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The Hack Removal Log

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Details for Super Mario World 3 (Demo 1)
Hack Name: Super Mario World 3 (Demo 1) Demo - 136.5 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: SimpleSMW - Submitted by: SimpleSMW
Description: This Demo has ONLY 2 worlds...The Rest is UNMODOFIED Exsept a small bit of world 3 (Only the overworld). Please injoy. I will moddofy some levels when Demo 2 is out,(Like adding textboxes to levels.)

Here's Why

The playback demo on the title screen comes so close to entering that "stuck on the demo level forever" glitch.'re not in the clear, as the bonus world music still plays.



Incorrect corner tile.

Cutoff where the pipe meets the water.

Unedited room.

Cutoff along the bottom.

Well hi. (Fix your sprite memory settings.)

*Be careful

Ghosts in a cheery forest?

Unedited room.

Anti-gravity water and lava...and they don't really serve any purpose.


Fix these issues, and you should be okay. I really like the custom sprite graphics would be nice to see some ExGFX if possible.

Hack Name: (FIXED) Gusty Isles (Demo 1) Demo - 280.8 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: 10204307 - Submitted by: 10204307
Description: Mods, please deleate the other one.
Anyway this is a fixed version of my hack, witch a tester found many bugs in.

Here's Why

Fix the palette for the lettering.

Fire Mario's palette has some dark red lines in may want to check on that.

Cutoff where the ledge Mario is standing on meets the left edge.

This level is incredibly frustrating...mostly due to the whole level being struck by massive amounts of slowdown. Also, the blue switch blocks are activated, yet I didn't press the blue switch.

Bad palette for the rock formation in the BG.

Just a suggestion...the way the message reads now, it seems like you're warning the player to NOT grab a mushroom. Just change the "watch out for" to "keep an eye out for".

It's a bit hard to tell in the screenshot, but I got hurt by an invisible enemy. Check your sprite memory settings, or get rid of some sprites.

Change the "blank" dirt tiles to act like tile 25.

Fix the note block palette.

The screen doesn't scroll, and there are obstacles above that the player can't see.

I was able to swim under the wall and end up here. Extend the wall down some.

Anti-gravity water.

*lose their

FG starting position set a bit too high.

Iffy BG palette. The colors don't blend well at all.

Perma-stuck. Not a good thing at all.

Chain chomp bounces on air.

Perma-stuck again. And there aren't only 2 ways to get stuck...I think I counted about 4? The player should NOT have to die if stuck.

Iffy status bar palette, and extend the ground so Mario can finish the "course clear" animation.

Apply the fade fix patch.

Incorrect "No Yoshi" intro. Use the castle one.
Removed: SMW: X Demo by Eaglejedi117


Warning: large amounts of screenshots!

What's with the garbage forming an X? Its positioning is bad, too, as it gets cut off when the file selection appears.

Why do I start on level 4?
Why is there an extra house placed randomly for no reason?
Why can I move off the level without activating any events?!

You didn't rename the Switch Palace, nor did you remove the level tiles of the original Chocolate Island level. Can't escape my eyes!

Don't put solid tiles on the bottom-most row of blocks and allow Mario to walk on them. Also, this whole level was a single blind fall amongst blocks shaped like Tetris blocks, some with Munchers on them. It's impossible to know beforehand where they are, so don't do that, okay? Leave warning signs somehow, like coins leading away from that point.

Explosion is glitched, Albatoss has a bad palette.

The Shy Guys have a bad palette, too, and before they're dropped, they look like Bombs...

The Porcupines (forgot what they're called in SMB2) have a very bad palette...

It's not easy to see, but behind those cement blocks, you can see Mario and Yoshi going up. Extend the size of the pipe a bit more. Also, might want to consider removing the cement blocks entirely, they create cutoff.

Screen starts too low, raise the FG init position.

The explosions can be killed by fireballs somehow! Also, you're missing the cloud fringes.

The tops of the vines are cutoff.

Why can I swim in this battle?

The pic isn't accurate to what happened, but if you land on a Bullet Bill during the level end sequence for bosses, you rise up infinitely... Well, I THINK it's infinitely...

But you can also land in the lava and die. ...Well. This is actually a problem in the original SMW, so... Dunno what you could do about it.

But I only played three levels! D: Where's the nine exits I was promised?! (Also, those white-outlined tiles look really bad there- why did you use them instead of the normal letter/number tiles?

You appear to have a special autoscroll, yet you allow the screen to scroll vertically. This looks bad, it really does.

Garbage tiles at the very bottom.

Entrance is set too high.

Oops, didn't take the pic at the right time... Uhh... Basically, what happened was, I cleared the level, and ghost events (they're glitches) appeared below the star. Fix it.

Why are sprites extremely floaty in here? There's no water, Mario can't swim. Yet, all sprites, except block bounces and Eeries, move slowly in here...

The Island with the star has a glitched tile to the right of it, at its top. Also, the other levels revealed themselves, but I can't reach them! FIX PLEASE!

All in all, this hack needs a LOT more work...
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removal: "The Yoshi Coin Hunt"
Author: Mawwo7
Description: "Please read the readmes!! it's important."
So this hack is not one of my best hacks. i just wantedt to test the ,,yoshi coin level end´
sprite. please take a look at my hacks kenny's adventure and Joe's adventure!

To admin : please ignore the 0 in the status bar ;l i can't fix it i am sorry ^.^

The throne has a screwy palette. This is because some colors aren't available in the title screen.

Bring it down to one exclamation mark and turn off autospace.

The custom graphics you made are really poor. I suggest you undo them.

Cheap hit. I didn't know there was a Chargin' Chuck there! And now I am dead.

Apply the Fade Fix patch.

Poor palette choices for the red and green bricks.

I got trapped here. :|

It's possible to walk into some slopes.

Now, the hack itself, I actually liked it. The level design (barring that one hidden Chuck) isn't that bad! But, there is one hideous, game-breaking flaw you overlooked... In level 3, I missed the first Dragon Coin. I ran all the way back from the end of the level to the start and collected it. Then, this happened:

So close, yet so far. Player shouldn't be able to die at the end of the level. So, I had to replay the stage...

Because I had collected all 5 Dragon Coins before death, the game saved that information, making the Dragon Coins no longer available, making the level unwinnable. And that's why I am removing the hack.

Name: ChaosCompleXX
Author: FPI - Submitted by: LikeLakers2
Description: Do not Blame me for screwed up stuff, or even this description. FPI made this, i just got it from his site.

(FPI's description from his site follows)

This is already on the site, as submitted by FPI himself. Also, read this!

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Name: The Yoshi coin hunt
Author: Mawwo7
Description: you have to read the readmes !

Originally posted by Mawwo7
Originally posted by The Kins
Originally posted by Mawwo7
hi ^^ thanks again for accepting Joe's Adventure ^^
I just wanted to ask something ;P
i just uploaded a new hack. it's calles the yoshi coin hunt.
one of the admins already rejected it , but his reasons were very cheap :I
can you take a look at this hack please ;P?

Only if you've fixed it.

there was nothing important to fix ;p

I dunno, "easily rendering the game unwinnable" is pretty important. DON'T RESUBMIT DECLINED HACKS WITHOUT FIXING WHAT WE SAY!

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Xtreme World - 282.3 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: MSAhm3d59113 - Submitted by: MSAhm3d59113
Description: Hopefully all previous errors fixed!


The readme:

Um, no, you have to give names. That's like seeing the end of Star Wars, which says "Thanks to people who helped this project."


Fix the graphics please.

This is the main reason: this level, very hard or whatever, had a superfast autoscroll section. Except you also had side exit enabled. So, I couldn't finish the level because I hit the sides. So fix that and it will finally be accepted.
Moderating this since there are no Dutch hack moderators.

Hack Name: SMW-Dutch - 130.8 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Chris18 - Submitted by: Chris18
Description: The original Super Mario World translated into Dutch by me.

Reasons of removal:

'veranderd' is a past participle. You should be using singular 3rd person here, 'verandert'.
Also, why didn't you translate - SWITCH PALACE -?


Translation error. 'PLAINS' = 'VELDEN', 'PLAZA' = 'PLEIN'. 'PLAINS' is NOT the same as 'PLEIN'. Not in any way.


While translated correctly, you used an incorrect definition. 'dom' is part of a cathedral - that has nothing to do with this world.
You should've used something like 'gewelf', which would fit perfectly fine here.

4. Why didn't you translate some of these levels?

Dutch translations of 'Gnarly' do exist. And that's not the only unedited level name.
If you translate level names, please translate every single one of them.

Also, a tip (not a removal reason per se):

It would be even nicer if you translated 'TIME' on the status bar to 'TIJD'.

This might seem a little bit nitpicky, but it IS a translation hack after all, so I have to watch on these small errors. Fix these, and then it should be passable.
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Details for The Red Rescue
Hack Name: The Red Rescue - 450.5 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: Fanzinho12 - Submitted by: Fanzinho12
Description: Bowser
rapture Princess
and threat play in
space, but he put
traps and hid the
Red Switch.
You had three screenshots super-zoomed in on mario. Please have, like, 4 good screenshots at least.

Hack Name: Mario Hack - 369.5 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 22 levels
Author: SilentMyst - Submitted by: SilentMyst

No description and no screenshots, except one that said MARIO. Not enough; post at least 4 good screenshots and put in a description please.

SilentMyst! your submissions "Mario Hack" and "Mario" were apparently made without the huge "NEVER SUBMIT ROMS EVER" warnings everywhere. Even if there's also an IPS in the zip! Thus, I have removed both your submissions, and your face.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Name: smw mision imposible
Author: andi_milo64
Description: mi hack de smw mision imposible que mando a smwcentral, aqui esta mi demo en youtube: QR9JdLA9HE. no fue tan facil Hacerlo.

My Hack Spanish SMW Mission Impossible are 20 levels and 4 secret missions ^^

1.) Your hack does not work.
2.) Your hack appears to have been built over the top of Brutal Mario, without so much as asking if you could or crediting the original author. NEVER DO THIS. EVER.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Removal: "The Red Rescue - Demo1"
Author: Fanzinho12
Description: "This is my first Hack, then,Sorry for:

- Glitches
- Monsters Disappearing
- Wrong Palletes
- Slowdown
- Bad English"

I've said it before and I'll say it again, don't submit your first hack to the site. If this is your first time, I suggest posting it in the SMW Hack Discussion forum instead. That way, you will get better help with making your hack.

Floating munchers are signs of a low quality hack.

Player should not be able to die in the intro!

I cannot understand this at all. Wow.

Overworld isn't that bad, but why do I get this feeling that I've seen it somewhere before?

Invisible Bullet Bill launchers. NO. Use a cannon tile.

Why do I get the feeling that you're hiding something...

Screwy colors on the cement block.

If you hit a block underneath a coin, you'll create an invisible solid block in place of the coin. So don't do it.

Something seems a bit off with the goal tape palette.

Apply the Fade Fix patch.

This is level 2. As my colleague The Kins said on AIM, "SMW As Done By Data East." Too much stuff to evade!

I can walk on this ground apparently?

Rather difficult to get through here in a powered-up form.

Yoshi coin got cut off. This happens if you place the coin on a screen boundary - move it up or down one tile.

Name: smw mison imposible
Author: andi_milo64
Description: mi hack de super mario mi demostracion en youtube . esta es la cegunda vez que subo a smw central es que se me borro, mo entiendo como, pero espero que no se borre.

tiene custom spriters,musicas,ExGFX

my hack smw mission impossible in Spanish,There is a demonstration on youtube.20 levels and 4 extra missions

You haven't fixed ANYTHING since I last declined it. Enjoy your ban.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Removal: "Super Mario goes to Gehland"
Author: RetroYoshi
Description: "Apparently, Peach decided to make a ship out of turnblocks. They crash into an island and blah and blah and all that. It's a demo. And it's only 5 levels SO FAR!"

First, the word "ME" is using a bad palette (stands out like a sore thumb). Second, that bush has a bad tile on the right hand side, due to it overlapping that angled slope.

Yoshi sign has a screwy palette.

...why is the sky made out of ? blocks?

Don't edit this level. It wrecks havoc with the ending.

I made a muncher float! That's because you should put them on solid surfaces.

Needlessly snarky text. Also...

I am now stuck!

All these P-Switches are misleading, because if you hit them, you destroy the platforms you need to cross O_o

And for some bizzare reason, I can't interact with this one lone Koopa Troopa.

Turn blocks...

More needlessly snarky message boxes (they should be more like signs, not jerks) and a very messed up background.

Walls of silent Bullet Bills across a flat featureless area = NO

Blind jumping.

Sprite memory errors.

Buh? Odd place for Mario to be standing.

Why is there a giant silver switch in the ocean?

More snarky message boxes...

I didn't bring Yoshi, so I am trapped in here.

This is what you get for putting Mario between a Message Block and a hard place. (Thanks for helping me getthe animation speed right, The Kins)

Flat, boring areas with loads of enemies.

Also, the red dots on the map? They only have one exit.

Mean trap. This is repeated all across the level.

Shouldn't this block have wings?

Kinda hard to see in the bottom left corner, but sprite memory issues.

More blind jumping.

BG is really messed up. The entire area is one long corridor with layer 3 water that rises and falls. There's two winged ? blocks with feathers, and a spam of Parakoopas.


And the switch was already pressed when I got here? I think you got your events messed up.

Removal: "Kaizo Mario 1" & "Kaizo Mario 2"
Submitter: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: "This is Kaizo Mario [1/2].
I hope you like this Hack.
Have fun."

I know this has been said
Many times
Many ways

Enjoy your 48 hour ban.

Name: Rotom vs Rico
Author: Lunar Rico
Description: PLOT:

It was a fine day in Lunar Country, when our good friend, Rotom, was taking a stroll. He sees a Diggin Chuck digging up the ground. "What's going on?" Rotom asked. "Rico wants us to renovate the land for castles and bases." Rotom was shocked! He had to find Rico and destroy him but needs to go through many lands to find him...

Neeeearly there.

For some reason, Rotom's pallete was odd in this room only. Any idea why?

The Koopas in this room are static, unhurtable damage tiles. Might want to differentiate them from normal Koopas somehow.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super One World
Lenght: 5 levels
Author: UltimateLegend
Submitted by: UltimateLegend
Description: This is my first rom hack don't expect it to be good. This is the updated version. A newer version might come soon.

Removal Reason(s):
Bad patch - the title screen didn't even load, to be honest. Please test your IPS patches before submitting your hack to the site - thanks.

Name: Mario
Author: SilentMyst

ACES! It's another hack full of cheap tricks, frustrating pixel-precision jumping, blatant level edits and lame Kaizo traps! Read this, and don't submit anything until you've got something that fits that!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Sorry for not moderating hacks for so long...

Hack Name: Supper Is Ready, Mario
Length: 1 level
Author: WhiteCow23 - Submitted by: WhiteCow23
Description: A short little test level that i might use in "Kirby in the Mushroom Kingdom". So, I guess its a demo.


First of all, it's way too short to get accepted. Only one level, and not a long one either. Why did you submit a test level as a stand-alone hack in the first place?

Cutoff tiles on the title screen that get cutoff by the file select menu. Also, don't use the letters surrounded by black boxes, it just looks ugly.

Some cutoff path tiles. The rest looks okay, but that's just because it's SMW's original overworld. >_> Also, why so many mist tiles?

Cement blocks cause cutoff in the ground. Why not use regular ground instead?
Also, BG palette issues.

There's no way to reset the level (without dying) if you lose that shell.

Sprite memory issues once the Koopas hatch.

Great, now I'm trapped here. You didn't warn me beforehand, and there's no way to reset either.

More cutoff ground.

Easy-to-get moon that produces even more cutoffness. (Also, this room is very similar the last one. Same concept, same design, same issues.)

Bad Blargg palette.

The lava here gets cut off by the cement blocks and the pipe.

See above, plus there's a missing corner tile.

Even more cutoffness and wrong corner tiles. Take a look at this:

Missing candle flames generator, and wrong sprite tileset. Click on the blue poison mushroom button and change the "Sprite" setting to "Castle" to fix the latter.

Oh looks, it's cutoff lava again.

Ugly Bowser palette.

Guess what? The throw blocks cause cutoff too.

As you can see, you have a lot of work to do before you can get this accepted. Read the Hack Submission Guidelines, fix everything mentioned above, and make your hack longer (or release the hack that you said you were going to use this level in), and you might have a chance.


Hack Name: Mario and the Pumpkin Kingdom Demo 0.1 Demo - 146.8 KB - 21 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: marioVSshadow - Submitted by: marioVSshadow
Description: Mario must now save the Princess from a different vegatable. If you find any bugs, please report to me with the bug and how to fix it.

Here's Why

Odd lines appear around the pumpkin plant.


Bricks still act like turn blocks. Because of this, the flipping animation is nonexistant. You could apply the brick block patch.

Point graphics are glitched.

Change the OW switch palace appears green on the Overworld when it should be yellow.

Also regarding the Overworld, there are some other oddities. The clifflines don't extend to the bottom of the cliff side, and there is some discoloration around the ladder.

Surface jumping fish cuts through ground.

Cutoff around the pipe.

Surface jumping fish cuts through ground.

Glitched goal sphere.

Bad palette for the pipe. Either make the ends red, or the center green.

Sprite memory issues.


Your hack is good, but is missing the polish it needs. Fix the errors regarding palettes, graphical glitches, and sprite oddities, and try to eliminate unnecessary cutoff if you can.
Link Thread Closed