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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: SMW DSM#1: Bowser's Ultimate Labyrinth - 862.7 KB - 139 downloads.
Length: 60 levels
Author: The Beast: "Destructortion" - Submitted by: The Beast: "Destructortion"
Description: The First full game of the Dark Sniggerbobblian Mythos begins as Mario is plunged into the Underground Haven (also known as Bowser's Ultimate Labyrinth, named after the guy's HQ) to stop several mysterious unknown forces from releasing an omnipotent force. Can Mario survive through 10 worlds of danger?

Difficulty: Fairly hard all the way through

WARNING: The game includes some bad language. Play at your own risk.
Goodness. I don't have anything to preface this time; just screenshots. I did not play all 60 levels, FYI, but these (about 45/35) was enough.

Your level design, I've found, is repetitive, sometimes unfair, and gimmicky. Normally I don't like to judge level design; it's so relative from person to person. However, this was reaching a level to where I have to disregard that and trust my own opinion assuming people agree.

You'll notice when you switch up and down like that so fast, you "jump" up.

This was the beginning of my worry. You had at least 12 screens of this, minus the door in slightly different variations.

A whole level with little enemies and..this.

Palette Alert.

One, I don't think chucks have lava-proof boots, and two, I got about 8 screens of this.


You made a pipe go into the ground- but I guess you didn't expect this, because it gets all messed up.

10 screens of this in superfast autoscroll.

This, for no reason; it's a ghost house. :\

Don't let people have to take a hit.

Those grey shooters kill you. You have OW but that isn't clear; you need a message box or something.

There is a hex edit to fix that y-flip of the block, I think.

After a hard and repetitive (10ish screens again) vertical area, I get...this. I need a key. How was I to know that? :\ So I had to traverse down and up again to grab the key (which you had to fall to get, even from the bottom,)

I know you can tell me what's wrong here. :\

This goes on for for-EVER. This is something very common- you take a enemy and a type of platform. Rinse, repeat, for about 8 to maximum screens.

Later in the game, this was common too. You would simply have water and breaks, and a air meter. It was boring and as repetitive as just a long platform. :\

This level was pretty nuts. You went 1F screens (31) with just this gimmick. It was really annoying, I have to be frank.

If you lose your flower, you're done for.

Palette Error.

This, forever. Pretty tedious.

This was another annoying gimmick. You placed these vine-munchers haphazardly. They require a silly amount of precision while providing no challenge that you necessarily had to adapt with. These were EVERYWHERE in the game.

Another palette thing.

This level was just one big vine+muncher setup. It needs some mixing up.

Forced small again. :\

This for way too many screens. Also, all the torpedo teds (pictured here as well) get cut-off, and you can see.

Graphics Errors.

Palette errors
(First Pic- Mario's feet.)

This status bar thing happened a lot.

You used star runs as a default- let me tell you that most people can't stand star runs. This one is really long, too.



This level needs a LOT of work, and basically discouraged me from the rest of the game. Each screenshot here was repeated at least 10 to even 20 or 25 times, in slightly different variations.

Your hack needs some level revisions. Base your level design based on how long it takes it get boring, not how long the level itself is. Your levels generally follow one trait, and then repeat, repeat, repeat. No structures, the same enemies, the same gimmicks, again and again. It gets pretty frustrating and while I don't fully trust my rating abilites to match the rest of the Central, I think we can agree that this is probably too much. I see potential, but your levels hold no "meaning." They are the same thing again and again, and that is what I am trying to illustrate for you. The things otherwise are okay on their own, sort of. (fix them anyway.) But the level design needs work.
Focus on having meaningful and interesting level design, that varies alot. Make sure that even the player, who is very ignorant (assume very ignorant, anyway) can figure out which way to go. (mazes are different; generally people dislike mazes, FYI) Also, I found that you often used one trick (magikoopas, man, what was up with that?) too often. Personally, I try not to use a gimmick more than about 8 times. It makes your levels repetitive and uninteresting. Namely, those vine things, magikoopas, small platforms, the air meter, star runs, regular runs with a low timer, among other things. It makes it hard to play. Generally, almost all your levels need revamping. I hope you don't take this personally.

I see you have put a lot of effort, and I applaud you for that. The stylization, however, I find a bit lacking.
Hack Name: Super Kilik World
Length: 5 levels
Author: Kilik - Submitted by: Kilik
Description: Hai there. This is my first attempt at a rom hack. I'd say that the difficulty is around average leading into a bit difficult. Constructive critisism is greatly appreciated.


Not bad for a first hack, but there are still quite a few issues.

Not only does the Goomba palette look odd, the "squished" GFX are also glitched.

Beating the level is one of the things you should not do in the title screen, as it will cause the music to glitch.

Allowing the player to die in the intro level is also a big no. It will glitch up the lives counter eventually.

Wrong initial positions, causing the "camera" to start to low. This wasn't the only level with this issue either. To fix it, click on the second door button and play around with the settings in the "FG" menu.

Multi-colored pipes look extremely ugly. Move it left or right one tile.
Also, the Piranha Plant's stem is red, which I've heard causes a major glitch. There's a fix for it in the Patches section.

Wrong corner tile. There's dirt around the corners when there's actually know ground behind it. Look out for other spots with these wrong tiles as well - I've noticed some other spots where this happened too.

Trying to get past the Chuck is kinda frustrating. Cheap tricks like this are frowned upon.
Also, stacked Bullet Bill Shooters like the one on the left look odd.

The "invisble floor" idea is nice and all, but you should make it perfectly clear where the ground is. Here, the coins are actually above a pit. Better do it the other way round - place coins everywhere above the ground, but not over abysses. Even better... get rid of that idea altogether.

Although it's unlikely to happen here, it would be nice to be able to reset the level if the P-switch runs out too early. A door like in the ghost house would work.

Going right at the start of the level, like I always do, leads me to death here. Move the spikes to the rigth at least 2 tiles.

Yoshi isn't supposed to be in castle levels. Use a "No Yoshi" intro here.

Sprite Memory issues. If I recall correctly, setting it to 0E (Lakitu button) should fix it.

Glitched spike graphics.

What's with these random tiles all over the level? (Top-left corner)

As I said, pretty good for a first hack. I'll be glad to accept this once you've fixed everything mentioned here.
Hack Name: Super Xtreme World - 241.2 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: MSAhm3d59113 - Submitted by: MSAhm3d59113
Description: This is my very first hack! I spent much time doing it. Enjoy!


Custom Blocks, Music, Patches and ExGFX.
I actually really liked this hack, and it took we a while to consider if I should let it pass. As a ratio, the hack was more fun than these errors stuck out. However, they are pretty glaring errors that are easy to fix. I hope to see this hack approved in the future.



HUGE slowdown in this area.

Whoops, I assume.

If you hit a block that has a coin directly on top of it, it will glitch the coin and make a invisible solid block appear. This is a common bug in SMW, but you can just move up all the coins.

Slowdown again.

People dislike forced death.

Color error, as you might see.

Mostly the cutoff and the slowdown bothered me. Hoping for a quick resubmittal!
Hack Name: Super Dychab World
Length: 6 levels
Author: dychab - Submitted by: dychab
Description: It's my frist hack.


Do NOT submit ROMs!
Make an IPS patch instead. Sorry, but I'll have to give you a 72-hour ban for that.

The screenshots you provided did not look really good either... I recommend reading our Hack Submission Guidelines before re-submitting this hack.

Hack Name: Another Pointless Super Mario Hack Demo 1 Demo - 140.7 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: MrRunescapeGuy - Submitted by: MrRunescapeGuy
Description: Second attempt. This time it is much more complete. There is 8 levels counting Yoshi's House, although you can view a few extra levels coming up in Demo 2. Please read the readme before playing, as it has important explanations. Thank you and enjoy!

Reasons: You still have a long way to go..

The big text is a little broken and cutoff.

Overworld is way too square, and the paths are bad. Revealed level tiles and terrain before you get to the levels etc.

Where's the house?

Level 105 edit, though not a blatant one.

Re: your level design - sometimes there are screens of flat ground, and in general it's not very interesting. The previous hack I moderated, I was backtracking just to see more of the levels that's how good the design was. Try to achieve that sort of feel.

OW is an edit of the original.

I think you left something unfinished!

FG/BG starting height should be changed. Lower the numbers until there's little to no scrolling. (level-modify main and midway entrances)

Not a big fan of the gimmick in this level.

It looks dangerous but you can swim in it??

And I stopped playing at the funky lava level. There are no big noob errors like cutoff, floating munchers etc. but the level design and OW need to be improved a lot.
Hack Name: Super mario World 2 The New Version Demo 1
Length: 3 exits
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy--- - Submitted by: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: This is a New Version of Super Mario World 2 this is Demo 1.
I hope you like this Hack and have fun!


"Marioman presents"? No, it's not a removal reason, but where did you get these graphics from? Did you get permission from him?

Cutoff in the bckground, bad fireball palette, bad Bullet Bill palette.

Bad ground palette.

To prevent this from happening, place some blocks there that block the right side of the pipe.

Apply the Fade Fix patch.

Sprite Memory issues, especially in the ghost house - entire sprites, even Mario, disappear. Use the same setting that SMW had (04, 09, can't remember).

Cutoff ground. Also, there's no way to reset if you srew up by killing the Koopa or something.

Pretty short, huh? Also, you still didn't and the candle flames generator or the side exit sprite.

No offense, but... didn't you learn anything from the last removal logs? >_< Maybe you should play some featured hacks to see what a good hack can look like. Also, I still think you should put more time and effort into your hacks instead of wanting to publish them as fast as you can. It's quality that counts, not speed.

Hack Name: Super Mario Party demo 1 - 1020.6 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Mriohony and IAMSMW - Submitted by: IAMSMW
Description: it is a party

enter every pipe and complete missions
Loved the description. But anyway:

Your patch is dysfunctional.
Please test your patch before submitting it.

Hack Name: Super Xtreme World v1.1 - 240.6 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: MSAhm3d59113 - Submitted by: MSAhm3d59113
Description: This version fixes all the previous errors/glitches etc. Except the Castle Boss Beaten Message (I don't know hot to change it..)

Fixes, eh?

These are still there.

Also, I was able to conitnue down another road this time around (I missed it last time!?)



More Slowdown.

Move the ground up one tile, please.

This 1,2,3,4, easy or whatever level was, I'll be frank, pretty bad.

Cutoff. :( Plus that BG is whacked throughout the entire level.

Just a note of advice, harder doesn't mean more enemies. More enemies just means slowdown.
Hack Name: Funnesss demo Demo - 451.4 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Black dice 4 - Submitted by: blackdice4
Description: this is my first hack and hopfuly one of many. this hack is ment to be silly and fun and a good break from kaizo.

Reasons: If the hack breaks the hack submission guidelines in the screenshots, it's probably not going to be allowed on this site..

Also the download contains a ROM which is against SMWC's rules. 72 hour ban {B(
Hack Name: Super Mario World bowser Reuturns
Length: 3 exits
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy--- - Submitted by: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: This is a new Hack


Yet another one? Gee. Oh well, at least you listened to some of my suggestions.

Cutoff vine.

Bad file select palette, and a wrong corner tile. (One of many.)

Your overworld looks quite bland, blocky and undecorated... Not that big of a deal though.


No floating and/or stacked munchers please.

Block the right side of the pipe so the player can't walk in there.

Sight cutoff where the pipe meets the water. Not the only instance of this either.

Cutoff ground, cutoff vine.

That moon is way too easy to get. Replace it with a 1-up or something, or get rid of it completely.


Something's wrong here... You should probably turn off the auto-scroll before ending the level.

More cutoff, by the way.

Better, but make sure your level is only one screen long.

Also, that demo was pretty short again.
Hack Name: "Super" Amazing World - 242.8 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 8 exits
Author: smwExpert - Submitted by: smwExpert
Description: This hack has no new GFX, new music, some custom blocks, a custom overworld, and completely re-done levels.

This demo includes the first world, which includes 2 switch palaces, 1 castle, 3 normal levels, and 8 exits total.

Have fun!
This hack was pretty okay. I wasn't excited about it, but it passed, save a few errors that could use some fixing.

That water is actually cutoff.

Eee. Bad palette.

Generally, don't force people to have to take a hit. :\

This shooter is cutoff. There were actually a lot of cases of these bullet bills in the level, so fix all of them.

I knew what to do here, because I've played SMW, but rationally, somebody who didn't know to just kick the koopa shell would of been very confused right about now.

Swimming with Iggy? :\ Not necessarily a removal reason, but strange.

This was pretty clever. Nothing to fix here.

Ah! You forgot to remove the title screen recording ASM!


Length: 15 levels
Author: Redrawn - Submitted by: Redrawn
Description: See demo 2 sneak peaks soon. On my channel Ultrafiredude.

Patch is broken.

Super mario World Bowser Returns Demo 1(Update,Fixed) by --Jeff Hardy--

Well, first of all, it was too short. 3 levels is not long enough for a hack, even if it was perfect in every way.

Pipe is cutoff.

In this area, you can swim over the box to skip that water room.

What...does that mean?

But aside from that, it was just too short.

Hack Name: Yoshi World 3(demo1) - 244.1 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 21 levels
Author: Pierresba123 - Submitted by: Pierresba123

Ah. Yoshi riding yoshi.

Get that letter fixed!

Notice bushes, and weird background.

Get rid of those stars on your overworld. Which, by the way, has a ton of cutoff. You will probably want to make it from the beginning.

Flat area.

there were too many 1-ups in this level.

Is that the goal point? O.O It looks pretty bad...

What's with the different colored bricks?

You shouldn't let the player go that way.

I'm trapped. :(

One, cutoff, and two, bad place to put the secret exit.

I'm MARIO when I fly? :S

Ah. Very informative.

Yoshi riding yoshi again. Also, you shouldn't have ground on the bottom tile because you can't see it in-game!

1-1 remakes are not allowed here.

How was I supposed to know this was a door?



Anyway, there had to be more to the hack, but I couldn't find any way to go further in the game. :\
Well, my mind has gone. I knew it was gonna happen with one of these damn things, but that won't stop me. I can't become any crazier! Or at least, that's what the fox tells me.

Removal: "Super Dychab World"
Author: dychab
Description: "My 1st hack."

First off, while it is not part of the Hack Submission Guidelines, it is a little unwritten rule: Do not submit your first hack, it will almost ALWAYS be bad. What I mean is, instead of submitting it, you should have posted a thread in Hack Discussion with the IPS of your hack and asked for suggestions. That way, you could learn how to make your hack better in a more relaxed manner.

So, let's look at the Hack Submission Guidelines and see where you messed up:
3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

5. The player should not be able to die in the title screen or intro!
The title screen can screw up if you get a star, P-Switch, enter a door/pipe, or die. Don't do it.

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

9. Quality level design
Your hack has a much higher chance of being accepted if the level design is fun. Conversely, if the level design is found to be lacking then a little cutoffness may be enough to push the hack into deletion.

Don't put coins on top of other tiles, as it will destroy the tile underneath.
Also, do not have Muncher plants stacked on top of one another or floating in the air. Please use ExGFX to make the Muncher into a spikeball if you need midair or stacked blocks that hurt Mario.

Do not die in the title screen!

Please consider having someone who is more fluent in English to proofread your text. It is all terrible in this game, from misspellings to grammatical problems.

A terrible, lazy overworld edit. No. Either edit the overworld correctly, or don't edit it at all.

Terrible text. Also, never edit level 104.

Floating munchers, and bad climbable fence tiles. You do know that there is a fence tile that doesn't have a corner piece on it, right? Also, this maze is filled with dead ends that can trap you until you suicide on a muncher. Very bad level design.

If I did not get the mushroom that was to the left of that structure of used blocks, I would die after hitting the goal. Never ever do this. Also, blocking me off from returning with an invisible coin block is a dick move, and the goal posts should be brought down one tile, then placed behind the ground (change its Z ordering from the dropdown menu)

Yet you spelled mushroom correctly earlier...

Oh, it's a copy of the level I played earlier from the warp pipe you placed in level 104.

Funfact, there is a limit to how much text you can put in a message.

I hit the P-Switch, and got killed by all the ? blocks that appeared. Do not do this!

I ducked down to press the switch, but Mario somehow lost his head??

What the hell does that even mean?

I cannot see the ground, AND I am forced to take a hit to continue. Neither of these are good.

Is there still ground below Mario after this ledge?

Nope. Bad level design.

Same thing from earlier: Do not kill Mario after he passes the goal.

You should have Mario swimming here.

One tile high water on top of used blocks. Uhm, no.

...and Mario's "girlfriend" is a stickfigure made out of muncher plants.

Also, forcing Mario to take a hit.


Giant water level, no music, and the "black holes" are just clusters of munchers.

You still have a lot to learn about making Super Mario World hacks.

Hack Name: Mario and the 1000 year old kingdom - 241.2 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: skedar - Submitted by: skedar
Description: after the adventure in smw bowser sent mario to the future with his time machine, now mario wakes up in a land that seems very familiar, mushroom kingdom after 1000 years, a new bowser is the ruler, but why?
Broken patch. Also, you used a Japanese base rom. You don't have permission from the japanese author to do that, do you. >:{
Hack Name: Mario and the Palace of Mystery - 41.8 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: MSTR448 - Submitted by: MSTR448
Description: My Mario Hack.

You die on the title screen. Instant removal. But I played anyway:

Whew. There is a lot of cutoff in the corner tiles of the overworld, and it's square.

Lame 106 edit.

Weird corner tiles and cutoff! :(

Without a generator, these bullets appear with no sound. You have no warning and just BAM get hit.

All of your levels were plain and flat.

I expected the final level, but it's not finished. Yoshi's house doesn't count.

Even if these weren't errors, 3 levels is too short to submit. You have to probably do at least a world of levels.
Hack Name: Lieutenant Pie's SMW Hack Demo V 3.0 Demo - 144.6 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: LieutenantPie - Submitted by: LieutenantPie
Description: Enjoy! It took me forever. It only has two levels finished, but you COULD try the other 6 if you wanted I suppose... Again, they're not finished and I would get yelled at again if I put them as regular levels. So for now, just try the first 2 levels and PLEASE read the readme. It's the most important part!

I don't think this hack is anywhere near being ready to be accepted to the site. My advice would be to keep working on your hack for a while. You're not off to a bad start, but there are still lots of beginner-level mistakes. Just play some more Mario games or hacks for some inspiration and insight into good level design.

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines

2. Blatant level edits will not be accepted.
Use CTRL+DEL to remove old SMW levels. (104, C5, C7, and 3 are exempt from this.)

3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

4. Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

9. Quality level design
Your hack has a much higher chance of being accepted if the level design is fun. Conversely, if the level design is found to be lacking then a little cutoffness may be enough to push the hack into deletion.

The biggest problem in this hack (besides its amazingly short length) was its blatant level edits:

This level is a good example of C.R.A.P. level design. C.R.A.P. stands for:
- Careless
- Repetetive
- Annoying
- Poop
No one enjoys fighting the same two annoying enemies over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Did you get bored reading that? That is why people get bored with this type of level design. It's the same thing, over and over.

How do I get out of here? (without dying, or abandoning Yoshi)

Actually, I had a pretty good guess that there would be more of the same...

Well, since the first seconds I spend in this level are spent avoiding a Shell Kicked at me by a Blue Beach Koopa, again, this is redundant.

Blind jumps.

Another blind jump, with a P-Switch twist.

Bad FG/BG start settings.

Sprites are generally outlined in black, not white. Bad player palette.

Did you know that if you eat two Pink Berries, it will spawn the Coin Cloud Game? Well, I was able to make it spawn twice in Yoshi's House, while also upping my time limit with Green Berries. That's two easy 1-Ups in the "intro level" of the game.


...and land in the path of an enemy. :(

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Bowser's Return V1.00
Length: 1 level
Author: MSTR448 - Submitted by: MSTR448
Description: This game contains custom music, sprites, and ExGFX. There is currently 1 level done.
Visit my site for romhack updates!


The main removal reason was the hack's extreme shortness. Only one level, and not a very long one either... You should wait until you have some more to show.

Other flaws I found:

Wrong corner tiles everywhere. (dirt where there's supposed to be water, different water color in some places)

These are wrong corner tiles too. Remember:

Your level design is a little bland. Try adding a few more decorations and varying ground heights. It wasn't too bad overall though - this is the worst example.

Bad foreground and background palette. No offense, but it looks like you just threw together random colors. If you're not that good at making custom palettes, you should keep the original SMW ones (or as others to make some for you).

Other than that, the hack was pretty good. I didn't find too many flaws, but that could be because it's only one level long... As I said, make at least 4 or 5 more levels next time you submit it.

Hack Name: Super World - 362.5 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: spon47 - Submitted by: spon47
Description: forget about
Princess Toadstool
and Bowser have
fun .
ROM! 72 hour ban! We only allow .ips patches here.


Hack Name: Lieutenant Pie's SMW Hack Demo V 5.0 - 144.9 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: LieutenantPie - Submitted by: LieutenantPie
Description: First of all, before you do anything or send me a message about something, OPEN THE README. I cannot stress this enough. Second, only the first few levels (Marshlands 1, Green Forest 1, and Yoshi's House) are finished and playable. Please do not go any further in the game, because you will probably think it's just a really bad hack. It's just not finished. Also, please don't say it's very short, because it's still a work in progress and I had to completely redo most of the levels. Thank you, and enjoy!
I'm very impressed how you took that last removal log to heart, and your hack is quite nice now. However, I think that you need more than just 2 levels to submit it..finish the world, then submit it again. I've high hopes. (Higher than a lot of other hacks, anyway.)
Hack Name: Super Mario World: Untitled Hack 13 - 149.8 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 11 levels
Author: AmIEvil? - Submitted by: AmIEvil?
Description: i put that name like a tribute to the last track of the Queen's Album "Made In Heaven".

Hope you like it
This hack needs a LOT of work.

Please make the upside-down munchers act right.

This level had a ton of 1-ups.

And a lot of boring level design.

And MORE 1-ups.

This is still cutoff- there are little bits of the blocks you can see through.

Can I enter where the pipe is, please? :\

Just above the pipe tile...

It was hard to hit the switch because the screen wouldn't scroll up with me.

Magikoopa and underground ground outside? :\

Please keep platforms above the lowest row.

I'm flying, and you just put FUCK in coins for the fun of it! :(

Oh, and SHIT.
Among a ton of other completely immature and disrespectful coin-words. Eough.

Wha..why do you have these here?

Notice the edges of the pond level.

The pond level was pretty short.

Too many enemies, and that pillar below me does not act like water. Strange...

Plain some more...

Turn on sprite boyancy so these fishes act right.

There were actually a lot of boos in the shot- you just don't have the right sprite heading, so they disappear!
Removal: "Mario Seven - The Real Adventure"
Author: N@ndo (Submitted by: Alex Zdx)
Description: "First of all, the hack was not made by me. Wgo made was my friend. In this hack, Bowser is looking for the Seven Outrageous Gems, but, to stop him, Mario must to collect them before Bowser. Help Mario in this amazing adventure and get all the 7 Outrageous Gems.

Hack available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. Have fun!"

First off, if your friend wants his hack on SMW Central, why can't he join the site and submit it himself?

Second, while there are three patches in this submission, I only used the English version patch.

And finally:

Bad patch. Please use the Clean ROM Verifier to make sure that your ORIGINAL, UNMODIFIED ROM is in fact a good ROM!

Removal: "Mario and the 1000 year old kingdom (demo 1)(fixed)"
Author: skedar
Description: "fized version, sorry for the trouble.
dear mods please delete the old one.
this contains:
custom music
custom sprites
custom blocks
great level design"

Fixed version? Well, I found some more things in here that you should fix.

Depending on the palette, some of the Layer 3 title screen will go behind the scenery. Reconsider some palette choices here.

Allcaps is frowned upon unless you make a total overhaul of the font. Even then, you should still use punctuation.

The "REST AREA" house has a bad palette. (look at the edges)

Ow, my eyes. It is really difficult to read this message.

Mind applying the Fade Fix patch? It will stop this from happening.

Ugly blocks. I know, they're supposed to be ice blocks, but why not use the changing item block graphics? That looks more like an ice cube then recolored cement blocks.

Overworld tile error - see if you can spot it.

Very odd palette choices. On a completely unrelated note, this level was painful. There are these red ! blocks that disintegrate when you step on them, and the platforms you need to land on are very narrow and off camera. You should reconsider some of the level design choices here - make it a bit more forgiving as it is a World 1 stage.

Empty message box.

That is not a goal post.

Look closely, you see a bad tile in the top right corner? Also, the name of this level: "IGGYoS JR CASTLE"

Another empty message block. Either put a message in the block, or delete the object.

Invisible platform = NO

Bad grammar. "Beated" is not a real word.

Moonspeak? Huh, that's different. Wonder where it goes... Wow, I haven't seen a never-ending bonus stage in a long time. And guess what? It's still grounds for instant deletion!

Removal: "Super Mario World: Untitled Hack 13"
Author: Amievil
Description: "i put that name like a tribute to the last track of the Queen's Album "Made In Heaven".

Hope you like it"

As I played this hack, it suddenly dawned on me: my removal log entry would be a carbon copy of Maxx's post! You didn't change anything, you just resubmitted it as-is! You earned a 24 hour ban from the site, so use that time to fix your hack.

Hack Name: Mario Saves The World V1.0 - 20.7 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: mine070 - Submitted by: mine070
Description: World 1 finished.
My first hack.


Letters with black boxes around them look kinda ugly, as does the small line next to the W.

Actual graphics for the shop block would be nice.


NO floating and/or stacked munchers please. (Also, more cutoff ground.)


You should replace the cement blocks with real ground. Just a suggestion.

Wrong corner tile. Happens quite often, not just here.


Glitched event.

Cutoff ground again.

I didn't know I needed a P-switch here.

Also, using the springboard gets you stuck, so you have to take a hit on the muncher. Not something we want to see either.

Boooooring, take 3. Also, why does the music restart every time I grab a block? That sure gets annoying.

More floating munchers.

If you lose the P-switch or the shell, you're forced to restart. Same with every other levels you need a P-switch in. Provide some way to reset the level without dying.

Kaizo trap. Don't make the player able to die after the goal.

If the Koopas have already walkes past, like here, there's no way I can get that shell out of there. As I said, some way to reset the level would be great.


That message box just disappears... Wrong sprite memory settings, perhaps? Click on the Lakitu button and try out different ones.

Completely unedited.

On a side not, all of your levels were just edited version of the original ones. Not too obvious, but still noticeable.

Don't make original SMW levels accessible.

Well... As you can see, you have a lot of work to do. Try again when you've fixed everything mentioned here.

Sorry for the long delay.


Hack Name: Super Zero world - Dream quest(Demo 1) Demo - 314.3 KB - 169 downloads.
Length: 11 levels
Author: darkslayer0 - Submitted by: darkslayer0
Description: All here is in french, I also submit my hack for testing if it rocks good for you! If you don't like french, just install normally your IPS Patch and play without watching texts (the langage and any more bugs will be corrected for the next version).

It's not very fantastic, so if my hack is refused, please notificate me per email: [email protected] :p

Thanks if you play, be indulgent by criticizing my very first demo here please

Here's Why

There are a few off pixels present during the running animation.

The ground just cuts off here.

And uhh...I couldn't find a way past this door. I tried everything I could (I think...) I hit every block, and I tried to shoot a shell at it. (The shell just flew through the door D:) I tried really hard to find a way to get past the barrier...but was unable to do so. I assume that the info box before the barrier mentions something about it, but I do not understand French. Maybe make it more obvious so the player doesn't need to understand the language to play?
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