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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Kris' Adventure - Demo 1 - 259.1 KB - 9 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: martin9172 - Submitted by: martin9172
Description: Story: On his trip around the world, Kris crashed into a cluster of rocks. Where is he? There lies a scent of evil in the air...
This demo includes:
-The first world
-"End of demo" level
-Some ExGFX

Empty message box.

...And every time I enter a level, I automatically win.


I think you forgot to move the goal spheres from testing or something.
These kind of mistakes would not be missed if you got some BETA TESTERS
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Name: Phunky Physics
Author: limepie20
Description: Uhh....

Its a game.
And it's amazingly the most best thing ever.
Im lime.

This was inspired by "A Thing, Man".

For the first time in quite a while, I am completely lost for words. Seriously. I don't know where to start with this hack. It's both brilliant and terrible at the same time, often for the same reasons. I don't even know HOW he did some of this stuff.

I highly recommend playing it, though I'm not 100% sure it can be accepted as it is.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Waluigi Land: Quest for the 7 Golden Coins DEMO - 241.7 KB - 38 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: mariomaster13 - Submitted by: mariomaster13
Description: The demo of my upcoming hack, Waluigi Land: Quest for the 7 Golden Coins


holy crap normal removal log
The hack seemed alright, but there were a lot of errors that you need to fix.

Get rid of the black behind Waluigi Land. Also, it'd be nice if you edited the title screen demo.

Unedited level, and unedited message.

All the level names are unedited.
The overworld doesn't have to be changed, but it would be cool.

Another unedited message.

The clouds in the background cutoff the hills.

This level has two really easy 1-ups to get. Remove at least one of them.

Never put a coin on top of a hittable block. It will create an invisible block above it.

Cement blocks create a bit of cutoff.

Sprite limits.

Super easy moon to get.

One more tile up, please. Also, if I was small, I'd be stuck in here.


More cutoff.

Even more cutoff.

Cool story. These tiles don't act like they should.

Minor cutoff.

Not a removal reason, but this would look better connected to the ground.

This area is pretty boring. It's been, like, 4 screens without anything interesting.

The palette on that cave is pretty bad.

Let's see... Cutoff, no background, and right behind that buzzy beetle is another really easy to get moon.

Another invisible block glitch.

Cutoff, and you should let the player exit the End Of Demo level without having to kill themselves.

Fix all these things up, and I'll accept it.

50th hack moderated!

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Hack Name: Super Generic Land - 156.1 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 11 levels
Author: nitelich - Submitted by: nitelich
Description: Mario wakes up one day in a strange land, and must escape.

Levels are difficult, but short enough as to not warrant the use of save states (and other similar tools).

The hack itself is very vanilla, as I am working on a Mac.

This hack is much, much too difficult. You should post this in the Kaizo Hack Submission thread or just make it a lot easier.

I did really like the roleplayingness in the message boxes though, they were a nice touch.

Anyways, screenshots:

The border looks really, really bad. Also get rid of the black behind 'nitelich'.
Oh, and the podoboos are all glitchy.

Red = Cutoff.
Blue = Perspective error.

Lots of cutoff.

Mean first puzzle.

Mario isn't really walking on the path here.

These jumps are awful.

I actually don't know what just happened.


Please, please, please give the player more time.

Never force the player to abuse glitches like this.

That is just mean.

Need... more... time.

Also, I just realized if you die here, you get the time up message. Just give this level a time limit.

Super nitpick, but 'just' should be capitalized.

Bad corner tile.

No. Screw this.

In closing, like I said at the top, this game is way too hard with too many unfair traps.

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Hack Name: Correus' Curse demo 1 - 183.2 KB - 31 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Yonowaaru - Submitted by: Yonowaaru
Description: Well, resubmitting after having changed the OW location and some other stuff.

Correus' Curse is my newest project.
It features:

-Custom OW design
-Custom level design.

Doesn't sound very special?
Well, then you should just go ahead and try it!

(Custom music and storyline not yet added in this demo)

This hack looked promising from the screenshots, but it's broken.

Not a removal reason, but it'd be nice if you changed the title screen demo.

Shouldn't the path from Yoshi's House be revealed? Very nice overworld by the way.

Screen starts too low.

This is what I meant when I said this hack was broken. I'm stuck here; I can't move left or right.
I think you accidentally set the tiles to act like tile 130 instead of tile 25.

So yeah, fix that up.
Remember these kind of mistakes wouldn't happen if you got some
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Hack Name: Luigi's Time Adventure DEMO V2.3 - 185.1 KB - 46 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: hub911 - Submitted by: hub911
Description: assorted levels from Luigi's Time Adventure...

Full hack comig out soon


Originally posted by "Submit A Hack page"
How to make a good screenshot:
Play your hack in Zsnes. When you want a screenshot hit F1. This should bring up a menu. The bottom option should say IMAGE FORMAT:. By selecting that option and pressing enter, you can switch between BMP and PNG. In this case, we want PNG. Now select SAVE SNAPSHOT and press enter. The image will be called <rom name> xxxx.png (where xxxx is a number) and will be saved in your Zsnes folder.

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Hack Name: Super Mario - Hunt For The Dragon Coins (FIXED) - 188 KB - 11 downloads.
Length: 7 exits
Author: JDC - Submitted by: JDC
Description: This is the demo of my upcomming hack which is inspired by sonic in terms of level design. There is a sm64 style mission system where you have to find the 3 dragon coins hidden in each level. In this demo, there are 7 exits, 9 Dragon Coins and a minigame.

Removal requested.
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Hack Name: Bowser Jr's adventure - C3 Demo fix
Length: 19 exits
Author: BBkaizo - Submitted by: BBkaizo
All things have been fixed!


Level 1
Doors into holes
and more...


This door lead to a endless bonus room.

So close! Once this is fixed, I'll be sure to accept.

Have a nice day.

Hack Name: Mario World Super
Length: 6 levels
Author: P Switch Masta - Submitted by: P switch Masta
I'm sorry but I didn't change the overworld. I don't like to work THAT hard. This time I made sure to check for graphical glitches and other things. Mario needs some eggs for his dinner with the princess. However the Koopalings stole the eggs. Go through the worlds and get to the castles, defeat Bowser's kids, and grab the eggs. It's not to challenging. You should be able to do this without swearing at me.

I'm sorry but I didn't play much of your hack. I don't like to play THAT much.

But seriously, you have quite a bit to fix if you want this hack hosted here.


I can die in the intro. Not good. Plus, there are Bullet Bills coming out of nowhere and what looks like floating munchers.

Wha...? Don't use the bottom row for ground because you can't see it in game.

Hmm, something doesn't seem right... Oh, that's right! The ground is cutoff and should be connected to something.

So you took level 105 and deleted the ground? Use Ctrl+Del to start your levels from scratch.

Now there's a real hole? This is another reason not to use the bottom row. The player can't tell if it's a hole or solid land.

This moon was too easy to get by jumping up the cutoff ground.

Slowdown because of all the Rexes. I'm surprised the game didn't slowdown due to 6 Chucks that were on the previous screen.

I really don't know either.

More cutoff. There was a lot of this in your hack.

Slowdown and repetitiveness.

Blantant edit + wrong type of music + no enemies = boring. I quit here.

Learn to use Ctrl+Del to make your own levels, and don't create cutoff by making random objects float that should be connected to the ground.

Have a nice day.

Name: Super Mario World: A Search For Better Graphics
Author: wiiqwertyuiop
Description: I plan to take graphics and enemies from other games and put them in my game.

So far I have levels from Nes Mario Bros. , Kirby's Adventure ,and Kid Icarus.

Games that I plan to add:

Zelda 2
Donkey Kong Country
and any other games I can think of.

Power ups

Make a better overworld
Make a better title screen
Fix a few levels
Finish game

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures.

We told you to fix this last time. And the time before that. And the time before that. So obviously, you're not reading these hack removal logs you're sent! Since you're not going to put in the effort to read them, we're not going to put in the effort to actually play your hack and see if it's acceptable.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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My Hacks:

NAME: Mario in Iggy Land
AUTHOR: moltensnow
Remember Jared World is Super? Well, this is a whole new thing! Now with 1 more level!


See Kristian's Let's Moderate video of the last version. Seriously, apart from a bonus level (that you get to by breaking some unmarked cement blocks with a spin jump) consisting of thirteen screens of the same platform blatantly copypasted over and over, and a random 15-second time limit for the Iggy battle, the hack is completely unchanged since your last submission.
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NAME: Super Mario World 3: Mario's Epic Adventure
AUTHOR: moltensnow
A new hack I'm making. This is the first demo, and only contains the first world. Please read the Readme.


Go on, guess what is the main removal reason for this hack.

If you guessed "shortness", you win an imaginary cookie point. (Collect 999,999,995 and you can redeem them for a free alphanumeric character of your choice!) Just like the other hacks by the same author that I keep rejecting, this is just too short and mediocre to be accepted. It seems like he gets bored with his levels halfway through making them; not a single one of them is longer than ten screens or takes more than 100 SMW time units (in fact, most take around 50) to finish. And when the whole hack is only five levels, some basic arithmetic gives us the answer that this fails to meet guideline 4.

That being said, there are also some other minor errors I found:

Why are these cement blocks not solid?

Thanks to Ultimaximus for finding where this picture was for me.


Also *behind


Since the Piranha Plant is behind the bush and Mario is in front of it, logically they should not be able to interact.

I fail to see how you are supposed to get past this section without taking a hit. Also, why is there no background here?

Poor Magikoopa messed up his spell, and accidentally made his head vanish. Either that, or your sprite tile memory setting needs changing.

That event transition doesn't look all too good.

Due to the conveyor end tiles being walkthrough, Mario can get in here.

Very minor, but you used the wrong edge tile just below the ladder; you can see the ocean through it.

Please put some effort into your hacks before submitting them. As evidenced by the responses in your thread and the ratings of the one hack you got accepted, people do not enjoy playing hacks that are extremely short and bland.

EDIT: fixed broken images
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NAME: Mario Superstar Shutdown --Demo One (DELETE OTHER)
(I'm sorry, i forgot to place the .ips file into the other one, please get rid of it...)

NOTE: This is my first submitted, serious hack but I've been hacking for almost a year. Also, this hack does not involve Custom Music yet. PLEASE READ THE README FOR CREDITS.

~~The Mushroom Kingdom is attacked again by Bowser, the Koopa King, except now tih a yet-unseen vehemence. As Mario clears out the Mushroom Castle, he notices that the Power Stars are gone. Mario heads off on an adventure to tail Bowser's Airship and discover and stop whatever his devious plan is....~~


I think you forgot to do something before creating the patch, since the only playable level is the original #1 Iggy's Castle. The ROM also has a bad checksum after patching, so make sure you are using a clean one to create your patch.
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NAME: Majoras Hack(working title: Mario and the stolen stars)
AUTHOR: majora211
It's the demo of my hack that I've been working on.
The hack is strawberry.
It has the working title: Mario and the stolen stars.
Plot and related things are found ingame.


Not a bad hack by any means, but lots of small stuff you should fix up.

Not exactly a removal reason, but the title screen doesn't match the entered name for the submission. Also, the top and bottom Boos have odd palettes.

I know that being able to die in the intro is bad, but this isn't exactly the most graceful of workarounds.

Why do the stars give off a shatter effect when I touch them?

Your overworld is cluttered to the point of confusion. You have unreachable level tiles all over the place, the secret exit paths don't actually show up, and there's a random sign and some arrow-looking thing at the top middle of the screen.

Also *Sunken

If you are going to remove the last zero of the score counter, you might want to do so for the score sprite tiles as well; as it is, they don't match up.

The animations are out of synch due to incorrect usage of LM1.7x's new ExAnimation system. Either have the whole animation use a single slot with the "4 8x8s: 16x16" option, or make sure the difference between the slot numbers is a multiple of 8.

This Koopa went through the wall; you might want to move it somewhere else.

Luigi's ducking frame just looks odd. It seems like he is missing some outlines or something.

Your new midway point looks pretty neat, but it leaves behind cutoffness when collected.

Your hack had quite a few cases of the "I have no idea what this is" syndrome. You might want to provide some sort of explanation for the more ambiguous-looking blocks.

Someone else seems to have already collected the midway point D:

I couldn't seem to find any way to get up to that pipe at all. Is that intentional?

Another thing you might want to reconsider is the use of all these different-coloured coins that act the same as normal ones. When the green ones act like dragon coins (or at least, most of them do), the player kind of expects the other ones to have some sort of different function as well.

It's not too big of a deal, but Mario's head sticking partway out of the pipe like that looks kind of strange.

What's up with that area below the goal? There doesn't seem to be any way to get there at ll.

The upside-down multi-coin block changes into the normal one when you hit it.

The death music just doesn't sound right. I don't think you intended it to be only two short notes and then silence.

The speed with which these boost blocks fire me to the left makes it literally impossible to dodge that Koopa.

There were several places where I could jump into the ceiling and either get stuck or fall through it. Perhaps you could use that ceiling generator custom sprite to prevent it?

This level would benefit greatly from having vertical scrolling at will activated. Also the lines in your dirt kind of don't match up.

Connecting slopes directly to vertical walls just doesn't work very well.

With the strict time limit of the p-switch block, this random invisible coin block was very annoying.

The riding Yoshi frames of these player graphics could use some work.

It seems kind of strange how these blocks aren't solid to fireballs.

If I bring a Buzzy Beetle up from the underground section, it turns into some abomination whose graphics switch between a gray Monty Mole and the decapitated head of a Sumo Bro.

For some reason the note blocks turn yellow when I bounce on them.

This section seems impossible to do without hitting the Munchers on the ceiling. And then there isn't even anything on the other side...

What happened to Grassland #2? And is the hack supposed to end here? Looking in Lunar Magic, there seems to be a whole lot more more finished levels.

And finally, updating the lives counter at the top of the screen by exchanging lives between Mario and Luigi makes it appear even if you overwrote it.

The biggest problem with this hack was probably all the ambiguousness concerning block graphics; I would suggest either making them more obvious as to their function, or providing some sort of explanation. Apart from that and all of the small issues, the hack wasn't half bad, and I'll happily accept it once you have fixed it up a bit.

EDIT: fixed broken images
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NAME: Mario's Superstar Shutdown- Demo One Re-Upload
I apologize for the .ips being... funky last time. I tested this new one out again and again and it appears to be in working order... Maybe try using SNES V1.51 (That's what I used). I SWEAR I used a clean SMW ROM and my hacked ROM to create it.

MSSS: Demo 1

Bowser has once again attacked the Mushroom Kingdom, but with a previously-unseen vehemence and Mario takes off to the Castle to investigate. He finds that the great Power Stars are missing and Mario sets off, trailing Bowser's Airship.

This Demo encompasses the first two worlds, Mushroom Kingdom and Orange Beach. Please note that the Overworld issues you may spot have been since fixed.

Check the README for Credits and a Preface.

Thank you and I apologize if this doesn't work (Pays that it does).


Nope, still doesn't work. It looks fine in Lunar Magic, but ingame... well, you see the screenshots. I can't move from the level tile, and the level is unedited Iggy's Castle. You sure the ROM you are using to create the patch is clean?

TechEDIT: Just an observation, but are you sure you're testing your overworlds correctly? Every time you edit the overworld, you have to delete your battery backup file (or delete the save from the title screen) and start from a new game, otherwise the overworld will not work correctly.
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NAME: Bowser, the Super Usurper - DEMO 1
AUTHOR: Eplemosen
As you probably understand, this is a demo of my hack "Bowser, the Super Usurper".
Well, actually, I'd say it's just an accumulation of _very_ short levels, with some bigger here and there. The difficulty varies very much. Many levels are very short and easy, and some might almost be considered kaizo.
Please report bugs, errors and the like!
Thank you!


Very short levels indeed. All of them apart from two (which are fairly terrible in other ways, but we'll get to that later) are between three (yes, three) and six screens long. Did you by any chance not notice hack submission guideline #4?

Apart from that, there are also quite a few other problems:

You have some stray pixels on the left side of the U, and the first R in "usurper" is cutoff.

...I don't really think this is where I was supposed to start out.

Spiny Plains alright. A plainer level is hard to find. As is a more boring one, for that matter.

Some actual level design? :D


Whatever that thing is supposed to be, it doesn't look good.


...yeah, I really think something went wrong when creating your patch. Especially since I get this when I try to open your level in Lunar Magic.

:ohdear: again


...upside-down clouds?

I am not sure exactly what, but something tells me that you forgot to enable sprite buoyancy for this level.

Why does a yellow level have a secret exit?

Horrible horrible horrible layer 3 palette. Also this level was incredibly annoying as big Mario.

Fourteen screens of falling past copypasted blocks without any enemies or danger whatsoever != fun

Let's play the guessing game! Choose the right patch and you'll be able to continue!

Too bad! Now you'll have to play the entire level over! Isn't this just the best level design ever?

This level is impossible to beat as big Mario.

As is this one. Also yay underwater climbing

Again, there seems to be a distinct lack of sprite buoyancy in this level. And nice work removing the goal tape so I can't exit the level without dying, by the way.

Hack submission guidelines. Read them.
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Removal: "Super"
Author: MARiO42
Description: None given

Okay, first off, why the hell do so many people recolor Mario as blue? It's been done, it's horribly unoriginal, and it just does not look right. Second, you should be consistent with the text in your title screen - using a different font set for the first letter does not work.

Especially when the other letters vanush behind the level.

If you touch this level, you have to manually change the level size back to one screen, otherwise this happens.

Your English is terrible. Get someone to proofread your text.

All of your levels are blatant level edits. We do not accept such hacks here. You have to make levels from scratch. Press Ctrl + Delete to wipe a level clean, then build a new level that way.
You also have set obscene time limits - anything above 400 time units will cause the end-of-stage tally screen to freak out.

Obscene amounts of extra lives, along with cutoff and glitched dragon coins on level boundaires.

This is never a good sign.


Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "Super My World"
Author: MARiO42
Description: "This demo have 16 levels and 20 exits.Is and a bonus level,it called "Vanilla Dome 1" (After #2 Morton Castle""

Literally the same hack as above... looks like you submitted it twice.

Removal: "Mario's search for the stolen stars Demo 1."
Author: majora211
Description: "Original description:
It's the demo of my hack that I've been working on.
The hack is strawberry.
It has the working title: Mario and the stolen stars.
Plot and related things are found ingame.

Resubmitting it because I fixed most of the problems with the hack
besides the one that requires objectool. I fil fix it in the next demo of it.
I hope this works now."
Originally posted by majora211
Please mod(s) remove the other one as there is a major bug ingame.

Removal: "Super Questionmark World"
Author: Danos
Description: "A little Demo from my upcoming Hack which contains 6 full levels(but short, its tutorial) and 2 one-screen-levels. Please notify that its a vanilla hack and my very first hack as well. Sorry for the name but my choice is still not finished.

Many of the infobox-messages will be changed as well as bugs/glitches will be removed. Also i already finished 3 additional worlds who are not as easy and short as this first world. :P And there are even 4 still unfinished/under construction.

Please report me possible bugs/glitches and your opinions."

Not a valid screenshot. SNES9x and ZSNES both have built-in screenshot functions that take perfect screenshots for you, every time. Please use them!

Removals: "Mario's Grand adventure" and "Mario's Grand Adventure BETA 0 .2"
Author: man56447
Descriptions: "My first mario "hack" its more of a test really only 2 levels but more to come......The first level is a little sloppy because I had fum experimenting and trying noob things the second level is where ist at its challenging but not kiazo (thank god{whew})please try the game and give some tips"
"Fixed some major problems but there is still a lot to finish so I added a level but it is very beta so enjoy"

Cutoff title logo. Also, what's with all the enemies?! O_o

Blue ! blocks cut into the ground. Rexes are not compatible with goal spheres.

Floating munchers. Also, two munchers cut into the ground.

You forgot to uninstall the title recording ASM. Also, I do not like the sound of this level...

Yep, if you didn't press the yellow switch, the level would have been impossible, and Mario would have been forced to kill himself. Bad design decision.

So, a bunch of newbie hack errors. This really would not have been that bad... except

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Link Thread Closed