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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
NAME: Yellow-Mario
AUTHOR: THEbrianstararan
Oh-No! The Toads have taken over the dinosaur islands and guess who showed them the spot Bowser!
Go get him Mario!


Since you changed the title screen level, it would probably be a good idea to also record new title screen movements. Mario looks a bit silly running into the wall like that.

Also, since you don't seem to mind all capital letters for your title, why not use the font without the black squares around it?

*Dinosaur Land

And why the giant gap after "has"?

Mario, the level tiles, Yoshi's House, and the castle look kind of out of place, since they are the only thing that aren't grey. If you are going to change global palettes, you should try to have some consistency in your changes.

Mario's fire palette, the fireballs, and the message box don't look that good. It seems like you forgot to change some colours in your efforts to turn the entire palette greyscale (which I am not too sure if I agree with, since it makes the game look kind of boring, but whatever).


Also more unnecessary line breaks. And how come Mario knows this when he hasn't reached the area he is talking about yet?

*grey Koopa


Overworld glitches like this are usually caused by not uninstalling the title screen recording ASM. Do so and resave the overworld, and you should be able to get rid of the glitching.

Apart from the palette and the level name, the Yellow Switch Palace is completely unchanged. DO NOT WANT



Flat ground with a different Chuck each screen is not good or interesting level design, no matter what people have been telling you. (also you missed a spot on the Chuck's arm, as well as the flashing colour of the Dragon Coin)

The glass blocks evidently aren't compatible with the sprite tileset you are using. In fact, why are they even there? They don't seem to be fulfilling any purpose.

- Bad palette on the Boo Block
- One Dragon Coin too many
- Why is this room playing the normal grassland music?

That pond tile could look better.

Whatever in the world would drive you to think that this is a good background?

The above five screenshots show the entirety of Pipe land #4: four screens of "guess which one of these pipes you can enter", and then the goal. As a matter of fact, all of your levels were lacking in content: not a single one of them was more than eight screens long, and at least three of them had the exact same type of level design repeated for each and every one of those screens. This is not a good thing: if you don't make your levels creative, noone is going to find them fun to play.


And I can't exactly say that your background is the best one I have ever seen, given how it's just one tile repeated over and over. What's wrong with the normal castle background?

Climbing Koopas don't like two-tile-wide climbing nets.

I shouldn't have to tell you what's wrong with this screenshot.

Might I ask what the point of giving the player 33 lives after the end of the demo is?

I am sorry, but this is nowhere near good enough to be accepted. The levels are short and repetitive, and the concept of turning every single colour gray just makes your hack look very uninteresting. This seems very much like a first-time hack; spend some more time getting experience with Lunar Magic, get some people to beta test your hack, and perhaps most importantly, read the Hack Submission Guidelines before submitting a hack again.

(By the way, what exactly is up with the name of your hack? It doesn't seem to fit the hack itself at all...)
My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Hack Name: "Mario Attack!" - 152.4 KB - 30 downloads.
Length: 19 exits
Author: Metalstriker - Submitted by: Metalstriker
Description: My first good hack that I made!
No Exgfx,I made this hack before I learn to "Addmusic",It some bugs
in some parts,But is good in general(I think...)


- Cutoff Bullet Bill shooters.
- The coins' palettes leave a lot to be desired.
- The border around the "Mario" doesn't look quite right. X/Y-flip some tiles until everything is properly connected.
- Instead of the letters with a black background, you should use those with black outlines and transparent backgrounds.

Sprite memory issues - in the intro level already. Change your sprite memory setting ( - setting 0E should work), or use edit1754's "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch and set it to 10.

I don't quite get what the second sentence is supposed to mean... I suggest having someone proof-read your messages.

Your palettes (especially the OW one) could use a lot of work.

Missing corner/edge tiles.

The Koopa GFX look pretty odd... Not necessarily a removal reason, I just wanted to point that out.

I hit the flying question block in the wrong place, and now it's blocking my way back up... you might want to look into that.

Make it so you can't re-enter the switch palace, or else the switch will disappear after it's been hit, leaving you stuck there with no fair way to exit.

The dirt tiles next to the slopes are lacking an outline at the bottom.

Don't insert midway tapes through Direct Map16 Access, as they will reappear every time. Insert them as Extended Objects instead.

The lava is cutting off the ground here.

Your coin and score sprites are pretty messed up, probably because you don't have the coin sprite tiles arranged properly and because you overwrote parts of the score sprites with Koopa heads.

Glitched events. Make youre to uninstall the title screen movement ASM if you're using custom title moves (this can be done in the overworld editor).

At first I didn't know where I started, and then I realized I was inside the ground... Not really a removal reason, just pretty weird. (By the way, the whole level is filled with passable ground like this - any particular reason for that? It is quite irritating.)

More sprite memory issues.

The cements blocks slightly cut off the lava.

The FG palette here could also use some work.

Glitched lava splash tiles. If changing the sprite tileset () is not an option, you should scrap that part altogether.

Looks like you've forgotten to use the "Candle flames in background" generator.

This "elevator" moves up excessively fast, so you don't have much time to realize what's going on and avoid the obstacles. And even when you've gotten used to it, it still is pretty hard to get away from them in time.

I also managed to glitch the elevator and fall all the wy back to the bottom.

Those throw block GFX are a little odd... Just saying, you don't absolutely need to change them.

This, however, you should change. Another pretty bad palette and a messed-up background. You can fix the latter by editing the background in Lunar Magic 1.7 or above.

I guess those are rexes, aren't they? Their head looks kind of out of place, and their palette isn't the best either.

The background (the lighter ground and the water) is pretty confusing, since you don't always know what's safe to walk on and what's not.

I couldn't go on here... Hitting the silver P-switch, which I need to do to go on, also makes the flashing shell disappear, which I also needed. :/

To be honest, you have a long way to go before you can get this hack accepted here. I highly recommend reading the Hack Submission Guidelines and watching this video. Perhaps you should also make a new hack from scratch, since that's often easier than trying to improve your old one.

Removal: "Mario and the Thwomp - Beta Demo"
Author: Master S
Description: "Hello, since I'm fed up of not doing anything with this hack AT THE MOMENT, I thought I would let you have a taste of my short hack in the works.

Demo only includes 3 levels unfortunately, but the hack when finished will be short anyways.


Originally posted by Master S
Note to mods: Please reject the other one as I submitted a old patch, and the wrong screenshots, sorry 'bout the mix up. :s

Okie dokie, but please be sure to double-check your submissions!

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Invasion of Mario's Homeland - 228.9 KB - 45 downloads.
Length: 13 levels
Author: BloodyToothBrush - Submitted by: BloodyToothBrush
Description: This is the hack I made for C3.

MODS : listen, i understand that there are issues with the OW, but it works. There are just little cut off spots with one part of the path. The overworld was thrown together at literally the last second.

I just want to get this out before C3 ends, once thats done I will submit a more updated version with the OW fixed

Credits :
Graphics ( FG & BG )
The V
Daytonthegreat , Icegoom

Sprite Graphics


note : if you are listed here and dont see your work well then I have planned to use your stuff in a later version of the hack...heh

Play Testers

A very Special Thanks to the Following People
MSA - For various help with various things that I cannot do. And for taking the job of Mr. Over world
person, at literally, the last second. Thank you so much!
My Short Review:
The hack was pretty fun, though there was one big reason I removed it though.

Not a removal reason but the years on the bottom are wrong.

The cement block creates some cut-off on the ground.

I can go on top of the roof in this area and if I go all the way left there's cut-off. Make it so you can't go on the roof.

If I do this just right, I can jump on the note blocks and go on the roof and fall off which reveals cut-off. Block off the roof so I can't do this.

Not a removal reason but right when I come out of the pipe Mario won't collect the dragon coin, move it somewhere else so this won't happen.

The cement blocks make a little cut-off on the bullet bill cannons.

I know that there are purple coins in other areas but still these aren't purple. Also you spelled coins as "coints" it should be "coins"

This right here was why I rejected it, after beating this level I couldn't advance because the next level didn't activate.
Like I said I enjoyed the hack as it was fun, fix the overworld problem and this will most likely be accepted!
Hack Removed:
Hack Name: The Legend of Randorland 1 Resurrected - Demo 2 - 292.2 KB - 43 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: Chikane - Submitted by: Chikane
Description: A long time ago, an evil beast was destroying the world.
But there was one hero brave enough to fight him.
His name was: Randor.
He managed to win the fight and became a legend.
But the evil creature wasn't going to leave him with the win.
So it put a curse on Randor, which could only be broken by beating him at midnight with a fullmoon.
That curse made him evil.
He went insane.

Mario somehow got on the once called Enteria Island and that's where our story begins.
My Short Review:
I really enjoyed this hack, it was interesting and fun but there errors that you need to fix.

Not a removal reason, but you should make it so the palette looks more like a beach.

Blindjump here, put coins to lead the way.

The Save Prompt palette looks bad. Try fixing it if possible.

After beating this level the events glitch up. The reason events glitch is because you forgot to Uninstall Title Moves Recording ASM. To uninstall it, go the overworld editor and click "File" then "Title Screen" then click on "Uninstall Title Moves Recording ASM" and it'll fix the problem.

You forgot to take out this test door here, I can pretty much skip the whole level and fight the boss here.

*realize. *hidden. <--You forgot to add the period at the end.

Why is this message box blank?

Wrong corner tile above Mario.

I personally don't think the green dots on the foreground look good. I would say change it a bit.

Right when I enter one of the pipes and exit out of it, the Randor coin turns white for some reason. I would say move it a bit and see if this still happens.

The palette is a bit too bright.


Empty message box.

You forgot to take out the test doors here also.

Not a removal reason but you should make it so that it hurts when I tough the sides cause I'm not damaged at all unless I touch the middle of him.
Like I said before I really enjoyed this hack and hopefully you can get these fixed so the hack will be accepted next time!
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Metroi World Reconstruction - 151.4 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: Sniper/ Agent Penn - Submitted by: sniperxf013
Description: It's only one level hack that I made. Just so everyone knows:

1)I am going top make this a real hack some day.

2)This rom hack will have better graphics, better overworld, better level designs, and not as hard as some of those hacks out there.

3)This hack will be made like an Nintendo game. It will get more harder with every level.

4)A new story line later on.

Super Mario Xtreme was the original name for this hack, but one day, I was think of Red vs. Blue at the time and I remembered the one season called Reconstruction.

Please give me feedback so I can make it as popular as Kaizo and TKO.

Please Enjoy

You should make it so you can't enter this level because there's no side exits and I can't beat the level. (Also change the level names)

When I enter this level, this level won't load so I stopped here.
Yea you need to fix that error and also, one level demos aren't allowed, at least submit a demo with at least 5 levels the minimum.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: The Adventures Of Face - 140.3 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: InnerPuppy - Submitted by: InnerPuppy
Description: One level demo.
My Short Review:
This level wasn't really fun at all to be honest, it was way too short and there were problems in the level.

Use the transparent text not this one.

Uh...what? This message box doesen't really make sense.

How come I can go through the cement blocks and how come it turns to coins when the P-switch is pressed.

There are too many sprites on-screen, take out some of the enemies.

Glitched graphics are not allowed.

The clouds create cut-off to the pillar on the right.
This hack needs some work, I suggest you play some featured hacks to get a good idea on what makes good level design. Also one level demos are not allowed.

One more thing:

These are not proper screenshots. To take a proper screenshot with Zsnes, press F1, and press Save Snapshot.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: A Awesome Story(Demo) - 172.2 KB - 21 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: Metalstriker - Submitted by: Metalstriker
Description: A simply hack that is only 3 Levels
Mario is trapped in the desert of Mahara,you must help Mario
My Short Review:
The hack okay, the level design wasn't bad in some parts it seemed kinda dull and boring.

Not a removal reason, but why not put Mario higher instead of placing him on the bottom where you can see him jump?

Change the 2nd "of" to "from" so the sentence will make sense.

You should change the background palette so it makes it look more of a background palette.

The grammar here wasn't very good. I'll fix the sentence for you. Beware of the blue koopas! Don't jump on them! Kill them with a shell.

If you're going to do this, at least change the koopa out of the shell graphics so it looks like a shyguy.

Why not use a custom block for the quicksand? Or why not use water?

Part of the pyramid is cut-off because it's on the corner of a ledge.

Mario exits out of the pipe a bit higher than he should. Fix the initial settings.

If I enter the top secret area I'm stuck because there's no side exit or time limit. I have to exit the emulator, put a side exit.
This hack could use some fixing, fix these and this will most likely be accepted!
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Waluigi Land: Quest for the 7 Golden coins DEMO Demo - 239.6 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: mariomaster13 - Submitted by: mariomaster13
Description: The demo of my hack "Waluigi Land: Quest for the 7 Golden Coins"
Most of the elements you will see in the demo will be in the fll game, though there will be some minor edits. Enjoy!
My Short Review:
The hack was decent, but it was kinda boring in some places.

You need to fix the background palette, and why does it say Wario instead Waluigi at the top?

Nothing major but still, whenever I hit midway and if I die, the midway point comes back. You gotta insert the midway point bar by using the Extended Objects option in the Add objects window.

There's some random corner tile on the overworld.

Unedited Yellow Switch Palace. Unedited and blatant SMW levels are not allowed.

Easy 3-up moon, 3-up moons should be hard and rare to get.

Make the ledge above me one tile shorter because there's cut-off at the bottom because of the ledge.

The ends of the rope in this level are cut-off.

Take out either 3 platforms or the spinning platform because it's creating cut-off.

You should change the graphics of this guy because he still has part of the chuck's graphics.

I can't advance after this.
A lot of these errors are easy to fix, fix those and this will most likely get accepted.
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: You Just Gotta Love Vanilla Levels Demo - 149.3 KB - 29 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: Wiistar97 - Submitted by: Wiistar97
Description: Vanilla Levels, you gotta just love them, classical. This is basically my first hack ever made. And there's a mix into this game. Instead of ordinary goal tapes, we use the key and the keyhole. The story starts off as Mario (or Luigi if you play 2 player) and he needs to get back home after his long travel into the island. I only used a few sprite edits.

The IPS is glitched. Please test your IPS patches before submitting!
Hack Name: Super Mario: Iggy's Revenge
Author: Doseianasan
Description: Originally submitted as Super Mario KIA. Graphics and level design is improved.

Iggy's Revenge mixes the gameplay of 2D Mario games with elements from 3D Mario games and Mega Man X games.

The plot is that Iggy is causing trouble in the Koriko Islands and Mario must stop him.

Removal Reasons :o

I have to say, this hack was very interesting. I like how you managed to keep the new techniques, like the walljumping and watnot, in every level you made, and not just use them for one level, like most people do. However, here's some minor stuff that should be fixed pronto.

The menu text is discolored. Make sure the BG doesn't overwrite colors 00-03 in palette 1.

Normally I don't mind, but you should attempt to avoid having pixel-cutoff like this.

A few upside-down corner tiles in this place were cutoff with the water.

In many, many, MANY, MANY of your levels, you did not bother to change Mario's FG position. Please, go through all your levels and adjust the FG position. I find it annoying when the camera has to scroll up to Mario.

Although you have a reason for this (you are able to ground pound some tiles) I would avoid cutoff like this.

I am able to touch the backside of this sideways ledge. Remember that sideways ledges act solid, and you cannot pass through them.

No excuses for glitched graphics. Plus, you can't even kill it with a ground pound (only if you hit the ground next to them, actually)

Bad paletted midpoint and goal pole

No glitched sprite graphics (that's supposed to be a football)

I've always been annoyed by the fact that the rope tileset has no true corner tile. If you are able to, fix the corner.

Background has an odd palette.

BG and FG have odd palettes.

Before the Wendy fight, it shows this for a split second before shifting to the left rapidly. Really odd, it might just be something in the game, and not a fault on your side. Also, BG palette needs fixin

That one blue color on the pole in the BG doesn't fade. It might be part of the status bar colors. Try moving the BG palette elsewhere,, if you have applied Fade Fix already.

Weird Kuribon palettes. I know you said they are poisonous, but editing palette F only takes a minute at most.

Two moons o_O I would just make the BG not scroll. If you want to, you can apply parallax scrolling.

More cutoff madness. As I said, it would be wise to avoid this.

More bad palettes.

And you save the extremely horrible cutoff for the end, right? The fight is bad enough with Iggy barely moving when I jump on him. Glad I had a fire flower.

C'est tout. Fix 'em up, and you should be good to go. Good luck with the hack.
Hack Moderation
Today's removal log contains three hacks.
Mario in Iggy Land - Rejected
Retro Mario World - Super Mario Bros. [Remake] - Replaced the older version

Hack Name: Mario in Iggy Land - 60.8 KB - 32 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: moltensnow - Submitted by: moltensnow
Description: Remember Jared World is Super? Well, this is a whole new thing! Now with 1 more level!

Linear Levels
Could you vary your levels more instead of having lava at the same elevation and Blarggs spread out across 3-4 screens?
The skull raft lands on the ground. I don't have too much of a problem with this, but it seems strange having it go through the pipe at the end as well.

The Sky!
Bad palette on the bullet bill launchers.
Because of your "lightning", the goomba is stuck above.
There's literally NOTHING for what seems like all or most of the level. Also, most of the level's difficulty is rendered useless by just camping out near the coins at the top.

Run, RUN, RUN!!!
The palette of the clouds could be better; it kind of blinds my eyes to have the bright white against the dark black (Don't be racist.).
Again, bad bullet bill launcher palette.
If you don't bring the P-Switch or you use it along the way, you're screwed.
Some "cut-off" at the bottom at the triforce, and in the middle.

The Four Seasons
Forgot a period. [/grammar&spellingnazi]
By entering the level, if you don't react fast enough, you're greeted with a bullet to the face in about 2-3 seconds or so.
Oh, and bad pipe palette.
Sigh; how long is this screen, and where are the enemies? It drags on for at least 4 screens or so, and it's painfully dull to speed through a repetitive "level" with no challenge.
Why would you make one pipe in the end lead all the way back to the beginning where there's nothing?
From what I had seen in Lunar Magic, there was NO secret exit in this level, so please don't put a misleading red level dot.

Iggy's Web Hosting
Oh hell. You expect to beat Iggy in _FIFTEEN_ _SMW_ _SECONDS_?

Perspective is off where the island meets the water.


...Your hack isn't completely "bad", but it's not good either. The #1 issue from what I played was that you need to VARY your levels. The player does not want to play the same thing again and again. Second, the levels need ENEMIES. There are several areas that have no enemies, and that makes your hack less than mediocre. Again, your hack is not bad... but it's not good either. If you want, you may re-submit when you fix all of the problems above.
Next, we have:

Hack Name: Retro Mario World - Super Mario Bros. [Remake] - 392.9 KB - 602 downloads.
Added: 2010-03-01 01:24:40 AM
Rating: 5.1 (10)
Reviews: 2 (jump to reviews)
Length: 32 levels
Author: GameGuy10 - Submitted by: GameGuy10
Description: Super Mario Bros with Custom Graphics.

I fixed the Graphics for the Cheep-Cheep, Fire Flower, and I fixed the palette used by Mario.

Please enjoy!

NOTE: This is an open-source hack which can be used as a base hack.

If you are going to use this as a base hack, remember:

Use tile 39F and put it next to the flagpole on the right and put tile 3A5 underneath the flagpole for the goal. ('s SMBGOALPOLE block) The elevators are actually Davros's Normal Shooter 4 sprite. They generate platforms. (use a vertical right line-guide to work properly)

Updated May 5, 2010

A new, updated version has been submitted; the older one will be replaced.

Next, we have:

Hack Name: NEW MARIO Demo - 622.4 KB - 62 downloads.
Length: 26 levels
Author: Ray321lolz - Submitted by: Ray321lolz
Description: Ok last time I thought I fixed the problems but I fixed them on a back-up.... heh sorry, also I would like to thank the users/moderators of smw central for doing this....AGAIN

A lot of the problems I had seen from the last time I moderated this hack still remain.

The levels are still accessible without beating any.

Tutorial Room
The third sentence needs to be capitalized, and you have a run-on sentence.

Which block sells what?
I can stand on the arch poles for some reason.

You said to go to the "Tutorial Room" for an explanation. However, you didn't explain THOSE blocks above.
When the P-Switches are hit, glitched graphics (or bad palettes?) appear.
This part is still repetitive as last time.
You also didn't explain what these pipe blocks do, or those half door slow blocks that look similar to the ones in Giga's "Wacky World" hack.
This area is still full of slowdown.

Pirate Ship
1: Oh god, the slowdown happening every second makes this near impossible to play.
2: Bad block palette and bad status bar palette.
3: The music is ear-rape to my ears, honestly.
There are almost no enemies in this part of the level.
1: This area is very, very flat. Mix it up.
2: The bullet bill launcher palette seems strange.
Oh look, glitched thwimp graphics. Not only that, it's stuck in the wooden pole.
I'm forced to get rid of Yoshi.

Green Valley
*As (as)
The palette for the ground is still strange.
Again, you didn't explain that some clouds are actually custom blocks in disguise.
To go with the statement above, you didn't explain that this blue sphere makes Mario swim, and that the yellow spheres force Mario down.
Again, a lot of slowdown. Why is there always slowdown in almost all of the levels?
The lava appears to go behind the ground, yet when Mario falls in the ground, he dies from a pit instead of being melted.
Oh, how nice; a "quick move before you die" moment.

Speed Challenge
Bad BG palette.
This part screams "Kaizo" at me.
It would be nice if you would show the difference between the cement blocks and the passage.
Glitched goal sphere graphics.


With the state that my laptop is in right now and the amount of mistakes pointed out in your hack, I think I can stop here. It seems that you only fix SOME of the stuff mentioned in the Hack Removal Log out of everything mentioned, so a WARNING has been issued. Here are some tips. Read them, and listen to them.
1: Custom things DO NOT make a hack. Level design does.
2: Listen to the Hack Removal Logs. Otherwise, you'll never pass moderation.
3: Always check your hack for mistakes.

If you keep this up, a ban will be issued.

EDIT: Ninja'd? WTF.
Removal: "Welcome to hell"
Author: Ploxerdon
Description: "This is my new 1 level demo for my new romhack,welcome to hell."

Not a valid screenshot. Please, use the built-in screenshot tool in SNES9X or ZSNES to make your screenshots! That way, they will always come out correctly.

Removal: "App Strike"
Author: Metalstriker
Description: "A no exgfx hack,only music hack,thnks to all hackers that help me with music!

Only 5 levels!"

File select cuts into your title screen text.

You can die in the intro.

You need to have someone proofread your text. You should have a space after a comma, and it should be "Mario needs to", not "Mario need to".

Errors in the overworld are marked with red boxes.

There are a lot of multi-coin blocks in this game. Too many, in fact. You should replace most of them with regular single-coin blocks.

When inserting a midway checkpoint, you should use the actual object, and not the Direct Access Map16 tile. That way, the checkpoint will look and behave correctly.

Woah, how did this happen? I let the flying note blocks Amazing Flying Hammer Bros. ride on push down on me into the ground, and this rendering error happened.
As a side note, the spot where the Bob-Omb exploded? My first time in this area, I managed to die there for no reason. I think it has something to do with the note blocks... but I was unable to reproduce the issue or get a screenshot.

When I cleared this level, something exploded?

I know this hack doesn't have any ExGFX, but you should do something about these Bullet Bill cannons. They look cutoff when arranged like this.

I didn't collect this Yoshi Coin, and its colors didn't fade with the rest of the level. Whoops!

Nothing is beyond here, so why does the level extend past it?



In short, not a bad hack, but you have some things that need to be fixed first.

Removal: ""Awesum" Hax"
Author: undefined
Description: "Because Hax is so "awesum" it doesn't need description. Just play it."

The time bonus gets really messed up if the time remaining is greater than 300 units.

This one level was just a big, long, flat autoscrolling level filled with flopping Cheep-Cheeps. It was essentially a "hold down fast forward until level ends" thing. No reason to have levels like that.

Kaizo-style bullshit. This level instantly clears itself, with Mario walking onto a bridge made out of yellow switch blocks. If you didn't activate the switch before entering this level, you would die, uncontrollably. No, that is not the proper way to make a "Switch required" level. In fact, having death after the goal is highly frowned upon here.

Glitchy Ball & Chain graphics. Hey, if you're going to be making "awesum" hax, you should have used a hex editor to remap the Ball & Chain graphic, so it would be compatible with the glass box bounce graphic! ;D

Name: Missing Colour Hack
Author: zelda15
Description: im 15 and i got bored so started making a super mario hack hopefully i will carry it on if i dont have exams please rate sorry about the screen shots

Not a proper screenshot. Also, you submitted your savegame instead of a patch.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Name: The new beginning demo 1
Author: Yoshidude
Description: This is my first hack so don't expect anything that good

Renaming a ROM to have an IPS extension doesn't automatically make it a IPS patch. Read the FAQ to learn about IPS patches.

Also, I'm sorry but I'll have to ban you for a couple of days for submitting a ROM.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

The missing colours Hack Demo
Author: zelda15
Hack ID: 4234

Originally posted by Hack Description
im 15 And decided to make a hack the hack was called missing colours because i changed the colours of the level this is A demo because i have exams coming up so will finish it after this is A fun hack and was fun to make please comment on this hack.
-please note that to complete level 3 u need to get a feather this means u may need to return to level 2.


Your patch is corrupt. The game failed to load, sorry. :(

Make sure you have a clean base ROM.
Yoshi's Air Ride
Author: 9200
Hack ID: 4234

Originally posted by Hack Description
This is only one level hack, so enjoy!


Um...might want text here. Heck, you might want to have an actual edited intro here. :/

Unedited Overworld, too...

Uh...yeah, I think the BG of this level that you yourself put really sums this level up. Floating munchers, auto scroll, sloating munchers, monotony, no coins, floating munchers, lack of enemies, and also floating munchers. It's also the only edited level apparently, so...

Name: Zene's New Kazio Hack 1
Author: Zene01
Description: Hi and welcome in my submission. This is my first one here, so please be nice for me. The hack has been based on orginal "Kaizo Hack" made by japanese. This hack has:
*No new graphics
*No new music
*No new characters
*1 level

We don't accept Kaizo levels. Especially not ones with walls of stacked munchers everywhere.

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