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Map16 question and Layer 2 question

Map16 question:

In my hack I'm making a level that exploits the fact that mario can swim in lava if the lava is above him. The problem with this is that if I use the underground tileset lava (with the slopes) if I try to hit it from below, it acts like it's solid. Should I just jury-rig it so those lava tiles act as water or is there a way to make the lava work in the proper (or glitchy) way?

Layer two question:

I saw a level in an auto-playing mario level where it seemed like mario was in an elevator and rising. I'm not entirely sure how to make this work in a level. the closest I've got is using sprite F2 (Layer two scroll on/off switch), except this makes the background repeat itself after about two screens (bad) and makes half of the background invisible (VERY BAD). how do i get this to work?
1. You'll have to make the lava tiles act like water.
2. It's a custom sprite.

where can I get the custom sprite for that?
Don't think so. This sprite makes layer 2 sink for multiple screens.

I've been wondering that, too. It looks like a layer 2 scroll downwards. I think it's the 'layer 2 fall when touched' sprite used by the sinking yellow platform in the Vanilla Dome?


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