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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Hack Name: "Super" Amazing World Demo - 242.5 KB - 23 downloads.
Length: 8 exits
Author: smwExpert - Submitted by: smwExpert
Description: This hack has no new GFX, new music, some custom blocks, a custom overworld, and completely re-done levels.

This demo includes the first world, which includes 2 switch palaces, 1 castle, 3 normal levels, and 8 exits total.

I fixed the problems that were present on my earlier version.

Have fun!

Here's Why

The title screen has a few may want to fix the font color, and there are a few odd black lines underneath.

It might just be my emulator, but there are some odd light blue lines on the last row.

The arches need some palette work.

Oh my...this palette needs a lot of work. It's not very pleasing on the eyes at all.

The corner here won't work...and here's why:


There are quite a few odd palette choices in this hack, but most of them aren't eye searing...

This makes sense.

If you get here after the P-switch runs out, you're stuck until time runs out. Throw in a reset door/pipe.

FG setting starts too low.

Mario drops the switch upon shooting out of the pipe, so it kinda defeats the purpose of gaining distance.

What. Floating munchers that are floating above upside down water? And I thought I've seen it all. may want to fix the palette of the door.

You like upside down water.

The coins are a lie D:

You made me do it D:

Oh my...that's a lot of moons.


It wasn't a bad try. I enjoyed this little hack, but you have a lot of palette oddities that you should tweak, especially the second submap. Add a reset door to the Yellow Switch Challenge, and try to work around upside down water. If not...then I guess it will be okay. The munchers should be fixed though.

Hack Name: SMW Bowser Returns Demo 1 Demo - 21.3 KB - 34 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy--- - Submitted by: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: This Hack has more Levels

Here's Why

Should read: "Welcome. This is the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser has returned and kidnapped Peach. You must save her!"

Overworld needs some serious work. It's very flat, and the perspective is way off near the left hand side. Add some clifflines and some elevation.


I figured that an exit that leads to a Top Secret Area like level would be much harder to find...seeing as how it pretty much breaks the game for you.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but that message box says something along the lines of "I hope you enjoy the game." It's nice that you put these little messages and all...but it's really something that is best put in the readme. That includes the message box in the previous screenshot.

Change the Yoshi message at Yoshi's House.


Missing corner tile.

Cutoff...and I could hardly understand the meaning for the springboard.

Easy moon.

Smething? Is this supposed to be "something?"

Cutoff on the left and right sides.

Floating muncher! D:

I waited until time ran out, and that things didn't move. Forcing the player to get hurt to move on is not a good idea.

Cutoff in the castle ground and orange wall.

Oh come on. You can't even see it because of the ceiling D:


Another really bad overworld...the oddly colored tiles on the right concerns me the most.

The triangle here refuses to work, so the player needs to do a very well timed jump to land on a football as it moves down. Not fun.

Upon starting the second underground level, I get treated to a familiar sound. And sure enough...

...and I didn't even get a chance to move D:

Yeah...this hack needs a lot of work. Try to spice up your overworld. It's incredibly bland, and suffers from a few issues. I forgot to take a screen of it, but the ladder leading to the top secret area has a bad palette. Also, the ghost fades in and out of that hill in an odd manner. But yeah, fix the overworld, as well as the other issues. And unfair deaths are not cool.
Hack Name: mario super world - return of the video - 91 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 40 levels
Author: daebrayke - Submitted by: daebrayke
Description: help Mario on his quest to return the movie he has rented, before he gets the dreaded late fee!

some levels have tricks to them and have hidden exits. read the boxes for clues. watch out for old man Larry and stay out his camper! heed the his warnings in the level names!

I usually don't do this, but...

Inside are 73 screenshots. Each one of them highlights something wrong with this hack. If you can't figure out what, you are a lame soul.

This hack needs to be burned and restarted. It's that bad. And yeah, that's what she said.
Hack Name: Super Mario:Way To Hero Demo - 109.8 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: superyoshi12 - Submitted by: superyoshi12
Patch doesn't do anything.


Name: super glich land
Author: glichman
Description: my first hack

This is the screenshot provided by the author:

Yeah, no.

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(8:26:14 AM) The Kins: siiiiigh
(8:26:57 AM) Techokami: is it just "go straight to Bowser" or is there actual gameplay involved
(8:27:05 AM) The Kins: dunno, haven't played it yet
(8:27:10 AM) The Kins: guess i'll take the bullet
(8:27:12 AM) Techokami: ok
(8:33:42 AM) The Kins has gone away.
(8:33:42 AM) The Kins has become idle.
(8:34:57 AM) The Kins is no longer idle.
(8:34:57 AM) The Kins is no longer away.
(8:35:04 AM) The Kins: hmm.
(8:35:16 AM) The Kins: it wasn't AWFUL.
(8:35:25 AM) Techokami: it had gameplay?
(8:35:36 AM) The Kins: it was thoroughly mediocre, but i dunno if it's declinable or not.
(8:35:44 AM) The Kins: care to give a second opinion?
(8:35:44 AM) Techokami: lemme give it a spin
(8:35:47 AM) The Kins: ta
Removal: "Super Mario World Bowsers Galaxy"
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: "This is a 1 Level Hack."

One level only? Then I can be as nitpicky as I want!

Should be "Bowser's".

Second sentence should be "Mario now travels to the center of the universe to save her."

Should be "Grassland".

Lava in a grass world?

Itty bitty bit of cutoff on the water here - either lower the water or raise the leftmost pillar.


Cutoff, and a really easy-to-get 3UP moon. Take away the moon or move it to a more harder-to-reach area.

I tried to climb up here, but the camera refused to scroll with me.

All in all, this isn't a BAD hack, but it still needs work.

Hack Name: marios desert - 19.7 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: joshua harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker55
Description: a demo of my hack marios desert

You HAVE to submit screenshots.


Hack Name: Super Mario World Bowser's Galaxy(Fixed) - 139.4 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy--- - Submitted by: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: This Version is Fixed.
No, it's not.

Cage + A infinite amount of enemies to hit = infinite lives.

One, I had no idea what to do in this level and had to jump around like a fool. Makes those invisible coin blocks more obvious. Also, the door is cutoff until you hit the coin block below it.

What...what? A entire level of turn blocks?

But the main reason I got rid of this hack was that the level design was boring (no exciting enemies, or gimmicks, or puzzles, and a lot of flat land) and that for a one level hack, it was very short. I was expecting 3 times as much content as that.

Please take some effort and care into your hacks, Jeff Hardy. It's starting to become irritating.
Name: Oa10712's Hack 1.23
Author: Oa10712 - Submitted by: Oa10712
Description: My first hack, filled with custom levels, hidden items, and other secrets! look at the version # to see how many custom levels there are.

Reasons for Removal

Well, this sounds interesting.

...and this is the Yoshi's House edit. It has garbage tiles and you can no longer use the side exit. The only way out is to reset the ROM itself, which is in itself a reason for removal.

You may want to make the pipes all stay one color. Please get rid of the floating munchers as well.

Going through one of the pipes causes this to happen. Obviously Mario likes to get thick into the munch of it, but please don't include traps like these.

The Yoshi's Island 2 edit contains screens and screens of nothing...

...then a fake goalpost. There's no way to get through.

I understand you're new, however, you need to check the hack submission guidelines before you upload your hack. SMW level edits, cutoff/floating tiles, and cheap traps like this are not acceptable for hacks here.

Hack Name: Albert the Albino Goomba: The Koopa War I Demo - 187.8 KB - 28 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Ric-O-Lantern - Submitted by: Ric-O-Lantern

Here's Why

Try to fix up the palette for "The Koopa War I".

The block formation to the lower right of my position needs some touching up.

The MAIN problem with this hack is that every single level features a VERY LONG section that involves nothing but run and jump. This was a major level was actually just a long free fall, and another was a very long and flat autoscroll level.

Is the door supposed to be solid? Also...the goal post is seriously screwed up.

Any reason why there are a bunch of turn blocks here?

The FG clashes with the other graphics here. Also, the status bar palette is off. Try to fix it if you can.

Blind jump.

The incredibly long auto scroll section.

Another odd goal post.

The incredibly long free fall section.

Get rid of an "i" in "wiith".

What looks like a pretty normal koopa is actually a spiny. You may want to warn the player.

Hitting the goal post kills the layer 3 water.

What's with the muncher?

Could you not use normal turn blocks for this?

This is why I'm wondering...

Uhh...this isn't going to end well, is it...

Nope. You may want to place a safe block to use a switch on.

The yellow shells fall straight into the lava.

Since the time is so long, the "drumroll" plays right into the castle destroy sequence. Also, the castle doesn't fall apart on the overworld. You may want to add that in as well.


All in all, this hack needs some serious work. The only level that I found mildly fun was the town level. The rest had incredibly long and bland sections. A run and jump in the first...a long and flat autoscroll in the second...a long freefall in the third...and a long pit of spin jump blocks in the fifth. Add some variety to your levels.


Name: Super Super Super World DEMO 1
Author: Super World
Author's Delightfully Ironic Sig: "lol you stupid f*cking noob go away."
Description: My first public hack.
i've been working on it for 3 weeks now.
it's not the best, but i've been working on fixing bugs and glitches mostly, and learning about overworld and stuff.

Right, let's get this over with, I have a vague sense of positivity that's begging to be crushed.

The menu cuts up your titlescreen. Change your titlescreen so that this doesn't happen!

3UP moons should not be easy to get, or in abundance, and especially not piled high for screens on end.

Well, this is a promising start. Don't give your levels "THINK QUICK!!!" starts, it's frustrating and stupid.

Lots of graphical cutoff. Round off them edges, sonny! And on that note...

Glitched graphics are a no go! Either change what graphics are loaded to fit the level, or change this to something that looks right.

This takes quite the while to get past, and there's like four of these. It really grinds the action to a halt.

You shouldn't try and justify cutoff or other graphical anomalies in message boxes.

No. Bad. Don't do this.

Well, this hack can't get much worse, right?




Okay, two things.

1.) Read the Hack Submission Guidelines.
2.) If anybody ever, ever pulls that stupid invisible block trick again, I will eat their eyyyyyyeeeeees.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

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Hack Name: Mario - Bowsers' Return V1.2 - 568.6 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 5 exits
Author: SuperFriedCakes - Submitted by: SuperFriedCakes
Description: A well made hack with refreshing level designs, stunning palletes and custom music.

This is demo 1, it features world 1.
This hack, actually, was very nice. However, it had a few minor flaws that while don't break the game are easy to fix and seriously increase gameplay.
These dirt tiles made the goombas float (?)

This level was a autoscroll with a bunch of fish for a lot of screens. Pretty boring.

The real error was that you made this level a water level by accident.

So just fix up those errors and I hope for a resubmittal!

Hack Name: Challenge World Demo - 185.2 KB - 38 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Death From Above - Submitted by: Death From Above
Description: Its not the hardest hack,but it may come as a bit of a challenge.I hope you like it.

Here's Why

There is something about this hack that really irked me. It seems like your ROM somehow got corrupted...because many graphics, (both FG and BG) were blocky, odd, and out of place. If your ROM ISN'T corrupted, and the graphics were intentional...then we have a problem. Let's move on.

You might want to fix the palette.

First example of a blocky background.

Intersecting pipe creates cutoff.

Here we have the first level. It's incredibly bad to look at honestly. The entire level is made up of switch blocks. Why? I have no clue...the background is also incredibly bad.

I was mistaken in my last comment. There are a few instances of grass here and there...but then again...look at what you used for water.

Sigh. Floating water isn't a good thing either.

Red switch blocks hurt. They didn't in the original.

When you use custom blocks, it's wise to put an explanation on what they do. Especially when the graphics give no hint to their behavior. To the bottom left of Mario is a block that enables infinite jumping. The barrel like block below is one of those fast blocks.

Blocky background #2

Easy moon.

I thought I was stuck, until I realized that this opening was a door.


These blocks hurt. The player has no idea of this beforehand.

You're supposed to insert your own graphics for the boss. If not, you get a glitchy boss with odd graphics, as shown here. Also, blocky background #3. ALSO, when the boss gets low on HP, the outline blocks turn into coins, and the boss slowly falls. It's a bit quirky if you ask me.

Fix the BG setting.

Might want to fix the palette here.

Another odd level. Your FG and BG choice here is very strange...especially for what originally seemed to be a cave level.

These tiles should warn players about tiles that act differently. The player shouldn't have to second guess the behavior of a new tile.
Also, that white block to the top right is another powerup that enables a jump dash, which is incredibly tough to maneuver. For can no longer jump straight up. Every jump launches Mario...and this causes a bug which I will show later.

The hand on the bombs are discolored.

Your lava behaves oddly, usually slamming Mario down a few tiles and killing him.

Blocky background #3

This is the bug I was talking about. All I tried to do was jump to the next platform, but instead Mario dashed into the wall and died. You should really consider removing the powerup when it's not needed to avoid this.

The Fuzzy looks very strange...almost as if it was a cutout.

Why do these logs act like quicksand?...

You may want to try and touch up the mountain. The perspective is a bit off, and it wouldn't hurt to throw in some clifflines.

Blocky background #4

Beating the last level caused the background to change to this eye searing white.

You see those puffs of smoke? That's the boss. Yep. Same issue with the other're supposed to insert your own graphics. If not, you get this jumbled mess. And you may want to put a bit more thought into your just ran back and forth in that little hallway. All I had to do was kick blocks left, and it hit the boss everytime. No strategy involved.


Honestly, I don't know what went wrong here. I sure hope that the graphical problems weren't they are incredibly bad. If they were intentional, I suggest you fix them immediately. It seems that you know how to insert ExGFX, so put in some nice graphics, and please explain the behavior of any odd acting blocks. Half the time, I had to make a savestate before touching a new block, as it's behavior was a mystery.

Hack Name: Forest of Rovaki - 51.2 KB - 35 downloads.
Length: 8 exits
Author: Deadwind - Submitted by: Deadwind
Description: This hack is mostly vanilla. There is custom music.

This is the first hack I have finished! My goal was good level design, I don't really care about the story or the overworld.
When you review this hack, PLEASE be as nitpicky as possible! I want to improve.

I have a feeling I've forgotten to say something important, oh well >->

Please enjoy!

Here's Why

Let me start off by saying that I REALLY enjoyed this hack. I mean it. It's one of the best hacks I've played in a while. Although it's vanilla, I found the design to be really good. Of course, there are a few minor issues, but I wasn't going to remove this because of them. However, there is one issue that you really should fix before I can accept it.

This is the main thing wrong. Imagine I didn't have the silver switch. I'm stuck here, and I have to die. You should really just put a vine here to climb out of. It's an easy fix, and I will gladly accept this hack afterwards.

While I'm here though, let me point out a few minor issues I found:

There is a bit of slowdown here. Get rid of some sprites.

Looking at the first row of pixels on the bottom, I see a strip of BG. Extend your ground down to fix this.

A common error. I actually ran into this one myself. The behavior of the dirt makes sprites act oddly. In this case, they get caught in it, and move in a straight line. Just change the dirt to act like tile 25.

Incorrect corner tile to the top right of Mario.


As I said, I really liked this hack. Please fix the major problem, and try to touch up on the minor issues. If you do that, I see no reason why this won't be accepted.

Hack Name: Lieutenant Pie's SMW Hack Demo V Something.0 Demo - 173.3 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: LieutenantPie - Submitted by: LieutenantPie
Description: Alright, so one of the levels isn't finished. I did put that level finish sphere thingy there and a message box, so that should do it. There's a few things I need help with, but just PM me about that if you wanted to help. It's a hard hack, but not too hard. The Yellow Switch Palace is a work in progress, so it does not count. So is Green Forest 2. You can skip those. Anyways, enjoy!

Here's Why

Uhh...did those angled ground tiles just turn into coins?

Looks like you edited some tiles that caused the playback demo to screw up. Because of this, Mario dies, resulting in the player being trapped in the title screen demo until they reset.


Let me just point out that the white outline around most of Mario is very unpleasant. Just change it to black.


Non-existent corner tile.

Easy 3-up moon.

The bonus world music plays here, which I deem extremely unfitting.

No. Yes, you did say that these levels are unfinished...but that doesn't warrant as an excuse. If the level is ACCESSIBLE in the game, then it's gradable. And as a result...I conclude that this hack is not quite ready for a public release. Please put more effort into your hack before you re-submit. It's better to release a demo with 10+ levels that are fully complete instead of 7 with a few not even complete.

Besides...the second forest level is riddled with endless bonus rooms, BG garbage, impossible exits...etc. If the player can reach an area during gameplay, it's gradable. Remember that.

Hack Name: Super Mario World: X (World 1 Demo) Demo - 338.8 KB - 26 downloads.
Length: 8 exits
Author: Eaglejedi117/4242 - Submitted by: Eaglejedi117
Description: A demo of my hack, SMW X.
The story: Bowser has opened a dimensional rift to his dimension, and is trying to invade from his dimension. As always, he also captured the princess. Mario must save the princess and the world!
[If there are any errors, please tell me!]

Here's Why

Bad ROM. Try again by using a CLEAN Super Mario World ROM.

Hack Name: Super Mario Redrawn Mario and Luigi game play [DEMO 1] Demo - 553.9 KB - 30 downloads.
Length: 14 levels
Author: Ultrafiredude - Submitted by: Ultrafiredude
Description: Demo 2 is all most finished.The length is 2 worlds and 1 secert. smb3 music, redrawn graphics, custom sprites and more. Play both mario and luigi please or no demo 2

Here's Why

Sigh...did you even check your IPS? It is a nice rule of thumb to actually test out your IPS before you submit it.
Removal: "Super Ocean World 1.0"
Length: 12 levels
Author: Tioruben
Description: "Mario is lost in ocean and has to find a way to an island."

Abysmal spelling and grammar. Also, why allcaps?

Ugly overworld. Shouldn't Mario be swimming?

The level starts out the same as the intro, but with a different, ugly palette.

With green sky. And it goes on like this for a loooong time, without any variety. It is BORING.

Bad corner tile...

...more bad spelling and grammar...

...and you set the goal tape too high.

However, after clearing the level... that was it. Where's the other 11 levels? It gave me a save prompt but I could not continue on. It was just that one level.
You might find it best to just start over.

Removal: "06johansenad's GFX"
Author: 06johansenad
Description: "(I accidntally put in custom music and had to delete the OW, the OW Events, and quite a few levels.)

The bonus room is edited.
The GFX are slightly edited.
The opening scene (C5) is changed I think.

Sorry for inconvieniences.

This is my first submition.


You miiight want to rethink some palette ideas.

Ooooh... kaaaay.
Though you really didn't make any new graphics, I secretly like seeing how some people can remix existing art into something different, so I'm giving you a B+ for the graphics.

...However I am giving you an F-- for NO GAMEPLAY AT ALL
If it's about that custom music screw up, I suggest that you use Lunar Magic to export your levels and graphics (and the Map16 data) to external files, and then start over with a clean ROM.

Hack Name: Beaver no Deserto Demo - 178.1 KB - 35 downloads.
Length: 6 exits
Author: BabyPurpleYoshi - Submitted by: BabyPurpleYoshi
Description: A Brazilian Hack I made for everyone have fun! My 1st hack!! \o/

-Custom Music
-New Sprites
-New world

Sadly, I did not actually get to play this hack. However, from the screenshots (and title) it looked promising.

This hack does not meet the following Hack Submission Guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines

3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

8. Test your hack on all major emulators!
This will ensure that all players, no matter which emulator they are using, can play it without experiencing slowdown or crashes.

Okay. The IPS you submitted creates a corrupt ROM. Please test your IPS by patching it to a clean ROM after you create it. If it works correctly, then please submit it. Otherwise, we get this:

So, please create a working IPS and resubmit when you can. If you need help, just ask around. Good luck!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Name: SMW SMB.3 GFX Hack (Beta)
Author: Link14
Description: Finally, a beta of my hack. Sadly it's the only beta that I'll submit. This is not a base, because it's locked. I called it beta because everything is not done, like some BG and many glitches (look on my forum to see glitches). I hope you enjoy. :)

You should finish those BGs and fix those glitches before submitting.

You've got a good thing going here and it's a pity to see a few problems bring the whole thing down.

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