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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Mario's Epic Adventure
Length: 11 levels
Author: moltensnow
Uh-oh! Bowser has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom! Once again, it's time for Mario to save the day. Embark on an epic journey to find Bowser and take back the Mushroom Kingdom!

This demo was actually quite a fun play. I had previously played the last demo, and so I did have prior experience when I came into this. There was only one particular reason why this hack was removed, but I will note a few minor things as well.

That segment was interesting, give or take; however, it is far too easy to die. If you touch a single pixel of the platform, it speeds off into the distance. To add onto it, you placed bullet bills that you have to jump over or dunk under. Those deal half of your life in damage, and if you jump over the bills, you fall to your death. I myself could not play through this part without savestates.

In all of those screenshots, I experienced some form of slowdown. Not all too horrible, but you may wish to adjust your sprite memory to see that it improves.

Although it's not an issue, you may want to change the palette of the growing vine's head so that it matches with the actual vine.

For a better "grammatical" view, you may wish to change "as" to "for."

I had absolutely no idea what that sprite was at first. You could change it to something more recognizable. This is purely my opinion, though.

If you can, you should adjust the palette in this level so that "Mario" is its proper color.

You should move the springboard and the block that it is placed on up one tile to allow the player to notice that this is a pit. Otherwise, it may be somewhat confusing.

As I said, try to edit the part of the level with the speedy platforms and the other details I brought up appropriately, and I would be more than willing to accept this hack.
Removal: "Marios stupid adventure Demo"
Author: Padelboot
Description: "This is the demo Version of my first hack Marios stupid adventure.

Notes: This hack is in german!Only the VERY important information are in english(like the warning in the beginning).
And there are bad traps like fake moons or stones were you can fall trough it.So play with savestates.You're warned!"

Oh christ.

Title screen text goes behind scenery.

And gets a bit mangled by the file select.

First off, you need someone to proofread your messages. Secondly, do not submit unfair/Kaizo-styled hacks to this site! Post it in this thread instead.

Stacked munchers.

Silent Bullet Bills. Bullet Bills should only come from shooters/generators, and shooters should be placed on the correct cannon tile.

Killed by a fake 3-UP moon. >_>

Don't place midway points using Direct Map16 Access, use the correct object.

Oh, and when I went to the next level? It crashed the emulator.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

NAME: Its Marios Turn A Princess Must Be Rescued
AUTHOR: selfhack
DESCRIPTION: This is my 3rd Hack.
Custom Music, HDMA, ExGFX


You might want to improve the green palette in the title screen.

The flames are missing in the background: Place Sprite E6 in your level.
Also the red room of this castle had an eye-soaring palette, too. You should tone it down.

Actually this is the removal reason. There are only 2 levels available on that subworld, the other levels cannot be accessed. I have been wondering myself why the first level is called "World 1-3" anyways. You should build a few more levels first, then you may submit another demo. You know, it is hard for everyone to give enough criticism and player will also be dissatisfied with two levels only.

Last thing, your subworld has a few wrong palettes (see: ladder and on the right side), is a bit empty (more decoration would be nice), and has some perspective errors (every tile below the cliff has to be the same tile above the cliff!)

Like that:
__/ (cliff)
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

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Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Name: A SMW Hack world 1 demo V1.1
Author: MetalLuigi
Description: After noticing that my hack was removed, I decided to fix all the problems and resubmit it.

Hopefully It won't happen again.

The first three of your included shots were weirdly resized. The fourth was fine, though.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get past this area. I figure the Yellow Shell + Koopa nearby had something to do with it, but I just couldn't jump that high.

Hmm, shell + row of Koopas on screen 2 of Yoshis Island 2... this couldn't POSSIBLY be a blatant level edit!

Graphical cutoff (also another pain in the ass jump)

Whacky lava pallete.

Hey, thanks for using that row of coins to safely guide me down onto an offscreen POOL OF LAVA. What a dick move.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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NAME: Birdo's Mission
AUTHOR: Mawwo7
Birdo has to rescue Mario.


Quite decent, but very short and with some issues that need fixing.

Since you don't actually have a title screen movie, why not apply the hex edit to stop the title screen from looping and get rid of the sound effects from the player jumping around?

The frogs don't seem to react correctly when stomped; instead of falling offscreen, they fall to the ground, sit there for a short while, and then disappear into thin air.

...whatever the heck that's supposed to be, it completely doesn't fit with any of the other graphics in the hack. Seriously, it looks like you drew it in half a minute with MS Paint.

It seems kind of odd how Birdo shrinks when she picks up an item.

You seem to have deleted one of the springboard frames for whatever reason.

Well, now this just doesn't make any sense at all. If I am Birdo, how come I'm fighting Birdo?

The pipe appeared right on top of me and killed me D:

Oh god cement block abuse. Also why is that background in a switch palace of all places?

Pink blocks? Didn't I activate the red switch?

And then the palace doesn't even collapse.

The frog guys don't seem to like walls too much either; this one just got stuck bouncing next to the wall.

I could understand squaring of the edges of the blocks, but doing it just for the sprites doesn't seem to make much sense. Especially since it makes the blocks change shape when you hit them.

I am not sure if I agree with this being a second level. The whole thing is about timing yourself down to fractions of a second, so that the barrels shoot you the correct way. Now repeat that ~30 times, with the penalty for a missed shot in most cases being instant death and having to restart, and you have a pretty good idea of what the level is like.

Oh, and as you can also see in the screenshot, one of Birdo's hurt frames is kind of glitchy-looking.

Also, in this spot you get shot directly into one of those hat guys if you don't react almost immediately.

You wouldn't think it from looking at them, but the hitboxes on these Thwomps extend four pixels on each side of the actual graphics. Not very fair.

The stairs are very much not assembled correctly. That one diagram in the data repository should be able to help you.

The palette of the sprite coin is kind of off in this one room.

The bridge looks kind of out of place, since as opposed to all the other graphics, it doesn't have an outline.

This is more of a nitpick than an actual removal reason, but mikeyk's sideways Thwomps not making any sound effects or shaking the screen when they hit a wall always kind of bothered me.

Hmm... Now how do I get past here?


How in the world was I supposed to know that thing was going to explode?

Whee floating~

Boss door tiles should not act like normal doors, or you can't enter them if you stand right in front of them.

Again, MS Paint-style graphics look very out of place. What's wrong with using the original ones?

Use one of the other level ender sprites to prevent Birdo from walking into walls or spikes after defeating the boss.

And by the way, it's only common courtesy to provide a save prompt after the final castle if you let the player continue after it.

That is one bad-looking Yoshi. I think you forgot to copy some colours.

And finally, I don't think this hack is long enough to get by guideline 4. 'm sorry, but three medium-length levels (no, I won't count the switch palace) just isn't enough for an entire hack.

You're off to a pretty good start here. Fix the things I pointed out, come up with a better gimmick for the second level (or move it to someplace quite a bit later in the game), and add a few more levels, and I can easily see this getting accepted.

EDIT: guideline 4B what
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Hack Name: Super Mario: The Crisis/ Mario Galaxy 2D
Author: The Count Nightmare
Description: (Title to change upon update)

A hack that takes the best of SMW then implements ideas from Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.

Things to be changed-
The door's design
Some graphics/ Enemies
No flight

Removal Reasons :o

The game crashes after the Nintendo Presents, showing this screen. Please use a clean SMW rom next time, and test your patches.
NAME: 1st Challenge Mario
AUTHOR: GearboxGoober
Hello! This is the World 1 only demo of 1st Challenge Mario (1CM) made by me, GearboxGoober. There are 8 levels (9 exits) in this demo. This is my first time submitting a hack to SMWCentral.

In this hack there is:
-Custom Levels
-Custom Overworld
-Custom Music
-Custom Block (just one)
-Custom Palettes
-MAP16 stuff

Thank you and have a great time playing!



First of all, your music hardly loops correctly in any level. In the worst cases, the song doesn't even get past the first few bars; you'd think this would be noticed during testing... This is most likely due to you either a) not applying the N-SPC patch correctly or b) using some outdated version of Addmusic.

There's also quite a bit of other stuff for you to fix:

Bad palette on the file selection screen. (also lolwut @ the actual text)

A music issue that isn't related to looping: the song in the intro screen is so quiet that you can only barely hear it.

Overworld is very flat, bland,and boring, and all the level tiles are revealed from the start for whatever reason. Also, would you guess that that thing in the upper left corner is supposed to be the yellow switch palace?

You may not have noticed, but the Yoshi pawprint actually consists of two rows of tiles, not one.

This level didn't look like a castle in the overworld... Also, who ate the background?

Cutoffness. That ledge needs a proper edge against the lava.

What's with the random empty void after the exit pipe?

Bad initial FG position.

...underwater bushes? Sure, why not?

That's an interesting take on the "Yoshi coin on screen boundary" glitch... Still gives you infinite lives, though. gods. You can't be serious... Didn't you get the memo about cutoffness looking horrible?

The layer 3 fish are not compatible with the level end sequence; the fish get completely frozen in place.

Random level tile revealing on some other submap after I beat this level.

Some minor cutoffness just to the right of Mario. Also, that orange-to-green gradient in the background looks rather odd.

yay arbitrary powerdowns

yay duckjump spamming

Bad initial foreground position.

Just wanted to point out that by placing the dragon coin like that, you have assured that it is impossible to collect all five without getting the midpoint, dying, and then backtracking to the start to get the first ones. Good job!

Some slowdown here.

You know, this just screams "laziness". Why not just make the switch palace collapse when beaten?

That muncher is floating slightly above the pipe.

Cutoffness makes a triumphant return.

What's up with the flashing yellow circle blocks? As far as I can tell, they don't do anything special... the heck did you manage to mess up the palette for the save prompt? There's nothing on the overworld that even comes close to using those palettes...

If I bring Yoshi back to his house, I get this unedited message.

Why is Mario walking on top of the pond?

Various inconsistencies concerning screen exits and the places they lead to. Also, this level has yet another music issue: when certain sound effects interrupt the music, odd noises are played. Perhaps there is some incorrectly setup percussion on one of the sound effect channels?

You might want to note that you can't place very many sprites at all in a tide level without causing slowdown (unless you apply some variation of the FastROM patch, of course). This one is no exception.

There's no way those branches can be attached to the tree trunk, given how I go in front of one but behind the other. Also, they being completely solid is both annoying and nonsensical.

And the trees going in front of the water looks rather odd as well. How does that even work?

Much like the fish, layer 3 tides don't agree with the goal sequence.

Two-for-one special: cutoffness AND water against a walkthrough wall! :D

Being able to get blocked by the back of a ledge makes just as much sense as ever.

This is what you get when you don't give your castles no-Yoshi intros.

Also, I can just jump off Yoshi and skip directly to the boss.

Or I can go get the springboard, and bring Yoshi into Iggy's room. Seems like Yoshi doesn't agree well with the platform...

OMNOMNOM eating Iggy~

And then the rest of the hack is just various test levels with goal tapes at the very start. Why would you even make those accessible?

[insert generic shouting about testing your hack before submitting it here]

Hack Submission Guidelines
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NAME: **Super GVS World**
AUTHOR: GeorgeVsSonic Submitted by: georgevssonic
If you want a fun and hard hack that has new levels, a new overworld, custom music, some new sprites & more... You are at the right addres


Stop choosing hack names that I can't use as FTP folder names for the screenshots D:

Anyway, it's not every day that I'm able to reject a hack based on the title screen alone.

Floating cutoff fire, ugly blocky letters for "GVS", odd black line to the left of the "W" in "World".

Note block changes colour when bounced upon, odd palette for turn block bridges, floating muncher.

Terrible mushroom palette, another floating muncher.

Wait what is he doing

Nice job crashing the SNES sound engine.

[insert more shouting about testing your hack before submitting it here]
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Name: Mario's Dynamic Dream
Author: UltimateNintendoFan
Description: This hack was just started a week ago.Only the first level ("Introduction")is finished.I submitting it to get it out there and see if anyone likes it.There is a bug at the of the first level I'm currently trying to fix.Therefore,you cannot beat it.

1.) We don't accept one-level hacks unless they're really good and full of content.
2.) Releasing a hack that's unwinnable is really really dumb.
3.) Everything you could possibly to do to get this hack declined is basically present here, except perhaps Floating Munchers.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines, play the Featured Hacks, and learn what makes a good level.

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Name: not anouther comunist hack
Author: kerbertox
Description: i tried realyy hard i hope you like

No you didn't, and no I don't.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Mario World Reloaded
Author: vguniverse
Description: This is re-polished version of Super Mario World Reloaded that was originally released in 2007. Super Mario World Reloaded is more difficult and with many of the original levels remade.

ROM file. 72 for you!

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My Hacks:

Hack Removed:
Hack Name: Mario's Lost! -beta-
Length: 1 level
Author: Atanih - Submitted by: Atanih
Description: Hi there, time for my first good try at hacking, this is simply a beta version of a little level I made that still needs testing, so I'm considering it a demo of sorts. I'd love some feedback and constructive criticism here! Thanks for looking!
The screenshots you posted weren't proper, to take a proper screenshot with Zsnes, press F1 and then save snapshot. Also, if you're going to submit a demo, have at least 5 levels minimum since there's no point in a 1-4 demo hack as it's too short. One more thing, us hack mods aren't gonna beta test it for you since you said something about that in the readme, if you need beta testers, Post in this thread
Removal: "Super KoD World"
Author: Gaminggod90
Description: "My first ever hack that is dedicated to myself. It should be too hard so I hope you enjoy it."

Floating stacked munchers.

Cutoff. You touched the goal tape and cleared the level in the title screen, crashing the sound engine.

More cutoff. Silent Bullet Bills.

There is absolutely no excuse. Read the Hack Submission Guidelines!

Hack Removed:
Hack Name: " Super Identity World. "
Author: Jungche - Submitted by: Jungche
Description: Super Identity World.

30 Level Demo.
My Short Review:
I was kinda disappointed to have to remove this because the screenshots looked nice and the level design was pretty good too.

The yellow and blue text looks odd.

The inner border of the message looks bad.

The orange outline around the clouds look weird.

The lava is cut-off between the ledges.

Don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as things on that row won't appear in-game.

It was really annoying to get to that timed platform over there since when the grey platform fell fast enough I wasn't on it and I couldn't jump fast enough. Also.....

...if you were to fall down to get the Yoshi coin you would assume it's safe? It's not as you end up dieing as you're supposed to take the timed platform to get it. Block off the between the 2 ledges so the player won't fall to their death just to get a Yoshi coin.

You have some sprite limitations in this level as the blocks of the hammer bro platform doesn't show up. Take out some sprites.

An example of sprite limitations would be that koopa, he didn't show up the 1st time I went here but when I went back he did, move the koopa so he isn't on the decoration like that.

The koopa out of the shell has a different looking frame then the other, fix that since it makes it look weird.

Blindjump. Put coins to lead the way of the jump.

This is a no. When you press the P-switch you're required to press it to beat the level as it spawns invisible blocks between the gap, if your P-switch runs out you are forced to die which is a fake goal in a way. NEVER let the player die after hitting the goal post.

This was annoying to get through since there's not enough space for big Luigi. Raise these tiles one tile higher so Big Luigi can go through here easy.

It was rather hard to pass this jump without getting hit, make it easier to pass through.

Layer 2 in this area was screwed up because layer 2 would scroll up with the screen. This is why there's no vertical scroll in layer 2. Fix that.

Not a big deal but still, don't make blocks surround a powerup block as it will go through the blocks which make it look odd.

You have a bad sprite header here because part of the podoboo gets cut-off. I know it's not sprite limitations because there were barely any sprites in this area.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention about this area, if you're in this situation where you stuck between 2 blocks it'll be really annoying to get out. You can get hit but that's not really a good thing to do.

Slowdown in this area, take out some sprites.

There was no notification that you had to go down here because at the end of this area there was a dead end and nothing else, I had to look in LM to see how to beat this area. Also, the only turtle is at the end and if you kill him you're forced to kill yourself because you can't advance on. Put a reset door/pipe just in case the player screws up.

Though it might be just me, I personally don't like koopa jumping in the 1st world since it's too early in the game.

These are glitched spiny's. Glitched graphics are NOT allowed. Unless you have a good reason on why these red "buzzy beetle's" are red then it'll be acceptable, if not then you have to take them out.

You have a arrow pointing here even though there's nothing here, what's the point of this area?

Yoshi is glitched because theres a Baby Yoshi sprite in this level and it isn't in a egg. Make that baby yoshi that's in the level come out of a egg so big Yoshi doesn't looked deformed or anything.

When I'm on Yoshi, it show Mario frames instead of Luigi frames, fix that.

The turnblock looks like a SMW turnblock, but when I hit it, it looks like some redrawn turnblock instead of a SMW turnblock, fix the graphics.

These blocks don't even look like on/off blocks but apparently it is. (Pic of solid blocks not shown since you know how they look) Change the graphics so it looks like an on/off block, or give a message saying that they're on/off blocks.

I couldn't even figure how to advance so I looked in LM just to realize there's a invisible block right there. There was no indication that, that was there, put a coin under the invisible block so the player knows there's something there, and move the block a tile or 2 forward so the player will have a less chance falling over the ledge. One more thing, the time limit in this level was low and I had to rush a lot.

There was also no indication that I had to press the P-switch here, put coins or something so I know I have to press it here.

There were a lot of blind jumps in this level. Also, why are there fish in this level? It doesn't make sense since we're in a desert where it's dry.

DO NOT do this! You put a coin trail where if I followed it I would get hurt. That is not cool. There were even more areas where this happened but I didn't take pics of them.

Slowdown. D:

There were these areas where I have to take the hit to advance on, there might have been a star I missed but I don't think so. I couldn't advance anymore since I ran out of hits.

There might have been a star here but I couldn't find/use anything to hit that block.

Bad coin trail area. Except I'm forced to die which is not cool.

I couldn't figure how to beat this level so I stopped here.
This hack needs some fixing and improving, the level design wasn't bad but there were a lot of annoyances, please fix these errors and other levels that had errors that I didn't play.
Super Dark World Demo V1
Author: RawkHawkDude22
Hack ID: 4232

Originally posted by Hack Description

This is a demo hack. It is not completed but must be tested. So message me all problems or post all problems and i'll have them fixed in Demo V2. Only Yoshi's Island is edited.


The IPS Patch did absolutely nothing as far as I could see. Please try again at making a proper IPS patch and resubmit your hack - I simply could not find anything edited at all once I started up the game after patching.
Hack Removed:
Hack Name: Super Mario World Particle Uplink Millonaire Quest 8
Length: Unknown
Author: LDMA - Submitted by: LDMA
Description: The Information are in a text file

Tell me for errors to fix it
My Short Review:
The hack wasn't too bad, Yoshi's house had A LOT of problems. The level design was pretty decent though.

A few things. That ship thing or whatever it is looks REALLY bad, it's all glitched, you should really use some custom graphics. The red around the 9 doesn't really look good. Then finally, the pink outlines around the moving platform doesn't look good.

Then the ship thing gets cut-off because of the slot select option. Move the ship somewhere else, and change the ship too.

A few errors here.
1) That 1 tile ledge above the ground is cut-off at the ends. And what's with those things at the ends of the ledge?
2) "princess","was" and "captured" shouldn't be capitalized.
3) That 1st sentence doesn't really make sense, it should be something like "The princess was captured again because Bowser wants revenge."
4) The 2nd sentence is kinda bad, it should be like "He is planning on how to destroy the mushroom kingdom." Since he would be destroying the mushroom kingdom and not peace. =P

More errors here:
1) That pipe above Mario isn't really necessary. It has weird colors around it, and it's kinda weird looking on it's side. I would say take it out.
2) That gray tower at then end looks weird, you should fix that.
3) Those towers next to the gray one looks odd too.

If I go in these doors (there's 4 of them they're just not shown) I can get myself different Yoshi's. Why would you give the player different Yoshi's? They can be abused a bit especially the blue Yoshi as he can break levels. Looking below:

Yellow Yoshi room. (Yoshi not shown)

Red Yoshi room. Also the small lava bits from the podoboo and Yoshi's head is glitched. Yoshi's head is glitched because there's a regular Yoshi and a baby Yoshi in the room. This even happens in the other rooms too.

Green Yoshi room. The FG has a bad palette and the sideways pipe above is cut-off because it's on the bone.

Also, there's a flower behind the bush but it's hiding behind it since the flower was made that way. Move the flower somewhere else so it isn't on the decoration since it'll go behind it.

Bad initial settings when I come out of all the Yoshi doors.

More bad sentences. Should be: "Hey Mario, Peach has been captured, are you going to rescue her? The king has hired me to protect the castle."
(I have no idea about the last part because it makes no sense.)

This ladder has a bad palette, then again, all the ladders in the hack all have bad palettes.

I can jump to the top of the cement blocks here, and the pink cement blocks don't look good.

If I bring Yoshi toward this door he'll go behind it because the door and Yoshi is a sprite and they'll interact weird. Try fixing this if possible.

The end of the stairs is cut-off, the stairs has a bad palette, and so does the ground I'm standing on.

The yellow cement blocks have a bad palette.

Yoshi has a glitched tounge because of the tileset. Also, what's up with the gravity here? If I hold A or B I can float upwards for whatever reason.

These blocks are turn blocks, but when I hit them they have no animation and it looks weird when I go through them like this. Try making some animation or just use SMW turn blocks.

What in the world is that? The only thing I know is that, that is a mushroom graphic replacement but when I touch this it does nothing, it just moves back and forth. Also, don't use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as things won't appear during gameplay.

Wrong initial settings.

Don't use coin blocks in Yoshi's house as they will act like the bonus game blocks. If I do it right I can also get 3 easy 1-UPs which is like getting a 3-UP moon which isn't good.

When I enter one of the doors, how come I come out of the side of the blocks like that? It looks odd.

Seems odd to have Yoshi disappear if you have another Yoshi, nothing really bad but odd.

You really have a lot of errors for Yoshi's house.

What in the world is that moving glass thing that is near the pipes? Is it supposed to be a wall scaling cannon? If so the graphics (the glass) doesn't really look right and is weird, change the graphics.

Why is the midway point bar graphics a cement block? Change it to a midway bar.

If you didn't have Yoshi or a cape, how would you even get the Yoshi coin?

Cement block goal post doesn't look good, change the graphics.

Like I said about the bottom row of LM, don't use it since stuff won't appear during gameplay. Also, those are bad vine graphic things on my left. Is it supposed to be like a type of ground where you can climb? If so you should try improving it. The orange and black outline around the clouds look bad.

Blindjump. Put coins to lead the way to the ground below.

What in the world is that? It's some weird piranha thing that shoots hammers and runs if you try following it. Like really, what's the point in it?

Not a removal reason but the key looks weird.

The overworld events glitch up after this level. You must have forgotten to Uninstall Title Screen Movement. To do that, in the overworld editor click on "File" then go to "Title Screen" and click "Uninstall title moves recoding ASM."

The cement block and pipe above me have a bad palette.

The explosion has glitched graphics. I also noticed that when I touch it with Yoshi it doesn't hurt me but when I don't have Yoshi it does, what's up with that?

The squished switch filled in green switch graphics are messed up.

The outline of the pipe looks bad as well as those cement blocks at the top right.

That platform I'm standing on has glitched graphics, either that or it has a bad palette but I think it's glitched.

Don't use bottom row of LM like I've said before.

There's that piranha thing again but he goes through the slopes which look odd.

Why are these munchers blue? Makes it seem like they're ice themed munchers instead of regular munchers.

The dry bone that throws bones throwing frame is glitched including the bone.

The grinder looks odd IMO.

Another messed up sentence, I'm not fixing it for you this time. Also it says Lemmy Koopa but....

..the boss is Iggy. Change the name so it's Iggy.

The overworld has a bit of problems.
1) That brown tree has the wrong palette.
2) Make a square ledge or something around the water so it doesn't seem cut-off.
3) That door on the hill is just odd.

1) On the brown island, there's a wrong corner tile.
2) Below it on that small island, you forgot to put a corner tile at the top right.

Massive slowdown. D:

Bad sentence. IT should be: "This level has a secret on beating the level fast. Find it if you can't beat the level." Also, why would you put this message right near the end of the level especially how the secrets right at the beginning of the level?

Horrible goal post palette.

Right below me, I collect something invisible as it makes a sound effect. What did I even collect?

The secret leads here to 3 1-UP's. 3 1-UP's is like a 3-Up moon which means take out some lives since it's like collecting a 3-UP moon.

Odd monty mole graphics, and the orange outline on the bottom of the "mole" makes it look odd.

The ledge I'm standing on is cut-off from above and the left side.

Massive slowdown.

Bad bullet bill palettes.

Floating bullet bill cannon.

Bad diagonal boo palette.

The cement blocks and bottom tile of the bullet bill cannon have bad palettes. -.-

Glitched squished switch graphics and filled in switch block graphics.

The switch palace doesn't get destroyed after you press it. Make it get destroyed.

The sliding koopa goes through the log. Move him back a bit so he doesn't go through it. Either that just remove the top of the log.

What is that supposed to be in front of Mario? The top of it looks like part of a bush but I can't tell the bottom.

Not a removal reason but that lava doesn't really look good.

The layer 3 background disappears because of the message box. NEVER use message boxes with layer 3 as it'll mess up layer 3. Another thing, you "Twomp" should be "Thwomp" And there's some more bad sentences but I don't feel like fixing it.

You can stand inside on the ball thing a bit.

Bad FG palette.

Make it so the water doesn't look like the BG since it matches with the BG exactly.

Not really a removal reason but you should try improving this tank level a bit since there's no layer 2 or auto-scrolling and using conveyors instead of wheels look odd.

There were quite a few areas that had random bullet bills spawning without no sound. Bullet bills coming at you without no sound is a no.

When I enter this pipe, Mario goes behind those bricks. Why's that?

What's up with these missiles? They don't explode unless I touch them but they don't explode, instead they spawn a hammer.

Why is that when I enter this level it's a ice level instead of like a chocolate island type level? It doesn't make sense to have a ice level even though the theme of the area isn't an ice world.

I can go inside this slope. Try blocking it off.

If I collect something other than a star in the box, I am forced to die since I didn't know I had to collect a star. Why not use the block that spawns a star when you hit the box?

Bad log and mushroom platform palette.

How come this growing vine makes a ladder instead of a vine?


If I fall down here, I can't get back up. Fix this.

I didn't know how to finish this level so I stopped here.
This hack really needs a lot of fixing, fix these and PLEASE fix the other errors in the later levels too.
Hack Name: Super Dark World Demo V1
Length: 5 levels
Author: Corey - Submitted by: RawkHawkDude22
Description: This is a demo version of Super Dark World. This is yet to be tested and tell me all problems. All of yoshi's island except the switch palace and the castle are complety remade. The castle has new enemies. Demo V2 will come out soon.


Okay, first of all, it's recommended not to change the "Author" field unless you're not the one who made it (and got permission from the author to submit it). The number will automatically change into a clickable link.

That being said, let's look at the screenshots.

The title screen text gets cut off by the file select menu. Also, don't use the letters with a black background.

You might want to move the Koopa farther away so the player has more time to react.

Cutoff net.

Don't use floating and/or stacked munchers! Oh, and a glitched skull raft.

More glitched sprite GFX. Click on the blue poison mushroom to change the sprite tileset, and if they still don't look right, don't use them.

Other instances of that:

- Don't make ground entirely out of blocks.
- Cutoff water + lava.


The glitched Big Boos glitch out the entire level. How could you not have noticed that?

That's it, I consider this hack unplayable.

Please take a look at the Hack Submission Guidelines and watch this video to get an idea of what you should not do in your hack.

Hack Removed:
Hack Name: " Super Identity World DEMO (FIX OVERALL LEVEL) " - 732.4 KB - 34 downloads.
Length: 37 levels
Author: Jungche - Submitted by: Jungche
My Short Review:
I really like this hack, I do but there was 1 major error and some other errors that got this remove which made me sad.

You forgot to fix the koopa out of shell frames as one of the frames is the SMW koopa and the other is a redrawn styled koopa.

The bottom left corner of the pipe creates a little cut-off in the lava.

Wrong sprite header still. Try using sprite header 0E.

Bad inner text box palette.

You need to fix the silver P-switch glitch where when you take it in a pipe it becomes a blue P-switch. There's a hex edit for it:

12E18 Change to 80 to fix the glitch where going through a pipe with a silver P-switch makes it act like a blue one.

Make the player come out of a pipe, it seems odd that the player is coming out of mid-air like that.

The water is on the bottom row of Lunar Magic. I'm pretty sure you know how to fix that since you fixed that one error in the last removal log.

If I lose/forget to bring the springboard, I'm trapped here and I'm forced to die. That's not a good thing, I would say put the springboard right in this area that Luigi is in.

Yoshi should never be in castles as their tongues will glitch up.

You should put the the "P" coin sign right here so the player knows to press it there since the player might actually drop down where the coins are since it makes it seem like it's not a blindjump.

Blindjump. Use coins to lead the way.

Bad inner border message palette.

If I don't bring the spingboard with me, I can't advance and I'm stuck. Make it so the player can go back to that one platform that had the springboard.

Bad goal post palette.

Blindjump, and I couldn't react fast to go that platform over there, mostly fix the blindjump though.

If I don't have a fire flower, I can't advance on and I have to die, that's never a good thing to have.

If Yoshi is not big, I can't Yoshi jump off him which means I can't advance.

The nippers have a bad palette.

When I go back, I am forced to get hit because that thwomp won't move. Having the player to get a forced hit is not good.

The top of the vine will show cut-off when I hit the turn block.

Make it so big Luigi can get through here easily.

If I destroy those bricks I'm stuck here. Make sure this doesn't happen.

I can easily break this level by if I jump right. Try making it so this doesn't happen.

The goal looks odd on the flagpole.


If I don't have the P-switch, I'm stuck here because I can't go back in the pipe and there's nowhere else to go.

Here was the BIG reason why this hack got removed, after beating the fortress Luigi will walk out of the path causing him to go off to the overworld. I did manage to come back to the pipe tile. Though I would've stopped here, I was nice enough to try other levels.

Make it so Big Luigi can get through here without no problem.

I thought I had to use the P-switch in the 2nd screen, but apparently I had to use it in the 1st one which I didn't know which causes the player to get stuck and forced to die. Not good.

If I take the bottom path instead of the top I have to die. Not good. On a unrelated note, I like the idea of the nut moving you to the right.

Not a removal reason, but it seems odd that the cloud goes in front of the cement blocks like that.

Why does this message have glitched graphics?

It was hard to pass here without getting hit, raise the pipe 1 tile higher.


How come there's no goal post?

What's up with the graphics after I kill the kuribo shoe?

Make this 1 tile higher.

I can go in this rock because of the slope.

If I forget to bring the key, I am permanently stuck here. Not good.

Why does the sun randomly appear here out of nowhere?

Sprites disappear because of the green platform, you must have the wrong sprite header.

Bad goal post palette.

Sometimes the fish will randomly act like a flopping cheep-cheep randomly which they're glitched. Also, why does the water act weird here?

It's odd how Luigi and the venus plant go behind the pipe like that.


If I take this path I am forced to die. Not cool.

The orange outline on the goal post looks odd.

It was annoying doing this since the piranha plants timings are different.

The end of the rope is cut-off.

This is where I stopped because the path broke and I couldn't go anywhere else.
Like I said I really like the hack, you just have to fix a lot of errors though especially the broken path error. Also, if there's errors in the other levels I didn't play please fix those, then this will most likely get accepted! =D
NAME: Yoshi's Quest
AUTHOR: BlackDeath
DESCRIPTION: So, finally the first demo of my very first hack. I took some time to make it, but i think it looks fine.

I used ExGFX, Custom Music, YY-CHRa nd so on...

I hope you like it, and if you have any tips don't be shy to say it.

Enjoy it!


At first, you have a bunch of wrong corner tiles which you ought to fix:

The pipe cuts also in the sand foreground here.

Hard to see therefore I circled it. And while I circled this, I thought I circle all just for completion. Anyways, the skulls riding in front of a foreground as can also be seen in the picture above look a bit weird, too.

Again hard to see.

Besides the wrong corner tile, the background lacks its candle light :< This is unromantic and therefore you should place Sprite E6 in the level.

Okay, let's move on with more mistakes:

This subworld is not bad. There are two things I don't like, however: The ladder has a bad palette and the fat black line somewhere below the ladder (and below the path) seems a bit weird. To spice up your subworld, you might want to make it less blocky to make it seem more natural.

The bush creates cutoffness here. Just remove it or put it somewhere else. The palette of it is not the best, but works in my opinion.

Why do you have the disco sprite in here? There's no (at least I didn't find or need it) way to activate the disco light. Furthermore, the disco sprite itself uses false graphics.

Yoshi leaves the pipe 1 (or even 2? I couldn't tell, honestly) tiles too high here.

And here, I have to abandone the Yoshi again because I cannot go through the door with him. Hence, this whole house is infeasible.

If I die somewhere in this level, the Time Up screen appears. That happened to me in the castle, too. You might want to apply this patch.

Just want to point out here, that you might want to improve on the palettes here. The palette of the houses from outside could use improvements, too.

That left Blargg is cutoff! (If I recall correctly, another one got cutoff, too.)

The status bar and the message box'es palette should badly be fixed here. The time can hardly be read.

So does the palette of the bullet machines.

This bush here is quite obviously cutoff. Remove it entirely (though other objects are cutoff by this FG just as well) or try to do somehting with the FG, so cutoff either is completely avoided or at least strongly diminished.

Severe cutoff between water and FG just as well.

I am not sure if this is even possible with big Yoshi without taking a hit. Even with small Yoshi, it was quite hard to make. Fix this, please.

Yes, I know that this is part of the secret exit, but this somehow is unfair nevertheless, because the player cannot know. You ought to somehow build around this, I am afraid.

This is very unfair just as well.

And this creates cutoffness...

... as well as this, but this part can still be worse:

I am stuck now and have to wait until the timer hits 0. Furthermore, the P-switch is stuck, too.
I want to point out as well, that the outline of the green FG could be improved. Otherwise the palettes are fine.

I am not sure if these can be fixed, but glitchy events :<

The note block uses screwy graphics when jumped upon. Remove the note block and build around it.


All in all, this is not far from being accepted. The level design was quite solid and fun, the palettes were mostly nice and this has a lot potential.
Watch out for tile errors and other graphical mistakes, but especially for unfair traps! Furhtermore, you should test your levels more. I am sure you would have come across a bunch of mistakes by yourself (e.g. the Yoshi and the door). Good luck fixing everything up!
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Hack Removed:
Hack Name: Kidnapped by Aliens
Length: 5 levels
Author: ASRetroo - Submitted by: ASRetroo
Description: Mario was kidnapped by Aliens and now he have to escape!

Not a vailid screenshot. To take a valid screenshot with Zsnes press F1 and then Save Snapshot.
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