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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Name: Mario's Epic Adventure
Author: moltensnow
Description: Now with 2 more levels!
Also, fixed the problem where I left the ROM that I used for screenshots. I took that out. Sorry about that. That was a mistake.

(TECHNICAL NOTE: These screenshots have weird lines on them. These are not an issue with the hack, I believe. Didn't look that way during gameplay, anyway. They're due to me still working out my new emulation setup on bSNES.)

It ain't bad, but there's a couple of little problems that need clearing up before it can be accepted. They're fairly minor, though.

Mario's feet are kind of screwed up when swimming. Check the very top of AllGFX.bin to see if you flipped a foot tile by accident or something.

Collision errors. I forget how the first happened, but the second was due to getting pushed into the floor by the flying platform. That can be fixed by moving the platform away from the slope, so it doesn't fly through or push Mario through it.

EDIT: PMed to me by aj6666: "This happens because the conveyor end tile is not solid from the side (I think)."

And not a removal reason, but is there a reason why this level has no background? It looks very plain.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Removal: "The Radom Marios - Escape From Yoshi' Islands"
Author: mariofanbusterfourty
Description: "A hack which has 3 levels.

Story: Once upon a time, Mario was picking fruits. Then, a Yoshi attacked him. More than 40 Yoshis are following him. ESCAPE!!!

This hack includes:
Custom ExGFX
No Custom Music
No Custom Sprites"

Ground tiles have some... bizzare properties here.

Reeeally wierd English here.

This thing looks like it is a solid platform but it isn't?! Don't mislead the player like that.

Poor Big Sparky. It isn't attached to anything, so it circles around itself for eternity...

Sprite memory error.

Instant death room if you didn't press the yellow switch. Also, cutoff midway post and floating munchers.

Some minor tile issues on the overworld map.

Triangle blocks don't work correctly.

Another platform that doesn't act like a platform.

And this... is where I stopped, because this area I have deemed impossible. I looked at the level real quick in Lunar Magic and apparently you need a P-Switch, but none exist in the level so it's impossible.

Overall your hack isn't THAT bad, but it needs work. Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

NAME: Super Mario Lost in Monochrom Land V2.31 Demo
AUTHOR: EL santo
Mario is back for a new journey in this game!
And I remove some bugs I found,not too importants,but...

This is the last version in date,sorry for the olders ones...


New version submitted. Let's hope it fixes all the problems I was about to point out in the old one...
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NAME: Super Mario Lost in Monochrome Land (Demo V2.4)
AUTHOR: EL santo
First note:
Sorry for annoying moderators with a lot of versions,but I think that now the Demo could be a final version of it,so,if you could please remove the older version...
Thanks a lot.

Mario is lost in a black and white world.
What happened?
Play the game!



I honestly didn't notice much in the way of differences between this version and the last one. :\ Oh well; this means I can reuse all of the screenshots I had prepared for the old one.

That background palette is not very pretty. It's supposed to be a smooth gradient, not a mess of random grayscale colours. This goes for every single time you used this forest background.

*white, so

Your overworld is kind of boring-looking. Trees don't stand in perfect lines like that; make use of that one tile with the overlapping trees and mix up their placement a bit more.

And while we are already on the subject of your overworld, how come you can't reenter around half of the levels once you beat them?

A whole lot more palette problems.

Seems like you need to work a bit more on that transition; as it is, it looks rather cutoff.

This rather uninteresting corridor stretches on for far too long.

This message needs rewording entirely. Might I suggest this instead?

*Hit the moving bar to get a maximum of fifty bonus stars. When you collect 100 of them, you get to play a bonus game!

Look at my timer here. You might want to rethink that idea of having your platforms and climbing nets looking almost identical... It is by no means obvious that you can climb this thing, and I was almost ready to give up and reject the hack due to the level being unbeatable.

...and then, it turns out that the whole level consists of climbing up the net to get a feather, and then using said feather to get through some turn blocks. Your levels need to have a bit more substance than that, I'm afraid.


Also "Bowsy" made me laugh. That should be Bowser, shouldn't it?

I really like this effect, though you might want to check that it doesn't completely break the game in emulators more accurate than ZSNES; if I remember correctly, writing to the palette registers outside of v-blank tends to do just that. Assuming that the block does the colour changing and this isn't just some new feature of LM1.71's ExAnimation system that I haven't noticed yet, that is.

You'd think a pipe entrance would lead to a pipe exit...

Moons should not be this easy to get. Also, some of those turn blocks have an oddly thick outline.

Not counting the one in the level before it, this is one of the worst level gimmicks I have ever seen. Literally the only way to get to the goal is finding an unmarked staircase of invisible coin blocks right next to the start, and once you go up it and through a pipe you are directly at the goal. What in the world made you think this is a good idea?

More minor, why does the bounce sprite for the ? block look different from the actual block?

What's the point of this big stretch of invisible coin blocks?

I encountered quite a bit of slowdown here.

As nice as this effect looks in the actual level, it does create some rather annoying flashing colours during the fade-out.


...why are these two particular blocks walk-through?

Again, your background colour changing doesn't seem to be compatible with the end-of-level fadeout.


And I have no idea what you are trying to say with the second sentence. Get some proofreaders, will you?

Also, that level was probably the most boring one in the entire hack. Seriously, you can only stand jumping across ground-level platforms with Goombas, shelless Koopas, and turn blocks strewn about for so long.

You might want to actually have some indication that this is where I am supposed to press the P-Switch. And, for that matter, some sort of indication that a P-Switch actually exists.

This is not a good colour transition.

Again, no idea what you mean by "chamelows".

In my six months as a hack moderator, this is the first time I have seen someone place the actual Bullet Bill sprite instead of the shooter on top of the cannon. Don't you test your levels? This seems like it should be really easy to notice even with just a single playthrough...

You seem to have a certain fondness for having long parts of your levels consisting of almost nothing but note blocks and red flying Koopas. This gets quite repetitive quite fast.

And finally, that midway point is assembled incorrectly.

Not terrible, but not particularly good either. I would advice you to get some beta testers and proofreaders, and practice your custom palettes a bit more before submitting your next version.
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Hack Name: Super Mario Galaxy 3: Bowser's great empire DEMO Demo - 144.6 KB - 23 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: mariomaster13 - Submitted by: mariomaster13
Description: The demo of my upcoming hack, Supe Mario Galaxy 3: Bowser's great empire.

Honestly, this hack needs a lot of work before it will be acceptable to submit to this site.

Several sections of the original game were left completely unedited. Please edit everything that is accessible by the player to be different from its SMW source.

The next biggest issue with this hack was its poor level design. In many areas, the level design seems to be 1) create a shape of blocks, 2) copy-paste that same shape in a long pathway with no alternate paths:

This screen ^ was one of the few that I thought showed any decent level design or creativity. Since you made it, you're obviously capable of doing more like this. This is what you should aim for. You can do it!

Water with a cutoff surface isn't very pretty.

Not a reason for removal, but a more nicely edited OW would have been nice.

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

4. Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.

9. Quality level design
Your hack has a much higher chance of being accepted if the level design is fun. Conversely, if the level design is found to be lacking then a little cutoffness may be enough to push the hack into deletion.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Name: The adventures of Carlos(me) and shadow
Author: deedeedeechu
Description: This i basic hack with different text. and different palettes. plus some level mods

ROM file. Read the FAQ and learn about IPS patches!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

NAME: Mario's Amazing Adventure [Demo]
AUTHOR: superwiidude
An all new version of the hack with another world finished some new palletes and costom music. I hope you have fun with my hack.


The full version has been on the site for almost a year, so keeping this is kind of pointless.
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Hack Moderation

Hack Name: Waluigi Land: Quest for the 7 Golden Coins - 261.9 KB - 70 downloads.
Length: 79 levels
Author: mariomaster13 - Submitted by: mariomaster13
Description: Story (SPOILERS): Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach (once again) and also steals the valuable treasure of Dinosaor Land, the 7 Golden Coins. Instead of Mario, Waluigi sets out after Peach, realizing that this is a great chance to steal the 7 Golden Coins...

It seems that a lot of the problems pointed out in Kristian's removal log still remain in this.
Title Screen

1: Please swap out the letters with the black background that make "Waluigi Land" with the other letters that do not have a black background.
2: The title still reads "Super Mario World". If this hack is about Waluigi, then why is Mario in the title?
3: There is a discolored tile on the bottom of the M in "Mario".
4: Although it is optional, it would be nice if you could make a different movie for the title screen.
5: Nintendo may have made the original game, but I don't think they made this hack (I'm talking about the bottom).

Oh, yeah; I also forgot to mention that the files still read "Mario" on it.

Sunshine Isle

Although it is optional, it would be nice if you changed the overworld a bit. However, if you have are inexperienced with overworlds, this is fine.

Sunshine Isle 1

The text reads "Mario Start !" still.

1: The timer's numbers in the status bar are miscolored.
2: Just being nitpicky, but why do you have several dots on those hills?
3: Music doesn't exactly fit the level. (M&L:SS- Final Cackletta Battle)

Umm.. the text above the "Course Clear!" text reads Wario; shouldn't it read Waluigi?

Sunshine Isle 2

If there's something that's supposed to be here, then I'm missing it because the screen isn't scrolling up. This can be fixed by clicking Mario's head in Lunar Magic and setting the "Layer 1 (FG) VErtical Scrolling" option to "Vertical Scroll at Will".

Sunshine Isle 3

"Cut-off" ground.

Sprite tile memory problems; can be fixed by clicking the Lakitu's heading in Lunar Magic and setting the Sprite Memory option above to another setting.

Hrm; this seems to be unchanged from the Kristian's removal log; here are some quotes from his log.
1: "Super easy moon to get."
2: "One more tile up, please. Also, if I was small, I'd be stuck in here."

Discolored sign.

#1 Iggy's Castle

Nitpicky, but it would be nice if you changed the name for this level.

Sigh, looks like this level remains entirely unchanged from the last removal log.

The ground is "cut-off" when it elevates.

This time, not only is the ground "cut-off", but the edge tiles are also "cut-off".

Extremely minor "cut-off" between the stone and the floor.

1: The lava doesn't kill Waluigi on contact, since the lava is only one tile high.
2: The rope is "cut-off"; it isn't connected to anything.

Use a corner tile to remedy this "cut-off".

Green Grasslands

The rock formation is slightly "cut-off".

Since there was a coin directly above this block, I hit the block which caused the coin above to become an invisible, solid block.

Even without the Green Switch blocks, you can still squeeze into the secret exit box with crouch jumping with a cape.

You may have changed the look of the overworld, but since you DIDN'T change the events, this happens.

It may not look like it, but if you use this corner tile in a formation like tis, then you can't pass through it because of its behavior.

Green Grasslands 2

Seems you didn't fix these corners the first time around, either.

If you manage to fall into this pit, there is no way back up.

If you hit one of these invisible coin blocks without collecting the coins on top first, then you will be able to walk on an invisible solid block.

It seems like you left this level unedited.

This sign has a bad palette.

"Cut-off" to the right.

Green Ghost House

"Cut-off" to the right.

I've never seen a gray-ish sky before.

This seems a bit familiar..

This seems even MORE familiar.

..Yep, this is an edit of the original Ghost House.

Green Battle Ring

This is pretty much it for this entire level; just a flat, expanse of logs with a bunch of enemies on top.

"Cut-off" rope, both on the bottom and the top rope where it connects to cement blocks.

Experiencing a bit of slowdown, probably due to the chucks above.

Green Grasslands 4

The layering wth the bush and the ground is a bit strange.

#2 Morton's Castle

Oh look, it's an unedited level. If you ARE going to use this overworld, at least block off the rest of the original levels.

Grassland Secret 1

It may not seem like it at first on the overworld, but this level is actually located in the water, which should make it a water level.

1: Two "cut-off" corners.
2: Easy to get 3-Up Moon.

Since we're in a "Super" form, we cannot gain access to this block, and if I don't have a cape, this place cannot be passed.

Bad corner tile. Also, this is just IMO, but it doesn't rally seem like much of a secret if the key and the keyhole are right next to each other in plain view.

The secret exit didn't do anything. Was this on purpose?

Hmm... neither does the normal exit. Is this the end of the hack? In that case, please don't say that your is "72" levels even though it isn't.
To be honest, I still see some potential for this hack. There are some cases of good level design, but for every part with good level design, there are at least 6x as many problems. Not only that, there were still some mistakes that remained from the past removal log. When you have fixed up all of these problems, then you may re-submit your hack.
NAME: Super noob world 2- Quest for blue yoshi (demo 0.1)
DESCRIPTION: mario is trying to find and rescue blue yoshi. this hack wont be like the first one (hopefully) which means its not gonna suck, and its gonna be a lot longer.
(this is just the demo though)


1: Bad Hack screenshots. to take a good screenshot, open the hack and ZSNES and press f1, make sure the screenshot type is .png, and then take the screenshot from that menu

2: Unmodified Title Screen. Not a reason for removal on it's own but, you should have a custom title screen of some sort.

3: Horribly garbled YI submap. fix all issues of randomness and cutoff on the map and then you're good to go here.

4: The message seems very illogical, but not a reason for removal, just something that bugs me.

5: That is the most garbled BG I have ever seen. Also, the whole carry a P-switch through a whole level concept is annoying.

6: Massive Clappin' Chuck spam. Also; Slowdown.

7: Long boring empty section.

8: Cutoff and that annoying P-switch "puzzle"

9: The event activates, yet I can't go up?

10: See #6. Replace Clappin' Chuck with Boo

11: ...then why is it there? If there actually is a key, you may want to make it a bit more obvious the box is lying.

12: "Flying through obstacles" gets boring really quick.

13: The bottom row of tiles in LM can't be seen in game.

14: Really crappy FG palette. (It's actually a default palette, but not one that should be used with the ghost house FG)

15: Same as 14 except with Sprite palettes.

16: Same as 13 and has the garbage tiles at the bottom of the goal post visable.

17: Unedited levels.

18: Wut?

From there on out, the game seemed to be a mess of unedited SMW.


Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines and play some featured to get a feel for how to make a quality hack.

Edit: in case anybody wants to see the pictures, check here:
Hack Name: The Puzzle Kingdom - Demo 1
Author: Daxafias
Description: The Puzzle Kingdom- the ultimate puzzle game!

This game was inspired by LeChuck's Super Puzzle World Trilogy and as you may see, a few levels are even based off of it. The game's main goal is to be easier than SPW, but still, in theory, provide the same challenge and enjoyment.
It was hard.

This hack starts off relatively easy, and gets harder along the way.
BUT, this hack contains NO (real) KAIZO!!! The only stuff that looks like Kaizo isn't really and isn't hard.
Please submit level ideas to me, all ideas will be used!
Also, this hack contains custom blocks and graphics.
This is my FIRST HACK. Yes, this is indeed my FIRST HACK.
However, it is an amazing hack and anybody into puzzles just HAS to try this out!
Have fun [and good luck]!The

Removal Reasons :o

Well, its because of this hack that I will never moderate another puzzle hack again, lulz. Not that it's bad, it was done alright.
There were a puzzling amount of errors that should be fixed though. I will highlight those here.

The ground and background have a bad palette here. I recommend you fix them. Even though they are SMW's default colors for the intro level, they do not fit at all with the cave theme.

The last X has a bad palette underneath it. This is due to it using the same palette as the tree, whilst the rest of the sign uses the gray palette (?).

I can go into the slope. You must have forgotten to put the slope conectors. Also, remove the holes in the ground, as with them there you can't put any slope connectors.

This wall-run block needs tile 1EB underneath it.

Also, I can run over the cement blocks and get stuck on the other side. Block the top of the room or something so this won't happen.

Tiny cutoff with the cement blocks and slope.

Despite the status bar in all caps saying "NO TIME", I can still hear the music speed up, and I still die when the invisible time runs out. I'm sure there's a hex edit or two to stop this (or just set the time to 0 in all levels <_< )

FG initial position is set too high. Lower it.

This looks lolweird. The lava not killing me makes it weirder. Just make the ground I'm standing in solid, so I can't access the lava. Also, fix the cutoff on the ledge ender directly to the bottom-left of Mario.

What's wrong with using the normal Bullet Bill cannons? Besides creating cutoff, this looks unnatural and ugly :X :O :P XD :/ :3

Plus, if I fall down, I can never get back up. What is this madness, you hater. A bottomless pit would be loads better.

Thingy to the top-left of me creates cutoff with the dirt.

Munchers look like they're floating (and probably are). Fix them.

Cutoff ground, and discolored small pipes. Also, the dirt next to the P blocks create cutoff when they touch the ground.

cement blocks create tiny cutoff.

I is able to walk into pipe. Not c00l

I jumped over stuff to get here.

And if I jump off, I end up here. Disallow reaching this area.

Before this area you had a forced-powerdown muncher area. Not c00l. Also, this wouldn't activate for some odd reason. It eventually did.

FG initial position is slightly off in this level.

ORGY OF PIPES The orgy of pipes create cutoff with each other. Also, in the space above me was a used block that turned to a coin when the POW was hit. This makes the pipe cutoff.

Moar cutoffz

This place requires you to move forward as soon as I enter the level. Give the player some reaction time or so'm

Right here I had no idea what to do and thus I am stuck. If I have to use some sort of trick, then that is not allowed.

And that is it. Fix it all, and good luck with the hack.
Sorry, your hack approval is in another castle.
Hack Name: Super Kitiku Mario - 1.6 MB - 4 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: carol - Submitted by: Masterlink
Description: It`s the latest demo of brutal mario I found it contains the "final boss"of the game.
This hack is made from Carol

You aren't allowed to upload betas of ROM hacks, since the author propably doesn't want you to. If the hack is completed and carol wants it on here we'll accept it, but don't submit a WIP version of it again.
And generally it's not allowed to upload other people's hack, with the exception when it's an old hack that was removed when the site was wiped.
Sorry, your hack approval is in another castle.
Hack Name: Mario Fantasy (Sample) - 331.6 KB - 1 download.
Length: 1 level
Author: Masterlink - Submitted by: Masterlink
Description: A sample of a hack with Marx Boss

Same case here, don't upload other people's hacks. And don't claim them as your own, since this hack was made by Romi and not you.
Hack Name: kimkam120's Adventure! (Name Undecided, And Beta test)
Length: 1 level
Author: kimkam120 - Submitted by: kimkam120
There is not much to this game yet~!I just started on it yesterday. It only contains One level that is modified.

This would be nice if it was edited at all.

"This would be nice if it was edited at all."

"'This would be nice if it was edited at all.'"

"'"This would be nice if it was edited at all."'"

A very easy 1up at the very beginning of this level. Even Super Mario Galaxy 2 wasn't that generous with lives. >.>

Small cutoff vine. Just extend it to the higher cement block to fix easily.

A long boring section of nothing but Koopas (I killed them). You need to work on your level design a bit, bro.

Let's play a game of 'Guess the Game'! Is this screenshot from this hack, or from Super Mario World? If you guessed at all, you're right! The two games bear such a similarity that you can't even tell which is which. (Press Ctrl+Del to start your levels from scratch!)

This is odd how I can't walk through this ledge even though it looks like I should. Use a different way to block the player from moving on.

3up for completing some of the level? This game must really get harder later on, right? (Don't give away 3up moons that easily!)

A wrong corner tile here. Just extend the ledge to go 'under' that tile, and it'll look fine.

Blind jump into munchers != fun. (Create a trail of coins to guide the player to safe ground.)

Cutoff bushes over the hole. Also, this level has way too many bushes towards the end of the level. Vegitation is nice and all, but too much is too much.

Hitting these blocks makes them spin and cutoff the bush.

See? This bush is getting out of hand and cuting off the platform. Just get rid of it and about half the other bushes.

Bullet Bills should come from a shooter only (under 'Special Sprites and Generators'). Without one, they don't make a noise and fire to suddenly to avoid.

You can play 'Guess the Game' by yourself this time. You should already know how.

Why is this even here? Plain ground should be just fine for after the goal.

And the rest of the game is unedited.

Demo's should be at least one world long (about 5 levels) so people can actually see your work. One level is not enough.

You also need to work on your level design skills a bit. Other than that, this hack wasn't that terrible.

Also, if you want people to beta test your hack, upload it to your 'My Files' first. The hacks section isn't the place to upload stuff like that.

Have a nice day.
NAME: Talikuu Quest
Thank you for downloading my first finished hack! =D I had to cut this hack rather short, because I started working on Talikuu Quest 2 and I just lost interest in this hack.

Story: One day, a talikuu travels to apple land in hopes of eating a rare golden apple, but to its disappointment, a pig named Mrs. Springer stole all the golden apples! The talikuu then sets off to steal them back...

Anyway... enjoy!


What's up with the palette of the protagonist next to the life counter? Also that's some odd perspective you have going on there on that island to the right.

Why would you make that invisible note block one of those that bounces you if you hit the side of it? If you don't hit the Dragon Coin in the exact center, the note block will bounce you to your death.

The shell circle thing doesn't seem to interact with these blocks at all.

Where did the midway tape go? D:

Well then. This sure makes a lot of sense.

And now there's an invisible wall blocking me from trying to return?

If I hang out at the very sides of the screen, it is rather easy to make the boss just fall out of the level and trigger the end level sequence.

Cutoffness in various places. And that note block doesn't exactly have the best of palettes.

Apart from the ghost house mist, the layer 3 backgrounds are not meant to be used in conjunction with layer 2 ones.

Since you used the wrong tiles, the shell floats oddly in the dirt here.

How are you supposed to get that Dragon Coin without dying in the process?

And what is this block, and how do I get past it?

That falling frame looks kind of strange.

This is why you don't edit the first few colours of Mario's palette if you are going to keep the original sprites that use it.

Parachuting Goomba things + water -> majorslowdown.gif

...what exactly is the point of this room?

Since you deleted the bonus star counter, you might want to get rid of those numbers as well.

:ohdear: comment.

If I jump to the right instead of going in that pipe, the level message sprite is triggered.

Even the "fixed" version of the level is kind of boring and pointless.

Why the cement block spam when you have a perfectly good grassland tileset to work with?

You seem to have forgotten one tile in your invisible ceiling in the auto-walk section.

If I get unlucky with SMW's random number generator, this is a forced hit.

More cement block abuse.

If I don't react immediately after falling down this shaft, that Paragoomba thing will land on me.

Oh hey I remember this glitch. The Metroid health patch is quite obviously not compatible with the Iggy battle; if I get hit, I teleport around the screen randomly for a short while, which in conjunction with the lava ends up with me dead most of the time.

See that comment about editing the first part of palette 8 that I made some screenshots above.

You can't fool me! That's not an apple at all!


This looks quite strange. Didn't someone release an actual SMB1-style flagpole goal some while ago?

Those blue and green berries look rather terrible, as does the apple in my item box.

And the lava.

I think you forgot a tile.


Why is there a goal post and (not shown) an unenterable pipe to the right of the place where I start out?

The hitboxes on these things are kind of unintuitive. :V

...not these things again

Also the broken block sprite thingies have a bad palette, again due to you adding that purple colour to palette 8. know, this is one of those "puzzles" where I feel that a reset pipe isn't really necessary. And speaking of reset pipes: it has a bad palettte.

Also some sprite memory problems if I bring the P-Switch through the pipe and get a new one before pressing it.

Just like the background, this thing is also kind of bright and eye-hurting.

Why can't I pick up this blue block?

Now the apple in the item box has a bad palette again.

Always remember to make sure your bosses are fireproof.

This event creates cutoffness while it's active. the climbing net kills me?

...except when it's green?

...and sometimes I can run up it?

/me is confused

whee flutter jumping above x screens of running guys

whee running through x screens of running guys

Might want to make those sections a bit more interesting and a bit less repetitive. Also those running guys float slightly above the ground, which looks a bit odd.

That pipe doesn't look too great.

Thank you very much for the information, Mr. Display Level Message Sprite.

The goal post also has a bad palette.

As mentioned previously, the horizontal thin pipes don't look that great with palette 5. Also stop it with the cement block spam already D:

...okay? If there's nothing more to the level than this, what's the point of even having it in the hack? Also *Einstein

The bottom and right side of the castle are cutoff, since you removed the lava and the small tower.

The creating block just kind of went flying off into the hole.

What in the world did you do to palette 6 in this level? D:

And guess what this level also suffers from? Cement block spam!

You might be interested in knowing that the eating block doesn't just eat used brown blocks, but also all other types of solid blocks.

...which can easily result in the player getting permanently trapped and having to reset the game. Did you never play through this level at all?

Goal tape goes too high.

Not this again... If you are going to create joke levels, make sure they are actually somewhat funny. Just placing random tiles everywhere is not funny.

Sprite memory problems and palette problems.

An underwater maze, completely devoid of any enemies or challenge whatsoever? That's the pinnacle of level design right then and there! except not really

The palettes! D:

Star Road?


All in all, I can see what meant by cutting the hack short; it seems extremely rushed. Please fix these problems and recruit some testers before submitting again.

ninja'd twice in the hack removal log what
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Hack Name: La esxtraña Busqueda de - 155.6 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Masterlink - Submitted by: Masterlink


Lots of issues, mostly graphical ones, can be found in the first few levels already. I'm not going to caption all of these screenshots, but let's just say you need to work on your palettes a lot, avoid "cutoffness" and glitched graphics in general. Fore more detailed information on what not do do, I highly recommend reading the Hack Submission Guidelines and watching this video.

Hack Name: Super Mario Universe II - The Adventure Resumes V2 - 110 KB - 64 downloads.
Length: 96 levels
Author: Forte.exe - Submitted by: mariozone69

V1 Is old.

V2 is new.

Hack has:
Custom Sprites
Custom Blocks


  1. Don't submit hacks made by others without permission! Changing it, "fixing" it or using it as a base for your own hack is not okay either, unless the author has explicitly given you the permision to do so.
  2. Wrong patch. This wasn't a "V2" at all... All your patch did was remove level 105 entirely - everything else is exactly the same as in the original SMW.

NAME: Super My World [Demo]
Super My World v1.2

Time limit from 300 to 600
Message boxes fixed
Boss Sequence update text
Underground bonuses
Levels update
Overworld,little update

Patch to a headered USA Super Mario World


I do believe that this hack has the questionable honour of being the worst one I have ever played. I had 157 screenshots prepared for writing a giant removal log pointing out everything (if anyone is interested in viewing them for whatever reason, they can be found here), but given how the guy that submitted has zero posts and hasn't done anything other than registering and submitting the hack, I'm just going to post a link to an image of the Donut Plains 1 edit (warning: big image) and leave the rest to the imagination of the reader.

In case the author of the hack actually reads this: If you want to get your hack accepted here, start out by permanently deleting this hack off your hard drive, read the Hack Submission Guidelines, and create a new one that follows said guidelines. This video could also be helpful in showing you what not to do when creating your hack.

Note to self: the edit button is not the quote button
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Hack Name: Super Noob World 2- Quest for blue yoshi(demo)
Length: unknown
Author: JIM4741- Submitted by: JIM4741
fixed many things and got rid of the football level.
(it sucked) and i must warn you,
in future versions there will be minor cursing. dont look for the fist super noob world. 1. they rejected it, and 2. it sucked.
(but ill be posting a remke of super noob world that sucks less.)
but anyway. yeah. i fixed many things in this one.


Don't submit ROMs!

Make an IPS patch, and submit that instead. Going to have to ban you for a few days.

Have a nice day.
NAME: The Puzzle Kingdom 1 V1.5 Demo 1 [Demo]
AUTHOR: Daxafias
This is the Puzzle Kingdom!
TPK1 is inspired and dedicated to
LeChuck and the
Super Puzzle World Trilogy
Read the Readme before playing.
A note to moderators: In its last removal log, you said in one of the levels there was an unavoidable power down. Not true. If you keep the invincible star, you don't have to power down.
Also, this is a straitforward puzzle hack.
Also if you or any of the moderators have any questions on how to complete a level, PM me. I know how to complete the levels.
Have fun, and good luck!
-Daxafias and the ItCo.Co team


This makes me kind of sad, since I usually love puzzle hacks:

Yes, the .zip file contained a ROM. I am going to have to ban you for 72 hours for this.
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Removal: "Hector's Revenge"
Author: Ginc
Description: "The first demo of my brand new hack"

Not a valid screenshot. Please use the built-in screenshot tool in SNES9x or ZSNES.

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