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The Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: "Super" Amazing World
Length: 8 exits
Author: ---smwExpert---
Description: This hack has no new GFX, new music, some custom blocks and custom sprites, a custom overworld, and completely re-done levels.

This demo includes the first world, which includes 2 switch palaces, 1 castle, 3 normal levels, and 8 exits total.

I fixed the problems that were present on my earlier version.

This hack isn't actually all that bad, and it would be accepted if it didn't suffer from a few major flaws.

-It would be nice if you would fix the palette on the lettering here. It shouldn't be that difficult - just search for the blue section in the top right corner of the palette editor, and change it to black/white.


-Ugly Map16 garbage in the background upon entering this room. Try playing with the "Initial BG Setting" in the "Modify Main/Midway Entrance" window until you fix it.


-Beating Sticky Hills 2 does NOT reveal the path to the switch palace. Instead, I can just walk there whenever. Also, getting the secret exit here does nothing on the map.

-Unless I missed something extreme, I could only manage to get 49 coins in this room (even after getting everything via the P-Switch. When I went to use the reset door...

-...this happened. My coins reset to 0, and none of the coins in the room respawned. What is the point of the door if you can't even collect the coins again? Try inserting them through the "Direct Map16 Access" window rather than the "Standard Objects Window" if you want them to respawn.

-The secret exit of Sticky Exit 1 doesn't reveal anything on the map. It was only after pressing random buttons that I found out you could go to the right and enter the cave. I'd make it more obvious or something.
-The ladder's palette is pink rather than the brownish cliff color.

So yeah. Definitely fix up your overworld events, as well as the green palace. This is a rather decent hack, and I will accept it once these bugs are fixed.
Removed: Lieutenant Pie's SMW Hack Demo by Lieutenant Pie

I'm going to be frank with you... Your hack was so utterly repulsive to me that I'm not even sure I want to make this removal log for it. However, I'm still making it, so you know what to fix:

Baby Yoshi can just grow up right here, no need to look for him. Why would you put Baby Yoshi here, anyway? It just ends with this:


Oh yeah, by the way, don't edit Level 104 like you did, it messes up the ending at Yoshi's House, if you use the original SMW ending... You also don't need any of what is off to the right, which is just a few enemies and tons of Green Berries for a while... That's bad level design right there.

You say at the start that I have to ditch Yoshi at times...why'd you give me a Blue Shell everywhere I go, then?

No sound or poof is made for this Bullet Bill.

You do realize this goes against even the physics of Mario's world, right? This isn't possible. AT ALL. Forget real-world stuff- you shouldn't be able to touch a ledge wall like this from behind. It's not right.

This is when I started to become utterly disgusted with your hack. This is just wrong on SO many levels. Just...delete this level and redo it all. From scratch. WITH NO CUTOFFNESS. Or you'll be hearing from me again. I'll be like Mr. Resetti to you.

Only worse.


Why'd you give me a P-Switch if I didn't need it?

Annoying. Remove all these Monties!

Mario shouldn't go behind this pipe.

Nor should it send you all the way back to the start of the level.


You may want to redo your levels, and think about what'd be fun, not what'd be "difficult". Difficult is not forcing a player to restart the level so close to the end.

Hi floating and cutoff pipe. Hi Wiggler-head ? Sphere. (Hint: Put cement blocks above that pipe, and give the ? Sphere its normal graphics...)

You told me not to explore this level? You left it open, so I'm going to explore it. And I'll pick on everything I see wrong...

The FG palette could use some work, but otherwise, it's kinda okay.


Glitched bounce sprites, cutoffness due to the note blocks.


Don't put Yoshi in levels that don't have both of the following:

-SP3 set to GFX13
-Levels with Podoboos, but don't have No-Yoshi Intros

Otherwise, the things you see in the last two pics will happen!

Bad corner tile near the goal.


An obvious Level 101 edit.


You can get stuck forever in between those shooters unless you're able to jump off a bullet bill. Don't allow this, please.

This is where I just plain stopped. An obvious Donut Plains 1 edit, and I couldn't take anymore... Really, my one advice to you: Redo all of your levels. Except Marshlands 1. That one was ok aside from the YI1 underground edit I didn't show, because I didn't realize it at first. Redo everything. EVERYTHING but Marshlands 1. In Marshlands 1, just remove the Blue Shells- they can be used to break the level, like I did...
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money

Name: mye nuist hak
Author: FG10
Description: itt iz mye bestt

Not a proper screenshot.

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My Hacks:

Name: chainedsouls SMW beta
Author: mariolpmadness
Description: no custom sprites or nothing just a hack made out od bordome that has a good mix of hard and fun (13th lvl cut off in middle)
(no edited ghost houses)

I, uh, wow.

You know how we keep saying that people should never submit their first hack?

Also, please read the hack submission guidelines.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Random Color World
Author: Gonley1408
Description: Mario Finds in this land of random colors that peach is missing! guess we'd better go kill boswer for the millionth time -_-.

What made you think this was a good idea to submit?

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Details for mye nuist hak
Hack Name: mye nuist hak - 17.8 KB - 1 download.
Length: 96 levels
Author: FG10 - Submitted by: FG10
Description: i poott a reeel skreenshott innn teh hak zo itt iz gud nao

Also if you're going to troll at least troll well. Seriously. Insta-removed for being a bad troll and garbage.

On second thought a 24h ban might help you learn how to either suck it up or troll better.
Hack Name: FG10;s Super Mario World Hack (Demo 1.1) - 24.1 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: FG10 - Submitted by: FG10
Description: I fixed everything except the palletes. When this gets deleted, please tell me how to revert them to the originals. Do I have to do it manually, or is there a button that fixes it? Please tell me in the deletion log.
No. If you know it's going to be removed, then don't submit it.
Removal: "Mario and Luigi RELOADED"
Author: Codythehacker
Description: "Hey guys! This is my first rom hack! Check out the thread for screenshots, or download now and see for yourself! Please look at the readme. That's 9 levels if you count Yoshi's house, and sorry about bad title screen quality."

Firstly, the readme in question:
Originally posted by Readmeifyouwantto.txt
© 2009 Codythehacker
If there are any bugs, please check out the thread or contact me:
[email protected]
This is my first rom hack, and it took about a week. The altered levels are:
Yoshi's island 1,2,3,4, Yellow switch palace, Iggy's castle and Donut plains 1.
Thanks for reading!

This is my first rom hack

Don't submit it then! :P

sorry about bad title screen quality

This isn't a good screenshot. ZSNES has a built-in screenshot function, use that instead.

As for the hack, well lemme find the best screen out of 53 that represents the quality of this thing...

Stacked munchers, cutoffness, and just general bad level design. READ THIS before you consider submitting another hack, please.

Name: Ifyoulikefish
Author: TheFreshPrince & Toadbert101
Description: This hack is by Toadbert101 and TheFreshPrince. It was inspired by ChaosComplexx, and the style of really crappy hacks.

Oh hey, it's the same joke as that one hack concept that was only funny once! I get it!

I really need to talk with Boom about making "deliberately bad" hacks an instant ban.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Removed: Mastery World 1 Demo by SimpleSMW

This hack was okay for a little while until this:

You're stuck forever upon entering this level on the OW, as it sends you to Level 0, the Bonus Game, but since there's no way to exit, you're trapped forever. This is an automatic GAME OVER for your hack, sad to say...

And now, a few minor things:

*new, exciting
*help, Mario!

You may want to consider dropping off all instances of "Mario", "Luigi", and "Mario (and/or) Luigi" and wording your sentences to be ambiguous as to which brother is the subject. It's a little odd seeing "Mario or Luigi" so much.

The water surface effect is BELOW the rippling surface. You should allow swimming on the surface tile, because it looks really weird when things go through the surface as if it's not there.


You may want to consider asking someone to proofread all your messages for you. Also, be careful with the you- duo and the-- trio. It's quite easy to mix up your and you're, and there, they're, and their...

You don't need these little "rail" thingies on top of the pipes- coming out of one puts you behind them, but when you're all the way out, you're in front of them instead. Besides, they're useless there.

This entire message is worded badly. Here, let me help you out:

"Watch out for Volcano Lotuses! You can get hurt by touching the fire they emit or the plant itself! The best defense is to either avoid them, use a Cape Spin, or have Yoshi eat them!"

About every two screens or so, you give a powerup. This is way too much, as it significantly reduces a good bit of the difficulty. Powerups mean you can take more hits without dying. Too many makes you practically unable to die from getting hit! I suggest you find a good beta tester to let you know whether or not you have too many powerups in a level, and if they're spaced far enough away from each other.

Diggin' Chuck's rocks go behind objects before he fully digs them up, so please remove this bush.

Plenty of cutoff. Both ends of the bush, and the left corner of the ledge down to the right.

I'm forced to find the secret exit of the first level to continue, as clearing Level 3 doesn't allow me to go down. Make sure you have your events set correctly. Also, you shouldn't really have paths revealed without the levels for them reveaed, either. Generally, a revealed path means you can walk on it- this can confuse people greatly.

Sprite memory problems.

And there you have it. :/ Fix up these issues, and we'll reconsider.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money

Hack Name: Koopa Castle: The Escape DEMO 2 Demo - 240.1 KB - 79 downloads.
Length: 22 levels
Author: SuperFireMario - Submitted by: SuperFireMario
Description: Please remove demo 1.

Work has been slow recently, but I managed to get 1 more world done. The new levels are long, so don't be disappointed.

In this game, you play as a "good" Koopa. You work for Mario and are going on a mission...
You have to infiltrate Bowser's castle.
Except this time it's bigger and better armed than ever!
The castle itself is so big that it takes up the entire main map!
Unfortunately, you get caught very quickly by the guards...
That doesn't end your mission though.
Starting at the prison tower, your goal is to explore the castle, and defeat bosses, save eggs, and rescue Peach as usual.

Improvements over Demo 1:

-7 new levels and a switch palace
-Koopa meets a new ally
-Cleaned up a few levels
-Fixed minor glitches
-Hex edited to make "KOOPA START" possible.
>I use:
>Vertical level Scroll / Screen wrap.
>And last, but certainly not least, is the SKY POP AND MARINE POP!!! Koopa can now pilot a plane and a submarines.
-MORE custom music
-MORE ExAnimation
-More complete Main Map with levels and scenery in place.
-Made it a bit harder

I also changed the castle GFX again... I hope it looks cooler now.

Constructive criticism is appreciated.


Thanks to all the people whose patches / sprites / music / ExGFX helped make this possible.

Enjoy playing!

Here's Why

This hack was pretty enjoyable. I like how you incorporated one big castle as the Overworld, and had various levels for each section. I plan on doing something similar myself much later. Anyway, let me start off by pointing out things that I found as rather serious issues.

I'll give you credit for trying to be creative here, but the background is truly a mess. Cutoff and odd tiles are strewn about...Perhaps you can find some ExGFX instead?

Enemies falling from the sky is generally not a good idea.

These "elevator end" blocks are actually used to mask torpedo tend is highly confusing, and the player will more than likely get hurt from them just trying to identify their purpose.

Knocking the Koopa out of its shell produced this glitched Blooper tile.

Maybe you can make the screen warp in order to prevent this odd palette change?


Stacked bullet bill launchers create cutoff.

You can easily bypass the last half of the challenge level by using the feather to fly over the left ceiling.

Incorrect corner tiles.

Glitched frame.

Cutoff. What I find useful when doing ledges tiles is to do something like this:

In my opinion, it's a bit more pleasing as it sort of looks like the ledge is jutting out of the wall (like it should be.) Either way, I suggest you put corner tiles instead of just a flat surface.

Bonus room music for a castle?

The last 4 or so columns of blocks here act like air.

Probably the biggest issue. You can easily bounce over here, yet you can't escape.

And here are some suggestions. Most are cutoff issues:

All cutoff issues. If you can fix them, that would be great. It would make your hack more polished.

An oddity that I found. Icy blue pipes should only belong in icy areas.

Another oddity. Piranha plants belong in pipes, not coming out of lava.

Massive slowdown due to the amount of Porcu Puffers.


And that's that. Good job with this, I enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing this hack being accepted.

Hack Name: Ifyoulikefish Demo - 56.6 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: TheFreshPrince & Toadbert101 - Submitted by: TheFreshPrince
Description: Brand new hack based off of ChaosComplexx. The first two worlds have been done, Yoshi's Island by Toadbert, Donut Land by Super-Yoshi aka TheFreshPrince. More info in the Readme.

Here's Why

The pictures that you provided warrants an automatic deletion, but I decided to take the plunge. It couldn't be that bad right? ....right?

And this was all found by the end of the first level. Let me offer you some advice.

2) Start over. I'm serious. If you are actually serious about hacking, then you KNOW how to improve.

If you honestly don't know what you did wrong, then you are probably not going to get anywhere with this.

Game over. Try again.
Removal: "New Super Mario World Ultra Edition"
Author: omegazeroINFI
Description: "my first hack. hope you all like it.
about this hack its a basic all around setting with harder levels some of which i get lazy on."

Also, there is never an excuse to be lazy with level design. Never an excuse. Take your time, make it good, make it fun.

Now since there was more than the IPS patch I think we should look at the contents of the archive you submitted...

Uhm... did you really need to include the Clean ROM Verifier tool? And LIPS?

Originally posted by read this before anything.txt
since you cant advertise roms.
youl need to patch it.
to patch a rom.
make sure you have an unused rom for supermarioworld.
to make sure its fresh and unused, use the clean rom verifyer.
to use it, click it and type the name of the rom you want to test, i recommend renaming the newly downloaded rom something short like smw before testing it.
as long as you keep the roms in the same folder as lunar ips you wont have to do much searching to patch the rom.
use lunar ips and click apply ips patch.
and well double click the ips patch then double click the clean rom.
when it says the patch has been successful,
i found by not clicking ok, the patch didnt patch.
so dont x out.
remember i cant just supply the rom so get one anymeans you can.

A terribly written tutorial on how to patch a ROM. Uh, kid, the people at this site do not require this. Also, most emulators nowadays have built-in patching support, just name the ROM the same as the IPS file, and the emulator will apply the patch on the fly...

But let's get to the real point of this: your hack.

There are many, many things wrong with these screens, and this is just the title screen. One, tiles that do not end properly are considered "cut off," and it looks sloppy and lazy. Take the time to put proper ends on tiles. And two, floating and/or stacked muncher plants are a faux pas here, and shows that the hack author is lazy and sloppy. It's also grounds for instant removal. Either use ExGFX to change the plants into spikeballs, or don't use them in midair. Keep them rooted on solid ground.

Terrible spelling and grammar. Please spellcheck and grammar check your text.

When playing a game, you should never require the use of savestates.

Use only one Baby Yoshi in a level! Also, it is impossible to exit this level. In general, editing this level is a Bad Idea as it will ruin the ending cinematic.

All your levels are named like this.

First, when making a level, press Ctrl + Delete to start with a clean slate. Second, the player cannot see the lowest row of tiles in a level, creating fake bottomless pits. It is unfair to the player.
I decided to skip this level for now and continue without activating the Switch Palace.

The bush should be kept on solid ground (move it back to the left).


More cutoff. Are all those Koopas needed?

Cutoff, gaps in the ground, floating muncher.

Show you what?

Sloppy. Notice the corner tile on the bottom left?

...oh, I guess I did need to clear the Switch Palace.

Back in level 105, I find hollow ground. It makes no sense.

Unedited from SMW.

Okay, dick move. I had to give up my powered-up state to get into this area.

This is just mean.

3-UP Moon spam.

Off-center pirahna plant?

Cutoff sign, cutoff goalpost. Wow. This is also a pit with a layer of invisible coin blocks, so I was trapped here.

And you die at the end of the level unless you are Super Mario. Do not let the player die after passing the goal!



Peach's World
Author: Pribor
Hack ID 3391

I again submitted my Peach´s world.I added new ExGfx,modify level design,repaired/minimalized some sprite memory glitches and other bugs. This hack contains: custom sprites custom music custom bosses Exgfx first 4 worlds+star road


Well, for starters, there are a *lot* of things left over from SMW, not the least of which being the exact same overworld:

Even with ExGFX, it is quite obvious all of these segments are reusing parts of the original SMW level "Yoshi's Island 2" When you want to make a level, you should press CTRL + DEL first and make it from scratch

Please apply the fadefix patch, which can be found in the patches section.

This segment is almost impossible to do without taking damage. The Layer 2 water rises and lowers at just a rate that makes it so that you must be PERFECT in order to cross the munchers without getting hit once. Make the length of the muncher row shorter! Also, this level, with its autokill Boss Bass and occasional crushing blocks, seems way too hard for a World 1 level.

Glitchy brown pixels behind Peach while jumping.

Horrible Slowdown, repetitive level. (what you see in the screenshot is exactly the same as everything else for the whole level - just turn blocks and Magikoopas over a pit)

Also repetitive - nothing but Jellyfish, coins, and water for screen after screen.

Status Bar and Pipe palettes are not very good here...

Glitched splash GFX

That message, weird.

Critical slowdown here.

This jump sucks. I could not avoid getting damaged here.

This level is entirely unfair, in very cheap ways. I could not get through without losing all my items in the process, too.

Blind Jump

Eye-searing Palette and slowdown

Same problem as the other Layer 2 rising/falling water + muncher row setup way earlier! Also, the palette could use some work here, too...

Glitched lava splash GFX again.

This jump is cheesily difficult -- and worse, if you do not do it before that skeleton guy runs into the pit you will be forced to jump on the munchers and take a hit!

Detailed GFX here clash badly with the style of the rest of the hack.

Hit this P-Switch right here and you're almost guaranteed to not get to the hidden door it creates on a screen WAY back behind you with no hints in time. At *least* make back arrows of coins appear when you activate the switch, to help guide you to where to go...

...I don't think I quite understand what that is supposed to mean.

This level, in World 3, was where I got off.

I see you have made apparent effort in this, but it has a long way to go, I'm sorry to say.
Hack Name: Super Mario World EXGFX Demo - 172.1 KB - 24 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: asherjosiah - Submitted by: asherjosiah
Description: This is a demo. I couldn't think of anymore EXGFX's to download......
(important! this hack will probably be rejected, if not please make a review of it (with pictures))


First of all, if you know your hack is going to be rejected, don't even bother submitting it. >_>

Secondly, your hack was way too short to get accepted. Just one level, and that didn't even work properly.

Other flaws:

Very bland overworld.

Not such a big deal, but those stacked shoorts look odd.

Water gets cutoff by the pipe.

I don't know where I'm going... Please enable vertical scrolling.

And now there's a message box which didn't show up before. Fix your sprite memory settings (Lakitu button) - 0E *should* work.

When you come out of this pipe, you die immediately. Didn't you test your hack before submitting it?

There were less issues then I expected, but that's probably because of the extreme shortness. So yeah, fix everything mentioned here, make your hack significantly longer, and we'll talk again.

Removed: New Super Mario World Beta Version 0.1 by Kazio

A few characters get thrown behind the water, since you didn't give them Priority.

You can die in the intro. This is a serious error! Remove those enemies, or start them even higher so there's no way you can get killed before the message pops up. And no, the fact that you have to do it on purpose doesn't excuse it- there should be NO way to die in the intro or title screen at all, whether on purpose or not.

You may want to consider getting someone to do a full edit of these Mario graphics for you, as you get weird-looking stuff in certain situations, like this while walking with an item.

Enemies consider this tile to be solid on top, which is really weird. No idea why this happens, but it does, and it can be fixed by making the dirt tiles act like Tile 25.

You didn't remove the Title Recording ASM, did you? Failure to do that results in THIS garbage.

I spy with my eye...
...a blatant level edit!

We don't allow this here.

FG init position is set way too high.

FG init position too low.

Mario goes behind all objects when entering a pipe. Move the bush.

Okay, I'm going to be frank- I am thoroughly disappointed in you. This level is downright ANNOYING- you can't tell whether ANY kind of grassland ground is solid or just part of the BG! Plus, you've got things going in front of your FG that's actually the BG and thus, cuts off the FG! You can't tell where to go unless you remove layer 2!

This looks really weird.

You can walk through the slope and fall to your doom.

These two pictures show no BG because I disabled layer 2. It was the ONLY way I could get through this level! Let me be honest here: Delete this entire level. Redo it ALL. Get a better BG that doesn't mix with the FG. It's not a puzzle, it's not difficulty, it's wrong and unfair.

I smell a blatant YI3 edit...

Diggin' Chuck's rock should come out of flat ground, not a slope, as it looks like it should ALREADY start rolling away, even though it's not out of the ground yet.

Blind jump. Make a trail of coins leading to the safe ledge.

Not pictured: A ledge JUST to the left, where those two coins were, that looks EXACTLY like the one the pipe is on in YI3 when you come out of the underground area. Yup, this is a definite BLATANT EDIT!

Never allow the player to get under a slanted pipe. They can get INTO it, which is wrong because its solidity is kinda wacky.

It then leads to this if someone's REALLY wanting to kill themselves...

I stopped playing at this, because I knew the rest of the levels would be bad as well. Let me give you some advice: Ctrl+Delete every level you're going to work on, THEN begin working.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removal: "Super Haunted World"
Author: "Robotehrobot323"
Description: "Super Haunted World - Halloween Themed Rom Hack

Sorry No Opening Changes"

Originally posted by Read This!!!.txt
If You Have Any Comment Please Contact

[email protected]

This hack is purely terrible. It is plauged with the following problems:
-Tiles that are cut off
-Bizzare level settings (like a grasslands level but set to be a water level)
-Blatant level edits
-Extremely ugly palettes
-Extremely ugly custom graphics
-Wrong sprite graphics settings in almost all levels
-Improper sprite memory settings
-Improper FG/BG initial positions
-Bad locations of secondary enterances
-Bad overworld events (don't use a key to clear the castle)

And this is just the icing on the cake: an ENDLESS BONUS GAME. From an exit-enabled pipe in one of the levels! Lunar Magic warns you about this crap so you can FIX it, yet you left it anyway.

Please please PLEASE READ THIS and start over from square one on your hack.

Removed: The Vanilla Demo 1 by TheRobju

Bad Layer 3 text palettes. The title screen has different colors for Layer 3 stuff on the title screen than it does normally in-game. Copy the colors from the title screen level in the original SMW ROM.

...I see you, 3-up Moon! You want me to grab you, but I can't! I'm too small! Let's leave you alone for now...


Why don't you end this ledge with a solid wall and corner instead of the nonsolid edge? Do you have some addiction to nonsolidity or what?

FG init position on this secondary entrance is set too high.

Now that I am big, I can get this EASY 3-up Moon! Don't allow Moons to be gained easily! Yes, you can only gain it once per play, but it's still easy to get!

More bad palette!

Never allow anything to stand/walk on the bottom-most row of tiles in a level, as the player can't see anything there! Also, this area creates a weird little fact. The left wall of the left ledge and the right wall of the right ledge are both 100% solid. You shouldn't be able to touch a solid wall from within, it looks completely wrong.

Stuck forever unless you have a Yoshi and decide to ditch him...or you fall off the bottom of the stage. Your choice. I don't really like seeing this be forced, especially since unless you just jump one ledge at a time (which I doubt most people would do), you'd most likely NOT know where the safe ledge is, and thus, have to ditch your cute li'l Yoshi.

See previous message about secondary entrance.

See previous message about getting stuck, except this one is worse, as you can see the water, there's no indication you HAVE to fly or enter the pipe a screen ago to get past this lake, and you have NO idea how far off the next ledge is.

Oh, and there's ANOTHER easy-to-get 3-up Moon above the lake, WHICH REAPPEARS NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU RELOAD THE LEVEL! THIS is the worst thing to do with the 3-up Moon.

Don't place anything solid on the bottom-most row of tiles. event?

Bad Palettes, Part 3

Yet again with the walk-on-the-bottom-row effect.

keep working on it, will ya?
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money

Hack: super chainedsouls mario wrld
Author: mariolpmadness
Description: a hack that i have bin working on for awil but it has no edited ghost houses and 1 secret lvl done

So, we remove your hack for being a muncher-riddled mess that requires glitches to be completed. How do you respond? By adding MORE munchers and not changing the glitch-based levels. Bravo.

Before and After. Yes, that is a muncher behind the info box, rendering it fatal.

This is not how we do things here.

Removal Log
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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Mario World SMB3 Style (Graphics Hack) - 357.4 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 96 levels
Author: GameGuy10 - Submitted by: GameGuy10
Description: This is Super Mario World with SMB3 GFX. If anyone wants, they can use these Graphics in their own hacks. Enjoy!

You are not allowed to submit content to this site that was not created by you unless you have permission from the original creator. This hack was a barely-edited copy of Pac's Graphics Hack, which he has in the past requested not be submitted or linked to on this site. What his current opinion is, I don't know, but I see no purpose in allowing this to be accepted. Pending word from Pac, submitting this again will result in disciplinary action.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Link Thread Closed