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Anyone have an Impish Skarmory?

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I need one, preferably a Female one.
No, but I can Pokesav one.

That would be super helpful. Please make it a female one, I need one for my team.
What moves/EV spread do you want?
Make sure it's a female one w/sturdy as it's ability

Ev spread:
252 Hp
200 Def
52 Atk

Drill Peck

Thanks, and make sure the Dv's are good too.

I like to point out that Whirlwind is superior to Roar. Both have the same amount of PP and accuracy but only 3 Pokemon aren't affected by Whirlwind. Roar doesn't affect 10 Pokemon.

Also Roost > Rest. Even though you become vulnerable to Earthquake, Skarmory loses its weakness to Electric attacks which is one of his two main weaknesses. Rest takes awhile for you to wake up and Skarmory may faint depending on who he is fighting.
I heard somewhere that you cannot have both Whirlwind and Drill Peck at once. I heard It is Impossible to do somewhere.
It's definitely possible. I have a legit Skarmory that knows Drill Peck, Roost, Whirlwind, and Stealth Rock. To do that, I bred a male Pidgey with a female Fearow to pass Whirlwind to Spearow. Once I got a male Spearow through breeding, I leveled it up until it learns Drill Peck and then bred it with a female Skarmory.

The result was a male Skarmory with Drill Peck and Whirlwind. It even came with perfect Defense Dvs too.
This is helpful information. Well, When I Make my Skarm, He'll definitely have Whirlwind.
It was impossible to get drill peck and whirlwind on the same skarm in generation III, due to breeding chain conflicts. That's no longer the case though.
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