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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: You Just Gotta Love Vanilla Levels - 151.9 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Wiistar97 - Submitted by: Wiistar97
Description: At last, I have fully edited World 1. I would like to first apologize to everyone who played my levels and couldn't play it. But of course, if only I could have been able to re-upload my hack.

This hack has:
-No custom music
-Edited sprites
-Yes, a storyline
-Edited OW
-And of course, edited levels.

Story - Mario has traveled through an island and has lost his way. Oddly, there may be an essence that someone is after him. The only fastest way to get back home, is by key and keyhole.

Yeah, I was kind of hoping this would be better, but there is a lot of stuff you should fix.

I managed to get to this secret exit which resets this level.


Red = Cutoff.
Purple = Perspective error.

Screen starts WAAAAAAAAY to low, and you come out of a pipe in some levels where there isn't even a pipe. Fix this in all your levels.

Cutoff 2: The Revenge.

Cutoff 3: The Return of the Revenge.

Cutoff 4: The Return of the Revenge of the Return.

Cutoff 5: The Return of the Revenge of the Return REMIX EDITION.

Cutoff 6: Based on a movie, based on a book, based on a poem.
Also having star music as the level music is annoying.

Cutoff 7: The Return of the Revenge of the Return, based on a movie, based on a book, based on a poem REMIX EDITION.


Don't make the player start right next to a sprite.

Glitch background and Cutoff 9: The Re- oh whatever

Sprite limits.

Cutoff... again. Shocker.

Also, odd glitch here, I'm standing as though I'm not in water, because I'm riding the grey platform.

Because the switch level is a cave I can re-enter it, I can get stuck in the switch room.

Let the player side exit if the switch is mandatory.

What is the point of the purple triangle there?


Having three of them seems pointless.

Use the moles that come out of walls instead of the ground ones.

Cutoff. NO WAI

One more tile up, please.

I'll have the no-horrible-traps special, with a side order of less-cement-blocks.

And to top it off, the no-annoying-jumps on chocolate cake.

I can get stuck in here too.




Yeah... memes are dumb.

What is wrong with this screen:
1) Slowdown.
2) Sprite coming out of water.
3) Cutoff.

What is right with this screen:
1) Nothing.

Make fuzzies go on a rope... having them float is weird.

Make Yoshi mandatory is a no-no.

More odd fuzzies.

It looks bad having Mario walk under the border.

A lot of random switch blocks, as well as some bad corner tiles.

You kind of have a load of stuff to fix before this is satisfactory.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns

Name: super mario world 3
Author: allan - Submitted by yoshi3706

Weird mixed-fonts on the titlescreen. Doesn't look very nice.

Super-easy to get 3UP in the... intro level? What.

Level is a very small edit of Demo World's first level. Please make your own levels from scratch.

Uninstall the Record Title Screen ASM.

Switch palace is completely unedited.


Glitchy sprites for headbutting this glass block.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

NAME: Super Mario Lost in Monochrom Land
AUTHOR: El santo
DESCRIPTION: Mario is lost in a black and white world,in a new journey,but it's just a DEMO!


*try to understand

What would be also more logical is: *black and white
and *what happened here

*or am I ... LOOOOOST

I would completely reword this sentence.
*You need 100 Bonus Stars in order to play a bonus game. At best, you reach the top of the goal point and get 50 Bonus Stars!
(Yes, 50 plus 3-ups, not 40!)
Furthermore, the goal is cutoff at the top!

*in less than

Those moons are really too easy to find. Hide these very well so it really stays a big reward.

The midway was fine here but if you enter the level again after the midway point, Mario falls down and the player has to immediately react in order not to get hit by the shell. I suggest moving the shell a bit to the right.

Be sure there is nothing beyond screen 00 in the bonus game so this won't happen.

I really have absolutely no clue how to get up. I have tried a fine while but could not get up there.

Your hack seems quite fine actually. There are some language issues and the level design could use some touching up in general but this seems otherwise quite solid. I liked the use of the palette block as well. Be sure one is able to beat the ghost house.
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Hack Name: toad adventure
Author: smwfan213
Description: It's finaly here
If you remeber the toad adventure(demo), then you now this smw rom hack is the full version of my toad adventure. But this hack length is only 11 levels.

8 new levels + top secret area
new level messages
new intro and welcome music
new toad's house level

custom sprite: YES
custom music: YES
custom blocks: YES

Removal Reasons :o

I'm guessing something went wrong with the ExGFX files, or you patched to the wrong hack, or you had an IPS in the same directory as your ROM. Find the problem and fix it, because this doesn't look like it was done on purpose :P
NAME: Super mario loco (español)
AUTHOR: yoshi3706
este hack trae varios errores, el que mas se nota es en el mapa del mundo 3.
el idioma es el español pero no es ningun problema.

this hack brings several errors, the one that but note is in the map of world 3. the language is the Spanish but it is not any problem.


Why can't people read through our guidelines before submitting anything?*Major sigh*

Did you just leave the original pipes (+ settings) in your levels or something? Gosh

A whole world is dedicated to remakes? Fuck no!

Next thing: Cutoffs:

You basically need edge tiles in this tileset.

Remove everything beyond screen 00

Hard to see but look closely on those things Mario stands on. Also Background weirdness.

Next thing (sigh): Palette problems:

Really cool Shyguys you have here!

This is one of the most awesome looking Koopas I've seen in my entire life! Even mario's shitworld failed to have those!

The pipe looks also bad here.

Bad outline color.

We're still not through, people! Further mistakes are still to come:

Perspective errors. Also random fat black lines are fat and look bad. Otherwise actually quite cool.

Above me was a moon. Way too easy to obtain. Also, 105 edit? Press CTRL + Del damn it.

Rather hard to see on the picture but wrong edge tiles here.

Another two moons.

This tileset is just.. uuugggghh. Remove the FAT black outline on this one. The cement blocks look bad as well so why don't you just remove them?

BG mess.

You used palette 0 or 1 here which you really should not do.

Status bar problems, background problems and sprite lagg...

... plus Map 16 errors...

... plus weird things and this the whole world over results really in a hack which needs a fucking lot of work.

Wrong sprite tileset for this sprite.


See above. 2 above.


Do you believe that this supposedlyis the first and only castle in the hack? The amount of sprites here are exaggerated. Also, the castle just ends and I have beaten it just because? What a level design...


Bad palette + I am screwed at this point.

Graphic glitches.

See above. Guess what this is...
Also this level (Casa de Mario) was weird in every way.

I honestly have to say that this was one of thw worst things I have ever played. From the Overworld (the fact that I can go everywhere from start) to the graphics to the glitches to and that is your main weakness the level design. Really. Play some hacks. Super Mario World is NOT just walking on one platform which has always the same height, then a pipe, then 4 enemies, then a pipe then 5 enemies then a gap, then another platform (same height) with 4 enemies, pipes and finally a cutoff goal! This simply is not the way you should do it. Where the hell ishould be the fun in that?
Furthermore, old remade levels from SMB or whatever are not fun either. They are just plain boring and we all have played through them several times. The same goes for the original SMW levels of course.
So really. You simply have to improve before ever submitting hacks again.

I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

AUTHOR: xilith117
DESCRIPTION: This hack is a pretty simple one due to the fact that I am inexperienced.I tried to make the game the way Nintendo would have done it meaning that its not going to be obscenely difficult. I know that it lacks custom sprites and things that make it different from all the others but as a noob I would appreciate some opinions on the game and perhaps some suggestions? (cuts off after world 4, and unfortunately some of my best levels can not yet be accessed.)

I agree that Nintendo has made its mistakes, but... seriously... have you played through your own hack once?

This shit is full of Nintendo's original levels:

Furthermore: Gamebreaking issues!

If I died or won this nice bonus room, I had to reset the game.
Have you attended (and probably won) the "Build the worst level of all time - contest" or what?

Further minor and mediocre mistakes:

Small cutoff at the edge of the title screen. Also what's the comma above the s of "Bros" for?

The bullets will hate cutoffnessman now.


Small cutoff at the edge of the rope as well.

This subworld is a mess. Especially after having beaten some more levels.

Don't even consider avoiding this glitch by removing the star. Press CTRL + Delete to build your levels from scratch.

Cutoffness + Mario exits the pipe 1 tile too high.

Severe cutoffness.


Language mistakes.

Wrong corner tiles.

And that's about it. I couldn't even visit castle one because you have made an overworld mistake the level before.
So, yeah. What is there to say except another guy who has not read through our guidelines and submission rules?
Maybe one last thing: Test your levels.
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Hack Name: Super Mario World Koncritef Edition - 298.1 KB - 21 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Betatendo - Submitted by: betatendotm
Description: The 1st betatendo hack I don't have much experience in that moment.

Hack Name: Super Mario World Magnum Vabyor - 279.3 KB - 28 downloads.
Length: 81 levels
Author: Betatendo - Submitted by: betatendotm
Description: 3rd Betatendo hack

Hack Name: Super Mario World New Gate Avanyft - 362.7 KB - 29 downloads.
Length: 63 levels
Author: Betatendo - Submitted by: betatendotm
Description: 2nd Betatendo hack

Hack Name: Super Mario World New Gate Avanyft 2 - 250.7 KB - 35 downloads.
Length: 69 levels
Author: Betatendo - Submitted by: betatendotm
Description: 4th Betatendo hack the best hack at the moment of Betatendo

All four of the hacks you submitted have the same error message when loaded in LM:

Apparently, your original ROM is corrupt in some way, or the IPS patch you made was corrupt. More error messages pop up saying that your graphics files are of an abnormal size and that your sprite data has been corrupted. Please ensure that you are using a clean ROM as the base for your hacks, and please test your IPS patches after you create them but before submitting them.

Since I can't personally moderate these, I would just suggest you look over our Hack Submission Guidelines to ensure that your hack meets these requirements. If it does and you are able to make a clean patch, then feel free to resubmit your hacks.

Good luck!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Removal: "Super Mario World New Gate Avanyft 2"
Author: Betatendo
Description: None given.

It's the same exact hack as "Super Mario World Magnum Vabyor"
Removing duplicate submission.

Also, I'm going to be moderating the other three Betatendo hacks submitted, so sit tight.

Removal: "Super Mario World Koncritef Edition"
Author: betatendotm
Description: "1st betatendo hack I repair the error of ips in clean rom"

It takes someone "special" to mess up the title screen this badly. Wow.

The overworld is a complete mess! If you don't have a finished overworld to show, why not use a submap instead?

Terrible glitched graphics. And the level only serves to allow quick access to the switch palace switches... why did you leave this debug level in?

Glitched sprites.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "Super Mario World Magnum Vabyor"
Author: betatendotm
Description: "3rd Betatendo Hack"

Annoying font colors, and cutoff ground.

More cutoff. Also, this is NOT how you make a title screen level...

Don't use the blank extended Map16 blocks. Those light blue tiles look ugly. Also, your text is like a terrible blend of some other language and English. Please get someone to proofread your text.

This too.

The first part of the level is just "hold down run and the right button" and that is really boring. Also, the screen is darker because I paused and the HDMI patch made it dim.

Growing/shrinking pipe end doesn't seem to be using the right palette. Also, priority issues, because you applied the HDMI patch.

Fireballs have glitchy fire trails.

Blatant level edit.

More HDMI-related priority issues.

Unsightly cement block.

Another blatant level edit. Also, a Pirahna Plant with a fish for a stem is just plain wrong.

Rope cutoff.

Glitchy tile at the center of the triple rotating platforms.

More of the glitchy tile (you can walk through it) and the blue tile blocks.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "Super Mario World New Gate Avanyft"
Author: betatendotm
Description: "2nd betatendo hack"

Except... you aren't Sean...

Wait wait wait wait... did you just... edit someone else's hack?!

You need someone to proofread your text. Also, you edited someone else's hack because he watermarked the graphics!

Ugly and cutoff. Also, never have more than one Baby Yoshi in existence at a time, otherwise...

...this happens.

Another Switch Palace beta testing level.

Hard to see (autoscrolling level) but the tile behind the flames is wrong.

SirSlush? That was a blue Iggy, you can't fool me.

Terrible boring area with terrible annoying music.

In conclusion, you should not focus on so many hacks, but instead focus on making one hack, and make sure to make it right. SMW Central's hack database is specifically for high-quality hacks. Instead, you should have posted these in the SMW Hacking Discussion board.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "mario the end of the world"
Author: bronix107
Description: "on the start of lev one you need a mushroom"

Hoo boy. Does the readme have anything else to say?
so here are some things you need to know slows down sometimes

2. the end of lev 1 meesed up


all to me

Holy shit, the title is an ugly mess. Why do people do this all the time?!

Horrible grasp of the English language. Have someone proofread your text.

No. This is not acceptable!

Berry not on a bush.

The entire level is floating cutoff ground, all while being a blatant level edit. Groan.

Over already? Thank the lord it's ov-

Cutoff ground. Also, walling the player in like this? Bad idea. I have to wait the timer out and die to leave this level.

Okay I should play through the first level, but really how bad can it be?

Floating stacked munchers.

Glitchy lava.

I hit the message block, deleting the Layer 3 tide with it, and now there is some invisible wall blocking me from going back. Also, what the hell is with all this cutoff glitchy graphics?!

This is terrible.

And then this happens. This is what you get for having a level that uses a Layer 3 tide be too long. If you removed the Layer 3 tide, this problem would not occur.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "Ultimate Mario World Bean World Crisis 1.29"
Author: Shoukan
Description: None given.


Hack Removed:
Hack Name: Mario's Epic Adventure - 835.4 KB - 1 download.
Length: 7 levels
Author: moltensnow - Submitted by: moltensnow
Description: This is a new demo! It's got 2 more levels! 3 if you count the end of demo level. I hope you enjoy!
Sorry to do this to you moltensnow but in the zip there's a folder called "Screenshots" and in it there's a rom. I'm going to have to give you a ban.
Removal: "Super Mario Lost in Monochrome land"
Author: EL santo
Description: "A new mario journey,and guess what?
Look at the pictures!

This is a revision after removal.

Language issues
Other tiny,tiny things.
Sorry if you find some buggies,and let me know if there's problems.
Have a good game!"

PLEASE could you remove the old version,it was bug,buggie,BUUUGGIE!

So,I'm SORRY for the V2.2 version,I didn't noticed the HUGE BUG of the pipes,because I broke my SD card reader,but now,i've got a new card reader,and I've worked for a version,without those bugs...

Removing because the author submitted a newer version.

Removal: "SMW New Gate Avanyft 2"
Author: betatendotm
Description: "This is my final hack I made it with more effort."

The borders on your title screen look terrible. Why not just use the original borders?

You still need help with proofreading the English in your messages.

I really don't like the palette for this overworld map. :/ The other map is fine.

Whaa? Also, cutoff bridge.

More cutoff, where the pipe and water meet.

Glitchy tile.

Can you see the Pirahna Plant? No, you can't, because it goes behind all the tiles.

Terrible-colored "lava". Extreme cutoff diagonal pipe.

Huh, Mario's hat shifts...

Palettes are all fucked up in this level... you really didn't need to edit them.


Glitchy background. Instant death room. If you wanted to prevent the player from entering this area before hitting some Switch Palace switches, maybe you should have made a horizontal pipe with exit enabled to the side of some switch blocks? So the player can't walk in unless the switches are pressed?

Half-colored pipe looks bad.

Yes, you have to play through the same Switch Palace stage twice to activate both switches... really unnecessary, IMHO.

And now this area doesn't instakill me.

Pressing the P-Switch makes the used blocks become coins, which in turn makes the tiles terribly cut off.

This is what you get for doing the Switch Palace a third time... a glitchy sprite. NO. No no no.

The corners of the rope ledges is actually a tile from the mushroom platforms... maybe this is why the rope tileset is mostly unused!

Purple lava and eye-hurting bright blue BG.

Door floating in midair.

Glitched note block bounce graphic. Note blocks are not compatible with the castle tileset.

Cutoff nets.

Hm, unedited message.

This is when the ROM decided to freeze up completely.

Really, this hack is worlds better than your previous attempts, but you gotta fix it up! Post it in the SMW Hack Discussion board, you can get a lot of advice from there. And as always, read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "Mario and Luigi's adventure"
Author: nickmett
Description: "Only a demo. This hack has custom music, one level with ExGfx. "

That is neither Mario nor Luigi. Also, bush is too close to the edge, so it looks a bit cut off.

Do not use the lowest row of blocks, the player cannot see them.
Also, the item box border is terrible. You should revert your changes to the status bar.

Word of advice: 90% of the time, don't submit your first hack. Post it in the SMW Hack Discussion forum first, instead - if everyone says it's good, then you can submit it.

Overworld is... not that good. Cutoff clouds.

Never ever ever EVER edit Level 104, it messes up the ending.

Glitchy sprite graphics.

Cutoff hills, in more ways than one.


Bad corner tiles. Did you put the edges on top of the ground? That will cause it.

Very easy 3-UP moon. Also, this level is a blatant edit of level 105.

A message in the BG?

Oh christ. After this, it is cutoff world with yellow strips that, if touched, make you stop swimming and fall to your death. I deem it impossible if the player is in a powered-up state and is riding Yoshi.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Removal: "Super Mario: Lost Zone DEMO"
Author: mudkip74
Description: "A Demo I made giving you the First World To Play, and a preview of the Last World."

Bad patch. It's only 8 bytes big? That's not correct.

Removal: "Mario's Quiz (Open-source hack!)"
Author: Daikun
Description: "This is a hack I created back in April 2009, then pretty much had to neglect for over a year due to work and other matters.

After over a year of experimenting and beta testing, I thought I'd release my latest version here.

The title is just as it sounds: Mario goes down pipes to answer questions presented in the text boxes.

I've decided to leave Lunar Magic unlocked for this hack. It's open-source! Make up your own questions, levels, worlds...whatever. Have fun!

P.S. Sorry for the vanilla-ness. I'm still trying to learn the more advanced stuff."

Ugh. Instant death if you don't know your Nintendo trivia? Bad Idea.

Instant death rooms.

Instant death level. If you go into this level without hitting the Yellow Switch first... you die immediately. This is Kaizo-grade shit, never do this.

If you fall between the pipes, I assume you're supposed to... kill yourself with a shell? Why not just make it possible to get back out? Or make it a bottomless pit? If I spinjump the shell, it dies, so I am forced to wait out the timer.

Never use message boxes on levels that have Layer 3 effects! In this case, the level had tides, so I had to rewind after reading the messages. Also, that switch would not have made the coins become solid blocks, because it is not a blue P-Switch, but a silver one. And finally, cut-off pipes.

More cut-off pipes.

Cut-off ground.

Again, if a level uses Layer 3 for anything, don't use message boxes. In this case, the BG vanished.

Cutoff ground.

Message boxes are not solid tiles. You do know that, right?

For some reason this level does not have water effects in it, and if I didn't hit the Green Switch, it would have been no different than picking the wrong answer. Ugh.

Disembodied goal tape.

And the tally screen messes with Layer 3 effects, too. Like the fish, which are now frozen in place.

Not pictured: two levels that are marked with a red dot on the map only have one exit each. If a level is marked with a red dot, it has to have two exits. Either change them to have a yellow dot, or add in the missing exits.

This is the reward for answering the final question... 3-UP Moon spam. At least it isn't a completely endless bonus game...

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

NAME: Mario's Superstar Shutdown- Demo 1.1
Thank you for bearing with me, yoshicookiezeus. It turns out my SMW ROM was not clean. Thankfully I created a new one. So, here you go! ^_^

MSSS: Demo 1.1

Bowser has once more attacked the Mushroom Kingdom, but with previously unseen vehemence. Mario investigates the Castle and finds he stole the Power Stars. Mario takes off on a quest to tail Bowser's Airship.

Please read the README for credits. Because it is a demo, there is no Custom Music or Yoshi Coins.


As you may or may not have guessed from the fact that this wasn't removed as soon as I claimed it, the patch worked this time. However, I apologize for the moderation process taking this long... I blame SMG2.

Anyway, let's get to the actual removal reasons:

Those ledges do not overlap well.

No matter what you say, this looks nothing like a house...

...and those cutoff climbing net shapes don't look like furniture. From the later levels, I see that you know how to use ExGFX, so why don't you for this level?

Transparent Koopas and oddly gray clouds... Are you using one of the dark BG level modes? And if so, why?

Koopas falling on my head from offscreen is not very nice level design.

...someone remind me what I wanted to show with this screenshot.

The Hammer Bro jumped down and got stuck in the ground; he doesn't seem interested in coming back up, so if I didn't have fireballs, I would be stuck...

(also, there's some odd black border on the right side of the screen)

...if it weren't for the fact that I can just walk back so the Hammer Bro scrolls offscreen, since that triggers the level ender.

Not too big of a deal, but your Super Koopas apparently change shoes once they start flying.

The transition between grassland and castle could be done more gracefully. Also, you seem to be missing the candle generator for the background.

If I hit or break this turn block, the axe becomes floating...

...and in the same manner, destroying the ones on the right makes me unable to continue.

Your Koopa heads using an entire 16x16 tile for their graphics are slightly messing up the jumping Piranha Plant, among other things. Use the tile 83 fix patch to fix it.

I don't think this tileset is intended to be used with the default palette; the brown parts in the grass and pipe look rather odd.

Some cutoffness where the pipe and the water meet.

...why in the world did you replace the head of Lakitu's killed frame with a Bob-Omb?

The Koopa shell I was carrying turned invisible due to bad sprite memory settings.

Not too big of a deal I guess, but Lakitu throws Spinies into the ground formations rather often.

I destroyed the Koopa, and now I can't get past here without taking a hit :<

Bushes with layer priority are best placed on the ground instead of on elevated platforms.

The ending to this level seems rather abrupt. Why not just end it in the first one, instead of randomly teleporting like that?

I think this is a case of bad foreground initial positioning. NOTE TO SELF: Write removal logs before you forget what's depicted in the screenshots you took.

Mario kind of starts out in midair at the midway entrance.

The collision detection of these ledges are rather odd; Mario falls through the outer ~8 pixels of them.

Not a removal reason, but I just wanted to point out that it is very possible to get across this gap with a simple running jump from the message box.

What are these things, and why I am collecting them?

These blocks don't look very good, what with their partially missing outlines.

Coming up with interesting captions to sprite memory issue screenshots is always hard D:

Am I unlucky, or what? Still, this isn't really what I would call fair.

And getting the moon leaves cutoffness behind.

Again with the abrupt endings.

Cutoffness on the top of the thin bridge, and where it meets the diagonal support beam.

Those edge tiles look really odd and kind of glitchy; I don't think that is what they are supposed to look like.

Red-stemmed Piranha Plants are bad, since they can cause a VRAM error and mess up one of the other sprites on screen. Apply the fix patch.

Getting squished under one of the moving pipes kind of teleported me a tile to the right, causing this graphical glitch.

Also, Koopas and moving pipes don't really go together.

Why are the sprite coins randomly red in this level?

Hiding enemies behind the foreground like this => RAEG and potential ersanuke.jpg

I am not entirely sure that these ledges are supposed to be solid. They don't look like they should, in any case.

I could have sworn those things weren't harmful when touched from above...

This again?

More random sprite transparency and darkened background. switch blocks? But I only pressed the yellow switch so far...

Cutoffness of varying kind and seriousness.

...and some more sprite memory errors.

Your midway point for this level doesn't work.

Standing on one of these dolphins when it reaches the peak of its jump makes me fall through it.

Slowdown due to an excessive number of sprites.

More sprite memory stuff. Also what happened to Mario's outline?

Who keeps activating all these other switch palaces before I reach them myself?


I got surprised by the shell and burnt it with my fire flower; now, I'm stuck.

Seems like you forgot to place the top part of the clouds.

I am not sure what's up with that mostly-but-not-entirely-transparent tile sitting on top of the used block, but I don't think that it's supposed to be there.

Blind jumps with danger below are never good.

I don't see any indication as to why these spikes should kill me instantly. It's kind of unfair, really; you would expect them to just hurt you.

As is this; bolts aren't really known for firing torpedoes at people.

The palette for the Boo Beam is off. they kill me instantly from above, but they are harmless from below? You know, this is why lava doesn't make for a very good insta-kill block.

Message boxes make layer 3 stuff disappear, including the mist.

The castle also had its share of wrong sprite memory settings.

The tile 83 fix patch I mentioned earlier fixes this score tile garbage as well.

Go on, make a guess why I took this screenshot.

The transition between gray and red is kind of bad. You need to create some sort of custom transition tile for that.

no comment

...what in the world is that supposed to be?

For whatever reason, reentering this room after beating the castle once caused the level ender to trigger instantly.

And if I don't bring any item from the first room, or bring one of the P-Switches and uses it before I'm supposed to, there is no way to continue.

Lastly, after beating the fortress, Mario turns around on the path and ends up off-center on the level tile... which point trying to go back to the first submap leads me here...

...which in turn leads to an endless bonus game.

oh god that took forever to write

Despite the length of this removal log, I wouldn't say that your hack is particularly bad; it just needs quite a bit of polishing. I guess I am among the most nitpicky of the hack moderators...
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