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VWF Cutscene Tool

I keep getting a ton of assembly errors with this. From what I've read I figure it has to be an Xkas problem, but I do have the "special" version in the same directory as Spritetool. Maybe I just don't understand what you're supposed to do with this version of Xkas... do you need to rename it? Do you have to manually use it in some way before inserting the sprite?

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No, you replace the one you have in Romi's spritetool with the new one.
Keyword: Romi's Spritetool... I just realized I've been using mikeyk's this whole time. Derp! It's working great, now that I'm actually following the instructions...

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So wait... does this compile every cutscene you make into a single sprite, which plays the cutscene depending on its x and y position?
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Yes (although there is another sprite you need to include in every cutscene level).

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Originally posted by ChaoticFox
Could you maybe explain the sprite making part a little better? I don't understand how to set up the tiles.

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Originally posted by Iceyoshi

Originally posted by Iceyoshi
To draw sprites on the screen:

You either draw an 8x8 tile, or 16x16 tile. (For 8x8, write small in the last tag and for 16x16, write big).

Anyway, first you write the X co-ordinate. 00 being the most left, and F0 being the most right. The value MUST end in a zero.

For the Y co-ordinate, you either write from 06-F6 (must end in an 06!). 06 being the most top, F6 being the most bottom.

Then there's a tile number - use the 8x8 editor for reference here. For a 8x8 tile, you can directly write the tile number. For a 16x16 sprite, you specify the top-left tile only.

After that, you write the YXPPCCCT byte for the sprite. Y = vertical flip, X = horizontal flip, PP = priority bits, CCC = palette # and T is the graphics page. These are in binary, so convert it back to hex when you're done.

The last tag is for the tile size. I said said earlier, writing small makes it an 8x8 tile, and writing big makes it a 16x16 tile.

If you follow that, then this is what it would be:


That should draw it.

The first 0 is the x position, the second is the Y position,the third is the tile number, and the 4th is the YXPPCCCT.

If you want to draw a 16x16 tile, than you'd out the word "big" at the end.

So if we wanted to draw a mushroom in the top right corner, we'd do this:


That would draw a mushroom in the top-right corner. But that's using indivisal 8x8 tiles.
Because a mushroom is 16x16 (made out of 4 8x8 tiles), you could do it a lot quicker, like this:


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Just a question
I did everything you said
This error shows up in "temp.log"
Originally posted by temp.log

error: tmpasm.asm: line 236{2}: invalid opcode or command [PEA .ReturnedCommand-1]
error: tmpasm.asm: line 672: invalid opcode or command [PEA .ReturnedCommand-1]
INIT 008000
MAIN 00807b

What can I do?

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Make sure you have

Originally posted by Majora252

I have....
odd it works now.....
Thanks anyway

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Ok, I've done everything. But where's the sprite.txt file? I mean, I've done everything up to where it says "Now insert the sprites with spritetool." What .txt do you put the sprites in?
It should be in the spritetool folder. If not, you can make one. All it is is a txt file with numbers and sprites, for example:

00 vwf.cfg
01 vwf_data.cfg
02 chuckya.cfg
D0 ON-OFF_Coin_Drain.cfg

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There's one thing I can not understand:

Definition file
What should contain this file?
You could show me an example? (plural)
The definition file should already be set up. I suggest not messing with it.

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But and the "Out.txt"?
What should I do this file?
what write in it? I not understand this part:
The path of the output file containing the result
How so the result?
Okay, I resolved my problem,I get to make my first cutscene.
Thanks for the tutorial but there seems to be a really strange problem whenever I try to insert vwf.cfg.

Okay so I find it pretty weird vwf_data1.cfg can be inserted, but not vwf.cfg?

This is what temp.txt says:
error: tmpasm.asm: line 978{2}: file not found [incbin vwf.bin]
error: tmpasm.asm: line 979{2}: file not found [incbin width.bin]
INIT 008000
MAIN 00807b
error: tmpasm.asm: line 978{2}: file not found [incbin vwf.bin]
error: tmpasm.asm: line 979{2}: file not found [incbin width.bin]

And this is what I have in sprites.txt
00 vwf.cfg
01 vwf_data.cfg

And yes I'm using the right xkas. Any help please?

EDIT: I looked around and found vwf.bin and width.bin, I have them in the sprites folder but nothing!

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If I recall correctly, you have to put them in the same folder as Sprite Tool itself.


Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
If I recall correctly, you have to put them in the same folder as Sprite Tool itself.

Thanks WhiteYoshiEgg! It worked. :D

EDIT: Oh great another problem. So I put the sprites vwf and vwf_data1 into the game and inserted them with 2 extra bit/info. So when I test the level the screen is all black then it takes me back to the overworld. What am I doing wrong?
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Well, sorry by posting after long, but I have a question:
The selection of scenes, of file list, the count is decimal or hexadecimal?
09 message1
0A message2
09 message1
10 message2

Which of two?

And more a question(depending of reply), this is so too in Lunar Magic?
When I click perl it just says Press Any Key to Continue.