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Lunar Magic 1.64 help

I have a question about the newest version of lunar magic, sep 25 09. version. in the "custom collection of sprites" window, nothing is showing up. I added sprites to it with spritetool....what else am I supposed to do? the help file link seems broken...
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Somewhat hard to explain but hopefully this will provide you with an answer.
Yeah, that thread above, near the bottom of the first post, has the info you need. But just in case:

Lunar Magic uses .mwt files (.txt files with a different extension) to recognise what to put in the custom lists. There is a complicated way of setting this up using (YXPPPCCT?) a lot of crazy formats that aren't worth bothering with right now. The easy way out is the steps I outline in that post.
Well I I'll just say: You dont insert them with sprite tool :(

Select the sprite you want using your mouse. Got that? Great! Ok, now you press CRTL, SHIFT and F12. From there, you should know what to do...If you still dont, just tell me, and I'll explain further.

Oh, and if the help file link seems broken, Try removing the (Always ask before opening this file) button. It worked for me.
Finally decided to actully work on a hack. I haven't thought of a name for it yet, and I'm only done 45%.

That's not quite right- you're missing something. And by the way, his problem was already solved so you didn't need to post. Just keep that in mind for future posts.

You need to move the sprite to the first screen in the top half of the screen, the more centered the better. And after the ctrl+shift+F12 thing you're done- just select it from the custom list, now. Hope the clarifies.
Well...I guess I was just trying to explain it anyway. Though I dont think it really matters if its centered or not.It works fine for me both ways. But some people like it one way or another I guess.
Finally decided to actully work on a hack. I haven't thought of a name for it yet, and I'm only done 45%.