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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Hack Name: Mario Castaway Demo - 388.9 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 4 exits
Author: YoshiNextGen - Submitted by: YoshiNextGen
Description: While traveling back to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario's ship crashed on some rocks. Now he has to go to the King of the Hill to get back.

*Note-Read the Info for more information.*

Here's Why

Overworld has some oddities such as cutoff and random tiles. (Such as the pipe and fortress in the water.)

I've been seeing this problem a lot lately...change the dirt tile to act like tile 25. That should eliminate the problem.

Because of your placement of fishes, they spazzed out on the top of the water, and then entered this formation, which makes it impossible to pass without getting hit.


Tried to take a picture, but I couldn't capture got glitchy events after the first level. Make sure you delete every event when you design a new Overworld.

All I did was fall down this shaft, and I died. Took multiple tries to squeeze through the Boo Ring. Get rid of it is incredibly unfair.



Not sure if this is an actual problem or not, but I just wanted to point it out. You provided a P-switch in the storage room, and I figured that I needed it for the entrance area. However, the way you set it up, Mario can't take the P-switch. If this is intentional, disregard this. If it's not...then please fix it.

Along these lines...I went to the end of this area to grab the P-switch, and tried to get back up the shaft with the Boo Ring. Needless to say, that part was incredibly difficult...I suggest you soften it up a bit.

Wonky board tile.

Extend the ground.

I was able to capture this one...another glitchy event.

Hard to see what's going on let me explain. All I did was jump up, and I got hurt. Turns out there is a Lakitu behind that's not very fair to put enemies in places where the player can't see them.

Lakitus and Piranha plants belong in pipes...not coming out of the ground.

Hard to capture this one too...but any kind of block that is placed within dirt creates cutoff.

Also...that P-switch bug? That's pretty major, and causes a game breaking problem. You should really try to fix it...ask around the forum...hopefully somebody can help you out...unfortunately I don't know what may have caused the problem...but maybe a patch messed up something.
Hack Name: Rotom vs Rico Demo 1
Length: 5 levels
Author: Lunar Rico - Submitted by: Lunar Rico
Description: Rotom vs Rico in an shockingly-awesome hack!


For some reason I found a couple more issues then The Kins did...

The "file select" text has a kind of odd palette. Also, the title screen music loops too early. Might I suggest using Romi's Addmusic (or, if that songs self-made, making sure it loops correctly)? This also happened with another song, by the way.

The coins here are a little misleading... That jump was way longer than I thought.

A bit of an odd palette here. (BG + "palm")

Wrong initial position + slight cutoff at the top-left.

End of Demo 1? But it's only the first level!
(You probably chose a wrong OW starting point.)

You can go inside that pipe.

*out (?)

Unnecessary extra tiles for some running and carrying poses.

That Bullet Bill shooter palette looks a little strange too, probably because the main color is gray when it's supposed to be black.

EDIT: *Not pictured* You're able to re-enter the switch palace, and then you're stuck forever because the switch disappeared.

So yeah... Fix these, and it should be alright.


Hack Name: Mario Frenzy C3 Demo 2 Demo - 678.8 KB - 145 downloads.
Length: 15 levels
Author: RedToonLink - Submitted by: RedToonLink
Description: Thank you for downloading my hack, Mario Frenzy! Time to embark on another dangerous adventure and bash some Koopa skulls in! There is an option to play Easy or Hard mode via another IPS patch. The download link to these patches are available in the Readme.

While Mario takes a "lovely stroll", he spots an Airship fleet, similar to Bowser's. The Portobello Paisano thinks Bowser is behind their appearance, and flees to the castle.
Upon arriving, he notices that Peach leaves a note saying that she is at the storage room.

After completing the "Intro" level(s), Mario has the option to go North, to the Emerald Hills, in pursuit the ships that he saw. On the other hand, Mario can head east, to the Storage Room, where Peach is stocking up on Mushrooms and Feathers, or to Portobello Port, a quiet, happy town.

As Mario goes through his journey, he hears word of a "King D" from all of Bowser's troops. This leads to many questions, such as "who is King D?" and "Where is Bowser?"

Please enjoy this hack, and I await your feedback.

Here's Why

I really enjoyed your hack. The overall style is superb, and it has a consistent style throughout. I especially liked your switch palaces, as they were designed very well, and it made me think for quite a while before I made an action. Good job on this, but I found one (maybe two) issues you need to fix before I accept this:

Taking the vertical pipe in the red switch palace brought be to a beach level, and the second area of the beach level brought me here. Looks like you accidentally kept it there for testing purposes?

For some reason, I couldn't find a way past this area. I tried everything that I could possibly think of...I can't even get across this pit...and there are weird colored coins along the wall. I may be missing something painfully obvious...but for the time being, this is where I had to stop.

Those two things were the only serious issues I found. (The second one may be nonexistant...but I'm literally stuck.) Here are a few other things that I suggest you fix:

Not a huge error since the blue switch is in the room before, but Mario can enter this pipe without hitting the switch.

Bullet bill shot out one tile lower than the cannon.

Cutoff at the top.


And that's it. I really liked your hack...fix the issue with the "test" pipe, and if something went wrong in that gas level, fix that too. After that, I see no reason why this won't be accepted.

Hack Name: Super Mario & King Boo's & Bowser's Reig
Length: 6 levels
Author: KingBoo and Bowser Teamup! - Submitted by: KingBoo and Bowser Teamup!
Description: Go on an epic adventure in Oundot Land, and battle King Boo and Bowser's in the end!


Quite a lot of stuff wrong here. Did you read our Hack Submission Guidelines yet?

Cutoff ground and berry. Also, do NOT make Mario die in the title screen.

Garbled overworld (blatant edit of the original, cutoff tiles everywhere, two types of water/cliff colors etc.).

Don't make munchers (black piranha plants) float or stack them on top of each other. (As seen in the bottom left corner of the picture.)

Bushes should not be floating either.

The only difference to the original SMW level here were the crappy BG palette and the fact that you moved the turn blocks. We do not allow blatant edits of the original SMW here - Make sure to press Ctrl + Del to delete everything before you start a new level! The same applies to pretty much every other level you made.

Glitched goal sphere GFX. Be sure to use the right sprite tileset.

Another glitched goal sphere. Where's the switch, by the way? The OW level tile clearly shows it's a switch palace.

Cutoff ground.

Cutoff bush. Also, ground made out of blocks looks ugly.

How am I supposed to read that?


Cutoff water.

Booooring #2.

Glitched goal post. Fix that by moving it one tile down and placing blocks/ground on top of it. (Don't forget to move the goal bar down as well.)

What's with these glitched tiles in the BG?

Booooring #3.

Wrong spikes (should be flipped), cutoff conveyors, star spam. (Seriously, why so many?)

Booooring #5. Also, you forgot the "Candle Flames in Background" generator.

Sprite Memory issues (Magikoopa's head disappears).

Flower spam.

This seems to be the end... Don't give the player access to the original SMW levels. Make some kind of "End of Demo" level that can be exited wihtout dying.

As you can see, your hack needs a lot of work before it can be accpted. As I said before, I suggest reading the Hack Submission Guidelines before re-submitting it.

Hack name: Yoshi's World Demo 1
Lenght: 4 levels
Author & submitted by: ---Jeff-Hardy---
I hope you have fun.
My english is not so good then i speak german and little english.

Removal Reasons:
All right... let's get it going - let's cross our fingers and hope you will clearly understand why this got denied, despite not knowing much about English (according to yourself). ^_^"

So... something I really didn't like about this hack are your palette choices - I know that it can be rather hard to choose the right colors sometimes, but your palette choices just didn't feature the most appropriate colors. Here are some of your palette choices that bugged me the most...

The colors used by the fireball look kind of weird... also, it's not that hard to change the palette Fire Mario (in this case, Yoshi) uses - go for it by opening up the palette editor, selecting "Mario Flower Palette" in the dropdown box on the bottom-right-hand-corner, and tweaking the colors. I'm just saying this because, in my honest opinion, the colors used in Yoshi's shoes doesn't look very good either.

Eh... the question blocks. Don't you think they look awkward colored like that? Also, note the status bar - it uses some colors it isn't supposed to. I would suggest you do your best to get rid of any palette flaws in it.

These platforms just look strange having a contrast between orange/brown/whatever and grey-ish colors. Also, what's with the grey-colored hills in the background? I thought HAPPY hills like those were supposed to be colored green?

The background palette here needs serious work, and so does the foreground palette. The colors just... aren't the best. Sorry. By the way... take a quick look at the status bar again.

All righty, moving on... now, take a look at these small cutoffness issues I managed to find upon moderating your hack... oh, in case you aren't aware of the meaning of "cutoffness"/"cutoff", it is basically a term we use to designate tiles that are placed somewhere inappropriate, thus making them look kind of incomplete, and therefore well, eh, cut off. Like, for example, when you stack a certain tile, let's say, a cloud tile on a dirt tile.

So, that being said...

Highlighted in red is the tile that causes cut-off in this area. You must replace such tile with the one that's shown highlighted in GREEN in the following screenshot in order to get rid of such flaw...

...see? You did it correctly this time, as opposed to the previous situation. However... you alternatively caused cut-off (highlighted in RED) right underneath those brown blocks - please fix that.

And here's more cut-off. You should be pretty much able to find out what you did wrong here.

Moar cut-off.

Now, let's move on to the miscellaneous mistakes you made upon pulling off this hack...

You should have changed the palette used by the overworld Yoshi so that it matches with the palette used by the actual player graphics... in case you are doubtful what colors you would have to tweak for that...

Alternatively, the colors located underneath the highlighted ones are the ones used by Luigi in the overworld.

By the way, what's with your levels using pretty much the same names of levels from the original game?

As you can see, some of the colors of that Beach Koopa are slightly changed upon animation.

These sprites were made to be placed ON solid tiles... not to be placed inside dirt or something.

Sprites with garbled graphics... no. Just... no. If you really want to use the goal question sphere in this level, why do not you replace that Monty Mole animation frame with the actual thing, since you're not using the sprite that uses such animation frame in this level?

May I recommend applying the fade fix patch into your hack so that all the colors that aren't darkened up in the above screenshot actually fade up upon reaching the goal?

Apparently, the tiles used the swimming frames in GFX00.bin were left unchanged. I recommend editing them in order to prevent this oddity from happening upon collising with water. If the graphics you're using didn't come with GFX00.bin with appropriate swimming tiles, though, I will most likely end up deleting them from the database. Also... that isn't a Goomba, actually - it is actually a CHEEP-CHEEP. It looks like a Goomba in this screenshot because you're using the animation frames used by the flopping Cheep-cheep for other stuff. It would be good if you could find a way to fix this issue.

Aside from these flaws, this wasn't a bad hack, actually. It needs some work, but it shall definitely be approved once you fix all the major flaws I have just pointed out - good luck!
Removal: "Difficult Mario World [BETA]"
Author: blabla381
Description: "my first rom hack xD"

Once again, it is never a good idea to submit your first hack.

Floating munchers. It is seen as extremely bad form. It's also grounds for instant removal. Please, use ExGFX to make them look like spikeballs, or put a cement block underneath them.
Also, the title graphics are a glitchy mess. Either redraw the graphics yourself, or use regular letters like everyone else.

Also, the position of your title messes with the file select graphics.

...this is a terrible intro. It forces you to take a hit from two silent Bullet Bills, but it can kill you.

If you spinjump, you die.

If you do nothing, you die. The player should not be able to die in the intro.

The misplaced tiles spelling out a message on the overworld isn't necessary.

Bad sprite graphics setting.

Invisible Bullet Bill generators. You are supposed to mark where they spawn with a cannon tile!

Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines.

Name: Kouhai 2
Author: Black, Dai - Submitted by ---Jeff-Hardy---
Description: Have fun with this Hack.
This Hack is not by me it's
by Black and Dai and the Name of this Hack is Kouhai 2


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Sewer Demo - 320.9 KB - 23 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: Mecha_shadow - Submitted by: Mecha_shadow
Description: This is a one level demo showing off my new sewer level in my upcoming hack.
The only known bug is that for some reason the SMW Muncher blocks animation does not show properly in my eluminator but look fine in the editor. other than that i belive everything else is okay.

Please do not ask about the inacessable secret areas, you cannot get to them in this demo.

Please enjoy and comment.

1. The overworld looked terrible, but given as it's for the level I didn't remove it for this reason. Fix it anyway please.

2. It's WAY too short. That was at best 1/4 of the length I was expecting from a 1 level hack. Cool graphics, though.


Hack Name: Super One World V1.2 - 137.2 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: UltimateLegend - Submitted by: UltimateLegend
Description: My first hack. The patch is fixed.
You have to be kidding me. You haven't read the hack submission guidlines, have you?

Bad apple palette.

Background is messed up. Fix it.

No cutoff allowed

No cutoff allowed

No cutoff allowed
Also, strings on enemies like that look very unprofessional.

Star+flat ground+ strings of enemies= a lot of 1ups

Lower the goalpost, then put the ground in front of it.

Slowdown. Cutoff at top left.

Unedited overworld. Also, it's spelled weird.

No cutoff allowed.

No cutoff allowed.

No cutoff allowed.
Also, hey, I'm big! This whole level was a pain because you had one tile holes.

You just edited the SMW level! Press ctrl+delete and THEN make your level next time.

Oh, good. More small holes.

And lots of mushrooms after I get through that hole.

Gee, feels like SMW again. Also, use 3-up moons very rarely.

You forgot to uninstall the title screen recording ASM.

Cutoff, floating what happens when I get the yoshi coin.

Yeah, no.

Ugh..stacked munchers.

I thought I said no cutoff.

...and that door leads me here. Even if it's the end of the demo, never let the player have to wait the timer out to get out of the level.

Hack Name: Super Mario World: The Lost Levels
Lenght: 8 exits
Author & submitted by: Imaginos
Hey, this is the hack I've been working on for a while... It's just a demo though. There are 8 exits so far, and you can see what world 2 looks like. I hope you enjoy it!

Removal Reason(s):
First off, what's the point of including a RAR file within your ZIP? You could have simply included the IPS patch itself within the ZIP, as opposed to including it INSIDE the unecessary RAR file the ZIP contained.

Now, onto the ACTUAL reasons of removal... one of the things that bugged me the most about this hack was basically...

...yeah, you guessed it. The overworld. Honestly, it needs some SERIOUS work in it... some events just aren't set up the way they're supposed to, the overworld's general appearance is sort of strange, with loads of cut-off tiles and such, etc. Want a suggestion from me? Check out the guides about editing the overworld in the documents section, as well as possibly my small tutorial on how to give your overworld some appeal. Also, I think you meant "Wretched Volcano", that is, without the "e" at the end, eh?


I actually really liked your first level, yet I managed to spot some oddities along it. Highlighted in red are such "oddities" I came across upon playing through it - basically, a cut-off tile, and a weird-colored section in the background. I would suggest enabling custom palette in this level, so that you can freely copy-paste some colors from palette 00 on to palette 01 in order to get rid of this small issue without slightly modifying one of the game's original BG palettes.

Some small tweaks on the background palette here would be nice. It just... doesn't stick very well with those colors... sorry.

I see that you intended to use water tiles like these to make some sort of waterfall or something, but all it does is create little cut-off. There's also some MAJOR cut-off towards the right, as you can see.

Intense slowdown - you shouldn't place sprites in a level like you did with these Goombas.

Some sprite memory madness. I believe setting the sprite memory to 00 should fix the weirdness caused above.

Some more cut-off tiles.

Despite looking like actual vines, those things are actually ropes... so, you're basically using sprites that have garbled graphics in this level - please avoid doing such thing.

Oh, so this is the end of your demo... not really a good way to end it, I would say... I mean, playing through a level to eventually reach an inaccessible pipe is just... eh. There are better ways to end a demo than this, in my honest opinion.

That should be it, I guess. Feel free to re-submit your hack as soon as you fix all the issues I have just pointed out - good luck and happy hacking!

Name: Tweaker12 test
Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker55
Description: as you may notice squished goomba turn into his feet but the slippery bob-omb is glitchy when it slids.Tweaker12 is made by mikyk and can be found near the bottom of the tools page.It's really simple to use first you load the rom in tweaker12 then you pick a sprite edit the sprite (graphics and scripting can not be changed unless it say on the tweaker)after each sprite dont forget to click save sprite(I forgot a couple times)You may have a hard time finding megamole i was gonna make 1 that dies but i couldn't find it.Sorry for any misspelled words i typed really fast and didnt check it over.

This isn't a screenshot.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Removed: (FIX 2) Gusty Isles (Demo 1) by 10204307

Ugly palette for the text.

Nonsolid wall, so you can walk through it. The bouncers should be rooted to a wall, shouldn't they? I mean, that IS the whole point behind their effect.

Bad corner tile on the left.

Blind jump.

"Brown Bridge" turns into a Turn Block when hit...

Jumpin' Piranha Plant goes behind the Mushroom ledge...

...where you can get hit by it. Never allow this to happen!

Can't tell what is and isn't solid ground. Rule of thumb: DON'T put solid tiles on the bottom row. Ever. (Vertical levels, good rule of thumb is bottom TWO rows, apparently.)

I can swim over this wall. I can also swim over the wall at the start, which ends one of two ways: I just BARELY get to the end and find an Air Shroom, or I die on the way. Don't allow these to happen!

What happened to the inner corners?

Ugly palette for foreground and Note Blocks.

Hitting the ? Block creates a gap that makes the water cutoff. Why not just put a normal water surface just below the block? That would remove the cutoff gap!

Lack of inner corners again.

Near-forced hit on STARTING this level! You HAVE to be holding down while the level is loading, or the Chain Chomp IMMEDIATELY hits you! REMOVE THIS CHOMP. NOW.

FG starting position too high. Also, you spam Chain Chomps too much in this level.

Status bar gets weird colors here.

Events weird! You can walk through the trees here, which I'm pretty sure you didn't intend to happen.

The jump to the ledge off-screen to the right (I scrolled it left with L so the Koopa below me would spawn) is impossible to make without the aid of that Super Koopa, or destroying the Volcano Lotus, but there's nothing to destroy it with...

Messed-up shadow colors here. (Look on the BG.)

All in all, this hack needs more work. Heed what we have to say, and get advice from other people. You can make this hack greater! Just keep working at it, and you'll get it eventually!
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money

Hack Name: Mario's Massive Msytery! Demo - 34.2 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: flysonic22 - Submitted by: flysonic22
Description: This is my first hack! I hope you enjoy.IF you want to read my words and read me talk about the hack read the Read Me.txt in the Bundle

Here's Why

Floating munchers should never be used.

You should not be able to die on the intro.

The hills behind Mario creates cutoff.

Slowdown here.

Edit of Level 9. Completely delete every level before you edit them!

More floating munchers. (And stacked.)

Easy to get 3-up moons are a big no. What's even worse is this many!

I suggest you change the palette of the pipes here...they are named icy blue pipes for a reason.

Remove this because if you don't hit the switch...

...death awaits you after you hit the goal tape. There should be no way for Mario to die after completing the level.

Ok. No need to spam message blocks.


I noticed that you said this is your first hack? If so, spend some time reviewing our Hack Submission Guidelines to get a better idea on what we accept. If you'd like, try out some featured hacks to see some of the more impressive creations on the site to get a general idea on how to improve. Good luck!


Hack Name: Super Luigi world - 263.9 KB - 25 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: kayokenVG - Submitted by: kayokenVG
Description: Basically a small hack I have been working on and off for a while thought id submit it now, the third world OW is still being worked on but for now I wanted peoples thoughts.

Here's Why

It's not very appealing to make a waterfall using SMW water. May I suggest the use of ExGFX? If will be better to just remove it.

Easy 3-up moon...and what's with the fuzzies? They don't even hurt...

Yet the Fire Flower seemingly blows Luigi up. K.

Oddly colored paths. Also, Mario is used on the overworld, yet Luigi is the main character.

Same deal with the waterfall here...but the surface water makes this look even worse.

Explosion is made up of garbled graphics.

Event causes cutoff.

More cutoff.

Even more cutoff.

Oddly placed corner tile.

Bad lava palette.

Uhm...this metroid acts just likes the fuzzy from Yoshi's House...

Sprite memory issues causes the sprites here to not appear.

These spring boards should be attached to a wall.

Piranha plants belong in pipes.

You just provided a powerup, yet this one tile passageway is incredibly difficult to pass with it.


These turn block bridges don't always appear...that makes this gap almost impossible to cross.

Surface skipping fish are not really used in any level unless you use Layer 3 water. That is because they will skip right through walls.

Okay so...this message block suggests that you use custom sprites, yet I have not seen one yet. The closest thing was the dead Metroid from a previous level...I assume you either inserted the sprites wrong, or something went wrong when you made the .IPS. I suggest you look into it.

Yoshi screws when I got the Fire Flower...why?

Bottom part of a bullet bill launcher sticks out from the top. Make sure you never extend a tile below the bottom row in a level.


The player should not be able to get hit in the first few seconds of a level.

Fireball is glitched.

Since the timer was so long, the drumroll extends into the cutscene.

Providing a powerup so Luigi has a hard time escaping this box...a very cruel trick.

The player should not be able to get stuck with no way to escape.

Why did you put cement blocks to cover the bottom? You could easily have extended the ground to the bottom, or use upside down ground tiles...

Events causes major cutoff...

Pipes do not look very good when attached to cement blocks.

You set the pipe entrance one value too high.

Might want to allow vertical scrolling.

Same issue with the pipe entrance.

Guess I didn't capture the screenshot correctly...but this chuck glitches out after shoveling a boulder.

Major cutoff yet again. You may want to think about redesigning your entire overworld to fit these events is really not attractive to have paths extend through the landscape and ocean like that.


Couldn't figure out how to pass this part. I figure I need the trampoline...which can only be accessed by using the P-switch (or else I get stuck like I pictured previously.)


All in all, this hack needs a great deal of work. Did you beta test this? If you did...I'm sure you would have caught the sprite error...either way, you should look into the overworld issues as well, since the cutoff there is really unappealing.

Name: Super Mario World Remastered
Author: thefriendlybaron
Description: Well here is mario in the fungi kingdom this time.Trying to go after the evil king koopa for building a weapon of mass destruction that can destroy the whole mushroom kingdom.Only mario,luigi,and yoshi can stop it before its too late!


This isn't a screenshot.
2.) Your patch was completely empty, and does nothing. Please test your patch works before submitting!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Mario: And The Mystery of The Island - World 1
Length: 7 levels
Author: Magmar - Submitted by: Magmar
Description: Mario has been thrown off a plane by an unknown antangonist and must locate Peach, and escape!
The first of 7 worlds.


Wrong FG initial positions. Click on the second door button to fix that.

Cement blocks that you can walk through? Nonono. Either give them graphics that tell you it's passable, or remove them altogether.

Not a removal reason, but when there's already a vine there, you don't need another growing one.

Do NOT insert Midway bars through Direct Map16 Access! They will look slightly cut-off and reappear when you restart the level. Insert them through the Extended Objects dialog, please.
(Also, in the first screen, the bar is placed too high.)

When I got the secret exit in the first level, all paths were already revealed... Was that meant to happen?

Do NOT use the normal Bullet Bill sprite. It'll make no sound and appear out of nowhere. Use the "Bullet Bill Shooter" generatir and place it on a shooter object.

Some parts of your levels are just plain boring. Flat ground, no enemies... Yawn.

Cutoff ground and lava. Simply replace the cement blocks with ground to fix that.
Also, I'm standing on an invisible triangle. Huh?

Another boring section. Granted, you did at least put some Koopas here, but that doesn't make it much more exciting.

I would've thought this lava would kill me, but it acts like a weird slope tile instead.

That looks just awkward. Why not use a normal goal post here?

Cutoff vines.

I don't really like that "invisible ground" idea...

Bad door palette.

These munchers don't do what they're supposed to... Either make them hurt you or remove them.

Don't use the bottom row of tiles for ground, as it won't be visible in-game.

Another one of those. You may know that this lava doesn't hurt you, but the player doesn't, and he'll probably be confused.

Glitched ballon GFX.
Also, this level was extremely boring... About 20 screens filled with nothing but purple coins and ballon blocks. I highly recommend making a new level from scratch.

That moon is way too easy to get. It's almost in plain sight, and you don't have to do anything special to get it!

Hm, a blue switch... alright...

...but why are there yellow blocks coming out of it, then?
More importantly, though, if you re-enter the level, the switch will disappear and you're stuck in the last room. CXheck the "No entry if level passed" box in the properties dialog to fix that.

When you hit the message boxes, the layer 3 water disappears. Yuck.
Also, you couldn't exit this level, making you stuck there until the time runs out. Seriously, what's so hard about using the "Side exit enabled" sprite?

As you can see, you have a lot of work to do... Actually, in my honest opinion, it would be easier to make a new hack from scratch instead of trying to get this one accepted.

Removal: "FG10's Super Mario World Hack (First Demo)"
Author: FG10
Description: "This is my first hack since my computer was destroyed, (Long story) hope you like it!"

I will be honest, one of the main reasons this hack was declined was because of the terrible, terrible palettes. It actually started to cause me nausea, and I fear that any longer than what was provided in this demo version would have induced vomiting as well (and I would have billed you for a new laptop).

These are absolutely unacceptable on this site. NO. This is not artistic, this is sickening. Reset your palettes.
Because of this, it is assumed that any edited palette in the rest of the screenshots is a problem, and should be fixed by reverting to the original SMW palettes.

Make the water blue and add some actual paths, and this overworld will be a lot nicer.

Lava in a forest level makes no sense. Also, pipes on unedited cement blocks creates cutoff, and there's a sign floating in the air (you created this level under the assumption that I have already activated the switch palace beforehand)

Easy to access 3-UP Moon. All I have to do is leap from Yoshi's Back to grab it (or clear the Switch Palace)

Boring stretches of land and there's another moon. See, those moons are supposed to be rare.

Even more boring stretches of nothing.

Goal Posts are too short.

Another 3-UP Moon... then after this, ANOTHER moon that was easier to grab!

Avoid having the ground on the lowest row of the level - the camera doesn't scroll down that far, making it look like a bottomless pit.

Your overworld events don't seem to be working right.

Glitched tile underneath the triangle. Also, the camera does not scroll up with Mario (you have to change that in the level header!) so I had to run around blindly for the pipe above.

Also, it did NOT prompt me to save afterwards, because your events aren't working properly.

Also, why are yellow blocks flying out? I hit a switch that filled in light blue dotted lines.


Sprite memory errors!

Also, those were the only levels I could access, despite the submission entry saying that there are 8 levels. However, after seeing the one screenshot you provided...

It probably wouldn't have been any better.

I think you should read the Hack Submission Guidelines.

Hack Name: Peach´s world[Demo] Demo - 325 KB - 98 downloads.
Length: 49 levels
Author: Pribor - Submitted by: Pribor
Description: I found that the latest Peach´s world has some errors. I decided not to wait for the rejection and submit repaired hack. Owerworld is unmodified,but some levels has ExGfx,Custom Music,Custom Sprites and Custom Bosses.Credits are in txt file. Enjoy

Reasons: Firstly, the OW is unedited.

Secondly, the flaws in the hack add up enough to warrant a rejection.

Everything that has cutoff:

Bad level design:

<--slowdown in this level
<-- level edit
<-- the worst of the bunch imo.

Most of the problem is that you have many areas of repeating land or enemies etc. Try to make your level design more interesting to play through. Play some featured hacks to see how this is done.

Other stuff:
<-- blind jump
<-- bad flashing palette
<-- this comes close to "it turns out you needed to do the optional path! = ) byebye Mario." but the side exit thing makes it slightly more acceptable.
<-- Peach's graphics are the same regardless of whether she has a mushroom or not. The small Mario hitbox is intended for 16 by 16 graphics, there's a patch that can change this if I remember correctly.
<-- Peach here is standing on the wooden blocks, and there are some wacky layer priority issues.
<-- 'Iggy' instead of 'Iggi', and 'on, let's' instead of 'on,let's'.
<-- why not just use the NPC sprites?
<-- Peach goes behind the FG stuff as soon as she enters a pipe.

Also don't forget to install fadefix..

At this point in the game I stopped playing because the things I had found wrong were numerous enough to get this rejected. So be sure to fix up the level design, cutoffs etc. in later points of the hack as well.
Hack Name: Super Mario World World 1 Demo! Demo - 354.7 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: asherjosiah - Submitted by: asherjosiah
Description: This is my very first hack that I finished and posted.
This is a world one demo, it will never be finished, sadly.
Do not steal roms.
\ /
\ /

1. Obvious OW / level edit.
When you start on a new level, make sure to CTRL+Delete, so that you actually start a level from scratch.
This often makes your level much more original, and often much better.
For the OW, just remove all tiles on that submap and start from scratch, too.
Here's what I mean:

etc. And these are not the only places it occurs - it occurs in ALL YOUR LEVELS, except the water level.

2. Try not to make levels a mess.
I don't know if you intended to keep that room accessible, but:

You cannot expect me to know what the potato is going on here.
ALL graphics are glitched, except the special ones which you can't affect normally.
Flipped ? blocks hurting you, glitched Ball 'n' Chains which you can't see, green ugliness, a conveyor belt through which you can fall (just go to the ? block, duck, then you can get under the conveyor).
I recommend you delete this ENTIRE room.

3. Give the player at least a hint that there might be unexpected traps coming up.

Couldn't you at least have hinted me through a message box that I needed to take the P-Switch in the pipe?
Or even better - couldn't you put a reset pipe, that brings you back in level 14, in this room?

4. Don't make 3UP moons so easy to collect. Or lives in general.

What's the fun in getting extra lives that easily? All you had to do was break a turn block to get into the water.
I recommend you to put 3UP moons in harder-to-access areas.

Moonymoonymoons... yeah.

5. Don't make secret exits easy to find, either.

Again, what's the fun in it? The key was on the cement block, almost directly next to the keyhole.
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
le sigh.

Hack Name: Super Death World
Length: 22 levels
Author: dubefest
Description: This is the first 4 worlds of my first romhack, Super Death World! Please make a lets play and post it somewhere, and rate it high!

-Title screen looks ugly, especially considering some letters have a black background, and others don't.

-What in the Lord's name have you done to Yoshi's House?

-Why did you even bother putting munchers on the bottom? Just extend the water to the bottom of the screen.

-Random, cut-off slope.

-This is the most exciting part of the hack - running on a flat surface with no enemies or any sort of obstacle (protip: spice it up and a bit).

-It only took six screens to get to the obligatory floating munchers.

-Fake exits are a major faux pas in hacking. Especially ones that kill you.
-The goal posts have an ugly bottom both here, and in every other level.

-See the above comment about how much fake exits annoy the player.

-Donut Plains mutated and grew and became an anomaly. (tip: you've cut-off both the water and the mountain here.)

-At least TRY to make the original palace a bit different, rather than throwing in a few munchers.

-Water cuts off.
-After these, it's just a boring cloud run to the end.

-More floating munchers.

-Another boring "run to the right with very few obstacles" part.

-I'm pretty sure two cape boxes would have sufficed, not 20.

-Just FYI, putting a whole bunch of Magikoopa magic in a row causes a lot of slowdown.

-How you managed to spell "blocks" correctly in one sentence and not in the other is beyond me.

I stopped after the exit at the end of the castle killed me. You have a lot of work to do before you resubmit this. A lot.
Hack: Super World Demo
Author: marioandsonicfan1
Lenwait a minute. You just submitted a ROM. This calls for a Craft Lawrence facepalm.

Submit IPS patches only!
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