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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Removed:

Length: 2 levels
Author: DragonX123 - Submitted by: DragonX123
Description: A Hard PLatforming SMW Hack(Demo)
My Short Review:
Sorry to say this but this has got to be the most BORING hack I've played.

What's the point with all these Yoshi coins? Speaking of which....

...The Yoshi coin right next to be gets cut-off because it's on the sub boundary line, if a Yoshi coin is on the sub boundary line it gets cut-off.

This is what I did for 99% of the level.

This was the 1% that didn't involve koopa jumping. Also the ground is cut-off because you didn't add corner ledges.

When I enter these levels I die, why not block them off so I can't enter the level?
This hack is just bad as there was no point toward it and it was repetitive. Also DO NOT submit 1 level DEMOS as there is no point to them, submit a demo when you have at least 5 levels minimum. Finally, play some featured hacks to get an idea on what makes a good level.
Removal: "Super Cario World"
Author: DragonX123
Description: None given.

Wha, no description? Well there is an extensionless file in the ZIP named "Malfunctions"...
Originally posted by Malfunctions
I Couldn't Get the map to work so do not go right please. I couldn't get the map to progress to yoshi's island 2 so please don't reject it. I tried as hard as I could. Please Take this as a Demo.

Well you need to read the Lunar Magic help file, and the tutorials on this site. Such things are no excuse for submitted hacks... you should upload the patch to your file bin and make a thread in SMW Hacking Discussion.

As for the hack itself...

You need a proofreader. Badly. Also, you made a few colors on Mario blue, and now he's "Cario". That is officially the laziest recolor ever.

Lots of cutoff here. Also, mismatched palettes. It looks like you tried to transplant Bowser's Valley into Yoshi's Island.

If I go to the left, I get this. Endless bonus rooms are grounds for instant removal!

Don't edit level 104, it messes with the ending.

Bad ledge corner tile. You get that if you make the corner overlap another tile.

Disallow vertical scrolling in levels with Level 3 tides. Also, glitchy tiles on the slope here.

Unedited level.

I hit a message box, and the Layer 3 tides vanished. And then I get this mess! I've realized what this is, it is an edit of level 105! Press Ctrl + Delete to start from a blank slate!

3-UP moon spam...

...and it only gets worse.

Lots of ? blocks containing fire flowers... why do you need so many? Also, if you use Layer 3 tides, there is a level length limit! Going over this causes level layout corruption.

And clearing the level causes the original Yoshi's Island events to occur, destroying the map.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Name: Xano's Quest Chapter 1 Demo 1
Author: voltega
Description: Xano the hedgehog gets turned into a human, and transfered into a strange world. while looking for his friends, he encounters many other mysteries. only 1 picture, i had many others, but i had to change to png and im very tired.

Your levels all follow the same generic, dull path - a sprint down a featureless plain with a generator attacking you with an obstacle at the end that you must have kept that shell/switch at the start of the run for, otherwise you're screwed. It's dumb, it's annoying, and frankly it's about as fun as eating metal shavings.

Whacky Lava Palletes: The 2 Disk Boxset!

Honestly? I had no clue how to get past this bit. The P-Switch didn't open a bridge as expected, so there was just a big gap I couldn't pass.

Silent Bullet Bills are the new Stacked Munchers! That is, I remove hacks that have them upon sight.

Pipe is split across two screens, looking ugly as hell.

This looks plain weird since you chose the walk-through clifface.

And a barely-edited SMW level or two to round things off.

Basically, this hack needs a serious rethink of large chunks of it's level design. There's no nice way to say that. Play the Featured Hacks, and see how they keep things interesting and varied. Take a few ideas from that, and create something with more than one platform every six screens.

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My Hacks:

Removal: "mario super not so hard world demo 1 of 1"
Author: SuperYoshi23
Description: "my first so enjoy!! ]
custom music-
halberd on goes funny ill fix that soon!"

Two things.
Number one, the contents of the ZIP. Why did you leave all this unneeded crap lying around? Like all those extraneous patches, a copy of Lunar IPS, a copy of ZSNES, two copies of your hack's IPS file, and a RAR that contains what should have been the only two things in this ZIP to begin with!

Number two:

Bad patch. You should test your patches before submitting!

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Hack Name: mario super not so hard world demo 1 of 1
Author: SuperYoshi23 - Submitted by: SuperYoshi23
Description: second attempt of uploading this hack ive tested the patch and it definatly works, found out i accidently used a modified rom!
read me included!
NOTE TO MODERATORS: if you think that bowser castle in the water is a bad point, well its surposed to be there hence the name of the level: Cthutlu bowser
a creature called Cthuthlu lives in a underwater city the size of the ocean.
bowser is in a costume!
the read me tells about the levels and the secrets!
so modarators please can you read the readme before testing the hack,it would really help, thanks!



Name: That's not Super World DEMO
Author: Tepich
Description: This is a Demo. So it is not really good.
It is also my first Hack!

I am speaking German so sorry for my bad English...

Dieser Hack ist Scheiße.

The title screen is a comedy of errors. A P-Switch is pressed, crashing the sound system. Goombas turn into glitched graphics when stomped. New and interesting glitches occur to this Cloud near random lightning strikes.

The overworld, for reasons known only to the Devil himself, has a huge swathe of cutoff under those clouds, coloured the background color of whatever level you were last in.

What made you think sticking Bullet Bill shooters on something other than a Bullet Bill shooter tile was a good idea? Especially in a row tall enough to be unavoidable by most jumps.

There are far more graceful ways of blocking access to a level than instantly killing the player.

Aaaaand floating muncher stacks mean an instant hack deletion.

There's an unofficial rule of the internet that you should never upload your first hack/drawing/song/whatever creative endeavor, because it will be fairly embarassing. Study up on the Featured Hacks, read the Hack Submission Guidelines, and use what you've learned to make your next attempt that much better.

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My Hacks:

Hack Removed:
Hack Name: A Super Mario World Hack (World 1 Demo)
Length: 6 levels
Author: MetalLuigi - Submitted by: MetalLuigi
Description: I am new to smwcentral, and this is a demo of the first world of my first hack. This is mainly a vanilla hack except for a few slightly modified enemies, and a yoshi house with a different pallete. Please rate & review, and give constructive criticism.
My Short Review:
The hack was okay, but there are problems that need fixing.

The "W1 demo" text gets cut-off because of the Mario slot thing, move the text up one tile so it doesn't get cut-off.

Cut-off because of edge of that corner is on the corner of a ledge, don't put corner ends on top of other corners because it will look cut-off.

This don't make sense because the overworld is a grassland theme but when I enter Yoshi's house it's a winter them. Change it so it's a grassland and so it makes sense.

The end of the rope is cut-off because it's connected to the pipe. Note that about everything will be cut-off if it's connected to a pipe. (A pipe that has SMW graphics that is)

Not a removal reason but the mushroom looks odd.

The vines are cut-off at the top.

The area with the intersecting pipes make cut-off.

Blatant level 14 edit. Blatant level edits aren't allowed.

Block off the bottom of the diagonal pipe so the player can't go in it.

Bad corner tile. This might have occurred because you put the corner edge tile on part of the FG.

Cut-off. The cement blocks make the ground cut-off and at the end of these slopes they are cut-off because the corner tile is missing.

That mole gets stuck in the pipe, fix that.

Refer to the screenshot above the previous one.

Missing corner tiles on the ledge I'm standing on.

Blind jumps in these areas. Put coins to lead the way.

Missing corner tile between the lava ledge thing.

I'm not sure if a raft was supposed to spawn, but if it was it didn't spawn and I had to spin jump off the Blargg's to get to the springboards on the wall which is a no. =( Also, the ledge below the lava has a bad corner tile, then again, it never had a corner tile for the lava so take out that ledge.

Blind jumps. -.-

The cement blocks make the water cut-off.

The corner is bad. That's because the corner uses the mushroom platform tile. Use a cement block as a corner so it doesn't really look bad.

The end rope is cut-off because of the pipe.

Wrong sprite header.
These errors should be easy to fix, fix them and this will most likely be accepted.

Name: Super Mario World
Author: a bag of chips
Description: This is an easy way to obtain a ROM.

How to use:
1. Create an empty TXT file.
2. Rename it smw.smc.
3. Apply patch.

You now have a ROM.

You are:

1.) Soiled-boxers-on-head levels of stupid for thinking this would merrily scoot past the rules.
2.) Banned.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Mario World Classic Comebacks
Author: reghrhre (Oh, snap. Sorry, mang.)
Description: This game is just to play levels that has graphics from the old Super Mario All-Stars games, nothing much.

For this demo, we're re-visiting SMW. Next demo it could be SMB3, SMB2, or SMB1, etc...

Anyways, have fun and enjoy this demo!

Okay, first thing? The sound is broken beyond all belief on post-2007 emulators, a common trend that I am really not a fan of. Not a removal reason, because I would have edited a warning into the description, but you should probably know.

Secondly, on both emulators I tested on (SNES9X and, ugh, ZSNES), the title screen crashed the game at this exact point (the colour warping didn't happen on ZSNES).

Look into that and add a warning about the sound problems and you're golden.

Removal Log
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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: The Rift V1.1 (Demo)
Length: 18 exits
Author: kirbychris - Submitted by: kirbychris
This hack does not have any custom sprites or levels. It does have custom overworld map and storyline. Wait for later versions if you want to see my custom levels. Please rate the overworld map and storyline for this hack.

Some things wrong here. The left and right borders don't look the best, 'CHRISTIAAN' has a bad palette, and "THE RIFT" looks bad overall. If you aren't going to draw new graphics for your title screen, stick to the default letters on the left side of the 8x8 window (they don't have black around them).


I see you have an RPG overworld; however, you didn't apply the hex edits needed to make it correctly. I believe there are three edits you need to make. One to disable the beeping noise, one so you can hold the direction you want to go in instead of pressing it a billion times, and another one so that Mario doesn't always face forward after landing on a tile.

It seems your message cuts off here. You will have to shorten the message so that it all fits into a message box.

Again, the message is too long, so it cuts off.

Ouch, my eyes. The white is just too bright. Let alone the green is pretty bad against it, too.

The rest of the game was original Super Mario World levels with edited palettes. I know you said you haven't made levels yet, but that's basically the point of having it submitted to the site.

The storyline was nice, I liked the idea that Mario starts at Bowser's Castle, then goes out to chase him. The overworld needs some work, however. You only used about half of the map, and it was all at one altitude. Palette was meh too. If you want more criticism, upload your IPS to 'My Files', and link it to other people in a thread (don't forget to give screenshots!). You can submit again once you have made some levels.

Have a nice day.
It's been a long time. How have you been?

Portal 2 references aside, I am back to moderating hacks, and I will start back up again with three quick removal logs.

Hack Name: Bowser Jr in “left alone”
Length: 96 exits
Author: deedeedeechu
Description: Why did everyone leave him?

This hack isn’t really a new hack of its own. There were graphical changes regarding the powerups and the player (Bowser Jr.), a changed name in the status bar, and a few changes regarding messages, but otherwise, it was the same as SMW. When creating a hack to submit, please make your own, unique hack rather than a clone of another game. We do not want to replay through “XYZ” adventure again with only minor graphical and story changes.

Because of your name being too long, it invades the space that is used by the Dragon coin counter in the status bar. It should be something shorter, such as “B. Jr.”

Your Fire “Mario” palette is a bit awkward. If you use those graphics for something else, you may wish to adjust that properly.

And here’s just a little evidence of the unchanged levels.


Hack Name: Mario Legacy
Length: 7 levels
Author: DragonX123
Description: An Easy Rom Hack

This hack wasn’t considerably as bad as many other hacks I have played in the past; however, I feel that there is still much more effort needed to be put into this hack for it to be successful. Many of the levels, despite being new levels, still had a feeling of “level edits.” I’d advise personally that you change the backgrounds a bit (not really required or anything) and follow the changes pointed out in this removal log.

Never put tiles on the bottom row of Lunar Magic that you expect the player to see! You cannot see that row, so it would be unfair to the player if it is required to proceed. Or, in this scenario, it just looks strange.

The palettes for the Start Select screen and the subtitle under “Super Mario World” look odd. It would be advised that you fix them in the palettes for the title screen level so that they appear better to the eye.

Generally, although there is an invisible block there, it is not advisable to put Mario in a situation where he could die in the intro level. If he does die, that could potentially mess up the life counter and give you undesirable values. Also, do not use excuses for incorrect graphics. More on that later.

This isn’t anything major, but you forgot to capitalize the “t” in the last sentence of this message.

When using sprites in your levels, do not allow them to look like this! There is no reasonable way to justify glitched up graphics, and it poorly reflects upon you. Adjust the sprite GFX used in the level so that none of your sprites appear incorrectly. If needed, you can do something such as making an individual room for a goal sphere if changing the sprite GFX messes up another sprite’s appearance.

You placed the branching platform in a way that creates another cutoff tile. Please move it so that it does not generate any cutoff tiles.

These were three levels in particular that I was referring to in the beginning of this removal. They look and feel similar to the original, and I felt that I should put an emphasis on changing these levels a bit more. The other levels showed similarities as well, but they weren’t as similar. In the second screenshot, I just wanted to point out that you spelled “receive” as “recieve” and that you replaced proper punctuation with a comma between “Block” and “you.” Within the last screenshot, you did something to make a random tile appear in the message. You should adjust that so that does not appear any longer.

Sliding Blue Koopas are able to go through walls sometimes. You may wish to move it so that it will not do so with these walls or adjust the land appropriately.

If you fail the challenge of spin-jumping off of the turnblocks, you have to swim back to the beginning. The main issue with that would be the unseen row of munchers on the bottom row. They will hurt you if you do not constantly swim. Also, you should not place a message block in a level with Layer 3. When you open the message, it removes Layer 3, making it nearly impossible to get back to the start of the level without dying in the occasion that you fall.

The concept of pits that Mario cannot escape naturally is typically not a wise idea. It is much better that you placed springboards in theses pits, but there is always the risk of one being thrown out of a pit. This isn’t a horrible issue, though.

That is just a bit unfair. Yes, you did “reference” to it in the message block, yet it did not tell you to avoid falling where there are no invisible solid tiles. You may want to point that out in the message.

It would be nice to tell the player where the end of the demo lies for their benefit. You could change the of the level to “End of Demo” and prevent entering the level, or you could allow entrance if you have side exits enabled (without Yoshi’s chimney being visible). Again, this isn’t particularly a big deal.


Hack Name: Small Mario Monster
Length: 5 levels
Author: deedeedeechu
Description: Small mario Gains a new ability! he is a moster only when he's small

This hack, similar to your other removed hack, did not change all too much from the original SMW. All that was really changed were the graphics for small Mario, and not all of those graphics were changed. Other than that, this hack is a carbon copy. Once again, there is no need for a re-run of SMW with their only being new Mario graphics.

Those were all of the unique graphics for small Mario that I had noticed in the first few levels. They all had an “ugly” yellow palette to boot. Please make it look pleasant.

Some frames for small Mario were not edited, and Super Mario was abandoned altogether.

Lastly, here are just a few screenshots of unedited levels.
Hack Name: Brutal Mario (Full Game
Length: Unknown
Author: 06umajii - Submitted by: 06umajii
Description: On SMW Centrel you can only get the demo version. Now I have found the full version. Its a fantastic, entertaining, cool hack that you will/have to play. Its to good.


1. Do not upload hacks made by others! It's up to the hack author to decide if they'll upload a hack here or not.

2. This doesn't even seem to be the full version. >_>

3. You submitted this twice, so of course I'm removing the other submission as well.

Hack Name: That's not Super World DEMO Demo - 253.9 KB - 11 downloads.
Length: 23 levels
Author: Tepich - Submitted by: Tepich
Description: My first Hack is finished!!

It is not sooooooo good, but it is sometimes really hard. So you will need Savestates!

It is a Demo so it has probebly some mistakes.Please write some Comments.

I am German so sorry for my bad English...


Oh boy.

Sorry, but this is far from acceptable. Please take a look at both the Hack Submission Guidelines and this video before submitting anything else!

(Wenn dir was nicht ganz klar ist, kannst du mich meinetwegen anschreiben, wie du siehst, spreche ich auch deutsch.)

Hack Name: Persus: A Toad Adventure
Length: 1 level
Author: Camerin Neede
This is a short diversion-hack I made in my spare time. It has no plot, beyond a Toad setting out on an adventure.

This hack is mostly vanilla, but it contains custom music, written by me. Any further credits are contained in the enclosed text file.

(Moderators, this hack contains a song I submitted for the SMWCI's fifth round. Please delete this text if the hack passes.)

For the most part, there were not many issues with this hack that I had noticed. I myself enjoyed it, especially the "exploration" feel, but there are a few things that should be fixed.

Your Overworld palette is not exactly "appealing." You may wish to adjust it so that is looks slightly better and get opinions from others.

Because of the large amount of sprites on screen here, there is some slowdown. This isn't a major problem; just remove one or two of the sprites if that makes it better.

In this underwater portion, I am able to get under your land masses. Just put a solid edge beneath them to prevent this from happening.

You have the incorrect sprite index set for this "nether-world" area. Please set it so that these sprites do not "cutoff" or partially disappear.

After you fix those errors, just resubmit it, and I would be glad to approve it.

Originally posted by Domiok
It's been a long time. How have you been?

Portal 2 references aside, I am back to moderating hacks, and I will start back up again with three quick removal logs.
You monster.

Name: Super Test World
Author: Marioplayer
Description: This is my rom hack, with custom levels only for the first world. Hope you like it.

Don't edit Level 104 if you want to use SMW's ending instead of making your own.

Lots of easily-gettable 3up Moons, usually in groups. 3ups should be given out rarely and in very hard-to-reach areas.

The levels are clearly edited from the original levels. Be adventurous! CTRL+DEL will delete everything from a level so you can be more adventurous.

Graphical cutoff here.

Some weird lines on your scenery in some places. Why is this?

Silent Bullet Bills: The New Floating Munchers.

Lots of slowdown in this area. Cut back on baddies a bit!

These edges should probably be solid.

Sprite memory error

This wall looks a bit weird with the floor running under it.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Removal: "Woodo's World"
Author: kiddy252
Description: "it's time to go"

This is a Kaizo-styled hack. Put it in this thread instead.

Name: Super Mario World New Gate Avanyft 2 (Fixed #1)
Author: Betatendo - Submitted by: betatendotm
Description:This is again SMW Hack of Betatendo. I fix errors and Cutoffs but I use Eyes.

Tell me for errors to fix its.

You say you've fixed this. Frankly, I doubt you've even played it.

Because I doubt you'll ever read this or learn, all screenshots in this hack log have been replaced with pictures of pugs, the cutest little genetic abominations to the eyes of God.

Making a Pipe plop the player down an instant death pit unless they're visited a Switch Palace is mean. Making a Pipe plop the player down an instant death pit unless they're visited a Switch Palace twice is pure malice. Making that switch palace repetitive, dull and without any background scenery of any kind is an act of aggression towards hack moderators everywhere.

In fact, there's a general lack of backgrounds through the lions share of what I played. Just an inky black void of effortlessness. I'm not sure if this is some sort of a "more like the NES" thing or a "FNARR SCENERY IS FOR NERDLINGERS" thing, but if you didn't want to make new background you could have just reused the SMW ones?

Finally, in the first castle, after the song change, the music cut out abruptly, with a game crash once I entered the boss door. I'm assuming that you're testing on ZSNES, which has spotty sound emulation accuracy to say the least. Considering other romhacking sites generally don't expect people to play their hacks with friggin' NESticle, you won't get any mercy from me on that.

In short, you've changed barely anything and your level design bites a big one. Still.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: SMW Yeah
Length: 44 exits
Author: ??? - Submitted by: Masterlink
A awesome hack I found is not my hack.
I don`t have any information of the author of this hack

Originally posted by SMW Hack Discussion & Submission Rules Thread
2b) Do not steal content.
Any hack containing content that was used or copied without permission (i.e. stolen) will be removed. Additionally, unless you have the explicit permission of a hack's author, you may not upload a hack that was created by another person. The only exception to this rule are any hacks that were lost in the 2008 hack database wipe.

It would appear that this hack falls under this category. Many hackers opt not to reveal their hacks to the general public as well; thus, putting such a hack on this site may lead to issues if permission was not provided.


Hack Name: Super Mario Lost in Monochrome Land (V2.61)
Length: 12 levels
Author: El Santo
First,Please remove the older version,because this corrects some very little bugs...

Mario is lost in a black and white world,and don't know why...
Find the way to understand!

Changes since 2.60:
Some little palette changes.
2 graphical bugs in "koopa's marshmallows"(goal point too short & midway point reappearing after death)
switch in "into monochrome".
A screen exit,somewhere...
(Some very little changes in the levels too...)
I think this is a good version.

From the very little bit that I had played in this hack, I would say that is doing alright up to this point. The level design wasn't horrible, and I did like how you were going for a black and white theme for the hack...

...However, this was my halting place. In the second level, you placed some "?" mark blocks, a koopa lacking a shell, and this ramp setup. It would appear that you either meant for me to get a feather from a block or have the koopa kick an absent shell. The pipe that the ramp leads to only resets the level, so there was no way for me to proceed. This was the main reason this hack was removed, but there were some other reasons, too.

You may wish to revise that to read, "Amazing! Everything here is black and white! I have to find my way and discover what happened!!!"

When the lakitu glides into that hallway, it causes sprites to disappear and overall slowdown. Either change the sprite memory so this doesn't occur, or you may place the sprite generator that ends other sprite generators before that hallway.

Change the term "that" to "this," add a comma between "world" and "or," and make the "a" in "Am" lowercase.

Last but not least, please adjust the palette of your pipes in this level. They hurt to look at compared to the other palettes.

BIG FAT EDIT: The new version of Monochrome Land was released containing a new title screen while I was writing this post. It is not different in any way other than that new screen, so I shall be removing it as well. Sorry for any trouble.
Hack Name: Super Test World Demo - 30.3 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 14 levels
Author: Marioplayer - Submitted by: Marioplayer
Description: This is a fixed version of my rom hack. This now contain's world 1 and world 2. Hope you enjoy the hack.


This isn't the worst hack I've ever played, but you still have quite a long way to go. Here's what you need to fix:

I recommend not using the letters with a black box around them; use the ones with outlines instead. Also, there's an unnecessary black line next to the W.

*I (instead of i)
*I'm (instead of Im)
*Full paw print (instead of a cut-off one)

The ground is slightly cut off by the pipes. Use edge tiles here.

Your levels tend to look a lot like the original ones in some places. Sometimes, all you really did was add munchers and Koopas, which honestly is a pretty cheap way to make your levels harder. I highly recommend pressing Ctrl+Del before making a level for a fresh start, and thinking of more ways to make your levels challenging.

Block the right side of the pipe so this doesn't happen.

You're giving away far too many moons. About one per world is more than enough. Also, make sure to hide them well instead of putting them in plain sight.
(Also, in the first screenshot, the berry cuts off the bush a little.)

More berry cutoff. Also, what's with the black lines in the ground? The easiest way to get rid of them would be to cover them up with walk-through dirt.

This isn't a removal reason, but messages like this at the start of each level aren't really necessary.

Some sprite tiles disappear, along with loooots of slowdown. To get rid of the slowdown, erase most sprites (they make this part utterly annoying anyway), which should also fix the tiles disappearing.

You shouldn't use single Bullet Bills without generators and shooters they come out of. Here, they don't play a sound when they appear, so it's hard to tell they're coming.

Placing coins over blocks that spwan something will result in this when they're hit.

And placing Yoshi/Dragon Coins on sub-screen boundaries will result in this. Press F2 to view them, and make sure no Yoshi/Dragon coins are crossing a horizontal line.

Although the munchers here aren't really floating, hitting the turn blocks below them will make them look like they do. Replace the turn blocks with cement blocks or something.

The note block has glitched graphics in this tileset. You can change the sprite GFX header using the blue poison mushroom button, but since that will scren up the ghost sprite graphics, I suggest you just get rid of this block altogether.

Wrong corner tiles below Mario.

It's still possible to access original SMW levels. I suggest you replace these with one-screen levels that you can exit without dying (using a side exit, for example.)

Overall, this wasn't too bad, but you still have to improve on some things. Your level design (although it's okay the way it is now) could also use some work - get some inspiration from other's hacks, maybe? (Don't just blatantly steal the level design of course, just let them inspire you and give you some ideas.)

Also, I'm gonna recommend you the same thing I recommend to pretty much everyone: Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines and perhaps also watch this video to get an idea of what's acceptable and what's frowned upon here.

Hack Name: Super Blank World
Length: 255 levels
Author: XXSMWMastahackerXX - Submitted by: XXSMWMastahackerXX
Since I'm always seeing blatant level edits in the hack removal log, I thought I'd delete all the levels myself! Newbies can just patch this to the Super Mario World ROM and never worry about blatant level edits again. It also has a 100% cleared overworld.

This is not something that would belong in the hacks section. Besides, there is already an xkas patch that will do basically the same thing.

Have a nice day.

Link Thread Closed