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Tip: Use this patch to fix the bug where editing the upper right 8x8 tile of the sideways walking Koopa Troopa in GFX01 makes the coin sparkles look glitchy.
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Super Mario - Evil Strikes Back
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Play it NAO!


Forgot to get rid of "World" in the title.

Guess what? The Princess has been captured! No Way! That never happens! (A good hack doesn't need a good story.)

This is a level from Yoshi Plateau. Pretty basic.

This is Yoshi Plateau. The level dot on the tall hills is just a test level. Its no big secret.

You dont have to worry about linear levels in this hack.

Just like the original SMW, this hack will have many small bonus areas.

I liked that "end level star" from Super Demo World, so I recreated it.

I got lazy here. >_> This is just a level 101 edit. I'll replace it, but I really like those crushing logs. ^_^

What really bugged me from the original SMW is that every switch palace had a blueish pallete regardless of the color switch palace

This level is the first long and difficult one you'll encounter. In this hack, the big level dots on the overworld indicate longer levels!

This is Desert World, which has a lot of puzzle/maze levels.


Desert World 2.

Desert World 2 will be a puzzle/maze level.

Desert World 3 will have a sky-world feel.

Another typical desert level, with Sumo Bros and Monty Moles.

Underground desert level.

This is the pallete for the Desert Castle. Look good?

Skipping to a castle #3 screen now. This looks dangerous! On the left you have sort of a "death elevator" where you have to get off the rising platform before it rises too high and crushes you.

tsk tsk tsk
demanding us to play it? and you spell 'now' wrong. pshhh forget you... lol
the SS look decent, i guess ill give it a try.

Kawaii !!

you do need a plot. those are kind of important. Also, level edits are fail, I don't care about the circumstances.

Your layout has been removed.
Looks good! I played it, and the levels are fine with good design. But please remove the 101 edit, because edits are bad. D:

Your layout has been removed.
My opinion: Looks very boring.
Some ExGFX would be nice because I got bored of the original SMW clash. And you can add Custom Sprites and when you have Custom Music, that would be great.
And don't make level edits. >_<
Originally posted by Blynd
you do need a plot. those are kind of important. Also, level edits are fail, I don't care about the circumstances.

No you do not need a plot. SMW have a extremely limited text.
Getting in a good story is no easy work.
+ As long as the hack is fun a plot or story is not needed.

I would also like to add since I posting in a hack topic that ASM hacks or new GFX or new music is NOT needed for any fun.

I prefer to avoid hacks with new ASM thingys... They tend to be a bit on the hard side.

I do not say you should avoid adding in new things, But it is not needed for fun.

New music is one thing that I would like to see in new hacks, Music is some thing that can change the whole feel off the game or hack in this case.

About the screens:
The grass level looks boring.
the bullet bill shooting level looks boring. And remove a few blocks from around the start and have "air" on the tile the star is on.
the desert world looks a bit more fun.
The castle looks empty though.
And the next castle looks way to hard.

I will download and play it now. If I find it fun I will say so. If not I will not.
And I will not discuss my arguments with any one here who feel offended.
It is what I think deal with it.
Eh, pretty nie hack... not to complicated nor to easy...XD i like it

offtopic: my cousin is reading this and it is getting annoying...

Just back here to browse a bit.
No, plots are necessary to make a good hack. Why would anyone want to play a hack where Mario goes to levels for no reason whatsoever? I also hate hacks that introduce the plot in the beginning, and again at the ending, with no middle. The intro in ESB was okay, but as I mentioned in my review, it is possible to get behind the pipe and lose a life.
Originally posted by Spam I am
HAHAHAHAH! Your mom is evil! And your paletttes suck!

god... where is the mods when you need them as most<.<

anyway it looks ok.....

Your layout has been removed.
So far I got

-Remove "World" from the title screen thing.
-Change more palletes.
-Fix OW glitches that cause the player to end up on a random spot when exiting the "End demo TEST levels."
-Replace level 101.
-Make cape available later instead of first levels.
-Try and make a good plot.
-Custom Music.
-I've decided to add VERY FEW ExGFX but it wont be inserted until the finished version. :(
-Demo 2 will go up to the beginning of world 4.
-Fix the "Prologue" area so you can't get caught behind the pipe and die a horrible gruesome death. ^_^

Anything else?

Desert Ghost House.

Part 2 of Desert Ghost House which will make use of the layer 2 scroll command.

Desert Cave is a long level which mostly contains Diggin/Puntin Chucks.

Another part of Desert Cave.

Desert Oasis. The water rises up and down via the layer 2 scroll command again.

Desert Castle, a lot of Grinders here!

Desert Castle will have you riding on a line guided platform most of the time avoiding Grinders/Ball n Chains/ect.
Does anyone know how to fix that problem where you get transported to some random spot on the overworld after exiting the TEST level?
I didn't had this problem. The most times, the goal in my game is in a test level and all works fine.
I fixed that problem. But I have a question, I finished World 2. Should I release "Demo 2" now or wait until I finish world 3 which I initially planned to do?

My opinion:

Wait more time to release a new demo.

Why? Because you won't introduce many new things. I think it's better to release a new demo about the 4th World or 5th, with some secrets to make a interesting demo.


Originally posted by SMS
I fixed that problem. But I have a question, I finished World 2. Should I release "Demo 2" now or wait until I finish world 3 which I initially planned to do?

wait until world 3.
myself prefer if you relese about 2 demos.
one after world 1 and one after world 3

Your layout has been removed.
Second demo has been submitted! Includes custom music and custom blocks. You might probably see the stupid overworld event glitch appear again. I tried to fix it, I dont know if I really did or not.

  • hmm... dont you think you should center your title? It looks kinda weird off-set like that...

  • Footer
    Second demo has the title centered.
    I really like the custom music! It really fits in, and just sounds awesome.
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