hack. Make them more well hidden and hard to obtain.

Minor as well, but the munchers are a bit floating in the air when putting them above a pipe.

I've looked in LM and the level is actually yellow which is correct. Why is the level dot red? Red means two exits which this level doesn't have.

Same problem with the midway point as well.

Mario simply cannot make this jump. I am guessing that you used the wrong Sprite Memory here as well and one of the sprite platforms just does not show up. Fix it!

Quite bad level design when Dragon Coins (especially the fifth one) can only be obtained when Mario is small.

Unfair blind jump. The player usually orientates on the Dragon Coin but has a very high chance of falling in the hole when he does that.

Easy moony.

Very minor here as well but why is the background cutoff?

Sloooowwwwwddddoooooooooowwwwwnnnnngngngng beeeecaauuuseeee yooouuu uuuusseeeeed sooooo muuuuchhhhh sppppprrrrriiiiiiiittteeesssssss.

The sprites get screwed here when the wall crashes down. Then they glitch upwards. Actually funny but not wanted.

Minor, too, but the lowest row in LM cannot be seen in-game.


Use sprite buoyancy here (I always have to look this word up in LM). I guess you just forgot to, but that leads me to the conclusion that you do not test your levels a lot.

Unfair blind jump as well.

Believe me, Mario tries as hard as he can but this net door just will not move.

Make the level tiles appear after an event.

And letting the player enter original levels is just bleeehhh

Bad column palettes here.

This pipe is a major fail, because...

... it leads me to a bonus room of AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH.

Sudden end of the demo? Not on SMWCentral!

Aside from the errors this hack has, it's pretty good! Just fix everything and make a real end if you submit another demo.
Furthermore you might want to test your levels more properly. This helps finding bugs and mistakes for yourself.

Post 600!

I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

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Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

NAME: Super Sunshine World
AUTHOR: luke4smith
Oh no iggy has kidnaped sunshine you have to get him back


Generic Youtube-class hack #265,791,035,246,591 is GO!

More grammar and less caps lock, please.

This is why the fireplace sprite should not be used in levels with more than one screen.

Below me is a combination of bottomless pits, flat land, and munchers. Problem: I have no way of telling on which of these I will land, since you didn't provide any sort of guide for me to follow. Trial-and-error gameplay is not something you should implement in your levels.

Don't tell me...

[insert ersanuke.jpg here]

Cutoffness all over the place. By far not the worst hack I have seen in that regard, but still fairly terrible.

...and if I didn't bring the blue P-switch at the start into the switch room, I'm stuck. How fair. And original, for that matter.




*clears throat*

Root your munchers to solid ground, will you?

And which of this type of hack would be complete without a liberal application of glitched graphics?

This is what you get if you allow the player access to the right side of the big diagonal pipe. Take a look at how SMW did it.

Easy-to-get moons seem to fairly common in this sort of hack, but completely unavoidable ones? That's a first... Since a moon is quite a substantial reward, they should be well hidden.


Oh. How incredibly clever of you.[/sarcasm]

Lava should be red, not orange and turquoise.

Tides and vertical scrolling don't go well together, unless you insert the custom sprite that fixes the issue.

Ducking and spamming the jump button is so much fun! Except it isn't.

It is probably the least of your problems, but you forgot to edit this message.

Apart from the earlier mentioned glitched graphics and cutoffness, your castle is also plagued by sprite tile memory errors. Setting 0E ought to fix it.

And finally, you shouldn't allow access to the original SMW after your hack is over.

The hack submission guidelines are your friends. Read them.
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Removal: "Zeldara's Glitch City demo 89"
Author: Zeldara109
Description: "...Why did I submit this?

Anyway, welcome to Zeldara's Glitch City! It's full of blatant level edits and graphical glitches! Yay! (It's also somewhat of a puzzle hack.)

This is my first SMW hack. It's a joke hack.

Note that "joke hack" is not the same as "intentionally bad hack". My goal for this hack is to be very strange and unconventional, but still be hopefully well-designed and fun.

After all, nothing says that a good hack absolutely needs to have any particular characteristics, right?

(Of course, you'll have to judge for yourself whether it's good or not.)

Anyway, this demo contains 6 1/4 worlds, with a total of 52 exits.

Note: To activate the red switch, you have to land on the actual switch (which is found in #4 Star Road). The blocks will not become solid otherwise.


Note to hack moderators:

I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused by submitting this. (I'm hoping for an interesting hack removal log entry, all right?)

(Though if this somehow gets accepted, I'm fine with that.)"

First off, did you read the Hack Submission Guidelines? Let me quote part of it:
3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

These were the screens you provided, and they all break that rule.

Secondly, joke hack submissions are frowned upon here. If you want to show off a joke hack, post it in the SMW Hack Discussion board instead.

And finally, this removal log is intentionally dry, because all you want is a funny removal log entry, according to your submission text.

Removal: "Yellow-Mario"
Author: THEbrianstararan
Description: "The Dinosaur islands have been transformed by the toads who have been shown the land by bowser go get him Mario!"

Not a valid screenshot. Why is it so hard for people to use the built-in screen capture tool in SNES9X or ZSNES? Those programs make perfect screenshots every time!

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Mario Bros. The Quest Of The Mushrooms Demo 1 - 1.9 MB - 4 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: poppybrojr - Submitted by: poppybrojr
Description: Mario Searches for the golden mushrooms.

Hack Includes:
Custom Sprites
Sorry jermboy but your hack is in another forum.
Removal: "Brutal mario (demo7.5)"
Author: Carol
Submitter: -kamek magikoopa-
Description: "this is the new demo that i found ...
im NOT the author of this hack ok!

i just found this on internet!


carol put custom music and intro and some new levels
and put wario to replace mario(i dont know if carol do this or something did this chance) "

So, you didn't make this hack. Then why did you submit someone else's work?
We did allow this at one point, but that was for a recovery effort to restore lost site content after a hack attack. We've long since moved on from that event.
Only the author can submit their hacks to SMW Central. Thank you!

Link Thread Closed