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dgsafgdsahf I did not click that close button what is up with my mouse today

NAME: Super Ramdom Mario Bros.
AUTHOR: Masterlink
It`s another vanilla hack with short levels


Before I start, may I point out that you misspelled the name of your hack?

Not sure if I'm a big fan of your title screen border. Also, the tiles making up the bottom and right sides of the box around your title are flipped the wrong way.

Why do the bottom tiles of this seemingly innocent pool of water hurt me?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If English isn't your first language, please get some proofreaders to check your messages. Thank you.
*I'm in trouble
*Please help me!

Oh god palette problems everywhere. The grass and sea should be one colour each, not part one and part another. Besides that, you have some perspective issues at the corners of your islands, and some missing water corner tiles.

...I can move on to world 2 immediately?

Oh. Forced death if you didn't get a switch palace - not a very good idea. If you want to do something like this, place the pit with the switch blocks at the start of the level and enable side exits.

Palette 5 is messed up throughout the entire hack.

Cutoffness where the pipe meets the ground.

Some A lot Almost all of your levels had random cutoff tiles at the top of the level. Get rid of them.

If you give the player a cape, you should block of land formations like this one so he can't fly inside them and get stuck.

More cutoffness.

Coins telling me to fall here? Sure, I'll follow them.

They led me to a bonus room! :D


For a bonus so easy to find, don't you think three 3-up moons is a bit too much? A single 1-up would be enough.

What's the point of this random walkthrough patch of lava?

When I exit the bonus room, the camera starts out much lower, which in combination with vertical scrolling being disabled leads to this if I try to backtrack to see if I missed anything.

Every single upper right corner tile in this level was wrong. Let me borrow WYE's diagram to explain:

Also, even though the level was red on the overworld map, it didn't have a secret exit. The same thing goes for all the other red dot levels as well. I even checked them in Lunar Magic: nothing.

Which brings me to another thing, that isn't a removal reason but more of a general hacking tip: You do know that you can resize tiles placed out of Direct Map16 Access, right? Because I noticed that the entire level above was built out of individual Map16 tiles...

In the same level, you seem to have used the ledge tiles the have messed-up sprite interaction: that springboard is just kind of floating there.

Sprite memory problems.

You should probably make your level end a few tiles earlier. As it is, the autoscroll doesn't even kill Mario; it just traps him against the wall until the time runs out.

Seems like palette 5 wasn't the only one you messed up.

This level could also benefit from vertical scrolling being activated.

Also, that mushroom to the right looks kind of nonsensical.

When you set a line-guided sprite to move to the right, it shows up one screen farther to the left than you placed it. Thus the random falling Fuzzy in this screenshot.

This is why you don't place the goal post on a raised platform when you have vertical scrolling disabled.

And by the way, why is a sky level called "Water plains 1"?

Don't place Torpedo Teds in a level where it's possible to kill them, since they are still able to hurt you even after you have done so. Or just use Tweaker to disable that function.

[insert a slight variation of that corner diagram from earlier here]

Dragon coin on subscreen boundary makes you able to get infinite lives as long as you don't touch the upper half. It also made a hole in the background.

Cutoffness everywhere! D:

Any particular reason why you are using the font with transparent background for the level name when the result looks like this?

This seems somewhat familiar.

A new castle destruction message would be nice.

That's the greenest yellow I have ever seen.

Why don't people ever edit this place? :sad:

I don't get why all the other hack mods keep going "OHNOES I'M STUCK FOREVER" when this happens; Start+Select anyone? Still, you should probably make the switch palace collapse when you beat it.

oh god

the palettes

the perspective


Less importantly, Mario climbing into the water on the first submap and then climbing down this ladder when he enters the second one doesn't make much sense.


Again with the Dragon Coin on a subscreen boundary. Don't you test your levels at all?

This actually brings back some nostalgia; way back when when I got my hack removed, one of the reasons was this exact way of cutoffness. I learned that there are better ways (and palettes; that purple one really doesn't look like anything) for a lavafall in an icy level; you should too.

Sprite memory problems. These are the most boring types of screenshots to create captions for D:

Don't place coins above question mark or note blocks, or this will happen when you hit them.


Placing the pink berries so that a coin game cloud spawns during the end level sequence is just what.

Yoshi and Podoboos don't mix.

...for that matter, what's the point of Podoboos that don't even reach the surface of the lava?

Now this just looks lazy. And cutoff, for that matter, due to wrong corner tiles.

You might want to practice your counting a bit more. That is the second castle, not the fourth.

So square blocks without coins above them just make me fall through them without warning. Sure, that's really fair.

...and then I fall through this one that has coins above it.

Again, a new message would be nice.

That's really subtle of you.

The secret exit of this level makes a whole lot of event tiles flash all around the map. You know, there are silent events for just this purpose.

And it doesn't even create a path to the pipe or make Mario walk there; I had to guess that the path was now open.

The pipe leads to a submap that (surprise!) also has its share of palette problems...

...and a level tile that leads to an endless bonus room. Don't make these accessible in your hack. Ever.

Returning to find the normal exit, I find some cement block abuse...

...and a P-Switch "puzzle" with two arrows; if I follow the one pointing to the left, I don't find anything and become unable to cross the gap.

That is not the proper way to reveal a hill through events.

And by the way, why is there an ice level in the middle of the grassland? Oh, and some capitalization of the level names would be nice.

Looking around the overworld, I found this rather perspectively challenged island.

I can just skip this level if I want to. Also more perspective issues.

The Banzai Bill/Mega Mole tileset does not support the transparent glass blocks.

This passage is annoyingly hard to get into as Super Mario.

And with a simple spin jump, I made the spikes float.

The way you put those castle blocks together just seems really lazy.

You shouldn't need a caption for this one.

That ladder goes just a bit too far into the water.

Cement block abuse always looks so nice! Except not.

What's with the arrows? The upper level boundary is just above the midpoint, and there's nothing there.


...and after the star run. Notice the difference in lives?

Bad sprite memory settings made Big Boo's face disappear.

A green Boo is not an acceptable substitute for a goal sphere.

Not even an invisible one.

Two coin trails? Let's check where the left one goes...


If you had tested this level at all, you would have noticed that the whole thing runs at around half speed. Apply the FastROM patch, or get rid of a whole lot of sprites.

This is how the boss battle starts. If you don't have a cape, the hit is unavoidable, and the level only has one powerup at the very start. You do the maths.


This again?

An unfinished level with no way out except for suicide is not an acceptable end-of-demo level.

Don't people test their levels anymore? D: Having other people test your hack is also not a bad idea at all.

EDIT: apparently the images broke at some point?
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NAME: Wario Land: Wario's Super Gold Hunt DEMO
AUTHOR: mariomaster13
The demo of Wario Land: Wario's Super Gold Hunt


Not terrible by a long shot, but you still have some way to go before this can be accepted.

That W looks quite bad and cutoff. And wasn't the name of your hack Wario Land?

The overworld player sprite is unchanged from SMW. Oh, and a new overworld, while not absolutely needed, always helps in getting the player interested in your hack.

If this is Wario's house, why does the sign say Yoshi?

Also I somehow managed to make the smoke glitch out and jump all over the upper part of the screen by grabbing the mushroom in the block, but given that I couldn't seem to reproduce it I don't think it's anything you have to worry about.

...I am not sure what happened to the M here. In any case, this should probably read "WARIO START!" instead, shouldn't it?

The palette of the Goomba replacement looks somewhat odd. Are you sure this is how it's supposed to look?

It would seem like you forgot to edit Fire Wario's palette. Unless that was intentional?

The music in this place is really unfitting. It sounds more like a final boss theme than a switch palace/bonus room one...

And the same song is used for this level as well.

This part was kind of bland and boring.

Seems like you forgot the candle generator for the background. It's also missing for the other room in the castle. Oh, and the music here is also rather unfitting; it sounds like it could be some sort of bonus game theme.

...did you get this song and the switch palace one mixed up?

A new message would be nice, especially considering your protagonist isn't Mario.

The layer 3 rocks are not meant to be used with a layer 2 background. Oh, and the music for this place also sounds odd; it's just the same two seconds of drum beats repeated over and over.

Cutoffness at the corner below Wario. And skull raft rides are not that interesting when there's no enemies or danger involved whatsoever.

Here, the skull raft just goes through the wall.

You might want to block off the ceiling so the player can't fly inside it.

Despite both this and the level before it having red level tiles, I was unable to find any secret exit in any of them. That is kind of misleading; if you don't want to use the secret exits, use the yellow level tiles. Then again, this hack could use some unlinearity; all of the levels are completely straight-forward and linear.

Copypasta, anyone?

And lastly, you might want to apply that one patch that disables two-player games.

Not exactly any major problems here; just fix them up and you'll have a somewhat decent hack on your hands. I would, however, advice you to work a bit more on your level design - it did seem kind of bland and empty in places. And when it comes to enemies, only using Goombas and Koopas gets kind of boring after a while.

EDIT: fixed broken images
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NAME: Marios stupid adventure
AUTHOR: Padelboot
My first SMW Hack.Mario is going on a very stupid adventure.In 15 various levels Mario is in danger.Can he safe Princess Toadstoal again?Or will he fail?

Note: This text in this hack is in german.


Your IPS patch is exactly eight bytes big. As expected, this means that it does absolutely nothing when applied to a clean SMW ROM. Please follow the instructions Lunar IPS gives you when you select "Create IPS Patch" a bit more closely next time.

And given how one of the three screenshots you submitted (apart from being of absolutely atrocious quality; what in the world did you do to those images?) contained floating munchers, I very much doubt this would have been accepted even if the IPS patch did work. Are you sure that you read the Hack Submission Guidelines?
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NAME: minor mario world
AUTHOR: deedeedeechu
this is minor with different text.
but the yoshi house is a surpise.


Playing through the first world, these were all the differences from the original Super Mario World that I found. So for all intents and purposes, this is just the original game with changed textboxes and castle destruction messages. DO NOT WANT

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
2a) Blatant level edits will not be accepted.
Use CTRL+DEL to remove old SMW levels. (104, C5, C7, and 3 are exempt from this.)

(And if you couldn't tell from the screenshots, the "surprise" in Yoshi's House was that the level was replaced by an underwater version of Yoshi's Island 1.)
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NAME: Your Worst Nightmare
AUTHOR: liverpol2222
One of the most annoying romhacks EVER submitted to smwcentral.


The following pictures show the entirety of the hack. Yes, those are the actual level names. (warning: big images!)

Invisi Coin Blocks
Cement Block Palace
Pipe To Level 0
Blentant Level (what)
Bottom Layer Tiles
Glitchy Castle

Nothing more needs to be said. Enjoy your ban for blatantly disregarding the submission guidelines.

Oh, and if you think that I actually played through this thing, you are mistaken.
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Name: Alternative Super Mario World
Author: mrfohlin
Description: Hello people!
This is Alternative Super Mario World!
Not every level is completed, such as Bowser's Castle and there is no ExGFX inserted as of yet, the game is the same length of the original Super Mario World with an exact ammount of exits. No Overworld change as of yet as I'm still learning to use Lunar Magic.

Not bad for a first hack. However, Yoshi's Island 1 is an obvious edit of the original, and the Yellow Switch Palace is unedited. Seeing as it looks like you've done most of the rest of the game, it's weird that it's like this.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Questionmark World
Author: Danos
Description: Sorry for the name but my choice is still not finished. A little Demo from my upcoming Hack which contains 6 full levels(but short, its tutorial) and 2 one-screen-levels. Please notify that its a vanilla hack and my very first hack as well.

Many of the infobox-messages will be changed as well as bugs/glitches will be removed of course. Also i already finished 3 additional worlds who are not as easy and short as this first world. :P And there are even 5 still unfinished/under construction/on sketch.

Please report me possible bugs/glitches and your opinions.

Death on the title screen, the biggest and easiest to avoid no-no. What a fantastic omen for the rest of the hack!

Death is possible in the intro. Also a big, easy to avoid no-no!

Don't make excuses for graphical errors, just fix them.

I don't think I'm supposed to swim out of the level like this.

The tides scroll vertically with the camera, which is just weird.

This poor fuzzy got confused by the end of the slope and circled that one tile endlessly.

More blatant graphical errors!

You've got a long way to go.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: mario world mix demo Demo
Length: 2 levels
Author: deedeedeechu - Submitted by: deedeedeechu
Description: this is a mix of levels i made and combinations classic levels


First of all, only two levels (one of which isn't even finished)? That's waaay to short for a demo. You should have around five levels done before you submit demos.


I'm about to get hurt by the munchers because I couldn't see where I was falling. If you desperately need the ledge to be so high that you can't see the bottom, at least put coins there that lead to safe ground.

Wrong corner tiles on every right edge. They're also present in the last screenshot.

Make sure to block the right side of the pipe so the player can't get stuck in it like this.

The left midway bar is cutoff at the bottom. Also, another wrong corner tile.

Cutoff ledge.

Another 1-1 remake? I highly recommend not remaking levels of popular Mario games. It's been done countless times before and we're all tired of playing it. How about making your own, original levels instead?

And this is where it ends, which leaves us with only one playable level in this hack. Don't be lazy and finish your levels before submitting your hack! If you absolutely can't be bothered finishing it, then at least inform the player of it and provide some way to exit the level without dying (like a side exit, for example).

As I always say... PLease read the Hack Submission Guidelines again, and watching this video could also help.

Name: SMW Journey To Save A Princess
Author: tealgamemaster
Description: I wanted to bring back the vanilla trend so I have attempted to make a decent vanilla hack.
This is my first hack and I think it has turned out quite well, it contains 4 worlds and within the 4 worlds there are 40 levels, containing different vanilla gimmicks.
I hope that everyone enjoys my first hack.

In the first level, the music cut out a few seconds in. Upon entering the first pipe into the bonus room, all sound entirely cut out, and the game froze on a black screen upon leaving the room. You should probably check to make sure the player can finish the first level on any emulator made after 2007 without crashing!

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My Hacks:

Name: "New Mario"
Author: Ray321lolz
Description: Please delete the old one! this is the newer one. thanks to the nice people at smw central!

This level is just several screens of emptyness, with the ability to exit through the left side of the screen... but oddly not the right.

Not a removal reason, but have you considered making the walk-through walls and solid walls a little more visually distinct? Maybe a different pallete, if possible?

Silent Bullet Bills are unfair and bad news.

Blatantly glitched enemy graphic.

Something about this just hurts.

Um... why are the Chargin' Chucks floating?

A new powerup, with a glitched sprite, glitched pallete and glitched projectile. AWESOME.

And finally, hitting the P-Switch in this room killed the sound, and going down this pipe resulted in a silent crash. I don't know what the hell you people are doing in AddMusic to make crashing a common occurance, but cut that shit out!

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Pin Ball 1.0
Author and Submitted By: Dual Performance
Description: Dellete the last one, It has a BIG mistake.

This is a pinball styled hack, enjoy.


Requested by Dual Performance.

Name: super mario the new land
Author: slyer7100
Description: this is only the first level of the hack the other levels are not dun but you can still play the levels if you want.

First off, one level is way too short for a submission. Wait until you have like one world done.
Secondly, your patch doesn't do anything!

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My Hacks:

Name: SMW Journey To Save A Princess
Author: tealgamemaster
Description: This is the fixed version.
I wanted to bring back the vanilla trend so I have attempted to make a decent vanilla hack.
This is my first hack and I think it has turned out quite well, it contains 4 worlds and within the 4 worlds there are 40 levels, containing different vanilla gimmicks.
I hope that everyone enjoys my first hack.

The first level's music still breaks dramatically a few seconds in, but the level is completable now, and the game continues.
The second level however, the entire audio system snaps like a twig a few seconds in, causing the game to crash should you die, finish the level or go down a pipe.

How do you people manage to completely break and crash the game using AddMusic? HOW? I simply don't understand. A guy who PM'ed me reckons you guys are using two different builds of AddMusic on one hack. In what sideways world does that make sense? AAAAARG I don't GET you guys!!!

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My Hacks:

Better call me butter, cause I'm on a roll! UNGH!

Name: A Evil Power Awakens
Author: DODODO
Description: I have (Finally) finished the whole thing. (I almost abandoned this earlier when I uploaded the demo)

Story: When Mario returned from his summer vacation, he realized that Yoshi was gone without a trace! He also saw that Big Boo overthrew the Mushroom Kingdom, kidnapped Princess Toadstool and turned everything evil!

Not bad, but it needs a little extra work.

Cutoff on the vines. This is pretty minor, though, so don't worry too much about this.

These pipes look kind of weird.

Sprite memory errors in this level cause sprites and parts of sprites to turn invisible.

Text wrapping is a little screwed up here.

And the final boss room is unedited.

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My Hacks:

Name: SMW Cold worlds
Author: DragonX123
Description: Title message:Riot Blade. Basically it has different levels and they are all cold worlds

Not a proper screenshot.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Mario World the lost levels - 788.3 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: lukeme99 - Submitted by: lukeme99
Description: A hack created by me, Lukeme99
Okay first of all.

This is not a proper screenshot, to take proper screenshot press F1 in Zsnes and then press Save Snapshot.

Secondly, you based your hack off of Pac's SMB1 remake and DIDN'T give him credit. Give credit to him since your using his graphics and I know he even said to give him credit if your basing off his hack.

Thirdly, I played a few of "your" levels and you blatantly edited his levels. They were just Pac's levels with little edits in them which is not allowed.

Do not steal or copy from peoples hack without permisson! Make your own levels and DO NOT copy from others.
Removal: "A Evil Power Awakens"
Author: DODODO
Description: "Story: When Mario returned from his summer vacation, he realized that Big Boo has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom, kidnapped Princess Peach and Yoshi, and made the Toads his slaves! It's Mario's job to get up in Big Boo's face and punch him out."

Not really a removal reason, but this isn't a very good way to make a title screen, IMHO.

Major cutoff. When you edit the intro area, don't forget to manually set the size of the level!

This looks... displeasing. :/

Go down this pipe, and...

...appear here? Without comming out of a pipe? O_o
Also, more cutoff.
Now if you go down the orange pipe...

Bad initial position.

And the enterance is too high.

That feather is tricky to take.

Well, you did try to fix the original problem, but you still have cutoff issues.

The ends of these vines are still cut off... a little custom Map16 work and graphical additions can fix this very easily and look nice at the same time. You just have to be innovative ;D

Urgh. Flat purple.

If you fail to get the P-Switch before the effects of the Silver P-Switch run out, you get this... but imagine the P-Switch vibrating violently as it tries to eject itself out of a solid tile and a hard place.

Okay let's go into this lev-

-el? That did not look like a ghost house from the map screen.

This goes nowhere... seems a bit pointless.

The spikes do not look correct on cement blocks. Use a wooden block instead.

Ropes do not seamlessly connect to this type of log platform.

I know you tried to fix this up, but it still looks wierd... those pipes need to be planted on some sort of solid ground, or something.

Sprite memory error. Part of the platform vanished, as did a Beach Koopa that was offscreen to the right.

The nested log pattern looks a bit wierd, but watch closely...

I just made cutoff with the scale mushroom platforms. See, the way they work is that they replace the tile underneath with a specific map16 tile, and when they go down they erase the tiles underneath.

And furthermore, the platform vanishes if I clear the stage (or walk offscreen to the right, then walk back to the left to it - that's why they were only used in that one autoscrolling level!) and that creates more cutoff!

THIS AREA. 20 seconds is just barely enough, if I cheat and use a cape.

Mysterious door appears on the left of the screen here.

Level loads scrolling here...

Then immediately snaps to here.

You still have more work to do!
Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Bowser's Hideout
Length: 4 levels
Author: BeniBoD - Submitted by: BeniBoD
Description: A short difficult Hack made by me.

This story is happening after Mario killed all of Bowsers children and is now heading to kill him too.

Hope you like it =)
My Short Review:
The hack was pretty enjoyable, it was nice and pretty creative but it has some problems that need fixing.

Not really a removal reason but U.N. Owen was her music doesn't even fit in.

Do not use glitched spinys. Glitched graphics are a NO. Unless there's a good reason to have red "buzzy beetles" than I'll accept it.

The bottom of the lava is cut-off. Why not use upside down lava that connects to edges of the ground?

Bad pipe palette.

The blargg sometimes goes to the edge of the screen like that, try to fix it.

Mouser has a bad palette.

More glitched spinys.

Blind jumps here. Put coins to lead the way.

At the edges of the screen, you can see cement blocks and those cement blocks have bad palettes.

Bad statue palettes. Also, why not make the water above me blue? It seems as if that water is acid which might confuse the player.

This was kinda annoying. Layer 2 nets don't work very well.

Why is this fish here? You didn't even swim in this area. You should also make it look like your in water instead of acid.

Bad cannon palettes.

This is kinda unfair because the re's low gravity so that means I can touch those munchers easily. Put the munchers up a few tiles.

Why do those hurt? Why not use spikes or something else that looks like it will hurt?

I'm not sure who made these sprite, Carol or some Japanese person but you used these sprites and DIDN'T give credit which is a no. Give credit to whoever made it especially if it's a Japanese thing.

Getting through here legitly was annoying assuming you didn't have to get through here without getting hit.

If I slide on some enemies they turn into glitch graphics. Try to avoid slopes with some castle enemies.

The lava and goal sphere has a bad palette.
This hack mostly has palette problems which mostly got it removed, but fix those other errors and give credit to whoever made those zinger sprites. If you fix those this will most likely get accepted!
Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Pain Mario World
Length: 30 exits
Author: Pain300 - Submitted by: Pain300
Description: That was my first hack. It´s not finished but i stopped working on this hack. I don´t need it so i publish it. This is a kaizo hack (very hard hack). It´s a funhack, so don´t think it´s a very nice hack, it´s only kaizo. But i used often ExGFX, new sprites and so on so i don´t think that this hack is boring. Have fun.
Kaizo hacks are NOT allowed here. If you're going to submit a Kaizo hack, please submit it in this thread.
Hack Name: Bowser's Hideout
Author: BeniBoD
Description: Short Hard Hack

Mario is on a killing spree and he wants to kill Bowser

Hope you like it =)

Removal Reasons desu~ :o

Requested by the author.
Link Thread Closed