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Greetings again, mortals.

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Eleven long, grueling months are what I have waited to rise once more. After that hateful, hateful S.N.N. (you guys hate him too, I'm sure) sealed me away. I have risen again this month to offer the Central various contests, prizes, and utter fear.


As you may recall from last year, starting October 5th, I will be holding a bone hunt, in which I hide fifteen bones in random posts made in October. The first person to send me a private message with the post links to ten of them will win. More details on this will be revealed on the 5th.

We also had a haunted level contest last year, but since we just had a chocolate level contest, I won't be hosting that this year. Be prepared for something rather unique and fun instead. Creative people, this may be the contest for you! I will reveal the details on October 10th.

Don't forget to change the site scheme to "Halloween - Menu Left/Right" to get into the spirit.

That's all for now. Feel free to ask any questions, and discuss this oh so festive month here!
Also known as SNN. SNN is possessed by a Heavenly Haunter. But will do. Happy extremely early Halloween all.
Yes... The haunting has begun! My favorite holiday grows ever nearer...

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I've always liked the original SMWC scheme most of all =( but I'll change it for october!

I'm looking foward to the Oct. 10th contest though especially because you mentioned on irc that it could involve graphics..
It's a rather simplistic contest, but it should prove to be interesting. It also shouldn't take too long to complete an entry for it, unless you pour a lot of time into it.

Guess we'll see.
Sweet, this is my first year to be here for Halloween so it should be fun.

Looking forward to this month!

EDIT: Changed my scheme to Halloween. :O
I am looking forward to this! No doubt!

*goes to get a more suitable layout*
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Awesome, I'll get into the spirit. I already changed my theme to Halloween styled theme. I'm going to change my youtube channel to a Halloween theme.
Happy Early Halloween everybody!

<-----Check it out. :)
Haha my layout is already Halloweenish!!!
Your layout has been removed.
Why hello there yourself, dead guy. Man, I can't wait for all the awesomeness of Halloween events!

My first attempt at porting!

wait what? September's a 30 day month? :(
oh well, I guess I better get ready for this contest so I don't end up submitting a choppy Halloween hack at almost literally the last second.
(Like last year)
Eh, for me, Halloween is getting kind of old. The Bone Hunt sounds interesting, though, so I may keep an eye on the progress. I'm not going to be searching for all of the bones myself, maybe just a couple, but otherwise I'll be watching to see who wins. I'll just be spectating this holiday, but I may get involved more during Christmas time.
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Theme change: CHECK
Avatar: CHECK
Layout: CHECK

Yeah, I'm ready :D

*Raibys cringes as the sky darkens, and the atmosphere becomes unsettling.

*Raibys transforms into Stealth Form to better suit his new environment...
look at the changes!
near to none...

(this only happen when your layout and avatar are based on a castlevania character)
I do pixels sometimes
So the bone hunt hasn't start yet?
Well, I've changed mine now, and once I receive an image I asked for from someone, I'll make Blumiere another matching one, just because we rock. HTML and CSS are awesome.

And JavaScript to some extent
Your layout has been removed.
Well, this is technically my 2nd Halloween with you guys, but the first that I get to participate ^.^

Though I'll wait 'till its a bit closer to Halloween to change my layout and stuff, if I knew CSS or whatever layouts are made of D:
Awww, I don't know how to make a layout. :(

Edit: I suck at this. Bahhhh...
I just changed my layout recently (with the help of someone who, unlike me, actually knows HTML), and I ain't gonna do it again soon.

( least, I don't think I will...I don't know...well, in any case, the avatar stays.)


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
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