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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Removal: "Super Cookie Cut World"
Author: imfromnorway96
Description: "My very first hack"

The title screen is an absolute mess. Look at all the random graphics! You should try to make things look clean and consistent.

And not let the file select text cut into your title screen.

Lots of moons? Oh no.


Many, many issues here. First, the floating munchers in the cutoff dirt. Second, the cutoff dirt next to the water. Third, the break in the wall between the ground and the water. And finally, the bad tile in the ledge at the top right.

The player cannot see the lowest row of tiles. Also, I grabbed a really easy-to-get 3UP moon... those things are supposed to be extra-rare and difficult to find.

Cutoff between the ground and pipes, plus the clouds cut into the diagonal pipe and the ground!

That's not how you make a pit. So, can I hit that message box?

Way to point out the obvious.

Stacked munchers. Also, this level really feels familiar...

Ah, of course. You just edited Level 105 instead of making a new level from scratch. Blatant level edits are looked down upon here.

More cutoff ground.

You need to apply the Fade Fix patch... or better yet, update to the newest version of Lunar Magic, which comes with its own fade fix implementation that is automatically installed.

More cutoffness.

There is absolutely no need to have a swearing Yoshi.

Another 3-UP moon.

Can you see the Monty Mole that hit me? Of course you can't. Bad sprite memory setting.

Another 3-UP moon.



No. This is not acceptible.
Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines.

Hack Name: the missing colours Demo
Length: 5 levels
Author: zelda15 - Submitted by: zelda15
Description: sorry about the srm file this is the right one now hope u like it


The main removal reason was the patch not working. Make sure to use a clean ROM, and test your patch before submitting it!


this is not a valid screenshot. Most (if not all) emulators have a built-in "take screenshot" function. For example, press F1 in ZSNES, change the last option to "PNG" and select "Save Snapshot".

Thirdly, although your screenshot doesn't let me see anything clearly, I can already tell there are some things wrong with it. For example, the palette looks rather ugly and the letters you used have a weird black background. Use the upper-case ones with black outlines instead.

I highly recommend both reading the Hack Submission Guidelines and watching this video - that will help you find out what you should avoid having in a hack.

Hack Name: Thanskaro (Demo)
Length: 4 levels
Author: Neutron - Submitted by: Neutron
Description: A short hack i've been working on for a while.
I still have to complete the overworld, and the secret exit of the first level, so don't search for it.

Music (the few tracks i've actually added):




One of the best hacks I had to reject so far. It was pretty cool, but there are a couple of minor issues that stick out a bit due to the shortness of the hack.

A little cutoff on the border around the title. X-flip the right border and Y-flip the bottom one so they connect with the corner tiles properly.

I'm going to assume you put the key and the keyhole right at the beginning for testing purposes. Not a big deal, but you should probably remove it for public versions.

...Especially if the level it leads to is unfinished. This appears to be the last room, and I can't find a way to exit it, leaving me stuck there until the time runs out.

The goal tape doesn't seem to be connected to the left, which makes it look like it's floating... Again, this isn't too big of a deal, but if you could fix it, that'd be great.

Beating this level reveals the wrong level tile. You might also want to check your paths/events in general, since only three levels were actually reachable. (Unless I'm missing something obvious, that is.)

See that red line at the bottom? Just by that, I can tell that this is level 105 and you used Ersanio's levelASM. :P It contains sample code that changes the background color depending on Mario's X position, and the background color is visible at the bottom if you disable ZSNES's new GFX engine. Of course, this is not a removal reason, but you should probably remove that sample code nonetheless. ;)

As you see, these aren't too major issues that are easily fixable. Once you've gotten rid of them, I'll gladly accept this hack.

Hack Name: Gray-Mario
Length: 8 levels
Author: THEbrianstararan - Submitted by: THEbrianstararan
Description: A fun small hack which i made more world coming soon


Fire Mario's palette doesn't look too great. He also uses his normal palettes in the "getting a fire flower" animation.

*Dinosaur Land
*a modern area

Also, the top left corner of the hills has a slightly different color than the rest. Might wanna fix that.

The overworld palette could use a lot of work too. It might look better if you made every color completely gray instead of just less saturated. Same for every other area/color.

*Yoshisaurus (?)

Also, the blue on the message box looks really out of place.

Pretty messed-up BG.

This level consists of about five one-screen-long rooms, each with a pipe leading to the next room. Not a removal reason, but try putting some more action in your levels.

Another weird BG.

And another boring level - a room full of climbing nets full of Koopas doesn't quite cut it.

Red lava with a gray top?

You should not only fix these issues, but also work on your palettes in general. Some of them seem really inconsistent.

I've run out of ways of saying it, so I'll just say "Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines and watch this video."

Hack Name: Correus' Curse
Length: 5 levels
Author: Yonowaaru - Submitted by: Yonowaaru
Description: This is the demo for my newest hack, Correus' Curse. It does not yet have a real story. Also, t'would be appreciated if this were to be Let's Moderated. Not required, of course!


It's a shame I had to reject this, since it looked really nice judging from the screenshots you provided.

This is the reason I couldn't accept it - you start right at the "End of Demo" level and can't play any other ones.

Another tiny issue I found: If you go right in the intro level, you'll see the ledge is cutoff. Just add an edge at the end or change the level's length to 1 screen, and it'll be alright.

So yeah, just change Mario's OW starting position, do something about the intro cutoffness, and I/someone else will take a look at it again. ;)

Name: A Search For Better Graphics
Author: wiiqwertyuiop
Description:Fixed some errors.

I plan to take graphics and enemies from other games and put them in my game.

So far I have levels from Nes Mario Bros. , Kirby's Adventure ,and Kid Icarus.

Games that I plan to add:

Zelda 2
Donkey Kong Country
and any other games I can think of.

Power ups

Make a better overworld
Make a better title screen
Fix a few levels
Finish game


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Mario Ireland - 31.6 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: Alberio10122 - Submitted by: Alberio10122
Description: It's a short one level hack I made for a school project. It's my first work in LM EVER. It's not very good, but i hope you'll enjoy it.


A few issues here:
- The water has two different colors, especially noticeable on the top right edge of the island.
- Same with the cliffs, as seen in the bottom right edge.
- The triangular tiles aren't meant to be used as ground decoration. Use the same tiles SMW used instead.
In other "words", .

It's obvious that this is just a barely edited version of level 105. In fact, all you did was adding some hills and enemies. Blatant level edits like this are frowned upon - To make a level from scratch, press Ctrl+Del in Lunar Magic to remove all original objects and sprites from it.

Fish are supposed to be swimming, aren't they? To make them able to, click on the button and check the first option ("enable sprite buoyancy").

If you don't consider the fact that you didn't really add many things yourself, this was pretty decent for your first work with LM. I recommend making a few more custom levels etc. (just for yourself, not for releasing) to get the hang of it. As always, I also recommend reading the Hack Submission Guidelines and watching this video to get an idea of what you shouldn't do in a hack.

Hack Name: Rayrey206's first ROM
Length: 6 levels
Author: rayrey206 - Submitted by: rayrey206
Description: Hello everyone. This is the first ROM hack I have ever done, and I still have a lot to learn about Lunar Magic. I think it's fairly challenging, but I want some other peoples opinions. I hope you enjoy.


I'm not going to comment on every screen here...

And these are just the first two levels.

Yes, you do have a lot to learn to be brutally honest. I highly recommend taking a look at the Hack Submission Guidelines and this video (as always).

Also, hard hacks like yours might be better off uploaded to your file bin and posted in your signature or something if you desperately want people to play it.

Hack Name: Stupid Mario - 21.2 KB - 1 download.
Length: 6 levels
Author: P Switch Masta - Submitted by: P switch Masta
Description: I mixed up some of the music to make it more interesting. I didn't bother changing the time limits or the overworld. Each level is based of the original level. I decided to make it challenging. So far it's only 1 world long. I will make more levels.

Part 1

PS Please play some Featured Hacks and read the Hack Submission Guidelines.
Super Mario Bros. : Journey thourgh time
Author: mario4life
Hack ID: 4232

Originally posted by Hack Description

this only has 2 levels,all exgfx in this demo.





Well...while I have seen worse hacks out there, this hack is still definitely not quite there yet as far as reaching the criteria for being an acceptable hack submission.

Oh, also, you spelled "Through" wrong. You're supposed to spell it "t-h-r-o-u-g-h", not "t-h-o-u-r-g-h"

To start with, you have a completely unedited intro screen from the original SMW. This isn't a huge deal, but it still isn't very professional.

There's a bit of a palette error going on here. As you can see, there is a pinkish "box" around Mario on the overworld in the upper left corner. This is probably just an easily fixed palette problem, though.

This is a very unfair and difficult jump to make. You must get a running start, jump at just the right time so you do not smack into the hanging blocks in front of the row of munchers, and then reach the other side...without smacking into the random red koopa that is waiting for you on the other side. Not only that, but this is on practically the first screen of the first level. That definitely does not belong there.

8-Bit springboard...

...turns back into a 16-bit springboard when you land on it.

By the way, I ought to point out that Mario's GFX clash with the 8-bit surroundings, and that maybe you might want to make Mario look 8-bit. Then again, it's called "Journey Through Time", so maybe that's part of the plot of the hack that Mario is in tis 8-bit world? I certainly wouldn't know - you didn't give any in-game indication, since your intro level is unedited.

And on a final note, 2 levels is in most cases way too short of a demo to release to SMWC, especially in your case, since both levels were quite short and somewhat uninteresting. (Both levels even used the same graphics and palette set!) You might want to hold off on submitting your hack until you have more levels completed, in addition to fixing these issues I mentioned.
Removal: "Uber Luigi Land"
Author: aspeedy
Description: "Mario is missing, and Peach needs help.. Luigi is her final hope! Can he save her?

This ROM contains 3 levels, a Switch Palace, a Ghost House, and a Castle.

*To much rewinding in ZSNES causes the switch palace island on the overworld to glitch out."

Silent Bullet Bills. No. Bullet Bills should only come from a Bullet Bill Shooter, which should be placed on a cannon tile.

I went down to the first level, then left to go back to the starting area... where I ended up somewhere offscreen, unable to go anywhere. Bad idea.

When striking a block in this stage, some garbage graphics appear. Also, this area hasa ceiling made out of invisible coin blocks, making it rather painful. Especially the jump near the end.

More silent Bullet Bills.

You need to install the Fade Fix patch. There is no more excuse for this. The latest version of Lunar Magic comes with its own Fade Fix patch.

You forgot to uninstall the title recording ASM.

... where the hell is the P-Switch?

Either both posts should be in the ground, or both posts should be out of the ground. Not a combonation of the two. Also, yes, I had to use an Action Replay code for "Always Cape Mario" to get past that area.

The corner in the bottom left is one block too high.

Now this is a dick move. If I didn't clear the Switch Palace beforehand, I would be forced to die.

Another area needing a P-Switch that doesn't exist.

Oh, that's why. You didn't finish this level. If that's the case, why did you submit this hack in an unfinished state like this?

Cutoff ground. Also, suiciding to use an "instantly clear level" cheat.

Good puzzle idea, but you need a reset door. Or better yet, use a P-Switch door instead! Those are doors that can only be seen or used if a P-Switch is active.

You have some good ideas, but flawed and incomplete execution ruined them. Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines.

Removal: "Super Mario X Mix Demo"
Author: selfhack
Description: "Peach wurde entführt.


Don't edit Level 104! Ever! Also, the cutoff sign and the (not shown) glowing fireplace bricks looks really wierd.

Why did you build the stairs like this? Couldn't you have made this structure in a different, cleaner way?

Some slight cutoff around the water and nested ledges.

Big chunk of ground missing... it's just completely cut out.

Okay, I managed to get to the key and keyhole. It was a tough fit (took me several tries!) but I pulled it off and now I'm in... this wierd level. Let's go into the pipe and...

...what the hell.

And now I am in an unedited SMW level, with not that much time on the timer!

What happened to the pipe?!

Initial FG setting set waaaay too low.

It actually isn't the end, there's a full level and another stage after this.

Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines.

Removal: "Super minigame world"
Author: gamingawesome
Description: "Something I made out of pure boredom.
It features Mario in world based on minigames- survival, coin collecting, and defeat all enemies. It even features some childish kaizo traps! yum! yum!

If I HAD to pick a plot, it would be the mushroom kingdom is being overrun by "glitch guys" and Mario must take their treasure and stomp em' all!!!"

...I have no words.
Read the Hack Submission Guidelines before you think about submitting another hack again, please.

Removal: "Smw The new beginning demo upadate"
Author: Yoshidude
Description: "This is a update please delete the old one"

If you edit the intro cutscene, you have to make sure the excess tiles aren't shown! SMW did this by having a different level length set, but Lunar Magic automatically lengthened the level when you saved it...

This is a structure that is repeated way too often in your levels: a pair of multi-coin ? blocks and some other ? block (which may also be a multi-coin block). It gets old way too fast, so I suggest you make these multi-coin blocks a bit more rare, especially since you can "reset" the multi-coin block's internal coin counter by emptying another multi-coin block.

Watch your tile priorities!

Goal posts too low.

Whoops, cutoff! Also, why do so many levels have such a low time limit to them?

Since the mountain in question no longer exists, you should edit this.

Vanilla Dome 3? Looks like you missed a level name.

This is where I ended up after clearing the previous level...

Endless bonus game.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

There was something here, but it was a mistake on my part and has been already settled with the hack author.

Removal: "Luigi's island"
Author: yoshiguy978
Description: "story:iggy have stolen luigi's island so luigi need to get his island back."

Halfway through the castle, I get dumped into this glitchy TEST level.

Removal: "Super mario bros the search for bowser demo 1"
Author: yoshiguy978
Description: "story: bowser have not done anything at all for several months mario must go search for him.
This hack have
custom sprites,blocks,GFX"

If you enter Toad's House (the starting point on the map) you cannot leave. You are trapped forever.

Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Hack Name: Super Mario: Iggy's Revenge - 227 KB - 38 downloads.
Length: 19 exits
Author: Doseianasan - Submitted by: Doseianasan
Description: Iggy's Revenge mixes the gameplay of 2D Mario games with elements from 3D Mario games and Mega Man X games.

The plot is that Iggy is causing trouble in the Koriko Islands and Mario must stop him.

I thought you did an alright job with this hack, though their are some things that really need fixing. Don't be discouraged, this really shouldn't take too long to patch up.
Please fix all these things in the levels I did not show in the video as well.
1) Don't spam cement/wall kick blocks so much. They look a lot worse than normal ground does.
2) A few cutoff tiles to fix.
3) Overworld perspective errors such as this:

Note how the top of the island is curved while the bottom is straight.
4) Anything else I mentioned in the video above (such as bad palettes and difficulty).

Also it was about time someone c-c-c-combo breaker'd Techo.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Removal: "Super mario bros the search for bowser demo 1"
Author: yoshiguy978
Description: "Story: bowser have not done anything in many months so mario needs to go search for him.
This hack has
Custom blocks
Custom sprites
Custom graphics"

Let's try this again.

*Bowser has not

Upside down Pirahna Plants go behind the water.

Install the fade fix patch! It comes with the latest versions of Lunar Magic so you don't have much of an excuse.

Palette on this enemy is absolutely screwed.

Look closely at Mario's feet. When you change Mario's graphics, don't forget that in the very first GFX bank (the top section of AllGFX.bin) contains some bits and pieces of Mario for animations like swimming. You'll have to edit those to make swimming look right.

When a level has more than one exit, it must be marked on the map with a red dot.
If this is the Yellow Switch Palace, why is it green?
*Yellow Switch Palace

A very screwed-up Switch Palace. If I press down at the beginning, I die from being crushed.

If the time limit is too high, it glitches out like this.

Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Whew, I've been busy the past week or so, and the original pics I took for this hack didn't save for some reason DX

Hack Name: NEW MARIO
Author: Ray321lolz
Description: Ok last time I thought I fixed the problems but I fixed them on a back-up.... heh sorry, also I would like to thank the users/moderators of smw central for doing this....AGAIN

Your welcome, and once again this is being rémoved. It seems you didn't fix some of the previous stuff. Anyways...

Title screen maladies. I'm sure you can tel what's wrong in each of the pics.

You are able to go into these pipes.

Initial FG setting is too low.

lolwut I can't pass through the pillar, but I can up here.

Bad "Mario" palette on status bar

The level is laggy + bad status bar palette + cheap attempt at bypassing "NO STACKED MUNCHERS" rule = this. Fix it all. I'm sure you can do with only one row of munchers.

Cannonball gets stuck in the pillar.

This is passthroughable. Étrange. Also, the level doesn't stop scrolling, so I get crushed between the wall and the left side.

Slight bad pipe palettes.

Horrible block palettes. My eyes died thrice.

Ledge to the left of me is cutoff

The normal and silver P-switches have HORRIBLE palettes. Do something about it.

Yoshi spits out glitched fireballs. Since you don't seem to be using any castle sprites in the level, I don't see why you have the level set to the castle sprite GFX

Yeah... I'm not a big fan of "breakable walls", because then it creates cutoff like this. Maybe have blocks instead of actual ledge tiles.

I fail to see how these blocks can act like quicksand.

Also, these blocks act like coins before the P-switch, and are solid afterwards. At least make the GFX change when a switch is pressed. Use LM's ExAnimation feature

These two parts were humanly impossible, and I had to put slo-mo to pass. It's only the 3rd or so level. Come on. Save this for kaizo hacks and/or final levels.

Big walls of bullet bill cannons looks nooby and unproffesional.

And so does screens full of cement blocks. Differentiate between solid and passable cement blocks. Also, the Goal Sphere has glitched graphics. You don't seem to be using any of the Forest sprites, so it should be an easy change.

Me being able to stand here + cutoff ledge below me + weird pointless orange thing = no explanation. Fix and/or remove it all.

Why do you still have the invisible coin blocks there. :<

And why does this still have a bad palette

And why are there urchins in the sky (btw, the land formations have slight cutoff)

And why do I randomly fall here, even though I was clearly standing on the platform.

And why can I walk on these

And why does that block give me a glitched 5up

And *shot* (why does Mario have a glitched palette here, and why does he shoot glitched objects?)

From below, this block acts like a normal glitched 5-up block

But from above, the block disappears, and gives me the glitched 5-up

And I decided to stop there. You have barely changed anything. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
have someone WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH THE SITE'S EXPECTATIONS to play through your hack and critique it. It needs lots and lots of work. Also, you yourself should play through the hack. If something looks like it'll be a removal reason, even the slightest, then FIX IT.
Hack Name: "Beat" the world - 185.6 KB - 49 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Metalstriker - Submitted by: Metalstriker
Description: A ExGFX hack made by me

REMOVAL REASONS (things to fix):
1) Cutoff.
2) Overworld issues.
3) Unfairness.
4) That really odd walljump glitch.
5) Grammar.
6) Anything else in the video I forgot to mention.
This hack does really need some work, unfortunately, everything that needs fixing is mostly level design stuff - the hard stuff to fix.
A few errors here and there as well.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Hack Name: You Just Gotta Love Vanilla Levels - 150.3 KB - 40 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: Wiistar97 - Submitted by: Wiistar97
Description: [ TAKE 2 ]
Vanilla Levels, you gotta just love them, classical. This is basically my first hack ever made. And there's a mix into this game. Instead of ordinary goal tapes, we use the key and the keyhole. The story starts off as Mario (or Luigi if you play 2 player) and he needs to get back home after his long travel into the island. I only used a few sprite edits. I'm sorry for the first attempt, this one is fixed. But hey, everyone makes mistakes the first time.

In the intro message screen, no message pops up, and if I go and finish the level the intro level restarts.
If I die enough, look what happens to my lives.
Not to mention it'd be nice if you actually changed the intro level as well.

I was kind of disappointed, because the screenshots looked very nice, and I was looking forward to playing this. I expect you to resubmit when this is fixed!

These kind of mistakes would not be missed if you got some BETA TESTERS
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Link Thread Closed